Ragnarok Fan Fiction ❯ Blur ❯ Ruby ( Chapter 6 )

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Chapter 6
“Yep~ I'll be back sometime around noon.”
Ymira bowed her head to the Alice who had her hands clasped, arms stretched, on her lap, bowing in reply.
“Please take care, Miss Ymira.”
“Yep! Take care too Glynna!”
She started running towards the busy streets of Alberta, as she waved goodbye to the Alice. Meanwhile, Xirian was still sleeping soundly in his room. And inside his room, Heimdall stood motionless in front of the window, staring at the assassin and the Alice's short conversation. His eyes wandered aimlessly into the deep azure sky.
“Surely…'He' will come today…”
† - † - †
The assassin squeezed herself into the flowing thick crowd of people as she looks around. She continued her search until a childish, feminine voice caught her attention. Ymira tried squeezing herself, piercing through the crowd, following the voice. She thought to herself, `I found it!'
“Apples and Carrots for sale!!”
A young girl, a merchant, exclaimed to the people her stock as she held a carrot and an apple in her hands. She seemed happy selling all her stock. She had blue hair and quite a pale face for someone as energetic as she. Her hair reached until her shoulders and her eyes was of blue color. Her face was etched with innocence with a mark of purity in her face. It was also at some point, a trait that attracted most of her customer's.
Ymira reached the girl's Vend Spot and glanced at the apples. It was what she was looking for. Apples. `I'm sure Xirian would want apples…' The merchant upon noticing Ymira went up to her and offered her, her goods.
“Big sis! Are you interested in buying my apples? Please do Please do!”
The little girl insisted as she smiled happily making it harder for Ymira to buy a few.
After sometime of packing, Ymira held in her arms a whole bag of apples. After Ymira handed the payment, the little girl offered her a Witherless Rose. At first Ymira was hesitant but then, with both her hands supporting the bag of the apples, the little girl with glee, placed the item inside her pouch, the bud sticking out.
“Thanks big sis! Please take this as a token of my appreciation! :D”
“Ah…Thank you!! Uhm, hey! May I ask your name?”
“It's Desverne! And you?”
“I'm Ymira! Nice to meet you! Uhm, thanks to the flower.”
The two females just smiled at each other as they talk. For a short meeting, they have developed a bond of friendship. After a while, it was time for them to go back to what they were doing.
“Sis Ymira…can I see you again after lunch?”
“Hehe! Sure! Why not! I'm not doing anything anyway!”
“Yay! I'll meet you near Alberta's entrance near miss Kafra!”
Ymira smiled and nodded thanking the girl as she walked away squeezing into the crowd. The little girl continued her business and started to draw the customer's attention.
From afar, someone was watching them. A tall hooded person appeared from the shadows of the dark alley, his red eyes were the only things exposed from his attire. The ominous orbs glanced at the assassin, who eventually disappeared in the crowd, turning its view onto the female merchant. His eyes started to glow. It started to narrow.
After a while, the female merchant stopped promoting her goods as her customer's starts to pay attention to other vendors. She glanced at her surroundings and starts walking towards a nearby alley, leaving her cart behind. She was staggering as she tried to reach the alley. Her eyes blank, emotionless, lifeless. After reaching the end of the alley, she stopped and continued to remain motionless.
“Well done my Marionette…”
The female merchant slowly lost her composure, losing her balance. The cloaked figure opened his arms, stretching them, catching the merchant in his arms. The merchant's eyes started to change, turning into a bright, ominous red as her skin started to become paler and finally reaching a light blue color. Her body began to change, turning into a more mature stage, her body even more developed as her hair turned into light amethyst.
As the cloaked man catches the fainted marionette, his other hand twitched and several linings of silver threads became visible. Thin silky needle lines appeared to be attached to the merchant girl. His hand was attached to the end of the linings attached to the girl. As he moved a finger, the marionette moved her hands, reacting to the action of his fingers. As he swayed his hands, the merchant stood up beside him, her face was blank. He was controlling her like a puppeteer to a puppet. She was merely a pawn for some personal gain.
The man raised his hand, placing them atop her head, grasping her head. His hands glow a bright green glow as energy flowed from within him onto the body of the marionette. Desverne slowly opened her eyes, feeling the fading energy inside her being restored to its full capacity.
