Ranma 1/2 Fan Fiction / Sailor Moon Fan Fiction ❯ The Fiery Soul: Present ❯ Chapter One: Choices ( Chapter 1 )

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Chapter One: Choices

“Venus,” Moon said. “Watch out.” Venus flipped over the youma’s attack and landed beside a bench in the Azabu Juban Park.
“The youma leaves her front exposed for a short time after her energy attack is unleashed,” Mercury said. “We’ll only have a short window to strike.”
“Gotcha,” Venus said. “Jupiter. I will keep her focused on me. Attack when you see an opening. Crescent Beam.” A beam began to charge in her left hand before she dropped her left hand next to her right hand. Both hands released a beam of light that pierced through the youma.
“Is that all you have?” Ovaxa asked laughing. “Shield Throw.” She threw her shield and knocked the Sailor Senshi into the ground. “Time to finish you off Sailor Moon. Energy Beam.” A beam began to charge in her hands.
Mercury stood up and called out. “Sabão Spray,” A thick frost fog covered the area, and the youma’s attack missed.
“Supreme Thunder,” Jupiter called out. Electrical energy began to appear around her. Soon a lightning rod appeared on her tiara, it collected the electrical energy, and she discharged the electrical energy at the youma’s shield destroying it.
“Moon Tiara Action,” Moon called out. She grabbed her tiara on her head, and threw it at high speeds. It spun towards the youma and turned her to dust upon impact. Moon’s weapon returned to her.
“Good job,” Mercury said.
“Another victory for love and justice,” Venus said.
“Moon,” Jupiter said. “That youma felt different than the others we have fought.”
“Something did seem off about the fight,” Moon said. “Mercury, did you get any data?”
“Yes, but I need time to study it,” Mercury replied. “I will let you know when I learn anything.”
“The youma seemed easy,” Moon said.
“I wonder what is going on,” Venus said.
“We should go home,” Jupiter said. “It is really late.”
“Mommy?” Asami asked inside the Hayashi household. “Where is daddy?”
“I don’t know,” Ayano said. “He always calls. I am worried.” Tears slid down her cheeks. Asami ran to her mom, and gave her a hug. The doorbell rang. Ayano answered the door to see Officer Takahashi. “Hello Officer.”
“Mrs. Hayashi,” Officer Takahashi said. “Your husband Nobu is dead. I found him in the alleyway this morning. We didn’t find him in time. I am sorry.” Tears ran down the two Hayashi’s faces.
{It is hard to believe that two years has passed since Pops and I first moved into the Tendou Dojo. I recently defeated Saffron who had interfered with Jusenkyo. My friends Yuuka Hamada, Aya Takeda, Mizuki Nakano, and Saki Iida are just about the only people in Nerima who are not interested in trying to take advantage of me.}
Ranma paused in her writing to touch her red necklace that dangled from her neck. She was over at Yuuka’s house for her weekly sleepover.
{It took nearly three months before I began to become more comfortable with my curse. I don’t know what to do with all these engagements that Pops made. Many were over a bowl of rice and pickles, and it seems that no matter what option I pick someone is bound to be hurt. Maybe my friends are right. I can and should end all the engagements. After all my life is my own.} Ranma put her journal away, and got ready for bed.
That night Ranma dreamed. Ranma looked around, and saw a girl with long black hair. She wore a red blouse and skirt. In the background, Ranma saw a swing set, slide, sandbox, and an ice-cream vendor.
“What would you like to do now,” the girl asked.
Ranma awoke in the morning. She clearly remembered the dream that she had. (That dream felt so vivid and real. The girl I saw felt so important to me) Ranma thought.
“Are you okay?” Saki asked.
“I am fine,” Ranma said. “I just had an intense dream.” Saki nodded. After everyone awoke, they dressed before they went downstairs to eat breakfast. The news played on a television set in the background.
“Very little is known about the Sailor Senshi,” Benjiro Miyagi said. “Who are they? Where did they come from? Some citizens of the Azabu Juban say they are true heroes. Others say they are blights on our city.”
“We have this latest footage from a battle the Sailor Senshi had the other day,” Kana Suzuki said. The footage was showing Sailor Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, and Venus in combat against a youma. (They look similar to the girls in my dreams that I have been having.) Ranma thought. (I can’t identify them fully, but I feel like I know them.)
The Sailor Senshi had their usual afternoon meeting at Makoto’s apartment.
“Have you learned anything about the youma we fought last night?” Usagi asked. Ami shook her head. “Any new information on Ranma Hino yet?”
“Nothing yet,” Ami replied.
“Are you sure you saw the symbol of Mars on her head Artemis?” Makoto asked.
“I only saw her for a second because of the giant stampede that followed her, but I know I saw the symbol,” Artemis replied.
“If he said he saw the symbol, then we at least know what district she is in,” Luna said.
“Do you think Sailor Mars will join the team?” Minako asked.
“That is up to her,” Usagi replied. “I hope that she will.”
“Like with all of you,” Luna said. “It is up to her. Queen Serenity believed that it was up to each potential Senshi to decide to become a Senshi if they wanted.” Ami’s supercomputer made a beep, and Ami looked over the new information that she had received.
“There we go,” Ami said. “I finally got information on Ranma Hino. I should be able to play her information into the television, so we won’t have to read her history.”
The girls and the two Moon Cats sat down. They watched specific parts of Ranma’s life play before them. After the video ended, they became very worried for their friend.
Ranma put on her red blouse, skirt, red necklace, white socks, and high heels in her room. Ranma walked to the Neko Hanten. She entered the establishment, and avoided the glomp made by Xian Pu.
“Why is Ai Ren wearing a skirt and blouse?” Xian Pu asked.
“I need to speak to Kho Lon,” Ranma replied.
“Afterwards Ranma go on date?” Xian Pu asked.
“Sorry no,” Ranma replied. Kho Lon approached the two.
“Yes what is it son-in-law?” Kho Lon rasped.
