Princess Tutu Fan Fiction ❯ The Madrigal: Princess Tutu and the Secret Six II ❯ Chapter 18

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Chapter 18
The Saturday Night Killer team met in the Raven's nest, and after they had finished their studies, they began to go over his file. Indeed, this man was disturbed. Ahiru started to say, “Then maybe Tutu…” but she was cut off by Fakir, who said, “If he is doing what he is doing, there is no helping him. Besides, that would be all he would need to see: you as the White Swan in all her glory, and he, a maniac that kills dancers.”
Rachel then said, “You would have to admit, that would be excellent bait.”
“There is yet something that I do not understand,” said Kory, “If he was a dancer, then why does he hate them so?”
“Come, now, Starfire,” said Billy, “You saw what his peers did to him. It seems to me that they are some kind of hick town that's very narrow-minded.”
Elly thought for a moment, and then she said, “No, it has to be more than that. Fakir, did you ever take any flak growing up as a dancer?”
“I know where you are going on that,” said Fakir, “It was not as bad in Germany because that kind of thing is more accepting of boys doing ballet. However, that did not mean that I did not take the occasional teasing.”
“How did you overcome it?” asked Elly.
“Well, I had support,” said Fakir, “From my…” and it dawned on him. He had solace from Charon, and it gave me the courage to ignore them and carry on. “So, you're saying that it came from home?” said Fakir.
“That would be my guess,” said Elly.
“Still, getting pummeled like that would push me over the edge,” said Billy, but Ahiru then said, “No; I don't see that, though it would put me close to the edge.”
Kory caught on to things, and she said, “What if he was looking for that help from his parental units, and they somehow blamed him for what had happened?”
“He would have snapped,” said Rachel, “And I think we need to pay someone a visit.”
Fakir then said, “Then you should go check it out. Here's the address.”
Rachel looked at Elly and said, “To get through to them, we need to scare them out of their wits. Come with me.”
“Sure beats walking down the streets of Fawcett, risking getting shot,” said Elly, and that settled it. Fakir then said, “Duck, why don't you come with me tonight, and Starfire, go with Billy. If we split up, we may have a better chance of finding him.”
Once the deal was set, everyone transformed, and they were off to their tasks.
On the west coast, an older couple in a nice house had finished their dinner, and was settling down in their spacious, plush living room with every convenience and luxury that years of working could reward. They sat in the dim light to the relaxing music, hoping to enjoy themselves for a while. Outside, Raven and Shadow were waiting to move in. “Well, what's your plan, magic girl?” said Elly, but Raven just gave her an evil look that said she had got herself into a mood that you just did not want to cross. She then just said, “Um…okay, no jokes: bad idea.”
Raven had that dark side that she had expressed to Tutu, but she did not show, because Tutu had a way of culling it. However, there was nothing to stop her here, and furthermore, considering how she never knew what good parents were, and how bad parenting can come back to nip those parents in the butt, she was going to frighten them to the point of death, but not allow it to come. She began to concentrate and aim herself at the power line heading to the house, and the broadband cable under the ground, and began to moan, “Azra Metrion Zynthos!
The power line snapped, and the cable underground popped. Inside, everything went out, and the man was aggravated that a great night was being spoiled. He then picked up the phone to contact the power company and get them to fix it. As much money as he sunk into that town, he was certain help would come quickly. However, when he picked up the phone, it was dead—not even a busy signal! Outside, Raven reached out with her abilities, and a black coloring covered the knob and the lock. It then opened with no effort, and she said, “Now, do your thing, Elly: start getting their attention.”
Elly entered the house and walked straight to the living room. She also thought for a moment, and realized that using a creepy voice as she talked into their minds might add that touch of terror for which they sought. “Greetings, Mr. and Mrs. Brooks,” said Elly, “Your fields are ripe, and it's time to reap!”
His heart was now racing, as was his wife's, and they looked all around, seeing nothing. “Who are you?” he said, quite frightened, “Where are you?”
She then said, “I am the Shadow. I am everywhere! I know the evil that lurks in your hearts!”
Of course, she didn't, but it added to the effect, and she went with it. “What evil?” said the man, all nervous, “What are you talking about?”
