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Chapter Three: Mortality

“Ami, is something wrong?” Rei asked her friend who was lost in thought.
“Our enemy is sealed away and in order gain his freedom he needs the seals broken,” Ami replied. “I don’t understand why he would prevent General Isagotichi’s death.”
“You think he is up to something?” Minako asked. Ami nodded.
“Maybe he is not as strong as we believe,” Usagi said.
“Hmm,” Luna said.
“That is possible,” Artemis said. “We haven’t seen proof of his actual strength.”
“I would agree,” Ami said. “If he hadn’t spent time testing us I wouldn’t be giving this an additional thought. I think he is up to something.”
“What do you mean?” Minako asked.
“He didn’t just test our battle strength, but he also tested our resolve,” Ami replied. “While he has no idea who we are; he knows that we go out of our way to save everyone, and that we don’t want any casualties.”
“He would only know that if he knew about the Silver Millennium Empire,” Usagi said. A look of realization dawned across everyone’s faces.
“If he knows that about us,” Luna said, “then he knows we are the only ones with the power to challenge him.”
“Now that Ami brings this up something does seem off,” Rei said. “None of his youma seemed interested in attacking innocents.”
“Ever since Queen Beryl disappeared the youma have waited for us,” Minako said.
“We are indeed his focus,” Ami said. “He has something planned; I just don’t know what yet.”
“We’ll have to warn Makoto,” Luna said. “Our enemy knows more than we originally thought.”
“I can’t talk long,” Saeko said to her daughter after she came home. “My shift starts in half an hour.”
“Why so late mother?” Ami asked.
“They need me to cover a later shift today,” Saeko replied. “I got a call from a Doctor Tofu earlier today. He was Rei’s doctor before she moved here to Azabu Juban. He told me that she left the Nerima Ward, before he could do a checkup on her. He requested that I see her tomorrow.”
“I’ll tell her about the appointment mother,” Ami said. “What time?”
“Four in the afternoon. I must ask that only you and Rei come,” Saeko replied. “I love you. I have to go now.”
“I love you too mother,” Ami said. Saeko gave her daughter a hug and left her house.
General Isagotichi entered the throne room of the Europa Dark Kingdom Castle, and approached the throne where the Dark Kingdom Lord sat.
“You have done well General Isagotichi. We have learned a lot about the Sailor Senshi,” the Dark Kingdom Lord said.
“The Sailor Senshi are very strong my lord,” General Isagotichi said. “They work very well together.”
“They will lose the passion to fight back,” the Dark Kingdom Lord said. “Once they learn there is no hope. We will then slowly destroy all life on Earth.”
Past Scene: Here comes Ami Mizuno: Sailor Mercury

A youma who looked like a female ninja threw dagger after dagger at Sailor Moon; but she dodged them all. Jadeite stood off to the side, and watched the battle at the park take place. (Damn Sailor Moon.) Jadeite thought. (She is really impeding my energy gathering.)
“You annoy me Sailor Moon,” the youma Ninjatsu yelled. She paused.
“Now Sailor Moon,” Luna said. “Finish her off.”
“Moon Tiara Action,” Moon called out. She grabbed her tiara on her head, and threw it at high speeds. It spun towards the youma and turned her to dust upon impact. Moon’s weapon returned to her.
“You’ll pay for this Sailor Moon,” Jadeite said. He vanished in a portal of darkness.
“Good job,” Luna said. “Sailor Moon. I knew you would win.”
“That was close. At least we stopped the Dark Kingdom again,” Moon said.
“I must get to work soon,” Saeko said. She found her daughter in her room unpacking. Ami looked up from the box that she was unpacking. “Please try and make some friends here in the Azabu Juban District.”
“I’ll try mother,” Ami said.
“You know that I am very proud of you,” Saeko said. “You held the top grades in your class before we moved. I would like to see you happy.”
“I have never been good at making friends,” sighed Ami.
“I am sure you’ll find someone here in the Azabu Juban District,” Saeko said. She looked at her watch. “See you later Ami.” Saeko gave her a hug, and left for work.
Queen Beryl sat on her throne in her Dark Kingdom fortress, and she impatiently waited for Jadeite. He arrived at the throne room, and approached the throne. He bowed before Queen Beryl.
“You failed to collect energy for the Dark Kingdom again,” Queen Beryl said.
“I am sorry my Queen,” Jadeite said. “It is that Sailor Moon. She is a pest.”
“Yes,” Queen Beryl said. “Sailor Moon is a pest, but that still is no excuse. Four failures are intolerable.”
“What should I do my Queen?” Jadeite asked.
“We must eliminate Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Kamen, before they impede our plans any further,” Queen Beryl replied. “Send the youma Demetryx. She’ll take care of them. You will make sure that Demetryx is successful. After they are dead continue to gather energy for the Dark Kingdom.”
“Yes my Queen,” Jadeite said. He headed into his portal of darkness. Nephrite approached the throne.
“Yes?” Queen Beryl asked.
“We have been getting reports of strange activities on the Jupiter’s Moon Europa. There have been reports of an energy fluctuation,” Nephrite replied.
“If you have time to mess with reports you can assist Jadeite in defeating Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Kamen,” Queen Beryl said. “Your focus should be collecting energy not worrying about nothing on Jupiter’s Moon Europa.”
“Yes my Queen,” Nephrite said.
“Do not interfere if things turn bad,” Queen Beryl ordered. “If Demetryx does fail I want you to collect as much energy as you can.”
“Yes my Queen,” Nephrite said. He left in a portal of darkness.
(I thought all the Sailor Senshi died during the attack on the Silver Millennium Empire.) Queen Beryl thought. (Not that it matters. Soon Sailor Moon will be dead along with Tuxedo Kamen. Then no one will be able to stop me.)
“Hello students, this is Ami Mizuno. She recently moved from the Nakano Ward. Tell us a little about yourself Ami,” Sakurada Haruna said.
“Hello, I am Ami, and I am studying to become a Doctor like my mom,” Ami said.
“Very good. Please have a seat next to Ms. Tsukino who has decided to take a nap,” Sakurada said. Ami took her seat.
“Have you heard anything about the new girl?” Naru Osaka asked.
“No,” Usagi replied.
“I heard she was at the top of her class at her old school,” Gurio Umino said. “I love academic competitions.”
“Hmm,” Usagi muttered.
“What is it?” Naru asked. Usagi walked over to Ami. “Usagi?”
“Ami,” Usagi said.
“Hello,” Ami said.
“Would you like to hang out?” Usagi asked.
“You would like to hang out with me?” Ami asked.
“Yea” Usagi replied. “I can take you to a real cool place.”
“Nice,” Usagi said aloud at the Crown Game Center. She avoided an enemy in the game Sailor V; however, a few moments later her character died, and the game over screen appeared. “So close. Ami? Would you like to play?”
“I never played before,” Ami replied. Ami began to play. (I wonder what her score will be?) Usagi thought.
“Wow,” Usagi said. Like the other students, Usagi was clearly impressed with Ami’s score. Ami eventually looked down at her watch, and noticed the time.
“I got to go,” Ami said. “I got a class soon.” After she left, the game over screen showed her final score of three hundred thousand.
