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Chapter 7: Yura of the Hair part 1
“Bye, Bye, little puppy,” Yura laughed as the sword flew in the air. The sword was headed towards Inuyasha's heart. It seemed as if Inuyasha had finally met his end.
Suddenly a loud slicing sound echoed through the room. To Yura's surprise, Inuyasha had managed to break free from his bonds. He slashed though the remaining hair that was in his way.
“You evil monster, just look what you've done! My beautiful hair is now in shreds!”
Yura staggered towards a pile of hair and she picked up frayed strands of hair. She held them affectionately in her hands before placing them on her heart.
She turned around to face him with tears in her eyes. As her anger grew, more hair shot up behind her.
“You'll pay for this!”
Wasting no time, Inuyasha rushed out of the classroom as fast as he could. He wasn't afraid of her at all. He just wanted to take the fight outside. Then, he would give her a serious ass kicking.
Yura watched as the young hanyou ran off.
He's heading right into my trap, she thought.
She looked at her mannequin's head and smirked.
“Let's see how he'll do when he can't see the hair at all.”
As for Inuyasha, He was still trying to go outside. He soon reached the baseball field but to his frustration, there was a crowd of kids blocking his way.
Get the hell out of my way! But they didn't move. They only looked back at him with a blank look in their eyes.
Oh crap!
Kyo had managed to get those words out. He bent down to recover his breath. He was nearby the baseball field. He wasn't alone though.
“Get over it, Kyo. Yuki beat you fair and square,” Haru said while giving Kyo a bored look.
“Shut up! What do you kn-”
Kyo looked up from where he was and stopped in mid sentence.
“What's wrong? Have you finally learned to keep your mouth shut?” asked Yuki in a calm, sarcastic tone.
“What the hell are you talking about? I'm just looking at something over there!” shouted Kyo.
The others slowly turned to see what he was talking about. They see a larger crowd gathered on the baseball field.
“It's after school, “Yuki commented, “Why are all these people still here?”
The boys decided to get a closer look. They didn't stop until they were near a silver headed boy.
Without facing them, he told them to run. He knew there was something suspicious going on. The Sohma Boys were even more puzzled and asked him why. As if to answer the question, one by one, students from the crowd started to rise into the air. Each of them held a form of weaponry in their hands.
The boys were completely stunned at the site they were seeing. Well, Inuyasha wasn't all that surprised, he was a hanyou after all.
Maniacal laughter coming from an indefinite place caught their attention.
“I'll have to thank you boys for coming together. That really spared me the trouble of looking for all of you.”
The boys looked around them but didn't find the speaker. Finally they looked up and saw a woman in a skimpy black outfit, sitting in midair. It was Yura.
“Now,” she continued, “which one should I take first?”`
Inuyasha growled angrily and leaped towards Yura, preparing to rip her apart with her claws.
Yura somehow sensed what he was up to.
“Naughty Naughty!” she said with a smirk on her face.
Before Inuyasha could reach her, some of the “floating” students blocked him and started to attack.
Yuki started to back away. He had never seen anything like this in his life. Unfortunately, Yura noticed his movement.
“Don't even think about running away” she said, while flicking her wrist. She was going to make sure that her “pets” wouldn't escape.
Before the Sohma boys realized what was happening, they felt something wrap around their wrists. Soon, their bodies were hoist up from the ground and were held in midair by an invisible binding.
Sorry boys, but I can't let you get away. You have something very important that belongs to me.”
Kyo was getting irritated with Yura.
“We don't have anything that belongs to you!”
Oh but you do! Don't Worry, I won't kill you yet. I need to take care of that annoying little puppy first.”
“Just what do you with us,” Yuki asked as he tried to break free from his invisible bonds.
“That psychotic bitch wants to take our hair!”
Inuyasha managed to dodge a metal bat aiming for his head.
“Why?” Yura interjected, “I'll tell you why. Hair is the most precious object on the face of the earth. I can not stand idly by and watch it go to waste on pathetic creature like you. So, I collect hair. You boys just happen to have what I want. Your hair is very special. I can't wait to collect it from you severed heads. Well if you don't mind, I'll be taking your hair now.
“Like hell you will!” said a voice laced in anger and hatred.
Why the hell did you have to turn black now, Haru?”
“Shut up, you stupid cat”
“Don't call me stupid.”
Cat? Yura thought. What does that mean?
Inuyasha decided to attack her at that moment. He jumped towards her and raked his claws along her back. Yura let out a shout of pain. In retaliation, she sent a wave of hair to ram into Inuyasha. The hair pushed him back with force. The remaining hair binded him and held him in place.
“Puppies must always be loyal to their masters. You probably thought that you were an exception. I guess I'll have to punish you then.”
She took out her sword.
“Now, hold still. I want a clean cut.”
“I almost hit it! Kikyo did you see that?”
Kagome was quite relived. The arrow that she had shot nearly hit the bull's-eye.
“Almost isn't enough.”
Kagome turned to face her sister but all she could see was Kikyo's back. That made Kagome angry.
She wasn't even looking! Just what is her problem? This is the last straw! I'm going to tell her how I feel this and…
Before the words came out, Kikyo picked up her bow and started to walk away.
“Let's go. There is business that we need to take care of.”
“What are you talking about?”
“Kagome, look up and tell me what you see.”
Clouds, sun, what is the point of this?
However, despite of her thoughts, Kagome looked up. she was surprised by what she saw.
“I …see…hair. Lots and lots of …hair. But why?”
“Shoot now, ask questions later.”
With that remark, Kikyo fired an arrow into the air, allowing it to soar through the air to its unknown target.
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