Ranma 1/2 Fan Fiction / Sailor Moon Fan Fiction ❯ The Fiery Soul: Past ❯ Chapter Three: The arrival of Ryouga Hibiki: The eternally lost boy ( Chapter 3 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Chapter Three: The arrival of Ryouga Hibiki: The eternally lost boy

“Alright students enjoy your afternoon,” Mrs. Fujii said to her students late in the afternoon.
“Ranma,” Aya asked. “Want to go to the Nature Park?”
“Sure,” Ranma replied. “See you all in half an hour?”
“Yea,” Aya replied. “We’ll meet at Yuuka’s house.”
“Okay,” Ranma said.
“Ranma prepare to die!” Ryouga Hibiki yelled at Ranma once he saw him at the front gates at Furinkan High. He threw a punch at Ranma, who dodged the attack. Ryouga followed up with a swing of his yellow umbrella, which Ranma evaded. Ranma grabbed the umbrella, and pushed the strong martial artist back.
“Who are you?” Ranma asked.
“Don’t play stupid Ranma. Because of you, I have seen hell. I will kill you!” Ryouga yelled.
“What did you do to him?” Akane asked. Yuuka, Aya, Saki, Mizuki, Akane, and many others watched the exchange between to the two martial artists. “He looks mad!”
“Who are you?” Ranma asked.
“Ryouga Hibiki. You don’t remember me?” Ryouga asked.
“No,” Ranma replied.
“The all boys’ school. You stole my food. You ran out on our duel,” Ryouga spat out.
“I remember now,” Ranma said. He punched his left hand into his right hand. “How are you?”
“Don’t ask me how are you. Because of you I have seen hell,” Ryouga said.
“What is he talking about Ranma?” Nabiki asked.
“When I was six I went to an all boy’s school. Every day we had to fight over bread if we wanted to eat. Every day I would beat Ryouga,” Ranma replied.
“This is over a bread feud?” Saki asked.
“No,” Ryouga said.
“He challenged me to a duel behind his house. I waited for three days for Ryouga to arrive,” Ranma said.
“Three days?” Mizuki asked.
“Seems kind of pathetic if you ask me,” Daisuke said.
“Ryouga gets lost easily,” Ranma said.
“Like how lost?” Yuuka asked.
“He can get lost in a closet,” Ranma said.
“Wow,” Aya said. Several students snickered in the background, making Ryouga grow red.
“I showed up on the fourth day. You ran out on our man-to-man fight,” Ryouga spat.
“Look man,” Ranma explained. “Pops and I restarted our training trip that day. It was not my fault.”
“I followed you both, and I waited to get my revenge. I have finally found you,” Ryouga said.
“Give me a sec will you,” Ranma said to Ryouga.
“Where are you going?” Akane asked.
Ranma came back and he handed Ryouga several pieces of bread.
“Here you go,” Ranma said. “That should make us even.”
“I have seen hell because of you Ranma Hino. I will kill you,” Ryouga yelled.
“Fine,” sighed Ranma. “If you want to fight, fine by me.”
“Die Ranma!” Ryouga yelled. Ranma dodged the punch. Ryouga was now facing towards the Furinkan High School Fields. He dashed at Ranma again and once again, he avoided Ryouga’s attack. He ran off in a random direction, and got lost in the process. Everyone soon heard him yell. “Where the hell am I now? I must be in Okinawa. Curse you Ranma; because of you I have seen hell.”
“Is he going to come back?” Nabiki asked.
“He’ll find his way back eventually, though it could take a week.” Ranma replied.
Ranma splashed himself with cold water in the Tendou Dojo washroom. She went to her room, and changed into her underwear, yellow sundress, white socks, and high heels. Once she was several yards away from the Tendou Dojo, she relaxed. She arrived at Yuuka’s house. Yuuka, Aya, Saki, and Mizuki sat outside with Reina, while they waited for Ranma to arrive.
“Hello Ranma,” Reina said once Ranma came in earshot. “How are you dear?”
“I am fine thank you,” Ranma replied.
“See you later mom,” Yuuka said. She and her friends stood up.