“Another class?” Usagi asked. “Who does extra school?” Ami was already out of sight so she didn’t hear Usagi’s question.
“Is she a new friend?” Motoki Furuhata asked. He walked up to Usagi.
“Yea her name is Ami,” Usagi said. She looked at Motoki, and her heart began to flutter. She tried not to blush.
“Hello, meatball head,” Mamoru Chiba said. “Your cheeks are red.”
“You,” Usagi said annoyed. She grabbed her purse and walked off.
“Did you get a close look at Ami’s face?” Luna asked. The two were halfway to Usagi’s house.
“No,” Usagi replied.
“I believe that she is Sailor Mercury,” Luna said.
“Really?” Usagi asked with a smile.
“I am sure that I saw the symbol of Mercury flash on her face,” Luna replied.
“Let’s go find her,” Usagi said.
“Wait,” Luna said. “We have to let her make the choice.”
“Right,” Usagi said nodding in agreement.
“Someone help me. A monster is attacking me,” a woman screamed from behind an old abandoned building.
“Usagi,” Luna said. “We should help her.” Usagi grabbed out her Henshen Rod.
“Right. Moon Prism Power, Make Up,” Usagi called out. The two dashed to the source of the scream, and they saw a tall spooky-looking youma with brown arms that had red bloodlines.
“Sailor Moon this is a trap,” Luna said. “We should still stop them.” Moon nodded and she walked towards her enemies.
“Not so fast Dark Kingdom scum. I am Sailor Moon, and in the name of the Moon I shall punish you,” Moon said.
“Kill Sailor Moon,” Jadeite ordered.
“With pleasure,” Demetryx said. She launched one of her arms that seemed to extend an incredible distance towards Sailor Moon, who evaded the first attack. Demetryx launched her second arm at Moon, which she also managed to escape. Demetryx retracted her arms back. “Think you are going to survive this Sailor Moon?”
“Justice and love always wins,” Moon replied.
Demetryx drove both arms deep into the ground. They rose up from the ground underneath Moon. She grabbed Moon’s legs she forced her onto the ground. Her arms were tied into the ground with strong vines, and immediately afterwards the vines began to pull her into the earth.
(So unfair.) Moon thought when her shoulders were halfway into the ground. (I didn’t even get to marry.) She began crying. (I don’t want to die.) Just then, a red rose flew through the air striking Demetryx’s chest. The rose exploded on impact. Demetryx arm’s popped up out of the ground, and released Sailor Moon. She still had tears in her eyes while she stood up, but she immediately got stars in her eyes once she saw Tuxedo Kamen.
“I won’t let you kill Sailor Moon,” Tuxedo Kamen said.
“Oh, I will kill Sailor Moon but don’t worry: you’re on the invitation list yourself Tuxedo Kamen. I wouldn’t dare forget about inviting you,” Demetryx said.
“Kill them now,” Jadeite ordered.
“Was that fun Sailor Moon?” Demetryx asked. “Now no one will be able to save you.”
“You will pay for that, Dark Kingdom scum,” Moon said. “Moon Tiara Action,” Moon called out. She grabbed her tiara on her head, and threw it at high speeds. It spun towards the youma, but Demetryx blocked the attack with her arms, and the tiara returned to Moon.
“This party isn’t over yet,” Demetryx said. “I have not yet shown you my real strength.” She began to grow in size. Her arms mutated into larger hands that split into four palms. “Time for this party to end.”
Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Kamen managed to avoid the first palm slap attack from Demetryx. Her next attack smacked both in the stomach, and they saw stars. Demetryx released hundreds of vines at both heroes, and wrapped them to the main office. A cannon appeared on her stomach, and it pointed directly at Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Kamen.
“Sorry no prize for second place,” Demetryx said evilly.
Ami walked home. (Usagi and that black cat that was with her.) She thought. (They look familiar.)
She passed by the old abandoned building when she heard the sounds of a struggle. She would have ignored it, but she happened to look in the direction of the battle, and saw a youma palm slap Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Kamen. Ami fell to the ground from all the memories that flooded her mind. (I am Sailor Mercury.) Ami thought. (I have to help them. The question is how?) She saw Luna off to the side.
“Luna,” Ami called out. She walked up to the Moon Cat.
“Ami,” Luna said. “You should leave, it is too dangerous.”
“I am Sailor Mercury. I can help them,” Ami said.
“You remember the Silver Millennium Empire?” Luna asked.
“Yes,” Ami replied. “I remember everything! Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Kamen are in danger.”
“I see you have made your choice,” Luna said. She did a flip, and the Mercury Henshen Rod appeared. She tossed the rod to Ami. “You know what to do.”
“Mercury Power, Make Up,” Ami called out. She felt magic fill her body, and she felt power from the planet Mercury flow through her. The clothes she wore vanished. A white body suit with a blue neck covered her chest and her lower. A light blue bow with a blue jewel in the center covered her breasts and a light blue bow appeared on the back of her outfit. Two white gloves covered her hands, and long blue heels covered her feet. A small blue skirt appeared. Half a moon upside-down appeared on her face, and a golden tiara fitted with a light blue gem concealed it. “Ah a new Senshi,” Demetryx said once she spotted Sailor Mercury. “How fun.”
“I am Sailor Mercury. I won’t let you hurt my friends, and in the name of Mercury I shall punish you,” Mercury said.
“Kill them all,” Jadeite ordered.
“With pleasure,” Demetryx said. She began to fire the cannon on her chest.
“Sabão Spray,” Mercury called out. The attack covered the area in a thick frost fog, and Demetryx and Jadeite lost her line of vision on the Senshi.
“Argh I can’t see. Damn you Sailor Mercury,” Demetryx yelled.
“Fire anyways,” Jadeite ordered. Mercury kicked Demetryx in the head, before she fired her cannon. The blast hit the large building, and the building crumpled, and a large shockwave of dust and debris covered the area. Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Kamen broke free of the vines that held them.
“Sailor Moon, finish the youma off,” Mercury said.
“Right,” Moon said in agreement. “Moon Tiara Action.” She grabbed her tiara on her head, and threw it at high speeds. It spun towards and turned the youma turning her to dust upon impact. Moon’s weapon returned to her, and the thick frost fog faded.
“You’ll pay for this Sailor brats,” Jadeite said.
“I got some energy Jadeite. The battle wasn’t a total loss,” Nephrite said. “We’ll retreat for now.” Jadeite and Nephrite vanished. The dust and debris finally settled down.
“Good Job Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury,” Tuxedo Kamen said. “We should leave. The authorities are probably on their way since an entire building was destroyed in that blast.” They heard police sounds in the background. He left the area, and the two Sailor Senshi and Luna took his advice and left the area. When they were safely away from the old abandoned building, they powered down.
“Thank you so much Ami,” Usagi said. “I thought I was a goner.”
“No problem,” Ami replied. “I am just glad you are okay.”
“Welcome to the Sailor Senshi,” Luna said.
“Welcome to the team Ami,” Usagi said.
“Thank you Luna, Usagi,” Ami said.

End Past Scene
Rei walked up the steps of the Hikawa Shrine. (I miss my sister Tephra.) Rei thought.