“You have sown the wind with your son,” said Shadow, “Now reap the whirlwind!”
The woman piped up and said, “What do you know about Gilbert?”
“I know your son is a murderous psychopath!” Shadow said, “And you have to ask yourselves just how much you had to do with it!”
“What are you talking about?” the man demanded again, “We did all we could to love him!”
It was then another voice was heard, and Raven was now floating off the ground in front of them, her eyes and earrings glowing from underneath her hood, making her even more intimidating. She said, “Oh, did you love him? Just how much did you support his dance choices?”
The eyes of the Brooks were now darting back and forth at this point, as a tinge of guilt started to well up. However, pride was kicking in, and Mr. Brooks said, “We always supported his choices. We always wanted him to do what he wanted.”
At this point, it looked like magazines were floating down the stairs on their own, some in a stack, (courtesy of the Shadow,) and the rest enveloped in a black globe as they were set before them. Shadow quickly moved behind them so they could not get a bead on her, and then she said, “Your son had interesting reading choices! Care to examine them?”
“Where did you get these?” demanded Mrs. Brooks.
Shadow gave a short cackle and said, “From a secret space in your son's closet!”
“No, not Gilbert!” exclaimed Mr. Brooks, “Please, not Gilbert: we taught him better than that!”
“Check the dates on them,” said Shadow, being able to see them from where she stood in back of them. As they did, they all bore dates after the beating he took. Raven then said, “Is that not the time he started becoming…problemed?”
Shadow continued to try and extract a confession, and said, “Yes, what happened when you saw him in the hospital.”
At first, they were not sure they remembered, but then they now realized they did not want to remember. Yet, Raven lifted up a couple of the fashion magazines showing the defaced pictures of the dancers, marked in the same way as his victims. “You must remember something, considering he never danced another step after this!”
“Get out! Get out you demon spawn!” screamed Mrs. Brooks, “Leave an old couple alone!” and she started to cry. Shadow now wanted to back off a bit, but Raven told her telepathically, “No, they are just as responsible for things, and they need to face it if they want to heal.”
“Listen, I don't care who you are!” snapped Mr. Brooks, and suddenly he grabbed his chest. He was having a heart attack, but this would not fly for Raven. A hand went out, as she said again, “Azra Metrion Zynthos!
His chest became enclosed in a black globe, and she healed his heart. “You are not getting out of it that easy,” said Raven, “You are going to face this!”
“I remember nothing!” said Mr. Brooks, and Raven then said, “Oh, don't worry! I can find out what I want!”
She then floated over and held her hand over their heads. She began to concentrate on that night.
That night, his parents rushed to the hospital. His mother was all worried, but his father looked cross. When they got there, his mother was asking him all about what happened and why. However, his father started in on him and said, “I told you to get out of that sissy dance. You knew how people would react.”
“But dad, I'm good, and I have a future in…” Gilbert started in, but is father backhanded him, saying, “Don't you realize what your fairy dancing is doing to me? I have people calling my son a faggot, and accusing me of keeping a pervert in the house. You are hurting my chances for reelection! Now you go and do this!”
“Dear, it's not his fault!” she said, trying to stand up to him.
“IT IS EVERY INCH HIS FAULT!” he thundered, “If he had not gotten into it and played baseball and football like any normal boy would have, (looking at Gilbert as he said it,) this would never have happened. You brought this on yourself, and you embarrassed me. Now how in Sam Hill am I going to explain this one to the lodge boys?”
At that point, Gilbert's only support stood silent, and said nothing more. Raven let up, and now Mr. Brooks was staring at the floor, and Mrs. Brooks was now in tears, and a wreck. “Thus, you destroyed your son, and you let it happen by not standing against your husband for his selfish behavior!”
Raven was not exactly Tutu, in that there would be no counsel or consoling dance—just a harsh reality. “Please…no more…” protested Mr. Brooks feebly, but Raven was not done yet. She then said, “What you did was tantamount to telling him you wished he had never been born—that his very existence was an inconvenience to you, and now, in Fawcett city, he's taking it out on the dancers there.”
