Princess Tutu Fan Fiction ❯ The Madrigal: Princess Tutu and the Secret Six II ❯ Chapter 17

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Chapter 17
Before they were hauled off, one of the men reached into his pocket, pressed a button, and then threw it on the ground. When they reached the station, all but one was put in the holding tank, and the last was taken to be interrogated. However, just before the questioning could begin, a man in a suit came in and said that they were those men's lawyer, and that they were going to answer no questions. In fact, they were all to be released. When Brock protested, he was presented with the paperwork, showing that they had made bail. There was nothing Brock could do, so they were all released into that man's custody, though Brock was confused on just how it was that this could have happened so quickly. What they did not know was that the button the one man pressed was actually a distress signal that went straight to Lex Luthor's apartment and office. Once he saw the alarm, he swept into action. He did not like the fact that he had been awoken from his sleep, but considering what was at risk, he could not afford for the police to find out that those men were some of the Lexcorp security people. There were more around, but he would have to wait a few days for the heat to blow over, and then get those men out, and prevent any kind of trial by burying that underneath a pile of red tape and technicalities. He would find a way to get their attention. However, he had to know how it was they had been beaten.
The next day, after classes, the Secret Six, Elly, and the Titans met in the Raven's Nest to go over the new information, and the attempted arson from the night before. Tim walked around, thoroughly impressed with what he saw. “Man, you've got space for one wicked trophy room!” exclaimed Tim, “or you could have one killer rave in here!”
“Is this all of your team?” asked Ahiru.
Rachel then said, “Technically, I am one of the Titans. There are also a few others, but they have us spread out.”
Linda (Supergirl) then said, “Atom said that he was seeing about Starfire and Beast Boy.”
“They would stand out, wouldn't they,” asked Rose.
“They're too old for that now anyway,” said Tim.
As if their names summoned them, a green hawk managed to enter the lair, and Fakir said, “Hey, shoo that thing out!”
As if an answer, it landed, but changed form to a green skinned college age kid with pointy ears. He was followed by a beautiful auburn haired woman, dressed in purple, scantily clad, with orange skin and eyes that had a greenish glow. “Shoo me out? I just got here!” said the green skinned one. Rachel rolled her eyes and said, “You haven't changed much, have you?”
“Change?” he exclaimed, “Don't I do that enough? Besides, if I acted different, how would anyone recognize me?”
Rachel rolled her eyes and said sarcastically, “Yes, how could we ever know you?”
“Greetings, friends!” said the orange one.
“Kory!” exclaimed Tim, “Glad you could make it.”
“So, where is this `Secret Six,'” asked Kory (Starfire.)
The team raised their hands, and she asked, “Why, you look so ordinary! You must really be able to move about without being seen!”
Elly could not believe how naïve this new one was, and she just said, “Invisibility is my trick…sort of. They're not in their costumes.”
“Oh,” said Kory, “Well, I am sure I shall see that in time!”
Garfield (Beast Boy) said, “Well, anyway, what are we working on?”
Fakir stepped in at this point and said, “We have two cases here of interest. We have a serial killer in Fawcett City who has now claimed three victims—all dancers—and we had an attempted…well…what could best be described as a terrorist attack.”
“What do we know about either one?” asked Cassie.
Mytho stepped in and said, “We received something from Oracle a few days ago, and it seems we have a real…I believe you Americans say, `nut burger,' on our hands.”
“Bruce mentioned something about Lex Luthor having some interest in this land,” said Tim, “He wanted to get Sups to check out the land, but he was too busy. We need someone to tend to this.”
In a blink, Rachel was already Raven, and she said, “Leave that one to me. I'll be back.”
With that, she vanished to go search the Thinking woods. Red Devil then said, “Hey, why don't we split into two forces and search around? Maybe we can get more done?”
“That sounds good,” said Billy, “Okay, Baby Duck, you take Starfire, Raven, Fakir, and I'll go with you as well. I think that would be enough on the serial killer's case. The rest, get together and find out what is so interesting about the land, and see if you can find out anything else connected to what happened last night. Elly, I know how you feel about all this. What do you want to do?”
Elly thought for a moment, and she said, “I'll go with Duck. For some reason, I think it would be good that way.”
As they were formulating that, Raven returned, and she was covered in a black liquid head to toe. She was not happy. Kory was worried, and she said, “Oh dear, what has happened to you?”
“I went too deep!” she said, “I didn't see anything out of the ordinary on the surface, so I went underground. This, unfortunately, is what I found. I feel like the bottom of a movie theater seat after a double feature!”
The petroleum smell permeated now, and Fakir then said, “So, you found some crude oil. How much did you find?”
“My senses tell me that the field is quite extensive, going for miles,” said Raven, after which she was cut off by Mary, who said, “…which, no doubt, go under the school, the town, and this theater!”
“That would answer the question about interest,” said Rue, “and I'll lay you down 100,000 yen that those men last night worked for Luthor.”
