Princess Tutu Fan Fiction ❯ Our Own Way To Make A Happy Ending. ❯ Meeting the Parents and a change of style! ( Chapter 3 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

-Children! You should give your brother some room to breath!
-And to his lovely girlfriend. - Said a woman's voice. They all looked back and saw this beautiful couple coming on to their direction. The man had dark brown hair and green eyes, just like Fakir and was wearing a black suit. The woman had dark green hair and had this beautiful red eyes and a warm smile on her face. She was wearing a white dress with a golden corset. They walked next to Ahiru and Fakir with smiles on their faces.
The woman went next to Fakir and he saw tears coming from her eyes. She grabbed Fakir and hugged like her world was ending.
-Fakir…My Fakir…I've missed you so much! You have no idea how I passed this 15 long years without you. - She cried and Fakir felt his heart breaking. For some reason he couldn't hate this woman…he just couldn't even knowing she wasn't there when he needed her…He felt her warm embrace and hugged her back like a little kid making his mother gasp with emotion and the rest of his family smile with happiness.
-I'm so glad you are back. You have no idea how much we all missed you Fakir. - Said his dad with a warm smile and Fakir gave the best smile he could give right now.
Ahiru felt a little apart right now but she didn't care. This was all about Fakir and if he was happy she was happy.
His parents looked to Ahiru and she got tensed. They walked to her and maked a bow to her making her blush madly not knowing what to do.
-Ahiru…You're more beautiful then I thought. - Said Fakir's mother with the sweetest smile she had making Ahiru do the same. - Thank you for everything you did for Fakir…My name is Emerald and I hope we can be good friends. - Said Emerald taking Ahiru hands and smiled again.
-I hope that as well!
-I'm Daemon. And I want to thank you as well for everything you did.
-I didn't do anything… - She said very shy. Fakir went next to her and grabbed her hand. Miyu saw this and felt something fever inside him but he didn't know what. “Why am I feeling this way? I always knew they were together!” He thought and looked another way. Unfortunelly for him Hitomi noticed it and found it really weird.
-You did more that you think…Believe me. - Said Daemon with a small smile. - Now! Shall we go inside? You two need a few changes! Fakir you come with me and with your brothers!
-And you my dear Ahiru, you come with me and with the girls. - Before the young couple could even say a “well” they were pulled apart and went spared ways and didn't know when they were going to see each other.
With Fakir…
Fakir was seating on a chair with a blanket around his neck and his brothers were around him taking his ponytail.
-Why? - Asked Fakir really annoyed. - Why my hair?
-C'mon Fakir! You can't where this…this thing! - Said Tsuboshi cutting Fakir's hair really short. - You look much better with short hair.
-But I like my hair long. - Said Fakir with an annoyed tone.
-Does Ahiru like it? - Asked Arimachi with a grin on his face.
-Y…I really never thought about it…
-Of course you didn't! That's why you use that thing you call a ponytail! Trust us Fakir; you look much better without it. - Said Miyu giving Fakir new clothes. - Where this. It's better that those clothes you're wearing.
-I wonder what they are doing to Ahiru… - Said Fakir getting dressed and thinking about what was happening to his beloved in that moment. - So how do I look? - He asked and saw the smile on his brothers faces. He really looked even better; he was wearing a blue jacket and brown buts, blue pants and a dark creamy shirt. (You go on devianart and you will understand how he's dressed.)
-Now you look like a noble king! - Said Arimachi with a smile and went next to him.
-Arimachi is right! And you look more refreshed.
-The boys are right Fakir. You look much better. - Said Daemon with a smile and left with his four sons to the gardens so they could talk better, after all five in a room was a really big confusion.
With Ahiru
Ahiru was trying numerous dresses and hair-styles thanks to the six crazy women that were tanking care of her.
-I really don't need all of this! I'm fine with just a little dress. - Said Ahiru really nervous and embarrassed.
-Don't be silly! - Started Mikiya. - Of course you need it! Such a beautiful girl like you always needs a wonderful dress.
-Especially if you want to impress Fakir! - Said Suzuki with a smile and started to take Ahiru's braid and putted her hair free making her face even more beautiful.
-Ahiru why didn't you tell us you look so beautiful without the braid? - Asked Hitomi smiling and giving Ahiru a pendent; a very beautiful pendent. It was golden with a blue jewel in the middle fitting perfectly on Ahiru.
-This is a present for you Ahiru. - Said Emerald with a warming smile on her face. Ahiru got really emotional and without thinking she hugged Emerald like she was her own mother.
At first Emerald was a little confused but then…she always knew that Ahiru never had anyone to call mother and she wanted this fragile, yet strong girl to be happy with her son without problems. Emerald hugged her back and gave a warm smile. Her daughters smiled and went next to Ahiru.
-Don't worry Ahiru! - Said Yuki with a warm smile. - We're your knew family now!
