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Chapter Two: Revelations

It was late at night by the time Ami, Makoto, Minako, and Usagi arrived at Makoto’s apartment. Once they settled in the Senshi members filled in the two Moon Cats on the recent events.
“Poor Rei,” Artemis said.
“Her head felt very hot when I carried her to her room,” Makoto said.
“Some of those people in Nerima didn’t even care that they contributed to making her sick,” Minako said. Ami’s supercomputer made a beep, and everyone looked at Ami and for several minutes, she looked at the information that her supercomputer produced.
“The data I have is rather useful despite being encrypted and disorganized. It will take a few days to sort it all out,” Ami said thoughtfully. “Our enemy didn’t think that we would be able to obtain this information.”
“I think we all should go home now,” Usagi said.
At the Twelfth Nerima District Hall, the Nerima Wreaking Crew and the residents of the Tendou Dojo gathered for a pre trial. The guard escorted Akane into the room. She saw Tatewaki Kunou and his father in handcuffs. The two sat on the benches on the right side of the room. Her family, Grandfather Hino, and the members of the Nerima Wreaking Crew sat on the left benches. Rei and all her friends were not present. More than twenty armed police officers covered the premises.
“Please rise,” the bailiff said once Akane took her seat behind the two Kunous. Everyone stood up, and Judge Fujimoto arrived, and took a seat at his stand. “This honorable court is now in session.” Everyone sat down.
“I am Judge Fujimoto of the Twelfth District of the Nerima Ward,” Judge Fujimoto said. He paused. “This pre trial was to determine if Tatewaki Kunou and Mr. Kunou are to be brought to trial, but because of recent events I have included three more objectives that will be met tonight which now includes the legal status of Ranma Hino, and the presentation of evidence against Tatewaki Kunou, Mr. Kunou, Akane Tendou, and the members of the Nerima Wreaking Crew for criminal misconduct that endangers the welfare of others.”
Yuuka, Aya, Saki, and Mizuki watched over Rei who was still asleep. She tossed in her bed, and shifted once again.
Rei dreamed. Rei sat on her bed in her room, while she waited for her mother. She saw a large wardrobe on the other side of the room, and a door to the right of the wardrobe. She wore a silver dress with the symbol of Mars. A woman entered the room, and she took a seat next to Rei. Queen Hino’s long black hair went down to her back, and her eyes were purple just like her daughters'. She appeared to be about twenty years old.
“Are you ready for your first day of training Princess Rei? To potentially become the next Sailor Mars and join the Sailor Senshi?” Queen Hino asked.
“Yes mother,” Rei replied.
“I know that you’re young, and that you have the option of choosing to become a Sailor Senshi when you turn sixteen. Queen Serenity, however, has ordered every possible candidate to train at age of five,” Queen Hino said.
“Mother? How long have you been Queen of Mars?” Rei asked.
“For a long time dear. It is hard to believe I have been Queen for the last three hundred years. One day you could become the Queen of Mars,” Queen Hino replied.
“How long would it take, Mom?” Rei asked.
“A long time, a lot of trials and training must be endured to earn the succession as Queen of Mars,” Queen Hino replied. “Ideally Queen Serenity would prefer you to take the mantle of Sailor Mars. It is ultimately your choice child, however know this: I will always be proud of you for whatever you choose to do with your life.”
“I want to become Sailor Mars mom,” Rei said. “The power to help others as a Sailor Senshi is important to me.”
“You’re just like your older sister you know that?” Queen Hino said.
“I miss her,” Rei said.
“I know. None of us expected the horrible attack at the border post,” Queen Hino said. Tears filled her eyes. Queen Hino hugged her daughter tightly. “They couldn’t bring her back to life. We had to pass the mantle of Sailor Mars to a non-family member until you turn sixteen.”
“I won’t let you and my sister Tephra down,” Rei said with determination.
"We don't want to be running late then," Queen Hino said. She grabbed the red necklace on the desk next to bed, and put it around her daughter’s neck. "Today you get to meet the other potential Inner Sailor Senshi trainees and Princess Serenity, and your training will begin."
They left the room, and walked down the hallway to the throne room of the Moon Palace. There the two saw Queen Serenity and Princess Serenity. They sat on their thrones in the room.
“Now that everyone’s here,” Queen Serenity said. Queen Hino bowed to the royal family members, before she left the room. “We can get started early. Can the Inner Sailor Senshi trainees please step up to the throne?” The four girls stepped up to the throne. “Hello girls, I am Queen Serenity.” She pointed to her daughter Princess Serenity “This is my daughter Princess Serenity.” Please introduce yourselves.”
“I am Princess Serenity,” Princess Serenity said.
“I am Minako Aino,” Minako said.
“I am Rei Hino,” Rei said.
“I am Makoto Kino,” Makoto said.
“I am Ami Mizuno,” Ami said.
“Good job,” You can spend the next hour to get to know each other, before your training begins,” Queen Serenity said. “I’ll have a guard escort you to the Inner Sailor Senshi in an hour.”
“Akane Tendou,” Judge Fujimoto said with authority. “Please stand.” Akane stood up, and looked at him. “Do you know why you have been summoned here tonight?”
“I think,” Akane said. “If this has anything to do with that pervert I’ll…”
“You’ll what?” Judge Fujimoto asked interrupting Akane’s implied threat. “Bash her whenever she does an action which you do not like? I have summed you here for that reason. To be frank, the Nerima Ward is sick and tired of this nonsense that has been going on for the last two years.”
(Why did Judge Fujimoto nod at Elder Kho Lon?) Akane thought. She felt a poke on her back, and her back began to burn. She fell to the ground in pain. (Why would she use the strength sapping moxibustion on me?) Akane thought. She felt an icepack placed on her back.
