Ranma 1/2 Fan Fiction / Sailor Moon Fan Fiction ❯ The Fiery Soul: Present ❯ Chapter Four: Secrets ( Chapter 4 )

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Chapter Four: Secrets

“This is Benjiro Miyagi reporting from JPNS.” Benjiro said. “The news this evening is quite overwhelming to say the least. Earlier this afternoon an unidentified man attempted to hold up a bank in the Azabu Juban third District. He vanished before he even gave his demands. Due to these mysterious circumstances, the identity of the man is still unknown. The police have yet to procure any leads but urge anyone with information to contact the police department.”
“In other news this evening a couple was killed before the rumored Sailor Senshi arrived to stop General Isagotichi. We have identified the woman as Aoi Endo age forty-six and we have identified the man as Kado Endo age forty-five. The Sailor Senshi managed to defeat General Isagotichi, and afterwards the world witnessed a terrible revelation,” Kana said.
“The Sailor Senshi’s enemy who has identified himself as Xytar Lexeaba intends to destroy our universe. The Sailor Senshi have learned that he had directly controlled General Isagotichi against her will and after her defeat the seal over her faded revealing Ayano Hayashi,” Benjiro said.
“While the matter is being investigated there can be no doubt that this new danger threatening Earth is either real or happening or just a figment of our imagination,” Kana said.
“If you have no problems with it Kana then we should turn it to the discussion table,” Benjiro said.
“I concur,” Kana said. With a flip of a remote several men and woman appeared on the screen. “What are everyone’s thoughts on the recent events? How about we start with Shiori Tochigi.”
“As wild as everything that has occurred this evening appears we cannot simply shrug off the countless hours of recordings that we have on the Sailor Senshi. In addition, the deaths of three Japanese citizens and the intense property damage across the Azabu Juban District only further reveals that the Sailor Senshi exist,” Shiori said. “Now it remains to be seen if the Sailor Senshi are heroes or villains.”
“I concur,” Takumi Sato said.
“How can you say that? They saved many lives this evening,” Souta Watanabe said.
“At what cost? Damage estimated at twenty four billion yen occurred across several corporate buildings during one of the Sailor Senshi’s fights the other day,” Shiori said. “Furthermore the damage done to many of the corporate buildings will cost more…”
In a large spacious living room sat the Tendous, the Joketsuzoku, Yuuka and her friends and their families, Doctor Tofu, Grandmaster Happosai, Ukyou and Ryouga. The large television set in the room was playing the news until Kho Lon switched the television off.
“What does the news have to do with Rei?” Akane asked.
“I will explain soon child. First let us discuss the safety of the Nerima District,” Kho Lon said.
“What do you mean?” Nabiki asked.
“Rei was one of the strongest Martial Artists in the Nerima Ward,” Mu Tsu said, “and now that she is no longer living in Nerima the enemy has begun to move.”
“I do not understand,” Soun said. “What do you mean?”
“We have been monitoring two traitors in our tribe for some time,” Xian Pu said. “We believe that they are reporting to the Japanese Military.”
“Why would the Japanese Military be interested in watching us unless we were a threat,” Kho Lon said.
“I don’t know,” Reina said.
“They wouldn’t unless they had something planned,” Kho Lon said.
“Are you sure that there are traitors?” Ryouga asked.
“Yes, and about a week ago Judge Fujimoto and his family were in a fatal accident on their way home,” Xian Pu answered.
“We know that Rei did not want any of us to face punishment for Genma’s actions that started the chain of events,” Mu Tsu said.
“Which can only conclude,” Kho Lon said. “That the Japanese Military’s goal was to get her to move away.”
“What?” Yuuka asked.
“Why?” Mizuki asked.
“Perhaps with her presence the Japanese Military would have a harder time to invading Nerima,” Kho Lon said.
“Why would the Japanese Military invade Nerima? Nothing makes sense,” Ukyou said.
“We have some documents that we have obtained,” Xian Pu said. She passed the documents around.
“Why would they do this?” Saki asked. She read the document two times.
“These documents say that they intend to betray the entire country,” Aya said.
“Why?” Akane asked.
“Why? Power, greed, control, and money consume many people,” Happosai said. He shook his head.
“So well Rei be safe?” Kasumi asked.
“I believe so,” Kho Lon said. “That is all the information that we currently have. We should thank the Hamadas for letting us stay in their house for the remainder of the vacation. Now that you all have been informed I can tell you the other reason we came here.”
