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Chapter One: The Engagement

Soun Tendou read the postcard in his hand. [Ranma and I are on our way back from China to fulfill the promise we made old friend to unite the two families: Genma Hino.], the post card read. Tears filled the man’s eyes. “At last they will be here soon!” Soun said.
“So let me get this straight,” Nabiki said. She folded her arms. “You want one of us to marry a boy we have never met?”
“That’s right. Genma Hino is my old friend. We promised to unite the two families long ago,” Soun replied.
“I hope he is an older man,” Kasumi said with a yawn. “Younger men bore me.”
“I will not marry a pervert. I hate boys,” Akane angrily proclaimed.
“You haven’t even met him, and he already is a pervert?” Nabiki asked.
“All boys are perverts,” Akane replied.
“Whatever,” Nabiki said. “I hope he is cute. Daddy do you know anything about him?”
“No,” Soun answered. “I have never met him.”
“Oh My,” Kasumi said. (Is he joking?) Akane thought. (He wants one of us to marry a boy that we have not met.)
“Well this should be interesting,” Nabiki said. They heard a sound at the door. She ran to investigate, and came back with a terrified look on her face. A panda entered the room with a girl. She was slumped on his shoulder, and clearly looked unhappy. “Daddy is this your friend?”
“N-n-no,” Soun stuttered.
“So a panda just decided to drop in?” Nabiki asked.
“Put me down,” Ranma ordered. “You’re scaring them.” Genma put her down. She scratched the back of her head. “I am Ranma Hino. Sorry about this.”
“Are you sure that you’re Ranma Hino?” Soun asked. “I thought Genma had a son.”
“Just wonderful. Can’t you tell a girl from a boy dad?” Nabiki asked. Soun’s eyes rolled over and he crashed into the floor.
“Would you like to be friends?” Akane asked.
“Sure,” Ranma replied. She scratched the back of her neck.
“Are you a martial artist?” Akane asked. Ranma nodded. “Would you like to spar?”
“Okay,” Ranma replied. “I got to tell you something first.” Genma struck her in the back and Akane walked towards the dojo. Ranma turned around, waved her hand in the air and walked off. “Whatever Pop, they are going to find out.”
In the Dojo Akane and Ranma bowed to each other. Akane threw a punch, which Ranma easily dodged. Akane threw a few more punches. Ranma evaded each one.
“What are you doing? Fight me,” Akane said. Ranma continued to avoid Akane’s punches, and kicks making her angry. After a while, Ranma dashed behind Akane, and poked her. The two burst out in laughter.
“I am just glad that you’re not a boy,” Akane said. She left the dojo.
(She’s not going to like me anymore since I am a boy. I should take a bath and tell them the truth.) Ranma thought.
“Well, I better go out like this,” Ranma said.
Akane entered the room just as Ranma got out of the furo. Both of them were naked. They stared at each other, and began to turn bright red. Akane took a good look at Ranma. His blue eyes, and well-endowed look made Akane blush more, and she wrapped herself with a towel, and left the room. ________________________________________
“Give it a rest will you, Akane,” Nabiki said after the two Hinos finished explaining how they got the Jusenkyo curses. “You walked in on him.”
“All boys are perverts,” Akane said. “I bet he purposely cursed himself to check out his girl’s body. Ranma makes a perfect couple by himself.”
“I resent that,” Ranma said, clearly looking upset. “This curse is a nightmare.”
“Stop whining boy,” Genma spat.
“Your curse isn’t so bad since it takes hot water to turn back if you get splashed with cold water,” Soun said. “This is Kasumi. She is nineteen.” He pointed to his eldest daughter. “This is Nabiki. She is seventeen.” He pointed to his middle daughter. “This is Akane. She is sixteen.” He pointed to his youngest daughter. “I think it is best to marry Akane. You are the same age, and she is the only one trained in the Tendou School of Musabetsu Kakuto Ryu.”
“I won’t marry that perverted freak,” Akane said.
“Good cause, I wouldn’t want to marry a psychotic bitch like you,” Ranma retorted.
“Boy, it is time you learn your place. You will marry Akane, and you will carry on the Tendou and Hino Schools of Musabetsu Kakuto Ryu,” Genma said.
“No way Pop,” Ranma said. He spun his black pigtailed hair in denial. “I am going back to China to find a cure for this stupid curse.”
“You will marry Akane,” Genma said. Before Ranma could get up Genma bashed him in the head and knocked him out. “You don’t have a choice boy. After all I am stronger.”
Ranma awoke the next day to find himself in the air. He landed in the koi pond in the back yard of the Tendou dojo.
