Princess Tutu Fan Fiction ❯ The Madrigal: Princess Tutu and the Secret Six II ❯ Chapter 19

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Chapter 19
When word came down that the killer had been caught, there was much rejoicing on the Kinkan campus. All the restrictions were lifted, and things were going to go back to normal. While the celebrated, Luthor was plotting. He had to do something drastic. He called up Dr. Savannah to get some word from him. When they connected, Luthor asked, “So, what do you have for me?”
“We have a man with us now I had initially rejected as a nut case,” responded Dr. Savannah, “But now he has shown me his genius, and now I have some plans.”
Luthor smiled an evil grin, and he said, “Please, enlighten me!”
The fall variety show was coming up, and everyone was throwing their all into it now. Even Cassandra and Tim worked out something for the show, and it was going to be fun. It was Thursday night, and all the kids were looking forward to the upcoming weekend, and the show that Saturday. Study hall had just finished, and everyone was socializing, continuing with their studies, or getting ready for bed. Poe was doting over every detail of the Fantasia show with Elly, trying to figure out the proper hues of the set, costumes, and other various things. In Mary's room, Nana was trying to teach as much as she could to Uzzura while Mary and Mai were going over some last minute blocking for the Can-Can. Raven was in deep meditation as she wanted to make sure the Trigon side of her didn't rise up like that out of control again. In short, it was business as usual. No one was suspecting what was happening outside the walls.
All around the school, despite the vigil of the security and the Teen Titans, security men for Lexcorp in camouflage were making their way up and preparing to do something dreadful. There were about 50 men in all, each one coming up with about seven metallic looking dolls in a sack, and two in each arm. They looked like something that Drosselmyer would have build, and indeed he had. However, for their purpose, making them look like antique dolls was not necessary, because they would all not outlast the night. Slowly and carefully they crept up to the walls. Once there, they started to pull out the dolls and line them up along the walls of the schools, facing the walls, and then they were all activated. After that, they cleared the area. They had no need to remain. After this, they would wait a few days, and then go back and take care of that theatre. The dolls began to climb the walls and then deftly drop to the other side. They then all stayed to the wall and made their way to one side of the campus. A few dolls made their way to the first of the buildings and the rest went forward from there. As they passed, the trouble began.
As people were settling in, there were several small explosions, and people started to come to see what it was. The security there then jumped into action. “Fire!” was shouted, and they tried to get it under control, but it was spreading too fast. Soon, some more bangs were heard, and a couple more buildings were now starting to burn. Now there was a problem, and the local fire brigade was acting. However, a few more buildings caught, and they were already calling in some Fawcett brigades. In the meantime, Starfire and Beast Boy were springing into action. On some of what had just caught, Beast Boy had turned himself into an elephant, went to the fountain, and started to try to put out the fires. Yet, as soon as that happened, more of the robots came up to relight it. It was almost as if they were programmed to watch things, and reignite things if that happened. Beast Boy got out of there, and then turned into a hawk to fly to the dorms and warn the kids, as well as alert the Titans, and the Secret Six.
In the Raven's Nest, alarms were sounding in the master bedroom and in Fakir's room to go to the back room. As they staggered out of bed and headed to the back, they shut off the alarm and saw on the screen what was happening. Without even a second thought, Claire appeared where Rue once stood, and the Chess Knights were suiting up and heading out on their bikes. Meanwhile, at the campus, it was getting worse. Starfire tried to use her hand energy bolts to destroy a couple of them before the got to a building, but they burst into flames and caught what was nearby. Thus, destroying them would do no good. Blue Beetle, Captain Marvel, and Miss Manhunter tried to take them away, but they all exploded in their arms, as if they were rigged to go off when tampered with. They only thing that the heroes could do now was play riot control and get everyone to safety.
Soon, all over the news wires, the events at the school were being reported all over. Clark Kent was just getting ready to go home when Perry White came out of the office and shouted, “Kent, get in here!”
