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"The Rant of Leo Von Frisch"

by: siberian_angel

DISCLAIMER: I don't own Ragnarok and any of the references made in this fanfic. I own this story idea though. And if I did own Ragnarok, I'd be stingking rich now! Mwahahahahaha!! Sadly, they belong to their respective owners and protected by copyright laws.

On with the fic! Enjoy!

Good day to all! We're here at the training grounds to interview the famous newbie trainer, Sir Leo Von Frisch. We caught him waiting for newbies to teach. We asked him for an interview and here is his unedited reply to our inquiries. RoK on!

Oh hello there! Are you here to listen to my boring lecture? Wait. You're not a newbie! What? You want an interview? Sure! About my job? Well…I have one of the most envious jobs in the kingdom…NEWBIE INSTRUCTOR. Well, let me dream on at least. I like my job, being king of the novices. Yeah right! Who would slave their backs for these sniveling newbies anyhow? "Somebody's gotta do it." I often tell myself. But damn! This is degradation! Why do I say so? I am the intelligence officer of the 4th Knight chapter of Prontera. I had never dreamt of being an instructor in my whole life. I'd rather deal with those disgusting thief bugs in that awful smelling sewer than deal with these morons who think Ragnarok, the end of our World, is one big party! Obviously, they don't have any idea of how life in Midgard really is. Oftentimes than not, they think I'm not a knight! How insulting! Doesn't my stance and body prove that? And they also forget to call me sir, a title befitting my birth. It's Sir Leo Von Frisch. That's not hard to pronounce. Right? Then why do they make it Von Freak or Von Fries?! It's only once in a blue moon do I get intelligent students who definitely did their homework rather than just thinking of whacking a few of those porings. And because of the heart attack and high blood pressure they give me, I can't avoid swearing. It's so easy to listen to and answer my questions. They are not required to use supernatural powers! It's not like I'm asking them to guess the color of my underwear! And some of them really abuse my kindness in giving items. They think my lecture is boring but really, they're the boring ones. They can't even answer a simple question like "Which one is the right name for point that you can get with a job level up?" The answer is Skill Point, not Attack point! Honestly, I feel like I have to learn a new language they can understand so we could converse on the same level! The only delight in lecturing these novices aside from the smart ones is the pretty smart ones. Growl! Beautiful body with brains…can't wait to meet a dancer like that. Hehehe… What?! What did you say?! I'm not old! Who told you that? The Main Guide? I'll get my hands on that moron! Ehehem! But if you think about it, this job isn't too bad. Not only does it make my complexion whiter, it's a great way to hit on girls too! Oh! I have to go. I see a pretty red-headed angel ready for a lecture. Better go see if she's smart enough to date and get her number right away! Tudaloo!

That ends our very brief interview with Sir Leo Von Frisch. Right now, he doesn't want to be disturbed, he's busy dating, er, I mean, training newbies. Stay tune to find out the rant and raves of our fave NPCs. Till next time! Here at RagnaLifestyle, the leading Midgard Magazine.


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