“Time to train boy,” Genma said after the black haired girl rose up from the pond. The two got into fighting stances. Soon the spar started.
Nabiki and Kasumi watched the two martial artists battle. It didn’t take long before Ranma kicked her father into the koi pond. A panda rose up from the pond.
“Ranma is good,” Nabiki said.
“I think that Genma is holding back his strength,” Kasumi said. “It is obvious to me that Ranma is not interested in our sister, however, from what happened last night it seems to me that Genma bullies his daughter.”
“Why are you calling Ranma a girl?” Nabiki asked.
“I feel rather confused to call Ranma a boy if she’s a girl at this moment,” Kasumi replied.
“Yea I guess so,” Nabiki said. “I want to help her.”
“Why? I thought you just scammed people,” Kasumi pointed out.
“I do, but it is not something I am proud of. If only father would get a job. I have my limits, and I am not about to let father and Genma bully Ranma or my little sister into an engagement that they don’t want,” Nabiki said.
“Thank you,” Kasumi said. “Ranma seems rough around the edges, but she seems to be a nice enough person.” (What is my sister up to?) Kasumi thought.
“Yea,” Nabiki said.
“Breakfast is ready everyone,” Kasumi yelled. Before everyone sat down to eat, she poured hot water on the two Hinos. She served breakfast and everyone began to eat. The four Tendous quickly noticed that Genma and Ranma battled each other while they ate. The two would steal and defend their food from each other.
“What are you two doing?” Akane asked.
“Martial arts training,” Genma replied. “The boy needs to be alert and be ready to defend himself at any time.”
“By stealing food from his plate,” Nabiki said.
“A martial artist must be ready to defend himself anytime, anywhere, anyplace,” Soun argued.
“Pop is just uses the training as an excuse. He is just trying to fill his fat belly,” Ranma said. Genma attempted to steal Ranma’s food and Ranma stopped him.
“Oh My,” Kasumi said. Nabiki and Akane began to get ready for school.
“Boy,” Genma said. “You’ll be going to school with Akane and Nabiki.” He handed Ranma his backpack.
“School?” Ranma asked. “Do I have to?” Ranma did not attempt to grab the backpack, and it fell to the floor.
“Yes,” Genma replied. “I have already enrolled you.”
“What if I refuse?” Ranma challenged.
“An education is important to a martial artist,” Genma replied.
“I am not going,” Ranma said.
“Then I am just going to have to convince you,” Genma said. He smacked Ranma. “You need more training boy.”
“So do you Pop,” Ranma said. He socked Genma back, and sent the man into the koi pond. Genma rose up from the pond, and pulled out a sign. [You have to go to school.] Genma wrote on the sign. “Fine Pop. Anywhere else is better than being here.” He grabbed his backpack.
“I hate boys,” Akane said angrily.
“We better get going,” Nabiki said while watching her sister walk off.
“Why did Akane look like she was getting ready to fight?” Ranma asked.
“Every morning before classes,” Nabiki said, “she has to fight back the Hentai Horde. They believe that if they defeat her that she’ll date the winner.” The two walked off, and they arrived at Furinkan High where Akane was currently in a battle with a horde of boys. (No wonder she got so mad at me last night.) Ranma thought. (They know nothing about what it means to be a martial artist.)
“You all have wasted your time if you think that you’ll get a date with her if you defeat her,” Ranma shouted. He laughed. “All you’re doing is harassing her. As a martial artist I cannot overlook this.”
“Ranma,” Akane said. “What are you doing?”
“Stopping these boys from distressing you,” Ranma replied.
The boys got mad and all seven of them dashed towards the martial artist. The closest boy attacked Ranma. He wielded a large baseball bat in his hand. Ranma ducked under the bat, and sweep kicked the boy into the ground. Two more swiftly ran to Ranma; one was unarmed, and the other had a bat. Ranma sidestepped a punch, and countered with his own. The unarmed boy smashed into the boy with the baseball bat and the two flew into the ground.
“The new boy is really good,” Miyu said from the second floor window of the school.
“Amazing,” Hiroshi said. He watched the battle play out before him. The crowds of students gathered at the gates cheered. The last four boys looked at each other nervously. Two of them held onto bats, one had a metal pipe, and the last was unarmed. They all attacked the pigtailed martial artist at once. Ranma did a jump before he spin-kicked one of boys into the ground. He ducked under a bat and knocked him out with a punch. He rolled out of the way of an attack before he sweep-kicked the last two boys into the ground. Tatewaki Kunou stepped from the shadows. He pointed his bokken at Ranma.