They both looked up at her in shock. Shadow then said, “Apparently, he took your words to heart, Mr. Brooks. He blames dancing for all his ills, and now he's taking it out on them, to show you that he no longer loves it. He thinks by eliminating dancing, he can prove his manhood, and get back in good graces with you—good graces that I see never really existed.”
“What can we do?” said Mrs. Brooks.
“Support the arts, dancers, and such,” said Raven, “Use that vast fortune, and support the arts school near that city. Be public about it. If you are loud enough about it, how your son was a dancer, and how you were proud of him, you might flush him out, and we can put and end to this. Then you need to apologize to the families that have lost because of him, and support them for the rest of their lives. Heaven knows your son won't do that!”
With that, she said her words again, reached out her hand, and reconnected the power and phone. The soft music played on their favorite station, until a news report broke in. It said, “We interrupt this broadcast to bring you a news flash. Tonight, in Fawcett city, the death count for the Saturday Night Killer just went up to four.”
The report went on to say that it was a visiting dancer to the city, there to do a memorial show for the dancers already lost, and now she would have to have one done for her. It went on to tell about her life and career, but Raven cut in and said, “It sounds like you need to get to work, Mr. Brooks.”
She teleported out, taking the Shadow with her, and leaving the Brooks with their thoughts on just what they had unleashed on the world.
As the other four went their way, word came down that another dancer had died, and, ironically, it was a visiting dancer who wanted to memorialize friends and colleagues that she had lost. Now, she had joined them, and this gave everyone more incentive to work. Tutu and Fakir remained silent as they made their way in the areas where he had been hiding, knowing that they could not mourn for the loss of another sister of the dance until later. As they went, Fakir did say, “The only think that could come out of that is that we may have a chance to catch him fleeing.”
Fakir picked up his communicator and expressed this to Captain Marvel, who both was doing a flying patrol of the city. Marvel thanked Black Knight for the information and relayed what had happened to Starfire. She could not believe this, but she had dealt with it in her time as a crime fighter, so she just redoubled her resolve. She then said, “I have been here a number of years, and I have yet to understand a mind like what we now deal with, and what causes that mind.”
“From what I understand,” said Billy, “He was the product of his environment. His environment called any male that did that kind of a dance a homosexual.”
“What if he was such?” she asked.
“Well, you have to understand,” said Billy, “Some people just don't know how to separate one's acts from the person. Hey, it may not be everyone's cup of tea, but dealing with it in hate and killing is not the way. Some are so bigoted that if someone even hints at that, they attack it. Thus, it isn't so much that he was gay or not as much as it was they just suspected it, and that was all. It may not even be true, and that is the kind of hate we fight.”
“Some people just act like they do not have a brain!” she said, all pouty.
“Well, an evil just as bad is out there, and we have a chance to catch him,” said Marvel.
“Well then, let us peel our eyes and remained sharpened,” said Starfire, and Marvel had to chuckle at the way she spoke. After all this time, she still had not assimilated to the language. It was then she spotted someone moving quickly, constantly looking over her shoulder. Starfire then exclaimed, “Captain Marvel, I see him. I see him!”
“Let's confirm that,” said Marvel, and they flew down.
Gilbert Brooks had no idea what was going on. Normally, he would do a killing first, and then move to a new place. However, this report came out, and he was right in the public, easy to be seen. He had to get back. He, at first, thought it had been a mistake, but now he realized that it was a ruse. They were trying to flush him out, and now he had to get back, hide, and move somewhere else. What he didn't know was that the Magpie had spotted him on the street, and set it up with the police and the national news circuit to put out that news report once he had. Now he was moving through the rooftops, looking to stop this man before he got away. He was going to get some unexpected help. Out of nowhere came Starfire as she hovered before him, saying, “You must now stop! You have killed another person, and that cannot ever be excused!”
“I didn't kill her, I swear!” he said, and then realized that he was telling on himself a bit, and then he said, “I don't even know what you're talking about!”
He started to turn, and saw Captain Marvel approach. He changed course, and he saw Starfire again, with her eyes now glowing a bright green, as she said, “I am afraid I am going to have to stun you now.”
