Princess Mononoke Fan Fiction ❯ The Chronicles of Princess Mononoke ❯ The Girl ( Chapter 5 )

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The Girl
The morning rose early as usual with bright orange rays and the purple sky merging away from the midnight blue. The forest made a dazzling edition to the sun's view as he came to pass up into the sky. The cool breeze scattered into the open space in a silent moment.
Ashitaka and San were still dozily sleeping with their arms enclosed around each other; San smelled her lover's hair as the dewy scent returned to her senses as she missed him since the last couple of days. Ashitaka smiled as he sneakily pulled her in closer to kiss her again, until drooping his lips down her neck.
“Ashitaka, you have to get all over me don't you?”
“I love every bit of you.” He replied in a husky voice; he carried on caressing her as San kept embracing his touch. He then opened his eyes, and roughly yet cheekily romped on top of her, with San giggling back at him.
“Ashitaka, don't hurt me!”
“Don't worry, I won't hurt you ever.” Even if it was a small sentence of speech, Ashitaka must always put emotion into his words. He kissed her again but left it for a little while, until slowly breaking it, he stroked her lips tenderly and sweetly.
“Open your mouth.” He cooed to her as San gently did what she was told. And then, Ashitaka gradually lowered his lips back down again, only this time his tongue entered into her mouth, and gently maneuvered it in sync with San's.
“Ashitaka…” the wolf girl quietly moaned out quietly, which made the prince break off.
“I'm sorry, did I hurt you?”
“No…but I do want more tonight. Right now…I'm hungry.” She then sneakily shoved Ashitaka off her and ran down from the cave and into the open.
“You!” Ashitaka laughed out as he chased San to the house where Sasuke and Motoko sleep in. San tried to run round a tree to avoid the boy, but he was too fast and trapped San quickly in his arms as they giggled within the forest by the lake.
“You weren't supposed to catch me!”
“How else would I cherish you?” San carried on chuckling tenderly. But then a sudden stop came to her senses and gave a stern face to the atmosphere.
“San…” San what's wrong?” Ashitaka began to worry a little.
“Another human is here.”
“Motoko's sister?”
“No…someone…else.” She still stared into the open space, with Ashitaka looking at her quite weirdly.
“Another human here? Not that I'm know of.” Motoko replied to Ashitaka in a wondering tone. Ashitaka looked confused for the moment when he heard her respond.
“San said that there was another human here, not you or your sister.” Motoko then became confused as Ashitaka was. “I knew that she can sense it. For a sudden second she kept staring in the woods for anything suspicious. No human except for bandits comes through here now.
“It could be another bandit. I'm sure we can handle him…or her.”
“I think I'm best to sort it out.”
“And what makes you think that a girl can't handle this?” Motoko questioned him in an annoyed way.
“It's nothing personal Motoko, but sometimes you can go over the top.”
“Over the top?! Why you…! Fine, you do take him…or her down.”
“Thank you.” Ashitaka smiled back to her.
“Don't mention it to Sasuke; he'll laugh.”
“I won't.” Ashitaka reassured her and walked away. Motoko sighed out with a small tinge of relief, when then once again; Sasuke wrapped his arms around her.
“Ha, you let Ashitaka take down a bandit.”
“Why do you always snoop up on me?! And you listened to us?!”
“Aww, little Motoko couldn't handle the big boys.”
“I can handle big boys!” Then Sasuke swung her around and lifted her up from her buttocks, but Motoko didn't mind.
“Let's see if you can.” He then rushed her back into the house and slammed her onto the floor quite roughly. He began to kiss her on the neck; gently sucking on her white skin.
“Sasuke, don't you think it's too early?”
“I can go all day…until we actually do it.” Motoko sniggered a little as she let Sasuke get intimately close to her.
“It could be another bandit San.” Ashitaka talked to her with her back turned against him and her head looking deep within the forest. He also had his bow and arrows with him for precautions.
“It's more like an intruder; please get it out of here. I don't bad things happening again.”
“I know Sa-
“No you don't know.” Ashitaka stuttered at that moment. “You don't know me that well, you don't know what I've been through, you don't know how I felt when I killed innocent lives away, you don't know anything!” She turned a sudden turn of emotion as if from childlike laughter, too malicious sneers.
“San…it's true that I don't know you that well…but I know you too well not to.” As he walked up to her as then her mask of neglect rubbed away from her appearance, and then Ashitaka brought her into his arms and embraced her tightly.
“I'll make the human go away for you.”
“Thank you.” The wolf girl gently whispered back. Ashitaka then back away and into the forest, with San's eyes drifting away as she watched him go into the forest.