“What is your name foul cur?” Tatewaki asked. “Wait it is rude of me to not introduce myself first. I am the rising star of the Furinkan High Kendo Club. I am the blue thunder, Tatewaki Kunou age seventeen. Now we fight,” during his so-called speech thunder flashed throughout the sky as if the clouds themselves had blessed him. He quickly ran to Ranma, and struck very fast with his bokken, however, Ranma evaded the attacks quicker than Tatewaki could deliver them. The air pressure from the quick stabs that came from Tatewaki’s bokken left many marks on the tree that eventually blocked Ranma’s path. When he saw this, he bounced off the tree, and did a black flip over Tatewaki.
“I am Ranma Hino of the Hino School of Musabetsu Kakuto Ryu, and I accept your challenge,” Ranma said while upside-down in the air, Tatewaki continued to strike at Ranma without pause. After he landed Ranma, continued to sidestep the unrelenting attacks.
“Ranma,” Nabiki called from the second floor of the building. “You’re going to be late.”
“Okay, okay,” Ranma replied. “Time to finish this.” He finally went on the offensive, and used a combination of kicks and punches to wallop Tatewaki in several different vital spots.
“Is that all you have cur,” Tatewaki said before he fell unconscious.
“Where did you learn to fight like that?” Yuuka asked Ranma while he ate his lunch under a tree.
“I heard that you went on a training trip,” Hiroshi said.
“You are amazing,” Daisuke said.
“Thank you for stopping the Hentai Horde,” Mizuki said. “Maybe now they’ll stop attacking Akane.”
“Is your style of Musabetsu Kakuto Ryu related to the school Akane uses?” Daisuke asked.
“How many years have you been practicing the art?” Aya asked. While the students asked Ranma the questions, Akane approached the group. Ranma held up his hand to motion for silence. He quickly finished his food.
“I have been trained in the Hino style of Musabetsu Kakuto Ryu,” Ranma said, “almost all of my life.” He scratched the back of his head.
Akane pushed her way through the group of students that surrounded Ranma. (He had no right to involve himself in my fight.) Akane thought. (I’ll give him a piece of my mind for getting involved.) While she was making her way through the crowd, she bumped into Aya, who was drinking water from her canteen. It flew into the air, and it splashed Ranma. Everyone looked at the boy martial artist turned girl. They stood in shock.
“Pervert,” Akane screamed. She bashed the martial artist with her mallet, and the force of the blow drove Ranma in the air.
“What did you do that for?” Yuuka asked once the shock wore off. “That was really weird, but you had no right to strike her.”
“That perverted freak involved himself in my fight,” Akane said. Many of the students shot her a disappointed look.
“Before he/she came to this school,” Saki said, “no one else challenged the Hentai Horde from their daily assaults against you. I don’t know what those boys see in you. You are nothing but a meanie.” The students began to disperse allowing Nabiki to make her way to Akane.
“That was uncalled for sis,” Nabiki said.
“He is a pervert,” Akane spat. “He is a boy, and his curse further proves that he is one.”
“You need to grow up.” Nabiki said. “Ranma helped you. Do you really think he likes his water-based curse? I hardly doubt that.” Nabiki turned around, and walked in the direction Ranma had soared off to.
“Where are you going?” Akane asked.
“To locate Ranma,” Nabiki replied. She turned around to face her sister.
“Why are you helping that perverted freak?” Akane asked.
“Unlike you,” Nabiki replied. “I don’t bash people whenever I get angry.” Nabiki turned around and strolled off.
“Whatever,” Akane angrily said. She went back into Furinkan High, and ignored the many whispers that came from her fellow students.
“I didn’t even do anything.” Ranma muttered. She stood up. “This is just perfect. Now the whole school knows about my curse. Where am I?” She scratched the back of her head in a nervous anticipation and looked around.
“Ranma,” Nabiki called out. She walked closer to the cursed martial artist. “Are you hurt?”
“No,” Ranma replied.
“I know you must be embarrassed, possibly even angry at what my sister did,” Nabiki said, “but I think you should go back.”
“Everyone saw my curse,” Ranma said. “I will be treated as some freak now.”
“If it will make you feel better I will help you deal with your situation,” Nabiki said. “Let’s go. I don’t want to be late for class.”
“Alright,” Ranma said.
“Would you like me to explain the curse and the unwanted engagement that has been forced upon you?” Nabiki asked while pouring hot water on Ranma.
“Sure,” Ranma replied. “Enough people already saw my curse. I can’t explain it away now.”
“I know you don’t want to marry my sister,” Nabiki began. “I am working on the loopholes with the engagement contract.”
Ranma nodded and he left the room, “thank you,” Ranma said.
“You’re welcome,” Nabiki said.