She took her aim, and prepared to fire, but that is when they heard a commotion start a block away.
While all this was going on, Tutu and Fakir were making their way through the streets, looking for their target, when it happened. As they passed by an alley, they heard, “No way! Man, talk about luck!”
They looked over, and in an alley came out about 30 members of the Fawcett 126, and somehow, Conrad was in the lead again. Black Knight said, “How in the world did you get out?”
He just smiled a surprisingly friendly smile, and said, “Hey man, I got good lawyers!”
His face then turned serious, and he said, “Too bad for you, ain't it?”
Tutu then spoke up and said, “Cease this foolishness! We seek a great evil, and we have no time to dance with you tonight!”
“We all got our problems, ho!” he said, “And you owe me a dance! I told you that you wouldn't outlive this!”
They all got ready to pull out pieces, but Black Knight was ready. He pulled out three magnesium flares and flung them at the feet of Conrad. They screamed in pain as Black Knight pulled his sword, and Tutu pulled out her fans. At that, they charged into the fight. It was this commotion that Starfire heard. She looked over to see what was going on, and Gilbert used that brief second to get out of there. Marvel then said, “Never mind him. We'll have to get him another time!”
They then flew to where the others were. Black Knight was mixing well, as was Tutu, and doing so in such a fashion that the gang was reluctant to use their pistols, lest they end up killing a friend. However, the fight was spilling out of the alley and into the street, giving their foes a chance to fire. Yet, as they raised their pistols, green bolts of energy started to blast around them, and knocking out their guns. A red blur flew through them, taking up those same guns, and mashing them into a big ball of metal. “Boy, Conrad, you just don't learn, do you,” said Captain Marvel, as Black Knight and Tutu went back into them. Black Knight sheathed his sword, knowing that it would be more than needed as now they only had knives. That was enough, however, to justify Tutu still having her fans, and in they went. Black Knight was being brutal, as Tutu was just being clever, parrying blows, and letting their clumsy strikes work against them as she let them stumble into each other. Black Knight was trying to locate Conrad in all this, as Marvel and Starfire were rounding up all those that were trying to flee. Conrad, on the other hand, had other ideas. He was trying to sneak up on Tutu with a large knife, but as he raised it to strike, a fan spun into his way and deflected the blow. She then put a cut on the back of his hand with the other, just to let him know that he was outmatched. He dropped the knife as she said, “I am certain that this is a dance you shall not enjoy, my dear Conrad.”
He growled in pain, and was looking to pounce, when Black Knight jumped in front of her, and said, “Now, dance with me!”
He charged, but he got caught in a Tai chest lock, and found about four knees to his face, which put him out for the count. They were glad to have stopped them again, but they had let the fish off the hook.
Gilbert ran as fast as he could. He could not let them stop him from his crusade. That is when another sight came out that he did not want to see. Dropping down from a fire escape was the Magpie. “And just where are you going?” he asked, and Gilbert looked like a deer staring into a set of oncoming headlights. He started to move like he was going to run, but he found a clothesline on his chin. Magpie turned around to face him, but found that Gilbert had kipped up and met him with a kick to the chest which put Magpie on his rear end. He may not have danced in years, but he had kept fit, and still had much of his agility and athleticism—something that Magpie wished he did not have. The two clashed, and Gilbert showed that he could adapt and hold his own as they began to exchange blows. “Give it up, Gilbert! This is no way to get back at your family and town!”
Now Gilbert grew frantic and began to flail like a maniac as he screamed, “WHAT DO YOU KNOW! I HAVE TO MAKE DADDY PROUD! I HAVE TO GET RID OF DANCE, AND HE WON'T HATE ME ANYMORE!”
“Gilbert, this is not the way,” shouted Magpie, followed by a right cross that connected. Gilbert hit the ground, but rolled back up again, now too enraged to feel the pain anymore, bleeding at the lip. “LEAVE ME ALONE!” he screamed, as he flung sand into Magpie's eyes. The visor blocked most, but not enough to prevent him from being distracted. Gilbert took off, hoping that he didn't run out of luck.