“Is it related to Rei, and the news we watched?” Nabiki asked.
“Yes,” Xian Pu replied.
“I have been looking at the evidence, and I believe that Rei is a member of the Sailor Senshi. Sailor Mars to be exact,” Kho Lon said.
“You are joking right?” Akane asked.
“The day that you struck Rei after I crashed my bike into the table, Akane, was the same day that she ended up in Azabu Juban. That is the same district where the Sailor Senshi reside,” Xian Pu said.
“The very same day Sailor Mars awoke and joined the Sailor Senshi,” Mu Tsu said.
“That is just a coincidence,” Kasumi said.
“Rei arrived in Nerima the next day claiming her curse got locked,” Kho Lon said.
“What are you saying?” Nabiki asked. “Are you implying her curse is not locked?”
“After she got sick, I discovered that the Jusenkyo magic was no longer afflicting her,” Kho Lon said. This caused everyone’s faces to widen in surprise. “At the time I was not sure how she found a way to remove her curse.”
“If she found a way to remove the Jusenkyo curse,” Ryouga said, “why did she remain female?”
“Over time she became more feminine,” Saki said, “and most of you were too caught up to see her changes.”
“I can understand why she removed her curse,” Ukyou said. “What I do not understand is the relationship between her and the other girls from Azabu Juban.”
“Her friends from Azabu Juban Ami, Minako, Makoto, and Usagi knew her too well for only knowing her for a day,” Kho Lon said. “I suspect that they are also the Sailor Senshi which would explain how they know each other so well.”
“This seems to be too wild,” Akane said. “You are asking us to believe in supernatural magic.”
“You have seen the effects of Jusenkyo,” Aya said, “and many of the other magical artifacts in Nerima. We can’t be so quick to dismiss the Sailor Senshi.”
“I agree with Kho Lon,” Doctor Tofu said. “I got back the results of Rei’s exam in Azabu Juban. She no longer has any of her injuries and scars. Many of the scars should never have healed but they did.”
“Why would she want to become Sailor Mars?” Ryouga asked.
“To help people,” Kasumi said.
“I cannot believe that any of you would be willing to accept this story,” Akane said.
“Believe what you want,” Kho Lon said. “The facts strongly indicate that Rei is Sailor Mars. You can either accept this truth or deny it. I believe that she is Sailor Mars.”
A light flashed in the room, and revealed a woman in a fuku with a green skirt. She had long flowing green hair. Her red eyes beamed brightly. She looked at everyone in the room, and held onto her Garnet Rod. She wore a white body suit with a green border. The bow that covered her breasts was green with a red gem in the center. A tiara with a red gem sat top her face. Two white gloves covered her hands and green heels covered her feet. Happosai could not contain himself, and launched himself at Sailor Pluto. Everyone groaned.
“Sweeto,” Happosai yelled. When he was halfway to Sailor Pluto, he felt her staff hit his head. He fell to ground, and was about to resume his glomp when he heard the woman speak.
“Garnet Imprisonment,” Pluto coldly said. She encased Happosai.
“Are you Sailor Pluto?” Kho Lon asked. Pluto nodded.
“I am Sailor Pluto. Your knowledge and deductive reasoning Elder Kho Lon are sharp. Your theory is indeed correct. As you have guessed Rei is Sailor Mars,” Pluto said.
“That means that…” Xian Pu said.
“Yes,” Pluto said interrupting Xian Pu. “Ami, Minako, and Makoto are the other Inner Sailor Senshi. Sailor Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter. Usagi is Sailor Moon, and she is also Princess Serenity. The duties of the Inner Sailor Senshi are to protect Princess Serenity, and the Silver Millennium Empire. I must ensure that their identities remain a secret if I have to take your lives I will do so.”
“We mean the Sailor Senshi no harm,” Yuuka said.
“I shall be watching all of you,” Pluto said. She turned around.
“Wait,” Akane said.
“Yes?” Pluto asked. She turned to face Akane.
“Why?” Akane asked. “Why did she become Sailor Mars? Please tell me.”
“I could tell you,” Pluto replied. “However, events occurring right now will help you all understand. Watch.” The television turned on, and they saw the Hikawa Shrine living room…
Each of the Senshi had tears running down all their faces. Usagi slumped in a chair at the Hikawa Shrine. Ami drooped in her chair, and was using her supercomputer. Makoto paced around the room, and Minako slouched near a wall. The two Moon Cats were off to the side each lost in thought.
“Where is Rei?” Minako asked.
