Ranma 1/2 Fan Fiction / Sailor Moon Fan Fiction ❯ The Fiery Soul: Present ❯ Chapter Five: Complications ( Chapter 5 )

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Chapter Five: Complications

The wind blew across the audiences’ faces leaving traces of dew as they watched the Sailor Senshi fight the youma Wveaxal and the droid Qverva in the center of the park. The battle was looking worse for the Sailor Senshi every minute.
(They have a lot of strength.) Calaveras thought. She watched the Senshi struggle to stop their enemies. (They have great fortitude but that will not help them save Tuxedo Kamen from me.)
(I don’t know how much longer we can last. Our injuries are starting to become severe.) Jupiter thought.
“Not so smug now are we?” Qverva asked in a taunting voice.
“What are you waiting for?” Wveaxal asked. “Beat us and save your precious Tuxedo Kamen, Sailor Moon. Hahahhahahaha.”
Sailor Moon’s eyes grew in anger, and she attempted to attack her opponents, but Sailor Venus placed her hand on her, before she could recklessly charge. Venus shook her head.
“They already got us twice this way. We won’t fall for it again,” Mercury said. She stumbled as she attempted to stay on her feet.
“We have to stand our ground,” Mars said.
“We can win this,” Venus said.
“Yea,” Jupiter said.
“Right,” Moon said. “We can’t give up now. We have to hold our ground.”
“What strong and confident heroes you all are,” Wveaxal said. “Let us see you survive this. Piercing Storm.”
“Wind Gale,” Qverva said. The two attacks combined into a large strong wind that moved at ninety-eight miles an hour. The attack struck the Senshi. The attack launched them in the air and the next part of the attack made itself known. Thirty-five wind spears emerged in the air. The girls managed to avoid many of the spears but were unable to evade all the spears. After the spears attacked the wind stopped, and the Senshi plummeted to Earth.
“Now it is time to die,” Wveaxal said. A large spear appeared in her hand. “Princess Serenity.” The Inner Sailor Senshi formed a barricade around their princess in an attempt to protect her. Wveaxal’s mouth turned agape. This surprise didn’t stop the charge, and she aimed her large spear at Moon. Mars attempted to block the blow, but was only able slightly change the weapons course. Wveaxal thrust her spear, but before she could kill her target; Venus pushed Moon out of way. The spear pierced Venus’s own abdomen.
“Are you okay?” Moon asked. Wveaxal pulled the spear out of Venus, and got out of the way before the Senshi could retaliate.
“I am okay,” Venus said in pain. “I am glad I could protect you this time.”
“You certainly are not okay,” Mars said.
“The wound looks deep,” Jupiter said in a worried tone.
“Luckily the wound is not fatal,” Mercury said. “We can worry about our injuries after the fight. The enemies are still here.”
“Mercury is right,” Venus said. She smiled. “I’ll be fine for now.”
“If we don’t do something soon,” Mars said. “We won’t have time to worry about our injuries.”
“Mercury, have you learned anything yet?” Jupiter asked.
“Only that their defenses are still tight,” replied Mercury.
“We have to beat them soon. Please be all right Tuxedo Kamen,” Moon said. “We can’t give up now.” Her friends nodded.
“So you refuse to die?” Qverva said. “Maybe we’ll play some more before we kill you.”
“Yes,” Wveaxal said. “They hate seeing innocents die. Let’s kill the audience slowly and painfully while the girls watch. Show them that their world is doomed.” Qverva and Wveaxal began to strut over to the innocent bystanders. The crowd began to panic, and started to run.
“Fire Soul,” Mars called out. A small fireball appeared on her hands, and she fired the attack off towards Wveaxal. The flames formed a spiral before the attack struck her.

“Moon Tiara Action,” Moon called out. She grabbed her tiara on her head, and threw it at high speeds. The attack smashed into Qverva. Moon’s weapon returned to her.
“Supreme Thunder,” Jupiter called out. Electrical energy began to appear around her. Soon a lightning rod appeared on her tiara, it collected the electrical energy, and she discharged the electrical energy at Qverva.
“Crescent Beam,” Venus called out. A beam began to charge in her left hand before she dropped her left hand next to her right hand. Both hands released a beam of light that pierced through Wveaxal.
“Sabão Spray,” Mercury called out. The attack covered the area in a thick frost fog. Wveaxal and Qverva lost their line of vision on the Senshi.
After the Sailor Senshi launched their attacks, they each felt severe pain from their injuries; but they held their ground. Moon looked over at the bystanders.
“Please get out of here,” Moon cried out.
“I would worry about yourself right now, Sailor Moon,” Wveaxal said. The frost fog vanished unusually fast. (Usually my Sabão Spray attack blinds the enemy longer. Something is not right.) Mercury thought.