“I have been having vivid dreams for the last several months,” Ranma said. “I can’t fully make out all my dreams. Do you have anything to enhance my dreams?”
“Can you tell me more about your dreams?” Kho Lon asked.
“If I sleep as a boy I usually have one of my typical nightmares. If I sleep as a girl then I get dreams of a past life,” Ranma said.
“Most interesting,” Kho Lon said. “I take it that you want to know more about the dreams that you have when you are female?”
“Yes,” Ranma replied.
“Very well,” Kho Lon said. “Come with me. I have just the pill that will help you understand your dreams more clearly.” The two followed by Xian Pu went to the storeroom. After a few minutes, Kho Lon found what she was looking for.
“For this to work you’ll need to spend several days as a girl,” Kho Lon said. “Just take one of these pills before you go to sleep and you should be able to make out your dreams more clearly.” She handed the bottle to Ranma.
“Thank you,” Ranma said.
“I hope you find what you are looking for,” Kho Lon said. (I’ll have to let the other elders know.) Kho Lon thought. (I do not think that we’ll be able to convince Ranma to marry Xian Pu now.)
That night in her room, Ranma took one of the pills that Kho Lon gave her before falling asleep.
That night Ranma dreamed. She looked down and saw that she currently wore a ceremonial silver dress with the symbol of the planet Mars. She looked around the room and saw that the other women in the room were similarly dressed, each with their own planet symbol. On the center throne sat Queen Serenity. She wore a crown on her head. Her daughter Princess Serenity sat next to her on another throne. Princess Serenity’s silver hair was in an odango style.
“Rei Hino, do you accept your duties as Sailor Mars? To protect the Silver Millennium Empire and to protect Princess Serenity?” Queen Serenity asked.
Ranma found herself speaking. “I do,” Rei replied.
“Then I hereby accept your promotion to Sailor Mars with all the rights and responsibilities pertaining thereto,” Queen Serenity said. “Congratulations.”
“Thank you,” Rei said. “Queen Serenity.”
Her friends ran up to her. They each congratulated her on her promotion.
After she awoke up from her dream, Ranma began to think. (Was I really the girl named Rei in another life? Was I also Sailor Mars in another life?)
(I need to figure all this out soon.) Ranma thought that evening. She fell asleep.
That night Ranma dreamed. Rei sat with her friends in a room. She wore a red dress with the symbol of the planet Mars. Each of her friends also wore a dress that represented their planet.
How goes your relationship with Prince Endymion, Princess Serenity?” Minako asked.
“Mother doesn’t approve,” Princess Serenity replied.
“That is because we are not allowed contact with those of Earth,” Ami said.
“Yea, but Princess Serenity loves him,” Makoto said.
“I think it is romantic,” Rei added.
“I love him a lot; however, I love you all as my friends. Friends forever?” Princess Serenity asked.
“Friends forever,” Ami, Rei, Makoto, Minako, and Princess Serenity called out in unison. They shared a hug. Just then, Artemis and Luna showed up.
“Hello Artemis, Luna,” Minako said.
“Girls,” Artemis said.
“Queen Serenity wants to see you,” Luna said.
“Thank you Luna and Artemis. We’ll be there soon,” Princess Serenity said.
Ranma awoke in the morning clearly remembering her dreams. (That white cat.) She thought. (He looks familiar. I wonder why I wasn’t afraid of the two cats in my dream. They felt like friends.) She thought. (I remember now I saw the white cat when the girls and I were chasing Happosai before Prince Kirin, and his giant flying boat kidnapped Akane.) Ranma thought for a while longer. (Those dreams felt real. Are they from a past life that I have forgotten until now?)
On the moon, Europa that circles the planet Jupiter lies the base of the Dark Kingdom. The base uses stealth technology and remains hidden from Earth’s detection. On the eastern side of Europa is a rather large castle. Inside this castle are many training rooms for the Dark Kingdom and its youma. One of the generals approached the throne in the center of the throne room.
“General Isagotichi, what are the results of the Ovaxa youma that you have sent to the planet Earth?” The Dark Kingdom Lord asked.
“The Sailor Senshi are indeed as strategic as we have come to suspect my Lord,” General Isagotichi replied.
“Very good. Send the next youma Glassaglis to test the stamina of the Sailor Senshi,” the Dark Kingdom Lord commanded.
“Yes my Lord,” General Isagotichi said.
(Those girls called the Sailor Senshi from the park the other day felt familiar. Maybe I really am Rei and Sailor Mars.) Ranma thought late that night. (Only one way to find out.) She fell asleep.
Ranma dreamed again. She saw a giant castle that was on fire. She could smell death, and she saw the youma around her in battle with soldiers. The soldiers wore heavy armour. She saw that her outfit that she currently wore was a white body suit with a red neck and a short red skirt. A purple bow with a red jewel in the center covered her breasts and a red bow appeared on the back of her outfit. Two white gloves covered her hands and small red heels appeared on her feet. A golden tiara fitted with a red gem sat atop her face.
Sailor Mars battled a tall youma whose weapon was a pair of claws. In fact, many of the attackers around the Moon Palace were similar in appearance. She dodged the punch thrown at her and she followed up with a kick that struck her enemy in the face, and the force of her attack knocked the youma down.
“Fire Soul,” Mars called out. A small fireball appeared on her hands, and she fired the attack off towards the youma. The flames formed a spiral before the attack struck her target, and her enemy turned to dust.
Sailor Mars looked over at Mercury who was engaged in a battle against two youma nearby. She saw one of them strike Mercury who fell to the ground from her many wounds, but before Mars could reach her fellow team member she saw Jadeite slash the unconscious Mercury with a wakizashi. Mars was too distracted so she didn’t sense the youma sneak up behind her. She felt pain, and she felt a youma’s sharp claws in her stomach.
“Any last words Sailor Mars,” the youma evilly said.
“I am sorry Queen Serenity, Princess Serenity,” Mars said weakly. “Forgive me.”
