Princess Tutu Fan Fiction ❯ The Madrigal: Princess Tutu and the Secret Six II ❯ Chapter 23

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Chapter 23
Constable Brock and his department, Fawcett City's best, and with help of the National Guard, arrested all involved. With the information given, the state police, with the help of the federal government, froze the assets of his corporation, and began to make arrests for all that may have been involved. However, Dr. Savannah was long gone, and now his want for revenge would extend past Captain Marvel and go all the way to the Justice League and the Madrigal as well. However, he found that he would not have safe haven at Lexcorp, because Luthor was smart to ensure that anything being traced back to him was successfully and completely erased and expunged. One thing was certain, though; he had sunk a lot of money into his effort, and came up empty handed again at the hands of the Justice League, and now by these upstart youths who would hope to carry on the league's traditions. He sat in his office, staring at the news reports, seething, and beginning to ponder how to redouble his efforts to remove the superhero from the face of the earth. Everyone on his staff knew better than to interrupt him at this point, because to do so flirted with death. He saw the image of Princess Tutu on the screen, and he said, “If it's the last thing I do, you and the Big Red S are going to pay dearly, and die the slowest, most excruciating death of which I can conceive!”
The fundraiser, because of its global reach, was able to raise up about $200 billion. This would not only rebuild the school, but actually expand its size. They would rebuild, and add more campus to the outside of the walls, and wall that in as well. This would allow for more students, and the surplus could be added to the overall trust to lower tuition, and give less fortunate, but no less talented youths a chance. They would more than likely have to maintain the tent city for most of the year, but they knew that the next year, they would be back again in a fully functioning campus, and the complete project would be done about three years later. To celebrate this great victory, Tanya St. John decided to put on the Firebird in relation to the Phoenix, in that, like the Phoenix, the school had risen from the ashes, and would be greater than it ever had been. What surprised everyone was that Starfire, (under her alias,) decided to stay on the dance staff, at least for the year. She loved teaching, and loved being with the students. As a result of her being there, many of the students advanced even faster in their skills because of her light, bubbly, yet disciplined attitude in everything. She could also be an on stage presence like Mr. Katt had been, and that caused everyone to squeeze out every ounce of effort that they could in their dance and performance. When it came time for the special performance, it was decided that Nana would get the role of the firebird, and she danced it with the vigor and flair of an advanced student. Uzzura sat in the audience with Fakir, Rue, and Mytho, (who were back at the Fawcett City Ballet,) amazed at all she saw, and they had a whale of a time keeping her quiet. She was so amazed, and also quite happy for Nana as she danced. The other three of the six were hip deep in the performance, and it was such a grand pleasure to know that all you had done outside of the show to make it possible made their lives worth living.
After the show, at the post show gathering, Fakir and Mary were with the rest of the team, and Fakir was gushing over her performance. They did not like being apart again, but they knew that, in a month's time, the theater would be open, and that they would be together more often. However, that night, there would be something happen to insure that they would never be apart. “Liebling,” said Fakir, “We have been through so much together, and it has been such a grand time with you.”
She just nodded her head contentedly and hummed an affirmation. He then said, “I would dare say that you and I have been through much, and I would say that I could not have gone through this without you.”
“And what you are saying…is…?” Mary said, waiting for him to finish the sentence, having a good feeling where this was going. Fakir then said, “Because of that, I know that if I ask you something, you would tell me truthfully, yes?”
“Of course,” she said, “And…”
“I was wondering,” he said, “Do you think I should switch from by black practice tights and blue shirt to maybe a navy blue or a dark green?”
“Oh darling I…practice clothes?” she said, “Of all the rotten tricks…” and she slugged his arm as she began to berate him a bit. But when she spun around, she found a sizable diamond in her face attached to a gold ring. This was followed by, “Just say you'll marry my, for crying out loud!”
Her laughter and slight frustration with him melted away in an instant, and she then embraced him in a bear hug, saying, “Yes, yes, oh yes!” and kissing him multiple times. To this, the rest of the team applauded, and Fakir said, “This will have to be a long engagement, because you still have to finish school, but say that you will be there when you are done.”
“As long as the six of us are together, I'll be with you all the way,” Mary blissfully responded, to which Ahiru said, “As long as there is a need for heroes, I think we have nothing to worry about.”
