Princess Tutu Fan Fiction ❯ Princess Tutu 3 ❯ 1-She's BACK!! ( Chapter 1 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]
Fakir was writing as usual by the pond and Ahiru was swimming as usual as well. It had been almost 6 months since the incident with the Raven, Mytho, Rue, and Drosselmeyer. Ahiru was now a duck for the rest of her life and Fakir would continue writing.
Riing! Riing! It was now time for Fakir to leave to school. Whenever he left, Ahiru would always feel lonely. She'd be at the pond all day with no one around, just her and the calm water. Fakir would come when school was done for the day, that would be when she was most happy. He would take her back home and give her food and everything. He treated her like a girl and never less.
But one day Ahiru's and Fakir's lives changed and they found themselves in a new story.

Riiing! Riiing! "Quack?! Quack!?" "I know, I know. I need to hurry before I'm late. Sigh." Fakir then put down his quill, got up and then grabbed his jacket. "I'll see you later Ahiru! Don't go wondering around and get lost again!" He then left. Man, I wish I could go back to school. I wish I was a human girl again, I wish I could become Princess Tutu again! But what am I saying....... I'm a duck, just a duck. Ahiru then started swimming but soon encountered mist all around her. Up Ahead she could see someone dancing. Then another person next to the first, then another, and then another. Until she was surrounded by people dancing! Wha!? Whats going on!? She thought to herself. She tried to find a way past the people but every exit was blocked by what looked like pillars. It looked like she was in a dancing hall of some sort. Then all of a sudden the people stopped. One of them statred to walk towards Ahiru. He then picked her up and put her on a pillar that was foriming in the middle of everyone. Ahiru then saw him and was fasinated by the man. He was like an angel, with his golden blonde hair that was sitting on his shoulders, but he didn't have wings. His eyes were purple, strange for a man or person to have purple eyes. He then spoke with a beautiful voice that sounded warm and soothing.
"I see, so your Ahiru. The duck that was given a human form to help the prince that lost his heart, only to become a duck again in the end." "Quack....." "Oh, Don't worry we don't want to hurt you, but instead help you. We come to tell you that Drosselmeyer, the man who tricked you into becoming Princess Tutu for mere entertainment has not yet been satisfied." "QUACK!?" "Yes, yes, we thought so too. But apparently we were wrong as well." Wait, can this man understand me? I just 'quacked' and he answered at what I was trying to say. "We don't know what he is up to, but the one thing we do know is that we can help you to defeat him. Would you like to be a human girl once more? And if you succeed in the end, you might be able to keep your human body? What do you say? Will you and Fakir help us and be apart of this story once more?" This dude asks a lot of questions...wait..did he just say.."QUACK!?" "Yes, Fakir as well. But we can not tell him, you will have to, we need him as well as we need you. We will give you 1 day to tell him, if not you will become a duck again and Drosselmeyer will continue without stop with his so called 'entertainment'." I accept, I accept! Not only will I be human but I get to help, and not be a mere duck! "Quack! Quack!" "Well then, good luck and farewell Ahiru. Until next time."
All of a sudden the mist, pillars, the man and the dancers all around Ahiru disappereard. She looked around thinking she would see them walking away but nothing. She thought maybe if she swam to the shore she could find them, but right before she moved a light shot out of the pond and pulled her into it! The light kept dragging her deeper and deeper until she was at the bottom. She looked around, it was pitch black, then she started to glow and she could feel something was happening to her. She could finally feel the bottom of the pond for the first time in 6 months. She was so happy, when she stopped glowing she started to float back to the top. When she reached the top she breathed in a huge breath and got out. She then got dizzy from breathing a little to much and fell. She tried to get up but then everything around her went black.

"Well this isn't no fun. To think they would come after me and take away my fun. Well, now what do I do, I can't do anything right at this moment. I can't go to Ahiru and tell her to be Princess Tutu again so she can like me and I can watch another story. Ah, I wish something would come out of nowhere and make everything more interesting." The man then watched the screen and sat down in a chair. "What do I do, hmmm, I already have a boy that is a part of this story and a women, oh this is hard, very hard. Do I use another animal like last time or another human?" The man wanted his stories to have a not so happy-ending he was a 'writer' after all. He then got up and looked at 4 more other screens. The first had a dove, the second had a black cat, the third a very young boy, and the fourth, well the fourth had nothing. The man could not think of a fourth character. "Well Drosselmeyer, I see your busy trying to make characters once again." "Who...." The man did not continue, because his mouth was now replaced with a smile that went from one cheek to the other.

Ow. What hapened to me? Ahiru got up from the ground. I guess it was all a dream, Wow. I really thought it was real. Stupid me. Ahiru got up and went to the pond to get a drink, but what she saw in the pond's reflection was not a duck, nor was it 'Ahiru'! "WHA!? WHAT!?" She fell over and landed in the pond. She kept staring at the pond thinking that what she was seeing was a mere illusion from well, dehydration. She thought she fell asleep for to long and needed water that badly. She splashed water on her face over and over and drank it over and over. The person in the reflection could not be her as when she was a human. The body was more slender and toned and she looked more grown up. Her hair was more shinier and silkier, it was even a little more pink than last time. She couldn't believe this, not at all. She was thinking that she fell while coming out of the pond, as a duck of course, and hit her head on a branch. "Ahiru!? Are you there!? I brought some food!" It was Fakir bringing her food like always when it was lunch time. He would always come eat with her and go back to class when he was done. OH NO! She thought to herself. What do I do!? What do I do!? She couldn't think of anything! She couldn't go to Fakir right now, I mean she was naked. She got out from the pond and started running in all directions looking for a place to hide, but no luck. Darn! They could have at least given me some clothes! She then finally went behind a tree and sat on the floor. Lucky for her there was a huge bush next to it. A couple of minutes later she saw Fakir pass by the tree. Ahiru started freaking out, she didn't want him to see her this way, not naked! Then all of a sudden she felt something crawlling on her back. "What the...." but she didn't finish because her whisper was replaced with her scream.

"AAAHHH!!" She jumped up and noticed a bug falling to the ground. It was a spider. She then turned around and saw Fakir looking right at her. "Ahiru? Is it really you or am I dreaming? Is that really you, I mean are you really......" Fakir could not continue, he couldn't say anymore. Nothing would come out of his mouth. Ahiru and Fakir stared at each other which felt like a millenia, not even realizing that she was naked of course, until she broke the gaze and remembered that she WAS naked. She put her hands over her top half of the body, bowed down so that she was covering her other half, and blushed bright red. Fakir also blushed when he saw her whole body go red. That can't be her, that can't be her. Or can it? No way, she looks mean she looked....when she was a human (people, he's a guy...he's supposed to have these thoughts.) He then took off his school jacket and gave it to her, while looking the other way of course. He didn't want her to see him blushing, even though she had already seen him crying when she was a duck. Ahiru put the jacket on and finally blushed a bright pink. Fakir also turned around and looked straight into her eyes. He couldn't believe this at all. He then stepped towards Ahiru and hugged her. "I'm so happy you have your human body back. So happy. But how did you get it back?" "Lets just say it's a long story. But before I tell you....can we please find me some clothes...." she was blushing again and he then let her go. He couldn't even imagine when he would feel her soft skin again. He smiled, then he grabbed her hand. She thought it was warm, and touching his hand again made her feel safe. He then led her out of the little forest, and she followed.

Somewhere far away there was a man laughing because of what he did to make this new story a little more interesting.