“We shall finish you painfully off in front of your admirers for that pathetic attempt to stop us. They will have nothing to look at when we are finished with you, and your guardians,” Qverva said.
“We will not lose to you,” Venus said.
“You want to hurt innocents. We won’t let you,” Jupiter said.
“We will not be beaten by you,” Mars said.
“Our friends, family, and everyone else are counting on us,” Mercury said.
“You girls should have stayed at home,” Qverva said. “You might have lived a full life, but now you shall die.”
“The wrath you shall feel is but a small part of what the world shall feel,” Wveaxal said. “I shall enjoy killing you now. Thundercloud.”
“Raging Storm,” Qverva said. The two attacks Thundercloud and Raging Storm twisted into a huge mass of electrical energy that began to slowly move towards the Sailor Senshi.
“This power,” Mercury said. “The attack is unavoidable. We won’t survive.”
“Keep the attack from harming the innocents,” Moon said.
“Mars, Mercury, Jupiter form a barrier around the Princess with me; we might be able to protect her, and the innocents from the attack,” Venus ordered.
“We’ll protect you,” Jupiter said.
“We won’t let them kill you,” Mars said.
“Thank you,” Moon said. Each member had grim thoughts, but they didn’t let the fear appear on their faces. A large blue barrier appeared, blocked the attack, and absorbed it. A red stasis field surrounded Qverva and Wveaxal.
“What is this?” Qverva asked outraged.
“I can’t move,” Wveaxal said.
“Where am I?” Mars asked. She looked around, and she recognized her old room from the Moon Palace.
“Rei,” Queen Hino said. Mars looked over, and saw her mom and her sister.
“Mom, Tephra is that really you?” Mars asked.
“Yes my daughter. I have missed you.” Mars ran to her mom and sister and gave the two a hug.
“Sis,” Tephra said. “Your current powers as Sailor Mars are not enough to defeat your enemies. The fall of the Silver Millennium Empire, and the rebirth that Queen Serenity gave you reset your powers. Your abilities will be strengthened to help you aid your friends in defeating Qverva and Wveaxal.”
“You will feel lightheaded as the new awakening of your powers also will unblock a very painful memory,” Queen Hino said.
Mars’s vision blurred, and she collapsed onto the ground. More memories of her training trip came back to her. Tears formed in her eyes. Queen Hino and her sister held her.
“I remember more now,” Mars said. Her voice buckled when she spoke, she felt resentment surge through her. “Pop killed her. He killed my mom Risa, and he made me forget. Why didn’t you tell me Tephra?” Rei cried, and the two held her.
“You have had so much on your mind,” Tephra said. “I didn’t want to hurt you.”
“My friends realize don’t they?” Mars asked.
“Yes,” Queen Hino replied. Mars laughed.
“I understand now,” Mars said. “You have been so worried about me.” She sat down. “I never realized how much I have worried you two. I am sorry.” Rei cried harder. “You were worried that I would be unable to handle the stress. Thank you.”
“I am not sure that this will help you, but I think you should know anyways. A woman named Nodoka Yoshida is friends with your mother Risa. If you want to know more about her I am sure Nodoka would be thrilled to see you,” Queen Hino said.
“Thank you mother,” Mars said.
“You are welcome,” Queen Hino said.
“Queen Serenity has summoned you to the throne room,” Tephra said. “I love you Rei.”
“I love you mom, sis,” Mars said.
“I love you,” Queen Hino said. “My daughter.” Mars looked into the mirror in the room, and noticed a change in her Sailor Senshi outfit. On the front side underneath each shoulder was the symbol of the planet Mars.
“Is this the Moon Palace library?” Mercury asked. She saw a familiar face.
“Ami,” Queen Mizuno said.
“Mom,” Mercury said.
“I see that you spend less time alone than you did during the Silver Millennium Empire. I am happy for you,” Queen Mizuno said. Mercury ran, and hugged her mother.
“I missed you mom,” Mercury said.
“Remember, it is important to keep your mind sharp, keep your goals in mind, to protect Princess Serenity, Earth, and the remains of the Silver Millennium Empire, but don’t forget to relax and have fun,” Queen Mizuno said.
“I will do my best to remember that mom,” Mercury said. “What happened? Why didn’t we see you at the royal ball?”
“The other Inner planet Queens and I were on our way to the Moon Palace when Senator Beryl’s youma attacked our ships. There was no warning, and we were dead before we knew what struck us. I am sorry.”
“I do not blame you mother. No one knew the attack was coming,” Mercury said.