“My Selestia…Your existence will be mine soon…”
He laughed out loud and his cold laughter filled the dark alley a cold, heavy atmosphere that went echoing throughout the alley. And in the darkness, he disappeared, as the marionette remained left alone in the alley, motionless. And his voice echoed again…
Do what you were told to do doll…
When suddenly her fingers moved and she has regained her consciousness once again. Her skin turned into a lighter shade of blue almost resembling that of flesh and her eyes turned back into its azure state. Her head swayed as she walks out of the alley. From her emotionless, blank expression, a smile sketched her face as the girl's facial expression lit up. She ran towards the exit as she whispers…
“Yes, Master Doppelganger.”
Her body suddenly transformed back into the little, frail form as she walked pass the busy people of Alberta.
† - † - †
Several beams of light entered the dark room in where Xirian laid asleep. As one of the rays's focused on his eyes, he opened them slowly placing his right hand on his face covering the sudden light. He pressed his hand on the bed supporting his weight and stood in front of the bed.
In noticing that Ymira wasn't around, he quickly grabbed hold of his garments and started to change. An Alice entered the room while he was dressing up, as she bowed her head.
“Ah, Sir Xirian. Good Morning. Miss Ymira said she'll go shop for some apples. She also told me that you should not go out looking for her or you're really going to get it. You will be so dead when she comes back and you're not here. End of message. Have a nice day Sir Xirian.”
Xirian felt his sweat drop as the Alice ended the message with a smirk.
“Oh I see…where is Heimdall then?”
“Master Heimdall said he's out for a stroll.”
Xirian's eyes began to narrow as suspicion lurked in his eyes. His red orbs, glaring into nothingness. Glynna stood there, observing the eyes she saw once, long ago.
The Alice regained her composure again, bowing slightly and leaving the room, closing the door silently. Xirian stared at the door where the Alice was. He stood up straight after fixing his buckle.
Glynna walked down the hallway when suddenly, she stopped.
“Heimdall…what are you trying to achieve in doing this? Why do you have to drag his brother into this?”
An image suddenly emerged from her mind. In the far off distance, there was a silver haired blacksmith standing beside a blond swordsman, the doppelganger.
“Xirian will you be able to face Gladston?”
She continues to ponder on her recent actions. She reminisces a moment with Heimdall, just a few hours before meeting up with Xirian.
The Alice entered the room and bowing respectively to the two figures inside.
“Master Heimdall, you called?”
The wizard turned around and smiled at the Alice, making the girl blush.
“Thank you Glynna. If Xirian asked where I was…tell him I went for a stroll.”
The Alice nodded and glanced at the priest sitting on the chair beside the window who was reading a book but seemed a bit more like he was just staring at the pictures. Then she suddenly turned her attention back to the wizard.
“Master Heimdall…may I ask a question?”
The wizard suddenly nodded with a surprised look on his face.
“Yes, what is it Glynna?”
“May I ask…why are you doing this?”
The priest suddenly closed the book he was reading and stared into the Alice dark purple eyes. Heimdall turned to look at Zephyr and a smile passed his face. He moved himself facing the window and continued to smile to himself.
“Glynna…Her future was already preordained when she was born as a fragment of the Selestia. I, myself, also thought that they will have it anew…but as things turn out to be…they cannot escape the lies that surround them…”
Zephyr gave an unnoticeable smile as he added.
“If the future you're pointing out is a new life…ours didn't even exist. We are just some lie trying to exist in something called the truth. We continue this to find existence. We do this to find the answers just like how you found yours …”
There was a great pause. The Alice bowed her head and left the room. As she freed herself from their presence, she felt her body weaken. She was in deep thinking…
Was I to accept what they believe in achieving? Ymira…Will you become a monster like him too?
With that final thought, she overhears their conversation.
“Well, this is a surprise Zephy. Were you actually serious about that?”
Heimdall said between gaps of laughter. He covers his mouth with his pointer bending them holding it close trying to hide his evil snickers. Zephyr just opened his book once again and starts focusing his attention in reading it rather than paying attention to some idiot snickering like a really stupid idiot.
“How many times do I have to tell you to shut up Heimdall? I was merely giving her an answer so that she will somehow be satisfied with a reply.”
“Oh really? Ha! Don't tell me you're having some desire for my dear cute and loyal maid now! Ah! You are such a playboy Zephy!”
Zephyr throws a big encyclopedia at Heimdall hitting him on his groin. Ow that's got to hurt.
