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Chapter 7
Digging Up Old Wounds Part 2
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I wrote this story to get it out of my head, as well as deal with the Chibi-Usa/Ranma/Hotaru match-up that I picked up from Meanings of Life by Kuraiko Kurohoshi. A great and funny story you should read if you have the time.
Ranma sighed as Usa and Hotaru tried to one-up him on the weirdness meter.
Mistress 9 versus an oni-possessed Kasumi.
Youma versus Ms. Hinako.
The magical princes/princesses who tried to steal Ranma or Akane versus the ones that tried to steal Usagi or Usa.
Ties were soon becoming the norm, though Ranma did pull ahead slightly when he told the story of how he had been malleted one time and ended up at some place called Siren, which seemed to be filled only with women, ending with him being chased by some woman with an insanely large chest who said she finally had a male better than her sister.
Soon, it gave way to the plans of the female duo.
“But I ain't a good liar!” pleaded Ranma. “If you count on me to lie to them, we're doomed.”
“Listen,” said Usa, “the trick is to not tell the whole truth. Just give them an answer that isn't a lie, but not the whole truth either.”
Hotaru nodded. “And remember, no pressure, but there are plenty of lonely Senshi who wouldn't mind trying to jump into our deal as well.”
Usa nodded in agreement, eyes closed and arms folded in front of her. God knew how many stories she had heard growing up about failed dates and such for the Inners. Even though she was certain that more was going on between her own mother and Rei than met the eye, she had heard a few failed date stories from the Senshi of Mars as well.
Strangely, most of those stories from any Senshi almost always began. “Okay, so I didn't know he was a monster at first, but ...”
Ranma sighed. “Man, it's never easy for me.”
“Don't worry, Ranma,” said Hotaru. “I'm certain things will get better for you.”
Of course, this little spiel would have been better, had not one irate father chosen to bust open the door at this time, wearing full battle armor and holding a broadsword, screaming, “YOU!”
Seeing this, Ranma began to immediately try and understand what had just occurred. If this guy was acting like this, he was a rival, a suitor, or a father.
Since Ranma hadn't been there long enough to earn a rival, he discounted that possibility.
Since Hotaru and Usa had explained their failures with the dating pool, he discounted the second possibility as well.
And considering that Usa was from the future and she described her father a bit, it was most likely the third one: this guy was Usa's father.
So, that begged the question: why was this man upset with Ranma? “Um, did I do something wrong?”
Mamoru was in a blind rage. Before him was the man who had spoiled his daughter. He raised his sword. “Foul creature, for besmirching the purity of my daughter, I shall see thou smote this day by my righteous blade!”
Ranma actually twitched a bit. Even in a whole new universe, I can't get away from poetry spitting morons with blades and delusions of grander. “Is your name Kuno?”
Mamoru Chiba, a.k.a. Prince Endymion, paid no heed to the question, merely following the now awakened instincts of the overprotective father. Following said instincts, little things like morals and concepts of right and wrong went out the window. All he could see in his rage-induced haze was the boy who sought to defile his daughter.
Ranma pushed the girls off to the sides, as he rolled back onto Hotaru's bed, avoiding a downward slicing strike of Endymion's blade.
Of course, Hotaru was upset at the simple fact the footboard of her bed was now sliced in two, as soon were the columns supporting the drapes on top of the bed; a present from Michiru for her birthday last month.
Seeing that his dodging of the madman's attempts of murder were destroying Hotaru's bedroom, and the last thing he needed was another girl charging him for things being destroyed by people out to kill him, he decided to take the chase out of the room.
With the sword wielding wacko now between Ranma and the window, the pigtailed consort decided that he'd have to go out the door, cut through the bathroom, and out that window.
“Saotome Final Attack: Run Away!” cried Ranma, darting out of the room.
As the Mamoru chased after him, Hotaru stared at her former poster bed, her hands in tight fists, as her body flashed changed to Sailor Saturn. “Usa, I won't kill him, but I will make it hurt ... a lot.”
Usa nodded, until she heard a female voice screaming “PERVERT, COME BACK AND DIE!”
Blinking, Usa quickly transformed as well. It just wouldn't do for her to not be born when she finally found a boyfriend.
Haruka was just getting out of the shower, washing the stress of the long drive home off. She had nearly gotten into a fight with an old woman who believed speed limit signs were in meters per day instead kilometers per hour.
Add to that the pace of traffic, the fact she missed a monster, and that her adopted daughter seemed to be moving quickly with their dimensional visitor/roommate, the hot shower had done wonders for her mood.
