Princess Mononoke Fan Fiction ❯ The Chronicles of Princess Mononoke ❯ Warped ( Chapter 8 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Sasuke and Motoko were then found outside of the new inhibited Irontown whilst Motoko was lightly struggling to break free from the eager Sasuke who didn't seem to be enjoying himself with the new leader Nanahara.
“Sasuke would you now tell me what's wrong with you?!”
“He knows me.”
“Who? Nanahara?”
“Yes! He knows I'm the Kira! I can sense it when he looks at me!”
“He won't turn you in; he's not that kind of person.”
“We only know a minute of him Motoko! And besides, I don't think, I can handle it…being with other humans.”
“Sasuke, you have to try; not all humans are evil.” Sasuke grunted when she spoke that.
“Hmmm?” He then looked at her.
“…with me it doesn't matter if they're good or evil; I will kill them, just out of spite.” Motoko gasped a little, but then heard the pounding of hooves coming her way. She turned her head and then spotted a few men in horses.
“Who's that?” She wondered, Sasuke then turned around and did the same.
“It looks like…huh?” The men on horses continued to accelerate their speed towards them. Then suddenly, the man in front clenched his fist, brought his arm on, and smacked it across Motoko as he passed, leaving her to fall and cringe in pain.
“Motoko what happened?!” Sasuke began to panic as he tried to hold her up; he could hear her whine a little as she grasped her head intensely. Sasuke shot his head to the others heading his way with rage boiling up to his peak. As the next man on the horse came for his blow, Sasuke used his invisible vectors to harshly push him off his horse and land on his head, he did the same to the others, but as he was too busy focusing on the men in front, he didn't know that there was another built up man behind him, who then smacked the handle of his sword on his back which made him fall.
Ashitaka then shot open his eyes and looked behind him, Nanahara and the others became more confused than before.
“Ashitaka what is it now?” San questioned him.
“It's Sasuke and Motoko…they're in trouble!” He shot back up and ran outside to them.
“Ashitaka wait!” Kaya rose up as well did San, and followed him from behind.
Back into this intense scene, Sasuke was pinned to the floor on his stomach, with a part of a sword unsheathed and pressed against his throat, whilst a man was kneeing on his back as he struggled, and chuckled.
“What's a freak with stripes like you doing here?”
“You son's of bitches!” He then looked up and saw Motoko being held back by a vicious man; she wrestled immensely to break free from his grasp, when then Sasuke saw another approach her.
“No don't! If you lay on finger on her I will…!” He grunted out loudly, but refused to use his vectors, as he didn't want to spill more blood for Motoko's sake. A man wearing a black mask across his face drew near to Motoko, and clenched his fingers roughly on her cheek, and checked to see no blemishes on her, she grunted ferociously. Her face was then thrust to one side, when then the man chuckled and woofed like a hound, as then he violently pulled her kimono away from her chest, revealing her upper part of her body. Motoko screamed and rumbled viciously.
“Shut up!” She was then punched in the cheek, when then she dropped to the floor and fainted.
“Motoko! You bastards!” Sasuke howled out as he struggled brutally. But then, he saw a blade in front of him, which then directed back to Motoko. One of the men then pulled the blade towards her. “No! If you made one scratch on her, your ass is history!” The man didn't listen, and carried on making his way over to the beaten girl.
Suddenly, more pounding running came up his way; the man looked up, and saw Ashitaka, San and Kaya sprinting up to him.
“Hang on guys!” Ashitaka panted out.
“Shit! Let's move!” The man in the mask sheathed his sword, and got back onto his horse, along with the others as one of then released Sasuke.
“Ashitaka…” he grunted as he struggled to make his way back up. All of the other men rode away behind Sasuke, except for the one in the mask; who was riding straight in front of the angry Ashitaka. His running speed was so rapid, the man began to fret, when Ashitaka got so close to him, he jumped into the air, and kicked the man in the face, making him fall off and let the horse run away.