“Have fun dears,” Reina said. Ranma and her friends began to walk slowly in the direction of the Nature Park.
“You look good Ranma,” Mizuki said.
“Where did you get the dress?” Aya asked.
“Kasumi took me shopping the other day,” Ranma replied.
“Was it Asuka’s near the Ice Cream Restaurant?” Saki asked.
“Yea,” Ranma replied.
“They got lots of nice stuff,” Mizuki said.
“You look worried Ranma,” Yuuka said.
“I am worried about how much I have changed in the last few days,” Ranma said.
“Ranma,” Aya began. “Do you feel comfortable with how much time that you spend as a girl?”
“Yea,” Ranma replied.
“I can understand,” Saki said.
“Know this,” Mizuki said. “We will support you no matter what choices you make. I think your father’s biggest mistake is forcing an engagement on you and Akane.”
“Thank you,” Ranma said. “Every time I get along with her, Soun and Pops push the engagement on us. Then I say something stupid, and she bashes me with that mallet of hers.”
The girls arrived at the Nature Park. They sat in silence for a while. They took in the breeze, and heard the birds chirp.
“Feels so peaceful,” Saki said.
“The Nature Park really makes me feel like we are not in a huge city,” Mizuki said.
“This is probably the first time I ever really got to enjoy nature,” Ranma said.
“You never got to enjoy being outdoors?” Yuuka asked.
“No,” Ranma replied. “We were too busy training, fighting, and running from villagers whenever Pops stole food.”
“You can enjoy nature any time you want now,” Mizuki said
“I know martial arts are important to you Ranma,” Yuuka said, “however, don’t let your father control your life.”
“Yea,” Ranma said. “I just want to do what’s right.”
“Sometimes doing what’s right can depend on the circumstances,” Aya said.
“No one should be forced to marry someone they don’t want to,” Saki said.
“I don’t want to marry Akane. I wonder if Nabiki can nullify the engagement,” Ranma said, and she thought for several moments. “I agree I would like to try something other than martial arts.”
“You can do anything you set your mind to,” Aya said. They fell quiet, and listened to the natural sounds of the park.
Ranma snuck back into her room, and went to the washroom. She changed out of her clothes, and changed into her regular clothes. She splashed herself with warm water, and went back outside. Genma quickly spotted Ranma entering through the front door.
“Where were you boy,” Genma asked.
“I was out for a stroll,” Ranma replied.
“This arrived here earlier today Ranma,” Kasumi said.
Ranma grabbed the postcard. The postcard read. [I wish to duel you tomorrow Ranma. Ryouga Hibiki.]
“You should get ready for the match,” Akane said.
“Nah, he’ll arrive here in a week or so,” Ranma replied.
“Are you serious that he gets that lost?” Nabiki asked.
“Yea,” Ranma replied. “You all heard him this afternoon. He was in earshot and he thought he was in Okinawa.”
“Oh happy day,” Soun began a festive cheer. “My little girl is getting along with Ranma.”
“Want to have the wedding party now Soun?” Genma asked. He was also in a festive cheer. This caused Nabiki to smirk. Akane got red in face. Kasumi showed her oh my face.
“Marry that tomboy. No way,” Ranma said.
“Ranma, No Baka,” Akane screamed. She pulled her mallet from subspace, and bashed Ranma again. Ranma fell unconsciousness, Akane once again stormed off in anger, and the two idiot fathers went back to their shogi game.
A week passed by since Ryouga’s challenge letter arrived, and he still had yet to show himself. Classes let out and Ranma, Akane, and Nabiki left the school where they saw Ryouga. They were close to the stands at the Furinkan High field.
“You ran out on our last fight Ranma. This time I will kill you. Because of you I have seen hell,” Ryouga said.
“Like it’s my fault that you get lost?” Ranma retorted.
“That has nothing to do with this. Die Ranma!” Ryouga yelled. He threw a chain at Ranma and locked it into place. “This time you won’t run out on me.” Ryouga flicked his wrist and everyone saw the other end of the chain.
“Boss?” Miyu began asked Nabiki. The four girls were nearby the fight between Ranma and Ryouga. “Have you thought up a new plan?”