“Are you okay?” Grandfather Hino asked when he saw her.
“I am fine,” Rei replied. “I am just thinking.”
“Would you like to begin training as a Miko?” Grandfather Hino asked.
“I would like that,” Rei replied.
“Very good,” Grandfather Hino said. “After classes tomorrow I’ll begin to teach you how to do a fire reading, and begin your training.”
“I can’t wait,” Rei said.
“You should unpack, and get settled in I’ll cook dinner,” Grandfather Hino said. “Oh, by the way, Ami called. She said it was something important.”
“Okay,” Rei said. She unpacked and called her friend.
“Hello,” Ami said.
“Hello,” Rei said. “Grandfather told me you called earlier.”
“My mom told me to tell you that you have an appointment at four in the afternoon at the Azabu Juban second district hospital tomorrow. Doctor Tofu called her earlier saying that we left before seeing him,” Ami said.
“Oops,” Rei said. “I forgot to see him.”
“I am sure that he understands,” Ami said. “My mom only wants us to go. She said it would be overcrowded if the others were to come along.”
“Okay,” Rei said. “I’ll see you later.”
“See you tomorrow,” Ami said. Rei hung up the phone, and went to kitchen. As the two Hinos ate, she filled her grandfather in.
“I got so caught up that I forgot to tell you to see Doctor Tofu,” Grandfather Hino said.
“Have a good night grandfather,” Rei said after the two finished their meal.
“See you in the morning,” Grandfather Hino said.
The next morning Rei got ready for her first day at Azabu Juban High. She put on her white bra, matching panties, a white blouse with a red bow, a blue skirt, blue heels, and white socks, after she put on some makeup; she went to the kitchen.
“Good morning,” Grandfather Hino said.
“Good morning grandfather,” Rei said. After she ate breakfast, Rei hugged her grandfather, and then began to make her way to Azabu Juban High. At the bottom of Hikawa Shrine steps, she saw Usagi, Makoto, Ami, and Minako. She saw that her friends wore the same outfit, but Makoto wore a white blouse with a gray outline and a gray skirt.
“Good Morning Rei,” Makoto said.
“Hey,” Rei said.
“Are you excited?” Minako asked. Rei nodded.
“We should get going; we do not want to be late,” Ami said.
“We got plenty of time,” Usagi said. They walked in the direction of Azabu Juban High.
“Hello students, we have a new student joining us today. Her name is Rei Hino. She recently moved from the Nerima Ward. Tell us a little about yourself Rei,” Sakurada said.
“I am Rei Hino, and I am a student in the Hino School of Musabetsu Kakuto Ryu,” Rei said.
“Please have on a seat next to Minako,” Sakurada said. Rei took her seat.
“Hello Naru,” Usagi said to her friend.
“Hey Usagi,” Naru replied. “Hello Rei, nice to meet you.”
“Who ever thought I would meet Rei Hino,” Gurio said. “I know all about you, and the Juesenkyo curse you once had. No one knows how you locked it.” Gurio continued to talk, while Rei and her friends exchanged glances. Naru smiled at her boyfriend. “You are very famous in the martial arts world.”
“Nice to meet you both,” Rei said.
“How did you find out so fast?” Minako asked.
“Her curse was only locked a few days ago,” Ami said.
“News travels fast,” Gurio said.
“I’ll see you later Usagi,” Naru said. She and Gurio walked back inside.
“He is always like that,” Makoto said.
After classes, Ami and Rei went to the Azabu Juban second district hospital. Once the checkup was over Rei waited patiently to hear the results.
“Rei,” Saeko said. “You are perfectly healthy for a girl your age.”
“That is a relief,” Rei said.
“You are physically in good shape,” Saeko said. “You appear to be doing better mentally. If you ever need help here are a list of doctors and counselors who are available.” Saeko handed some papers to Rei, and she put them in her purse.
“Thank you Doctor Mizuno,” Rei said. She looked relieved.
“There is something else that I want to discuss with you,” Saeko said.
“What is it?” Rei asked.
Ami and Rei walked to Makoto’s apartment. The sky was blue; hardly a cloud was in the air.
“Feels so peaceful,” Ami said.
“I know,” Rei said. “We have to stop this looming threat.”
“Are you worried?” Ami asked.
“Yea,” Rei said. “Our enemy wants nothing more than to destroy this world; to take everything we care so much about away.”
“I know we have to stop him,” Ami said. “I don’t want innocents to die.”
“We’ll stop him,” Rei said. She gave Ami a cocky smile. Ami returned the smile. They were ten minutes from Makoto’s apartment when two men snuck up behind them. They held pistols in their hands.
“Slowly put your purses in the bag, and you won’t get hurt,” the first man said.
“If you do not put the purses in the bag,” the second man said, “we’ll have to teach you two a lesson.”
Rei looked over at Ami who seemed rather calm, which surprised her. She nodded at Ami who nodded back. “I’ll tell you what,” Rei said turning around. “We can avoid a fight if you walk away and leave behind your bag of stolen purses.”
“I would walk away as my friend suggests,” Ami advised. “You have been warned.”
“We are the ones with guns here,” the second man said.
“So we’ll have to teach you two a lesson. If you behave we just might let you smart mouthed girls live,” the first man said. The man whistled and two more men appeared from a nearby truck.
“Now you’ll have to come with us,” the first man said laughing. The two men from the truck began to advance towards Ami and Rei.
“Fine,” Rei sighed. “Always the violent way.” This caused the four men to look at each other. They shrugged. Ami and Rei assumed a calm battle stance.
When the two men got close to their allies, Rei did an uppercut kick. The kick knocked the first man’s gun away, and it flew into the air before it fell into the middle of the street. Her kick also struck the man in jaw, and he stumbled into the man behind him. The two men crashed into the ground.
At the same time, Ami threw two quick gut punches at the other armed robber. He clutched his gut in pain, and his gun fell. She kicked it away, and it sped into the street. A car drove by, and ran over it. She followed up with a punch to the man’s face, and the force of the attack knocked him to ground.
“These girls are strong,” the standing man said. He looked at both girls. “I am out of here.” He ran to the parked van. The three men stood up, and limped to the van, and in their hurry, they left the stolen purses behind. The van took off, and rammed into a fire hydrant nearby.
“When did you learn martial arts?” Rei asked.
“Mother wanted me to learn,” Ami replied. “She said I needed to do something besides studying.” Rei nodded.
“Do the others know Martial Arts?” Rei asked.
“Makoto knows more than Usagi and Minako,” Ami replied. “I can tell you more later.” Rei nodded.
“Are you two okay?” An officer asked. He crossed the street. A woman followed him. He took a good look at the two girls, and he instantly recognized Ami.
“We are fine,” Ami said. “Officer Takahashi.”
“I am glad,” Officer Takahashi said. “Thank you for stopping them. They have been getting bold lately. I doubt they’ll be trying to steal purses again.”
“Thank you so much for getting my purse back,” the woman said.
“You’re welcome,” Rei said. The woman took off with her purse. Officer Takahashi looked at Rei.
“You wouldn’t happen to be Mr. Hino’s granddaughter?” Officer Takahashi asked.
“I am,” Rei replied.