“I am sorry Akane. I had hoped to avoid this extreme measure. You should keep your mouth shut before things get worse,” Kho Lon whispered to Akane. She walked back to her seat. Akane stood up. Kasumi continued to hold the ice pack on her back.
“Restrain her now with handcuffs, and place her in a bench behind the Kunou’s,” Judge Fujimoto ordered. She took Kho Lon’s advice, and kept quiet while the police officers cuffed her. The officers then led her to the bench, and sat her down.
“Can you please hold this ice pack to her back,” Kasumi asked one of the officers. The officer nodded while Kasumi sat down with her family. The officer kept her word, and held the ice pack on Akane’s back.
“The first order of business is a request form one-four-seven-three-two-nine-seven,” Judge Fujimoto said. “Ranma Hino’s gender is now recognized as female. I approve the name change for Ranma. Her new name is Rei. Mr. Hino you have been granted custody rights over your granddaughter Rei Hino.”
“Thank you,” Grandfather Hino said. “Your honor.”
“The second order of business is Japan versus Tatewaki Kunou and Mr. Kunou is now called to order,” Judge Fujimoto said. “Tatewaki and Mr. Kunou you two have been charged with six counts of aggravated assault, attempted murder, reckless endangerment, sexual harassment, attempted rape, and child endangerment. What do you two plead?”
“Innocent,” Mr. Kunou called out.
“Innocent,” Tatewaki called out. “It is the fault of that foul sorcerer Ranma Hino.”
“The Twelfth District of the Nerima Ward has reviewed each of your cases for some time. Is there sufficient evidence to take them to trial?” Judge Fujimoto asked.
“The jury has reviewed the evidence in hand against the Kunous, and the jury has agreed to take the case to court,” the representative for the jury said with conviction.
“The Twelfth District of the Nerima Ward has spoken, Tatewaki and Mr. Kunou,” Judge Fujimoto said. “Your trial is set for two weeks from today.”
“You can’t do this,” Tatewaki said. “This isn’t fair.”
“The Kunou family will destroy you,” Mr. Kunou threatened.
“Actually, the two of you have been stripped from the family name,” Kodachi said.
“You would dishonor your brother?” Tatewaki asked.
“No dear brother you dishonored the family name yourself. Grandfather has removed you both from the records,” Kodachi replied.
“Why isn’t Kodachi standing trial?” Tatewaki spat.
“Kodachi has confessed to her many crimes, and has taken responsibility and punishment, the Twelfth District of the Nerima Ward has reduced her sentence,” Judge Fujimoto said. “Officers please escort the gentlemen from my court!” Kodachi left the courtroom after the guards escorted her brother and father out.
“The third order of business is Japan versus Akane Tendou. Although, you are charged with assaulting people violently, you are also a victim of sexual harassment from Tatewaki Kunou and others from Furinkan High. Do you admit to your crimes? The punishment will be easier, or we can convict you, and your punishment will be much more severe,” Judge Fujimoto said.
“I am guilty your honor of letting my anger get the better of me on more than one occasion and for striking Rei multiple times,” Akane said. Tears filled her eyes.
“Then I hereby sentence you to seven days in jail. Due to the situations that have happened at Furinkan High, we have agreed with Kho Lon to hold your jail term at the Neko Hanten. There is a holding cell there so you won’t have to deal with inmates, however, be warned that next time your punishment will be more severe. The next time we won’t be so forgiving. You also must attend anger management counseling weekly for the next two years,” Judge Fujimoto said.
“You need to learn to control your anger, and you need to take responsibility for your actions. There are always consequences for those who break the law,” Kasumi said.
“The final order of business is Japan versus the Nerima Wreaking Crew,” Judge Fujimoto said. “Elder Kho Lon, Xian Pu, Mu Tsu, Grandmaster Happosai, Soun Tendou, Ukyou Kuonji, and Ryouga Hibiki you are members of the Nerima Wreaking Crew, and therefore your crimes are very serious. We have decided after some thought to spare you all from punishment, however, any more of your foolish actions will result in the government’s wrath. If you all understand this, then this pre trial is now over. Officers please escort the prisoner to the Neko Hanten. I want two guards posted at all times. Mr. Hino?”
“Yes,” Grandfather Hino replied.
“When Rei feels better make sure to stop by the Twelfth Nerima District Hall, so she can sign the paper work from order request form one-four-seven-three-two-nine-seven,” Judge Fujimoto ordered.
“Yes,” Grandfather Hino said. “Your honor.”
“This pre trial of the Twelfth District of the Nerima Ward is now closed,” Judge Fujimoto said.
General Isagotichi entered the throne room of the Europa Dark Kingdom Castle, and approached the throne where the Dark Kingdom Lord sat.
“General Isagotichi, what are the results of the Xailegar youma that you have sent to the planet Earth?” The Dark Kingdom Lord asked.
“The Sailor Senshi are indeed as strong as we have come to suspect, my Lord,” General Isagotichi replied.
“Very good, send the final youma Yraasuula to test the determination of the Sailor Senshi,” the Dark Kingdom Lord commanded. “After this final test is completed I want you to begin the next phase of the plan, General Isagotichi.”
“Yes my Lord,” General Isagotichi said.
Rei awoke in the middle of the night. Her body felt weak and exhausted. She saw Kasumi on the other side of the room. She smiled at Kasumi, who smiled back. She stood up, but she had to lie down on the bed, when she got dizzy.
“Please rest: you are still recovering,” Kasumi said with concern.
“Why do I feel so weak?” Rei asked.
“You are sick. You have a huge fever,” Kasumi said.
“He is gone isn’t he?” Rei asked. Tears filled her eyes. “I miss him.”