“Enjoy your death girly,” the youma said. She removed her claws from Mars’ stomach and the wounded Senshi of fire fell to the ground. She saw Nephrite in the distance with a wakizashi in his hand before her vision turned black.
Ranma awoke in middle of the night. Her right hand clutched her stomach. (I remember the pain I felt as the youma pierced my stomach.) Ranma thought while grimacing in pain. (The Silver Millennium Empire. What has become of it? Now I remember all of the dreams I have been having. They are my memories.) She thought while quietly leaving the room, and the Tendou Dojo. She arrived at the bridge, and sat down staring at the rushing water that passed by.
(I am Sailor Mars.) Ranma thought. (There can be no doubt now. How did I ever forget my friends? At least they are alive. I have to find them. I promised we would be friends forever. I don’t intend to break that promise. They all must live in the Azabu Juban District. I want to be a Sailor Senshi again. My curse will likely lock me as a girl, but I have made up my mind. I guess I’ll need to find a place to live in the Azabu Juban District.) Ranma thought.


“If I let you take my grandson on this training trip,” Grandfather Hino said. The three were at the Hikawa Shrine. “Will you promise to return in three years?”
“I promise,” Genma said. Grandfather Hino leaned down looking at his grandson.
“Take care of yourself,” Grandfather Hino said. He gave his grandson a hug.
“I will,” Ranma said. He returned the hug.
“Time to go,” Genma said.

End Flashback
(Grandfather Hino.) Ranma thought. (How did I forget him? Pops must have made me forget about him. Grandfather lives in the Azabu Juban District, and is the head of the clan.) Ranma smiled. She headed back to Tendou Dojo. (I’ll have Nabiki help me find him in afternoon.)
“You need to train more boy,” Genma said. Ranma blocked punch, and countered with his own. The attack knocked his father into the koi pond.
“Seems you spoke too soon Pop,” Ranma said. Genma emerged from the water, and the two continued to fight. Genma eventually found an opening, and struck Ranma. He flew into the pond.
[Now look who lowered their defenses.] Genma wrote on the sign. [Come on boy. You can do better than that.] The two fought on. Kasumi poured hot water on the two, and they all sat down, and ate breakfast.
“Can you two for once not fight during a meal?” Akane asked.
“It’s not my idea,” Ranma said. He blocked his father’s attempt to steal his food.
“You are getting sloppy boy. You may have beaten Saffron, but you can never slack off on your training,” Genma said.
“Akane, Give it up,” Nabiki said. “In two years the morning routine has almost never changed.”
“There is plenty of food to go around,” Kasumi said.
“What was that?” Soun asked. He looked up from the newspaper in his hands.
“Akane,” Ranma said.
“What is it?” Akane asked. She broke a brick and looked at him.
“I…” Ranma replied. “There is something I have to tell you.”
“What is wrong?” Akane asked.
“I…” Ranma replied. (I am sorry.) Ranma thought. (I want to tell you but I am too nervous. Please forgive me.) He walked past Nabiki, and left the dojo.
“What was that about?” Akane asked aloud.
“He wanted to tell you something,” Nabiki replied.
“He never was good with words,” Akane said. “Something is wrong. He gave me a look that I have never seen before.”
“Be patient sis,” Nabiki said. “He’ll tell you eventually.”
“Where did you go after breakfast?” Akane asked Ranma at lunch.
“I needed some time alone,” Ranma replied.
“Is everything okay?” Kasumi asked.
“I’m fine,” Ranma replied.
“What were you thinking about son?” Soun asked.
“Spill it out boy,” Genma said.
“I…” Ranma said. He gulped. “I am…” He was about to tell everyone when Xian Pu’s bike crashed through the front door, and into the table. The table broke into two pieces, and the food on their plates flew all over the room.
“Ranma go on date yes?” Xian Pu asked.
“Pervert,” Akane yelled. She pulled out her mallet, bashed the martial artist, and hurled him skyward. She stormed off in anger.
“Oh My,” Kasumi said.
“She just can’t control her anger,” Nabiki said. She sighed. Genma during all this managed to grab his plate, and secured much of the food before it splattered to the floor.
“The food is still good,” Genma said.
“My house,” Soun said. Fresh tears overcame the man.
“Xian Pu sorry,” Xian Pu said.
Meanwhile, Ranma was still flying. He wasn’t sure how long he soared in the air. Eventually he landed near a fountain. (Where am I?) Ranma thought. (I had better ask someone.) He walked up to a man and a woman.
“Excuse me,” Ranma said. “Could you tell me where I am?”
“You are in Tokyo,” the man replied. The woman laughed.
“I know that,” Ranma replied. “Can you tell me what Tokyo Ward I’m in?”
“You are in the Azabu Juban District in the Minato Ward,” the man replied.
“Thanks,” Ranma said. (What luck.) Ranma thought. (I didn’t get to tell her. If only Xian Pu hadn’t arrived.) “Could you tell me how to get to the Hikawa Shrine?”
“Once you leave the park,” the woman said. “You’ll arrive in downtown Azabu Juban. Just follow the main road. You should see signs.”
“Thanks,” Ranma said.
“No problem,” the man said.
“Good luck,” the woman said. Ranma walked in nervous anticipation. He saw the Sailor Senshi locked in battle with a youma after he walked for a while. (I have already made my decision. In a few moments, I possibly will no longer be male. I can’t turn back now. Looks like my friends could use some help.) Ranma thought. ________________________________________
The youma the Sailor Senshi were engaged in combat with was thick, tall, and made of glass armour.
“Watch out,” Venus said. The youma launched her attack, and aimed to strike Jupiter and Mercury.
“That was too easy to move away from,” Mercury said. She dashed out of harm’s way. “This youma has tight defenses.”
“At least she is bad with aiming her attacks,” Jupiter said. The youma launched another attack this time, and the attack struck Sailor Venus.
“Venus,” Moon said. “Are you okay?”