“Your current powers as Sailor Mercury are not enough to defeat your enemies. The fall of the Silver Millennium Empire, and the rebirth that Queen Serenity gave you reset your powers. Your abilities will be strengthened to help you aid your friends in defeating Qverva and Wveaxal.”
“Thank you mother,” Mercury said.
“I love you my daughter,” Queen Mizuno said. “Queen Serenity wants to you see you now Ami. I will see you later.”
“I love you mother,” Mercury said. She looked in a mirror, and noticed a change in her Sailor Senshi outfit. On the front side underneath each shoulder was the symbol of the planet Mercury.
Jupiter saw a familiar sight. She recognized her old room in the Moon Palace. (How did I get here?) Jupiter thought. (The last thing I remember was the strong power attack from Qverva and Wveaxal. I hope everyone is okay. Did we die?) Jupiter looked around some more, and saw three people she never thought she would see again. (Is this an illusion?”)
“Mother? Father? Mother?” Jupiter asked in shock.
“Makoto,” Queen Kino said. “I have missed you.”
“Am I dead?” Jupiter asked.
“No,” Mr. Kino said.
“You have been protected, and brought to the Moon Palace,” Mrs. Kino said. Jupiter ran to her parents, and accepted the hugs from them.
“Are my friends safe?” Jupiter asked.
“They are fine,” Queen Kino said. “Your current powers as Sailor Jupiter are not enough to defeat your enemies. The fall of the Silver Millennium Empire, and the rebirth that Queen Serenity gave you reset your powers. Your abilities will be strengthened to help you aid your friends in defeating Qverva and Wveaxal.”
“So we have been given another chance to stop them?” Jupiter asked.
“Yes,” Mrs. Kino said. “You have done us proud daughter. I only wish that your father and I didn’t die when the plane crashed when you were three years old.”
“We know that things have not been easy for you. We are so sorry. You must hate us,” Mr. Kino said. Jupiter shook her head and tears filled her eyes.
“I miss you, but I do not blame you for your deaths. I have my friends to help me when the going gets tough,” Jupiter said.
“Take care my daughter,” Mr. Kino said.
“We will see you later Queen Serenity has summoned you,” Queen Kino said.
“Remember we will always be proud of you no matter what,” Mrs. Kino said.
“I love you,” Jupiter said. She looked in the mirror, and noticed a change in her Sailor Senshi outfit. On the front side underneath each shoulder was the symbol of the planet Jupiter.
Sailor Venus looked around. She saw the familiar ballroom in the Moon Palace, and a familiar person.
“Minako,” Queen Aino said. “I have missed you.”
“Mother?” Venus asked. She ran to her mom, and hugged her.
“You have made me proud Minako,” Queen Aino said. There is nothing easy about being a leader of the Inner Sailor Senshi.”
“I failed once already to keep Princess Serenity, and my friends safe. How can you be proud of me?” Venus asked.
“The events that happened when the Silver Millennium Empire fell are not your fault. You did your best,” Queen Aino said.
“What of our battle against Qverva and Wveaxal?” Venus asked.
“Your current powers as Sailor Venus are not enough to defeat your enemies,” Queen Aino said. “The fall of the Silver Millennium Empire, and the rebirth that Queen Serenity gave you reset your powers. Your abilities will be strengthened to help you aid your friends in defeating Qverva and Wveaxal.”
“Thank you mother. I won’t let you down,” Venus said.
“You never have my daughter,” Queen Aino said. “I love you.”
“I love you too mother,” Venus said.
“Queen Serenity has summoned you so I will see you later,” Queen Aino said. Venus looked in the mirror, and noticed a change in her Sailor Senshi outfit. On the front side underneath each shoulder was the symbol of the planet Venus.
Sailor Moon looked around, and saw the old throne room. She saw her mother sitting on the throne. Many memories began to flood her mind.
“Mother?” Moon asked.
“Usagi,” Queen Serenity said. “I am so proud of you and the Inner Sailor Senshi.” Usagi ran to give her mom a hug.
“Am I dead?” Moon asked.
“No,” Queen Serenity said. “I will always protect you even when I am dead. You have come a long way since Senator Beryl attacked our kingdom. Usagi promise me that no matter what happens that you will never kill yourself again.”
“I am sorry mother,” Moon said. “I love him so much. When I saw him die, I got scared. I didn’t want to lose him, and I made a hasty decision.”
“I know that you love him. Know that you have my blessings to marry Mamoru,” Queen Serenity said.
“That means a lot to me,” Moon said. The two shared another hug.
“Your current powers as Sailor Moon are not enough to defeat your enemies. The fall of the Silver Millennium Empire, and the rebirth that I gave you and your friends reset your powers,” Queen Serenity said. “Your abilities will be strengthened to help you aid your friends in defeating Qverva and Wveaxal.”