“I can see the resemblance,” Officer Takahashi said. “Thank you again. I have to make a report. Tell your grandfather I said hi.”
“Sure,” Rei said. Officer Takahashi bowed. He crossed the street. Once the officer left Rei and Ami continued on their way to Makoto’s apartment. “Who was he?”
“His name is Officer Takahashi,” Ami said. “He used to go to Martial Arts classes.”
“I see,” Rei said.
At Makoto’s apartment, complex Ami and Rei entered her apartment, and saw Usagi munching on snacks, and reading a manga, Makoto and Minako sat nearby. The two were studying. The two Moon Cats were quietly talking to each other. Minako pulled away from studying, and walked over to Rei and Ami.
“Took long enough,” Minako said. Usagi, Makoto, Luna, and Artemis looked up, and they stopped their activities.
“How was the visit to the doctor?” Makoto asked.
“Doctor Mizuno said I am healthy for my age,” Rei said. “She was a little worried about something, but I couldn’t tell her why.”
“What was she worried about?” Artemis asked.
“She told me that all my old scars that I received when I was growing up had fully healed and vanished,” Rei said. “I told her that I heal fast because of my martial arts training. She seemed to buy that. I think.”
“Ah yes,” Luna said. “Sailor Senshi can heal any non-fatal wounds if you give them enough time to rest. I hope she does not catch on to why the scars really healed.”
“So what took you so long?” Usagi asked.
“We ran into four purse robbers,” Ami said. The others looked up in concern. “They fled after we knocked them to the ground.” Everyone in the room laughed.
“I wish I could have seen it,” Minako said. “They must have looked foolish.”
“Since we are having a good day,” Usagi said. “We can go to the Fruits Parlor Crown, and have some ice cream, and celebrate.” Everyone laughed again.
“Hello Usagi,” Unazuki said cheerfully after her friends took a seat inside the Fruits Parlor Crown. “Are you Usagi’s new friend?”
“I am Rei. Nice to meet you,” Rei said.
“Good to meet you,” Unazuki said. She took everyone’s orders. “I’ll be back with your orders soon.”
“We should spend at least an hour a day,” Ami said, “practicing martial arts.”
“I agree,” Makoto said. “Our new enemy seems to be more balanced then our last.”
“We’ll find plenty of time,” Minako said. “For now we should have fun.”
“I can’t wait for the ice-cream,” Usagi said. Unazuki came with their ice cream, and the five girls dug in. When they finished their ice cream, they each said goodbye to Unazuki.
“What’s next?” Ami asked.
“We could do some shopping,” Minako said.
“Sounds like fun,” Makoto said. They looked at several stores, and eventually they saw Asuka’s Clothing Store. “There is something I need,” Rei said. She and her friends walked inside, and began to look around. Rei saw a red Kimono. She found her size, and bought it. The group left the store. “I should be getting back home.” Her friends nodded, and they left the store.
“Ooh, Ooh,” Usagi said. They looked at several managas in a store, before they bought a few. They walked by the Game Center Crown on their way to the Hikawa Shrine when Usagi saw Mamoru Chiba. She immediately got stars in her eyes. She ran to him, and gave him a hug while crying.
“Mamo-chan where were you?” Usagi asked softly so that only her friends and Mamoru heard her. “We haven’t seen you since the seven Rainbow Crystals formed the Maboroshi no Ginzuisho.”
“Let’s go to the nearby park so we can talk,” Mamoru said.
Mamoru and the five girls walked to the park. Usagi held onto his hand. When they arrived at the park they sat down under a tree, and made sure that they were alone.
“You already know that Queen Beryl manipulated me into working for her,” Mamoru said. “When General Isagotichi attacked Queen Beryl’s lair; I was attacked by Zoisite. I severely injured him during the battle, and he tried to get through his dark portal, but before he could get away General Isagotichi impaled him with her staff. I ended up being kicked into the portal, and came out somewhere here in Azabu Juban. During the ride through the portal, my transformation to Tuxedo Kamen deactivated. While I was trying to figure out what happened, I passed out.”
“What happened?” Minako asked.
“I don’t know I awoke with my memories gone and some very serious injuries. Some woman found me, and called the ambulance. I was at the Azabu Juban first district hospital until I regained my memories,” Mamoru said.
“You may have lost your memories after General Isagotichi killed Queen Beryl,” Ami said thoughtfully.
“It does seem to make sense,” Makoto said.
“How did you regain your memories?” Rei asked.
“I saw your battle against General Isagotichi the other day on the television,” Mamoru said. “I regained my memories. I was released this afternoon.”
“I am so glad that you are safe,” Usagi said. She hugged him again.
“Now would be a good time to catch Mamoru up,” Rei said.
“I agree,” Ami said. After the five girls caught him up, they began to make their way to the Hikawa Shrine. They were halfway there when Rei saw a cat.
“Cat,” Rei yelled. She ran in the opposite direction and into a tree in her panic. She fell to the ground unconscious. The seven-year-old girl who was playing with the cat saw what happened, and ran over to Rei. A woman also walked over.
“I’ll call the ambulance,” the woman said.
“She’ll be fine,” Ami said. “She just needs a place to lie down.”
“My house is right over there,” the girl said. She pointed to her house. Makoto picked up Rei, and her friends followed.
“What happened?” Rei asked. She awoke, and sat up on the couch.
“You should take it easy,” a woman said. Her brown eyes showed worry. “That is a very nasty bump that is forming on your head.”
“Are you okay?” the seven-year-old girl asked.
“I am fine,” Rei said. She tried to hide her embarrassment. “I am sorry. I don’t even know your names.”
“I am Mrs. Saito,” Mrs. Saito said. “This is my niece Asami Hayashi.”
“Hello,” Asami said. She had red hair that fell down to her shoulders. Rei’s dizziness after everyone introduced himself or herself.
“There is only one person that I know that is that afraid of cats and that is Ranma Hino,” Asami said. She didn’t fail to see Rei’s blush. “You look just like his girl half. You must be Ranma. I thought you hated being a girl.”
“Are you a fan?” Makoto asked. Asami nodded.
“I can see there is no hiding who I am,” Rei said. “I was Ranma but my curse is locked, and I am a girl now.”
“What happened?” Asami asked. Rei explained the story leaving out the Sailor Senshi.
“Are you disappointed?” Rei asked.
“No,” Asami said. “I am glad that you’re happy with your life. You deserve that.”
“Is Asami visiting you Mrs. Saito?” Minako asked.
“No,” Mrs. Saito said. She twirled her brown hair. “Her father was murdered six weeks ago, and her mother disappeared shortly after her husband’s death.”
“I am sorry to hear that,” Mamoru said.
“I miss them every day,” Asami said. “Mom wouldn’t want me to spend my time doing nothing. I try to keep her proud every day. I look up to you Rei.”
“Thank you,” Rei said.
“She is strong,” Usagi said.
“Would you like to see my room?” Asami asked.
The guests nodded, and they followed her to her room. Asami’s room was large and filled with many posters. The posters included male and female Ranma, various members of the Nerima Wreaking Crew, the five Sailor Senshi, and Tuxedo Kamen. The five girls and Mamoru looked around. They were in awe of how much the girl idolized them, and the martial artists of Nerima. Asami looked at her posters, and then at the Sailor Senshi. The girls in her room had the same hairstyles as the Sailor Senshi.