When he did, White was telling him, “This is big! It's hitting all over the place. Someone has been setting off fire bombs at some school of the arts near Fawcett city.”
“That's terrible!” said Kent, “I have to get there!”
Perry, (having his back turned to Kent,) said, “Now, that's why I like you so much! You and I think so much alike! You already know what I want and…” then he turned around to see Kent gone, and then he said, “Now that's what I'm talking about! God, I love that man!”
However, it was not Kent heading there, as a transformation was taking place. Meanwhile, Diana Prince was watching the news from her Washington apartment when a call came through on a secure line. It was the President, who wanted to have her get there and investigate a possible terrorist attack. That was all she needed to hear. A few spins and Wonder Woman was standing where Diana once stood. In a flash, she was airborne. Wally West caught the report himself, and his wife looked over to say, “Say, don't you think…” but a breeze was her answer as he was already on his way. Bruce watched on the news, and he was frustrated that he could not get there in time to be of any good, but he was on the phone to the Wayne Foundation. He would do all he could within his power to act. While all that was going on, Lex Luthor sat on his couch in his plush apartment that was not too dissimilar to his office, wearing his pajamas, slippers, and a nice robe as he sipped a fine glass of wine, smiling broadly. “You should have played ball,” he muttered with a smile, taking another sip of wine.
On campus, the students were trying to get out when they realized that the fire was so bad, it was keeping those that had not already fled from getting off campus. That's when the Marvels showed up, and started to pluck students off bit by bit. Poe had already gotten to the wall, flying up whatever students he could over the wall one by one. However, the chaos was getting worse, and the Titans were doing all they could to keep the kids under control, assure them that help was coming, and to contain the fire within the school walls. Yet, things were getting worse. The dolls had spread along the walls now, seeing that things were getting noticed, and they all went for the remaining buildings. In a fireball, the rest of the buildings went up, and terror struck. All the students huddled to the middle, and hoped for a miracle. At that instant, the Marvels, Superman, Flash, and Wonder Woman all arrived to start plucking out students to safety. At that point Nana had Uzzura, and Uzzura was completely fascinated by the sight, not even aware the danger that lay around them. “Ooh, pretty-zura!” she exclaimed, and she wanted a closer look. Nana had all she could do to hold on as Uzzura wiggled and finally broke loose. The heat was intense, but Nana screamed and tried to chase after her. “NO!” screamed both Mai and Youma, and they both went after Nana as Nana went after Uzzura. “No, little one!” Nana exclaimed, “You are wooden, you'll burn up!”
Suddenly, a wall began to break away from a building and fall towards the four figures. They screamed, but the wall stopped. Superman had arrived in time enough to hold up the wall as the Flash, Wonder Woman, and Starfire scooped them up and either flew or ran with them. Soon, everyone was safe outside, but there was yet more to do.
The Marvels were digging fire breaks all the way around the school as the Swan Sisters were creating moist vines that would not readily burn as the several fire brigades, and now the National Guard, were aiding in keeping the surrounding area from catching. At this, the Marvels and Superman hooked up and went to the nearby lake. The three used their super breaths to cool a large area of water. Then, with Wonder Woman's and Starfire, and Miss Manhunter's assistance, lifted it high above the school and let it drop. The rising heat melted the ice which turned into a rain. It did not put out the fires, but it dampened things enough for all the heroes to get in and start to control things with the fire fighters and National Guard. It also gave the choppers with the giant buckets of water a chance to start their airborne bucket brigade. There was no chance in saving anything, so the fire fighters with the heroes started to make the buildings fall in on themselves so they could burn individually, and to burn themselves out. By this point, the Red Cross had arrived en masse and started to render aid. The heroes all gathered, happy that they had succeeded, but saddened by the sight. The commanding officer of the guard unit there said, “The Titians, Secret Six, and the Justice League: it's a good thing you all arrived, or else we would be having more to do than just control the situation and render aid.”
Tutu looked all saddened and said, “Yes, but it is a hollow victory. These poor students have lost it all.