“Gotcha,” Glassaglis said. “Wait you are still alive. I will win this battle yet.” Luna and Artemis were off to the side. The two watched the longest battle the Sailor Senshi have fought since they re awoke.
“I am fine,” Venus said. “The attack did not hurt.”
“How long have they been fighting?” Luna asked.
“The fight started about half an hour ago,” Artemis said. Luna rolled her eyes.
“Moon engage the enemy,” Mercury said. “Venus, Jupiter, and I will surround her to keep her from escaping. This battle has gone on long enough. I think our stamina is being tested.”
“Agreed,” Jupiter said.
“Gotcha,” Moon said. She engaged the youma while Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter surrounded the glass-like-youma to keep her from running. Moon was about to use her Moon Tiara Action attack when a black-haired male punched Glassaglis in the chest.
“You’ll regret getting involved,” Glassaglis said. She spoke while she flew in the air. She went head first into the earth. The Senshi Team stared at the unexpected new arrival. Ranma scratched the back of his head.
“Hello all,” Ranma said. He paused. “Sailor Mercury, please use Sabão Spray on me.”
“Ranma?” Jupiter asked. “You finally remember us?”
“Yes I do. I am sorry it took so long for me to remember,” Ranma replied.
“Very well,” Mercury said. “Sabão Spray,” Mercury called out. Instead of the usual frost, fog that would cover an area three separate bubbles soared towards Ranma. On impact, he got drenched, and the curse activated. The symbol of Mars flickered on Ranma’s face. She looked at Luna.
“Hmm. I wonder why I am not afraid of you, Luna and Artemis. My guess is that I remember you from the Silver Millennium Empire. I am ready to become Sailor Mars once again,” Ranma said.
“You know your curse will permanently lock,” Artemis said.
“I kinda figured that would be case,” Ranma said.
“Have you thought it through?” Luna asked.
“Yes I have, and I will not let my friends fight the Dark Kingdom by themselves,” Ranma replied.
“I am glad. I have known for some time who you are, but I wanted you to make your own choice,” Artemis said.
“Are you sure that you want this responsibility?” Luna asked.
“I thank you for letting me have the choice. I know this is the right one,” Ranma said with a laugh. “I doubt many will accept my girl curse becoming permanent.”
“I see, you have made your resolve,” Luna said. She did a flip, and the Mars Henshen Rod appeared. She tossed the rod to Ranma. “You know what to do.”
“Mars Power, Make Up,” Ranma called out. She felt magic fill her body, and she felt power from the planet Mars flow through her. The clothes she wore vanished. A white body suit with a red neck her covered her chest and her lower body. A purple bow with a red jewel in the center covered her breasts and a red bow appeared on the back of her outfit. Two white gloves covered her hands, and small red heels covered her feet. A small red skirt appeared. Half a moon upside-own appeared on her face, and a golden tiara fitted with a red gem concealed it.
Glassaglis finally managed to free herself from the punch Ranma had thrown. The youma looked around for the boy who had thrown the punch, but she failed to find him. Then she saw a new Sailor Senshi, and she began to panic. Sailor Mars wasted no time in attacking.
“Fire Soul,” Mars called out. A small fireball appeared on her hands, and she fired the attack off towards the youma. The flames formed a spiral before the attack struck the youma, and the glass-like-youma began to melt in front of them.
“Moon Tiara Action,” Moon called out. She grabbed her tiara on her head, and threw it at high speeds. It spun towards the youma and shattered her into hot glass turning her to dust. Moon’s weapon returned to her.
Sailor Mars fainted once the battle ended. Sailor Mercury was able to catch her before she tasted dirt.
“Poor girl,” Mercury said. “I can understand why she chose to give up her life in Nerima. Look at her injuries. She has several cuts and bruises…And Is that a mallet wound engraved into her face?”
“Where should we take her?” Venus asked.
“How about my apartment,” Jupiter suggested.
“Mommy?” Asami called out in the Hayashi household. She walked around. “Where are you mommy?”
“Asami. We’ll find your mother,” Officer Takahashi said. He walked up to her. “I promise.”
“Everything will be fine,” Mrs. Saito said. She soothed the young girl. Asami fell asleep in her aunt’s arms.
“Poor girl,” Officer Takahashi said. “First her father was murdered, and now her mother is missing.”
“What are the chances of finding my sister?” Mrs. Saito asked.
“We just got a new lead today,” Officer Takahashi said, “so we still have a good chance on finding her. So what are you going to do if we don’t find her?”
“I will take care of my niece. I’ll move her belongings to my house if my sister is not found in a week,” Mrs. Saito said.
“I will keep you informed,” Officer Takahashi said.
“Thanks,” Mrs. Saito said.
The Sailor Senshi quietly made their way to Makoto’s apartment. Once inside her apartment everyone powered down. Makoto carried her friend into her guest room. Hours later Mars awoke. After she powered down Ranma smiled at them. They each returned the smile. She sat up, and looked at her friends.
“It is good to see you after all this time,” Minako said.
“Glad to have you back on the team,” Usagi said.
“I missed you,” Makoto said.
“Glad to have you back,” Ami said.
“Welcome back,” Luna said.
“Good to see you,” Artemis said.
“Thanks,” Ranma said. “Can you show me where the furo is?”
“You bet,” Makoto said. She led Ranma to the furo, and then the others went to the kitchen.
Ranma went to the guest room. She saw a white bra, panties, and a white blouse with a red bow, a blue skirt, blue heels, and white socks on a desk. She grabbed the clothes, and went to the furo. She pulled out her red necklace from her pocket. She took off her dirty clothes, and then put them in hamper. She put her red necklace with her clean clothes. Ranma turned on the water, and took a shower. She felt the hot water splash her body, and felt no change occur. After her shower, she stepped out, and dried herself off. (I am female now. I am no longer cursed.) Ranma thought. She stared at her body. She changed into her clean clothes, and put her necklace around her neck. She left the room, and headed to the living room to talk to her friends. She sat next to Minako.