It was December 12th, and it was the start of the Winter Extravaganza. The spotlights were seen for miles to lead people to the secluded theater in the woods known as the Raven's Nest. It was the grand opening of the theater in which the Pas De Six held court. Not only was this a great moment for the team, but it was also a triumph for Kinkan of sorts, in that there was still a school that could put on such a show. The extravaganza would also include the alumni show, and they all came for the entire week to celebrate the rebirth of Kinkan. Because of who some were, it looked more like a Hollywood premier. It started with a stage version of A Christmas Story, where Billy played the son and main character of the story, though he had just turned 16. Because of his boyish looks, he pulled it off with panache that the others on the team knew well. That was followed the next night by the orchestra and vocal school performing the Christmas Oratorio by Bach. The next night was the dance department, and all disciplines were going to get involved with this, as they decided to do a show called The “Other” Christmas Ballet. However, it was more than a ballet, as it contained many styles of dance, and it was a comedy. The presence of Starfire in the cast, complete with her orange skin hue, made it such a gas that some people were literally being knocked from their seats and needed to be put back into them! The next night was the student variety show, but conspicuously absent was the Pas De Six. They were going to be putting on their own show to round it off that Saturday night after the alumni did their thing. However, Mai, Youma, and Nana got together to do a Victorian scene of three sisters on Christmas Eve, done with a bit of comedy in it, (leftover from the night before,) as done to “the Dance of the Hours.” Rachel gave a classical set of songs, and Uzzura got together with two others in a jazz trio.
After the Alumni Show, the Pas De Six gave a Christmas show, filled with song, dance, comedy, and serious performance that seemed to finish the week well, and seemed to christen the theater as well. The one thing of note was that the Teen Titans and many members of the Justice League were there in their alter egos for the show, of which they were grateful. After the show was the after show gathering, and it was there that they bumped into the principle members of the league. Bruce Wayne walked up and said, “Congratulations, kids; I am so glad to see that the money was well spent here.”
“It is even better to know that we have paid you back completely, and this will be ours, lock, stock, and barrel,” said Mytho.
As they talked, they could not help but notice that Lex Luthor had come to see the show! However, he was keeping his distance from Wayne and the kids for obvious reasons. Ahiru then said, “I can't believe that he had the nerve to come here after all he did!”
“That's just his way,” said Diana Prince, to which Clark Kent added, “He is a glutton for punishment. He actually is probably coming here to strengthen his resolve to destroy all superheroes by watching you six in action, and allowing himself to see what he had lost by your success.”
It was then that Bruce pulled out what looked like a deed and finalization papers that would turn over possession of the theatre to them. He then got to the main table where the refreshments were and announced, “Ladies and Gentlemen, may I have your attention, please?”
People gathered around and they gave ear as Bruce continued, “As many know, the Wayne Foundation sponsored the building of this theater for the six you see here, and they have had partial ownership. However, with the success of their first album in the stores and on the charts, along with their shows, they have been able to pay the foundation back in full, and today is the day when this facility becomes their possession.”
He then held up the paperwork and displayed for everyone what they would be signing, saying, “With their signatures, I shall officially sign over possession of this theater to them, and it will be with the greatest hopes that the act will be together for many more years to come.”
With that, he laid out the papers and pens for their signatures. Everyone applauded as they began to sign, but as they did, Bruce looked over the kids to see the back of Luthor heading out the theater. Bruce gave a glance to Clark, and the both gave themselves a nod, as Clark said, “Some people just never learn.”
It was now Sunday, and the six, along with Rachel and Elly, were in the airport, with the latter two there to see them off. Everyone was on the arm of who they would normally be with, and just content to say nothing and enjoy one another's company. They sat outside the security check for a while, everyone talking about that semester's events, and their adventures. Elly then said, “So, how much action are we going to see as heroes?”
“Being a superhero is like being a weirdness magnet,” said Rachel, “For some reason, it just finds you, and maybe more to do with the fact that, because we are what we are, we are more on the lookout for things.”
“Has Johnny seen the nest yet,” asked Rue, referring to the crime fighting home behind the theater.
“We gave him the grand tour during the show week,” said Fakir, “and his eyes nearly came out of his head. He never had access to the kind of things he saw in there before, and he said he wished he had when he was bounty hunting. He also said that it would be nice to live there, considering that he could now do his thing full time.”
“Is there a place for him,” asked Mary.
“We are going to carve out a new room for him in one of the spare side caves that we have used as a storage room, but we never really filled,” said Mytho, “In fact, it almost seems like we are becoming the Hall of Justice—Appalachian Branch.”
“Well, actually…” said Billy, trailing off.