Tutu wanted to cry herself, because she had also lost. The six went back into the ruins, and once away from everyone, the girls then started to cry. As they passed by the ruins of the dorms, Captain Marvel noticed something in the middle of the grounds, looking yellow and quite noticeable. He ran up and removed some of the rubble. It was the plush duck he had given her the year before, complete with its pendant. It was wet and marked with soot, but not burned. He said, “I can't believe it! He survived! He must have been blown out of the building when it erupted.”
Tutu was on it like a shark on bloody meat and squeezing it tight. It smelled of smoke and got her wet, but she didn't care. For some reason, it gave her courage. Black Knight then said, “I can't believe the whole school is dead.”
Tutu began to smile and say, “Don't think like that! It is not dead! We can survive this!”
Bruce could not sleep that night, though not sleeping was a common thing for him. He was down in the Batcave, going over the data, and the film that the news cameras were providing. He caught the sequence right before everything went up, and he spotted the dolls. He ran through it a few times, and it matched what the heroes were telling on the news. He then took a look in other local news reports. There was a certain Otto Drosselmyer still on the run for grand larceny, and he then began to see the means by which he had made such a haul. He also noted that there was a $5,000 reward on him, which meant that every bounty hunter in the world would be after him. What was eating him was how, if this were this Drosselmyer, he was able to pool the resources together to pull of something this big, and why he would have even done this. Considering what was under the land, it all pointed to Luthor, but he was up in Metropolis, and Fawcett was a couple hundred miles away. He then started to run data on any science corporations in that area that may have had the money and resources, and only one name came up: Savannah Inc. He then began to run the system to see if there was a connection. Soon, there was evidence of past legitimate deals between Savannah Inc and Lexcorp. “Bingo!” he thought, “Now we have to do what we can to keep that school open.”
Just as the sun was rising, the Secret Six, (who had gone back to normal by that point,) were sleeping on a cot in a Red Cross shelter. Ahiru's communicator was going off, and it woke her out of a deep sleep. Wiping the sleep, she let go a groggy greeting, and the voice at the other end said, “Batman here.”
“This is duck…um...” she said, forgetting that was a nickname, but Batman said, “Don't worry; I understand that's your name in English. I'm fluent in Japanese.”
“Can I help you?” said Ahiru.
“Is there going to be a gathering at all today?”
“Yes, the headmaster is going to meet with the whole student body today.”
“Stall him,” said Bruce, “Because I have a suspicion you guys will get a visit from Luthor at some point. He's going to make a play for the grounds, because he'll think that the school is no more. He may be behind this, but there is no way of knowing.”
“Believe me,” said Ahiru, “There is going to be a special appearance of the Secret Six today with the Titans, and we will not let this happen.”
“Good,” said Bruce, “Because I am not going to let him walk away with that land.”
Later that morning, MRE were being handed out to the students as Mr. Johansson and the board of trustees were approaching the makeshift stage made from a flatbed, ready to talk to the assembled students, (save for three of them.) Mr. Johansson then took the bull horn and started to say, “Well, it's obvious what has happened. This has been a tragic loss, and sad that only the school walls remain as a reminder that anything had been here. However…” he had to stop and choke back a few tears, “However, the board has said that even with the insurance and the entire trust combined, there is no way that we can rebuild the school. The school…therefore…”
He began to cry, hoping that he could go on, but he just could not. However, just as he was about to continue, a limo pulled up, and out came Lex Luthor. He came up and pulled aside the board of trustees as they talked for a few moments. Then the head of the board came up and said, “Lex Luthor has just given us a surprise. His corporation has pledged to match the trust and take the burden of clearing the land off from us, and to pay the tuition of every student in an art school of their choice for two years, in order to allow them to be established. Considering the circumstances, we feel this very generous, and we…”
But before he could continue, in came the Secret Six, the Teen Titans, and the members of the Justice League that had arrived to help, and Tutu took the bull horn. She tested it out, and declared, “My fellow brothers and sisters of the arts: please, do not accept this!”
