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"Field Test"

This is my fan fic i own the characters but not the setting, monsters, things they are, etc....
This fic is based on the game/anime not the mange

*sound effects*
(change of POV)

"the last test is a ...field test" an *uhhhh* was heard through the room was heard "since you guys are still week, ill group
you in parties" Patrick said continuing going though some paper "there will be 5 people in each party ok... hereís the list:
party 1
party 2
party 3
party 4
party 5
party 6
party 7
party 8
party 9
^Go Gen San!!!^
Ok group-up and get reedy to move out" he ended and posted the list next to the door.

"ok... whereís group 2?" William continued while looking for his group.

a novice said staring at William "hey!" a voice said from apparently nowhere "Are you William?"

William said "Yup why?"

"great!!!" he exclaimed "hey guys here he is" the white haired novice said dragging William over to another group of novices.

William asked "so you guys are group 2?"

"What do you think..." the red haired novice said sarcastically

"Show respect man... any way my name is Christopher nice to meet you" the blue haired novice raised his hand to shake
Williamís hand

"hey man, names William, will for short" William said shaking Christopherís hand

"Hi names Alec" said a short tanned? Novice waved at will

William waved back and said "hey"

"I'm Carl" the white haired novice said bumping the other novice beside him in the arm

Edward made a *sigh* then started to talk Ēnames Edward, there happy now" Edward said irritated

"ok guys!!!" Patrick exclaimed "time to set out"

"c'mon!!!" William exclaimed while being teleported to a big field with a bridge in the middle and another castle on the other side

"Ok the last test is to get to the other side and find a hidden folder with your names on it. and as a added twist the room
is filled with aggressive monsters" Patrick smiled and focused his energy "meet me in the other side when your done <TELEPORT> Seya" with that the party went out in different directions

^were going to follow wills group^

Alec said *uh...* "not here..." *hay...*

*grumble* Carl said rubbing his stomach "Iíam hungry... lets stop and rest for a bit"

*ph...* "the sooner we find he folder the sooner we get to rest" Edward said hitting Carl in head

"he's right" William said while searching through some bushes

"im gona look over here..." Edward said walking of to a bushy area of the field

"Here is the item you have requested go faster before anyone notices" a cute little voice said dropping a folder on the ground

"Thanks" Edward walked back over to his groups here i found it

*yah!!!* "take this" Alec stabbed a poring in the stomach and it exploded then he grind

"yah" was said by Carl holding up his hand

Christopher said pointing at "um... sorry to break your fun but look behind you"

"huh... AHHHHH!!!" Alec screamed as a hoard of porings staring at him

*huh* William looked behind him "hey Ed!!! where have you been? you've been gone for about um... 5 minutes"

"just here and there anyway..." Edward got out from his back pack a folder "...i found the folder"

^Alec is running in the back ground and tripped^ Carl asked curiously grabbing it and holding it up in the air trying to see
whatís in it? where did you find it?"

Edward said scratching the back of his head "uhm... just... hey look donít you think we shouldnít go help him? c'mon" he got a
knife out of his bag and charged at the pile porings onto of Alec

"Help..." porings started to pile up on him "...me..." Alec whined

William said "well common then lets go" then he charged towards the pile up

both of Carl & Christopher staired at each other and simultaneously said "charge!!!"

*ploik blam boing* were the sounds heard

"wah..." Alec said whiningly

"that takes care of them" William said while swiping(?) his hands

Edward squinted his eyes and stared of to the distance "there... i can see the exit"

"what!!!" Carl exclaimed "c'mon" he started to run towards the exit

Christopher started to walk casually "so what do you guys think your jobs are gona be?" he asked out of thin air " Me a
Blacksmith is the life for me"

"uhm..." William said staring at space then...

Carl cut him off and said "MONK" he then smiled and started punching the air "you know those people who go pow-pow wham
haya.... wha!!!<asura strike>" then giggles coming from 2 porings in a distance could be heard

"alec?" said Chistopher staring at him

"Well..." he started staring into space "...since both my parents are assassins... well I guess Iíll be an assassin"

"how about you Ed?" Christopher poked Edward in the arm

"huh?" Edward said *sigh* "if it'll make you stop asking a wizard"

"coooool" Christopher said so thatís a Blacksmith, Monk, Assassin, Wizard... oh! forgot what about you will?"

"well... I guess a sowrdy but an advanced job eh... maybe a knight?"

"ok" Christopher said bumping into a pole "ow ow ow..."

"hehehe... oh were here" Edward said looking at Patrick

"oh your here" staring at the party "well whereís the folder?" he continued holding his hand out

"Huh? oh i forgot here it is" Handing a folder to Patrick

Patrick opened the folder and said "ok you actually guessed your jobs... Iíll warp you to your respective academy for you to
get started on your life journeys say your goodbyes and lets go" <warp portal>

"well seeya" Edward walked in the portal

"nice knowing ya" Alec said following Edward

"lets meet up again" Carl said jumping into the portal

"bahbay" Christopher said going into the portal

"Well lets go" Patrick said pointing to the portal

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This is my 2nd chap up k ill see you guys up in the next episode of Ragnarok's Ragnarok
ps i know this chapter was boring but hey Iíll make it better