“I know. Please get some more rest,” Kasumi said. She walked over, and gingerly touched her forehead, which was still warm.
“Thank you for watching over me,” Rei said.
“You’re welcome,” Kasumi said. She pulled the blankets over Rei who shortly fell back to sleep. She sat back down just as Grandfather Hino came into the room.
“How is she doing?” Grandfather Hino asked Kasumi softly.
“She woke up, and she tried to stand up, but she is still too sick to move right now,” Kasumi replied softly.
“I see,” Grandfather Hino said. “You should get some rest. I can watch over her for a few hours.” Kasumi nodded. She left the room. Grandfather Hino took the seat.
Rei dreamed. “Welcome Sirs,” The Jusenkyo Guide said, “to the cursed springs of Jusenkyo.”
“Ah this place isn’t as bad as I thought it would be,” Ranma said.
“You ready Ranma?” Genma called out. He jumped onto one of the bamboo that stuck out of the many pools of water that dotted the vast landscape. “I won’t go easy on you my boy!”
“Just the way I like it Pops,” Ranma replied. He jumped onto a bamboo that was adjacent to the bamboo that Genma stood on.
“Be very careful sirs,” The Jusenkyo Guide warned. “Very bad if you fall in.”
Ranma and Genma fought in the air, and the two occasionally landed on one of the bamboo. The sounds of battle filled the air of Jusenkyo. Ranma eventually kicked his father into a pond. A panda came out of the pond. He jumped onto a bamboo. Genma was occupied with the fight, and oblivious to his change.
“What the heck happened?” Ranma asked. He pointed to his father.
“Oh too bad! You fall into Shonmaonichuan, Spring of Drowned Panda very tragic story of a panda that drowned two thousand years ago. Now whoever fall into spring take body of a panda,” The Jusenkyo Guide replied.
Ranma stared at his father, and left his defenses open. Genma kicked Ranma, and the boy flew towards a spring. Ranma splashed into the water, and a black haired girl rose up from the springs.
“Oh too bad! You fall into Nyannichuan, Spring of Drowned Girl very tragic story of a young girl who drowned fifteen hundred years ago. Now whoever fall in take body of a young girl,” The Jusenkyo Guide said. Ranma saw her breasts poke out of her gi. “See now you young girl.”
Kasumi started cooking a late lunch when she heard a knock at the door the next day. She let Kho Lon, Xian Pu, and Doctor Tofu inside.
“Are you here to check up on Rei?” Kasumi asked.
“We are. How is she?” Doctor Tofu asked.
“Her temperature dropped a little this morning,” Kasumi replied.
“I see,” Kho Lon said.
“I just checked on her,” Grandfather Hino said. “She seems fine.”
“Akane has told me that she has strong nightmares about the Nekoken training,” Soun said. “How is Akane doing?”
“She is doing fine. She is behaving herself,” Xian Pu replied.
“That’s good, I was worried about her losing it,” Kasumi said.
“I told her last night to keep quiet before things got worse. She seems to have taken my advice,” Kho Lon said. “Now if all can excuse us we would like to check on Rei.” Doctor Tofu and Kho Lon walked to Rei’s room, and Kasumi continued to prepare lunch. Soun took a seat in the living room, and Xian Pu joined Kasumi in the kitchen.
“Hello Elder Kho Lon, Doctor Tofu.” Nabiki said when the two of them entered the room.
“Afternoon,” Kho Lon said.
“Hello Nabiki,” Tofu said. “How is she holding up?”
“She is doing fine,” Nabiki replied as Doctor Tofu and Kho Lon began to examine her.
“Nabiki, we are about to have a meeting downstairs. It would be nice if you could join us.” Doctor Tofu said after he finished up.
“She’ll be fine for without someone watching her,” Kho Lon said.
“Alright,” Nabiki said. Everyone went downstairs, and sat around the table to eat.
“How is she?” Xian Pu asked.
“She is doing a lot better now,” Kho Lon said.
“She is in a heavy dream state right now,” Doctor Tofu added.
“What is she dreaming?” Soun asked.
“I honestly have no idea,” Doctor Tofu replied. “Her dreams are helping her sort out some issues from her past that she had avoided confronting.”
“Maybe then she can begin to heal the damage Genma has done,” Grandfather Hino said.
“Healing will take some time,” Kho Lon said. “The Joketsuzoku’s claims on her have been nullified. The other Joketsuzoku elders will be here in a month to officially renounce the claims.”
“What will happen to Xian Pu?” Kasumi asked.
“The Joketsuzoku tribe will be expanding into Japan making a second tribe far from Tokyo. Our branch of the Neko Hanten here in Nerima shall remain open with more branches opening in Tokyo over time. Xian Pu will be training to become the new Matriarch of the Japanese Joketsuzoku, and I will retire from my position as the Matriarch of the Joketsuzoku to become her advisor. Mu Tsu will run the Japanese branches of Neko Hanten,” Kho Lon replied.
“Xian Pu excited to become Matriarch of the Japanese Joketsuzoku,” Xian Pu said.
“You look excited yet you’re also sad,” Nabiki pointed out.
“I would be lying if I said I not still upset that Rei no longer afflicted by Jusenkyo,” Xian Pu said. “I am also happy for that she has many friends to help her during her time of sadness.”
“Xian Pu has grown up. I am proud of her. Sometimes the hardest events in life can make a person stronger,” Kho Lon said.
“Well I have more patients waiting for me,” Doctor Tofu said. “Thank you for lunch Kasumi.”
“I can watch over her now,” Grandfather Hino said.