“I am surprised that you decided to wear that,” Minako said. “I thought you hated being a girl.” The others nodded in agreement.
“At one time I did but not anymore. Please everyone call me Rei now,” Rei said.
“Why do you want to be called Rei?” Ami asked.
“That was my name during the Silver Millennium Empire,” Rei replied. “The name feels more comfortable than Ranma.” Everyone nodded. “At one time I hated the curse, but some friends helped me realize that the curse was a blessing.”
“What do you mean?” Artemis asked.
“I learned that the curses of Jusenkyo are designed to help those with severe problems. I was a macho egotistical jerk before, and after I got the curse. I thought all girls were weak. Throughout my life my father had taught me that,” Rei replied.
“Something that you now disagree with?” Usagi asked.
Rei nodded before speaking. “I learned through experience that girls are not weak. After I received my curse, I had to fight many times as a girl, or versus a girl, and over time your perspective changes. Two days after I moved into the Tendou Dojo I became friends with Yuuka, Aya, Mizuki, and Saki.”
“We would like to know what happened during your life,” Makoto said. “We know so little.”
“I would be happy to tell you, but right now I am exhausted,” Rei said.
“We understand,” Ami said.
“By the way Luna and Artemis: how long have you two been aware that I’m Sailor Mars?” Rei asked.
“A month ago we noticed a Silver Millennium Energy spike coming from Nerima,” Luna replied.
“I went to investigate, and I saw you followed by many other girls chasing a short shriveled old man with a bundle. Several others also followed you. I could tell from a distance that you were Sailor Mars. I couldn’t reveal myself due to the circumstances, so I came back to discuss options with Luna,” Artemis said. Rei began to laugh.
“Yea, I remember that day, shortly after that Prince Kirin kidnapped Akane and left with his huge flying ship. We chased them across the ocean to an island to stop the marriage,” Rei said. “How were you able to tell that I’m Sailor Mars from a distance?”
“All those who have lived during the Silver Millennium Empire have a symbol of their planet on their forehead. Only someone from the Silver Millennium Empire can see and recognize the symbol,” Luna replied.
“So now what are your plans?” Minako asked.
“You could move in with me,” Makoto said.
“I had planned on seeing my Grandfather at the Hikawa Shrine this afternoon,” Rei replied.
“I know where the Hikawa Shrine is,” Ami said.
“So we’ll go tomorrow?” Usagi asked.
“Sounds good then,” Rei agreed. “Mind if I crash here for the night then Makoto?”
“Yea, that’ll be no problem,” Makoto replied.
Everyone said good night. The others walked off towards their homes for some sleep. Rei and Makoto fixed up the guest room and went to bed.
General Isagotichi entered the throne room of the Europa Dark Kingdom Castle, and approached the throne where the Dark Kingdom Lord sat.
“General Isagotichi, what are the results of the Glassaglis youma that you have sent to the planet Earth?” The Dark Kingdom Lord asked.
“The Sailor Senshi indeed have a lot of stamina as we have come to suspect my Lord,” General Isagotichi replied.
“Very good. Send the next youma Xailegar to test the strength of the Sailor Senshi,” the Dark Kingdom Lord commanded.
“Yes my Lord,” General Isagotichi said.
“Usagi?” Ami asked during breakfast the next morning. “Do you remember when I learned that with all the Inner Sailor Senshi present we could do a Senshi Teleport?”
“Yes,” Usagi replied.
“Are you suggesting that we attack the stronghold of the Dark Kingdom now?” Artemis asked.
“We have to do something soon,” Minako replied.
“I agree,” Makoto said. “They are a threat, and need to be stopped.”
“I don’t disagree,” Luna said, “however; Rei just rejoined the team yesterday. I think we should let her settle in before we attack the Dark Kingdom and Queen Beryl.”
“I think we can wait a day or two before we attack,” Usagi said.
“Thanks,” Rei said.
“Probably for the best,” Ami said. “I think it would be a good idea if I called the Hikawa Shrine, and let your Grandfather know that he is going to have visitors.” Once everyone was ready, they began to walk to the Hikawa Shrine. Halfway there they saw a youma that looked like a giant cylinder with a single hand shaped into a drill. They went to an alleyway, and grabbed out their Henshen Rods.
“Jupiter Power, Make Up,” Makoto called out.
“Mercury Power, Make Up,” Ami called out.
“Mars Power, Make Up,” Rei called out.
“Venus Power, Make Up,” Minako called out.
“Moon Prism Power, Make Up,” Usagi called out.
“Welcome,” Xailegar said once her enemies came into sight. “I have been expecting you. I am Xailegar, and you all are the Sailor Senshi.”
“Huh,” Moon said. (What is going on?) Moon thought. (Why was the youma expecting us?)
“If my scans are correct one attack should destroy the youma,” Mercury said after she scanned the youma.
“Are you serious?” Mars asked.
“Supreme Thunder,” Jupiter called out. Electrical energy began to appear around her. Soon a lightning rod appeared on her tiara, it collected the electrical energy, and she discharged the electrical energy at the youma. The youma turned to dust.
“Any idea why the youma was so weak?” Moon asked.
“Xailegar had scanned us,” Mercury replied. “She had tested our strength.”
“Are our identities safe?” Venus asked. They powered down once they were out of sight in an alleyway.
“Yeah our identities are safe,” Ami replied as the group continued to walk.
“Any chance that you are able to track down the source?” Artemis asked.
“I am unable to track the source, however, I am getting info about the enemy,” Ami replied. “It will take several hours for the computer to sort and to decode the data.”
“Alright, be careful. If our enemy has scanned us, then there is no doubt the battle ahead could become dangerous,” Luna cautioned. The two Moon Cats then parted ways.