“What an awesome room,” Minako said.
“Are you girls the Sailor Senshi?” Asami asked.
“What makes you think that?” Ami asked. The members of the Sailor Senshi looked nervously at each other, and Asami didn’t miss this. Usagi nodded at her friends.
“Yes we are,” Usagi said. “You are very observant for your age.”
“Oh my god,” Asami said squealing. Her brown eyes twinkled with excitement, and Rei remembered the way Mizuki’s eyes would twinkle. Rei smiled. “I get to meet the famous martial artist Rei Hino and the Sailor Senshi.”
“Please dear,” Mrs. Saito said. “Try and not smother them with too many questions.”
“We don’t mind,” Makoto said. “You have to promise to keep who we are a secret.”
“I promise,” Asami said. “So your curse was locked because you became Sailor Mars?”
“Yea,” Rei replied. “It wasn’t an easy decision.” Rei smiled. She looked at her friends. “I made a promise long ago that we would remain friends forever. That is part of the reason I became Sailor Mars again.”
“What do you mean again?” Asami asked. They told Asami about the Silver Millennium Empire.
“I am proud to have met you all,” Asami said. “You help others at your own expense.” Ami’s supercomputer made a beep, and everyone looked at her.
“Anything important Ami?” Usagi asked.
“I was just looking up information about the Nekoken training,” Ami said. “I am curious to why Rei is fine around Luna and Artemis but any other cat triggers her ailurophobia.”
“Is there anything that can be done to help me with my fear of cats?” Rei asked.
“I could be wrong but because you knew Luna and Artemis during the Silver Millennium Empire your brain may differentiate them from other cats. I don’t have any ideas yet that could help with your ailurophobia,” Ami replied.
“I hate to say this but it is getting late, and we still have to get to the Hikawa Shrine,” Mamoru said.
“Will you come and visit again?” Asami asked.
“We would love to have you over,” Mrs. Saito said.
“We would be glad to visit again,” Minako said.
After Rei and her friends arrived at the Hikawa Shrine, the others went home. Rei put her new belongings away. Grandfather Hino began his lesson on fire readings several minutes later.
“We’ll start with meditating by the fire,” Grandfather Hino said. “Meditation is the first step. You have to clear your mind of all thoughts.”
“Yes grandfather,” Rei said. The two sat down in front of the fire and began to meditate. “I see you are beginning to understand,” Grandfather Hino said. “We’ll just practice meditation.”
“Now that you have begun to learn how to meditate by the fire we’ll move on to channeling your ki into the fire,” Grandfather Hino said the next day. “That was a good attempt. You need stay focused.”
“Okay,” Rei said. She practiced for two hours.
“You learn fast,” Grandfather Hino said. “Time to take a break and eat.”
“I was beginning to make something out,” Rei said.
“That is good,” Grandfather Hino said. “Just don’t forget that overdoing fire readings can be bad. So for the rest of the night I’ll show you your responsibilities that you have as a Miko.”
“Okay,” Rei said.
“Very good,” Grandfather Hino said to his granddaughter the next day. “You’re quickly grasping the basics of how to do a fire reading.”
“Thank you grandfather,” Rei said.
“You have come a long way. You should not push yourself beyond your limits.” Grandfather Hino said.
“Hello Akane,” Kho Lon said to her once her jail term ended. “We have a lot to talk about. For now I’ll restore your strength.”
“Thank you Elder Kho Lon,” Akane said. Xian Pu threw a brick at Akane, and she broke it in half with an attack.
“We are getting ready for our meeting tomorrow. We’ll see you tonight,” Kho Lon said.
“See you soon,” Xian Pu said. Akane nodded.
“Akane,” Kasumi said. She gave her sister a hug. “We need to talk.”
“Yes?” Akane asked.
“Kho Lon suspects that we are all in danger. Everyone is getting ready to go on vacation. We’ll be leaving tomorrow,” Nabiki said.
“Does this have anything to do with last week?” Akane asked.
“Yes,” Soun said.
“I’ll be in my room,” Akane said.
Nabiki walked into Akane’s room, and she saw her sister on her bed. Nabiki sat down next to her.
“The engagement is really over right?” Akane asked. Tears covered her face.
“Even if your relationship with Rei was stronger the engagement would never have worked…” Nabiki said. “When did you fall in love with Ranma?” Akane blushed.
“I began to fall in love with him after Ryouga arrived. I just didn’t know it at the time,” Akane said. “That is why I was always bashing him after Xian Pu came into the picture. I was afraid the other girls would steal him away. Instead, the whole time Ranma was changing into a girl. Now I am sure that Rei wants nothing to do with me.”
“I doubt that,” Nabiki said with a laugh.
“Why did you laugh?” Akane asked.
“Rei thought you would hate her for the time that you had to spend in jail,” Nabiki said.
“Kho Lon and Xian Pu told me everything,” Akane said.
“You do not have to worry about Rei hating you. She is too kind, caring, and forgiving to stop being friends with you,” Nabiki said.
“Thanks,” Akane said. “I feel better now that we talked.” Nabiki nodded.
“You are getting better at fire readings. Remember that what you see in a fire reading has to be interpreted, and your interpretation may be incorrect. “Fire readings don’t tell a certain future, for your actions in response to the reading can change what happens,” Grandfather Hino said after another day of practice.
“Thank you grandfather,” Rei said. “I can make my fire readings last five seconds now.”
“That is excellent,” Grandfather Hino said. “Time for a break.”
Ami’s Supercomputer made a beep and the blue haired girl checked her new message. “General Isagotichi has been located near downtown Azabu Juban,” Ami said to her friends the next day. They were all at Makoto’s apartment after classes ended for the day.
“Let’s roll,” Usagi said. They grabbed out their Henshen Rods.
“Jupiter Power, Make Up,” Makoto called out.
“Mercury Power, Make Up,” Ami called out.
“Mars Power, Make Up,” Rei called out.
“Venus Power, Make Up,” Minako called out.
“Moon Prism Power, Make Up,” Usagi called out.
The five heroes arrived in downtown Azabu Juban, and they saw General Isagotichi decapitate a woman. A man lay sprawled on the ground; a large wound visible on his heart. (We have to stop her.) Moon thought. (She has already killed two innocents.)
“Stop right there General Isagotichi,” Moon said. “You will face punishment for your crimes. I am Sailor Moon, and in the name of the Moon I shall punish you.”
“Ah look what we have here,” General Isagotichi said. She paused, and an evil smiled formed on her face. “Here are the little girls who believe that they are heroes.” The head that she held in her right hand dripped blood onto her staff and dress. “You know what they say? Little girls shouldn’t involve themselves in the business of adults. You might get hurt.”
“Taking the lives of innocents is wrong,” Venus said.
“We will stop you,” Mercury said.
“You haven’t won yet. You girls are excessively complacent. I think I shall enjoy putting you into your place,” General Isagotichi said.
“On the contrary. You are the one who is too complacent,” Mars said. General Isagotichi got infuriated. “We will stop you from hurting anyone.”
