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Chapter Five: Rhythmic Martial Arts Gymnastics Part II

Ranma awoke up early the next day, and took a shower. After her shower, she went back to her room. She changed out of her pajamas, and put on her white panties and bra. She slipped on the Furinkan High School girl’s uniform, and put her red necklace around her neck. Afterwards she brushed her hair while she looked in the mirror. She put on a little bit of make-up, before she headed downstairs for breakfast. When Genma saw her, he fidgeted.
“Boy, why are you dressed as a girl?” Genma asked.
“I told you all last night I joined the Rhythmic Martial Arts Gymnastics team. In order to be on the team I have to attend Furinkan High as a female student,” Ranma said. Everyone began to eat breakfast.
“Son: about that,” Soun said. “I think that it is best to not to compete now.”
Ranma swallowed her food. “The arrangements have already been made. I can’t back out now,” Ranma said.
“Your hair has grown back a little. I think you look beautiful Ranma-chan,” Kasumi said.
“Thank you Kasumi,” Ranma said. Kasumi started to clean the dishes.
“Ranma is a pervert,” Akane said. She stood up, and walked to Furinkan High.
“Are you ready to go?” Nabiki asked. Ranma nodded, and walked to school.
“Nabiki,” Genma said. “We need to talk.” The three moved to the living room. “I know you have influence at Furinkan High. I want you to stop Ranma from attending as a female student.”
“I can’t do that,” Nabiki said.
“Why not?” Soun asked.
“The paperwork has been signed, daddy, and the school board has approved Ranma’s request,” Nabiki replied. “Now if you two are done I need to get to school.” After Nabiki, left Soun and Genma began to play shogi.
“I’ll just have to have a talk with the school board,” Genma said. “I’ll have this straightened out in no time.”
“I am afraid that won’t work,” Soun said. He showed Genma a letter. After he read the letter, he continued to play shogi.
“Then Soun, my friend,” Genma said. “We’ll just have to speed up the wedding plans. Once Ranma and Akane are married all will be fine.”
“Indeed,” Soun said. “I’ll get started on the paperwork today.”
“Listen you pervert,” Akane said inside Furinkan High. “I don’t believe you at all. Stay away from the girl’s bathrooms and locker room.”
“I am not a pervert,” Ranma said.
“You are not a girl,” Akane said. “You can’t fool anyone.” She pulled out the hot water that she brought with her from the nurse’s office.
“If you are right Akane,” Ranma said, “then any touch of that warm water on my skin would activate the curse. I can prove you wrong.” She stuck her whole hand in the warm water, but no change occurred. (Ranma should be a boy now.) Akane thought.
“How?” Akane asked. Ranma explained the necklace to Akane. She was about to strike Ranma.
“Akane,” Mrs. Arai said. “Can I see you in my office?”
“I realize that you are upset that the school board has approved Ranma to attend all her classes as a female student,” Mrs. Arai said to Akane after she took her seat in her office.
“Ranma is a boy, and a pervert,” Akane said.
“Have you ever thought about how hard all of this is for her?” Mrs. Arai asked. “She was born a boy who turns into a girl with cold water. I had her take a medical examination, and the exam produced interesting results. When splashed with cold water Ranma is female. Ignorance of her condition can be disastrous. If you care for her at all you’ll understand that this is for the best.”
“How can you be sure,” Akane said, “that Ranma won’t try to take advantage of the situation?”
“I understand that because of the Hentai Horde you don’t trust anyone very easily,” Mrs. Arai said, “but you can’t take out your anger on Ranma. You have been an exceptional student so far. I would hate to have to suspend you because your argument with Ranma interferes with your fellow students’ education. You should get to class now.”
“I understand,” Akane said. She walked off to her class.
“Are you alright?” Nabiki asked during lunch.
“I am just peachy,” Akane said.
“Do you want to talk about why you are upset?” Nabiki asked.
“Is like the whole school blind to the actuality of Ranma’s gender?” Akane asked.
“No,” Nabiki replied. “They are more tolerant.”
“I don’t get it,” Akane said.
“Ranma may speak crudely,” Nabiki said, “but she stopped the Hentai Horde, and she is the school’s best bet to beat Kodachi Kunou. Many of the girls are glad that Ranma is now a female student.”
“Why?” Akane asked.
