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Human Envy
“Motoko don't go!” Sasuke implored her when she placed her tender hand on the slide. He brought her into his warmth, as he slid his gentle touch onto her abdomen, and submissively began to pull the kimono away from her skin.
“Sasuke, do you really want to do it now?”
“I've been holding out for weeks now; I reached my limit!” He playfully whispered in her ear, as then Motoko turned her face to Sasuke's, when she at that time she placed her lips onto his and explored his mouth with his tongue. They were both enjoying it, until Sasuke shot his eyes open and looked outside; he broke off the kiss and turned his face to stern.
“Another human is here.”
“Yeah Ashitaka's handling it.”
“And she's over there.” He then pointed out Ashitaka with his sister as walked in from the hillside along with her elk.
“Who's Ashitaka with?” Motoko then wondered as she stared at the two likely pair. They then walked out of the house and looked at them as they walked closer.
“I thought you said that you were going to handle the bandit.” Motoko quite cynically pointed out to Ashitaka.
“She isn't a bandit, she's my sister.”
“Kaya?” Motoko then looked down at the sister, within moments later she smiled.
“Welcome to the west Kaya.” She then politely greeted. Kaya blushed a little out of embarrassment, but then hid behind Ashitaka since she had always been bashful around strangers.
“It's ok Kaya; they're my friends. Speaking of which…”
“Ashitaka!” San then sprinting down a hill, and latched her body into his arms in a lighthearted manner.
“San! I wasn't gone for long.” But San's face was still pressed against his face. She then slowly turned to one side; letting one of her eyes show, but at that very corner, she saw Kaya. She jerked off Ashitaka and pointed at his sister.
“A human! You're the one I've been hearing about!”
“San it's ok! She's my sister.”
“Sister?” San gasped at that very moment.
“Yes…” He then looked behind the frightened face of Kaya and smiled. San on the other hand, looked at them both quite ferociously.
“Why am I feeling like…I want to butcher that human to a pulp? She's Ashitaka's sister! I shouldn't be feeling like this! But…that girl!” She thought to herself in a distressing matter. Kaya gradually uncovered herself from her brother's shadow, and unveiled her appearance to the wide audience. She looked at Motoko and smiled back, knowing that she's safe. She then looked at the moderate San; she tried to smile back at her, but then, she looked down her dress, and saw the crystal dagger place on her clothing.
“Why…why is she wearing the dagger? The one that I gave to Ashitaka; the only way he can remember me…and he gave it away…to that girl with marks on her face!”
“Kaya…are you alright?” Ashitaka then looked down at Kaya, who had her fringe to cover the vicious eyes glowing with rage and betrayal. She took in a deep breath, brushed away her hair, and then put up a saccharine smile.
“I'm fine.” She replied in a light voice, but then gasped when she saw Sasuke in the distance, leaning against a tree. “Who's he?” Ashitaka then looked over where Sasuke was leaning.
“That's Sasuke…you might get to meet him later…he seems a bit occupied at the minute.” Sasuke stared at the girl at first, but with the blink of an eye he was gone. Kaya was shocked but silent, she never seen anyone disappear that rapid before.
“He's gone!” Ashitaka then looked at the empty space and sighed a little.
“He's more than human.”
“More than human?” She whispered to herself.
“You know Kaya; I have a little sister with the same name as you do.”
“Really?! I mean…really?” Motoko gave out a lighthearted huff and nodded. “
“She normally hangs out with San's wolf brother.”
“D on't worry Kaya; HER wolf is harmless, if he can take on another human.”
“Err…ok…” Kaya quivered a little, when then Motoko gave out her hand. But then chuckled as she remembered that she wasn't a little girl; she looked about fourteen.
“She's in the woods. Want me to show you?”
“Ermm…yes please.” Kaya then followed Motoko behind her as Ashitaka smiled. But then he looked at San, whose face looked exposed and silently filled with despair. Ashitaka then thought, of course she would feel angry; she still hates humans. But she must understand, Kaya is his sister and won't do any harm to her or her forest, and that he loves her as much as he loves San. But the Princess Mononoke was difficult to get across. Due to her everlasting vengeance towards humanity, despite that she is human, she will be ready to kill, and she could even kill Ashitaka if she wanted too. Yet nevertheless, she must understand; in order to fully understand something, you can use it wisely and with confidence.
“Oh no I understand; understand why she looked at me weirdly.” San then hunched her shoulders and firmly crossed her arms angrily.
“What…are you talking about?”
“The way she looked at me, she think's I freak!”
“She doesn't think you're a freak! She hasn't even spoken a word to you.”
“Actions speak louder than words Ashitaka, and she was looking at the dagger.” Ashitaka then looked down at the crystal dagger that his eternal love.
“Oh no…” He then ran away from San and tried to track down his sister; San looked behind him and wondered to herself once more.
“How can you keep track of everything and yet stay so calm?” She uttered secretly to him in the air.
Back with Motoko and Ashitaka's sister, Kaya looked quite sad and depressed, since looking at the dagger being worn by someone else, she felt like she was spat on.
“Motoko!” The carrot top then looked behind her, and saw the panting Ashitaka breathing heavily towards her.