“Thank you mother,” Moon said.
“I will always love you,” Queen Serenity said.
“Thank you mother for everything,” Moon said.
“You are welcome. I love you,” Queen Serenity said.
“I love you too mother,” Moon said.
“I am summoning your friends now. They all have seen their parents. I wish we could have more time to talk, but the barrier protecting you will not last forever,” Queen Serenity said. Moon looked in the mirror, and noticed a change in her Sailor Senshi outfit. On the front side underneath each shoulder was the symbol of the Moon. A flash of light surrounded her, and her friends came into view. Moon noticed her friends now had their own planet symbols under their shoulders on their Senshi outfits.
“Thank you Queen Serenity for saving us,” Jupiter said.
“I should be the one to thank you. You have given up your time, and even your lives to protect the once proud Silver Millennium Empire, and my daughter’s life. The task in front of you is not easy,” Queen Serenity said. “With the Black Moon Clan and Xytar teaming up the dangers you now face are beyond your initial powers. Your abilities have been strengthened, your injuries have been healed, and now each of you have new powers.”
“What saved us?” Mercury asked.
“The magic that flows from the Maboroshi no Ginzuisho repaired the remains of the royal castles that orbit above the planets. The ruins of the Moon Palace and the other palaces are being restored,” Queen Serenity said. “The barrier that protected you was the combined power of every castle and the Moon Palace. The barrier does not last forever so I will have to send you back. The barrier also uses a large amount of energy and will be unable to protect you all for some time.”
“We thank you for allowing us to see our loved ones,” Mars said.
“You are welcome,” Queen Serenity said. “I wish I could bring them back to life but the best that can be done is to see us from time to time through the Maboroshi no Ginzuisho.” They each nodded in understanding. “Remember to take care of each other and be strong.”
“We will,” Venus said.
“I love you mother,” Moon said.
“I love you my daughter,” Queen Serenity said. She rose up from her seat and, said something. As soon as the first words left her mouth, the Sailor Senshi vanished.
The Sailor Senshi returned at the park where they were fighting the youma Wveaxal and the droid Qverva. The two remained paralyzed by the red stasis field. The Senshi barely got their bearings when the stasis field faded, and their enemies became free.
(How did they heal their injuries?) Calaveras thought. (They have a good chance of winning now, and I don’t want to lose my only bargaining chip.)
“Sailor Moon,” Calaveras said. “I am impressed, but don’t think you have won yet. I think I shall keep Tuxedo Kamen prisoner for now. Wveaxal and Qverva cover my escape.”
“With pleasure,” Qverva said. “Wind Gale.”
“Piercing Storm,” Wveaxal said. This time the two attacks didn’t combine, but rather covered the area in a wind, and fourteen wind spears launched at the girls keeping them busy. Meanwhile Calaveras used the distraction. She roughly grabbed the bound Tuxedo Kamen accidentally pulling the binding off his mouth.
“Sailor Moon,” Tuxedo Kamen yelled.
“Tuxedo Kamen,” Moon choked in a high stressed voice. She strode over to where Calaveras and Tuxedo Kamen were, but she was too late. Sailor Moon saw the two disappear in a portal. She stood there in shock forgetting about the danger they were in.
“Moon,” Mars yelled. “We can rescue Tuxedo Kamen later. We got a droid and a youma to beat.”
“Right,” Moon said. “Let’s do this.”
“For trying to attack civilians we will defeat you,” Jupiter said.
“This time we will win,” Venus said.
“Everyone,” Mercury said. “With Calaveras gone the advantage the two seemed to have over us has faded. I am rescanning them now. I need some time. Cover me.”
“I got you covered Mercury,” Venus said. “I am going to use my new move. Crescent Beam Shower.” A light beam began to charge in her left hand before she dropped her left hand next to her right hand. Both hands released a large beam of light that pierced through Wveaxal. She stumbled back a step.
“When will you Sailor Senshi learn that we are unbeatable,” Qverva said.
“I felt that,” Wveaxal said.
“Huh?” Qverva asked.
“They can hurt us now,” Wveaxal said. “We can’t mess around. They have gained new powers.”
“What are you saying?” Qverva asked.
“See how you like this. Supreme Thunder Dragon,” Jupiter called out. Electrical energy began to appear around her. Soon a lightning rod appeared on her tiara, it collected the electrical energy, she discharged the electrical energy in the form of a dragon at Qverva, and she stumbled back from the attack. She felt the electrical energy pulse around her. The crowd saw the Sailor Senshi’s new moves, and cheered.
“You are right. They have gained new powers,” Qverva said, “but not enough to stop us. Time to finish them off.”
“Not yet,” Wveaxal said.” Let us see test their new limits.”