Rei dreamed. Ranma saw the familiar pit that haunted his brain; he smelled the fish that Pops tied onto his body. Pops tied him up, lifted him the air, and once again lowered him into the pit. Ranma saw the cats glare at him with utmost hunger in their eyes and soon he felt the cats’ claws sink into his feet, knees, legs, stomach, chest, elbows, arms and other parts of his body, blood flowing freely from each part struck. (I can’t scream.) Ranma thought. (Pops will only beat me worse.) He tried to block out the pain while he waited. Soon he felt the tug of the rope, and Pops lifted him from the pit.
Hours passed by and Rei was still asleep. She sat up, and began to scream. (That dream still scares me.) Rei thought. Kasumi walked over to her, and gingerly put her arm protectively around her.
“It is okay. You just had a nightmare!” Kasumi soothed. She held her. Nabiki, Soun, and Grandfather Hino ran into the room.
"Are you okay?" Grandfather Hino asked. He walked over his granddaughter, and gave her a hug. Kasumi walked downstairs.
“I had the dream about the Nekoken training again grandfather,” Rei meekly replied. Kasumi walked into the room with a plate of food in her hand.
“I brought up some food,” Kasumi said.
“Thank you,” Rei said. She ate.
“How are you feeling?” Nabiki asked.
“I still feel tired, but I am beginning to feel better,” Rei replied.
“I think a bit more rest would probably be for the best after you eat,” Soun said.
“Thank you all for looking over me while I have been sick.” Rei said.
“You’re welcome sweetie,” Grandfather Hino said. He gave his grandchild another hug.
Rei dreamed. A panda entered the room with a girl. She was slumped on his shoulder, and clearly looked unhappy. “Daddy is this your friend?”
“N-n-no,” Soun stuttered.
“So a panda just decided to drop in?” Nabiki asked.
“Put me down,” Ranma ordered. “You’re scaring them.” Genma put her down. She scratched the back of her head. “I am Ranma Hino. Sorry about this.”
“Are you sure that you’re Ranma Hino?” Soun asked. “I thought Genma had a son.”
“Just wonderful. Can’t you tell a girl from a boy dad?” Nabiki asked. Soun’s eyes rolled over as he crashed into the floor.
“Would you like to be friends?” Akane asked.
“Sure,” Ranma replied.
“Are you a martial artist?” Akane asked. Ranma nodded. “Would you like to spar?”
“Okay,” Ranma replied. “I got to tell you something first.” Genma struck her in the back. Akane walked towards the dojo. “Whatever Pop, they are going to find out eventually.”
In the Dojo Akane and Ranma bowed to each other. Akane threw a punch, which Ranma easily dodged. Akane got mad, and threw a few more punches. Ranma evaded each one.
“What are you doing? Fight me,” Akane said. Ranma continued to avoid Akane’s punches, and kicks making her angrier. After a while, Ranma got behind Akane, and poked her, resulting in the two laughing.
“I am just glad that you’re not a boy,” Akane said. She left the dojo.
(She’s not going to like me anymore since I am a boy. I should take a bath and tell them the truth.) Ranma thought.
“Well I better go out like this,” Ranma said.
Akane entered the room just as Ranma got out of the furo. Both of them were naked. They stared at each other, and began to turn bright red. Akane took a good look at Ranma. His blue eyes, and well-endowed look made Akane blush more, and she wrapped herself with a towel, and left the room. ________________________________________
“Give it a rest will you, Akane,” Nabiki said after the two Hinos finished explaining how they got the Jusenkyo curses. “You walked in on him.”
“All boys are perverts,” Akane said. “I bet he purposely cursed himself to check out his girl’s body. Ranma makes a perfect couple by himself.”
“I resent that,” Ranma said, clearly looking upset. “This curse is a nightmare.”
“Stop whining boy,” Genma spat.
“Your curse isn’t so bad since it takes hot water to turn back if you get splashed with cold water,” Soun said. “This is Kasumi. She is nineteen.” He pointed to his eldest daughter. “This is Nabiki. She is seventeen.” He pointed to his middle daughter. “This is Akane. She is sixteen.” He pointed to his youngest daughter. “I think it is best to marry Akane. You are the same age, and she is the only one trained in the Tendou School of Musabetsu Kakuto Ryu.”
“I won’t marry that perverted freak,” Akane said.
“Good cause, I wouldn’t want to marry a psychotic bitch like you,” Ranma retorted.
“Boy, it is time you learn your place. You will marry Akane, and you will carry on the Tendou and Hino Schools of Musabetsu Kakuto Ryu,” Genma said.
“No way Pop,” Ranma said. He spun his black pigtailed hair in denial while saying, “I am going back to China to find a cure for this stupid curse.”
“You will marry Akane,” Genma said. Before Ranma could get up Genma bashed him in the head and knocked him out. “You don’t have a choice boy. After all I am stronger.”
Rei sat up, and saw her friends Usagi, Minako, Makoto, and Ami. She rubbed her eyes. Rei smiled at her friends, and they each returned a smile.
“How are you feeling?” Makoto asked.
“I feel much better now. Thank you,” Rei replied. “Where is everyone else?”
“They went out for a walk,” Ami replied. Just then, the air chilled in the room. A ghostly figure that looked like an older Rei appeared. She wore a white body suit with a red neck and a short red skirt. A purple bow with a red jewel in the center covered her breasts. Two gloves covered her hands, and small red heels covered her feet. A golden tiara fitted with a red gem sat atop her face. Her long ponytailed black hair whipped to her side.
“Who are you?” Usagi asked.
The ghostly figure looked at Rei and smiled. “Little Sis,” The ghostly figure said.
“Tephra is that you?” Rei asked. “I miss you.”
“I miss you as well little sister,” Tephra said.
“How is this possible?” Minako asked.
“I am not alive if that is what you meant,” Tephra replied. “Through the Maboroshi no Ginzuisho and Rei’s memories I can take a temporary appearance as I last looked before I died.”