The afternoon was drawing near, and Ashitaka was wondering in the forest, listening carefully for any suspicions. So then he decided to have a little adventure with himself. He then began to run down pass the trees, when then he skillfully latched his hands onto a branch of a tree, and swung himself over an obstacle of broken limbs of trees and stomped back down playfully, until he resumed his sprinting. He liked having these little entrenpreneurs with himself, he use to do them with his sister, but things are deeper and different than they were use to. He then jumped high into the sky, but then brought himself to the edge of the cliff where Sasuke pushed him, he stuttered for a moment, but wasn't afraid. He took a couple of steps back and then gracefully leaped off from the edge and split the waves of wind with his feet pointing down, until sliding off the side and shooting off back onto the ground; the adrenaline rush crushed him extremely. He then brushed off the dust that stuck to him and exhaled out.
Then day carried on, but there was no luck of sighting of this human intruder. Ashitaka found himself by the lake and waterfall where he and San swam in one time, the color of the sky was mellow blue with the clouds blurring in. He then bent down and swiped a hand of water as he washed his face with it, dripping his face with the droplet trickling down his cheeks and neck. He then took both and to take another handful of water. But he stopped.
Instead, he looked closely into the water, seeing…a reflection. But a reflection of what? It was a figure: a human figure and it seems to be leaning over a cliff side. Ashitaka slowly looked behind at the above, but no one was there, just a rock. But in the shadows behind that rock, was a human, but still to distorted to show his or her identity. Ashitaka washed his face once more, as then a mist began to emerge from the atmosphere. His red mask, which he miraculously still maintains through so many adventures, was then pulled over his head to hide his identity, and began to walk away near to the cascade.
Back to this mysterious stranger, her legs began to emerge from the shadows, and gradually to be place firmly on the ground. She then bent low onto her knees and crept leisurely within the camouflage of the long blades of grass. She reached to the end of the row of grass; ad silently moved the covers away to slowly see if the prince was still there. But he wasn't there. She then saw stone pads that stood above the surface of the pool; enough for people to step on. So, within the mist, she secretly uncovered herself from the grass, and took her first step on one of the pads.
But behind the falling blanket of the waterfall, Ashitaka spotted the human, and already had his bow and arrow at the ready. He pulled back the arrow a little further by the elastic string, and kept waiting, and waiting. Until, he finally broke through the water, jumped and knelt onto a stone pad, and aim the arrow at the stranger.
The girl slowly stood herself back up, as so did Ashitaka. He still had his stern face at her. But then, that slowly faded away, when then the mist blew away calmly and silently, to see the identity of the girl. His eyes began to broaden gradually, and took in a silent gasp as to what he saw.
It was his sister, Kaya.
Ashitaka slowly lowered his bow and arrow, and pulled away the frontal piece of his mask away from his mouth and gazed at Kaya as her sentimentally stared back. He couldn't believe it; his sister right in front of his eyes, he could even tell she was his sister because their eyes are the same; grey. The two lost siblings gazed at each other for a few moments, until Ashitaka made the first move. He first disarmed himself from his weapons as he bent down. And slowly, he began to dip himself into the waist-height pool. Kaya stuttered a little as she was more shocked by what she saw. The Emishi stranger that saved her from the wolves, and the exact one that she also saved, was her brother after all. Ashitaka slowly walked up to Kaya, and took the top bit of his mask off. But as a reflex shock, Kaya effectively jumped away from him onto the other stepping stones and into the forest.
“No wait! Please…” Ashitaka implored, but the frightened girl carried on sprinting through obstacles to tried to get away from this place. Ashitaka was running after her when he began to catch up as well. Kaya managed to find her elk as it was just grazing on the grass, she tried to reach the leash but Ashitaka was only meters away now.
“No!” Kaya quickly turned to his face as he pleaded her once more. He then stopped running and stood on his spot. “Please don't go.” Kaya began to look suspiciously at him. “It is me, Ashitaka…” the silence between them still commenced. “…Ashitaka, your brother.”
“My brother is dead.” Kaya quietly replied.
“No, he's here; right in front of you.” Ashitaka reassured her. He then reached out his hand towards her. “If you don't believe me, take my hand.” Kaya brushed away some of her hair out of her face, and became confused at what she was going to do. “Please?” He implored her once more, until then, she gradually stuck out her hand, and grasped it gently into his reach. Ashitaka felt her clench as he then, softly pulled her into his level as the stood opposite each other, staring into each other's eyes, and she realized, they were grey.
“It…is you…” The girl lightly commented. She then immediately threw herself into Ashitaka's warmth, and clutched onto his clothing as she smelt his dewy scent. “I really thought you died Ashitaka; I can't believe you're still alive!” she sobbed a little, but Ashitaka tenderly stroked her hair and embraced her back.
“It is me…Kaya.” Ashitaka reassured her once again.