Princess Tutu Fan Fiction ❯ Forbidden love2 ❯ Can't control myself ( Chapter 2 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

The sun entered in Ahiru's room making her face warm. When she woke up, her smile was all over her face, she remembered everything she past last night, making her have the most wonderful dreams.
-Princess Ahiru! Are you awake? - Ask Rue knocking at the door, very low, in case she wasn't awake.
-Yes Rue! I'm awake! Come in! - She said jumping of the bed opening the door.
-Good morning Princess. - Rue said smiling.
-Good morning Rue! Isn't it a wonderful day?
-Yes! My god you are so happy, what happened? - She asked suspicious.
-Nothing! I just had the most spectacular night!
-Very well, if you say so! Breakfast is ready.
-Give me 5minutes. - She said taking her dress from her closet.
-Very well! Oh I almost forget! Fakir is waiting for you when you finish breakfast! - And after that she got of the room letting Ahiru alone.
-Fakir… - She blush just for saying his name. She dress the fast as she could, went down stairs, took her breakfast and went looking for Fakir. When she found him, he was reading and looked even more gougers in the sun with that peaceful face. She went next to him and without making any noise she cover his eyes and whispered next to his ear.
- Guess who is! - She said smiling. Not surprising he also started to smile knowing who was, it was the only person that make his heart beat faster and faster.
-Is my beloved princess! Am I correct?
-yes you are! - She said, taking her hands from his face and going next to him.
-Well, you are really happy today! - He said taking her and kissing her.
-It's nothing. I'm just happy for stay with you. - Ahiru was really happy to stay with him, just seeing him smile was everything she needed.
-Me too. - He said leading for a kiss, but she push him. - What? Don't you want me to kiss you?
-Of course I want! Don't be silly! We just can kiss here! Imagine that Rue or someone else catch us?
-Your right! Sorry. - He said looking at her blue eyes that catch him since the first day! He couldn't imagine on losing her. Not even for the prince. She belong to him, that was for sure.
-It's ok!
-Let's get of here. Let's go to a better place for us. - He whispered next to her ear making her blush even more.
-O…Ok! Sure. Where are you going? - She asked very nervous.
-My house. - He said with a voice that make her blush even more.
-Y…Y…Your house?
-What's the problem? Yesterday you went to my house without problems.
-I know. Is just… -“What I'm saying? What is my problem? I mean, is not like he is going to hurt me or something! Stop being stupid Ahiru!”
-Is just…
-Is just I am stupid and in my mind I thought you maybe could take advantage of…of me. - “good one Ahiru! Oh good I'm just so stupid!”
- What? I never could do something like that to you! If I hardly can control myself blushing when I'm with you how I could take advantage of you?
-I'm sorry! Pretend I didn't say something like that!
-It's ok! I understand. But if you are scared of something just tell me ok? - He said, putting his hand on her face.
-Ok. - She said approaching her face next to his. They got closer and closer until they kissed. In the start was just a soft kiss, but them it transform in a passionate kiss, making Ahiru moan just a little.
-I'm sorry, as you said we shouldn't be doing this in here! - Fakir said broking the kiss and smiling.
-I know, but it's stronger than me. - She said smiling with her eyes sparkling.
-I fell that too but we need to control our self's before someone catch us! - He said smiling even more.
-I know we need control! But, is something inside of me that I can't control, that wants more and more of you.
-Shhh, you don't need words. Just let's go to my house, for peace and quiet ok?
-Ok! - Ahiru got up, so as Fakir and they went to his house for a peaceful day in each others arms….
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