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Chapter 7
Tiny droplets of water began to pour from the dark heavy clouds as the merchants of Alberta pile up their stock in their carts, pulling them towards a nearby roof. Flashes became visible from the sky, among the thick grass of rain. Each droplet clashed down onto the rooftops and roads, igniting a wrinkled sound of the rain.
Xirian stood in front of Ymira's door, staring onto the dark, wooden plank, concealing the assassin's current stature inside.
“Xirian, is there something wrong?”
Glynna spoke suddenly behind Xirian, as she held a tray supporting a pitcher and two cups on a small plate. The knight slowly turned around to face Glynna. He stared at her for a while, gazing into the deep red eyes of the Alice. He turned the other way around and started walking towards the staircase disappearing from the Alice' sight.
Glynna stared at Xirian's seemingly frail form as she knocked on Ymira's door.
“Sir Heimdall, may I come in?”
Heimdall's voice replied in approval signaling the Alice to come inside the room. Light was rushing inside the room, filling its heavy, dark atmosphere. The curtains were well tied to the sides, allowing more light to come in. The windows closed, blocking the rain water from entering the drought room. Glynna walked towards the bed, lowering the tray onto the side table. She took a glance at the two forms curled on the bed before landing the tray on the side table.
“She's still asleep master?”
Glynna hushed bending towards the sleeping assassin, getting a good look of her condition.
“She's been asleep for 2 days time…will she be alright?”
Heimdall was caught up in his deep thoughts as he recalls what happened before and after Ymira lost consciousness.
- - - - - -- - - - -- - - -
Ymira's grip on Heimdall's robe tightened as she hid her face on his chest. The wizard caressed her hair as he pulled the assassin closer into his tight embrace.
“It's going to be alright…Ymira.”
“Heimdall…I'm scared…”
The wizard gasped as he heard unusual words slip her tongue. Her sudden outburst of being scared.
`Heimdall…I'm scared…there's something…'
Heimdall embraced the young assassin tighter as he felt her becoming weaker, sliding from his grasp and falling in his arms, unconscious. A sudden chill of wind rushed in the forest, rustling the leaves and revealing the priest Zephyr from behind the bamboo trees gazing onto the sleeping assassin in the wizard's arms.
---- - - - - - - -- - - - - -
“Glynna, tell the others I'm off to Glast Heim…but do not tell Xirian.”
The wizard stood from the bed and walked towards the chair picking his cape and started walking towards the door.
“Don't wait for me Glynna... It might take me a long while.”
“Please take good care of yourself Master Heimdall…”
Glynna bowed her form in front of Heimdall's back as he continued to walk out the door.
Zephyr waited patiently outside until he saw Heimdall leaving the room. He walked slowly towards him, walking pass the wizard. The wizard grabbed the priests arm, prohibiting him from entering the room.
“Let me go Heimdall…I have to know her condition.”
Heimdall grinned, letting go of the priest's arms, patting him on the head. Zephyr turned his gaze onto the laughing wizard.
“You can see her once I get back…in the meantime…if you want to live, don't go near her.”
He left Zephyr in front of the door and walks away, entering the opposite door. He raises a piece of paper from his hand and reads it.
I have to inform you of something important. I'll be waiting in Glast Heim, -Skeith.
Heimdall immediately swayed his hands back and forth until a warp portal appeared in front of him. Without wasting any time he quickly walked towards the portal until it suddenly vanished, leaving several trickles of glowing orbs in the room.
- - - --- - -- - -- --- - - - - -
`A flower in such a cold damp room…this place does not suit you my dear…'
Glynna glanced at the sleeping assassin on the bed as she sits beside her bed, waiting for Ymira to wake up. She reaches for something inside her puffy apron, and placing the item onto her two hands.
It was an old red music box that glistened with the room's lamp. The sparkle it gave out resembling droplets of water after the rain while the sun shone its light on the flowers. She smoothed the outer covering, opening it with care as it revealed broken pieces of glass and a shard of a shattered cardinal jewel.
`Glynna…I'm sorry…I broke your crystal pumps…'
`No…it's okay, I still have a ton of those in my closet…'
`But…the pendant…'
`…It's alright Ymira…you're more valuable than jewelry…'
She closed the small casket and hid it well in her apron once again as she neatly placed Ymira's hair on the side of her head, fixing the blankets she had to cover her up. She stood up from her chair, reaching for the empty tray beside the bed.
“Is she…doing alright?”
Glynna was startled to hear the voice of the priest, Zephyr.
- - - ---- - - - - - - - - - -
A whirlwind thrashed the neatly arranged bouquet on the table as the knight slashed his sword again on a blank space repeating his slashes and thrusts on the items that seemed to get in his line of vision. He huffed, he stopped, resting a little and in a matter of seconds he continued to slash through the bamboo tree forest behind Heimdall's garden.
Blood dripped down his hand as he continued to grip his sword tighter and tighter until the sword itself slipped from his grasp. He turned to look at his hands, scarred by several wounds with new fresh cuts excreting the rushing and pounding blood.
`Xirian…What will you do when you have finally found the girl of your dreams?'
`I will love her forever brother! I will never leave her!'
`What if she is the one that leaves you?'
`…she won't…I won't let her leave me! I will give her lots and lots of chocolates so she won't leave me!'
`Now, now Xirian, no need to get all negative, she has a life too you know. And showering her with chocolates…man, you're weirder than Heimdall.'
“Gladston…you must have really laughed quite a lot by my stupidity back then…huh…”
- - --- - - - - - - - - - - - -
A loud howl was heard from beyond the distance as several clamoring sounds were made aloud from inside the haunted castle. Tattered wall curtains lay on the musky cemented brick floor alongside shattered pieces of porcelain. Heimdall continued to walk down the dark halls of Glast Heim taking small glances upon the new mess probably made by the monsters and ghosts inhibiting the place.