“The boys can no longer splash Ranma to stare at her body,” Nabiki said. “They became more aggressive with all the female students, but now that Ranma is in attendance as a female student their aggressiveness has been halted. It helps that the school board threatened to suspend any of the boys if they continue to act the way they have been.”
“See all the problems are Ranma’s fault,” Akane said.
“You can’t blame Ranma for the way that they act,” Nabiki said.
“I guess I can’t,” Akane said. “I am just worried about what is about to happen in the future.”
“I can understand,” Nabiki said.
“Thanks for the talk,” Akane said. The two stood up, and walked to their classes.
“Today we’ll practice using batons,” Natsumi said after everyone changed into the leotards.
“We have seen Kodachi wield a baton in each hand,” Haru said. “Typically she has hidden spikes on her baton that she’ll activate through a hidden button. You’ll need to keep an eye out for that.”
“Now time to practice,” Aya said. “Are you ready?”
“Yep,” Ranma said.
“Time to get serious,” Saki said.
“Man I am beat, and we still have two days before the Rhythmic Martial Arts Gymnastics challenge,” Aya said. She moved to rest her back against the wall of Yuuka’s room. “We really trained rigorously the last few days.”
“I can see why you like Martial Arts Ranma,” Saki said. “I feel really tired but good.”
“Yea it is a lot of fun but,” Ranma said. “I enjoy other activities as well.”
“I can’t wait to join in your practice,” Mizuki said. “The doctor said that I would be able to exercise in a week.”
“So what has Genma been up to?” Yuuka asked.
“Pop?” Ranma said. “He hasn’t said much about the Rhythmic Martial Arts Gymnastics match. He has not berated me at all for the time I spend as a girl. We have our spar each morning, and then he just spends his time at the shogi board with Soun. They play the game, talk, and drink nihonshu. I think they are up to something.”
“Ranma?” Saki asked. “I have a story to tell you.” Each girl got comfortable on the bed.
“Okay,” Ranma said.
“Last semester when Tatewaki Kunou organized the Hentai Horde I was dating Kenta Narita,” Saki said. “Two days after the Hentai Horde, began their attacks against Akane…”

In the hallways of Furinkan High Saki stood near her locker. She waited patiently for her boyfriend Kenta to arrive. Saki blushed once she saw him.
“Hey,” Saki said. “How was your day?”
“Was good,” Kenta replied. “My team won the match.”
“Awesome,” Saki said. “Sorry that I couldn’t make it to the match today.”
“I understand,” Kenta said. “Saki, I care for you so I am going to be blunt. I think we should break up.”
“Why?” Saki asked. “Was it because I wasn’t at your match?”
“No,” Kenta said. “Tatewaki Kunou offered everyone on my team a chance to fight Akane Tendou each morning.” Saki began to cry. “The winner will get to date her. I can’t pass that up.” Saki cried and her former boyfriend stared at her.
“You never cared about me,” Saki said. Her eyes were red. “You just want to date a pretty girl. I can’t see you anymore.” Saki turned around, and was about to leave when she felt his hand grip her. “Let me go.”
“Before we break up,” Kenta said. “I think we should have sex first. That way you will always have a memory of our time that we spent together.” He gripped her tighter, and Saki grew angry.
“Get off me pig,” Saki said. She attempted to break his grip, and he tightened his grip on her.
“I don’t think so,” Kenta said. “You are too beautiful. I think I’ll some fun tonight.”
“Let her go,” Yuuka said with anger in her voice after she saw her friend try to break his grip. Kenta looked at Yuuka, Aya, and Mizuki. “She told you to get off her.” Saki broke free of his grip, she punched him in the face, and the force of the strike knocked him into the lockers.
“You are not worth my time bitch,” Kenta said. He stood up, straightened out his shirt, and disappeared. Saki sat down on the floor. Her friends walked up to her.
“What happened?” Aya asked.
“He broke up with me,” Saki said, “so that he could fight with the Hentai Horde.”
“That is horrible,” Mizuki said.
“He then had the gall to try and force himself on me,” Saki said. Tears fell down her face.
“We can shop at the mall,” Yuuka said, “and watch a movie at my house, put on our new clothes that we buy, try on some makeup, and talk.”
“I would like that,” Saki said.
“He is a jerk,” Mizuki said.
“We’ll have some fun,” Aya said. “I hope the school board does something about the Hentai Horde.” The four girls headed off to the mall.

End Flashback
“…and that is my story,” Saki said. Ranma hugged her.