“Boss?” Miyu asked in an empty classroom. “Why have you called this meeting?”
“We are here about Ranma and my sister Akane,” Nabiki said.
“Is the rumor about Ranma true?” Chinatsu asked. “I heard that he turned into a girl when water hit him. Is that true?”
“Yes,” Nabiki replied.
“Why should we care about him?” Natsumi asked. She folded her arms.
“This whole mess with Tatewaki and the Hentai Horde has gone too far. Ranma has a good chance of stopping the Hentai Horde,” Nabiki said. “The profits we have made have already dropped.”
“We still make a killing on the morning fights,” Miyu asked.
“The outcome of the fights has not changed in some time,” Nabiki replied. “We need to adjust our plans if we are to continue to make profits.”
“What is your plan boss,” Natsumi said.
“Does this new plan involve Ranma?” Chinatsu asked.
“While I think up of a new proposal,” Nabiki replied. “We’ll support Ranma. We’ll spread positive rumors about his curse and bring up the engagement that neither Akane nor Ranma want. This will buy us time to think up of new strategy regarding Ranma.”
“Let’s do this,” Miyu said.
“So how does his curse work?” Chinatsu asked.
“Is there anything else about the engagement that would be helpful to know?” Natsumi asked.
“Yea,” Nabiki said. “Here are the details…”
“Soun my friend,” Genma said later that day. “Is the paper work almost ready?”
“Indeed my friend,” Soun said. “In a week Akane and Ranma well be married. My only concern is that they are not getting along.”
“Give it time,” Genma said. “My boy will do right thing. He is just being stubborn. In time the two will love each other.”
“I hope you are right,” Soun said.
The following morning Ranma and Nabiki made their way to Furinkan High. Akane still angry about the day before walked off earlier. When Ranma arrived all the boys from the Hentai Horde fled. Surprisingly, Tatewaki Kunou was absent from the fight.
“Pervert,” Akane yelled. She glared at him. “Stay away from my life.” She bashed him with her mallet and knocked him out. Akane stormed off in anger. A teacher who saw the incident walked over along with several students.
“Why did she attack him?” Mrs. Arai asked.
“Akane is just upset that our father and Ranma’s father arranged an engagement that neither of them want. Rather than deal with her anger rationally she has picked him as her target,” Nabiki said.
“Is she also attacking him because of the gender curse?” Yuuka asked. Nabiki nodded.
“Can I ask someone to take him to the nurse’s office?” Mrs. Arai asked. “I’ll go see the vice principal, and arrange for his schedule to be changed.”
“I still don’t understand everything,” Saki said, “but Akane always had trouble with her temper.”
“Can you tell us more?” Aya asked.
“Sure,” Nabiki said, “at lunch.”
“We should take him to the nurse’s office now,” Mizuki said.
“Ranma, I have been given approval by the school board to handle your unique case,” Mrs. Arai said in her office.
“Sorry,” Ranma said.
“There is nothing to be sorry about,” Mrs. Arai said. “This school takes education very seriously despite Principal Kunou’s leadership when he is here. Under the circumstances, I think it would be best for you not to have the same classes with Akane. You have been here for two days now, and she has already attacked you four times.”
“I understand,” Ranma said.
“Due to the nature of your Jusenkyo curse; the school is allowing you to attend the boys program,” Ranma sighed in relieve, “however, we will be monitoring the situation very carefully. You will be expected, however, to have a full physical examination as a girl,” Mrs. Arai said.
“Do I have to?” Ranma asked.
“Yes,” Mrs. Arai said. “I have arraigned for you to see Dr. Sasaki. She is a professional, and has agreed to see two days from now at four in the afternoon. I’ve informed her of your curse. You may go now.”
“Thank you,” Ranma said.
Ranma was leaving Furinkan High when water sprayed him randomly. She left the building, and ran into Tatewaki. Seeing the black haired girl for the first time Tatewaki fell in love. Several students were in the vicinity.
“My black haired beauty,” Tatewaki said. “If you defeat me I will permit you to date me.”
“I would never,” Ranma said, “date someone as annoying as you.” She got into a fighting stance. Tatewaki withdrew his bokken.
“Very well my fiery maiden I accept your challenge,” Tatewaki said.
“This will be too easy,” Ranma said.
Tatewaki charged at her with his bokken. She dodged his swipes. She jumped on his bokken, and kicked him in the head. She jumped off the bokken, and rolled away from an attack after she landed on the ground. She blocked another attack made by Tatewaki, and she struck him in the head again. “Such passion,” Tatewaki said before losing consciousness.
“My friend, I do not understand,” Soun said while playing Shogi with Genma in the evening. “I had all the paper work ready.”