“Amazing,” Ami said.
“I am proud of you Sis,” Tephra said.
“I wish you were here Sis,” Rei said. “I am not as strong as you.”
“That’s not true. You must believe in yourself. You have done an excellent job as Sailor Mars. Nothing is ever-easy Rei; don’t forget you always have friends to help. You don’t have to walk the path alone,” Tephra said.
“I’ll do my best Sis,” Rei said.
“That’s good. The enemy you will be facing is unlike anything you have ever faced, don’t forget to help each other, and be strong. The trials you’ll face will be very hard. Stand tall. I wish I could talk longer, but the power keeping me here is waning. Take care little Sis.” Tephra said.
“You take care of yourself as well.” Rei said. Just as fast as the ghostly vision of Tephra had appeared, she vanished.
“Are you okay?” Usagi asked.
“I’ll be fine,” Rei replied. She sat up. “Any updates on the Dark Kingdom?”
“Luna, Artemis, Minako, and I are nearly done sorting out the data I got from the Xailegar youma. We should know more tonight,” Ami replied.
“It has been awfully quiet the last few days,” Makoto said.
“I got this funny feeling as if Queen Beryl and her Dark Generals have disappeared. The recent attacks have changed from Queen Beryl’s usual method,” Minako said.
“I’ll be down shortly with my belongings after I change then we can go home,” Rei said.
Rei got out of her bed, and went to the furo. She changed out of her pajamas, and took a shower. She dried herself off, before she put on her white bra and panties, and she put her red blouse and red skirt. She slipped on her white socks, and put on her high heels, and she went to the bathroom to put some makeup on. After she was dressed, she went back to her room, grabbed her belongings, and put them in her backpack.
Rei, Usagi, Minako, Ami, and Makoto had scarcely left the Tendou Dojo when they saw the Tendous, Grandfather Hino, and Elder Kho Lon.
“Feeling better?” Soun asked.
“Yes I am,” Rei replied. “Where is Akane?”
“She is serving her jail term of seven days at the Neko Hanten.” Nabiki replied.
“What?” Rei asked. She looked upset.
“I thought you convinced Judge Fujimoto to give her a lighter sentence?” Soun asked.
“No, I asked him to let everyone off with a warning since many of the incidents were Pop’s fault. Judge Fujimoto agreed with my request,” Rei replied.
“Why would he put the Kunous to trial then and sentence Akane to seven days in jail?” Kasumi asked.
“He did say that the Nerima Ward is sick and tired of this nonsense that has been going on for the last two years. I am willing to bet that the government wants to destroy the Nerima Wreaking Crew. So they used Akane and the Kunous as examples,” Nabiki replied.
“It’s all my fault. I have to go and get her out of there,” Rei said while dashing off.
“Rei stop,” Kho Lon ordered. Rei turned around to face Kho Lon.
“I have to save her,” Rei said.
“Listen to me: This situation is beyond our control. We do not know who is behind this, and at this point Akane will have to serve the rest of her term,” Kho Lon said.
“It’s not fair. Akane probably really hates me now,” Rei said. Tears began to form in her eyes, but she brushed them away.
“This isn’t your fault. When her jail term is over we can explain that someone is behind the whole incident,” Kasumi said.
“Listen to me the best thing to do now is go home and get some rest,” Kho Lon said.
“I understand,” Rei said. She sounded defeated.
“Please try not to stress yourself over what happened. Genma and I pushed Akane and you every time it seemed the two of began to get along, and you would say something stupid, and Akane would get mad. I am sorry,” Soun said.
“I did say a lot of stupid things. I hope she’ll forgive me,” Rei said.
“Akane still needs to grow up, and learn to control her anger,” Kasumi said.
“We have to go to the Twelfth District of the Nerima Ward to sign some paperwork,” Grandfather Hino said in a tone that brooked no argument.
“Okay grandfather,” Rei said.
“You can visit your friends after the paperwork is signed,” Grandfather Hino said.
“Please take care of yourself,” Nabiki said.
“We would be glad to have you and your friends over, if you ever want to visit.” Kasumi said.
“I will. Thank you for all your help Nabiki, Kasumi,” Rei said. She drew both into a short hug.
At the Twelfth District Hall of the Nerima Ward Rei signed several documents, and afterward Rei, Ami, Makoto, Minako, and Usagi walked to Yuuka’s house while Grandfather Hino went home to Azabu Juban. The grouped arrived at Yuuka’s house. Rei soon found herself in the middle of a large hug.
“I am so glad you are well,” Reina said.
“Thank you,” Rei replied. “Sorry for worrying you all.”
“We understand,” Mizuki said.
“Losing a loved one is always painful,” Saki said.
“Your memories of him will always be with you,” Yuuka said.
“Your past memories always help to remind you of whom you were and who you are,” Aya said.
“My memories,” Rei said. (My memories of Tephra, Mother, and Pops will always be with me. The Maboroshi no Ginzuisho must have granted my wish to see my sister again. I am glad.) Rei thought. “Yea my memories. Thank you.” Rei drew her friends into a hug.
“Rei, before you and your friends go home do you have time to go out and eat lunch?” Yuuka asked.
“Of course,” Usagi and Rei said.
“We can have a picnic at the Nature Park,” Aya said.
“Sounds like fun,” Minako said.
“I could use some help in the kitchen,” Reina said.
“I can help,” Makoto said.
“I can help with packing,” Saki said.
“This picnic will be fun,” Mizuki said.
“Looking forward to seeing the Nature Park,” Ami said. They packed the food and the group of, ten headed off towards the Nature Park. Once they sat down they ate the packed food, and afterwards they relaxed.
“Rei,” Makoto said. “Would you be interested in sparring?”