“You’ll soon understand pure pain girls. I shall enjoy taking you down a few notches,” General Isagotichi said. “Let’s have some fun.” Her eyebrow twitched. “Shall we?”
“Everyone ready?” Jupiter asked. The five girls nodded.
General Isagotichi dashed towards Venus, and she swung her staff. Venus evaded the strike. General Isagotichi threw two quick punches at Venus’s gut, and knocked the Senshi of love to the ground. She aimed her staff to impale Venus, but before she could attack Mercury kicked her in the back, and she soared in the air.
“Fire Soul,” Mars called out. A small fireball appeared on her hands, and she fired the attack off towards General Isagotichi. The flames formed a spiral before the attack struck her. The Sailor Senshi saw many burn marks appear across her face.
“To think that you little girls hold so much bite,” General Isagotichi said mockingly. “It is impressive. Soon though that light of yours shall be extinguished, and all of you shall experience true pain.”
She ran to Jupiter, struck her with an upper punch, and launched her into the air. General Isagotichi jumped, and kicked Jupiter in the groin, and the Senshi of lightning plummeted to the earth. She was about to throw her staff when Moon kicked her in the head, and propelled her in the air. Mars and Mercury each did a spin kick to her chest, and the force of the attacks knocked her to the ground.
“Supreme Thunder,” Jupiter called out. Electrical energy began to appear around her. Soon a lightning rod appeared on her tiara, it collected the electrical energy, she discharged the electrical energy at General Isagotichi, and the attack struck her dead on.
“Crescent Beam,” Venus called in conjunction with Supreme Thunder. A beam began to charge in her left hand before she dropped her left hand next to her right hand. Both hands released a beam of light that pierced through General Isagotichi. The two attacks struck her within subsequent of each other, and left her in a bloodied, crumpled, heap. After standing up the Sailor Senshi saw her assorted injuries on her that ranged from cuts, burn marks, and multiple bruises. (She is tough if she can handle all that.) Moon thought.
“You think I am done?” General Isagotichi yelled. Her yelling attracted a large number of people. “This battle will be soon over, but it is not me who has lost. I have yet to show you my true strength.” She paused and took a good long look at Sailor Moon.
She raced towards the Sailor Senshi again, and this time she attacked Mars with three punches more rapidly than the Senshi of fire could register, and the intensity of the attack barreled her into her comrades, and into the ground.
“Hahahhahahaha,” General Isagotichi said. “Did you honestly think that you would win? How pathetic. You dull mortals should learn your place. I have yet to show you my real potency. You fools have no chance.”
“Good,” Mars said. She stood up, wiped her left hand across her face, and smiled. “I like a challenge. I am just getting warmed up.”
“You are the only fool here,” Jupiter said.
“We have yet to show you what we are capable of,” Moon said.
“Teamwork and love is a deadly combination. I wouldn’t misjudge us,” Mercury said.
“Soon you’ll comprehend just how powerful the Inner Sailor Senshi are,” Venus said.
“We’ll see,” General Isagotichi said.
She threw three punches at Mars who flipped over the attacks, and landed in the blink of an eye on the ground. She kicked her enemy in the stomach, went on the offensive, and used a combination of kicks and punches to wallop General Isagotichi in several different vital spots.
(How?) General Isagotichi thought. (They are more skilled than I thought.)
“Did you like that?” Mars asked. “You will find that my friends and I are not as powerless as you thought.”
“Don’t ever underestimate your opponent. That is the first rule of fighting,” Jupiter said.
“You’ll find that all of us are more skilled in Martial Arts than you thought,” Mercury said.
“We won’t be going down as fast as you thought we would,” Moon said.
“Soon your reign of evil will end,” Venus said.
“I thought it would not come to this,” General Isagotichi said. “I shall unleash my ultimate power.” She laughed. The Sailor Senshi raced towards her. “Yajula Xaguerila Una Ba Nau Sao. (My divine powers unleash thy fury and ensnare my enemies.)
A bright light flashed throughout the area, and when the flash of light vanished, the electrical impulses imprisoned them. They could not move, no matter how hard they tried.
“What is this? I can’t move,” Jupiter said.
“Are you comfortable?” General Isagotichi asked. “Sailor Moon or should I say Princess Serenity I think I shall kill your guardians first. You’ll watch your world and universe fall before you. You’ll be powerless to stop us. I’ll start with the flaming upstart Sailor Mars. Yes. She is powerful and arrogant. Yes. She shall be the first to die. You all shall watch as her screams of terror fill your ears. One by one, Princess Serenity your friends shall die.”
“We shall not give into fear,” Moon said.
“We’ll see, my feisty little princess,” General Isagotichi said laughing. “Are you ready to die Sailor Mars?”
She aimed her staff high into the air ready to impale Mars. (I just became Sailor Mars, and I am going to die already. I am so worthless.) Mars thought. She closed her eyes. Just then, a red rose flew through the air, and struck General Isagotichi’s chest. The attack broke the spell that held the Sailor Senshi. (Thank you Tuxedo Kamen.) Mars thought.
“Who the hell are you?” General Isagotichi yelled.
“Your days of evil are over General Isagotichi. No more shall innocents suffer by your hands,” Tuxedo Kamen said.
“I remember you,” General Isagotichi said. “You survived my attack against Queen Beryl.”
“Tuxedo Kamen,” Mars said. “Keep her busy.”
“Very well,” Tuxedo Kamen said. He ran to General Isagotichi, cane in his hand. Meanwhile the Sailor Senshi huddled.
“This is where justice and love win,” Moon said.
Mars and Venus ran towards the distracted general, and kicked her in the back, and the kick propelled her into the ground. Mars yanked the staff out of her hand, and tossed it. Mars and Venus held her in place.
“Now, Mercury,” Venus said.
“Sabão Spray,” Mercury called out. The attack covered the staff in a thick cold frost. Jupiter caught the frozen staff. Mars and Venus kicked General Isagotichi into the air successive to when Jupiter caught the staff.
“Now, Jupiter,” Moon said.
“Right,” Jupiter said. She jumped in the air, and used her strength to push the staff through General Isagotichi’s heart, and out her back.
“Noo,” General Isagotichi yelled out. Jupiter kicked her away, and the evil general plummeted to the land.
“Now, Moon,” Jupiter said, “finish her off.”
“Moon Tiara Action,” Moon called out. She grabbed her tiara on her head, and threw it at high speeds. It spun towards General Isagotichi and smashed into her leaving her in a bloodied crumpled heap. Moon’s weapon returned to her.
“My Lord,” General Isagotichi said. “I have lost.” Her eyes closed.
The Sailor Senshi and Tuxedo Kamen were about to take off when the ground started to shake. A black light formed around General Isagotichi’s body. Soon three feet of pure light covered the area. The light formed a pillar that rose high into the sky. The sky turned pitch dark across the planet, and lightning dispersed from the sky.
“Is it not interesting how humans want to be accepted amongst each other?” A loud voiced echoed across the planet. “They spend a life time wanting to be acknowledged, but if they can gain supremacy they betray even the ones they love.”
“What does the leader of the Dark Kingdom want?” Venus asked. The world was able to hear the Sailor Senshi due to the strange pillar.