“How long is the delay?” Genma asked.
“We have to wait a month,” Soun said.
“Hmm,” Genma muttered. “That’ll still work. By a month's time Akane and Ranma will get along.”
The next day at Furinkan High Ranma was surprised to see the Hentai Horde not locked in battle with Akane. When they saw Ranma, the leader walked up to him.
“We concede,” the leader of the Hentai Horde said. “We won’t bother Akane any longer.” Ranma nodded. Many students cheered at this news. Tatewaki approached from the shadows.
“You there,” Tatewaki said. “Release your vile grip off the maidens at once. Your foul sorcery over the fierce tigress Akane Tendou and the mysterious fiery black haired girl ends here.” He attacked Ranma, who evaded the attack. He blocked another attack with his left arm, and jabbed Tatewaki in the stomach. The kendoist fell onto the ground face first. At the same time, it began to rain, and Ranma’s curse activated. Tatewaki arose from his short dirt nap.
“Where did that vile cur go?” Tatewaki asked. “My black haired girl.” He ran to give her a hug.
“I don’t have time for this nonsense,” Ranma muttered. She kicked the kendoist into the sky.
“His hold of you is very strong. I will free you I promise,” Tatewaki said while in the air. Several students laughed.
Ranma walked into his new homeroom, and soon he found himself surrounded by many students.
“Thanks for stopping the Hentai Horde,” Takuya said, “by the way nice to meet you. The name’s Takuya.”
“Thank you so much for defeating the Hentai Horde,” Saki said. “My name is Saki nice to meet you.”
“You brought peace back to our school,” Mizuki said. “Nice to meet you my name is Mizuki.”
“Thank you,” Kaito said, “for ending the vile Hentai Horde. My name is Kaito.”
“Why is everyone being so nice to me?” Ranma said. “You all know about my curse.”
“You helped return the school back to normal,” Aya said. “I don’t think many people think your curse is as bad as Akane believes. My name is Aya by the way nice to meet you.”
“Nice to meet you,” Yuuka said. “My name is Yuuka.” The homeroom teacher Mr. Tanaka walked in the classroom and everyone sat down.
Ranma walked to his next class and noticed that many male and female students paired off. (What is going on?) Ranma thought. He ran into Nabiki at the end of the hallway.
“Are you okay?” Nabiki asked.
“I am confused,” Ranma said. “The halls have changed.” Nabiki laughed.
“This used to be normal,” explained Nabiki said, “before Tatewaki convinced the Hentai Horde to attack Akane each morning last semester. After that, couples broke up because of distrust. By breaking up the Hentai Horde, you returned the school back to the way we were before. That’s why many people have no problems with your curse. It also helps that my friends and I spread positive rumors regarding your curse and explained your unwanted engagement with my sister. Sadly Tatewaki, is now convinced that you have enslaved Akane and your female form with your vile sorceress ways.”
“Thanks,” Ranma said. He laughed.
“No problem,” Nabiki said.
After classes, ended Ranma found himself alone with his thoughts as he walked home to the Tendou Dojo. He passed through downtown Nermia when it began to rain. (Why does Pop think that he can treat me like this?) Ranma thought. (First, he throws me into a pit of starving cats to teach me the Nekoken. Then he takes me to Jusenkyo when he doesn’t even know how to speak or read Chinese.) Ranma continued to walk in silence. (Then I find out that he has engaged me to a girl I don’t even know.) Ranma looked down at a puddle and saw her reflection. (If Pops saw me like this, he’d only call me a weak girl.)
Inside an ice cream restaurant Yuuka Hamada and her friends Aya Takeda, Mizuki Nakano, and Saki Iida talked to each other. They looked outside, and saw Ranma Hino.
“Ranma looks depressed,” Yuuka said. She stood up her long brown hair fell to her back.
“She really helped us out by breaking up the Hentai Horde. I think we should return the favor,” Saki said.
“We can invite her for some ice-cream,” Mizuki said.
“Perfect idea,” agreed Aya.
“I agree,” Yuuka said. They headed outside just as Ranma came in earshot. “Ranma? Want an ice-cream with us?” Ranma looked into Yuuka’s green eyes.
“Sure,” Ranma replied. Inside the ice cream restaurant Ranma took a seat between Yuuka and Mizuki. She almost sat on Mizuki’s long blond hair. Saki and Aya took a seat across from the others.
“What’s wrong?” Saki asked while calling for the waiter.
“This curse that turns me into a girl, my father thinks that I am a weak girl, because of the curse, and Akane thinks that I am pervert and a freak,” Ranma replied. She tried to hold back her tears.