“I think she is doing another fire reading,” Makoto replied.
“She has been doing fire readings ever since we came to the shrine,” Artemis said.
“I am worried,” Luna said.
“She was already exhausted after the battle with General Isagotichi,” Usagi said. “She is pushing herself too hard.”
“I can understand,” Ami said. “I held her in my arms while she was dying, Usagi. I couldn’t save Mrs. Hayashi. I couldn’t do anything to save an innocent life.”
“I know. We all feel the same, but she will only hurt herself by pushing her limits. We have to get her to rest now,” Usagi said.
Rei entered the room. She looked exhausted, and tears fell down her face.
“I still can’t make out the warnings from the fire readings but something is coming. A new threat,” Rei said.
“Rei, please rest,” Makoto said.
“No, I am fine. I don’t need rest,” Rei snapped.
“Please, you are clearly exhausted,” Minako said. She moved over to Rei, and put her hand on her friend’s shoulder.
“I am fine,” Rei said. She turned around, and was about to walk out of the room when fatigue overcame her. Minako lunged, and caught her before she fell to the ground. With Makoto’s help, Minako and Makoto moved her to the couch.
“I knew that she has been pushing herself too hard,” Usagi said. Ami looked up from her supercomputer.
“The fire readings allow her to see glimpses of the past and or possible future events, and it is extremely taxing on her energy,” Ami said.
“If the fire readings are correct,” Artemis said. “Then another threat is on its way.”
“I know that what happened this evening was tragic, but she was pushing herself too far,” Luna said.
“I know,” Ami said. “Maybe there is something we can do to help her.”
Just then, the room’s temperature chilled. An older ghostly figure that looked like Rei appeared. She looked at her little sister. They saw sadness in her eyes. She put her ghostly hand over Rei’s head.
“Tephra,” Usagi said. “How are you?”
“I am fine Princess Serenity,” Tephra replied. “I am worried about my little sister.”
“She pushed herself too hard and collapsed,” Makoto said.
“I know,” Tephra said. “I know why she pushes herself.”
“You came to help her?” Minako asked. Tephra nodded.
“Can you tell us why she pushes herself?” Ami asked.
“Yes,” Tephra replied. “As you all know, the Inner Sailor Senshi’s greatest power is working together, and yet each of you are powered by your own perspective planet that grants each of you your own individual power.”
“It is what creates the balance in protecting Princess Serenity,” Artemis said.
“Sailor Venus’s power allows her unconditional love for all living beings and it is through that power that grants her strength. Sailor Jupiter’s power is physical strength, and allows her to protect her friends. Sailor Mercury’s power is knowledge, intelligence, and the power to reason, to think, to strategize. Sailor Mars’s power is the power of foresight. Her power allows her to see things that have happened, and that might happen. The power comes in many forms such as dreams, visions, enhanced fire readings, and seeing warnings regarding possible future events long before they happen. It is why she has such good reflexes in combat,” Tephra said.
“So she remembered us through dreams?” Luna asked.
“Yes,” Tephra said. “When she was five years old during the Silver Millennium Empire her powers and connection with Mars began to form. She began to have dreams. In these dreams, she saw a future battle. By the time she figured out that her dreams were telling her that I was in danger I was already dead.”
“And she blames herself for your death,” Makoto said. Tephra nodded.
“She was too young. My death was not her fault. She vowed to herself that she would never make that mistake again. So she pushed herself, and ever since then she always has,” Tephra said. “Queen Serenity and our mother had finally gotten her to cope with my death but then...”
“Senator Beryl betrayed us,” Usagi said.
“Yes,” Tephra said. “She blames herself for your death Ami. She feels that she could have stopped Jadeite from killing you.”
“That’s not true,” Ami said.
“I know,” Tephra said. “She, however, believes that she had let everyone down.”
“What Xytar Lexeaba didn’t show to the world was that the battle had been going on for hours,” Luna said.
“We were outnumbered, and we held them off,” Artemis said.
“Are you here to help heal her?” Usagi asked.
“Yes,” Tephra said. “It will still take time; I soothed her dreams. For the first time in her life she can rest without worry.”
“Are you saying that she has a dream every night?” Luna asked.
“Yes deep in her memories she remembers a terrible truth. The dreams have helped block out the truth from her mind. In this lifetime Genma murdered his wife Risa when Rei was six years old.”
“What?” Makoto in shock asked. They all stared eye wide at their friend and her sister.
“Why did he do such a thing?” Minako asked.