“Sure,” Rei replied. Makoto and Rei found an open area to spar. The two bowed, and the spar began.
Makoto raced towards her sparring partner. She threw a punch, and Rei dodged her the attack. (She is studying my technique.) Makoto thought. (If I keep punching, she’ll just keep dodging.) Makoto flung a punch, and followed up with a low kick, and a punch. Rei blocked the punch, and avoided the low kick, but the last punch managed to get past her defenses.
(She saw through my tactic.) Rei thought. (Let’s see how she handles the Kachu Tenshin Amaguriken.)
“Kachu Tenshin Amaguriken,” Rei said. She began to throw many punches at Makoto, who quickly began to learn to block, and evade the fast attacks, and only a few punches still made it past her defenses towards the end of the attack. “You fought well. That was fun.”
“Yea it was,” Makoto said. The two bowed, and the spar ended.
“I need a sparring partner,” Rei said. “Would you like to be my sparring partner?”
“I would like that,” Makoto said. After the friendly spar everyone packed.
Rei gave her friends a hug before the two groups headed in different directions. Makoto, Ami, Rei, Minako and Usagi reached Azabu Juban hours later. They walked to Maktoto’s apartment. They saw a youma in the distance. This youma had four arms each with a tipped blade at the end. She wasn’t tall, but wasn’t short either. They ducked into an alleyway, and they grabbed out their Henshen Rods.
“Jupiter Power, Make Up,” Makoto called out.
“Mercury Power, Make Up,” Ami called out.
“Mars Power, Make Up,” Rei called out.
“Venus Power, Make Up,” Minako called out.
“Moon Prism Power, Make Up,” Usagi called out.
“Crescent Beam,” Venus called out before they even got close. A beam began to charge in her left hand before she dropped her left hand next to her right hand. Both hands released a beam of light that pierced through the youma. She crashed into the ground, and tasted dirt.
“Ah the Sailor Senshi. I have waited a long time for this. I am called Yraasuula,” Yraasuula said. “Pierce Buster.” The attack spread into a wide arc smashing a building at the ground level. The attack hurled Sailor Mars and Venus in the air, and the two tasted asphalt, and in addition, the attack struck several civilians and knocked them into the ground.
“Supreme Thunder,” Jupiter called out. Electrical energy began to appear around her. Soon a lightning rod appeared on her tiara, it collected the electrical energy, and she discharged the electrical energy at the youma. The attack struck the youma dead-on and flung her into the ground again.
“Pierce Buster.” Yraasuula called out. The attack was very similar this time except that Sailor Moon and Jupiter flew in the air and into the ground.
“What is this?” Mars asked.
“She has no problems with keeping up with our attacks,” Venus said.
“Mercury, any ideas?” Moon asked.
“Fascinating,” Mercury replied.
“What’s interesting?” Jupiter asked. The knocked down Senshi stood up.
“Like with Xailegar we are being tested,” Mercury said.
“Very good Sailor Mercury,” Yraasuula sneered. “You are correct. Final Pierce Buster,” Yraasuula glowed red before she attacked. The attack struck all of the Sailor Senshi, and they flew in air and soon they crashed back down into the ground. They got up again.
“Any openings we can exploit Mercury?” Jupiter asked.
“Still standing?” Yraasuula asked. “Not after this you won’t. “Final Finish Pierce Buster,” Yraasuula glowed bright red.
“Attack now,” Mercury called out.
“Fire Soul,” Mars called out. A small fireball appeared on her hands, and she fired the attack off towards the last youma. The flames formed a spiral before the attack struck her and soared into the ground again.
“Very good Sailor Senshi. My master shall be pleased,” Yraasuula said. She smiled evilly.
“Moon Tiara Action,” Moon called out. She grabbed her tiara on her head, and threw it at high speeds. It spun towards the youma and turned her to dust upon impact. Moon’s weapon returned to her.
“Very good,” General Isagotichi sneered. While she spoke, she clapped slowly, clearly unimpressed with the Sailor Senshi. They saw General Isagotichi float in the air above them. Her green eyes made her look ominous. She wore a black dress, and her long red hair flowed halfway down her back. She would look beautiful, if it weren’t for the malicious smile on her face. The evil that radiated from her sent chills down their spines. In her left hand was a staff, her eyes made it clear that she was here to bring pain. She slowly, deliberately landed on the ground, and spoke. “My master will indeed be pleased.” When she reached the ground, she folded her arms to her chest, and laughed.
“Who are you?” Moon asked.
“I am General Isagotichi under the command of my Lord,” General Isagotichi replied.
“Everyone be careful,” Mercury said. “She is extremely powerful.”
“Where is Queen Beryl?” Venus asked.
“Ha Queen Beryl?” General Isagotichi replied. She mocked. “Her? My Lord disposed of her. We aren’t being used by the feeble powers of Queen Beryl.”
“Disposed of?” Mars asked.
“Queen Beryl’s screams of terror filled the air as I killed her Dark Generals, and her. I hope you make a better challenge than she did,” General Isagotichi replied. She closed the gap between her and the Sailor Senshi. “Are you ready?”
“Here she comes!” Jupiter called out.
“Lightning Rush,” General Isagotichi said. She dashed, and each Senshi dodged her, but the lighting that she called from the sky knocked them down.
“Is that all you have? How pathetic,” General Isagotichi said. She laughed. They got up, and waited for the next move. “Lightning Rush.” She rushed at them again at lightning speed. They dodged her attacks; this time they were ready for the lighting that came.
“I underestimated you girls. Now the real fight begins,” General Isagotichi said.
“This meeting is about the Nerima Ward,” General Matsumoto said to his comrades at the back of the Twelfth District Hall of the Nerima Ward. “What is the current status of the pre trial Judge Fujimoto?”