“You mean they are actually considering it?” asked Ahiru.
Billy handed out to everyone their membership cards and league rings, saying, “Welcome to the Justice League!”
They were all joyous, but they had to stifle it, lest they draw undue attention to that matter. The time then came for those flying out to go, and as they queued up, they heard That's Amore being played from a nearby Italian restaurant, and Billy then said, “They're playing our song!”
“I hope we can dance to that forever,” said Ahiru, and they kissed passionately. Billy then said, “I'll be by on the 21st, and then there is the party at JLA main HQ like last year.”
“I can't wait,” said Ahiru as the tune went on, and they went their ways. As they did, Rachel sounded like she was softly humming the tune as they started to make their way out of the airport with Billy, Mary, and Elly. Billy then teased, “Is it me, or do I actually hear the Raven humming a happy tune?”
“It's catchy,” she said, and then conceded, “Just don't broadcast it, okay?”
“It seems like your whole attitude has changed since, well, you know,” said Elly.
Rachel then smiled and said, “I hope it continues to do so, as long as a certain princess we know and love can be there to dance and guide my heart.”
Appendix A
Name: The Magpie
Real Name: Johnny White Wolf
Age: 33
Height: 5' 9”
Weight: 220 lbs
Occupation: former bounty hunter and now full time superhero.
Appearance: Alleghany Native American who normally wears jeans, calf length moccasins, blue button down shirt, fringed leather jacket, long, black hair tied in back, and a U.S. Cavalry hat with an eagle feather in the back. As a hero, he wears all black motorcycle racing suit with a white bird on the front, black racing boots with metal race plates on the shins, white biking gloves, white utility belt, black helmet with bird's eyes on the sides, a beak like visor and a mask that covers his nose and mouth. He also wears a black cape with white tips fashioned to look like bird wings.
Powers: No powers, but a physical specimen, expert in military hand-to-hand and Jeet-Kun-Do.
Equipment: Equal to that of Batman, as well as a BMW motorcycle.
History: Johnny grew up in the mountains and hills in which the tribe reservation resides. Despite being a native, he actually had a normal childhood and adolescence, and experienced little in the way of discrimination. (It was only during his time as a bounty hunter that he ever saw any of this.) When he turned 18, he decided to join the army and became a cavalry scout. It was during his stay in the Philippines that he began to gain a desire to be a crime fighter after seeing how rampant it was in some areas of the big cities there. When stationed in the states, he saw the same thing, but in a more subtle way, and that cinched his want to do something about it in his life. After his time in, he entered the police academy, hoping to become an average police officer. However, about three quarters of the way through the course, he became disenchanted with this, because he realized how limiting the life of a police officer can be, and it would actually hinder his want to fight crime in the way he knew it needed to be fought. He then quit the academy and entered the world of bounty hunting. This seemed to satisfy his itch a bit more, but as he saw how things worked, he felt the need to develop an alter ego that would divert attention off him. In other words, if anyone decided to come back for revenge, they would seek for someone who could never be found or pegged down, because there was no place for which to look for him, considering he only existed during a bust. All this changed when he met the Secret Six.
Name: The Shadow
Real Name: Elly Campbell
Age: 17
Height: 5'4”
Weight: 250 lbs, (at start of story,) 125 lbs, (at end.)
Occupation: Creative arts school student.
Appearance: Long, brown hair done in a pony tail tied high. Normally wears jeans or long skirts with high heel leather boots, hoodies, and rarely has a moment when she does not have some kind of music blaring into her ears. As hero, she wears a long black skirt, a black hoody with the hood up, a black scarf that covers her nose and mouth, black Ray Bans.
Powers: Mental mind clouding—this ability allows her to cloud people's minds to where she seems to be invisible to them, and she has along with that the ability to talk into people's heads so that there would be no way that anyone could pinpoint her position.
Clairvoyant Reading: If there is any paper or books left lying around where she is, she can read them from wherever she stands, even if she was across the room from them.
Equipment: Normally carries two high powered tazers that she secretly confiscated from the hero Blue Beetle near the end of this story.
