Princess Tutu Fan Fiction ❯ The Madrigal: Princess Tutu and the Secret Six II ❯ Chapter 5

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Chapter 5
The next morning, Luthor went over what he had. He had a choice of who to contact first. Granted, the Pas De Six had not even opened their theater yet, but it was on the oil field, and he figured that it would be better, and easier, to buy them off first. By the money the oil would give him, he knew that the money it would take to buy them out and buy them a new theater would be a drop in the pan. That would probably the only thing that would have to go with out coercion. After all, he was dealing with naïve teenagers, and he was sure that he could make them an offer that looked far better than holding court in a cave. However, if they refused, he always knew that he could make them an offer that he could not refuse. He may even be able to offer some shares in the oil to sweeten the pot before he strong-armed them. He looked over the members, and figured the best one to start with would be the married couple. After all, they had their future to build, and if he could make it promising, they may just jump on it. At that time, he knew they were probably working at the Fawcett City Ballet Company, and he tried there first.
The city ballet itself was a very fine facility, designed to be a professional company, as well as an instructional facility. Normally, what they had in students were children, those who did it for the joy and athleticism, and adults who always wanted to, but just never had the chance as kids. As the newest members, it fell on Fakir and the Schmidts to do the instructing as a part of their apprenticeship with them. That morning would be interesting, as many members of the Fawcett City Thunderbolts, (the city's pro football team,) came in for classes. Though the main office was in the front, and it was quite elaborate, that was more meant for theater business and for the shows. In the back was the area for what they were doing. There was a small office in a booth in front, various pictures and trophies for the school in various cases, displays for dance clothes, a bulletin board for announcements, and then several rooms for the troop to practice, for the school to have classes, and the largest was for choreographing the shows, as well as holding special lessons for what was coming in the door. Even though they were in there frequently, they still got amused looks from the two secretaries in the front as the line of giants sauntered by in sweats and dance tights. However, considering who was wearing the attire, only the foolhardy would have said something. Moreover, the foolhardy would have only said something once! This was the first time that the three had the instruction of them, and the others briefed them on their skill level. They were all actually intermediates, and they would probably take part in the school recitals after the season was done. That meant that they would be preparing for a group dance, possibly joined by members of the company to provide opportunities for some pas de deux amongst the more skilled of the players. Thus, the first thing was to work out a routine for them to perform as a group, and then pull aside certain ones for some solo and group work. The three were then told that the best ten were to be used as supernumeraries and ensemble work for a couple of shows, so they were to keep an eye out for them. As they entered, the boys did what they could to stifle some laughter, while Rue just watched with a keen eye. She could also see that there were a few that were nervous, as they were beginners, and she figured that she could give them to the boys to help them while she worked with the more experienced ones herself. To take the edge off things, she said, “Welcome to a new season gentlemen…” she stopped, got a glint in her eye, and said, “Well, well, well, look at this—a smorgasbord!”
Mytho flicked a knowing eye and a smile to her, as she whispered to him teasingly, “Jealous!”
Fakir took more of a businesslike stance and in typical efficient German fashion, came before them, clicked his heels with a slight bow, and said, “Geuten Morgen gentlemen—my name is Fakir Schmidt, and I am one of your instructors. The first thing I need to know is who my beginners are?”
About five hands went up, and they were all new players to the team. “Excellent!” said Fakir, “Now, if you five would come with me and my brother, we shall get you up to speed.”
As he took them away, Rue stepped up and said, “Okay, fellas, you all know why you are here! Take your positions on the bar, and we shall begin with the developee to get you back into the rhythm of things after your off season”
They did as they were instructed, but many eyes lingered on her as they did so. Taking the hint, Rue then said, “Well, that is good! That means you shall all be able to pay attention to me, and do as I say, right?”
Those that had stared turned a bit red, and then went to their spots. The piano player then began a good