“You're beginning to annoy me shit head. “
“Man…go easy on the curses Zephy…even soft, squishy wizards like me need some love!”
Glynna continues to listen to their conversation.
`Zephyr…the truth is laid down before your eyes…but you…why do you continue to reject the truth?'
Her thoughts were disturbed as she heard the door close behind her. She quickly turned around only seeing Xirian disappearing from one corner of the hallway.
Why do people continue to reject the truth they seek? But see lies as the truth?
† - † - †
Ymira prodded the streets of Alberta as she stopped by the Kafra to use the storage. After storing her items she went outside town, leaning against the wall as she waits for Desverne. She grabbed hold of the Witherless Flower in her pocket and started twirling it, gazing into its beautiful features and its mild scent.
“Sis Ymira!”
A familiar voice echoed as a female merchant ran towards the assassin waving her other hand. Ymira placed her right hand on the grassy grounds as she helped herself up, facing Desverne. The merchant reached Ymira, slightly panting as she grabbed hold of the assassin's left hand.
“Sis! I want to show you something! Come with me!”
Desverne hurriedly ran towards the forest of Payon, dragging Ymira along. From the far distance, Heimdall stood in one corner and stared at the two youth.
“We're here!”
Desverne stopped as they reached the thick bamboo forest. The assassin watched her surroundings as the merchant smiled at the scenery.
“You know…this is where my parents left me, when I was five…”
Ymira stares at the merchant whose back was facing her. Desverne continued smiling as she faced Ymira.
“I came from Payon yet my parents sold me to a merchant. Ever since then, I was a merchant slave to my Master until I reached the age of 12. But then, he sold me to a Hunter…”
The assassin continued to stare at the girl in front of her whose face was tainted with a tear.
Desverne cut off her sentence as she raised her pointer to her cheeks. Amidst the bamboo trees, the hooded figure smirked as he saw how his plan is progressing so far. He linked into Desverne's mind path.
“Desverne…put that body into use and…start destroying her barrier.”
Desverne suddenly cut the link between her and her master. A thought crossed her mind as Seressa's, the merchant girl's voice, the owner of the merchant's body tried to take hold of Desverne's attention.
“Desverne, is that man important?”
`Seressa…tell me…why do you feel love for someone who betrayed your heart?'
“Even if he left me out here to die…I can't deny the fact that I still love him…when I realized it…loving someone who betrayed you…I felt that…for the very first time, the love I felt was genuine. Even if it does not answer your question…all I can say is…I love him because I did.”
`Then my answer is almost just like yours…in a different manner.'
Desverne shook her head once.
“Yes he is important to me…and I'm willing to give my life away for the man that made me realize I am alive…”
The merchant girl bowed her head as her bangs covered half of her face. A blurred image appeared inside her head as she shakes it off. Ymira, clueless of what's happening, suddenly she felt a slight tingle inside her. She easily shook it off as Desverne was flooded with her thoughts she does not usually have.
The recall of her past will trigger Ymira to a breakdown and so Selestia…but then I will have to offer myself for my master's plan to fully be operational and successful…”
“No…I will do everything for him…my life has ended a long time ago…”
“Ymira…do you remember the ruins?”
“I will do anything even if I will have to live beside his lies…”
Ymira's heart began to race as she heard whispers inside her head. The whisperers' words were blurry. She put the sensation beside as a flashing sight appeared in her mind for a split second. It was a female wizard lying on the ground grasping Ymira's leg as blood flowed from her deteriorating poisoned body until she let go of her last breath.
“Do you remember the way you massacred a whole group of children?”
Another sight appeared in her mind. Blood continued to drip from her hands; several decapitated corpses of the novice class flood the street, another flashback.
“You remember, don't you? Don't reject the truth Ymira. You can't deny that you are an assassin. You kill, you murder, and you annihilate everything that is in your way! You are nothing but a shadow from a greater darkness. A part of death itself!”
“I'm not! I will never be!”
She fell to her knees as she clutches her head, covering her ears, blocking the sinister voice of the merchant. She felt her body slowly move on its own as the beating inside her head became faster and louder.
Heimdall watched from the distance with great seriousness in his eyes. His eyes continued to examine the weakening form of the assassin on the ground.
“Ah Ymira…do you remember Xirian's eyes when you did that?”
Ymira's eyes glowed an ominous red in a flash as she succumbs to the beat. In her mind, she felt surrendering to the voice within her.
“Remember how you killed Xirian's younger sister?”