“Agreed,” Qverva said. The two charged at the Senshi. Mars nodded at Moon. She held her ground when Qverva came in close. Moon dodged a right hook and a kick. She followed up with a cross hook, and launched the droid in the air.
Wveaxal threw a potent punch and Mars eluded it, and countered the strike with an assault against Wveaxal. Mars employed several kicks and punches at her enemy’s vital spots. A final punch sent the youma into a tree. The impact smashed the tree, and it too fell on top of Wveaxal.
Venus followed up an attack at Qverva. When the droid landed on the ground, Venus launched a spin kick to her face.
“Sabão Spray Freezing,” Mercury called out. The attack covered the area in a thick frost fog, and froze the youma and the droid in place.
Jupiter unleashed a fury of blows at Wveaxal, the vigor of the attack knocked the frozen youma into the air, she jumped, and struck Wveaxal again, and the youma flew into the frozen form of Qverva. The resulting crash hurled chunks of icy hail into the air, and ice began to fall from the sky.
“Any luck on pinpointing a weakness yet?” Mars asked.
“Nothing yet,” Mercury said. “Our attacks seem to be affecting them.”
“Get ready,” Jupiter said.
“They are almost thawed,” Venus said.
“We won’t lose,” Moon said. “They now looked annoyed instead of being entertained.”
“You girls were fun at first,” Qverva said.
“Now you are just becoming a pain,” Wveaxal said. “This time our attack won’t miss. Thundercloud.”
“Raging Storm,” Qverva said. The two attacks Thundercloud and Raging Storm twisted into a huge mass of electrical energy that began to slowly move towards the Sailor Senshi.
“Mars, Jupiter aim for the energy sources,” Mercury said.
“Mercury?” Moon asked.
“With the upgrade in abilities I now detect two energy sources. One is to the left, and the other is just slightly above us. I have them marked,” Mercury replied.
“Right,” Mars said “Fire Soul Bird.” A large fireball appeared on her hands, and she fired the attack off towards the droid. The flames formed a large firebird before the attack destroyed the first energy source.
“Sparkling Wide Pressure,” Jupiter called out. Electrical energy began to appear around her. Soon a lightning rod appeared on her tiara, it collected the electrical energy, and she released the electricity from her tiara. Bolts of lightning began to rain down on the energy source to the left of the Sailor Senshi. The attack destroyed the other energy source.
The huge mass of energy formed from Thundercloud and Raging Storm exploded in a wave of energy that spread in a large circle, and it rippled on for miles. The explosion launched Wveaxal and Qverva high into the air.
“Now,” Mercury said. “Finish them off. Their advantage has been destroyed.”
“Venus Love-Me Chain,” Venus called out. An energy of light began to surround her, and she formed a chain with hearts. She released the heart chain at the youma and the droid. The chain grabbed the two, held them in the air, and prevented them from moving.
“Moon Princess Halation,” Moon called out. The Cutie Moon Rod appeared in her hand, and she began to spin the weapon around to charge her attack. She aimed her rod at the youma and the droid, and unleashed a wave of energy, and the droid turned to sand, and the youma turned to dust.
The Senshi turned around, and walked off towards the Hikawa Shrine when a man with short black hair stepped in their path. He wore light armour, and looked menacing with his green eyes. In his right hand, he held a small axe.
“Congratulations on your victory Sailor Senshi. Wveaxal did her job. My Lord knew that you all held hidden strength,” the unknown man said.
“Who are you?” Jupiter asked.
"I am General Caserillax, the second General to Lord Xytar. I am not going to be as easy as General Isagotichi,” General Caserillax said.
“What do you mean?” Mercury asked.
“Hahahhahahaha,” laughed General Caserillax. “General Isagotichi told you that my Lord has no interest in your pathetic, puny, little planet.” He huffed. “Xytar is interested in the eradication of existence —all of it! I will make sure that he succeeds.” The crowd who watched the Senshi fight Qverva and Wveaxal listened to the conversation. “There is no fun by wiping all existence instantly. Xytar wants to make the world squirm as he destroys everything you believe in.”
“As if we would let Xytar get away with this,” Mars said.
“Yes,” General Caserillax said. “Fight us, try to stop us, and keep Xytar entertained.” He paused, and his eyes rose up. “The more you squirm the better.”
“Is this Xytar’s reason for doing this?” Venus asked.
“You have no business questioning Lord Xytar. Soon you shall know the meaning of pain, fear, doubt, anger, loss, and hopelessness,” General Caserillax said.
“What do mean Wveaxal did her job?” Moon asked.