As she tossed the towel into the hamper, the door busted open, scaring her immobile, as a familiar male figure slid along the floor on his back, his head ending up looking at a place no male had seen before.
Haruka looked down, seeing Ranma look up from the floor, a bit of blood leaking from his nose.
“You shall not escape your deserved punishment, blight upon my house!” came a scream from the door.
Seeing his attacker was closing in, Ranma pushed himself past Haruka, heading towards the window that had been open to let out some steam, since no one lived close enough to peer into it. “Sorry, Haruka, punish me later, bye!”
“Come back, sworn enemy of all women!” cried out Endymion, shoving Haruka aside and giving chase.
Now, Haruka was far from being a prude. She had very well teased every Senshi at one point or another, save for Hotaru who was protected in her eyes by parent's privilege. So, she was used to weird innuendo and suggestions.
To have a guy fall and see your private area was something she would normally have cleaved his manhood for. But considering she had seen his girl form naked—which did add a new level to her imagination—she could partially forgive him. The fact that the sight had caused him to loose some blood through his nose did let her know that she still had a body guys wanted.
Plus the fact that he said she could punish him later for that act did add a lot of points to his favor.
So, for the moment, she would hold off on removing his necessary equipment for reproduction until he had had a chance to explain why he had barged in on her, as well as why Mamoru was trying to kill him.
Now, however, she had to consider Mamoru.
He had barged in, showed no reaction to her nudity, and pushed her aside with his hand grabbing something that he had no permission to touch, let alone see.
Given the fact that his zero-reaction had insulted her ego, as she knew she was at least a little bit better built than Usagi, added fuel to the already burning fire of pain and need to hurt something or someone that the shower had mostly extinguished.
In a fit of rage, her body instantly summoned her Sailor Armor, and raised her Space Blaster Sword towards the window. “PERVERT, COME BACK AND DIE!”
Ranma would get punished later.
Mamoru would get punished now.
Setsuna quickly drank her tea, thanking the heavens that she had been able to slip a little vodka into it. Normally, she didn't drink.
But ever since Hades had come back online, she had been feeling a need to. At this point, she was beginning to wonder if she could just shove Ranma through a portal to Crystal Tokyo and be done with it.
So Hotaru would be without for a little less than a millennia. Not like Setsuna had been without for longer.
Of course, she was also currently tempted to give Usagi some straight shots of the vodka to calm down the future Neo-Queen. Since Usa's story, the girl had been confused, stressed, and about ready to snap.
Mamoru's actions had damn near made her pass those little fail-safes in all of us that usually kept us from randomly killing people.
Finally, after rubbing her temples and muttering a strange mantra about “it better be worth it,” Usagi looked towards the group. “Would you all drop the transformations? I'd rather not have to deal with that at this point.”
After they dropped their transformation, Haruka heard Ranma “eep”, before she found him holding his shirt to her.
It took her a moment to realize that she had forgotten she had been naked when she transformed.
Putting on the shirt quickly as Ranma looked away, and Mamoru stayed focused on said boy, Haruka motioned for Michiru to please go get her some clothes.
Michiru was still giggling as she came back with some clothes for her lover. Oh yes, Ranma is really paying for his stay in spades. I haven't laughed this hard in years.
“Now that everyone is ... presentable,” smiled Usagi, enjoying the embarrassment of the Outer, “perhaps someone can explain what the hell you thought you were doing?” she finished in a near overpowering yell.
Ranma, used to being yelled at by powerful women, immediately fell into his usual reaction. “I didn't do nothin'. I was just talking to them when this Kuno-wannabe here came in and tried to kill me. I left when he was startin' to tear up Hotaru's room.” He then paused before turning to Haruka. “Um, I know sorry ain't gonna save my ass, but sorry for bustin' in on ya. I needed a way to get stick boy outside before he tore more stuff up.”
Michiru stopped her life mate from responding. “What did he break?”
Hotaru begin to sniffle. “He destroyed my bed.”
The others moved as far away from Mamoru as possible as the usually calm Senshi of Neptune soon erupted a battle aura that looked more like hellfire than anything else, making Usagi wonder if her friend was possessed.
“Do ... you ... know ... how ... much ... that ... bed ... cost?” she asked slowly, her fist slowly raising to eye level.
Mamoru finally stopped glaring at the boy who tried to defile his daughter from the future, to finally see Michiru. “Umm ...” he said, his fear growing.
Soon, Michiru was before his face. “You had better hope that we have some magic that can repair it, or I promise you that there will be nowhere you can hide, no one who can protect you.”