“I had no idea,” Ranma said after the hug ended.
“That is why we really are thankful that you put an end to the Hentai Horde,” Aya said.
“You helped out all of us,” Mizuki said.
“That incident was not the last time a boy tried that,” Yuuka said. “We had to stick together and took defensive classes to protect ourselves.”
“Would you like me to train you all in martial arts?” Ranma asked.
“I would love that,” Aya replied.
“Sure,” Yuuka said.
“Yea,” Saki said. “Sounds like fun.”
“Count me in,” Mizuki said. “We could start tonight.”
“Nah,” Ranma said. “I want to relax tonight. We can begin training tomorrow.”
“We could go out and shop?” Mizuki said.
“Get some ice-cream afterwards,” Yuuka said.
“I love ice-cream,” Ranma said. They all laughed.
“Then come back and watch a movie,” Aya said.
“And just hang out and relax,” Saki said. The five friends headed off to the mall.
After classes ended the next day, Ranma arrived at the Tendou Dojo, and saw the nearby abandoned house demolished. When her pop saw her, he walked up, and smiled.
“Boy,” Genma said. “You are home early today.”
“Why is that house being torn down?” Ranma asked.
“Nabiki,” Genma said, “has raised enough money to have a Martial Arts Stadium constructed and is remodeling the Tendou Dojo at the same time. All the construction should be done in two weeks.” Ranma began to drip sweat. She entered the house, and she came back out with a bag in her hand.
“Where are you off to boy?” Genma asked.
“I am going out see some friends,” Ranma replied.
“Don’t stay out too late,” Genma said. “You have that match tomorrow.”
“Sure Pop,” Ranma said. (He is being too nice.) Ranma thought. (He is definitely up to something.)
“Today,” Ranma began. “We’ll work on meditation, and talk about the rules of martial arts. Can someone tell me the most important rule of all?”
“Martial Arts is only used to defend oneself and or others,” Mizuki said.
“Very good,” Ranma said. “A martial artist must also control his/her emotions…” Ranma stopped speaking. She stared out at the sky.
“Ranma, are you alright?” Saki asked.
“A martial artist is supposed to control his/her emotions,” Ranma said. “I didn’t control my emotion of anger after I got cursed and when my hair got cut. I obviously need to reevaluate my actions.”
“Do you need time to think?” Aya asked.
“Thanks for asking,” Ranma said, “but I’ll be fine.
“Shall we continue?” Yuuka asked.
“Yea,” Ranma said. “Let us begin to mediate. Clear your mind of all thoughts.” Everyone began to mediate. After they mediated for a while, Ranma stood up. “This is a good start. We’ll begin on katas next time.”
Ryouga walked up to the gates of Saint Hebeke High School, and saw a student walk.
“Is this the Saint Hebeke High School?” Ryouga asked.
“Yum yea,” the girl said. She gave him an odd look.
“I finally found it!” Ryouga said. “I’ll make you pay Ranma.” He looked up at the sky, and saw water fall out of a bucket. “No.” He began to squeal around until Kodachi saw him. She smiled.
“What is this?” Kodachi asked. Ryouga squealed. Kodachi smiled. “I have a perfect use for you.”
Ranma, Mizuki, Haru, and Natsumi ran into Kodachi as they entered Saint Hebeke High School.
“So you made it after all,” Kodachi said. “No hard feelings.” She held out her hand. Ranma moved to shake her hand, but Haru moved Ranma’s hand away.
“The match hasn’t even started, and you have already tried to cheat again,” Haru said. She revealed the tacks that were under Kodachi’s hands.
“Oh my how ever did those get there,” Kodachi said in an innocent voice. She walked off. The girls walked to the locker room
“You better be careful Ranma,” Mizuki said. “The match hasn’t even started and she has tried to cheat again.”
“Yea,” Ranma said. “No kidding.” They entered the locker room where Ranma changed into her red leotard.
“This is it,” Natsumi said. “Time to win.”
They walked out the room, and into a hallway. They walked by a room, and noticed smoke inside. Natsumi opened the door slowly, and saw Genma in panda form asleep. Ranma sighed.
“Really,” Ranma said.
“What is a panda doing here?” Natsumi asked.
“That is Ranma’s father; he has a Jusenkyo curse like Ranma,” Mizuki replied.
“From what I can tell,” Haru said. “The curse seems to fit him well.” They all laughed.