He got to where he was staying and started to get ready to leave. However, a voice came into his head and said, “Gilbert, it's time to stop running! This is not the answer!”
He screamed and started to flail. He was going nuts at that point and just left everything as he began to run. However, Shadow was at the entrance, and stuck out her foot as the man went bum over teat, and landed hard on the ground. Shadow was now looking for something to finish the job, like a stick or brick, but when she found one, he was gone. “Man, I need to work on this superhero stuff!” she said, “It sure ain't painting!”
He tore down the street, and entered another abandoned building, looking for refuge. He would go for his stuff later, but he also feared that they finally caught him. He had gone through a few rooms when he ran into a smiling Princess Tutu, standing on point, legs crossed, hands over her head. She said, “Please stop. I should be angry that you have killed dancers—my brothers and sisters—but I also know you have suffered the murder of your soul. Give me a chance to bring it back to life again, and you can come to terms with what you have done.”
She then twirled her hands above her head and brought down her right hand to him, she knowing he knew what that meant. As she dropped to the fifth position, she then said, “Please, Gilbert, it's not dirty to dance. Dance is not dirty. Please remember that. Dance with me, and let me help you remember that. I know you loved this at one time, and I want you to love it again. Others would return hate for your hate. I give you love in place of hate. Is that dirty?”
He did not know why he was looking at her differently. She was a dancer, and he should have been filled with lust. However, she was pretty and almost looked like his old instructor. Instead of seeing a dirty girl, he now saw a kind goddess, trying to give him love that he never received from his parents or anyone in that one horse town. She did not conjure up the old thoughts, and she added, “Come, Gilbert, come back to yourself and dance!”
He knew he shouldn't, but he could not resist. He took her hand, and the connection was made. Suddenly, they were on the stage of the Metropolitan Opera House, he was resplendent in a prince's outfit as she was in her own outfit. The symphony started to play Brindisi, and the dance commenced. She would normally be trying to talk to him, but because he was a dancer, he could let out all his emotions that way, and she could give him the mental support he needed as he gave her the physical support. They were going through a pas de deux that seemed to float and emulate beauty, as if the definition for the word was expressed in that dance. He was very good, and because of the link, she could bring back all that he had learned, and allow it to be that he could do the dance as if he had never stopped practicing. Spins, turns, lifts, and waltzing were so good it almost had a glorious aura to it. For the first time in years, Gilbert felt peace. It was not that he was feeling anything nasty, but he was feeling like the two were one entity, giving beauty and power to all who watched. Suddenly, at the climax of the dance, he heard, “Looks good, you fairy!”
He set Tutu down, and he saw the audience was made up of the townsfolk. Tutu said, “Don't listen to them! Remember how you were just feeling. That was the real you!”
He then saw his father in the orchestra, directing it, saying, “You are a disgrace to the family! You are not my son!”
Tutu was now begging him to ignore it and go on, but he looked off stage to see his mother. She smiled at him, but it then went to a frown, and she turned her back. At that, the audience began to chant, “Dirty boy! Dirty boy! Dirty boy!”
He put his hands to his head and did a crescendo into a scream, holding his head. At that, the link was broken, and he yelled, “NO! YOU'RE ONE OF THEM! THEY SENT YOU TO TRICK ME, YOU DIRTY WITCH!”
With that, he pulled her in and pulled a large knife, saying, “Now you shall make dirty no more!”
“WRONG ANSWER!” was heard in his head, as his arm was jerked back, and he was thrown to the floor.
Shadow (Elly) had heard the scream, and rushed as fast as she could to that point, and came just in time to stop the monster from doing his deed. She began to feel it, as if she were about to relapse, but it was her friend. She just had to act. He got up to engage whatever attacked him, but he could not see what had done it. He saw the knife, and he went for it, but he then heard, “Azra Metrion Zynthos!