“I don’t know how everyone else feels, but I for one am thankful you took care of the Hentai Horde,” Saki said her crystal blue eyes shimmered brightly. “You know what I see right now is a sad girl who needs to cheer up.”
“That’s just it. I am not a girl,” Ranma said.
Aya took a moment, and pushed her wavy brown hair out of her black eyes. After she got her hair out of her face, she began to think of a profound and supportive thing to say while everyone ordered their ice cream. Afterwards she pulled a mirror out of her purse, and handed it to Ranma. “What do you see in the mirror?” Aya asked.
Ranma looked into the mirror but no words came out. The waiter came back with their order then went to serve other customers.
“I see a beautiful girl who needs to cheer up,” Mizuki said.
“But,” Ranma said.
“Think about it this way,” Aya said interrupting her. “When you come in contact with cold water you change into a girl. It is not good for your self-esteem if people in your life are putting you down for something that is a part of you.”
“If what Akane says is true then many girls are perverts and freaks which is a silly conclusion to come to. She never did learn to control that temper of hers,” Mizuki said with a frown.
“You have said that your father thinks girls are weak right? From what I have seen you have already proven that we are far from weak,” Aya said. She smiled.
“That’s true,” Ranma said. She returned the smile.
“Would you like to come over to my house and spend the night?” Yuuka asked.
“We are having a sleepover,” Aya said.
“It’ll be fun,” Saki added.
“I guess,” Ranma said nervously.
“Yea we’ll have a good time Ranma-chan,” Mizuki said. Her brown eyes seemed to twinkle with excitement. “I promise.” After the invitation, the girls ate the ice cream in silence. On the way to Yuuka’s house, the heavy cold rain continued to pour down. After the five girls entered the house Yuuka’s mother greeted them.
“Hello dears,” Yuuka’s mother said. “Is this a new friend, Yuuka?”
“This is Ranma Hino,” Yuuka said. “The boy I told you about who has the Jusenkyo curse that turns him into a girl with cold water and back into a boy with hot water.” Ranma looked very nervous, and tried not to blush.
“My name is Reina,” Reina said. Ranma could see sympathy in her green eyes. “It is nice to meet you Ranma.”
“Hello,” Ranma said.
“Dears you must be cold. Take a warm shower and change into the clean clothes. Yuuka is Ranma spending the night with you and your friends?” Reina asked.
“If you don’t mind mother,” Yuuka said. Aya, Saki, and Mizuki walked over to the downstairs washroom while Yuuka led Ranma to the upstairs washroom.
“Take a shower Ranma and warm up. I’ll pull out clean clothes for you. I don’t have any boy’s clothes, so you’ll have to wear something of mine. My mom would be upset if you didn’t properly dress,” Yuuka said.
“You don’t mind if I borrow your clothes even if I am half girl?” Ranma asked.
“No I don’t mind,” Yuuka replied.
“Ranma looked depressed. Do you plan to become friends with her?” Reina asked her daughter and her friends in a room across from a washroom. She tugged on her short brown hair while she asked the question.
“Yes. Other than what Nabiki told everyone at school there isn’t much that we know about her except that she’s probably bullied by her father,” Yuuka replied.
“Akane has struck her a few times just because of the curse and the forced engagement,” Saki said. She twirled her black pony style hair.
“No one deserves to be treated the way she is being treated,” Mizuki added while ducking under Saki’s hair.
“I want to help her cope with having her curse,” Aya said.
“I see,” Reina began. “You girls have always been friendly and helpful. I’ll go make snacks.”
“Thanks mom,” Yuuka said.
After his warm shower, Ranma lowered the temperature of the water, and his curse activated. She got out of the shower where she saw the clothes Yuuka had laid out for her, which was a white bra, white panties, a red blouse, and a red skirt. Ranma looked at the clothes. (These clothes.) Ranma thought. (They are girl’s clothes. I will not wear them. I am a guy.) She made a face. (No way. I refuse to wear them.) Her decision already made she began to walk to the door in the room when saw her naked body in the mirror in the room. (My clothes are currently in the wash. I can’t go out naked. I already made my choice by coming here. I would be a rude guest if I did not put the clothes on. Yuuka, Saki, Aya, Mizuki and Reina have been nice to me. They are being kind and are supportive. I guess I have already made my choice. I can’t back out now.)
Ranma dried herself off with a towel before she grabbed the white panties. She put them on. (They feel soft, and they fit my body perfectly) Ranma thought. After she put on the panties, she picked up the white bra and looked at the back straps before she looked at the front cups. (I have never done this before. Shouldn’t be too hard.) She slipped the bra over her breasts, and afterwards she spent time fumbling with the straps. Ranma looked into the mirror again. (I hardly look like the strong martial artist I was before.) A single tear slid down from her face. She wiped the tear away.