“My Lord Xytar has no wish for other groups attacking you,” General Caserillax said. “That is why General Isagotichi wiped out Queen Beryl. General Isagotichi also killed a life-giving tree named the Makaiju. The death of the tree resulted in Ail and An’s deaths since the two require the trees life force in order to live. The Makaiju had crashed on the planet, and the two were planning to take energy from the people of Earth to feed it. Now they are dead. Hahahahhahah.”
Sailor Moon and her allies got into fighting stances after they heard this.
“We will stop you,” Moon cried out. “I can see that your alliance with the Black Moon Clan is nothing more than a game to you. Taking people’s lives is wrong. We will stop you.”
“We do not fault you,” Mercury said.
“You are just another victim of Xytar, General Caserillax,” Mars said.
“We will free you,” Venus said.
“If that means fighting you then we will do so,” Jupiter said.
“You do not yet realize,” General Caserillax said with a smirk, “how weak your Inner Sailor Senshi guardians are Princess Serenity.” His eyebrows rose up, and he smiled. “I shall educate you. Get ready, the show has just begun.”
With this said he darted at Jupiter. He unleashed a salvo of kick and punches. He was slightly surprised that she blocked or sidestepped many of his attacks. After six seconds of attacking, he did an upper kick, and Jupiter sailed into the air. He then threw his axe at her.
“Venus Love-Me Chain,” Venus called out. An energy of light began to surround her, and she formed a chain with hearts. She released the heart chain at the flying axe. The chain grabbed the axe, and threw it back at the general.
“Sabão Spray Freezing,” Mercury called out. The attack covered the area in a thick frost fog, and froze General Caserillax in place.
“Fire Soul Bird,” Mars called out. A large fireball appeared on her hands, and she fired the attack off towards the droid. The flames formed a large firebird before the attack struck the axe, and the weapon caught fire. The axe descended, and slashed General Caserillax. He broke free from the ice.
“Very entertaining. I am sure your audience enjoyed seeing that. The show is far from over,” General Caserillax said. “How about this?”
General Caserillax grabbed the axe from the ground, and threw it like a Frisbee. The axe flew to Venus, and attacked her. Venus found herself busy dodging attacks. General Caserillax sprinted at Moon. She found herself evading ferocious strikes thrown at her.
“Fire Soul Bird,” Mars called out. She began her attack, but the axe sped off towards her, and slashed her in the chest. She flew in the air, and she collided with the ground in a daze.
“Sparkling Wide Pressure,” Jupiter called out. She tried to disengage from her attack, but she was too late. The axe flew off in her direction, and just before the axe struck her, it spun in a vicious arc. The attack launched Jupiter high into the air.
General Caserillax took that moment to disengage from Moon, and ran to Venus, as before with Moon; Venus found herself hard-pressed from his attacks. The axe flew down, and aimed for Mercury. Mars broke free from her daze just as the axe flew off.
“Fire Soul Bird,” Mars called out. The axe flew off in her direction, and she nodded at her friend. When the axe reached her, she kicked it in the opposite direction from Mercury and Jupiter.
“Supreme Thunder Dragon,” Jupiter called out. Electrical energy began to appear around her. Soon a lightning rod appeared on her tiara, it collected the electrical energy, and she discharged the electrical energy in the form of a dragon at General Caserillax. Venus broke free from his assault, and Mercury attacked.
“Now Moon,” Mercury said. She dashed at General Caserillax who was shortly distracted, and kicked in the air.
“Moon Tiara Action,” Moon called out. She grabbed her tiara on her head, and threw it at high speeds. The attack struck the axe, and forced it away. Moon’s weapon returned to her.
“Go Venus,” Jupiter said.
“Crescent Beam Shower,” Venus called out. A light beam began to charge in her left hand before she dropped her left hand next to her right hand. Both hands released a large beam of light that pierced through General Caserillax. He staggered. The axe made a return sweep, and flew back into his right hand.
“Very well done,” General Caserillax said. “This battle is far from over.”
“Bring it,” Mars said. “I am just getting started.”
“We’ll show you the power of love and teamwork,” Venus said.
“For the sake of those living we will stop you,” Jupiter said. “We’ll make sure that Xytar’s plans do not come to fruition.”
“The friendship we have will overcome any obstacle,” Mercury said.
“For all of those who have suffered,” Moon said. “We shall punish you.”
“Let us commence with another episode of this show,” General Caserillax said. He ran swiftly to Mars, but before he could attack; a loud voice echoed across the world.
“You have done well, General Caserillax,” Xytar’s voice echoed across the world. “For now return to the castle.”
“Yes my Lord,” General Caserillax said. He disappeared, before the Sailor Senshi could react.
“I wonder why Xytar called him back to the castle?” Mercury asked.
“I know,” Venus said. “That seemed so sudden.”
“We won,” Mars said. “For now.”