History: She seemed to be the average all-American kid growing up until she reached the age of fourteen when she caught the chronic version of mononucleosis that put her out of commission and society for about two years. During that time, she gained her aptitude for art and drawing, spending time on this whenever she was conscious. However, during the worst part of that illness, she had slipped into a coma for a week, as a complication to the illness caused a section of her brain's wiring that dealt with mental communication within one of the hemispheres to disconnect. However, her brain corrected this by reconnecting through a dead zone, and it seemed to be that which unlocked her abilities. When she was well, she was enrolled into Kinkan, but she only used her abilities for her own personal needs, unaware of their full potential. It was then she first met Princess Tutu, and then the rest of the Secret Six, and her potential were made known to her. At first, it seemed that she would go into the world of heroes being dragged kicking and screaming. However, as the story progressed, she began to gain a love for it, especially when it became known to her that there had been another hero in the 1930s that was called The Shadow, and could do what she could, save for the reading ability. However while he learned how to do what he did, she had it come purely by happenstance. Yet, once she understood the legacy of that hero, and just how powerful he was because of what he could do, she was honored to take up the mantle and reintroduce The Shadow to the world.
Name: The Raven
Real Name: same as above, but goes by Rachel Roth when in civilian clothes
Age: Mentally, 26, physically 17
Height: 5'6”
Weight: 135 lbs
Occupation: full time superhero, currently posing as an art school student.
Appearance: Long back and straight hair, parted in the middle with no fancy styles, fair complexion, very Lauren Bacall facial features, shapely build, seen the greater percentage of the time wearing a purple leotard, purple high heel boots, purple arm sheaths that open at the fingers, and a long black purple cloak with a hood that hides most of her face, and hangs down in a point like a beak.
Powers: Teleportation: she can teleport wherever she wishes, and can even bring a small group with her.
Astral form powers: she can take her astral form and use it for many things—telekinesis, force shields, energy bolts, mind linking, and her astral attack, which is her most powerful attack. A black silhouette with a gold aura rises up from her, then shapes into a raven and strikes her opponent with anywhere from a mild stun to a killing blow.
Healing: Like Mytho, she can heal in the same ways as he.
Empathy: Same as Mytho, but she does not say much about it.
History: Raven was the daughter of a human female and a demon named Trigon: the Destroyer of Worlds. His modus operandi is normally to seduce that realms dominant sentient species, have offspring, and use that offspring as a portal in to rule a world, and then destroy it once his amusement with it has ended. This happened to Raven's mother on earth, but before Trigon could take her, old wise men and wizards from another dimension, who fought against Trigon, whisked her away to their land known as Azrath. It was there that her mother and she were taken care of, and the wise men and wizards of that land trained her to use her abilities for good. However, when she was about 13, Trigon showed up to find his daughter, and forced her to reveal the dark powers within her, and he knew that he had succeeded in creating another portal. Soon, Trigon destroyed Azrath, but before he did, she escaped to our realm, and she was found by the Teen Titans. They nursed her back to health, and when she found out what they did, she was more than happy to join them. However, she was reluctant to associate with them at all because of the prophecy about Trigon. Eventually, she was used as the portal, and Earth was ravaged. Trigon cast her away as he had done others, but not so the Titans. They found her as a 13 year old girl with no memories of the past, but thanks to Robin, (then, Dick Grayson,) she was able to gain them back, and she retook her normal form. Because she was now feeding off the good spirits of her friends, she took her power joined with that, and together they both defeated and destroyed Trigon, and the Earth was restored as if nothing happened. After this, she became more open, but some opportunistic group called the Wildebeest Society, filled with souls possessed by the essence of Trigon left in them, kidnap her, and force the essence left in her to turn her to evil. After a long struggle with the Titans, her body is destroyed, but her soul self, (astral form,) survived, and a new body genetically rose out of the ashes of the old, free at last from the grip of her father. As a result, she was in a teenage body again, and this was when she first started to use the alias “Rachel Roth,” the last name being that of her mother. However, her soul self still had the leftovers of Trigon, which gave her the abilities she had, but with Tutu's help she taught Raven that she controlled it, and not the other way around. The rest is depicted in this and the first story.
Appendix B: Kinkan Reborn
Once the campus is finished, the school will have doubled in area, with a new wall around the campus. However the old wall remains and it does for good reasons. Inside those walls, every single building that had been there was rebuilt to their old dimensions, with the same edifices that had been there before the fire. However, internally, they will be completely modernized. Outside the old walls the new buildings will have the same look and feel as the old buildings, but they will be their own designs. The old wall is being painted on the outside in a mosaic all the way around the wall designed by Elly Campbell and a few of her friends in the creative arts department depicting the history of Kinkan Matzuzama and the school, including the rise of the Pas De Six, the fire, and finishing off on the other side with the school rising from the ashes like a phoenix. On the area where the gates are, the Madrigal is depicted, with the Secret Six on one side, and the Shadow Force on the other. By those gates a plaque is set bearing the following inscription:
“This art work was done by the students of Kinkan in dedication to the firefighters that lost their lives in attempting to keep this school alive, and to all those that did all they could to see it rise from the ashes. Dedicated on the 14th day of April, 2009.”
