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A young knight, Xirian, entered the desecrated sanctuary of the Pronteran Church. His purple lilac hair, covering almost half of his matching amethyst eyes reflected the moons beam coming from the shattered stain glass up the ceiling. His hair swaying with the cold breeze that passed through him making him cringe from sudden cold underneath his armor. He wore the usual Knight attire, armor and a cape. A helm, a belt usually carrying a pouch (with lots of neat things inside!), and an odd sight, a small (not so neatly made) poring plushy hanging on his belt with a little stitch writing saying `friend-y' (o.O). With caution, he took a step forward, his armor sounding throughout the sanctuary. Resting his hand on the handle of his claymore, his eyes blank, he observed the surroundings with extreme caution.
`The Pronteran Church was attacked along with the Pronteran Chivalry not so long ago. Some say that it was terrorized by some Bandits up in the mountains of Mjolnir. Then the thieves settled here and when they left, every valuable left with them. Or so…that's what most people say. But surely it was monstrosities that caused this sight…'
Strange…the monsters are quite active nowadays…and, Prontera, the well guarded city in all of Midgard…with the Priests and the Knights…its impossible to penetrate such defense…
“Is it clear Xirian?”
His thought was disturbed by a familiar voice. When he saw that everything was safe, he eyed once again the lifeless sanctuary with suspicion in his eyes. Xirian turned to the entrance eyeing on a female assassin, poking her head out from one side of the door. He gave a small unnoticeable smile, his eyes turning soft and gentle from pure amethyst eyes to a pure light reddish appearance, his usual piercing eyes. Removing his hand from his claymore, he walked up to her, placed his hands on his hip and patted her teasingly on the head while giving her a quick wink.
“All clear!”
The female assassin prodded inside looking around. Her hips swaying as her scarf followed her every move. At first sight of her, no one would think that she is an assassin. She would look like an Alchemist to most people. She didn't wear the usual garb as like most assassin jobs wear. Hers was more of a black and tight turtleneck `tights' covering her left arm continuing to her hands and fingers, most likely the one assassins wear underneath their so-called armor, a silky black skirt like an alchemists reaching 5 inches above her knees. She had a glove on her right hand but on her left was covered with her so-called shirt. Her boots were of an Alchemist's yet it was of black color. She had a scarf tied on her right arm, which seemed like to bandage some sort of wound. Her Katar was neatly dangling on her belt tied around her waist, and another belt which hung a pouch enough to carry some Yggdrasil Berries, Fly and Butterfly wings, plus a card pocket inside, where she keeps all the rare cards Xirian usually gives to her willingly…and sometimes unwillingly. Her silky silver hair fell beside her face covering her soft smooth cheeks, illuminating the moons beam. Her hair rested on her shoulders as she went to a complete halt. Her eyes caught something of significance to her…
“What is it Ymira?”
Her eyes gleamed as if her eyes turned into a star. She went nearer the religious statue, which looked like, and resembled like a young, masked knight. She eyed on the statues hands, it held something, `A Treasure box from the Pronteran Priest Guild' she thought. Ymira blew off the dust from atop the box then tried pulling it out from the statues hand.
Xirian laughed in amusement, seeing an assassin having trouble getting a box from a lifeless statue. He walked up to her, his tall dark figure blocking the moons beam from her.
“Need help?”
“I…ugnh...can do this...on my own...phew…er!”
Smirking, he placed his hand atop his hair, fixing it, trying to look desirable and noticeable. Then he heard clanks, in front of him, coming from Ymira…he looked at her, his face blank with a little `oro' look on his face. She was desperately hitting the statues hands with her katar, doing no damage to the statue. He didn't contain his laughter and patted her on the head.
She had just become an assassin a few days ago and she really hated her assassin's garb, wildly shredding it to bits. Her actions show her weak side, an innocent side he adored so much about her. A cheery voice, a smiling face, a cute blush at some points in their journeys, `Ah how I love to make her blush…' he thought to himself. Yet when she fights, her blows can crush almost anyone in pvp's, `Uh…the creepy thing about her…' he shrugged. A childish look almost always befall her face, she was cute, especially when she wears her kitty band that he just gave to her after she shredded her assassin's garb with no mercy at all. She wasn't like the other assassins he knew that are so emotionless, serious and above all, quiet. Not stoic, or even ruthless and definitely not heartless like some I know. She was the complete opposite of a typical assassin personality. Xirian thought to himself `Yes, a complete opposite of an assassin…' He patted her again on her head like she was some sort of kitty to her master. That made him think, `A kitty to his master…lovingly playful…' Unknowingly Ymira had just pulled the treasure box, and was curling and `savoring' the moment from Xirian's patting.
She poked him on his ribs, making Xirian look at her with a little `ouch' look on his face. But poking back at her like a lover teasing its mate into bed (o.O). Ymira smiled at him then turning her attention back to the Treasure box. She wriggled her fingers, opened the box, and her eyes sure did glitter like diamonds that were polished everyday. Her face was blank in an instant…
…A G-string….
Xirian smiled at her again, trying to hide his laughter from escaping his lips. It was not a treasure box of the Priest guild but just an Old Blue Box.
He got into thinking. He enjoys her company truly. He didn't feel any amusement from his previous party members and his Guild mates, or any of the people he knew. He knew no laughter long before Ymira showed up.
The only thing I had then, was nothing but myself…
His thoughts were disturbed when Ymira, closed the box, leaving it in front of the statue then tugged on his cape, like a child tugging on her mommy's skirt. Patting her pouch twice.
“Ne, Xirian, lets go…I don't think we will find anything here anymore.”
Still tugging on his cape she stands up along with Xirian, jumping like she found a neat treasure…'even though its just a g-string'. They exited the Pronteran Church closing its doors.
There, the statue hands moved a finger, the moonlight slowly creeping its graces into the face of the masked knight. His lips, curved, smirking, then gave off an evil laugh…
“…So, our wait is over so soon…”
The once stone that covered its body shattered and became dust as soon as it touched the cold floor of the sanctuary. He reached for the box, clenched it in his fist then in an instant, it was too, turned into dust with his hands covered in armor.
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Chapter 2 Preview:
“Huh? I thought I closed the window…”
She reached for the window handle but was surprised to have rested her hands on Xirian's warm hand, so soft and gentle and yet so strong at the same time. She graced him as a bright red blush creeped onto her cheeks. He smiled at her placing his hands on her waists, which eventually turned into a tight warm hug, pulling her closer towards his seemingly aroused (just kidding) body. Ymira, slowly caressing Xirian's face with her right hand, felt his hot breath heating up her neck. With her left hand, she pulled the window handle, closing it, then Back Slides, sliding Xirian along with her, squishing him on the wall.
“Hehehe! Got you again Xirian!”
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Uncover the mystery of Prontera, and learn the significance of the G-strings…if the g-strings does have a connection with the story o.O;
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