“The leader of the Dark Kingdom? That is the label you mortals have given me,” the loud voiced echoed across the planet again.
“Then who are you?” Moon asked.
“My name?” The loud voiced asked. “Why should I give a frail mortal like you my name?” He paused. “Wretched life forms, I am called Xytar Lexeaba.” Xytar’s voice turned evil and cruel. “My name means inflamed god in your tongue.”
“It is not your place to distribute judgment on innocent worlds,” Mars said.
“Why should I not? I am a greater ethereal being. I am more powerful than you can imagine,” Xytar said. “Like me. You girls that call yourselves the Sailor Senshi are powerful life forms in this universe.” He laughed. “It is my intrinsic right to pass judgment on inferior beings and none shall stand in my way!”
“You are wrong. No one has the right to pass verdict on anyone. You are just using that as an excuse to destroy life,” Mercury said.
“We will stop you,” Venus said.
“We won’t let you destroy our world,” Jupiter said. “Not while we still draw breath.”
“Everyone deserves to live without worry of a being like you enforcing your insane values,” Tuxedo Kamen said.
“Soon Princess Serenity, you shall learn the true power that I process. Even with your powers as Sailor Moon your world is doomed,” Xytar said slowly. He paused. “You are correct Sailor Mercury. My assertion that I have the right to pass judgment is just an excuse. Do you really think you can stop me?” His voice grew louder. “I am intent on destroying this universe.” His voice returned to normal. “You failed to stop Queen Beryl ten thousand years ago from laying waste to your precious Silver Millennium Empire. What chance do you have against me?” He paused. “Hmm. I know. Let me remind you of that failure. Let me show the people of Earth your collapse. Then we shall see how confident you so-called heroes are.” He laughed. An image of the Moon Palace ballroom appeared in the sky across the planet. The four Inner Sailor Senshi appeared. The lightning stopped flashing in the distance. The scene began to play.
Scene: The fall of the Silver Millennium Empire

“Any information on this attack?” Venus asked in the Moon Palace ballroom.
“It’s the Dark Kingdom,” Mercury said. “Senator Beryl from Earth has now called herself Queen Beryl, and is leading the attack against us. Prince Endymion’s four guards the Shitennou have also turned against us.”
“Where is Princess Serenity?” Mars asked.
“I saw her last. She was with Prince Endymion outside the ballroom,” Jupiter said.
“I’ll find Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion, and lead them to safety,” Venus said. “Mercury, Jupiter, Mars assist the guards in keeping Queen Serenity safe. She is fighting Senator Beryl. We need to keep the youma off her at all costs.”
Sailor Jupiter was fighting two youma. Each youma was tall and their weapon of choice was a claw in each hand. All the youma attacking the Moon Palace looked similar. Sailor Jupiter, Mars, and Mercury were battling close to each other.
Jupiter avoided the punch thrown at her, and kicked the youma into the ground.
“Supreme Thunder,” Jupiter called out. Electrical energy began to appear around her. Soon a lightning rod appeared on her tiara, it collected the electrical energy, she discharged the electrical energy youma, and the youma turned to dust.
The youma that survived tried to backhand Jupiter but missed. She kicked the youma in the chest, and knocked it down, but before she could finish the youma off two spears flew through the air, and they each collided with her legs. She was about to remove them when two youma grabbed her roughly. She tried to break free, but she was too injured and tired. She saw Zoisite heading in her direction wielding a wakizashi.
“What do we have here?” Zoisite asked. “An injured Sailor Jupiter. It is too bad for you that we are enemies now.”
“Traitor,” Jupiter spat.
“I would learn to control that temper of yours. Although it is too late,” Zoisite said. He thrust his weapon through her heart, and blood poured out.
“Ugh,” Jupiter said. Her face slumped down onto the blade and life began to fade from her body. Zoisite moved his blade in her heart. He finally removed the blade, and Jupiter’s lifeless body fell to the ground when the youma released their grip on her.
Sailor Mercury was fighting a youma. The youma threw a punch, and she dodged the attack. She countered with a spin kick, but the youma managed to get a swipe on her arm, and blood poured out of her wound. She ignored the pain, did another kick, and knocked the youma to the ground.
“Sabão Spray Freezing,” Mercury called out. The attack covered the area in a thick frost fog, and froze the youma in place. She kicked the frozen youma, and her enemy shattered. Mercury turned towards her next two attackers. One sliced her in the leg, and the other sliced her in the chest. She kicked the two youma at the same time, and knocked them into the ground. She dodged an attack from the first youma, but was unable to avoid an attack from the other youma, and blood dripped out her deep gash near her chest. She kicked the youma again, and knocked them down.
“Sabão Spray Freezing,” Mercury called out. The attack covered the area in a thick frost fog, and froze the two youma in place, and she defeated the two youma.
Two youma struck Mercury’s arms. One of the youma evaded Mercury’s kick, and struck her in the gut. (I am getting lightheaded.) Mercury thought. (My wounds are serious. I am sorry Queen Serenity. Princess Serenity.) She fell unconscious just as Jadeite arrived. He held a wakizashi in his hand.
“What do we have here?” Jadeite asked. “What a weakling. She passed out, before I could kill her.” Jadeite slashed Mercury in the gut with his wakizashi. The wound from the wakizashi was fatal and life faded from Sailor Mercury.
Sailor Mars was fighting a youma. She sidestepped the youma’s punch, and kicked her enemy in the face.
“Fire Soul,” Mars called out. A small fireball appeared on her hands, and she fired the attack off towards the youma. The flames formed a spiral before the attack struck her target, and her enemy turned to dust.
Sailor Mars looked over at Mercury who was engaged in a battle against two youma nearby. She saw one of them strike Mercury. She fell to the ground from her many wounds, but before Mars could reach her fellow team member she saw Jadeite slash the unconscious Mercury with a wakizashi. Mars was too distracted so she didn’t sense the youma sneak up behind her. She felt pain, and she felt a youma’s sharp claws in her stomach.
“Any last words Sailor Mars,” the youma evilly said.
“I am sorry Queen Serenity, Princess Serenity,” Mars said weakly. “Forgive me.”
“Enjoy your death girly,” the youma said. She removed her claws from Mars’ stomach, and the wounded Senshi of fire fell to the ground. She saw Nephrite in the distance with a wakizashi in his hand before she passed out.
“The plan worked. She was too worried for her friend. That made it very easy for you to sneak up on her. The Sailor Senshi’s pathetic love for everyone is their downfall,” Nephrite said.
“It was too easy to get her,” the youma said.
“The universe doesn’t need soft girls protecting them. Queen Beryl’s vision shall be the new future,” Nephrite said.
Nephrite lifted up the unconscious Sailor Mars from the ground, and he tossed her into the air. He impaled her heart with his wakizashi. More blood poured out of her, and life faded from Sailor Mars.
Sailor Venus looked around for another enemy. (I failed in my duty.) Venus thought. (I failed in protecting Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion. Now they are dead.) She saw her Queen locked in battle versus Senator Beryl. (I’ll keep my queen safe no matter the cost.) She thought.