-Yeah…We are here for you everytime you need us! - Said Akino with a smile making Ahiru smile as well. She never felt such a warm environment without Fakir by her side; she always felt alone without Fakir but know…right know she felt that she belonged to a really family. - So…Let's go outside shall we? - Asked Akino grabbing Ahiru's hand and went outside fallowed by the other girls.
Fakir was walking on the gardens with his brothers and with his father talking about all this lost time on their lifes and even if he was happy by discovering he had a family he still wanted answers.
-I know you want answers Fakir and you'll have them! Don't worry. - Said Daemon and smiled to his son. Fakir wanted now but he knew he should pressure it; at least not for today.
The men heard feminine laughs and looked back and saw seven beautiful girls coming on to their direction but for Fakir the most beautiful girl was Ahiru; she was more beautiful that she already was and if he could tell her how gorgeous she was they needed to create new words on the dictionary.
But Fakir wasn't the only one to think that; Miyu was thinking exactly the same and couldn't hide the gigantic blush all over his face and once again Hitomi saw it and didn't like this. “I just hope he's not falling in love with Ahiru. He just can't! By the way…Where is Eamon? When he was back I didn't saw him…” Hitomi shocked her head and stopped thinking about Eamon. She knew her love was impossible…after all he had the all girls he wanted, why he would want her? A clumsy, super energetic princess?
Ahiru went next to Fakir and they both stared at each other for a long time until Arimachi gave a slight push on Fakir's back. He looked back but noticed that everyone had run away leaving him and Ahiru all by themselves.
“Why am I so nervous? I've been with her all alone many times!” He thought and grabbed gently her hand making her blush but smiled.
-You look…I don't find the exact words…You look even more beautiful Ahiru. - Said Fakir with one of his special smiles, that were just for her making her blush even more.
-Thank you so much…I'm glad you like it. I'm just like this for you! Not for anybody else. - She went closer to him and felt his strong arms around her making her feel saver.
-I love you Ahiru… - He said without any problems, even knowing his all family was somewhere out there looking at them.
-I love you too Fakir. Your hair it's a lot shorter! - Ahiru noticed and started to play with his hair.
-Tsuboshi cut my hair! I really didn't want to but…
-I love it! - She cut him and he blushed. He wasn't really hopping she liked his hair but was happy that she did.
-Yeah. It makes your eyes even more shining. - She whispered and he smiled again. He got closer to her and was preparing to kiss her but them he heard movement; at first he didn't care but…
-KISS HER ALREADY! - Screamed what seemed to Fakir, Tsuboshi. The young couple looked to their left and saw a bush moving. They tried to look that they weren't there but it was worst, Fakir this time got really pissed of and couldn't take it.
-Hey! - He said not leaving his position.
-Oh crap! He found us! - Said Tsuboshi getting really scared; he knew that from all of them Fakir was the only one that could freeze someone with his eyes. But why he was scared? After all he was older…that didn't helped anything.
-Of course he did! We weren't that hidden! - Said Akino and looked up and saw Fakir angry face making her smile with fear.
-Hello little brother! How are you doing? - She asked getting up like the others. They started walking back if they needed to escape from their little brother.
-Why were you spying on us?
-We weren't! We were just admiring the view! - Said Yuki with a smile and Fakir felt really pissed of. He could forgive some things but interrupting a kiss with Ahiru? Know that was too much.
-Children. - Interrupted Daemon with a smile on his face coming on their direction. “We're save!” all of then thought with relieve. - It's time to get inside! It's getting late and we need to have dinner. Fakir I need to talk with you. The rest, inside! - They all obeyed and Mikiya took Ahiru's hand went inside leaving Fakir and his dad all alone on the gardens.
-So what do you want to talk about? - Asked Fakir really serious and his father just smiled.
-I know you want me to tell you why me and your mother maked you go truth. Believe me Fakir, if we had a choice you wouldn't be in Kinkan. - Said Daemon and started walking to the castle and Fakir maked company.
-Why is that? I thought that with so many sons' you wouldn't mind to be without one.
-Don't say something like that! We love you all! Even more each day…But we didn't have a choice. You should see how your mother cried every single night. She just could see you from far and with news from Karon and Rachel
-What? What do you mean? That Karon knew all along? - This time Fakir was really shocked. Every single word that camed from his father's mouth was a bigger shock that the other.
-Yes…Karon is my cousin and he asked me permission to take care of you. - Daemon gave a weak smile and looked to his son.
-And what do you mean by my mother see me from far?
-Here we have our own ways to see things! How do you think we knew Ahiru in the first place?
-Right…Did mother cried that much?
-You have no idea. Since we left you she never smiled so much like today. Except for two different occasions. When we got married and when she gave birth to you all.
-I doubt she was capable of smiling after giving birth to nine children!
-You don't know your mother! With time you'll know that I am right. - Said Daemon and smiled to his son. Fakir felt a small smile on his lips and went inside with his father both talking peacefully and making plans for what Fakir expected to be his own happy ending with Ahiru.