After he hung up the phone, Grandfather Hino went to his room. He pulled out a picture of his grandchild Ranma and another picture of his daughter Risa. He gazed at both pictures. (Genma promised me that he would come back after three years. He broke his word.) Grandfather Hino thought. (I wonder why someone would call to make sure that I am here. After all most people just come, and go as they please.) He walked outside to get a breath of fresh air. He felt the presence of several girls. (One of those girls has chi similar to my grandson. I hope that Genma did not go to Jusenkyo.) The five girls arrived at the top level of the Hikawa Shrine. He looked at them. (There can be no doubt now. Ranma looks so much like her mother.)________________________________________
After Rei, Minako, Makoto, Usagi, and Ami walked for several minutes they finally approached the Hikawa Shrine. They climbed the steps until they finally saw the main building. They looked around in awe. (So glad to be back.) Rei thought. (I have missed this place so much.) As they approached the main building of the Hikawa Shrine, they saw an old man. He stood up, and smiled at them.
“Ranma,” Grandfather Hino said. Rei recognized the chi of her grandfather, as he gave her a hug. “It has been so long granddaughter.”
“Grandfather,” Rei said.
“How do you know that Rei is your granddaughter,” Usagi asked.
“If I am right Jusenkyo changes ones appearance and body chemistry, but it can’t hide ones ki,” Grandfather Hino replied. “Please child, tell me what has happened.” Rei told her grandfather the important events that have occurred since she had last seen him. She left out all things related to the Sailor Senshi.
“Grandfather, please call me Rei now,” Rei said.
“I see it is high time that Genma pays for his actions. I will no longer leave you in his care,” Grandfather Hino said.
“You’re not disappointed with me?” Rei asked.
“No, I accept you for who you are, unlike Genma,” Grandfather Hino replied.
“Thank you,” Rei said. “That means a lot to me.” She looked around the Hikawa Shrine more. More memories of her childhood filled her mind. She tried to smile but eventually memories of her mother overwhelmed her, and tears fell down her face. She sat down.
“Are you okay?” Grandfather Hino asked. He sat down next to her.
“Seeing the Hikawa Shrine made me think of mother,” Rei replied.
“I know child. I miss my daughter everyday myself,” Grandfather Hino said. He hugged her. “I am sorry, that I let Genma take you on that training trip. I see that he had no intention of coming back like he promised.”
“Wait,” Minako said. “Genma married into your family name?”
“Yes he wanted to incorporate his martial arts style into the Hino name. Since it is more recognizable then his own family name of Saotome,” Grandfather Hino replied. He finally looked up at Rei’s friends, and smiled. “Sorry that I have not introduced myself sooner. I am Rei’s grandfather. Nice to meet you.”
“Grandfather,” Rei said. “These are my friends. She looked at each of her friends while she introduced them.
“Nice to meet you,” Usagi said.
“Hello,” Minako and Ami said.
“Hi,” Makoto said.
“I do not want to marry anyone or live in Nerima anymore,” Rei said.
“You’ll live here with me,” Grandfather Hino said. “I’ll go to Nerima and take care everything.”
“I need to resolve my problem,” Rei said, “I didn’t exactly take care of it like I should have.”
“We won’t let you face your problem alone,” Minako said.
“Yea,” Makoto said.
“We’ll face this together,” Ami said.
“After all friends stick together,” Usagi said.
“Thanks,” Rei said.
“Then it is settled. We’ll all go to Nerima,” Grandfather Hino said.
Rei called the Tendou Dojo after the group arrived at the Nerima Ward.
“Hello,” Kasumi said.
“Kasumi,” Rei said. “This is Ranma. Can you gather everyone but the Kunous for a meeting?”
“Did something happen?” Kasumi asked.
“Yes,” Rei replied. “I’ll explain when I arrive. See you soon.” Rei walked back her to friends.
“I’ll head to the Twelfth Nerima District Hall to start the paperwork,” Grandfather Hino said.
“I’ll be back soon,” Rei said. Her grandfather nodded, and walked off.
Rei and her friends walked over to Yuuka’s house. After they all arrived at her house, Rei hugged her friends. After introductions, Rei spoke up.
“I locked my curse yesterday,” Rei said. “I can longer turn male. Please call me Rei.”
“So you finally made your choice,” Reina said. Rei nodded. “Did you get a hold of the locking ladle?” Rei nodded. (Few that’ll be one less question I have to deal with.) Rei thought.
“I will also be moving to Azabu Juban District to live with my grandfather,” Rei said, “and I am ending the engagements today.”
“We’ll miss you,” Saki said.
“I am glad that you are finally ending this charade your father started,” Mizuki said.
“Are you nervous?” Aya asked.
“Yes,” Rei replied.
“You’re not going to bear this burden by yourself Rei,” Yuuka said. “We are coming too.”
“When we get to the Tendou Dojo Ami, Usagi, Makoto, and Minako,” Rei said, “don’t be shocked when you see a martial arts stadium.”
“A martial arts stadium was built?” Minako asked.
“Yea,” Yuuka said. “Nabiki raised a lot of money to add two rooms to the Tendou Dojo, and the stadium sometime after Rei and her father moved there.”
At the Tendou Dojo martial arts stadium: the various Nerima Wreaking Crew members and their families waited to hear the news that Ranma was about to tell them. The Joketsuzoku Kho Lon, Xian Pu, and Mu Tsu sat on the bleachers furthest from the Tendou Dojo. The Tendou Family, Genma Hino, and Grandmaster Happosai sat in the center area of the bleachers. The final group Ukyou Kuonji and Ryouga Hibiki sat between the other two groups.
Kasumi stood in the kitchen and she heard a knock several minutes later. She answered the door, and was quite surprised to see an elderly man.
“Are you here for the meeting?” Kasumi asked.
“You must be Kasumi,” Grandfather Hino said. “I am Ranma’s Grandfather. I have come to finally end the engagements. I want my grandchild to be happy.”
“So Ranma has finally begun to end the engagements?” Kasumi asked. Grandfather Hino nodded.
“Her curse is locked, and she has asked to be called Rei now,” Grandfather Hino said. Kasumi gasped at the news, but a smile quickly grew on her face. Grandfather Hino paused. “Rei and her friends will be here shortly.”