With a flashing red light, a large gash became visible on the merchant left leg. Seressa flinched as blood flowed from her wound. She grinned raising her head up to meet with the figure that appeared in front of her.
A pair of oblivious red eyes met Seressa's blue ones. The aura around Ymira was dark and ominous as the wind howled louder. Seressa felt her wound opening up, making more blood spill from her frail form.
`Seressa! What are you doing?! This is my matter!'
“Leave…me to die…Desverne…Selestia is half awakened…your task is done…leave my task to my own…”
`Why do you help us…we are merely using you!'
“…Maybe because I envy you…”
Ymira placed another nasty wound on her right arm as she grinned, taking pleasure from tormenting the girl. She grasped her wounded arm and slowly bends it until her arm broke. Seressa let out a scream that echoed throughout the forest.
`Your soul will vanish if Selestia kills your soul!'
“And you'd rather give…away yours?...I…really envy you…”
The assassin continues to bruise her until her body was bathe in the merchants' sticky red blood. Blood trickled down her face as she continues to stab her katar into Seressa's body, making sure she'll last longer until she draws out her last breathe.
“You said…a while back…our answer was just the same…but then…it's not love you are feeling…but pure admiration…You say that everything he tells you are lies…but you reject his truth…”
`You're not making any sense Seressa!'
”I envy you because he cares for you…”
Ymira finishes her torture and crushes her skull as blood watered the grass and the surrounding plants with it. The aura around her slowly wading away as the wind continues to blow as the sound of the rustling trees were the only ones heard throughout the forest.
Desverne opened her eyes in disbelief that she had lived. A figure walked towards her helping her get back up on her feet. The cold translucent hands made her sure that it was her master.
“Phase one of our plans has been set, surely Selestia's cage will be an easy outlet for her absolute endeavor.”
I envy you because he cares for you…
“Master…I'm sorry I did not fulfill my task fully.”
The doppelgangers hand waved beside him grinning at his loyal marionette.
“Nonsense, you have fulfilled your task. I knew Seressa will take your place as Selestia food according to plan. Ah, enough bantering we should take our leave…besides…I want to see how Zephyr will react once he realizes that Selestia will continuously reject him.”
In the wade of his hands both he and his marionette vanished amongst the trees. Desverne's last thought was,
Even still…I am but a servant…what do you expect of me Seressa…
Ymira gazed upon the corpse in front of her. Brutally dismembered, heartlessly tortured. Her body felt hot as if it was burning her. She stared into the pool of blood below her and on her hands.
“And…again…another soul…devoured…”
Her eyes were wide as she stood there as voices started echoing in her head.
`Reidneir, why did you bring me to this place?'
`I…To kill you Seressa.'
`Reidneir what are you…ugnh…'
`You should have been dead a long time ago…'
Ymira felt her head shot back to her as she voices stopped. Images of the merchant's memories started appearing inside her head. Mostly, the images that remained were of the betrayal of her lover.
Heimdall, with gleam in his eyes he stared at the corpse and then finally to the stricken assassin.
She heard the bush rustle as Heimdall appeared behind it. He walked towards Ymira as she ran a short distance towards Heimdall until she bumped onto his chest and burst into tears.
“I…I…Heimdall…It's…happening again…I can't…”
Ymira buried her face onto Heimdall's chest as his hand rested atop her head and on her back. Comforting her. Hushing her between her sobs. He bent down his head and buried his face on her Vitaer scented silver hair.
They stood there, in the middle of Payon forest, the dead corpse slowly vanishing on the ground slowly, and then finally disappearing. But all of it was forgotten in that preordained moment. And it was the moment. The moment that made Xirian froze behind the bamboo trees.
He never got to see the corpse fade into nothingness. He never got to see the reason why Ymira was crying. He never got to see what happened. Lies build up inside his mind clouding the truth laid down before him. In his mind, he told himself,
`It is so wrong for me to love you.'
† - † - †
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Chapter 7 Preview:
“Skeith…why did you call for me?”
The sageworm slithered from the seat as he walked closer to Heimdall. He stretched his arms to Heimdall as he gave him a pendant. The wizard took hold of the pendant gazing into its dark onyx crystal.
“The past and the present will soon collide, Heimdall. The Lord of Death and his Abysmal Knight will once again seek The Dark Lord. They will wish your alliance once again...”
† - † - †
Somehow…that did not sound right. Hearing things from a worm…