“Think about it this way,” Aya said interrupting her. “When you come in contact with cold water you change into a girl. It is not good for your self-esteem if people in your life are putting you down for something that is a part of you.”
“If what Akane says is true then many girls are perverts and freaks which is a silly conclusion to come to. She never did learn to control that temper of hers,” Mizuki said with a frown.
“You have said that your father thinks girls are weak right? From what I have seen you have already proven that we are far from weak,” Aya said. She smiled.

End Flashback
Ranma looked into the mirror again. This time instead of a foreign female body that was not hers, she saw another side of herself. (This body is a part of me.) Ranma thought. (I am a martial artist, a boy and a girl.) She picked up the red blouse and slipped it over her head. Taking a hold of the red skirt, she put it on. She looked into the mirror again. (I look cute. These clothes feel foreign but they feel more comfortable on this body than my Chinese Mandarin clothes.) She continued to look at herself in the mirror for a minute. (I guess I have to go out like this.) Walking out of the room, she was surprised to see Yuuka standing in the adjacent room.
“You look beautiful,” Yuuka said. She grabbed a brush and motioned for Ranma to take a seat.
“Thank you,” Ranma said. Ranma took a seat, and Yuuka brushed her hair. Ranma sat in silence, and stared into the mirror in the room. “Sorry that I took so long.”
“I understand. You are nervous,” Yuuka said. “Changes are never easy. You are strong and brave. Just don’t forget that you are not alone.”
“It is hard for me. I have been on the road my whole life you know,” Ranma said. Yuuka nodded and she finished brushing Ranma’s hair.
“The others are in my room,” Yuuka replied.
“Okay,” Ranma said. Yuuka led a still nervous Ranma to her room. She saw Aya, Mizuki, and Saki. They were on the bed in the room and were engaged in conversation. Once they noticed Ranma, the three girls looked up.
“You look nice,” Mizuki said.
“This can’t be easy for you,” Saki said. She stood up and walked over to Ranma. A smile was on her face. “We want to get to know you.”
“Thanks,” Ranma said. She returned the smile. “I would like to get to know you as well.”
“You are welcome,” Aya said. “Have a seat,” Yuuka, Saki, and Ranma took a seat on the bed at the same time that Reina entered the room carrying a tray of snacks.
“Is anyone hungry?” Reina asked.
“Thanks mom,” Yuuka said. The snacks didn’t last long, but before the food was finished, the doorbell rang. “I wonder who that could be. I will answer it.” Nabiki and Yuuka came up to her room. (How did she find me?) Ranma thought.
“Hello Ranma,” Nabiki began. “I gave Kasumi a heads up on where you are. I am glad you made some friends. Your father started to be a pain when you didn’t show up after school, so Kasumi distracted father and your father with nihonshu.” (Japanese saké)
“Thank you,” Ranma said. “How did you find me?”
“I saw you leave the Ice Cream Restaurant with your friends, so I concluded you were here since you didn’t head directly home afterwards,” Nabiki said.
“Did something happen?” Ranma asked. Nabiki nodded.
“I looked into the engagement contract that our parents made. Apparently father and your father have deep connections here in Nerima,” Nabiki began. “I can’t dissolve the contract completely unless someone in your family out-ranks your father. I have already slowed down the engagement plans. You have an extra month now. Do you know anyone in your family that could dissolve the engagement?”
“I don’t know anyone,” Ranma replied.
“I see,” Nabiki said.
“Thank you for all your help,” Ranma said. Nabiki nodded.
“You look good,” Nabiki said. Ranma blushed. “I have to go now. Have fun.” Ranma sat in silence.
“Why are you being so nice to me?” Ranma asked.
“When you were walking home from school we could tell you were depressed, and we wanted to help,” Yuuka replied.
“Thank you,” Ranma said.
“So would you like to be friends?” Mizuki asked.
“I would like that,” Ranma replied.
“If you do not mind, can you tell us about your martial artist training trip?” Aya asked. Ranma told them about the death of her mother when she was young, her martial arts training, and the meeting with the Tendous. She was on the verge of tears, and it was obvious.
“If you want to cry it is okay,” Yuuka said.
“Men don’t cry,” Ranma said.
“Dear,” Reina said. “Your father is wrong. Men can cry, besides you’re not a boy right now.”
“It is not healthy to hold back tears,” Saki said. Ranma nodded, and more than ten years’ worth of tears fell; they comforted her while she cried.