“Yes,” Nabiki said smiling. “You all have seen Ranma fight?” Her friends nodded.
“Yes,” Chinatsu said. “He is an amazing martial artist.”
“Exactly,” Nabiki said.
“I am curious. Why you are trying to stop the engagement?” Natsumi asked.
“That is simple. If father gets away with marrying off Akane, he’ll try to marry me off as well. I would not like that to happen. Chances are he would engage me to Kunou,” Nabiki said. She shuddered. “I would rather fight the engagement.”
“What is your plan boss?” Miyu asked.
“If Ryouga is any indication, Ranma has to have many enemies. Enemies’ means fights. Fights mean money,” Nabiki replied.
“Good plan, boss,” Natsumi said.
“Great plan, boss,” Chinatsu said.
“That’s right. Time to make some money,” Nabiki said. She smirked.
“Well, bring it on,” taunted Ranma.
“Die Ranma,” Ryouga yelled. He threw a punch at Ranma who dodged the attack. Ryouga swung his umbrella, the object made contact, and Ranma countered with an uppercut kick to Ryouga’s jaw. The attack forced the stern martial artist to backpedal a step. They each went back into a stance in an attempt to read each the others plans. Ryouga attacked with his umbrella, and Ranma countered with an upper kick, and kicked the yellow umbrella in the air and it soared to the stands. The decent of the weapon into the stands nearly crashed into several students, but they managed to get out of harm’s way. Akane and several other students got curious. Hiroshi tried to pick up the umbrella.
“This umbrella weighs a ton,” Hiroshi said. Akane tried to lift the yellow umbrella to find that she couldn’t lift it either.
“Ranma look out,” Akane yelled. “Ryouga is really strong.” Ranma and Ryouga meanwhile exchanged multiple blows. The battle became a dance as each boy attacked and evaded attacks. The force of the movement that the two made in the throes of combat broke the chain that held Ryouga to Ranma. The chain sailed into a nearby pipe, and water gushed out, and spilt out all over the fence. When the chain at Ryouga’s end snapped the force of airborne chain and a punch from Ryouga propelled Ranma towards the fence. Ranma flew into the water, and ended up drenched. She fell on the other side of the fence in the forest.
Ranma was now wet in torn up clothes and she blushed. (I feel exposed, embarrassed.) Ranma thought. (I can’t run from the fight with Ryouga, but I’ll feel embarrassed if I fight in these wet torn up clothes. What am I going to do?)
“Ranma,” Saki called out quietly interrupting her thoughts. “Here are some dry clothes. Change quickly.”
“Thank you Saki,” Ranma replied. Her blush faded.
Ranma hid behind a large tree, where she changed into the white sports bra and panties that Saki gave her. She put on the yellow gi, and tied a belt to secure the gi to prevent any exposure. After she changed, she handed Saki her torn up clothes.
Ryouga meanwhile had avoided the water that sprayed from the fence. He grabbed his yellow umbrella with one arm. The pipe stopped leaking after a minute. Ryouga leaped over the fence, and when he landed, he spotted female Ranma in a yellow gi.
“So it was you,” Ryouga said. “I followed you to Jusenkyo, where a crazy girl pushed me into a spring. That girl was you, and now I shall have my revenge. Die Ranma. Because of you I have seen hell.”
“Yea, yea because of me you have seen hell. It is not like I haven’t heard that before,” Ranma retorted.
“It is such a shame that I must kill you now,” Ryouga said.
“As if I would let you,” Ranma said.
The other students had finally managed to get around the fence to see Ranma and Ryouga face off.
“That pervert,” Akane said.
“Listen,” Yuuka said. “Would you rather have her fight Ryouga in torn up clothes?”
“No, I guess not,” admitted Akane. Her anger faded after she realized Yuuka’s point.
“This is for all the hell you have caused,” Ryouga yelled.
“Give me your best shot,” Ranma said.
Ryouga threw a punch, and Ranma avoided it. The two went into a momentum of combat, and the two viciously attacked, and dodged each other’s attacks. Ryouga eventually threw a punch that knocked down a tree. Ranma jumped out of the way, and landed on another tree’s branches.