“I am glad the battle ended,” Jupiter said. “I am exhausted.”
“Let’s go home,” Moon said.
“I want to do a fire reading tonight,” Rei said while the group climbed the steps to the Hikawa Shrine.
“We might learn something new,” Ami said.
“I hope you can find some information to help save Mamo-chan,” Usagi said.
“We’ll rescue him,” Makoto said.
“With our new upgraded abilities we’ll save him,” Minako said. Rei and the others entered the living room to see Yuuka, Aya, Mizuki, and Saki talking with Grandfather Hino. Rei felt a chill go down her back.
“Rei,” Grandfather Hino said. “Nerima has been taken over.” This caused Rei and her friends to take a step back in shock.
“What is going on?” Rei asked.
“A renegade Japanese army led by General Matsumoto has taken over several wards. Everything is utter chaos now,” Saki said.
“Can you explain what is going on?” Ami asked.
“We arrived back in Tokyo on the borders of Suginami and Nerima coming back from our vacation when we saw the army,” Aya said.
“Is everyone else alright?” Makoto asked.
“Elder Kho Lon and everyone else kept the soldiers distracted so we were able to get away. The last thing we saw was everyone being hauled off in chains,” Mizuki said.
“How did they let themselves get captured?” Usagi asked.
“The soldiers told them they either surrender, or the citizens that they had captured would be killed. Elder Kho Lon told everyone to surrender,” Yuuka said.
“Was Elder Kho Lon’s plan to send someone to inform us?” Minako asked.
“Yes,” Aya said. “We weren’t expecting them to invade as soon as they have.”
“What are you going to do Rei?” Grandfather Hino asked.
“I can’t just abandon them,” Rei said. “If we don’t do something then I am sure they will be executed.”
“We are coming too,” Minako said.
“We can’t let this go unchecked,” Makoto said.
“After all friends have to stick together,” Ami said.
“We’ll have to move quickly,” Usagi said.
“Rei,” Grandfather Hino said. “Please be careful.”
“Your enemy has no qualms about killing,” Saki said.
“We overheard a conversation from two soldiers,” Aya said. “General Matsumoto has taken over seven wards.”
“Take care of yourselves,” Yuuka said.
“We’ll see you in Nerima when this mess is over,” Mizuki said.
Rei, Ami, Minako, Makoto, and Usagi began to make their way to Nerima. They went to an alleyway, and they grabbed out their Henshen Rods.
“Jupiter Power, Make Up,” Makoto called out.
“Mercury Power, Make Up,” Ami called out.
“Mars Power, Make Up,” Rei called out.
“Venus Power, Make Up,” Minako called out.
“Moon Prism Power, Make Up,” Usagi called out.
They didn’t travel for long, and they soon reached the Shibuya border. They knew that things were grim when they saw that the soldiers had the border sealed off.
“Halt,” Officer Kobayashi said. “This ward has been sealed off. All civilians are directed to leave the premises immediately.” The Sailor Senshi noticed several infantry divisions getting ready for battle.
“Sir,” Soldier Inoue said. “I recognize them. They are the famous Sailor Senshi.”
“Yes I see that now,” Officer Kobayashi said. “This is very fortuitous timing. Sailor Moon could I ask for your assistance.”
“That is why we are here,” Mars said. “What is your plan officer?”
“My name is Officer Kobayashi,” Officer Kobayashi said. “I have many infantry divisions under my command, but my only concern is that with General Matsumoto’s betrayal there is only one other officer able to lead the assault to take back the wards. Here she comes now. Officer Suzuki.” Officer Suzuki walked over to them.
“That takes care of the commanding officer issue,” Officer Suzuki said. “Pleased to make your acquaintance.” The Sailor Senshi bowed. The two officers returned the bow.
“How is the issue solved Officer Suzuki?” Mercury asked.
“When I saw your arrival I contacted the Prime Minister of Japan, and told him about your presence. He has granted each of you the temporary positions as officers. This would allow you to lead two infantry divisions each. That is if you agree,” Officer Suzuki said.
“We would be honored,” Moon said. “After all we both have a common enemy.”
“Very good,” Officer Kobayashi said. “With seven led infantry divisions we should be able to liberate the seven wards.”
“How severe is the situation,” Jupiter asked.
“We are not exactly sure,” Officer Suzuki said, “all we know is that General Matsumoto has troops in the following wards Nerima, Suginami, Nakano, Shinjuku, Toshima, Itabashi, and Shibuya.”
“When did the initial invasion begin,” Venus asked.
“We do not know for sure,” Officer Suzuki said. “We have reports that say almost four hours ago.”
“Sailor Venus since you have command over the Inner Sailor Senshi you can decide what wards Mars, Jupiter, Mercury recover,” Moon said. “I’ll retake the Shibuya ward.”
