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Dirty Dancing: Ahiru and Fakir.
November 1958 my senior year in high school. When another girls where dancing at Elvis and dreaming about prom dates, I was reading Jean Austen and dreaming about college.
And then my parents announced we where moving to Cuba, in a week. Slamming doors and giving silent treatment didn't change that, it was easier that admitting I was really scared.
At least everyone else was happy. Dad got his big promotion from Ford, mom got to travel in stile and Susie…I swear that girl could adjust to a hurricane.
-Not to shabby, no? - Asked her dad entering the hotel.
Here's what I know about Cuba. My high school French wasn't going to help me, didn't know a single person and even if no one talk about it, Fidel Castro was leading people on a revolution against President Batista.
Not that you know from this place.
-This is Cuba. Nobody cares what you do here. Susie you want a smoke? - Asked a blonde girl to Ahiru's sister.
-Watch out for this one. She's a bad influence. - Said a boy with brown hair and a sweet smile on his lips.
-I'll take as a complement.
-She'll make you ditch classes in no time.
-As I recall there's a certain someone that likes to ditch them with me. - She said and continued catching some sun like her friends until Ahiru appeared.
-Oh my god! June Cleaver is in Havana. - Said another girl with brown hair.
-Actually that's my sister Ahiru. She's a really brain. - Said Susie looking at her like her friends; especially the boy with brown hair that showed really interest on her.
-Oh really?
-Yeah, she probably will go to Radcliff. - Said Susie again.
-What? Majoring in fashion? - Asked again the girl with blond hair with a bad tone on her voice not liking the looks Ahiru was receiving from James. (The boy with brown hair)
-Why don't you join us? There's room here! - He said. Ahiru got up from the chair she was on and went next to them with a shy smile on her face.
-I'm James Phelps.
-Hi. I'm Ahiru Miller. (It doesn't seem right I know but I would kill myself if she hadn't this name! After all i'm using the movie has inspiration.) - She said smiling.
-Pleaser to met you.
-Are you the…
-Yeah! Your dad works for my dad.
-This is Sheila, Eve… - He said pointing to the girl with blonde hair. - Polly and Stephe. I guess you know Susie right? - The two sisters looked to each other and both gave a shy smile to each other.
-So you're really going to Radcliff? - He asked.
-I won't know until spring.
-Oh, watch out girls! - He said looking to Eve that smiled to him with pleasure.
-I guess if you head is on your books you really don't have time to, think about silly things like the weather. - Ahiru didn't got it and looked at her with a strange face. - Chilly? - Asked Eve almost laughing with amusement and that made Ahiru smile and take her blue jacket.
But when she did it she bumped her arm to a waiter hand making him drop the drink on Eve and on the floor.
-Shit! - Said Eve.
-I'm so sorry! - Said Ahiru helping the waiter. - It's my fault.
-No, just go get new drinks! - Said Eve. Ahiru looked to the man in front of her and continued helping him cleaning until he got up. - Stupid Spanish! - Said Eve and for Ahiru that was horrible to say and to hear, especially because the man heard it very well.
-Excuse me. - Said Ahiru that gave Susie a look that wanted to say “This people are horrible for you!” and left them by the pool.
-Tu sabe que vas a pagar por hizo! - Said the manager of the hotel that watched the whole thing.
-Pero no fui mi culpa!
-Da prójima terá mas cuidado! - Said the manager and turned away and almost bumped to Ahiru that was with a guilty look on her face.
-Excuse me Sir? - She said to the manager.
-How may I help you señorita?
-I bumped to those drinks. I would like to pay for them.
-That won't be necessary! Accidents happen. Excuse me. - And the manager left the bar, leaving Ahiru looking to the young waiter that was with a horrible look on his face.
-Yo tengo…Siento. - She said trying to speak Spanish.
-I speak English! And I don't need your charity!
-It's not!
-Don't worry about it! It's ok. - He said trying to ignore her waiting for the new drinks, for the hotel costumers.
-I'm sorry for what she called you. - She said not facing him.
-That was nothing.
-Not to me…
-Then why are you apologising? - He asked and left her with her own thoughts and looking to him go.
-You guys were so good! - Said Ahiru on the hotel room looking to an old video from her parents dancing ball room dance.
-Your mother was good. I was…ok.
-Dad? I'm sorry I hadn't seemed exited for all this.
-Sweetheart its ok. - Said her dad with a kind smile on his face looking at her. - Senior year is a terrible year to change school. Especially when you're the star of the class!
-C'mon! Don't dine it! Be proud of it. You'll do great here too. - Her father got up and gave her his left hand. She gave an open smile, got up as well and took it with pleasure.
They started dancing really slowly making both smile.
-I can't stand on your feet anymore. - She said making him laugh a little both continuing dancing.
She gave a small spin with him and smiled even more. First she putted her arms around his shoulders but then she putted on her back, still spinning.
-Hey you remember that! - He said laughing.
-Yeah! - She said laughing as well. He caught her on his arms and both almost felt because he wasn't that young as he was back in the time he did that.
-Let's continue where we left up, book 18 page 285. Ahiru make your best to keep up ok?
-It's ok, I read it last year. - She said and the whole class started pretending it was surprised and she stood very embarrassed and didn't felt comfortable.
