Princess Mononoke Fan Fiction ❯ The Chronicles of Princess Mononoke ❯ Collision ( Chapter 14 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

The next morning rose early again; it was the final day before Ashitaka and Sasuke must reach over to the hunter's moon, before meeting their temporary fate within the underworld. Ashitaka still didn't approve of the idea of serving with immortals or being sent to a world of solitariness. His mind tells him to go to the call so he can be able to save others, but his heart tells him that he must save Kaya now. Nevertheless, his beloved San right now was trying her best to find her for him. Oh strong courageous San; rough and slightly vulgar on the outside, but there was always a little piece of sensitive outlook upon the humans, and intimate infatuation towards Ashitaka truly.
“We must reach the highest mountain in the north east. But we're not far away now; we'll reach there by dusk.” Sasuke rose up first and looked out at the orange morning sun rise up from the horizon, as the rays burst onto Ashitaka's closed eyelids, that made him wince a little and crouch.
“Is it morning already?” The prince asked with a grouch husky voice.
“Yes, and we shouldn't waste time now.”

Ashitaka and Sasuke were then walking on a dusted path, where never before, they have seen such a clear, flat horizon in conflict with the early sky. Ashitaka was still quite dozy, but not in the need to fall flat asleep again. Sasuke on the other hand, was neither sleepy nor dozy; it looked like he didn't get any sleep that night. The prince stared at him with curiosity as he saw the faint dark blur under his eyes, with a black scarf to cover below them; to disguise himself from the humans who would call him `freak'.
“Sasuke, are you ok? It looked like you didn't get any sleep last night.”
“I'm fine, Ashitaka. You don't need to worry about me.”
“I think I do.”
Sasuke then pressed his hand out on Ashitaka's chest as a stop sign, turned around and face at him, lowering his scarf to show his lips.
“What's that suppose to mean?”
“You've been getting some really strange activity lately, and they don't often happen a lot with you.”
“That still doesn't mean that you have to need to worry about me.”
“When you collapsed near Irontown, we all thought something was definitely wrong with you, we WANT to worry about you!”
“I am fine on my own; I don't need you to cosset my back!”
“I don't think you'll live too well on your own!”
“I lived far better before I met you!” Their argument between each other only increased and increased. But what they were too busy to realize, was that there was someone creeping up behind them both.
“Let me be honest with you Sasuke; without me, you wouldn't be standing here arguing with me!”
“You can't be narcissistic with me Ashitaka, your too naïve in your softness for sympathy towards humans!”
“Well you too can be—
“Stop right there!” another voice stifled the air when it brought the quarrel to a sudden impede. It made Ashitaka and Sasuke slowly turn around, to see a man, in rags best suited for tramps, with a bow and arrow aimed at Sasuke, who quickly put on his mask.
“What do you want?” Sasuke rudely implied.
“Your money! Give me your money!”
“But we don't have any!”
“Shut up!” The man aggressively silenced Ashitaka, as then more armed men crept in closer and began to encircle them. Ashitaka's pulse only increased slightly, but Sasuke was trying to stay as calm as a surface without ripples.
“Now, you know the cause!”
“But we have nothing.”
“This is your last chance boy!” Ashitaka's and Sasuke's eye's slowly twitched towards each other; trying to figure out some kind of code of what to do. There were surrounded by about 4 armed men, ready to shoot them anywhere; including the heart.
“Ashitaka, just run when I say.”
“No talking!” one man yelled out on the left side of Sasuke. He then began to shudder his feet and tiptoed away. “I said stop!” the man jerked so much, he let loose his arrow accidentally and hit Sasuke.
“Sasuke!” Ashitaka stuttered as he saw him stumbled a little, as he saw him placing one hand on his cheek and rising back up again. Sasuke straightened himself out, lowered his scarf, and felt dampness on his fingers. He looked down upon them and saw blood; blood from a large cut on his cheekbone. His eyes turned pale and sinister, as he then stared at the clumsy man.
“You scarred me.” He spoke in an ominous, dark voice.
“Y-Y-Y-Y-You shouldn't have moved!”
“Always blaming someone else! THAT'S WHY I HATE HUMAN GUTS!” His voice shook the air so much; it sent a cold chill running down Ashitaka's spine. But then, Sasuke bent low, picked up a handful of earth from the ground, and rubbed it between his palms, and then, he darkly stared at the amateur bandits.
“I will come for you, and I will rot your blood in dirt!” The man who let loose of the arrow fretted in horror as he saw the wound from Sasuke's cheekbone heal from his macabre.
“Run Ashitaka! I'll meet you at the call! Go!” Ashitaka did what he was ordered. When then one of the man's head; the one that let go of his arrow, was the first to go. His head was then decapitated from his neck as his flung into the air and landed splat on the ground, with the deep scarlet fluid running and spraying freely from the arteries that roamed freely out from its scaly shell.
Ashitaka grabbed onto the reins of Kaya's elk, and tried to sprint into the safety and protection of the forest. Sasuke already finished eradicating one human, but didn't finish off the rest, as he thought that one man was enough to scare the luminous light from their eyes. He then tried to catch up with Ashitaka; the prince and the elk nearly reached their protecting green camouflage. The young man then turned around to see Sasuke trying to run up to him. He saw him reach his hand out, and in a reflex matter, Ashitaka too reached his hand out. Until…
An arrow had hit Sasuke once more…behind the stomach. He collapsed to the floor, and let the blood flow from his wound to stain the earth and dust. Ashitaka didn't know what to do, he either made a run for it and leaves Sasuke, or help Sasuke and end up getting killed.
“Go Ashitaka! I'll meet you there!” a strained whisper came from Sasuke as he struggled to lift his head up from the pain he was always used to.
“Go now!” the Kira gritted his head, and then let his head collapse to the floor to his cataleptic pose, to look like and act as if he was dead, but he wasn't. Ashitaka quickly took Kaya's elk by the reins, and ran through the shadows and blips of green that shone through the leaves, as he then stationed himself behind the bushes, as he looked through a gap, to see what the bandits will do to the comatose Sasuke.
“You got him!”
“Of course I got him, you idiot! No one can outrun me!”
“You mean…'us'.”
“Whatever.” Two of the brigands chatted, as they walked up to Sasuke's body, and one of them harshly shoved him onto his back to see his face.
“Jesus! What is it?!”
“Man, those are some marks…we should sell him!”
“As what; a dead slave?!”
“…we could skin him.” The two men looked at each other, as their drooling lips smirked and grinned, when then they dragged the body behind him back to where Ashitaka doesn't know.
“You better make it Sasuke.” He softly uttered to him as he faded away with the remaining thugs, and then, continued his way to the high mountains.