At this, Tim and Mytho were gathering samples of her saturated clothes, after which Raven said, “Please tell me there is a shower in here!”
Rue smiled and said, “Come with me—we'll help you with that.”
While the two teams were getting together and talking about some game plans, Tim and Fakir were analyzing the oil sample, and they found that it was indeed crude, but crude that had not yet finished aging properly for use. Fakir then said, “Well, if that's the case, then why would Luthor still be interested in this? It's obvious why he was to begin with, but why now? I'm sure he has to know already.”
“I'd give you even odds that he wants to do his usual,” answered Tim, “He wants to still obtain the land, drill, pretend to find out at that instant, and then claim a tax shelter and maybe some kind of insurance claim on the land. In either case, he could cut a profit.”
“That makes no sense,” said Fakir, “Why would he destroy a town, our school, and this theater for that?”
“The more he can claim, the less for scruples he will have, guaranteed,” assured Tim. At that, Tim asked, “Elly, are you around?”
“I've been standing here for about four minutes?” she said, causing them to nearly crawl out of their skins.
“Sorry,” said Elly, “Sometimes I don't know I'm doing it. Anyway, what do you want to know?”
“Duck has told me you saw some of those men in the woods testing and probing,” said Tim, “What did you see exactly?”
“Well, I saw them probing,” Elly said, “and I saw the name of the company on the paperwork, but it was not Lexcorp.”
“Did you see that name?” asked Fakir.
“Well, the company name had the word `Savannah' in it,” said Elly. That caught Billy's attention, and he said, “Tell me, did one of them look fairly old?”
“Yes, he did,” Elly responded, “He had Coke bottle glasses in an owl-eye trim, bald head, Roman nose, fairly short…”
“Dr. Savannah!” responded Billy, “I should have figured he might get involved if this was close to his operations!”
“You know him?” asked Fakir.
“I know him better than I would like,” spat Billy, “I have had to tangle with him a few times. Yet, like Luthor, it's hard to peg him down to any crimes. Thus he ends up an untouchable more often than not. I've been chasing him ever since my friend was killed a few years back. One of these days, I'm going to nail him!”
“Don't worry, Billy,” said Tim, “He's not Luthor. One of these days, he'll slip up!”
While this was going on, Dr. Savannah sat in his office, awaiting the meeting of an inventor who was desperate. He was told that he had run onto some hard times, and he needed help with a job. Normally, Savannah would have ignored this request. However, this time, something told him to hear out the man, and what he had to say. He was ushered into the office, and there he saw a very distraught old man, looking like a thin Ben Franklin, and a touch frailer. “So, Mr. Drosselmyer is it?” said Savannah looking at some stuff on his desk and not even looking up, “Please, take a seat.”
When the nervous old man did, he said, “So, how can I help you?”
“Actually, it should be, `How can I help you!'” said Otto in return.
“Are you a scientist?” asked Savannah, now looking up, admiring such cheek.
“I am an inventor,” responded Otto.
“It says here that your store was raided when they found much in the way of stolen goods.”
“Yes, that is true.”
“You know, I should turn you over to the police, except for the fact that I am now curious. How can someone like you come to steal over $60,000.00 in loot like that?”
“Like I said, I am an inventor.”
Savannah looked at him over his glasses, and said, “That must be one amazing invention!”
“Not one, but several,” answered Otto, “I created dolls that I sold out of my shop and designed them to steal for me.”
“That's very clever. Is that all you can do.”
“I have actually created an artificial intelligence, although…” Otto trailed off, knowing the loss he had suffered.
“What happened?” asked Savannah.
“It right now has the mind of a child. I was accelerating its learning when the bust happened. A bunch of kids seemed to have foiled my plot and the device must have followed them.”
“Will it stay childlike?”
“No, but in the environment it is in, it will now age like a human.”
Dr. Savannah seemed to doubt that he had succeeded the way he had thought, but he had to give it to him. He had read in the paper about how the dolls were doing what they were doing, so there had to be something to it. He then looked at Otto and said, “Could you reproduce this?”
“Certainly,” answered Otto, “and I could improve on it. I am certain you have more than what it was to which I had access.”
“Yes,” said Dr. Savannah, “and I would say this: if you can do this, in my eyes, you will have redeemed yourself, and I will not turn you in. I have friends who can then help you disappear and assume a new life. Does this interest you?”
“Most certainly!” responded Otto, happily.
Savannah reached over and pressed a button, and said, “Send up about three security men and escort Mr. Drosselmyer to the computer labs. I have use for him there, and whatever he needs, see that he gets it.”
The next day, the AP class was asked to work with the younger kids in helping them to get ready for the show at the end of the month. What surprised everyone that one of the new assistant instructors was not what you would call ordinary. She wore silver and gray leotards and tights, with silver toe shoes. She had auburn hair, orange skin, and her eyes glowed green. Tim and Cassie were shocked, as were the Secret Six. The class was aware of Fakir, Mytho, and Rue being assistant instructors for the time that the Fawcett City Ballet was closed, but they were unaware of this one. She was different, but stunningly beautiful as well. She practically floated in, with a Pepsodent grin, and a cheerful disposition, saying, “Greetings, Friends! It is my honor to be a new assistant instructor of the dance!”