“Motoko!” San gasped by the sight of her and helped her up. Ashitaka perfectly landed back on the ground and sprinted up to Sasuke.
“Sasuke are you alright?”

Motoko slowly woke up from her knock out, with Sasuke's kimono wrapped around her back and her cheek bruised red. She also heard kicking, punching, and groaning. So she looked up, and saw Sasuke beating up the man rapidly and brutally. He kept flicking his with fists and kicks on his face and stomach. He didn't care one bit about their pain, all he was concerned with is that he get's his comeuppance. The man was then fallen into the ground, but Sasuke continued to harshly boot him in the abdomen. Kaya looked in horror as she watched the beating the man took.
“That's enough Sasuke!” Ashitaka called out.
“I say when it's enough!” Sasuke hollered back, and gave him one final boot which made the man spat out blood ferociously; leaving him to pant in and out what life he had left.
“It's that bastard Nanahara who set these men upon us!”
“We don't know that Sasuke, so stop making accusations!”
“If that was San about to get raped YOU would have done the same thing!”
“Maybe but I wouldn't kill, even if I have the power too! I wish you could see things through!”
“I wish you would leave me alone…” Sasuke whispered coldly. Ashitaka gasped when he heard that. “This is the reason why I hate humans! You always judge others by appearance but not by heart! You're nothing but ignorant monsters without a soul! No wonder they call me the Kira! I kill because they deserve to die, and no one can help me! NO ONE!” Sasuke cried out as he then heaved in deep breaths, he saw Motoko weakly stood up to her feet, and then turned his pale eyes at Kaya. For that brief moment when they stared directly in their eyes, Kaya felt something strange about him, something was telling her, that he just needs a friend. Sasuke coughed out as he turned away. But then there a siren screeching in his brain all of a sudden and Sasuke crouched a little in minor pain.
“Sasuke!” Ashitaka reached out his hand towards for as a sign of aid, but Sasuke continued to walk away out spite.
“Leave me alone!”
Rapidly, a mind shock of images of red spurred into his head, as he felt a hammering headache set loose, and the thumping of his heart pumping blood through his veins and arteries. Suddenly he heard whispers of an unknown stranger utter words distortedly through the blood.
It's the Kira!
He's perfect.
Let's take him!
“Arrrrrghh!!” More pain impelled inside and the blood felt like it was going to burst out from its bony shell. More deeper, horrifying pictures flickered of death and throbbing of people he never met before, as they screamed out for mercy.
He will be the next then.
No stop!
We got to save him
“Stop what?!” Sasuke spiraled out of control, which then he dropped to his knees. Then…everything was silent.
Until, the ground became rigid, and crumble, as then from the soil, came out bloody hands tugged on his clothes, as red liquid fingerprints tainted his garments, and then began to pull on his legs. The ground continued to disintegrate to dust, when Sasuke began to fall and fall, as the hands of blood rushed him down and down.
When then, he reached back down to the normal floor, only this time…he vomited out his own bits of intestines and heart, along with gallons of blood, and when he looked down, he saw worms wriggling within the heat of his internal flesh. His eyes broadened, and his sweat turned cold. What he didn't realize was all a hallucination, when he then thought he spilled out blood, he grabbed the air and pulled it into his embrace. He slowly rose back and gripped both of his hands onto his head, and felt a slow, high motion in his movement, as the pain and voices only increased even further.
We have to stop him!
He's gonna kill us!
“Sasuke! What is it?!” Ashitaka began to fret as he tried to reach up to him; as he was just screaming out from this sudden unexpected pain buried deep inside his brain which only appeared out of nowhere. Sasuke then began to fall, and fall, and fall into a numbing concussion which made him faint and collapse.
“Sasuke!” the rest of the group then encircled around him as Ashitaka picked him up to see Sasuke soundless and cataleptic.
“What the hell happened to him?!” San asked in a loud voice.
“I don't know, but it's best to take him back now.” They all looked back down at Sasuke as his vision became blurred and blurred by the second. Loosing concentration. Loosing light…