“Yea, you have no idea,” Ranma said. She sighed and rolled her eyes.
“Good afternoon all and welcome to the Rhythmic Martial Arts Gymnastics match,” the referee said. She wore a long blue dress. “We are just moments away from the start of the match.” Crowds of students watched the center ring in anticipation. They cheered. Akane sat on the sidelines. She twitched nervously. (Why am I so nervous?) Akane thought. (Do I really care for Ranma?)
“The contestants are just are just about to be introduced,” the commentator said. She wore a blue blouse and skirt. A light appeared on the doorway where Ranma stood with Mizuki. “Here she is the challenger from Furinkan High School.” Ranma walked to the ring, and jumped, and did a flip. The crowd cheered.
“What?” Tatewaki said. Ranma walked to the ring.
Ranma posed in midair before she landed. “Well she certainly has a lot of spunk,” the commentator said. “Let us see if it lasts.” Lovely music broke around the room, and the lights shone throughout. Kodachi descended from the sky in a white wedding dress. A bomb shot out and flew towards Ranma. She jumped over the attack.
“Hey what gives,” Ranma said.
“Oh my; how did that bomb ever go off,” Kodachi said in a sweet voice. (I’ll win this match, and win Ranma’s affections. I shall wed you in this dress. Oh, yes.) Kodachi thought.
“As usual Kodachi’s entrance stuns the crowd,” the commentator said.
“If Kodachi beats her then Ranma will be my step brother, and the black-haired girl and Akane will be mine. For the first time I support you; win my sister,” Tatewaki said.
“Thank you dear brother,” Kodachi said.
“Did you hear,” a girl said. “He is Kodachi’s brother.”
“I am in love,” another girl said.
“Sometimes it is better not to know,” Hiroshi said.
“Yea in this case ignorance is bliss,” Daisuke said.
“In the right corner the champion Kodachi Kunou from Saint Hebeke High School for girls,” the referee said. Kodachi took off her dress to reveal her green leotard. “In the other corner the challenger Ranma Hino from Furinkan High School.”
“What?” Tatewaki asked. “How can this be? The black-haired girl shares the same name as that foul sorcerer. I must write this down before I forget.” He wrote down the name while everyone stared at him.
(That little hussy shares the same name as my beloved Ranma?) Kodachi thought. (This is unthinkable.)
“Shake hands,” the referee said. Ranma stepped forward, but then backed up a step.
“Hey what gives,” Ranma said.
“You really should be more careful,” Kodachi said. She twirled her ribbon, and threw a chain that latched onto Ranma’s foot. She saw Ryouga in his cursed form latched to the end of the chain. Ryouga began to squeal.
“You really know how to make my life difficult,” muttered Ranma. Ryouga just squealed. The bell rang, and the match began to start. Ranma and Kodachi faced off.
“Now the match has started. Saint Hebeke High School versus Furinkan High School in an anything goes match fight to the finish,” the commentator said. The bell rang again. “The only rule to Rhythmic Martial Arts Gymnastics is tools: no bare-hand combat is allowed. If you are knocked out of the ring or fall unconscious you lose.”
“I’ll win this match,” Ranma said. She twirled her ribbon. “For my friends whom you injured.”
“I have been looking forward to this,” Kodachi said. “You are the only girl to ever stop my ribbon.” Ranma twirled her ribbon at Kodachi who evaded the attack. She countered with her ribbon, which Ranma dodged.
“What an athlete,” the commentator said. “Kodachi wields the ribbon as if it was a steel bar.” Ryouga began to squeal again, and wrapped Ranma up in the chain. Kodachi struck Ranma in the head, and she began to grow dizzy. Kodachi tossed her ribbon aside, and grabbed out her two batons. Kodachi struck with her batons, and Ranma ducked under each attack. On one attack, spikes came out of the baton, but Ranma was ready, and sidestepped the attack. Kodachi laughed.
“You are good,” Kodachi said. “Impressive. I know you are after my darling Ranma. Make no mistake I will defeat you.” Ranma laughed.
“You are just as delusional as your brother,” Ranma said.
“How dare you,” Kodachi said. “Oh my love Ranma; I will defeat this girl who shares your name.”
“You are as thickheaded as your brother is,” Ranma yelled. She jumped up in the air, and used the chain that held Ryouga to smack Kodachi. The chain that surrounded Ranma broke free, and Kodachi’s batons flew into the air.