“Where are you going Akane?” Mizuki asked.
“To help her,” Akane said.
“Wait,” Aya said. “It is too dangerous.” Nevertheless, Akane had already taken off.
“This is the end for you Ranma,” Ryouga yelled. He removed his yellow extremely sharp bandana from his head.
In the meantime, Akane managed to find Ranma, just as Ryouga released his bandana.
“Look out,” Ranma yelled. She barely managed to grab a hold of Akane and Ranma held onto her and quickly began to jump from tree to tree in an attempt to avoid the bandana that followed them.
“Let go of me,” Akane said.
“It is too dangerous,” Ranma said.
“It is just as dangerous for you as it is for me,” Akane argued.
“Alright,” Ranma said. She jumped off the tree, landed on the ground, and let Akane go. “Thank you for helping me. This is my fight though. Now I understand why you were mad at me when I interfered in your fight with the Hentai Horde. Sorry.”
“Alright,” sighed Akane. (Ranma apologized to me?) Akane thought. “Don’t get too reckless.”
“Okay,” Ranma said. She turned around, and saw Ryouga’s bandana twirling at high speeds on a fast collision course towards Akane. Ryouga and the audience that followed him watched the bandana twirl towards Akane. “Look out,” Ranma yelled. She jumped into the air, and pushed Akane out of the way. The bandana sliced through the air and left Ranma with short black hair. Ranma felt her hair fall to the ground, and she dropped on her knees, and looked out into space. Ryouga’s bandana made an arc, and returned to him. He reflexively caught it.
“Ranma you…” Akane yelled and she was about to bash her when she saw her short hair.
“Get up and fight,” Ryouga yelled.
“It is just hair,” Ranma muttered. “Why is it that I feel lost right now? I feel like I lost something important. I feel like crying.”
“Are you going to fight?” Ryouga asked.
“How can you say that after you cut off her hair. You should be ashamed of yourself,” Mizuki said.
“I would be too embarrassed to go out in public like that,” a girl said.
“A girl’s hair is important,” another female student said.
“Ranma’s not a girl,” Ryouga said. He stuttered.
“Look at her,” Aya said. “She isn’t a boy right now.”
“Ranma,” Akane said trying to grab her attention.
“You want to fight?” Ranma asked angrily. She ran over to the lost boy faster than he could react, and punched him in the gut knocking him out. Ranma ran in a random direction trying to hold back her tears.
“Akane, are you okay?” Saki asked.
“I am fine,” Akane replied. “Ranma pushed me out of the way to help me. I am going home. I am confused right now.” Akane walked home.
“Let’s find Ranma,” Yuuka said softly so that only her friends could hear her. “She needs her friends now.” They ran in the direction Ranma went. Nabiki walked over to Ryouga. She had a smile on her face.
“Looks like Ranma won the fight,” Nabiki said. Several students groaned. Many students paid her the money they owed her. Soon everyone departed and they all left Ryouga to his dirt nap.
Ranma walked in a random direction trying to hold back her tears. (I really have changed.) Ranma thought. (I can’t let anyone see me cry. I may have changed, but I will not cry in public.) Ranma walked alone until she heard a familiar voice.
“Ranma,” Aya called out. Ranma let her friends catch up to her.
“Want to go to my house and fix up your hair?” Yuuka asked.
“Sure,” Ranma replied. “I would like that.”
“You look upset…” Mizuki said. “Any girl would be upset at losing her hair like that.”
“I am more upset at myself for striking Ryouga,” Ranma said. “A martial artist is never supposed to attack someone out of anger.”
“We understand,” Saki said. “Sometimes it is very hard to control emotions and sometimes people do something they regret.”
The five girls walked in silence until they arrived at Yuuka’s house. Reina greeted them when they entered the house. She looked at Ranma, and gasped.
“What happened dear?” Reina asked. Yuuka explained the fight to her mother. “I see. We should clean up those bruises and cuts. Then we can wash your hair.”
“I would like that,” Ranma said.
“Afterwards we can watch a movie,” Yuuka said.
“We’ll have a good time,” Aya said.