Students that enter what they are now dubbing the old school seem to enter now with a sense of reverence, and instinctively tread the grounds lightly.
Appendix C: An Apologetic
Ever since I put up this story to the public, the hardcore fans of the anime version of Princess Tutu have come down hard on me. They have become angry that I did not have Fakir and Ahiru together, and how it seemed that I completely destroyed the story. However, I put an explanation at the start of the original Secret Six story as to why things were the way they were, but that did not seem enough for some. Therefore I am going to demonstrate the reasons why I did what I did by doing a compare and contrast between the anime and manga versions of the original tale.
Initially, the anime version was the first done and the most well known. The manga actually came out after, and sadly, seemed like an afterthought. Worse, not many know of the existence of the manga version of this tale because there were only two manga done for the whole story, and because they were so radically different than the anime, many panned them. However, there were also many who enjoyed them, and I can understand the reason for the differences, because there would be no way to convey the same power and message in a print form that the anime delivered. They therefore had to go a completely different route. Because of the lack of knowledge there is about the manga, I am going to mark many of the differences here, and I hope that, along with the explanation I gave in the first Secret Six story, will give you an idea why things turned out the way that they did.
Anime: Kinkantown, (Goldkronesburg,) was clearly in a Germanic country.
Manga: Setting is vague.
Anime: Ahiru is exactly that—a duck that turned into a human.
Manga: Ahiru Arima is quite human.
Anime: Rue is a bit stuck up, but has a good heart.
Manga: Rue Kuroah is, for the first part, self-centered and stuck up.
Anime: There are indications that Mytho was really a fictional character that literally came to life.
Manga: Mytho was an orphan like Fakir, and they grew up together.
Anime: Drosselmyer is clearly the villain and evil puppet master.
Manga: Nowhere to be seen.
Anime: Ahiru's friends are Pique and Lillie.
Manga: Ahiru's friends are Mai and Youma.
Anime: Edel is a mechanical doll created by Drosselmyer to be his presence in the story, and is not really a villain.
Manga: Edel is quite human and the central villain.
Anime: Uzzura is in the second season.
Manga: Doesn't exist.
Anime: Caught in a story that will not become reality until the story is over.
Manga: Reality from the word “go”.
Anime: Regaining heart shards to finish the story.
Manga: Regaining heart shards in order for Edel to try and sacrifice it for the raven.
Anime: Rue was kidnapped as a child by the raven for his use.
Manga: Rue was always a normal girl who became Kraehe to stop the restoration of the heart to keep it from being sacrificed to the raven.
Anime: Kraehe is a villain until she realizes the truth of her past and turns.
Manga: Kraehe is an anti-hero that realizes the error of her ways, and Rue gives up being Kraehe.
Anime: Mytho, (Siegfried,) and Rue are wed at the last.
Manga: The love triangle between Ahiru, Rue, and Mytho is not resolved, though, with Fakir, they become good friends.
Anime: Fakir and Duck fall in love, (as was intended by the creator of the characters.)
Manga: Relationship is not there, (which is important for you Fakir fangirls to understand, and why I did not go that route here, as I have based this off the manga.)
Anime: Duck wants to dance the pas de deux with Mytho as Miss Duck, but never gets that.
Manga: Ahiru wants the same thing, and gets it when Rue feigns a sprained ankle, and gives the lead of Swan Lake to Ahiru to show that she has changed, and wants to be a friend.
Anime: Anthropomorphs all over the place.
Manga: Mr. Katt is the only carryover.
I could go on, but I think you can see by this that the two stories are very different. Now, I did write a story that you can find put up under my authorship that is a continuation of the anime that does reflect the things within it, and if that is what you prefer, then I would ask that you would read that, because that one has been well received, and I think you might get more satisfaction out of it. As far as the crossover goes, I explained all that in the preface of the first Secret Six story, so it has been my hope that you did read that, and that story, first before reading this, or else you had to have been completely confused! Thus, for all the “Fakir and Duck forever or else” people out there who have been calling for my head on a silver platter, please understand the differences, and do try to read the manga as well, if you can find it, (they are now hard to find.)