“Woah,” said Ranma, “scary.”
The other girls nodded.
Well, Haruka nodded as she peered over his shoulder to see her lover nearly driving the future King of the Earth to wet himself.
Hotaru and Usa nodded in agreement, glances going between the scene and the shirtless mate they had chosen.
“Now that we have that out of the way,” said Usagi, ignoring her scared-stiff fiancé, “I would like to talk to the man I apparently chose as consort for my daughter and her best friend.”
As soon as Usagi escorted Ranma to the kitchen for a nice talk, the other Inners swarmed on the two princesses for details, while Mamoru went to see if the Moon Cats had a spell to repair an antique bed.
Haruka and Michiru went upstairs, no doubt for Michiru to tease her butch lover about flashing their adoptive daughter's boyfriend.
Setsuna didn't know whether to get more alcohol, or talk to Hades about punting Ranma into the future.
A millennia vacation would do her well right about now.
Ranma collapsed on his bed as soon as he entered his room.
Between the chase, the battle, and the unlimited amounts of questions Usagi pounded him with, Ranma was not relatively certain he'd even have the energy to wake up tomorrow, let alone go to school.
True, he had felt some small bit of satisfaction watching the Senshi version of Nerima's stick boy get dressed down by Michiru, Usagi, and Usa, before Hotaru placed the sharp glaive she wielded at his throat, informing him of how upset she was at what he had tried to do.
I hope he at least gets a clue, unlike baka-Kuno.
And here I was hoping this place would be different from Nerima.
So far, I had a tomboy walk in on me, and then I walked in on her. Some idiot with a sword tried to kill me, slipped into the Nekoken, embarrassed myself, and got placed into Tenth Grade ... again!
Staying at a strange house where I am now somewhat engaged to a girl I never met before, involved in stuff way above me head.
And I don't even want to know what those applications are that Hotaru and Usa weren't accepting from the other girls.
At least today is over.
Sadly, that was when his door opened. “Ranma,” said Haruka, “we need to talk.”
Ranma was about to cry. Why did this stuff happen to him?
“Are you okay, Ranma-kun?” asked Hotaru at lunch time.
When they had woken up that morning, strangeness continued.
Usa had arrived early, wanting to walk to school with Ranma and Hotaru. Not that Hotaru minded. They were after all interested in Ranma, and she could just enjoy the thousand years she would have with him while Usa was being born, trained, and all the other fun stuff before she came back to meet Ranma.
The first odd think was Ranma's morning practice being stopped by Haruka, who wanted to punish Ranma for seeing her naked, despite the fact she had barged in on Ranma-chan earlier yesterday.
So, one Sailor Senshi transformation later, and Ranma received a short trip of a few meters courtesy of a right hook from Sailor Uranus.
So, Hotaru had to spend the morning first healing Haruka-papa's fractured hand from hitting something Ranma himself had called “damn near indestructible”, followed by spending a few seconds to heal the light bruise forming on her consort's jaw.
Then Setsuna had arrived from a morning check at the Gates of Time, muttering about bitchy and mysterious AI programs that acted too snooty for their own good.
This of course resulted in her braining Ranma with her Garnet Staff after Ranma had said she smelt like she had been drinking all night.
So, after Setsuna had gone to take a shower, now complaining about wise-cracking males who didn't know when to be quiet, Hotaru had used her healing ability once again to remove the lump from Ranma's head.
So, he decided to stay quiet and not make it three for three with saying something to make Michiru hit him.
Ranma sighed. “Just thinking how much remains the same, despite whatever world I'm in.”
Usa nodded as she bit into her sandwich. “I think I'll ask Ami to scan you to see if there really is some other curse on you besides Jusenkyo.”
Ranma nodded, remembering the talk he had had to have with both gym teachers and the school guidance counselor before classes begun to both demonstrate his curse, and assign him a key to the Teacher's Locker-room.
The good news was he didn't have to pick or choose one gender to shower, as he knew both would love to spray him to get a good look in. It had been the same at Furinkan, no matter how many boys ended up with their bathing supplies stuffed up the wrong holes.
And the reactions from a few of the so-called Inner Senshi left him believing the same might occur here.
The bad news was that he wasn't excused from certain activities. He'd have to swim with the girls as well as other girl-sports as well as his required load as a guy.
They were splitting his classes, and requiring him to participate on several school teams.
I can't believe they're expecting me to be a jock.
He hated to do sports, mostly because he was leagues ahead of most of the people around him. It felt unfair to be in those types of things. In his opinion, it was like placing a bunch of white belts against a fourth-degree black belt.