“Everything will be fine,” Saki said.
“Try to relax. Have some fun Ranma,” Mizuki said.
“Akane,” Nabiki called out when her sister came into earshot. Akane stopped moving, and allowed Nabiki to catch up to her.
“Yea,” Akane said.
“Want to sit under the bridge?” Nabiki asked. Akane nodded. The two sisters walked, and sat down under the bridge. They sat in silence.
“I feel so lost right now,” Akane said.
“How so?” Nabiki asked.
“It’s Ranma,” Akane replied. “He always says something mean whenever father and his father push the engagement, and I always bash him when he says something mean. Yet he has already helped me twice. It is so hard to sort these feelings. I know he isn’t a pervert yet I accuse him of being one.”
“He is a nice person. He is at an awkward stage right now, add in his curse, and the engagement that neither of you want; it all makes a very interesting stew,” Nabiki said.
“All boys are perverts,” Akane said.
“You just admitted that you do not think that Ranma is a pervert,” Nabiki said.
“You’re right,” Akane said. “I did just say that.” She laughed. “Thank you Sis.”
“You’re welcome,” Nabiki said. “Let’s go home.”
Ryouga awoke from his dirt nap. “Where the hell am I now, this is all Ranma’s fault because of him I have seen hell,” Ryouga yelled. The local wild animals began to run off.
“Wake up,” Ryouga prodded Ranma awake two days after their match. Ranma looked up in surprise.
“What do you want?” Ranma asked. He scowled.
“I want a rematch,” Ryouga taunted.
“Can’t we do it some other time?” Ranma asked.
“No, a martial artist must be able to fight at anytime, anyplace, anywhere,” Ryouga pointed out.
“Fine,” Ranma sighed. “Not here. We can fight outside.”
The two martial artists walked outside. They began their match, and the sounds of a battle awoke both Akane and Nabiki.
“Shhh,” Nabiki said to Akane. Both stood out in the hallway. “Must be thieves.”
“I’ll take care of them,” Akane said.
They walked outside to see Ranma and Ryouga in a fight and both girls sighed.
“Must you two be so loud?” Nabiki asked.
“It is late. Must you be fighting now?” Akane asked. The two martial artists ignored them. Eventually Ryouga kicked Ranma into the koi pond, and the splash of water doused Ryouga. Ranma thought she saw Ryouga turn into a small black pig. The two Tendou sisters missed Ryouga’s transformation entirely. The black wandered around until Akane spotted him. Ranma walked up to Akane, and noticed the pig.
“Can I see the pig?” Ranma asked. Akane attempted to hand the pig to Ranma only for the pig to attempt to bite Ranma’s finger.
“Ooh so cute,” Akane said. “Seems he doesn’t like you.”
“I noticed,” muttered Ranma.
“It is getting late,” Akane said, “you should dry up. Take P-chan with you please.”
“P-chan?” Ranma asked.
“Yea that is his name that I just gave him,” replied Akane.
Ranma grabbed P-chan, and she walked up to the furo. She splashed herself with hot water. Ranma removed his clothing, and sat in the furo with the black pig. Ryouga turned back into his human form. The two boys stared at each other, and Ryouga’s glare only made the strange situation worse. Ranma stood up, and grabbed two towels when he realized that they were naked. He handed the other towel to the lost boy.
“You were at Jusenkyo,” Ranma finally said.
“I followed you all the way there from Tokyo. At Jusenkyo, I saw you chasing your father. You pushed me into a spring, and I became cursed. I turn into a pig now thanks to you. At least you stay human. It is because of you I have seen hell. The Jusenkyo guide attempted to cook me on a stove. For that I will kill you,” Ryouga said.
“Look man,” Ranma said. He raised his hands in the air. “I am sorry for that I pushed you into the spring. I was angry and upset,” Ranma replied. “As a martial artist I swear not to tell anyone about your curse.”
Akane was about to close her door when she saw her pig being chased by Ranma. Akane immediately pulled out her mallet and bashed Ranma.
“There, there. Mommy won’t let Ranma hurt you P-chan,” Akane said to the pig.
“Tomboy,” Ranma growled. He fell unconscious.