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"Not just there"(part 2)

This is my fan fic i own the characters and the storry but nothing else
This fic is based on the game/anime not the manga
part 2 of chap 3

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A novice by the name of Alec was now stuck in a maze for quite some time now wondering to be a theif or not. fear and exitement is rushing thourgh his body as he ventures deeper into the pyramid

"This is going to take forever" Alec said fighting his way through a maze for a while now "finally" he said making finally finding a set of stairs and making his way down them one by one

'yet a another novicewonder what this one is like?' a woman in the shadows thought as she took another gulp of milk

"what do you do want?" the girl behind a desk said rudely, her hair was brownish she wore a jacket over her tight fit white shirt

“I want to join the thief guild” he said to the theif hoping to get a yes answer

“Woopty do” he said rolling her eyes “what makes you think we want you in the thief guild”

“Because I have your wallet” he got out a black leather wallet with a poring key chain dangeling from it from his pocket

“hehehe… this is what the third time this week someone got your wallet and this time it’s a novice” a female assassin in the other side of the room said taking a gulp of a glass of milk ^yes… milk^

“but… hey no fair give it back!!!” she jumped at Alec trying to grab her walet from the novice, but failed poorly, falling down in the prosses

“hey, kid” the woman place his hand on Alec’s shoulder “so… you want to be a thief?”

“yup” he replied to the woman in purple tight fit jump sute with goldish white bandages on her waist complementing her blond hair

“you sure your up to it?" she asked him circleing him like a hawk, she was now deep in thoght

"of course if I wasn’t I wouldn’t be here, would I?" alck replied now exited

"hm... ok if you really want to be a thief" she started to go back to her seat "get me mushrooms from the mushroom cave"

"huh? mushroom cave?" he scratched the back of his head wondering where or even what is the so called mushroom cave

"it's a farm of mushrooms in a cave" she continued "it is a safe place for theifs to steel so we are using it as a testing ground for novices, there are someagrsive monsters in there but you should be fine" she said getting back to her glass of milk "now to get there there is a canal that you should lead you there, Elly" she signaled to the theif

"fine... Alec, here dont take too long" Elly now was opening a door leeding into a tunnle they both entered closing the door behind tem leaving almost no light left in the room

"you wana be a thief right? this leads to mushroom cave, get as many mushrooms as you can and get out"

"ok i guess..." Alec said nervously

^time skip 5 mins^

"WAHHHH!!! OPEN THE FREGIN DOOR!!!" alec exclameied runing from a group of spores and familiares

*Zzzzz...* the theif was sleeping beside the door "huh... WHAT!!!" she jumped on his feet and unloked the door hasttedly

They both were rushing under the pyramids where the thief guild is

*sigh*"that was close..." Alec said bending over dropping some mushrooms

"Dont look now but you were trailed" the lady assassin said giggling

"WHAA!!!" Alec was now running around the room comically when the lady assassin cut the familiar who was biting the novice’s buttocks

*giggles* "if your done show me what you got" she sat back down on her seat ^MAN she loves that seat^

"here"*pant-pant* he dropped a set of mushrooms on the table

"Elli, get him some new threads we got ourselves a new thief" she said proudly

"fine..." she said sarcastically and throwing a thief outfit at Alec

"yah!!!" Alec said jumping for joy

"where are you of to now?" the woman now drinking her glass of milk

"well... I guess payon dungeon is a good place to start" he pondered

"then go aredy!!!" elly pushed him out of thr room

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A novice lost in one of the busyest streets of rune midgard, what is he looking for, what does he want, and where is he going?

"..." A staring contest was being held by two kids but was interrupted by a "husky" novice "um... does any one know how to get to the merchant guild?"

"hey mister cant you see were busy here" a girl said converting her attention to Christopher

"HAHA You lose" the other kid laughing at the little girl

"no fair" she said pouting "the big old ugly prick ^WTF^ tricked me"

"um... never mind" he started backing away and bumped into a male blacksmith

"hey watch it kid!!!" he snarled at Christopher and glaring him down

"Don’t you think your a little mean " a merchant behind him said

There was a silence but it was broken when the little girl stomped Christopher’s foot

"ow" he shouted while the girl ran away laughing "hey sorry anyway man" he said looking up but they weren’t there anymore 'wonder where they went?' he thought to himself walking down the street again and he soon found the merchant guild

"yes may I help you?" the receptionist asked the novice

"yeah I want to become a merchant..." he replied

"ok please fill up this application form..." said the receptionist while Christopher gets the application form to the receptionist

"ok so Christopher, here's your delivery and here's your package pin" says the receptionist as Christopher takes the package and it's pin

"oh yeah wait you have to deliver that package to Geffen and please pay 1000z" says the receptionist before Christopher left

^let's skip to 4 hours later where he already has the receipt^

"here" Christopher gives the receipt

“alrighty then…” the receptionist goes to the storage room and comes back to the counter with a package Christopher opens it and he finds the merchants clothes.

"YAY!!" yells Christopher "to Byalan!!"

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