Heimdall stopped as he heard someone coughing from behind the door. Without hesitation he opened the door and unknowingly (or knowingly) kicked the sage worm waiting for the wizard in front of the door. Heimdall raised a hand smiling into the black space in front of him.
The sage worm wriggled helplessly behind the curtain.
“Yo…you've changed…Heimdall…”
As soon as he got up, he slithered on his seat reaching out a hand to Heimdall to sit on the seat in front of him. The sage worm clasped his hands together fixing the balance of his P.H.D. hat and his small glasses.
“Skeith…why did you call for me?”
The sage worm slithered from the seat as he walked closer to Heimdall. He stretched his arms to Heimdall as he gave him a pendant. The wizard took hold of the pendant gazing into its dark onyx crystal.
“The past and the present will soon collide, Heimdall. The Lord of Death and his Abysmal Knight will once again seek The Dark Lord. They will wish your alliance once again...”
“Skeith…Xeiros is still asleep and so is Hemelmez…and the Lord of Death is-“
“They will be awakening very soon Heimdall…”
Heimdall glanced upon the dark crystal in front of him taking note of the cracked side of the gem. He closed the gem into his fist as he grasped it tightly. Skeith walked towards the broken mirror beside the window.
“Skeith…I am well aware of the situation.”
“One thing that you're not aware of is that Hemelmez had always been awake…all this time…”
Heimdall's eyes widened for a moment as his grasp on the pendant loosened. The red wine on Skeith's desk caught the corner of his eyes and started starring at it as if in a trance.
“How is it possible that I did not notice a simple change in her?”
“Heimdall, Hemelmez did not change…you simply ignored her from your childhood days until now…You just did not know your own sister Heimdall.”
Heimdall stood from his chair and just smiled at Skeith skipping towards the door, waving his hand to Skeith.
“Then I guess I'll have to spend more time with her huh?...Oh boy, Zephyr was already one tough annoying dirty mouth brat and now I have to take care of Hemelmez too…”
Skeith smiled at him and started smoothing and pulling on his moustache as Heimdall rubbed his head.
“And again…it's all my fault, ha-ha. Well then, thanks for inviting me Skeithy. Take care of yourself, watch out for birds.”
Heimdall left the room laughing as Skeith gave off a long sigh. The sage worm heard a portal opening from behind the door finalizing that Heimdall finally left the premises.
“I guess I shouldn't have tried acting hero long ago…”
- - - --- - - - - - - - - --- - -
“Zephyr, didn't Heimdall told you not to come here?”
Glynna walked towards Zephyr with the tray advising him to leave the room at once. The priest walked pass the Alice and whispered.
“I don't care what happens…I just want to see my sister.”
His eyes pierced Glynna's red orbs that were also glaring at Zephyr. The Alice continued to follow her steps holding the tray in a balanced position.
“Suit yourself…I can't stop you can I.”
The priest continued to walk towards the sleeping assassin cautious of what might happen as the Alice left the room. When he was about a foot from the bed Ymira managed to stutter a few words.
“Zephy…Don't…leave me…all alone…”
Zephyr walked closer towards the half-asleep assassin and gently cupped her cheeks with his right hand slowly caressing her soft skin. The silver haired boy gently sat beside the frail sleeping form on the bed as she curls a bit snuggling her cheeks in his warm hand. Her hands reached out to the smooth robe of the priest snaking her hand around his form trying to hug him.
He inched closer to his sister brushing a few strands of hair that had fallen upon her face.
The beating of his heart made a faint sound along with the dripping, plopping and falling sound of the full rain. His face flushed with a bright red color as the assassin whispered.
“You're warm…Zephy…”
Ymira snuggled onto him while the priest brushed her hair repeatedly, twirling some loose strands on his finger watching intently and lovingly at his beloved sister.
He heard the bed covers rustle and afterwards he noticed a gleam of light coming from behind him. He tried to turn his head to see clearly what seemed to be a sharp knife until Ymira's arms forcefully embraced the priest, straining him from any movement.
“But I'm more thrilled to bathe in your warm blood Zephyr…”
Along with the strike of the roaring thunder, Ymira dashed the sharp knife onto the body of the unsuspecting priest. The priest gave out a loud roar with excruciating pain while the assassin pushed in the knife deeper twisting the handle a bit burrowing her face onto Zephyr's chest.
Glynna prodded quickly inside the room and was terrified by the large wound that seemed to have been widely and deeply stabbed. Blood dripped from Zephyr's chest profusely, showering Ymira's right hand with streams and veins of blood.
The Alice rushed towards the bleeding priest and the trance-like assassin still holding the knife on place. Red dripping blood from Zephyr's mouth fell on Ymira's blank face. Her brother, instead of pushing his attacker aside, he embraced her tightly from underneath waking the assassin from her trance-like state.
It fell like the falling rain, rushing as if it was freed from its cell creating a pool of blood on the floor. Ymira blinked a couple of times as she found herself in her brother's arms. She trembled, feeling the handle of the knife still stabbed on his back and finally releasing the knife from her grip.
“Ymira…you're awake…good…morning…”
Zephyr struggled to say his words beside her ears until he lost consciousness and fell in Ymira's weak embrace. Glynna's voice of worry seemed to fade after she raised her hand higher to see the warm substance slithering and dripping from her hand. She got a short glimpse of the Alice taking the deeply stabbed knife and the pool of blood forming beside the bed as everything around her started to whirl around her. Her vision started to get very dizzy until finally, she rested her line of vision to his fallen brother.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
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Chapter 8 Preview:
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