“I see,” Kasumi said. I’ll lead you to the bleachers outside.” Everyone was surprised to see Kasumi come out with an elderly man. He took a nearby seat.
Rei and her friends arrived later, and Rei introduced her friends to Kasumi.
“Rei,” Kasumi said. “Everyone is waiting for you.” Rei nodded.
“We should take a seat outside with the others to give Rei a moment to calm down,” Usagi suggested. Kasumi led Rei’s friends to the bleachers.
(Where is he?) Akane thought. She sat in quiet anticipation until she saw eight girls take a seat. (So he has cheated on me). Akane thought in anger. (I’ll make him pay.)
Back inside the Tendou Dojo Rei drank a glass of water. Kasumi walked up to her, and put her hand on Rei’s shoulder.
“I am happy for you,” Kasumi said. “You’ll be fine, just tell them how you feel.” Rei nodded.
“Thanks,” Rei said. She gave Kasumi a hug. “Thank you for all your help.”
“You are welcome,” Kasumi said.
“I guess I shouldn’t keep them waiting any longer,” Rei said. Kasumi and Rei walked to the bleachers, and when Rei sat between Makoto and Yuuka, Genma couldn’t take it anymore.
“What are you doing boy? Why are you dressed as a weak pathetic girl?” Genma asked. Genma shivered at the glares he received from Rei’s friends.
“Everyone shall treat my granddaughter with respect,” Grandfather Hino said. A spark wave of new interest passed among those who didn’t know that Grandfather Hino was Rei’s grandfather, however, everyone kept quiet.
Genma fidgeted. (How did my son find him? I was certain that I had made Ranma forget about him.) Genma thought. Rei stood up, and looked back at her friends. They each gave her a smile, which encouraged her. She looked at everyone else.
“Yesterday night my curse got locked,” Rei began. “I no longer wish to be referred to as Ranma. Please call me Rei.” Nearly everyone gasped.
“Ran-chan why?” Ukyou asked.
“Ranma is perverted just like I thought,” Akane said, anger in her voice.
“Oh woe is me. Why must I be cursed with such a worthless son,” Genma said.
“Rei has not finished yet,” Ami said.
“Even if the curse didn’t lock,” Rei began. “I would have nullified the engagements anyways. I have come to realize that the mess that father has created would only erupt into more disasters.” Many eyes began to bug out on many people’s faces, and everyone looked up in surprise. Xian Pu, Ukyou, and Akane all got teary-eyed as Rei’s rejection came home. When Akane and Xian Pu started to cry Mu Tsu and Ryouga began to get upset.
“Now the schools will never be joined,” Soun said. A fresh set of tears overcame the man.
“Why Ran-chan, don’t you love me?” Ukyou asked. Tears covered her face.
“Ranma marry Xian Pu now,” cried Xian Pu.
“You enemy of women,” Mu Tsu said with conviction. He began to get ready for a fight.
“Die Ranma,” Ryouga yelled. He dashed towards Rei, but before he could attack, Grandfather Hino stopped him with a pressure point. Everyone was surprised at how fast the old man moved.
(Rei’s grandfather moved fast.) Mu Tsu thought. (I'd rather avoid that pressure point.) He sat back down.
(The power Rei and her new friends are radiating is enormous. I need to investigate this.) Kho Lon thought.
(I am so tempted to check out the new girls.) Happosai thought. (However, the power they radiate is incredible. Something tells me I should not attack them.)
Genma slipped into the Tendou Dojo undetected. He held a tanto in his right hand.
(All my damn work.) Genma thought. (I killed my wife when she refused to let us go on the training trip. I put Ranma through all that training. I even broke the law in the process, and he does this to me. My retirement would have been cozy had the boy done as I asked him to; instead he gets himself locked as a weak girl. I doubt I could convince Ranma to marry Soun since his grandfather is involved. They will probably try, and get the law after me. I could run away, but I doubt that would work for long. I'd rather retain my freedom. Maybe Ranma could help me. I could convince him to forgive me.) Genma thought, and he scowled. (No, he is no child of my mine. I didn’t spend eighteen years training the boy to become a weak girl. I will not watch this train wreck. I would rather be dead.)
“This is your last job,” Genma said. An unknown man appeared from the shadows. He held a katana. “I am going to kill myself. Make sure to remove my head.”
“Yes sir,” the unknown man said.
“Here is your payment for all your services,” Genma said. He handed the man some yen. “I would leave Tokyo after this job and lay low. No one well look for you. Okay follow me and let us end this.” The unknown man nodded. The two men headed to the martial arts stadium.
“Goodbye everyone,” Genma yelled. He grabbed everyone’s attention. An unknown man stood behind Genma.
“Pops,” Rei yelled once she saw the tanto in his hand. (He is going to kill himself.) Rei thought as tears began to form on her face. She rushed forward to stop him but…
“You’re no child of mine,” Genma yelled quickly.
Genma violently stabbed his heart with the tanto. In pure shock, Rei stood still for a moment as if her body froze in time. She watched in unbelievable horror as her father moved the blade in his heart. Her right arm reached out towards him as she strived to grab a hold of the weapon. She missed and she lost her balance and fell to her knees. “Pop,” Rei called out in a high pitch. Tears streamed down her face, her heart pounded away and her knees began to shake. (This is not happening. This is not happening.) Rei thought in denial. She once again tried to grab her pop but her arm only grabbed air as the man cut Genma’s head off. His body thumped to the ground, and his head rolled off in the direction the wind blew before it stopped. The unknown man dashed off after Genma died. He did not say a word to anyone. “How could you?” She slumped to the ground. All of her friends dashed to her and embraced her while she cried. Everyone sat in utter silence. Rei sobbed and it was the only sounds that everyone heard along with the wind. A long time passed before the bawling ended.
“She cried herself to sleep,” Yuuka softly said while she continued to hold Rei.