“Genma was intent on training his son in Martial Arts, and when his wife Risa refused to let him take Ranma on the trip Genma killed her in a rage. Genma used a forbidden technique that alters memories to make Rei forgot,” Tephra replied.
“Shouldn’t we let her know the truth?” Usagi asked.
“To reveal the truth now to her would only inflict more harm,” Tephra said.
“Why?” Ami asked.
“She is still coming to terms with remembering the Silver Millennium Empire, and dealing with all the death that plagues her,” Tephra replied. “The best thing to do now is to be her friend and support her. In time she will remember the truth, and she will need her friends more than ever.”
“Thank you Tephra,” Usagi said.
“You all take care now you hear?” Tephra asked. “I will not always be around.” With Tephra’s last words, she vanished.
“That is your answer,” Pluto said.
“She always seemed so confident and yet,” Akane said, “I didn’t even know the weight of her past.”
“Life is hardly ever easy,” Kho Lon said.
“She must really love her older sister,” Nabiki said.
“Back during the Silver Millennium Empire when Rei was still young Tephra was Sailor Mars. She spent most of her spare time hanging out with her little sister before she was killed defending innocents,” Pluto said.
“Are Rei and her friends in danger?” Reina asked.
“Each of them knows the dangers of being a Sailor Senshi,” Pluto said.
“We can’t sit here, and not do anything while they are in danger. We can help the Sailor Senshi,” Akane said.
“Xytar Lexeaba is beyond any of your powers,” Pluto said. “If you get involved you will not only endanger your lives but your souls as well. They took Ayano Hayashi’s death very hard. The Inner Sailor Senshi and Princess Serenity have the powers to save the world, however they are still living beings. No you cannot interfere nor can you reveal to them that you know who they are.”
“Sailor Pluto is right,” Kho Lon said.
“That doesn’t mean you can’t be her friend. You just can’t get involved,” Kasumi said.
“You all saw what Xytar is capable off,” Ryouga said. “How can you just tell us not to get involved?”
“Sailor Pluto and Kho Lon are only worried about our lives and the welfare of the Sailor Senshi,” Ukyou said.
“Then can I expect you all to cooperate and keep this a secret?” Pluto asked. Everyone looked at each other and then at Sailor Pluto.
“Yes,” Reina replied. “We won’t reveal to anyone what we know.”
“Thank you,” Pluto said. “Oh and Grandmaster Happosai I wouldn’t try to cop a feel at me again. Next time I won’t let you live.” Sailor Pluto turned around and vanished. The imprisonment that held Happosai vanished.
General Caserillax entered the throne room of the Europa Castle, and approached the throne where Xytar Lexeaba sat.
“General Caserillax, what is the status report?” Xytar asked.
“The world fears you my Lord,” General Caserillax replied.
“Good,” Xytar said. “Hold off sending a youma for a few days. Attack when they least suspect it.”
“Yes my Lord,” General Caserillax said. He turned around, and was about to leave when a youma approached the throne.
“My Lord,” the youma Wveaxal said. “We have trouble. A group calling themselves the Black Moon Clan has taken residence on the planet Nemesis. We have learned that they wish to destroy present day Tokyo.”
“Imbeciles, morons, incompetent fools. I told you to destroy any threat to the Sailor Senshi. I should destroy you now Wveaxal,” Xytar yelled in anger.
“I am sorry my Lord. We will destroy the Black Moon Clan right away,” General Caserillax said.
“Wait General Caserillax, I have a better idea,” Xytar said. “The added pressure on the Sailor Senshi might help destroy their will. Let the Black Moon Clan continue with their course of action. You are to watch them for now. Do not work with them unless I command you to do so.”
“Yes my Lord,” General Caserillax said.
In the Hikawa Shrine living room, the Sailor Senshi were asleep. Rei’s friends had cleared some space and were in sleeping bags. Rei woke up. She sat up on the couch, saw her friends, and smiled.
(I was so tired last night. I pushed myself too far, and must have collapsed. I probably worried my friends.) Rei thought. (Why didn’t I dream last night? I feel great though.). Everyone but Usagi began to stir from their slumber. Usagi slowly began to awake. They cleaned the living room and everyone sat down.
“Rei, are you feeling better?” Usagi asked.
“Yes, I am sorry for worrying you all,” Rei replied.
“I know how you feel,” Ami said, “but please don’t push yourself to the point of collapse.”
“We all can get through this,” Makoto said.