“Ashitaka, what's wrong?”
“Can I…talk to Kaya for a moment.” He huffed out. Kaya looked behind at him, as her face turned distraught whilst her eyes bugled only by the slightest.
“Err…ok.” Motoko then left the scene leaving Ashitaka and Kaya alone within the forest. Kaya lowered her head, as her tearful yet daring eyes looked above and stared at the sentimental Ashitaka. She sucked on her lips, but then couldn't help but blurt out.
“Why did you gave away my dagger?!”
“Kaya…you see…San and I…are more than just friends.”
“I can't believe you forgot me! You forgot about me!” She then started to lay her punches upon Ashitaka's chest, as she kept banging her fists with every amount she could get. But they didn't wound the prince one bit.
“No! Just shut up!” She kept hitting him, as she then began to cry. Ashitaka then grasped both of her wrists quite tightly which made her forehead fall upon his chest with tears bulging out from her eyes and onto his kimono. Ashitaka just continued looking sentimental at her; he knew she always looked like this when she gets pissed off by him.
Later on, they stopped by the lake where Ashitaka had to be nursed by San whilst he was low on stamina.
“Well how was I supposed to know that you gave away the dagger to someone else?”
“Kaya…I'm not a small boy like I used to; I'm bound to find intimate love sooner or later, I just knew that it was going to be with someone-
“Weird?” Kaya finished off his sentence.
“She is not weird!” Ashitaka snapped back. Kaya sniffed up a bit of air through her nose and sighed.
“Then what's with her markings?”
“She's a wolf.”
“A wolf?! Ha!” Kaya snorted out laughing, but Ashitaka then slapped a fist down along with stomping a foot to regain order.
“Show some respect Kaya! That's a problem you always had!”
“If it wasn't for my rebellion, then you wouldn't have said goodbye for the last time to me, and you would have had that dagger in the first place!” Kaya rose up harshly and clenched her fists.
“I know! I know…” Ashitaka rose up, but then rubbed his forehead as he brushed his fringe away. “I'm sorry; I shouldn't have snapped like that.”
“Well I'm sorry I called your lover weird…she actually looks quite cool.” Ashitaka chuckled a little when she said that. “But…what's her grudge with `humans'?”
“Oh, she hates humans, because they once nearly destroyed this forest and killed the forest spirit. She was abandoned as a baby and was then raised by wolves; learning that humans are evil, she planned to kill them all.”
“That's some story. Then… how did you get involved?”
“There's a village not far from where we are that use to be called Irontown, but now it's been…abandoned…” Ashitaka didn't want to tell Kaya the fact that Irontown had been raided by samurais and everyone inside were massacred. “…I stayed there one night, when then San attacked the village, I stopped her from getting killed, when then slowly…but steadily…she became attached to me.”
“I hate love stories.” Ashitaka laughed once more and stroked her cheek.
“You'll find love one day; it will come to you when you least expect it.”
“Yeah well, don't know how long that's gonna be.” Kaya playfully slapped his hand away from her face and smiled. “Well, I want more stories tomorrow, right now, I want that other Kaya.”
“Motoko's waiting over there.” Ashitaka smiled, when then Kaya rushed back into his embrace and squeezed him quite tightly. He was shocked; he never felt much brotherly love towards Kaya since he still lived in his village, his eyes gazed at her, before she broke off the tender connection. She then quickly jogged to Motoko, but then Ashitaka gasped a little.
“Wait, Kaya!”
“Yes Ashitaka?” Kaya turned her head once more.
“…Thank you from saving me from those wild wolves.” He finally found out it was Kaya, so she then smiled and grinned.
“What was I suppose to do?” Kaya chuckled, when then she finally returned to follow Motoko. Ashitaka still continued to beam before he headed back to see San.
She still looked annoyed by the fact that she was looked at like a freak, perhaps the act might had reflected back into her early life when she was thirteen; the fact that she was bullied by boys which made her kill them. She didn't want to go through that again, she had the nearly perfect human she unexpectedly wanted; Ashitaka.
“San?” She then looked behind when she saw him approach her. “You're not mad are you?”
“Yes…but I'm keeping I calm.”
“Thank you.” He then embraced her in his arms, as he knew that San couldn't help but fall under his seductive spell when it comes to sweet intimacy.
“I hate it when you do this.” San groaned a little.
“And why is that?” Ashitaka breathed into her ear.
“You make me give in to you.” San turned around and kissed him on his lips once again as the entwined their fingers together.
It was already midnight, and San and Ashitaka already made it back to their cave, as they lay covered in a blanket of pelt with Ashitaka caressing San behind her, as his arms were wrapped around her waist and his nose smelling her hair filled with flower scents.
“I don't want anything bad to happen anymore.” San whispered out silently.
“Nothing will.” Ashitaka cooed back softly. San then turned her body round from her side to face Ashitaka on the other.
“You promise?” She then stroked his cheek as the moonlight blurred onto his skin.
“I promise.” He did the same to her, and stared into her eyes, but then he kissed her again, only more passionately than before, it made San fall into his spell again, so she then leaned back, and let Ashitaka kiss her on the neck.