The knife turned black and flew out a window. Raven's eyes were glowing a bright white, and she was not in a good mood. “You just made a big mistake!” seethed Raven, and he turned to run when Magpie appeared next to Tutu, and they both went to confront him. “NO!” he screamed, as everything was spinning in his head now, and he ducked a punch from magpie, followed up with a backhand to the face of Tutu. It bloodied her lip, and she screamed in pain as tears began to flow. What happened next could best be said this way: Raven went postal. Now, where her eyes had been two glowing white lamps, there were four glowing red eyes. A black mist was now emanating from under her robes as she began to float above it. Her voice now sounded like several voices coming out of it, and she uttered, “Now you shall know real fear!”
She used a force push to knock him down and drifted over him, enclosing him in her now elongated cloak. This was followed by a blood curdling scream, and begging for it to stop. Shadow became visible to everyone now, and she said, “Raven, no! Let him go!”
She would not listen. However, Black Knight finally caught up to the action, saw what was happening, and dove through the air as he tacked her. On impact, Raven's eyes turned to normal, and she said, “What just happened?”
When she sat up, there was Gilbert, in a fetal position, shaking like a leaf, and saying, “Cold…dark…very dark…make it go away!”
“Oh no, it happened, didn't it,” said Raven, and Tutu could see her distraught. She came up and said, “Oh, dearest Raven, please don't be sad.”
“This is what I tried to tell you about on the moon,” she said with her head low. Starfire had caught up by this point, and now realized what had happened. Raven then said, “Please, leave me!”
Tutu was not so easily deterred. “No,” said Tutu, “Others may have pushed you away, but that's not what I'm going to do.”
“Remember, Raven,” said Starfire, “I told you that I would be your friend no matter what! It is okay. We are here for you.”
It was then that they looked up to see Elly begin to stagger, and start to fall. “What's wrong?” asked Raven, and Tutu said, “She suffers from a chronic mono that had been in recess.”
“Is that all?” asked Raven, as she went up, touched her, and began to purge the disease out of her. Suddenly Elly not only began to feel better, but she felt like a million dollars. Another thing that they noticed was that she had lost several dress sizes when she did this, saying, “You are as you were before it all happened.”
Elly was now trying to keep her skirt up, and eventually tied it at the waist. She then hugged Raven, saying, “Thank you—you gave me back so much just now!”
“Looks like you made a new friend,” said Tutu, and Raven said, “Just don't broadcast it too loud: I have a rep to protect, you know.”
At this, Captain Marvel arrived, and said, “I went and got the police once Black Knight sent us word that you had him cornered. Magpie, it looks like you have a new payday!”
“Looks like it,” said Magpie, “And it's too bad that he will never see the outside of a mental institution. I wonder if there could be some hope for him to come out of it.”
Tutu looked at him, and said, “From what I could see, the real Gilbert is in there.”
She took his hand, connected, and in her mind, saw him in a large cage surrounded by darkness and nothing. “Gilbert,” she said, but he said, “Go away!”
“No, Gilbert,” she said, “Never forget what happened in that dance. That was the real you. Always remember that. When you are ready to come out, I will be there to dance with you again.”
Externally, he stopped shaking, and now had a smile on his face. As they took him away, they heard him humming Brindisi. Tutu then said, “Keep dancing, Gilbert—keep dancing until you are free.”
Black Knight then said, “You act like that man is not a monster.”
“He is no more of a monster than anyone of us would have ended up had all that happened to us!” scolded Tutu, “If he had enough of a mind to face it, he indeed has to pay for his wrong, no question. However, I am forced to agree that he shall never come out of his state. He is not a monster, just a tragedy. Yet, even if he never comes to, if he can remember that dance, then at the very least, he can have peace, and all that meant to destroy him will have failed, because now, they will never be able to stop him from dancing, and they can never hurt him again.”
Marvel came up and said, “You never cease to amaze me! You truly are a goddess, for only someone like that can see the good in someone who society would have just written off as a bloodthirsty killer.”
“If I can stop evil in that way,” said Tutu, “then I hope that I can truly bring peace to this world.”
“Then don't stop dancing, dear princess,” said Black Knight, “because the world needs more like you.”
Marvel smiled, and said, “I'm jealous of you, Black Knight.”
“Why is that?” Black Knight said in return.
“The way you two are friends,” Marvel said, “If this had been another world, you might have beaten me to her!”
They both looked at Marvel as if he was crazy, and they all laughed as they went home.