“Yea,” Minako said. “That’s what friends are for.”
“When I was nearly killed by General Isagotichi I felt so helpless. I hate that feeling, and I guess I did overdo the fire readings,” Rei said.
“We’ll always help each other no matter what,” Usagi said.
“You know what,” Minako said. “We should take it easy today. We need to relax.”
“What?” Ami asked. “We got a major test coming soon. We need to study.”
“Oh, come on Ami. Everyone’s been studying. Even Usagi’s been studying. We need a break,” Makoto said.
“Usagi, has only been studying because her mom threatened to ground her if she doesn’t pass the upcoming test,” Luna said.
“Hey,” Usagi said. She tried not to get embarrassed.
“Shouldn’t you be studying yourself Minako?” Artemis asked.
“I already studied for the test. I think we need to relax,” Minako said. Rei’s stomach growled.
“Sounds like someone is hungry,” Makoto said.
“Then let’s eat,” Usagi said. She made a dash for the kitchen, and everyone else followed. The girls and the two Moon Cats proceeded to the fire room after they ate breakfast.
“I promise to do only one fire reading,” Rei said. I just want to see if I can figure anything out.” Everyone nodded. Rei sat down in front of the fire. She began to meditate. Soon she saw a vision. In the vision, she saw a young girl. She held the Maboroshi no Ginzuisho in her hand, and several shadow-women chased her.
“Did you learn anything new?” Luna asked.
“I can make out the vision a little better than I did last night. I saw a young girl holding the Maboroshi no Ginzuisho. Several people were chasing her. I couldn’t see anyone’s face,” Rei said.
“I wonder what it could mean,” Artemis said.
“We know a new threat is coming,” Minako said.
“We just can’t do much right now,” Makoto said.
“At least not until we gain more information,” Ami said.
“We should at least keep an eye out for the girl,” Usagi said.
“So where to then?” Minako asked.
“Let’s go down to the lake,” Ami said. They left the room, and walked outside when a bright light flashed over them.
The bright light faded. The girls found themselves in a large rich silver covered marble room. They moved forward keeping close to each other.
“I wonder where we are?” Usagi said. “I don’t think there is anything quite like this on Earth.”
“We must stay cautious wherever we are,” Rei said.
“Indeed,” Makoto said.
“I feel like this place is important,” Minako said. The girls looked around. A bright light flashed, and they saw a woman appear. She wore a long flowing white dress. She had long brown hair, and was beautiful. She wore white high heels. She looked at the girls, and spoke in a kind voice.
“You have nothing to fear my children. My name is Saryia Lexeaba,” Saryia said. The girls tensed up when they heard the name. “I am here to help you. I know about your dimension being under attack by Xytar. I brought you here to tell you about his past.”
“What is your relation to Xytar?” Ami asked.
“Xytar is…Xytar is…” Saryia said. Another light flashed, and a man appeared. He wore a white flowing robe. He had white hair and a white beard.
“I am sorry my children. This is still difficult for her. My name is Kveit Lexeaba. I am Saryia’s father. We are the guardians of this holy center.” He paused. “Would you rather have me tell them for you Saryia?” Kveit asked.
“No; I can manage father,” Saryia said. “Xytar is my brother.” The Sailor Senshi gasped
“What happened?” Rei asked.
“Before we talk about what happened, it is time to introduce ourselves. We are the guardians of all the dimensions, which are infinite in number. We have brought you here to tell you more about Xytar,” Kveit replied.
“So what can you tell us?” Usagi asked.
“Where to start?” Kveit asked aloud. “We are the last two guardians. Our job is to watch the infinite dimensions. There were once more of us. That was before the Yva Wars began.”
“The Yva Wars?” Minako asked.
“Yes the Yva Wars. A trillion years ago, Xytar started the war after he revealed our organization to the Yvas. About a trillion years ago, they declared war on us. Xytar told them that we were controlling them, and they resented that. With Xytar’s help they were able to develop technologies to stand up against us,” Saryia said.
“Many of our brethren perished in the battles that followed. It took two years, before we finally drove them back, but they managed to develop the ultimate technology. They infused Xytar with the new technology, granting him abilities far beyond our own including an ability to evade our tracking systems. After Xytar vanished, we won the war but the cost was high. Only my daughter and I survived,” Kveit said.
“How did you finally manage to track Xytar down?” Makoto asked.
“We managed to follow leads into your universe,” Saryia said.
“What do you need us to do?” Minako asked.