“Tatewaki and Mr. Kunou are awaiting trial. Akane Tendou is serving seven days in jail at the Neko Hanten,” Judge Fujimoto replied.
“Very good Judge Fujimoto, or should I say Captain Mochizuki,” General Matsumoto said. A tall strong sturdy man he has no patience whatsoever for anything disruptive in his plans. He once killed a soldier who had asked for a few weeks off so he could be with his wife during the end of her pregnancy.
“The Nerima Ward’s faith in the government has increased since the so called pre trial,” Ms. Kimura said. She is secretly General Matsumoto’s right hand executive, and outranks him Captain Mochizuki despite the fact that he is registered her superior officer. She deals with everything that General Matsumoto doesn’t want known publicly, and is the main source of intelligence for her boss in which she searches for any one that threatens her boss’s plans. In physical appearance, she is attractive. Like her co-conspirators, she often wears a Japanese military uniform.
“Very good,” General Matsumoto said. “Make sure things remain as they are Ms. Kimura. Keep an eye on all the members of the Nerima Wreaking Crew. If they step out of line, we’ll destroy them. Next, we’ll send the real Judge Fujimoto home with his family. On their way home, they will run into a little accident with a fuel truck. Make sure no one survives. You will be going home Captain Mochizuki since you have fulfilled your role.” Captain Mochizuki, a tall lean man, got his name in the army when he led his troops against a small riot several years ago. Like General Matsumoto, he appears to be a good man; however, he is just as corrupt. He often leads what he considers weak soldiers to their death by feeding miss-information to Ms. Kimura.
“Yes sir,” Captain Mochizuki said.
“What of the Joketsuzoku moving here to Japan?” General Matsumoto asked.
“I have two infiltrators watching them. They both feed me information twice a day,” Ms. Kimura replied.
“Very good,” General Matsumoto said. “No one will ever know that we pulled the strings here. Judge Fujimoto is a fool. For two years, he let the martial artists run rampant. Soon his wife, daughter, son, and himself will be dead. No one will suspect that his death is foul play. In addition, that weak soldier who joined the army last month will be dead. He’ll be thinking he’s doing us a favor. What he doesn’t know is we spiked his water with alcohol and a mind control drug. Soon he’ll be driving the fuel truck under our control.”
“The strength you all exhibit is astounding,” General Isagotichi said. “I thought for sure that the results from our tests were off. I can see that I was wrong.” A crowd gathered to watch the exchange between the Sailor Senshi and General Isagotichi.
“What are you and your Lord after?” Moon asked.
“We are not interested in your pathetic, puny, little planet,” huffed General Isagotichi. “Our interest is the eradication of existence—all of it!”
“And we will stop you!” Mars countered.
“Life is precious,” Mercury said.
“Everyone deserves to live,” Jupiter said.
“For love and justice we will defeat you,” Venus said.
“I am Sailor Moon, and in the name of the Moon you are to be punished,” Moon said.
“Justice…” General Isagotichi said. “Love? How pathetic. I am General Isagotichi, the first General to my Lord. I will eradicate every one of you. Your pitiful existence ends here.”
“Here she comes,” Mars said. General Isagotichi lunged at Sailor Mars with a jump attack, and followed up with several swings from her staff. Mars dodged the attacks, and flipped out of harm’s way, countering her attacks with a punch that struck General Isagotichi in the jaw.
“Oh you are good,” General Isagotichi said. She touched her jaw. She smiled as she blocked Mars follow-up with her staff. With her right hand, she struck Mars and knocked the Senshi of fire to the ground.
At cheetah-like speeds, General Isagotichi threw two punches at Venus and Jupiter. The two dodged, but before they could respond she swung her staff in a wide arc, and the attack struck Venus and knocked her into the ground. Jupiter avoided the attack, grabbed the staff, and pushed the weapon deep into General Isagotichi’s stomach. She clutched her stomach in pain, but she kept up her offense. She used her free hand to backhand Jupiter into the ground, and pulled her staff out of her stomach.
Mercury and Mars took advantage of General Isagotichi’s shortly vulnerability, double team kicked her in the back, and she soared in the air. Moon followed up with a down cut punch that knocked General Isagotichi to the ground face first.
“Crescent Beam,” Venus called out. A beam began to charge in her left hand before she dropped her left hand next to her right hand. Both hands released a beam of light that pierced through General Isagotichi.
“I will end your pitiful existence here. Even if I die my Lord shall have victory,” General Isagotichi yelled while standing up. “Thunder Storm.” She raised her staff high into the air. Thunder crashed down, and struck all the Sailor Senshi, and they crashed into the ground except for Mercury who sidestepped the attack.
“Sabão Spray,” Mercury called out. A thick frost fog covered the area, and General Isagotichi lost her line of vision on the Senshi.
“You miserable brats. Why won’t you just lie down and die.” General Isagotichi yelled in a panicked frustration. “You fools won’t beat my Lord, so why do you even bother.”
“For love and justice that’s why. Our world will be a better place without you,” Moon said after standing up. “Moon Tiara Action.” She grabbed her tiara on her head, and threw it at high speeds. It spun towards General Isagotichi, and upon impact, she fell to the ground. Moon’s weapon returned to her. The thick frost fog disappeared.
“The only fool here is you,” Mars said.
“Even with my death you will not win,” General Isagotichi said.
“The time of your loss, General Isagotichi, has not yet arrived. The Sailor Senshi hasn’t beaten you yet,” a loud voice said. The voice echoed across the world.
“My Lord?” General Isagotichi asked.
“I am summoning you back to the castle. You shall have your revenge on the Sailor Senshi yet. For now, good job,” the loud voice said. The voice echoed across the world again. General Isagotichi flew in the air. A protective bubble surrounded her.
