Ranma 1/2 Fan Fiction / Sailor Moon Fan Fiction ❯ The Fiery Soul: Past ❯ Chapter Six: Xian Pu’s Kiss of Death ( Chapter 6 )

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Chapter Six: Xian Pu’s Kiss of Death

“I can’t believe the Tendou Martial Arts Stadium is complete,” Mizuki said to her friends at the Ice-Cream restaurant in downtown Nerima.
“Nabiki’s workers managed to get done three days faster then she originally estimated,” Ranma said.
“What does she even do with all that money?” Saki asked.
“I don’t know,” Ranma said. “She uses it for something I think.” Ranma scratched the back of her head. “Just the other day another fiancée arrived at the Tendou Dojo. Nabiki didn’t even give me enough time to ask for the details, but I assume it had something to do with Pop’s selling me for food… anyways she challenged them to a competition. I won the competition, and even won a year’s supply of ramen for the whole family.”
“Sounds like Nabiki,” Yuuka said with a laugh.
“How many girls did your father engage you to?” Aya asked.
“No idea,” Ranma replied. “If he could get food out of the deal, or anything else he wanted he would do it. Makes me so angry.” Ranma paused and took a deep breath. “How are your music classes going Saki?”
“Really great,” Saki replied. “We should be ready for the concert in a month.”
“I can’t wait,” Aya said. “The annual concert is always fun.”
“I’ll be singing in the choir this year,” Yuuka said.
“Really?” I am looking forward to it,” Mizuki said. “What was that noise?” The five girls turned around and saw the entire wall torn apart. A girl with purple hair and brown eyes walked through the hole in the restaurant. She wore a light pink dress, holding a bonbari in each hand.
“Get to safety,” Ranma said. “Please. I’ll catch up.” Yuuka, Aya, Saki, and Mizuki ran out of the restaurant.
“I kill you now,” Xian Pu yelled. “Ranma.” She lunged at her target. She swung her weapon, which Ranma dodged. Ranma kicked her, and knocked her through the hole. Ranma closed the distance between her and Xian Pu who continued to swing her weapons. Ranma evaded the attacks and threw a punch that knocked Xian Pu into the distance. Ranma ran off in the opposite direction and rejoined her friends.
Ranma took a seat on Yuuka’s bed, sighing. She looked at her friends.
“Are you alright?” Saki asked.
“I am fine,” Ranma said. “I thought that I had lost her in China. I called home, and Nabiki said she’ll have someone repair the damage done to the restaurant.”
“Who was that girl anyways?” Aya asked.
“And why was she trying to kill you?” Mizuki asked.
“Are you going to tell us?” Yuuka asked.
“Yea,” Ranma said. “Several days after I got cursed at Jusenkyo, Pops and I were with the Jusenkyo Guide when we…

“Sirs,” The Jusenkyo Guide said. “We are almost at the village of Nyucheizu home to the Joketsuzoku.” Genma looked around and saw his son currently daughter walking behind him.
“Boy,” Genma said. “Why do you have to keep your hair long like that?”
“You’re the one who decided to go to Jusenkyo even when you couldn’t speak or read Chinese. Now you’re worried about my long hair. I’ll change back as soon as I can find hot water,” Ranma said.
“Sirs,” The Jusenkyo Guide said. “We have arrived at the village.”
The three walked into the village, and saw a lot of food on a table, and two women fighting on a log nearby. Many spectators were watching the fight. Genma without any thought of asking rushed towards the table and began to eat.
“Pops shouldn’t we ask first?” Ranma asked. Her stomach growled, and Ranma joined her father in eating the food. After the purple haired girl won her match, she jumped down and began speaking in Chinese.
“What did she say?” Ranma asked.
“She said you are eating her prize food,” The Jusenkyo Guide replied.
“Tell her I challenge her,” Ranma said. She jumped on the log followed by Xian Pu. The two got into fighting stances. Xian Pu threw a punch, which Ranma sidestepped. Ranma sweep-kicked her and knocked her off the log. Ranma jumped off the log, walked back to the table, and begin eat the food on the table. Xian Pu stood up. She walked over to Ranma and gave her a kiss on the cheek. The Jusenkyo Guide grabbed Ranma and ran off with Genma trailing behind.
“What was that about?” Ranma asked.
“She gave you the Kiss of Death,” The Jusenkyo Guide said. “When an outsider female beats a Joketsuzoku female warrior they give that kiss. And afterwards they hunt down the outsider down until one of them is dead.”
“All of that over food?” Ranma asked.
“We must leave now,” The Jusenkyo Guide replied.