“Please take her in, and let her rest in her room,” Kasumi said. Makoto picked up the sleeping girl.
“She’s burning up,” Makoto said.
“Nabiki, please call Doctor Tofu,” Kasumi said alarmed. “Please follow me. We should let Rei rest.”
“On it,” Nabiki said.
Kasumi led Makoto who carried Rei. Her other friends followed the two. They reached her room, and Makoto put her gently on her bed. Grandfather Hino and Nabiki followed, but they didn’t enter the room.
“Kasumi, Doctor Tofu is on his way,” Nabiki said.
“Thank you, Nabiki,” Kasumi said. Nabiki went downstairs to make several calls. “Can someone get Rei’s pajamas for me?” Yuuka found the pajamas, and handed the outfit to Kasumi. She quickly changed Rei into her pajamas while Ami put her hand on her friend’s head. (She’s really burning up.) Ami thought. (Why did her father have to go and do what he did?)
(Rei locked her curse by choice. There can be no other explanation to explain her behavior.) Kho Lon thought. After Makoto carried the sick girl, she felt the tension rise in the air.
“I expect everyone out here to behave,” Kho Lon commanded. The remaining members of the Wreaking Crew did not move. They knew that the Joketsuzoku Elder was serious with her threat, and they didn’t want to receive her wrath.
“Can someone fill me?” Doctor Tofu asked while he examined Rei. Her friends quickly filled him in. “I am going to ask everyone, but Kasumi to leave. Can someone ask Elder Kho Lon to join me? I have a theory about why she got sick.” Soon Doctor Tofu and Kasumi were in the room.
“Yes,” Kho Lon asked when she entered the room.
“I have an idea why she got sick. Would you examine her please,” Doctor Tofu said.
“Okay,” Kho Lon said. She did an examination. “She got sick because of severe stress. She needs rest.”
“Agreed. Kasumi, let the others know that we are almost ready,” Doctor Tofu said.
“Alright,” Kasumi said. Doctor Tofu and Kho Lon left the room and walked downstairs to talk with Grandfather Hino, and the three stepped into the guest room.
“Mr. Hino,” Kho Lon said. “Your granddaughter’s illness appears to be connected to severe stress.”
“This medicine I have relaxes the muscles in the body, and should help her calm down,” Doctor Tofu said.
“Is she going to be okay?” Grandfather Hino asked.
“Physically she’ll be fine in a few days after some rest, however, I am concerned about her mental health,” Doctor Tofu replied.
“I see,” Grandfather Hino said.
“Mr. Hino you should also know that I have begun to suspect her curse is not locked,” Kho Lon said.
“What are you getting at?” Doctor Tofu asked.
“A cursed Jusenkyo victim has magic traces in their body that allows the change via water temperature. I cannot detect any Jusenkyo magic in her. She no longer has her curse. I think she found some way to end her curse, and made a choice to become female,” Kho Lon replied.
“Are you sure?” Grandfather Hino asked.
“Yes, I will need to look into this further, but I do believe that is what mostly likely happened,” Kho Lon said. “We should explain what happened to her before the fools do something rash.”
“So what happened to Ran-chan?” Ukyou asked when she saw Kho Lon, Grandfather Hino, and Doctor Tofu.
“She developed a fever from her stress,” Doctor Tofu said.
“I know it was said earlier, but it is even more important now. The engagements are over,” Grandfather Hino said.
“Why did she get sick?” Xian Pu asked.
“Rei tends to bury her emotions, but her father’s death was too painful for her to handle like she usually does,” Doctor Tofu replied. “I am aware that when she moved here to Nerima that did not want to be engaged. She was happy to be friends with you Akane, but your reactions to her curse made her lonelier.”
“That pervert deserved what came to him,” Akane said.
“She wanted a friend not an engagement,” Yuuka said.
“How would you know about this?” Akane asked.
“While the rest of you chased after her as a prize to be won,” Saki began, “we befriended her, and we got to know her. We didn’t pursue her like the rest of you did.”
“Wait what?” Ukyou asked. “Ran-chan is friends with you girls?”
Yuuka and her friends told them a shortened story of how they became friends.
“I knew it. Ranma is a perverted freak,” Akane said.
“What is perverted about a girl hanging with her friends at a slumber party Akane?” Mizuki asked.
“Ranma is not a girl,” Akane said.
“That is where you are wrong sis,” Nabiki said.
“Akane, Rei is as much a girl as you and I are,” Aya said.
“Friends stand by each other, and do not judge one another,” Usagi said.
“Many of you here have blamed Rei for your problems and that helped make her sick,” Kasumi said.
“They are right,” Kho Lon said.
“I can’t believe that many of you are more concerned about yourselves right now. Rei got sick from stress after her father rejected her and killed himself. You should think about her wishes for once,” Ami said.
“It makes me sick to think that you treat her as a prize,” Makoto added.
“I can see why she doesn’t want to live here in the Nerima Ward anymore,” Minako said.
“Akane, Ukyou, Xian Pu if you care for her you should respect her wishes,” Doctor Tofu said.
“So my engagement with Ranma is really over?” Ukyou asked. Grandfather Hino nodded. “I am going to go to my Okonomiyaki restaurant. I need to think.”
“Doctor Tofu, Kasumi, I am going back to the Neko Hanten. Please keep me informed if anything serious comes up,” Kho Lon said. “Mu Tsu, Xian Pu come along now.” The three Joketsuzoku headed off towards the Neko Hanten. The Tendous split up to different parts of the Dojo, each lost in a different kind of thought.
“Usagi,” Makoto said. “We should head back.”
“What about Rei,” Minako asked.
“She’ll be fine,” Ami said. “We can stop by in a few days.” Usagi nodded. They walked home. “Kasumi,” Yuuka said. “Let us know if anything happens.” Kasumi nodded. Yuuka and her friends walked home. Grandmaster Happosai, the only one to keep quiet the entire time took off towards the center of Nerima District, and Ryouga headed in a random direction.