“Take her down now,” Venus ordered.
“That barrier is impregnable to all attacks. The barrier also seems to be keeping her alive,” Mercury said. General Isagotichi vanished.
“We will have to face her again. For now we have won,” Mars said.
“I thought we were in serious trouble for a while,” Jupiter said.
“Let’s go home,” Moon said.
The Inner Sailor Senshi powered down in an alleyway. They met up with Luna and Artemis and the team went inside Makoto’s apartment.
“That was some battle,” Usagi said.
“She was strong,” Rei said.
“I see you are feeling better Rei,” Luna said.
“Glad to see you are doing well,” Artemis added.
“Thank you,” Rei said.
“The data we obtained from the Xailegar youma is finally complete. What Minako, Artemis, Luna, and I found out is shocking to say in the least,” Ami said. She grabbed everyone’s attention.
“Part of the information we obtained was a video, and we are putting it in now,” Minako said.
“We haven’t seen the video yet, however, from what we have read the information on our enemy is rather serious,” Luna said.
“I guess we should watch the video,” Makoto said.
Ami played the video on her supercomputer connected to the Makoto’s television set.
“To whomever this may concern. My name is Gao Talah. I am one of the last of my people. My world has been wiped out by an evil entity we nicknamed The Fiery Soul,” Gao began. “Before I start on the details of our losses and devastation I can talk a bit about our recent history.” Ami paused the video. She looked at her allies with a shocked expression.
“This video was made a hundred billion years ago,” Ami said. She pressed the play button.
“Twenty-five years ago a hundred-year civil war ended. A new government was established. Our world was enjoying peace and recovering from the vast war. It was not to last. A little over two years ago the first attack from our enemy occurred,” Gao said. “A local high school reported several students disappearing in a thin poisonous air. We sent our army. There were no survivors in the twenty-five mile radius of the High School.”
The Senshi then saw pictures of the poisonous field covering the area of the former High School.
“Within an hour after the attack our communications and armies were obliterated in similar styles,” Gao said. “Our government decreed to defend our livelihood but despite their best efforts our defenses fell one by one.”
The Sailor Senshi and the two Moon Cats saw some more pictures of the devastation wrought by the unknown enemy.
“Our enemy left nothing alive, and in his poisonous fields; trees, animals, our people, and the buildings were all destroyed, and only the stagnate of evil hung in the air,” Gao said.
“How horrible,” Makoto said.
“We thought our world would perish just as fast our armies did. We were wrong. For two years, our enemy ruined our way of life. He took everything important from us. He ripped our families apart in the most horrific way. He killed women, and the men grieved. He killed men, and the women grieved. He killed children, and the parents grieved, and he killed parents, and the children grieved,” Gao said. Tears began to cover his face. “I had a hard time sleeping at night, because, I would hear someone cry out in pain. I wanted to help, but there was nothing I could do but watch.” He paused. “Watch our world slowly be annihilated over two years.”
More videos of the world’s destruction played in the background. The Sailor Senshi had horrified looks on their faces.
“The only good thing that came out of our slow defeat was a Soul Barrier that we created,” Gao explained. “We sealed our enemy away, but our defeat is to be absolute as the vile poison continues to spread across our planet. We thought we had sealed him away forever, but a mistake in the formula puts a time limit on his sealing. For the sake of the future of our and your universe, you must stop our enemy. He is not interested in taking over worlds, but rather total eradication of all life in a very sadistic way.”
After Gao finished speaking, they saw the poison spread over everything, and the video ended.
“My supercomputer confirms the total destruction of his world ten minutes after the video ends,” Ami said.
“How much time in total did they estimate for the sealing?” Usagi asked.
“The readings we got confirm the Soul Barrier to last two hundred billion years,” Luna replied.
“In one hundred billion years he will be too strong for anyone to stop,” Minako said.
“So we stop him now?” Rei asked.
“That is what we should do,” Artemis agreed, “but there is a chance he’ll be too strong for us to handle. If we fight him now and lose then the universe will be eradicated.”
“If we wait, then the universe will be eradicated anyways,” Ami said. “A couple of months ago the seal placed on him began to weaken.”
“Sounds like we don’t have a choice,” Makoto said. “We have to stop him now.”
“You’re right,” Usagi said. “How do we stop him?”
“The Soul Barrier that holds him in place at his prison is surrounded by seven domes,” Artemis said.
“He has managed to gain some control,” Luna began. “To break him free of the Soul Barrier we have to defeat his seven generals.”
“As each general falls a dome will be released from the seal. Each dome holds back a portion of his general’s strength and his potency. When all seven are defeated then he will be free from the Soul Barrier. He won’t be as strong as he was one hundred billion years ago,” Ami said.
“He is still going to pose a challenge,” Minako said.
“How was he able to kill Queen Beryl?” Rei asked.
“With the seal weakened he gained back his strength of manipulating beings into his will. He turned the Dark Generals against each other and against Queen Beryl. When they were weakened General Isagotichi finished them off,” Minako said.
“Do we have any idea where his base is located?” Usagi asked.
“No, we do not have any idea where the base is located,” Luna replied.
“Well that is all we know,” Artemis said. “The game plan is to stop him then?”
“Yea,” The Senshi Team members all replied in unison.
“I should get home before I worry grandfather,” Rei said.
“See you all tomorrow then,” Usagi said.
“We’ll have to keep a lookout for General Isagotichi,” Makoto said.
“Indeed,” Minako said. “She is the first piece of this puzzle.”
“Make sure to have your communicators handy,” Luna said.
“An attack can occur at any time,” Artemis said.
“I’ll keep you all posted if I learn something new,” Ami said.