“Crescent Beam,” Venus called out. A beam began to charge in her left hand before she dropped her left hand next to her right hand. Both hands released a beam of light that pierced through one of the two youma, and turned her to dust. She dodged a kick, and she struck her enemy in the jaw, and knocked the youma into the ground.
“Crescent Beam,” Venus called out. A beam began to charge in her left hand before she dropped her left hand next to her right hand. Both hands released a beam of light that pierced through the youma, and turned her to dust.
“Very good Sailor Venus,” Kunzite said. He held a tanto in his right hand. “Your struggle is futile. You must already know this. Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion are dead.”
“Senator Beryl is about to be defeated and sealed along with you,” Venus said. She threw a punch at him, and he swiftly avoided the attack. She surprised him with a kick to his chest that knocked him to the ground. “Crescent Beam.” She felt a kick to her back, and collapsed onto the ground. Two youma brutally picked her up from the ground. Kunzite stood up.
“You’ll pay for that,” Kunzite said. “The leader of the Inner Sailor Senshi looks pretty pathetic right now. She failed to protect her princess, and her friends are now dead.” Kunzite walked up to her, and kicked her in the chest, and her breath shortened. The youma released her, and she tumbled to ground, Kunzite picked her up, and began to squeeze her neck tightly. “Let me show you your friends.” He let her go. She dropped to floor, and held onto her neck, taking in deep breaths. He kicked her in the stomach. She soared in the air, and in the course of her landing, she saw the limp forms of her friends Sailor Jupiter, Mercury and Mars. Kunzite walked up to her. “See? There is no hope for you. But don’t worry soon you’ll join your friends.” He lifted her up by the neck, and looked at her face before he stabbed her in the head with his tanto. He delivered an additional strike at her heart, and blood poured out of her wounds. She fell unconscious, and life faded from her.
Queen Serenity sat down, and sighed. She saw the corpses of Prince Endymion, her daughter, and her guardians. Tears flowed down her cheeks. Luna and Artemis made their way to her.
“My Queen,” Luna said. “Have you stopped the traitors?”
“Yes,” Queen Serenity replied. Her blue eyes shimmered softly. She wore a long silver dress. An upside moon was on her face, and her silver hair was in a long odango style. “I have sealed the traitors away, but the cost was too high. My daughter and her guardians are dead. Prince Endymion of Earth is dead. My kingdom is in ruins.” (My daughter must have really loved Prince Endymion to kill herself when Queen Beryl killed him.) Queen Serenity thought. (There is only one choice left now.)
“If your Majesty would like to know,” Artemis said. “The Inner Sailor Senshi fought their best.”
“I know. They didn’t let me down,” Queen Serenity said while her earrings dangled from her neck.
“What is the plan now?” Luna asked. Queen Serenity used her Royal Phone. Sailor Uranus, Neptune and Pluto appeared on the screen.
“Hello Queen Serenity,” Pluto said.
“We can drive back the attacks,” Uranus said.
“The kingdom has fallen,” Queen Serenity said.
“What are our orders?” Neptune asked.
“Awaken Sailor Saturn, and have her drop the Silence Glaive,” Queen Serenity ordered.
“Are you sure?” Uranus asked.
“I would rather destroy my kingdom than have it fall under our enemies hands. I am going to send the souls of my daughter, and her guardians to the future,” Queen Serenity said.
“In your condition you will die,” Pluto said.
“I know,” Queen Serenity said. “I have lived a long life. My daughter and her guardians’ lives were taken from them.”
“When do we activate the three talismans my Queen?” Neptune asked.
“In three minutes,” Queen Serenity said. “Pluto, you are to remain at the Gates of Time.”
“Yes my Queen,” Pluto said.
“Luna, Artemis I am sending you two along with Prince Endymion to the future with my daughter and the Inner Sailor Senshi. Please assist them, but do not forget that they should still be allowed the choice to become Sailor Senshi again,” Queen Serenity said.
“Yes my Queen,” Luna said.
“You can count on us,” Artemis said.
While Queen Serenity was sending her daughter and her guardians, the two Moon Cats and Prince Endymion into the future, Sailor Saturn awoke.
“Sailor Pluto, Uranus, Neptune, and Saturn,” Queen Serenity said. “I leave the rest in your hands.” After she sent her loved ones into the future, she felt her life energy leave her body and she collapsed.
Sailor Saturn awoke, dropped her Silence Glaive, and thought about the end, and an instant later, the Silver Millennium Empire was dust.

End Scene
The Sailor Senshi looked up at the pitch-dark sky. They each blushed in embarrassment about their own deaths.
“Queen Beryl was a weakling,” Xytar said. “Do you honestly believe that you can beat me?”
“He is trying to destroy our will,” Mercury said. “It is true that we died. Yet we fought very hard. We won’t surrender.”
“Sailor Mercury,” Xytar said. “I should have known that you would remain calm after seeing your failure ten thousand years ago. It matters not: soon you all shall know the meaning of pain, fear, doubt, and anger.”
The pillar of light began to fade and sunlight became visible again. The worldwide communications ceased when the pillar faded from view, and a woman fell from the sky. Sailor Mercury caught her. She had red hair and brown eyes.
“I can sense no evil from her,” Mars said.
“Is this General Isagotichi?” Moon asked.
“In a way yes,” Mercury said. “This woman’s soul and body were controlled by Xytar Lexeaba. She is now free. The first dome from the Soul Barrier has fallen.”
“Will she be okay?” Jupiter asked. The woman awoke. She wore a black dress.
“She reminds me of someone,” Venus said. “She reminds of Asami Hayashi.”
“Asami is my daughter,” Mrs. Hayashi said.
“Mom,” Asami said. She ran to her mom. She held onto her mother’s hands.
“Asami,” Mrs. Hayashi said. She hugged her daughter. She looked at the Sailor Senshi. “Thank you for freeing me. I couldn’t do anything but what he commanded me to do. If hell does exist, being under his control was beyond even that.”
“You’ll be safe now,” Tuxedo Kamen said.
“Asami, I’ll always be proud of you,” Mrs. Hayashi said. She coughed. “My daughter.”
“Mom,” Asami said. “You’ll be fine. Right?”
“I am sorry,” Mrs. Hayashi said. Tears flowed down her face.
“No,” Asami said. “Mom, stay with me. Please don’t go.” She was crying now.
“Mercury, is she okay?” Mars asked. “I can feel her dying.” Mercury looked at her supercomputer.
“I don’t understand,” Mercury replied. “She has no injuries, and yet she is dying.”
“Is there anything we can do?” Venus asked.
“Please Mercury, we have to save her,” Moon said.
“Nothing can stop my death now,” Mrs. Hayashi said.
“Mom,” Asami said. “Mom, please don’t die. Mom. Mom.” She shook her head in sadness.
“Please Mercury,” Mars said.
“Thank you so much for caring. When you defeated me my soul broke the first dome from the Soul Barrier, and the cost is my life,” Mrs. Hayashi said. “I love you my darling daughter.” Mrs. Hayashi eyes closed.
“No, we can save you,” Moon said. The members of the Sailor Senshi were crying now.
“I am sorry,” Mercury said. “She is dead.” Everyone hung his or her heads in a low bow. No one said anything. Asami continued to hold her mom.