“Young lady, you may be a hero, but…” said the trustee, but he suddenly found the Chess Knights and Superman in his face. She then said, “This does not have to be. Let us look at the situation, and realize that all they did was destroy the buildings. In truth, you students are the school. Buildings are just that, and even without them, can you not be educated? Yet, if the buildings have no students, what kind of a school is that? I say that we figure out a way to keep this going until we have proper facilities again.”
A loud cheer came over the students, but Luthor was getting angry. He started to come up to try to take away the bull horn, but Robin came up to confront him. The secret service agent then came up to confront Robin, only to be restrained by Wonder Woman, who said, “Back off, agent! Before you say anything, as far as that goes, I outrank you!”
As that was going on, another limo showed up, and it was Bruce Wayne with his former ward Dick Grayson, both in suits. As the approached, Tutu said, “If we do this right, we can have a fundraiser, and then see if the town can give us lodging.”
“Good idea,” said Bruce Wayne as he approached. He then took the bull horn and said, “The Wayne Foundation is going to help restore things. I have asked them, with the aid of the National Guard, to set up a tent city here. Things will be a bit primitive, but you can still live here and have classes. We can set up some Mobile Kitchen Trailers and feed everyone for as long as needed. Plus, since this is a school of the arts, I have asked GBS out of Metropolis with the help of WHIZ in Fawcett want to help. What we understand is that you were to have a variety show tomorrow. Well, if you can wait a few days, we are going to contact the show biz world, and, with you students, put on a fundraiser to help raise the money to sustain you and rebuild the school. I pledge, out of my pocket, the first ten million dollars!”
There was a loud cheer, and he said, “Out of that, we can re-supply everyone with all that they lost in the fire, and prepare for the show!”
That brought a very loud cheer from the students, and the board seemed pleased by that proposal. They turned to see if Luthor wanted to contribute to this, but he was gone. Everyone started to sing the school song, and then they began to chant, “WE ARE…KINKAN! WE ARE…KINKAN!”
Back in Fawcett, Johnny was looking for his next job, and, as always, the $1,000,000 bounty on the super villain known simply as Slade was still there. He laughed, wondering if anyone would ever be able to collect that bounty. He figured that, maybe one day, he might be able to take him. Right now, he was looking for an easy take, and he saw a $5,000 bounty on some fugitive named Drosselmyer. He had last been seen there about a week before, but had not been seen since. He began to pour over the recent fire in Kinkan, and he easily began to put two and two together. He figured that it would now be good to check things out in Kinkantown and see if there was some way to shag a quick pay day.
Later that day, back in Metropolis, Luthor was ready to throw a rod. He almost had that property again, and again, Wayne snatched it from him. Now he had no other choice. He picked up a number that had been given to him years ago, but he hoped that he would never have to use. On screen cam a man in silver, form fitting armor, designed for free movement, with a full head mask, colored harlequin style, one half black, one half orange. The image filled the screen, and he said in his soft but sinister voice, “Mr. Luthor, I figured that you might be calling me one day.”
“Yes, Mr. Slade,” said Luthor, “I have a job for you. There is a certain multi-billionaire and a band of ballet supers that I need you to eliminate for me.”
“Would that be Bruce Wayne, perchance?”
“Of course, but, how did…” but Luthor was cut off by Slade, who said, “Trust me; I have resources that let me know all of what is going on. For example, I know you have a keen interest in that land, and that you want it badly.”
Luthor looked at him stoically, and then he said, “I shall pay you well.”
“I'm sure you will.”
“Dr. Savannah is in Fawcett, and I am sure he can lend a hand.”
“His resources would come in handy. Tell me, will Wayne be there?”
“He's overseeing some kind of fundraiser there. That may be your chance.”
“Hmm,” thought Slade, “Perhaps then I and my friends should go to make our contribution?”
Luthor just smiled at the prospect.