Ranma 1/2 Fan Fiction / Sailor Moon Fan Fiction ❯ The Fiery Soul: Past ❯ Chapter Four: Rhythmic Martial Arts Gymnastics Part I ( Chapter 4 )

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Chapter Four: Rhythmic Martial Arts Gymnastics Part I

“I wonder how long I have been out cold,” Ranma said hours after Akane knocked him out. He walked into his room. “It is already five-thirty in the morning.” He sighed. He heard Kasumi making breakfast downstairs. After eating Ranma, Akane, and Nabiki walked off to classes.
“I can’t take it anymore,” a female student said. “In the last week several boys have attempted to take my top off.”
“They are perverts,” another female student said.
“They wouldn’t be so daring,” another girl said, “but because the boys keep splashing Ranma they keep getting more daring. They know that she will knock them out, but they won’t stop.” Mrs. Arai came into the room.
“Mrs. Arai,” one other girl said. “Can you do something about this situation?”
“What do you suggest?” Mrs. Arai asked.
“Since Ranma turns into a girl can’t you make her attend the girl’s physical education classes?” A black haired girl asked.
“I am sorry,” Mrs. Arai replied, “but I cannot force Ranma attend the girl’s physical education program, however, I will have a talk with Ranma.”
“Thank you,” a blond haired girl said.
Ranma walked home after classes when water splashed him. She walked by a house when she heard arguing. She jumped on the fence, and saw a girl with long black hair, a white blouse, and a gray skirt wielding a ribbon. Ranma saw three bruised and injured girls.
“We know what you are up to,” a brown haired girl said.
“You are trying to ambush us before the match,” Mizuki said.
“Time to taste your own medicine,” a girl with blond hair said. “Let’s get her.” Each girl held a baton in her hand. They charged at their enemy, but before they could get close; the girl with the ribbon attacked them, and slashed them multiple times. (I cannot let her get away with this.) Ranma thought. She jumped, and landed in front of the girl with the ribbon. She stopped the attack with one hand.
“I think you have made your point,” Ranma said. She held onto the end of the ribbon with one hand. The three girls looked up at Ranma in awe.
“You stopped my ribbon, that’s never been done before,” the mysterious girl said. “You are no ordinary girl are you?”
“Well,” Ranma said. “I guess you could say that.” The mysterious girl slowly moved towards a baton.
“It makes no difference to me,” the mysterious girl said. She kicked the baton into her hand. “Well then, I won’t go any easier on you.” She moved to attack Ranma, but her target seemed to vanish. Ranma appeared, and kicked her opponent, and before she fell into the ground, she flipped herself up. “You are quite formidable; I am the flower of the Saint Hebeke High School, a rising star in Gymnastics. I am Kodachi, the black rose.” She ran off, but before she was out of sight she turned, and threw a black rose at Ranma. “You will remember that won’t you?” She walked off laughing out of sight. Ranma turned around; black rose in hand, and saw the three girls crying. Ranma put her hands on each girl’s shoulders to show her support. After a few minutes, they calmed down.
“Thanks for stopping her,” the blond haired girl said.
“What was that about?” Ranma asked.
“Instead of playing fair,” the black haired girl said. “Kodachi attacks her opponents before the matches so that she can win by default.”
“Ranma,” Mizuki said. “I would like to ask you to do us a favor. Can we go to my house?”
“Sure,” Ranma replied.
The four girls arrived at Mizuki’s house, went up to her room, and sat in her bed.
“Thanks again for stopping her,” the blond haired girl said. “My name is Haru Inoue.”
“My name is,” the blacked haired girl said, “Natsumi Nishimura.”
“Unfortunately Kodachi’s ambush was successful,” Mizuki said. “We are unable to compete in the competition.”
“We would like you to join the team, and participate in our place,” Natsumi said.
“The Rhythmic Martial Arts Gymnastics competition against the Saint Hebeke High School is coming up,” Mizuki said. (I didn’t know that Rhythmic Martial Arts Gymnastics exists.) Ranma thought.
“Please,” Haru said. Ranma nodded.
“Of course,” Ranma said. “I would be happy to. I can’t let Kodachi get away with cheating like that.” Each girl put her hand on Ranma’s hand.
“Thank you so much,” Mizuki, Haru, and Natsumi said at the same time.