“We need you to stop him. Xytar’s plan is rather simple but devastating,” Kveit said. “Despite each dimension being separate from each other they affect each other. If you destroy one the others put out more energy to compensate. If we lose too many dimensions, the whole system will collapse. That is his ultimate plan.”
“Wait,” Rei said. I thought that there are an infinite number of dimensions?”
“That is right,” Saryia said. “The collapse of the entire system will occur if seven dimensions are destroyed regardless of the fact that there are an infinite amount of them.”
“Wait how can he destroy a dimension?” Usagi asked.
“The term destroy a dimension can be taken quite loosely,” Kveit said. “Destroying a dimension is impossible. That doesn’t mean that the danger is any less. If enough life, planets, galaxies, universes, and systems are destroyed in a dimension then the imbalance-effect occurs.”
“The imbalance-effect?” Usagi asked.
“Yes every universe requires a certain threshold of balance. When this balance is destroyed then the entire dimension collapses,” Saryia said.
“You can leave it to us. We’ll stop Xytar,” Makoto said.
“Anything else?” Rei asked.
“I leave the rest in your hands now,” Kveit said. “I will return you to your proper dimension. All I ask is that you do not mention this meeting to anyone at all. We have stopped time so it will be as if you never have left.”
“You can count on us,” Minako said.
“We’ll keep this meeting a secret,” Ami said. (How is it possible for the entire system to collapse? They must be up to something. I’ll have to figure this all out.) Ami thought.
With a flash of light, the girls found themselves back at the Hikawa Shrine.
“How are the preparations for our takeover plans?” General Matsumoto asked inside his secret underground military base.
“I already have my troops ready sir,” Lieutenant Captain Shimizu said. Shimizu was once a dangerous pirate captain who sailed the seas. He lost his left leg when he waged a battle against a French warship. Naturally being friends with General Matsumoto, he sought his aid. Spending eleven million yen Dr. Ito, another friend of General Matsumoto experimented on twenty-four innocents. Her goal was to restore Shimizu’s leg. Twenty-five lives were lost in these illegal experiments before Shimizu was able to regain full use of his legs.
“What about the other leaders of our organization?” General Matsumoto asked.
“They are in position sir,” Ms. Kimura said.
“What of the missing documents?” Have you caught the one responsible?” General Matsumoto asked.
“I have found the soldier guilty of stealing the missing documents. I have had him and all his immediate family members killed in brutal execution style murders. I made sure our own troops know the price of betraying us,” Ms. Kimura replied.
“Good and what of the stolen documents?” General Matsumoto asked.
“I have personally retrieved the documents,” Captain Mochizuki replied.
“With the documents returned and that pesky martial artist Rei Hino no longer in Nerima we can accelerate our invasion plans,” Lieutenant Captain Shimizu said.
“Should we concern ourselves with the rumor about the Sailor Senshi in Azabu Juban?” Captain Mochizuki asked.
“The media is a joke,” Ms. Kimura replied. “The rumored Sailor Senshi are nothing but gossip. Even if they do exist they are too busy with their own troubles to worry about us.”
“If the Sailor Senshi do exist we will crush them. For now we take over the seven Wards as planned,” General Matsumoto said.
In the magnificent lair in Black Moon Clan base on the planet Nemesis Petz, Calaveras, Beruche, and Cooan are talking in their large makeup room. Each woman was putting on makeup.
“I can’t believe that Rubeus is leading this mission,” Calaveras said.
“As soon as we catch the pink haired brat then we can go back,” Beruche said.
“The sooner the better,” Petz said.
“I am not going anywhere until I get this makeup on perfectly,” Cooan said. Rubeus walked into the room.
“I didn’t come through time to hear you chit chat. I want that girl and the Maboroshi no Ginzuisho that she carries with her,” Rubeus said. “As instructed we must make sure that Crystal Tokyo does not form in the future. I am sure that you all realize that I won’t tolerate any failure. Now get to work.” He left the room.
“I’ll be the one to catch Chibiusa,” Calaveras declared. “So stay out of my way.”
“What,” Cooan said.
“Good, I don’t want to work with any of you,” Petz said.
“You two are always arguing like this. I’ll just find the little princess on my own then,” Beruche said. She left the room leaving Cooan to deal with her arguing sisters.
“Think they suspect that we didn’t tell them the truth?” Saryia asked.
“They were so naïve,” Kveit said. “After all they didn’t question us on how many survived the Yva Wars.”