“Feeling better?” Aya asked several minutes later.
“A little,” Ranma replied.
“Would you let me adopt you?” Reina asked.
“I would like that, but Pop wouldn’t allow that. I would put you all in danger,” Ranma replied.
“I see,” Reina said. “If you ever need someone to talk to I will listen. I am going to make dinner. Have a good time now.”
“Thank you,” Ranma said.
“No problem dear,” Reina said.
“What are your plans for today?” Reina asked at the breakfast table the next morning.
“I should get back to the Tendou Dojo before Pops blows a gasket,” Ranma said. “I had an awesome time. Thank you so much.”
“You are welcome,” Yuuka said. “You can keep the clothes that I let you borrow,”
“Thanks,” Ranma said.
“We’ll see you in class tomorrow,” Aya said.
“Thanks for coming,” Mizuki said. “We had lots of fun.” She smiled.
“Take care,” Aya said.
Ranma left the house carrying a bag of clothes with her. She arrived back at Tendou Dojo to find no one there. She took advantage of the opportunity and changed out of her clothes and used the subspace trick she learned from her father to hide them. She changed back into a male with hot water, and he changed into his usual attire. He went to the kitchen to eat when he noticed a note. After he read the note, he dashed off.
“So glad you could make it,” Kasumi said cheerfully when she saw Ranma arrive at the train station. Akane shot a glare at him.
“Where were you boy?” Genma said.
“I was out with some friends,” Ranma said.
“Just in time,” Soun said. “My friend Akeno Kobayashi is visiting for a few days. He lives in Osaka.”
“Daddy,” Nabiki asked. “Does his visit have anything to do with the engagement between Ranma and Akane?” Soun began to drip sweat.
“Of course not,” Soun said. “What makes you think that?”
“Me marry that tomboy. No way,” Ranma said.
“Pervert,” Akane yelled. She pulled her mallet out of subspace and bashed him. Ranma slumped to the floor unconscious.
“What is wrong?” Nabiki asked. She saw Ranma pacing in the Tendou Dojo guestroom after lunch.
“I have an appointment with Dr. Sasaki today. Mrs. Arai told me that Furinkan High is expecting me to get a physical as a girl.”
“There is nothing to be worried about,” Nabiki said. She laughed. “If it makes you feel better you could go with your friends. I can keep everyone distracted long enough for you to get ready.”
“I can do that,” Ranma said. “Thanks.”
“No problem,” Nabiki said. She was about to leave the room when she turned around. “I know my sister has a bad temper, and she is not easiest person to deal with right now, so I would watch what you say around her.”
“I will try,” Ranma said. Nabiki nodded, and left the room. Ranma went to the bathroom, and splashed himself with water. She changed into her new clothes, and waited until Nabiki had everyone distracted before she left the Tendou Dojo.
“Thanks for coming,” Ranma said. She and Aya walked to Dr. Sasaki’s medical office.
“No problem,” Aya said. The two entered the building. Ranma waited in nervous anticipation after she filled out the required paperwork.
“I am really surprised,” Dr. Sasaki said when she came back into the room after the examination ended. “When your school called I was told to expect to see a boy who could turn into a girl with cold water. I wasn’t expecting to see you wear regular woman’s clothing.”
“I made some friends the other day,” Ranma said. “They helped me realize that this body is mine. I still feel uncomfortable, but that is slowly changing.”
“I see,” Dr. Sasaki said. She picked up her clipboard. “The results of the exam are as follows. Your whole body physically and chemically changes into a girl after cold water splashes on you. I also note changes in physical and mental behavior when your gender changes. I gather that since you spent most of your life on the road you have little to no knowledge of the changes of the human body goes through?” Ranma nodded. “Then I recommend that you take classes on learning about the male and female bodies.”
“Okay,” Ranma said.
“You should know that if you spend several weeks in your female body without being splashed with warm water you will experience the monthly cycle known as a period. The cycle is perfectly natural. You should also know that your female body is fully capable of childbirth.” Ranma blanched.
“Childbirth?” Ranma asked in a panicked voice.
“I am just letting you know. You need to be aware that your female body can become pregnant. Both bodies are healthy for your age. I will be sending my report to Mrs. Arai. Here are several pamphlets that I suggest that you look over during your spare time. You can go now.” She handed Ranma five pamphlets.
“Thank you,” Ranma said. She left the room, and went to the waiting room to see her friends Yuuka, Saki, Mizuki, and Aya.
“Sorry we couldn’t come with you,” Yuuka said.
“No worries,” Ranma said.
“There is a fair nearby,” Mizuki said. “Anyone want to go?”
“Sounds like fun,” Saki said.