“You are welcome,” Ranma said. Mizuki stood up, went to her desk, and pulled out a red necklace.
“This red necklace,” Mizuki said, “allows a victim of Jusenkyo to stay in their cursed form if they wear it around their neck.” She handed the necklace to Ranma. “It won’t prevent you from transforming from male to female if you wear it, only from female to male.”
“Thanks so much,” Ranma said. She put the necklace around her neck. “Can anyone remove the necklace?”
“No, only the wearer can remove the necklace from your neck. Taking it off will remove the effects of the necklace and getting splashed with hot water will turn you back to male,” Mizuki replied.
“So at least I have some control of my curse,” Ranma said. Mizuki nodded. “Where did you get it?”
“My family passed it down from generation to generation, and I have decided to give it you,” Mizuki said.
Later that day, Akane was in her room doing her homework when she thought she heard someone moving around. She didn’t see anything. (What was that?) Akane thought. She went back to her homework. Several minutes passed by before she heard the sounds again.
“Who is there?” Akane said. She went to her door, and again she saw nothing. She went to her desk, and she heard someone again. She turned around and saw Kodachi.
“What do you want?” Akane asked.
“You are not the girl that I am after. I’ll be going now,” Kodachi said.
“You come into my room,” Akane said, “in an attempt to attack me. If you want a fight you have one.”
“Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh Oh oh oh,” Kodachi said laughing. “You dare challenge the black rose of Saint Hebeke. Very well. This shall be entertaining.” She raised her ribbon up and unleashed a wave of energy, and wind poured out. Akane held her hands up. “You are finished.” Kodachi was about to attack when the door slammed open and smashed her into the wall. Ranma walked in.
“I thought I heard something,” Ranma said. “Are you okay?”
“Get out,” Akane said in an angry tone.
“Sorry,” Ranma said. He scratched the back of his head in nervous anticipation before he left. The door closed, and Kodachi stood up, and began her attack anew.
Ranma sat on the roof, lost in thought, when he saw Kodachi flying out a window. He jumped down, caught her, and took her to the roof.
“Are you alright?” Ranma asked.
“My knight,” Kodachi said. She moved in closer to kiss Ranma, but he backed up. (So she was attacking Akane.) Ranma thought. He avoided the kiss. “Oh my you are shy.”
“Get away from me,” Ranma said.
“Now, now,” Kodachi said. She sprinkled paralyzes powder on Ranma. She was about to go in for the kiss when Akane arrived.
“Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh Oh oh oh,” Kodachi laughed. She evaded Akane’s attack. She began roof hopping. “I’ll be back for you my prince.”
“Thanks,” Ranma said.
“What was that about?” Akane asked. “She tried to attack me, but then said I was not the girl she was after.” Ranma blushed. “You?” Akane asked. She looked at him. “How did you get mixed up with the black rose?”
“I ran into her earlier while female. She was attacking members of the Rhythmic Martial Arts Gymnastics team. They asked me to join the team since they can’t compete because of their injuries.”
“You accepted?” Akane asked.
“Yes,” Ranma said. “I am sorry that she assaulted you.” He stood up. “Hey whaddaya know I can move again.”
“How can I help you Ranma?” Mrs. Arai asked the next morning in her office. Ranma looked around.
“The members of the Rhythmic Martial Arts Gymnastics team were injured yesterday by Kodachi. They asked me to join the team and to compete in their place,” Ranma replied.
“I see,” Mrs. Arai said. “Unfortunately the Gymnastics team is for female students, normally I would deny your request, but your Jusenkyo curse is unique, and so are the problems it is causing.” She sighed. “But I have been thinking about how it would be so much easier if it were the other way around, if you were a female student cursed to turn male now and then. And if I let you join the team you would have to attend the school as a female student.”
“I can do that,” Ranma said. He pulled out the red necklace, and put it around his neck. He explained and showed the abilities of the red necklace with hot and cold water.
“I must ask you why is it that you wish to join the team?” Mrs. Arai asked.
“Kodachi attacked my friend Mizuki, in a bid to cheat. That alone is enough to challenge her,” Ranma said.
“Very well,” Mrs. Arai said. “I will have to present your request to the School Board. I will arrange a meeting and have an answer this afternoon.”