End Flashback
“…and that is my story,” Ranma said. “I thought that she lost my trail in China.” She stood up.
“So what are you going to do now?” Mizuki asked.
“I don’t want any of you getting hurt,” Ranma said. “It is my entirely fault that Xian Pu is even here.” She stood up, and walked over to the door. “I think it would be best if…”
“Ranma,” Yuuka called out. “Friends always stick together.”
“We’ll help you find some way to resolve this,” Aya said. “I can start researching their laws.” Ranma turned around, and looked at her friends. Tears began to fill her eyes and she smiled.
“Really?” Ranma asked.
“Yea,” Saki replied. “Hopefully we can find a way so no one gets hurt.”
The next afternoon Genma, currently a panda, was walking home. He failed to notice Xian Pu discreetly following behind him. He walked in the Tendou Dojo, and went to get hot water.
Akane, Nabiki, and Soun were watching television when a purple haired girl walked up to them.
“Where you hide Ranma?” Xian Pu yelled. She held her bonbari in a threatening manner.
“I don’t know where the pervert is,” Akane spat. “Get out of my face.”
Ranma sat on his bed lost in thought when he heard Xian Pu’s voice.
“How did she find me so fast?” Ranma asked. “I have to get her out of here.” Ranma left his room extremely fast. He jumped down the steps. Genma followed behind him. Ranma saw Akane backed into a corner with Xian Pu getting ready to strike her. He struck Xian Pu and knocked her into the ground. Kasumi walked in from the kitchen to see what all the commotion was about. Xian Pu stood up, walked over to Ranma and passionately kissed him on the lips.
“Wo De Ai Ren,” Xian Pu said while hugging him.
“Whoa. Wait what does that mean?” Ranma asked.
“You’ve gotten yourself in deep this time Hino,” Nabiki said with a laugh. “Wo De Ai Ren means My Beloved.”
“Whoa. Wait,” Ranma said. He tried to break free.
“Now the schools will never be joined,” cried Soun.
“Pervert,” Akane yelled angrily.
“What are you doing boy?” Genma asked.
“Oh My,” Kasumi said.
“Wo De Ai Ren,” Xian Pu said again. She tried to kiss him again.
“Pervert,” Akane said. She summoned her mallet. Ranma saw the mallet in Akane’s hand.
“Wait Akane,” Ranma said. “Get off me Xian Pu I have something to show you. Can you get some water Kasumi?”
“Sure,” Kasumi said. She went to the kitchen and grabbed some water and she came back.
“Pour it on me please,” Ranma said. Ranma-chan stood beside Xian Pu.
“You girl-type Ranma,” Xian Pu said. She grabbed her two bonbari. “I kill you.”
“I have a Jusenkyo curse,” Ranma said. “I was born a boy.” Xian Pu looked at Ranma, and then at everyone. She looked at Ranma again before the tears fell from her face. She ran off.
“Was that necessary?” Akane asked.
“Yes,” Ranma replied. “I don’t want to marry anyone.” Ranma went upstairs leaving everyone behind stunned and speechless. He came back downstairs with a bag in his hand.
“Where are you going boy?” Genma asked.
“Out,” Ranma replied.
“Don’t stay out too late,” Kasumi called out. Akane went to the dojo, Nabiki continued to watch her show, Kasumi went back to her cooking and Soun and Genma started a game of shogi.