Princess Mononoke Fan Fiction ❯ The Chronicles of Princess Mononoke ❯ Hikaru. Pt 2: Salvation ( Chapter 19 )

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Hikaru Pt 2
“No! Sasuke hasn't touched me in anyway that's impure!”
“That's a lie!” Kurama came into the situation, staring at his sister with a hard look upon his face. “I saw you last night with him, and you kissed!” Sasuke grew pale and a cold sweat appeared from his skin, it was as if a secret has been unwrapped and violated by its hostile surroundings. Sasuke's in too deep. It will be his life at an end. “I thought you were better than that Hikaru, but I guess you're just another whore!” Kurama shouldn't have said that. Until then, Sasuke drastically rose up from the barbaric race of humans encircling him with instruments of gore, and bravely burst his way through the raging hordes and wrapped his arms around his last surviving treasure.
“You can kill me if you want, but you will not harm Hikaru!”
“Step aside Sasuke! She's as dead as you are!”
“NO!” He then grabbed a lock onto Hikaru's hand and eloped away from the village and into their local forest, where inside became a maze of conjecture. Breathless, they finally came to a stop near a cliff, where they innocently kissed.
“Sasuke, you should escape right now! I'll be fine as long as you get out of here alive.”
“No, no, I'm not going to leave you here. You're the only good thing that has happened to me. If it weren't for you, I would already be dead.”
“I know you're just saying that. I'm just an inferior girl who's too shy to have a man.” Sasuke then held her hand and pressed it against her chest.
“Do you feel that?” Hikaru became confused, but Sasuke helped her understand by spreading her fist into a flat palm, still remaining pressed against his chest. She could feel his heartbeat. “You're the only thing that's keeping it beating. That's how much you mean to me.” Hikaru still denied it, shaking her head low in pessimism. But Sasuke lifted her chin up with his fingers. “I'm not lying. You're the only flower I would die for to see her bloom.” Gently stroking her lips with his thumb, he secretly forced them to purse ever so slightly. And staring into the solar depth of her eyes, he brought his head closer to hers, but was erupted when a man grounded them to a halt.
“Stop right there!” Kurama yelled out as if capturing a fugitive. Sasuke calmly brought Hikaru round behind him by pushing her shoulders and friendly bringing his right hand as a barrier against the spitting image of her `brother'.
“I thought you're my friend, Sasuke.”
“I'm still am, Kurama. You need to open your eyes and realise that nothing about me has changed. What you see on the outside is only a lie created by the `real' monsters.”
“The monster I'm seeing right now is you!” Spearing out from his kimono came out a dagger, knowing that some part of Kurama's intentions is to kill Hikaru; Sasuke brushed his hands against her body, forcing her to fall away from the two men.
“Run Hikaru!” Trembling slightly, Sasuke then made a run for it, sprinting his legs down an unknown path into their sacred forest; where it could be Sasuke's last chance for salvation. Dashing and panicking though the jungle vines and murky trees, the sky itself became pale and sick as a fog rose from the earthy. Breathing helplessly, sweating with fret, eyes wide awake and too frightened to sleep, Sasuke could only help by this way; Hikaru can start a new life away from him, where no one will taunt and bewitch her just being in a monster's presence. At least, she won't be hunted anymore, at least.
He could hear the violent pounding of feet and heartbeats of Kurama behind him; the blade was close by, he could hear it singing the death song. Still being clouded by a horde of green, Sasuke's chest might not be able to keep his thumping stable for much longer. Light was coming, he must be nearer to the other side…wrong. The track was then cut off by a cliff over the thrashing sea. The mist was still placid, yet the wind began to blow stronger into a hollow tune. He couldn't escape; he might as well let Kurama kill him, let him finish it.
He finally yet gradually turned a 180 degree angle to face his reaper. Kurama was there, waiting for him to perform the climax. It was close.
“At least take care of your sister! Let her live a life without borders!”
“Women don't have lives without borders, that's why we must keep them in control, as this is the role of all men.”
“But she's your SISTER!”
“Not anymore.” Sasuke's eyes broadened and his heart stopped. So…this is what love is then? Love, is nothing more than a word.
Kurama lunged into Sasuke, penetrating his chest causing a shot of pain on his left-hand side. His sudden gasp echoed to the sea, his mouth gaped open as if trying to respire the ache away from the wound. Two drops of red lush pattered onto the ground. His eyelids slowly lowered, until his whole body weight then rested on the blade of the dagger…
But he was still breathing. Why was he still breathing? Impossible. He should be gone by now! Something wasn't right. He could feel it in his guts…why was he still feeling his guts?!
Kurama became a little weary from his sustainable aura; he knew he wasn't fading away. The handle of the dagger began to shake, as he then saw the twitching of fingers clenching into fists.
“Can I ask you something?” a frail low voice spoke out from the ailing body of Sasuke. No reply from the quivering face of Kurama, so he just continued. “If you say that Hikaru isn't your sister anymore…then…what is love?” Another throttling silence. “Without love…you're just an empty shell…a hollow mammal…a monster.” His fists began to slowly rise from his hips. A fright of death was lingering around the corner. “So…who are you…to call…me…” He could hear Kurama's panting breath sweating from his lips. “…a monster? Because…”He then unhurriedly clutched onto the thin edge of the blade that wasn't driven inside of him. “…the monster…” hearts choked against rib cages. “…the ONLY monster…” eyes too dead to close. “…I'm seeing…right…now.” The reaper…has become him. “…is YOU!!!”