“Oh what a way to use a pig,” the commentator said. “Lucky for the challenger that pigs are legal in this match.” Kodachi stood up.
“You’ll pay for that,” Kodachi said. “I’ll defeat you for my love.”
“My brother would never want to date you,” Ranma said, “so how about this if you lose you’ll never bother him again.” She twirled the chain that held Ryouga, and swung it, but Kodachi dodged the attack.
“And if I don’t agree?” Kodachi asked.
“Are you going to promise?” Ranma asked. She twirled the chain that held Ryouga again, and swung it, but Kodachi evaded the attack. “Are you going to promise or not?” She twirled the chain that held Ryouga again, and swung it, and this time the attack knocked Kodachi into the ground. She flipped up, and got close to Ranma.
“What is this?” Tatewaki asked.
“If I lose I won’t bug your brother again,” Kodachi said. She attacked with her ribbon, and Ranma blocked the attack with her chain. Each time she struck, she said, “Take this.” Tatewaki ran over and stood in front of Ranma and Kodachi struck him in the head. He fell to the floor and he stood up.
“Is it true?” Tatewaki asked. Ranma stared at him.
“Brother dear,” Kodachi said after she jumped out of the way.
“Is it true that Ranma is your brother,” Tatewaki said.
“Yes he is my brother,” Ranma said.
“I won’t stand for this,” Kodachi said. “Hoop!”
“Yes captain,” one of Kodachi’s team members said. Kodachi caught the hoop, and threw it. The attack broke Tatewaki’s bokken in half, and Tatewaki crashed face first into the stands.
“So you want to step the match up,” Ranma said. “Fine by me.”
“There it is,” the commentator said. “Kodachi’s trademark Razor Hoop.”
“Impudent woman takes my beloved’s name,” Kodachi said in an angry voice. “For that the black rose shall defeat you.” Kodachi jumped up in the air with her ribbon. She jumped down with a strike, but Ranma sidestepped the attack, and jumped away to land on the right side of the ring.
“Ranma,” Mizuki called out. “She tossed two batons at Ranma who caught them.
“If you insist,” Ranma said. “We can step up the match.” She twirled her batons.
“I am the rising star in Rhythmic Martial Arts Gymnastics, the beautiful flower of Saint Hebeke High School. The one called the black rose. Watch then. The dreaded attack of a thousand clubs,” Kodachi said with emotion. She launched the attack, and Ranma deflected the attacks with batons. Ranma jumped in the air, and threw her batons at the clubs.
“Kodachi’s thousand clubs attack has been stopped by challenger Hino. The two have been sizing each other up in the center of the ring. What is in store for us next?” The commentator asked. Kodachi pulled out a ribbon, and laughed. She flung the ribbon to grab the bell on the desk, and launched it at Ranma who blocked the attack with Ryouga.
“Champion Kunou attacks with a bell, and challenger Hino counters with a pig,” the commentator said. Ryouga began to attack Ranma with his claws. “The pig seems to be angry.” Kodachi used the opening, and flung her ribbon to toss a chair at Ranma who jumped out of the way, and flipped once off the ring to grab the ribbon on the ground. She jumped onto the side of the ring, launched her ribbon at a desk, and tossed it at her opponent. Kodachi grabbed her brother, with her ribbon, and used him to counter the attack.
“Folks a moment ago we just saw challenger Hino attack with a desk, and the champion has countered with her brother. The champion attacks with her brother over and over and the challenger keeps the defense up. Ooh the challenger scores a pig strike. Look has the champion’s brother gone mad. No wait he is being put on a stretcher.” The crowd cheered. “This match has been a wild one folks. Until now, all of the other challengers had to forfeit. What a rare treat this match is,” the commentator said. “Ooh the champion has begun to throw ball bombs. Look how the challenger evades the blasts. This is an awesome match. Who will win?” Kodachi threw another ball bomb at Ranma, who dodged the attack. She flipped and landed back at her corner.
“Well you have given me quite a challenge,” Kodachi said. “Now the real fight begins.”
Genma in panda form walked past the commentator with his keg of hot water. His presence surprised many people. He sat down. “Huh?” The commentator asked when the panda walked by.
Kodachi flung her ribbon to strike Ranma, but she evaded each attack. Kodachi went to her corner, and launched her clubs, but Ranma countered with her own clubs. Kodachi attacked with her ribbon, and Ranma countered with her own. The two ribbons clashed, and became intertwined and for a while, the two struggled until Ranma let go, and Kodachi flew to the other side of the ring.