-Nock it of! - Said the teacher. - So would you like to start reading at line 342. - He said and she looked to the book really embarrassed.
-“Now the shudders turn to dance and sung to the lovely bit and sway, waiting for dust to come upon them and the dark night came upon them lost in pleasure.” - She finished reading and all class started making fun of her making her even more embarrassed, just because she showed she was smart.
-Can anyone tell us the significance of this passage? - Asked the teacher.
-It's a bunch of drunk guys doing it! - Said a girl smiling and all class started laughing except for Ahiru that didn't find that funny. She looked to her teacher that looked at her knowing that she knew the answer.
-Athena wants the shudders to keep invading Ulysses house to him to be angry enough to kill them.
-And why does the goddess want that?
-She wants Ulysses to find his strength and courage…
-Very good. - Said the teacher making her blush a little. She looked down at her books and James looked at her with admiration and with a smile on his face but she didn't notice.
The bell started to ring to everyone go back to their houses and James was passing on their class room and saw Ahiru there studding making him enter the room.
-Need a ride home? - He asked and she looked at him.
-No, I'm fine. I got a lot of catching up to do. - She said returning to the books.
-A lot of girls don't like everyone to know that they are smart.
-I know. I shouldn't have…
-No I like it! - He said cutting her of making Ahiru look to him with a surprised look on her face. - I like that about you. - He said smiling and she smiled as well with a shy look. He went next to her and got a seat in front of her. - A bunch of us are going to the country club Saturday night. Will be a band and the music it's pretty cool. Would you like to go with me?
-I…I really have a lot to do… - She said really embarrassed not looking at him in the eyes.
-On a Saturday night? Uau! C'mon, I'm sure even Homerun had some time off between Iliad and the Odyssey. - He said and she started to laugh with the best smile she could give him.
-Ok. - James said and left her alone with a smile on her lips and incredible red cheeks on her face; she wasn't expecting that.
-We are all here now! You can go. - Said Eve inside the school bus not waiting for Ahiru that was running on the stairs and when she finally arrived they where gone; so the only possibility was walking home.
She walked a lot and at certain point she didn't know where she was so she continued walking, passing towards strange people and men that started speaking in Spanish to her making her walk even faster because she didn't knew what they were saying.
She stopped seeing a bunch of people reunited looking at the same place and she could listen to music she never heard before so with human curiosity she went to see what was happening.
She got closer and saw lots of people dancing and one of them was the same waiter of the hotel, when she had that accident; but this time he wasn't with a dead look on his face; he was with a bright smile on his face dancing.
She never saw anything like it; such freedom in the movements, such join…so Cuban…She continued seeing him dancing and she smiled at his moves until he looked at her making her loose the smile and pretended she was looking somewhere else.
He went next to her and she continued looking to other places until noticing he was next to her.
-You felt the certain urge for Cuban music? - He asked making her blush a little.
-The van left without me. - She explained to him her situation. - I've been walking for and hour.
-I can walk you back.
-Oh no! You don't have to do that. - Ahiru tried her best not to bother him.
-Oh yeah, you're right. You'll find your way sooner or latter. - He said and she nodded with her head not expecting what was next. - Maybe in a week or a month. - She started to smile and he did the same. - Let me just say goodbye. - He went next to a man that was playing and took his jacket from that man's chair and whispered something to his ear.
-What was what you called him?
-Abuellito. He's my grandparent. - He explained.
-I'm Ahiru. What's your name?
-Fakir… - He did a pause to catch some breath. - So what, you know five words in Spanish?
-Maybe ten.
-What are studding so hard to do?
-I haven't figured out yet.
-Here, let me take that. - Fakir took her book bag from her arms helping her walking.
-I never see dancing like that.
-Like what?
-I don't know…I like it. It's very… - She tried her best to find a word that could explain what she had just saw but she couldn't making him smile and finished her sentence.
-Very Cuban?
-Yeah. - Both smiled to each other and continued walking until they stopped next to a group of men playing Cuban music but she wasn't understanding anything but one thing she was sure; she liked it. Fakir started to sing really low so she couldn't hear; he looked to his right and saw Ahiru shining face and them to his left and saw police men getting closer making him freeze. He took her hand and started pulling her closer.
-We should get of the street. - He said to her.
-Why? - She wasn't understanding anything.
-You don't understand what they are singing. - He started to walk really fast but then he saw the police again and started running but they caught him not letting him move; not him or the other people. - That way! - He said showing where she needed to go in the middle of the confusion; she started to run like mad not wanting to get hurt or caught.
-So that means…Oh she's here, thank you so much. - Said her mother turning of the phone and turned her face to her.
-Oh thank god! Ahiru, where have you been? - Ahiru stopped walking and looked to her mother.
-I miss the bus. I'm fine. I walked.
-For heavens sakes Ahiru. Why didn't you called me? For all I know you could be kidnap for rebels.
-It's not the rebels you should worry about. - She said and went to her room making her mother really surprised.
-What did you say?
-You're right. I'm sorry, I should've call.
-Honey, where's you book bag? - Asked her mother not allowing her gain to enter her room.
-I left in school. It was heavy. - She looked to her mother and then she went to her room with more interruptions.
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