Tim thought, “You have got to be kidding me!”
Cassie was unaware that she even knew this kind of dance. Tanya then said, “Everyone, I know you know our other three guest instructors, but we have a new teacher here, and her name is Miss Kory Andra, (a play off her actual name: Koriand'r.) Please help her feel welcome!”
Everyone applauded, and Tim managed to slip up to her, whispering, “I didn't know you could do this.”
She whispered back, saying, “I am an expert in a style of dance from my home world that is precisely the same. Bruce told me that this was a school that teaches of the arts, so I went and, as you say, `did my homework,' and found all the Earth names for the steps. I hope that I am successful in instructing the young ones! They look so adorable in their tights of dancing!”
Tim just shrugged, and went to prepare for warm-ups. The assistants went to points of the room while Tonya took her position in the middle. She went through her meditation exercise as she was wont to do, and that was when Mr. Katt came in. “Sorry I'm late,” he said, “I hope that I can get into the warm-ups.”
Everyone was pleased to see their old instructor, and he teased them saying, “I had to make sure you didn't forget what I taught you!”
“Okay, everyone, right hands on the bar, please,” said Tonya, as she began to tap out the rhythm out with the cane.
As they went through, the assistants were moving around, adjusting here, instructing there, encouraging in other places. Rue was friendly, but methodical, while it seemed that Mytho was reaching right into your soul, almost anticipating a faulty move. Fakir was very stiff but confident, acting very German in his approach, while Mr. Katt was his usual self. However, Kory took the cake. As she went around, whenever she saw someone not quite there, she would physically demonstrate what was supposed to be done, and encouraged the student to follow her. Once they got it, she gushed over with praise, applauding a little here and there. She was exuding an energy that seemed to capture people, and energize them. She came up to Nana and said, “Oh, but you dance so well, young one! Your mind looks like it's on a cloud!”
She stroked her face, and Nana's line sharpened up all the more. She was now attacking the moves, and Tonya liked what she saw in Kory. It was interesting that she was not harsh with them. Instead of snapping, she just said, “Oh, now I know you are better than that,” with a broad smile on her face, and then demonstrated. She would have to see about offering her a permanent position. She was like a princess, and seemed to be enjoying it, and not just trying to collect a check. As the call was made for everyone to line up for drills, Ahiru said, “Does she always act like she wears rose colored glasses?”
“That's just Starfire,” said Billy, “She could cuddle up with a rattlesnake and make it not want to bite!”
“Wow!” exclaimed Ahiru, “How does she do that?”
“I don't know,” she said, “But if she could tame Beast Boy when we first found him, she could tame anything!”
After drills, they began to refine the Fantasia Live aspect of things, and Kory threw herself into it with relish. Because of the energy she was putting into it, suddenly everyone that had been having problems with parts began to get it. When it was over, Tonya said, “Well, it looks like you guys are gaining back something you have forgotten. I know we can be a bit strict, but that is only so you can be what I already envision you to be. However, I think Miss Andra has reminded you that this is supposed to be fun. When it is that way, everything else falls into place. Let's keep that in mind as we do this. Okay, dance phase is done for now, and now it is time for the classroom phase of the instruction. I hope you have your reports ready!”
Everyone groaned, but they were ready. At this, the six came up to Kory, as did Tim and Cassie, and Ahiru said, “Wow, that was incredible! You could be a prima ballerina!”
“Perhaps I could one day,” said Kory, “But doing this is so much fun! I love seeing the happy faces when they do things right, and I love helping them do it. It almost makes me forget the task which we must do.”
“Well, about that,” said Rue, “After AP class, the team assigned to the Saturday Night Killer is meeting in the Raven's Nest. The ones in school will get their assignments done, and then we will get down to work. We may go to Fawcett tonight to do some investigating. We have an idea where he likes to hide now, and we want to pursue that.”
“Yes, most certainly, dearest Rue,” said Kory, “We must stop this poor, deluded fool!”
Fakir laughed and said, “You sound just like Princess Tutu! I think you two are going to get along! In fact, I think we should pair you!”
“Oh, and which one of you is this princess?” asked Kory.
“I am,” said Ahiru.
“Oh, you are the one that is called `Duck,' are you not?” asked Kory.
“That's me!” chirped Ahiru in return.
“You dance so well!” said Kory gleefully, “I can see why you are in that act. I love your album.”
Ahiru just blushed, and said, “Hey, I think I have a soul mate here!”
Billy then said, “Yep, you know what they say about birds of a feather!”
At that, they all started to make duck calls, which got everyone involved a headband pummeling as she laughed at them. “What is with the strange noises?” asked Kory, and Ahiru said, “I'll explain later!”