“Soon we shall accomplish what we wanted all those years ago,” Saryia said. A man approached Saryia from behind, and embraced her in a hug. He had a huge smile etched across his face. He wore a white robe. His black hair flowed down to his shoulders.
After lunch at the lake the five Sailor Senshi relaxed. (I feel as if something is telling me I should be down at the pier.) Usagi thought. Not too sure what to think she decided to check out the pier alone. She arrived at the pier, and saw nothing.
She looked at the lake for several minutes, and she turned around, and was about to head back to her friends when she heard a sound behind her. She saw a little girl with pink hair and red eyes. She wore a white top with a blue outline, and a blue skirt. She carried a large round black cat on her back. The face on the cat resembled Luna. When the girl saw the Maboroshi no Ginzuisho hanging from Usagi’s neck she lunged at it. Usagi managed to react fast enough to prevent the girl from making off with an important family jewel. She attempted snatch the Maboroshi no Ginzuisho, and again Usagi stopped her. Before the young girl could make a third attempt Usagi heard Ami call out her name. The young girl ran off, and she was quickly out of sight.
Usagi turned around and saw Ami and Makoto running down to her. She turned around, and saw nothing.
“Usagi,” Ami said. She breathed. “Downtown Azabu Juban is under attack.”
“Rei and Minako have already headed to cut the enemy off,” Makoto said.
“Let’s go then,” Usagi said. “Moon Prism Power, Make Up.”
“Jupiter Power, Make Up,” Makoto called out.
“Mercury Power, Make Up,” Ami called out.
“That water shield is too strong for us to penetrate,” Venus said after she dodged another water missile. The missile struck a mailbox behind her, and water sprayed on the crowds of people gathered at Azabu Juban downtown.
“We just have to hold her off until reinforcements arrive,” Mars said. She looked at her enemy. (This new enemy is much stronger and faster than the youma we have been fighting.) Mars thought.
“My loyal Droid Glaevida,” Beruche said. “Attack them.”
“As my lady commands,” Glaevida said. “Tidal Wave Attack.” The shark’s fin-like hands turned a shade of dark blue before a large tidal wave appeared behind her. The droid’s own shield protected her and Beruche from the effects of the tidal wave. The wave crashed beyond the droid, and it sped to the two Senshi. The waves of water carried the two Senshi and fifteen citizens off. The sturdy buildings took the powerful blows of the water, and the buildings began to crack under the pressure of the water but didn’t crumble, but instead the water crashed through the buildings, and flooded them. The water pushed Sailor Venus for three blocks before it slowed down. She was about to gain her footing when the last push of the water pushed her into a car. Mars barely managed to gain her footing when the final push of the water gave out. She quickly grabbed the unconscious Senshi of love and roof-hopped to the nearby park.
Sailor Moon, Mercury, and Jupiter arrived on top of a building just as the droid launched her attack. They watched in horror as the rushing water carried off their friends and many Japanese citizens. The girls had tears in their eyes as they saw bodies of citizens float in the water after drowning or taking fatal damage when smashed into a building or car. They sighed in relief when they saw their friends alive. Moon knew time for mourning would come after the battle. Mars hurried off for the park and the other Senshi followed their comrade.
Moon, Mercury, and Jupiter arrived just as Venus began to regain consciousness.
“Thank the heavens you are okay Venus,” Jupiter said.
“So many people died in that attack,” Mercury said.
“So senseless,” Mars said.
“We must stop them,” Venus said.
“I know,” Moon said. “Looks like your vision came true Mars. Now we have two enemies with little regard to life.”
“Our enemy apparently uses servants called droids, and they are much more powerful then Queen Beryl’s and Xytar’s youma,” Venus said.
“The droid Glaevida is equipped with a water shield. We can’t break it,” Mars said.
“If we time it right,” Mercury said. “Jupiter’s Supreme Thunder should be able to break through the shield.”
“You can count on me,” Jupiter said.
“Okay,” Moon said. “Let’s do this.” Beruche and her droid arrived at the park, and saw the Sailor Senshi.
“The girls seem to have survived, Glaevida,” Beruche said. “Now I see three more of them. Time to drown them.”
“I am Sailor Moon,” Moon said.
“Sailor Jupiter,” Jupiter said.
“Sailor Mercury,” Mercury said.
“Sailor Venus,” Venus said.
“Sailor Mars,” Mars said.
“In the name of the Silver Millennium Empire, we shall punish you,” The Sailor Senshi said in unison.