“Thank you,” Ranma said. She quietly left the room.
“Do you think that the school will accept the request?” Saki asked in an empty classroom later that day.
“I hope so,” Mizuki said.
“Are you sure you would be willing to attend this school as a female student,” Aya asked.
“You all helped me when I was feeling down. One of my friends came under attack,” Ranma said. She put her hand on Mizuki’s shoulder. “Kodachi cannot be allowed to continue to cheat like she has been.”
“I wonder if the other students will be more accepting,” Yuuka said.
“Many of our fellow students should have no problem with it,” Mizuki said.
“If the school board does approve of your request,” Yuuka said. “We’ll be there to support you.”
“If you need help training,” Saki said. “I can help after classes today.”
“I can help too,” Aya said.
“That would be awesome,” Ranma said.
Ranma sat in Mrs. Arai’s office again after classes let out.
“Ranma,” Mrs. Arai said. “The school board has approved your request.”
“Thank you,” Ranma said.
“Once you sign this paperwork,” Mrs. Arai said. “You’ll be attending the girl’s program. I won’t be able to change you back to the boy’s program so be sure this is what you really want.”
“Yes, I am sure,” Ranma said. She signed the paperwork.
“Then starting tomorrow you will have to wear the girl’s uniform, attend the designated classes, and can only use the appropriate facilities.”
“Thanks,” Ranma said.
Ranma stood outside the girl’s changing room. Her friends Yuuka, Aya, Mizuki, and Saki walk behind her and Mizuki puts her hand on her friend’s shoulder.
“Are you nervous Ranma?” Mizuki asked. Ranma turned around.
“Yea,” Ranma said. “I am just thinking back to when Akane walked in the furo; the day we met.”
“We’ll be there for you,” Yuuka said.
“Friends always stick together,” Aya said.
“Yea,” Saki said.
“Thank you. I have already dedicated myself to doing this. I can’t turn back now,” Ranma said. She entered the changing room, and saw several girls. When Haru and Natsumi saw Ranma, they walked up to her. A short blond haired girl also walked up. She looked upset.
“What are you doing here?” The blond haired girl asked.
“I ugh…” Ranma started to say.
“Akemi, it is alright,” Natsumi said. “Ranma joined the girl’s Rhythmic Martial Arts Gymnastics team and has accepted the challenge against Kodachi Kunou in next week’s match.” Ranma found herself surrounded by eleven girls.
“Is this true?” A girl asked.
“Yep,” Haru replied.
“Finally a chance to make Kodachi pay,” another girl said. Many girls began to cheer.
“Does that mean that Ranma is a female student now?” Another girl asked.
“Yep,” Haru replied.
“Beat Kodachi,” a brown haired female student said. “She has been winning by default for years.”
“I will,” Ranma said.
“My sister was injured by her,” a girl said. “I would like to see her humiliated.”
“Yea,” another girl said. “Down with Kodachi.”
“I know everyone here would like to talk to Ranma, but that’ll have to wait,” Natsumi said. “We only have a week to get ready for the match.” The crowd parted. Natsumi led them to her locker. “Here is your leotard.” The three changed, and made their way to training room.
“The first rule to Rhythmic Martial Arts Gymnastics is that hand to hand combat is not allowed. Generally each gymnast uses a baton and a ribbon,” Haru said.
“Gotcha,” Ranma said.
“The winner of the match is decided by either knocking your opponent out of the ring and or knocking her unconscious. Today we’ll practice using the ribbon,” Natsumi said. “Aya, Saki; are you ready to help Ranma best utilize the ribbon?”
“Yep,” Aya said.
“Let’s do this,” Saki said.
“I am ready,” Ranma said.
Ranma returned home after practice to the Tendou Dojo. She entered the front door.
“Where were you boy?” Genma asked.
“I was training,” Ranma replied.
“Is it true that you joined a girl’s gymnastics team son?” Soun asked.
“Yes,” Ranma replied.
“Why?” Genma asked.
“If you have to know it is Rhythmic Martial Arts Gymnastics, and the opponent that I am going to face has been cheating,” Ranma said. “Aren’t you the one Pops who tells me to broaden my martial arts?”
“True,” Genma said. “You better practice and win.” Ranma nodded.
“Dinner will be ready in half an hour,” Kasumi said.