But, he could understand it in a way as well. After all, he was also going to help in their training.
If he was going to make a future in this world, he would need an education, and Setsuna could only falsify so many records. If he planned to get into any college, especially with his current abilities and grades, he'd need a miracle, and sometimes a sports scholarship was enough.
Hotaru nodded, not really understanding why Ranma was so sad. “Are you going to be okay?”
Ranma nodded, quickly finishing his meal. “Yeah, guess I'm still adjusting to everything.”
Usa nodded. “I think I can understand. But at least I had some idea what to expect. You just got dropped in this.”
Ranma nodded. “Listen, I ain't sure what's going to happen, but I want to thank the both of you for letting me get comfortable here first, before trying that consort stuff.”
The two girls smiled. Considering what his stories had been like yesterday, they decided to go for the slow-and-easy approach. After all, his experiences with girls was bound to make him extremely shy or trained to fear all levels of intimacy.
Hell, they had yet to be able to give him a hug without him freezing up and looking around like he had done something wrong.
But they weren't expecting miracles. He had only been there for almost three days.
So, they sat, just talking about their respective days, as well as what they had to do after classes.
“I just don't get it,” said Makoto, staring at the trio across the yard, eating together. “Why did your future self arrange that?”
“Yes,” said Minako, “and when can I expect my consort to be sent to me?”
Usagi sighed. “Guys, can we drop it?”
“Yes,” said Ami. “After all, she's probably tired from interrogating Ranma.”
“Besides,” said Usagi, “didn't Usa already tell you the names of your consorts?”
Minako glared at Ami. “Yeah, but some people aren't helping us find them. It's like looking for hay in a needle-stack.”
Makoto sighed, once again ignoring Minako's slaughtering of a phrase. “I just want to know if he can train us.”
“Not likely,” said Ami. “Setsuna informed me that the school is trying to get him to sign up for a bunch of sport teams. They feel he and she would be great additions and really pull in the crowds, as well as other interests.”
“Maybe I should see about getting back into Volleyball,” said Minako. “After all, she did say there weren't supposed to be anymore threats. Maybe I can enjoy my last year with my favorite sport again.”
Usagi sighed. “Please don't steal my daughter's consort.”
“Furthest thought on my mind,” said Minako.
“Good,” said Usagi, wanting to change the subject. She still felt she was too young to be protecting her daughter's love interests from the other Senshi. “Ami, you have any news on the new wave of youma we seem to be facing?”
Ami shook her head. “Just that I doubt the two we've had in the last few days are related. I think yesterday's was a regular youma.”
“Damn,” muttered Usagi. She had been hoping that they were being invaded by forces of the Baskin Robbin's Kind.
“We should talk more at the meeting tonight,” said Makoto, referring to the meeting that was being held at Rei's shrine.
For some reason, having Hotaru's room destroyed by an insane Mamoru had turned the Outers off of hosting them.
Go figure.
While the last half of classes was going on, a meeting was taking place in the middle of the Sahara Desert.
Loki stood nervously, with two desks before him. One contained the figure of Kami-sama, in his Odin disguise, looking over the paperwork for the Ranma-Sailor Moon show the God of Mischief was planning to start showing.
The other desk was being used for the same reasons by none other than Hild herself.
He knew Kami-sama loved the Senshi, including the fact that now Crystal Tokyo wouldn't be so ... boring and mind-numbing.
He knew Hild would enjoy Ranma now in the mix because the guy practically reeked of chaos. He swore that the boy's sweat probably violated several laws of physics by itself.
The two finally looked up from their contracts, looked at each other for a few seconds, before nodding and stamping them.
And like that, Loki finally got a producer position on the newest show.
Now, if those damn fairies could just decide on what to name it.
Two hours after classes had ended; one tired pigtailed martial artist was plodding his way back home. The coaches had tested him in just about every sport, and every single one of them wanted him on their teams.
Not that he cared. His luck stated they'd all find some way to pull it off, short of opening a portal to Hell and making a wish from a demon.
In a way, it was good because he'd spend some time away from his new home, and perhaps meet some more people of this world, perhaps even learn what his childhood could have been like had the baka panda ever thought to allow Ranma a social education.
He doubted it would be that easy. After all, sports teams had rivals, rivals led to attacks from nowhere, which led to damage, which led to blame being put on him.
Ranma shook his head. “That ain't happening here. This place is normal, not like Nerima.”
An explosion three blocks away corrected his thinking. “Damn it,” he muttered, as he raced to see if he could help.