“You are a pest cockroach girl,” Kodachi said. “But I know a remedy.” She flung her ribbon to grab the hot water keg. “I know a remedy for cockroaches. Let’s see how you can handle hot water.”
(The hot water won't affect me.) Ranma thought. (However, I can’t let Ryouga’s secret be exposed. This is not good.) Kodachi moved closer to Ranma and Ryouga’s pig form. Kodachi jumped, and unleashed hot water. Ranma jumped out of the way.
“The prospect of scalding hot water,” the commentator said, “has sent challenger Hino into a panic. Kodachi laughs.
“You and that pig do not like water,” Kodachi said. “How pathetic.” Akane walked over Mizuki.
“You may need to drench Ranma with cold water,” Akane said. “I am not sure if she brought the necklace today.”
“I’ll take care of it,” Mizuki said. “Thanks Akane.”
“No problem,” Akane said. She sat back down.
Kodachi continued to move forward with the hot water, and Ryouga began to panic.
“No way am I going to let you get that on me,” Ranma said. She jumped in the air.
“Watch,” Kodachi said. She tossed the pot in the air, and flung her ribbon to cut the keg of hot water, and it poured on Ranma and Ryouga who began to turn human. (Not fair.) Ryouga thought. Mizuki walked up with a hose and drenched Ranma and Ryouga with cold water, and Ryouga turned back into a pig.
“What a surprise,” the commentator said. “Challenger Hino’s corner has brought a hose into the match. That water has to be cold. (She saved me.) Ryouga thought. The water, however, began to push the two out of the ring. Ranma swam back into the ring with all her might. The crowd cheers. “Ooh challenger Hino swims back into the ring. What incredible tenacity she has.”
“Saved by one second,” Kodachi yells. “That is not tenacity. She has made a mockery of all things Rhythmic Martial Arts Gymnastics. You’ll pay for this.” Kodachi began to attack with her baton again, and Ranma dodged each attack.
“The match has been going on for some time, and it is not over yet,” the commentator said. Kodachi attacked with her baton, and unleashed her spikes, but Ranma eluded the attack, and wrapped her legs around Kodachi’s baton. Ranma flipped upside down, and with one hand on the ring, she lifted Kodachi up, and tossed her out of the ring.
“The challenger has thrown Kodachi out of the ring,” the commentator said. “Do we have winner at last?” Kodachi whistled, the ring moved to her location, and she landed safely in the ring.
“Foolish girl,” Kodachi said. “I can’t be knocked out of the ring.” Ranma whistled, and the ring moved to the center. She went down on her knees, punched the ring multiple times, and exposed the hidden girls underneath. They all ran.
“All that remains now are the ropes, and the corners. Remember whoever falls out of the ring loses the match,” the commentator said. “It has come down to this now. A test of balance.” Kodachi began to spin her hoop in her hand.
(Midair combat is the specialty of the Hino Schools of Musabetsu Kakuto Ryu. Victory is mine.) Ranma thought. She jumped, but Ryouga held onto the corner with his end of the chain to keep Ranma from her attack. She barely managed to get back to her corner.
“Ryouga,” Ranma said. “Why did you have to go, and do that?” Ryouga squealed.
“Stop your argument with the pig,” Kodachi said. She laughed, and tossed her hoop. The hoop slashed into the chain, and broke it. Kodachi followed up with a flick of her ribbon, and tied Ranma up.
Kodachi tossed Ranma in the air, and she flung her own ribbon to latch onto the metal walkway on the ceiling. She swung back and forth.
“Get ready cause I am going to kick you out,” Ranma said. She swung over to Kodachi, and kicked, but Kodachi avoided the attack. Kodachi laughed.
“You can only attack with tools,” Kodachi said. Ranma swung back to her ring. She jumped, and bounced off her side, and Kodachi tossed her batons. “You can’t attack with your hands.”
‘If it is tools you want then watch this,” Ranma said in midair. She kicked the corner where Kodachi stood, and knocked her out of the ring. Everyone saw Kodachi on the ground, and saw that Ranma currently held onto the broken corner with her feet and hands.
“Champion Kunou has been knocked out the ring,” the commentator said. The audience cheered. “Challenger Ranma Hino has won the match.” The referee held up Ranma’s hand.