“So you girls are the famous Sailor Senshi,” Beruche said. “This is perfect. Not only do I get to destroy Tokyo, and find the little brat, but I also get to kill you pests as well.”
“Allow me to finish them off now,” Glaevida said.
“Kill them all my loyal droid Glaevida,” Beruche said.
“With pleasure,” Glaevida said. The droid launched a water missile at the Sailor Senshi, which they all managed to evade. Mars and Jupiter attacked the shark droid only to feel a water missile strike their backs.
“Mars, Jupiter watch out her missiles now split into several missiles after ten seconds,” Mercury said.
“I see the droid has learned new tricks,” Venus said.
The youma Wveaxal and General Caserillax watched the battle in the park.
“Good. I like challenges,” Mars said. The three standing Senshi launched their attacks.
“Moon Tiara Action,” Moon called out. She grabbed her tiara on her head, and threw it at high speeds.
“Crescent Beam,” Venus called out. A beam began to charge in her left hand before she dropped her left hand next to her right hand.
“Sabão Spray,” Mercury called out. The attack covered the area in a thick frost fog. Expecting the attack to blind the droid, Mercury was shocked with the results. The cold fog was absorbed with Moon’s Tiara and Venus’s Beam, and the three attacks combined into a high-density beam. The beam turned dark blue, and struck the Sailor Senshi. Jupiter barely rolled out of the way of the attack. The other Senshi’s wounds began to bleed, and they turned against each other.
“Moon Tiara Action,” Moon called out. She grabbed her tiara on her head, and threw it at high speeds. Meanwhile Mars, Mercury and Venus attacked each other.
“Supreme Thunder,” Jupiter called out. Electrical energy began to appear around her. Soon a lightning rod appeared on her tiara, it collected the electrical energy, and she discharged the electrical energy at the droid. Glaevida launched her Tidal Wave Attack and the lightning overloaded her mind control attack. Moon’s Tiara was moments from Jupiter, and she jumped the flying Tiara. The attack smashed into the droid, and turned her to sand. Moon’s weapon returned to her.
“So my droid has lost,” Beruche said. “I wouldn’t congratulate yourselves yet. After all my sisters, and I shall surely break you! Hahahhahahaha.” With the threat left in the air, Beruche vanished from sight. The Sailor Senshi were about to walk off when a girl in her teens approached them.
“Can we help you?” Moon asked.
“Yes please,” Akahana Nakamura said. “My name is Akahana Nakamura, and I have a favor to ask of you. Here is my address.”
“Why not talk here?” Venus asked.
“I don’t want anyone to overhear,” Akahana said.
“I understand,” Mercury said.
“We’ll be there shortly,’ Mars said.
“Thank you so much,” Akahana said.
“You are welcome,” Jupiter said.
“We should remain powered up,” Moon said. Her friends nodded in agreement.
After the girls arrived at Akahana’s house, they ate snacks offered by their hospitable host. After everyone ate, Akahana led them to her living room.
“Please stay powered up,” Akahana said. “It’s better this way.”
“What is wrong?” Mercury asked.
“My father recently got fired from work. He has been looking for a job, but he hasn’t had any luck. I know my father very well. He has done something crazy.” Akahana said.
“How can we help?” Moon asked.
“I watched your battle against General Isagotichi. I saw the truth about her being Mrs. Hayashi. I know Xytar controlled her. I think my dad is the new general for Xytar.” Akahana said.
“I see,” Mars said.
“The night of your battle against General Isagotichi a bank was robbed. The robber vanished. I am sure it was my dad. I haven’t seen him since the day before,” Akahana said. “He loves me, and would do anything to protect this family. He tends to take things too far. I am worried.” Tears fell down her face.
“If you are right,” Mercury said. “I don’t know if we are able to beat him.”
“He would die,” Jupiter said.
“I know,” Akahana said. She wiped her face off, and she continued to talk. “My father is a good man. He doesn’t deserve eternal hell for helping his family. No one deserves such a fate. Please save him. If it is not him at least save whomever the next victim is.”
“We took a life Akahana,” Venus said. “How can we take another?”
“No,” Akahana said. “You saved Mrs. Hayashi. I know it. I know that you’re the only ones who can save our world from Xytar. Please. I am begging you. Please. Please save him. Please save my father.”
“We won’t ever forget the lives that Xytar is taking. We will save your father. I only hope that what you are saying is not true and that he is safe,” Moon said. “If by chance he is not taken by Xytar we will find him. That I promise.”
“Thank you so much,” Akahana said.