“Mars you are assigned to Nerima. Mercury you are to free Nakano. Jupiter you are to liberate Suginami. I’ll take Itabashi,” Venus said.
“Understood,” Mars said.
“Got it,” Jupiter said.
“Okay,” Mercury said.
“I’ll take Shinjuku,” Officer Suzuki said.
“That leaves me to deal with Toshima,” Officer Kobayashi said. “Okay time to go everyone. Move out.”
In the Toshima Ward, thousands of citizens walked in a line toward a large building. Armed soldiers guarded him or her making sure that no one left the line.
“I got to get out of here,” a panicked woman said.
“Hey you,” a soldier said. “Get back in line.” The woman ignored him.
“Looks like the line needs another example,” another soldier said. The other soldier smirked. The soldier raised her rifle, and aimed at the woman’s legs before shooting. The woman fell to the ground, and screamed. The other soldier walked up to her, aimed his rifle at her head, and shot her.
“Why did you do that? She did nothing wrong,” a man said.
“What do we have here?” The female soldier said. “Looks like this man in the line needs to learn a lesson. This is a warning to everyone else; any noise will result in your death.”
“Maybe the rest of you will shut your mouths after this,” the male soldier said. He grabbed a tanto from his sheath, and threw it at the man. The tanto hit the man in his ribcage, and sent him sprawling to the ground. The woman soldier walked up to him, and aimed her rifle at his heart. She shot him, and walked off. The people in the line were outraged as they watched the two deaths.
Sailor Mercury and her two infantry divisions moved through the center of the Nakano Ward.
“This is horrible,” Mercury said. She looked around to see dead civilians on the ground.
“Miss Mercury,” a soldier said.
“Yes?” Mercury asked.
“Looks like our enemies have taken any remaining civilians into this building,” the soldier said.
“We need to secure that building,” Mercury said. “Move out.”
Mercury and the two infantry divisions entered the building. For several minutes, the troops fired as Mercury, and her troops gained control of the building. Mercury entered a control room and saw a scientist test a strange glowing sphere.
“Surrender now,” Mercury said.
“You may have freed this ward from our control, but don’t think we have lost,” Lieutenant Chief Sato said. She pulled out a needle from her lab coat pocket.
“Identify yourself,” Mercury said.
“Who am I?” Lieutenant Chief Sato asked. “I am Lieutenant Chief Sato. Too bad for you that you will fail to secure this weapon.” Mercury moved a step closer. Lieutenant Chief Sato pulled out a remote from her hand, and pressed a button. “I wouldn’t come closer. I just set a time bomb to go off in twenty-five seconds.”
“Evacuate the building now,” Mercury said. The last thing she saw was Lieutenant Chief Sato use the needle in her arm. After she got to a safe distance, Mercury watched the building explode in bright flames. “Inform Officer Kobayashi that we have secured this ward.”
In the center of the Itabashi Ward Sailor Venus was finishing securing the area.
“Looks like our enemy has retreated to this compound,” Venus said. “Prepare to capture them.”
“Understood,” a soldier said. The infantry moved forward, and took control of the front gates. The company moved down into the center of the building, and saw approximately forty soldiers, and their leader.
“Surrender now,” Venus said. “You are defeated.”
“Beaten yes,” Lieutenant Captain Shimizu said. “Defeated not yet. Cover my escape.”
“Yes sir,” a loyal General Matsumoto soldier said. Lieutenant Captain Shimizu grabbed the strange sphere in the center of the room, and ran to an elevator. After several minutes, the enemies stopped their fire.
“Looks like they have given up,” Venus said. “Secure them at once.” Soldiers combed the area looking for any survivors. A soldier walked up to Sailor Venus.
“All of our enemies took their own lives with poison needles. We are unable to take any prisoners,” a soldier said.
“Alright,” Venus said. “Inform Officer Kobayashi that we have secured this ward.”
In the Nerima Ward Sailor Mars arrived at the Twelfth District of Nerima.
“The leader is somewhere close,” Mars said. “Secure this area.” (I cannot believe how many civilians our enemies killed tonight.) Mars thought. When her company arrived at the Twelfth Nerima District Hall, she saw General Matsumoto and his elite soldiers.
“You are one of the rumored Sailor Senshi?” General Matsumoto asked once he saw Sailor Mars. “Another hero eh? What is up with this? First those pesky martial artists, and now the Sailor Senshi.”
“You are under arrest,” Mars said.
“I think not,” General Matsumoto said. “You may have slowed my plans down, but I will have my revenge.”
“Fire Soul,” Mars called out. A small fireball appeared on her hands, and she fired a weak attack off towards General Matsumoto. The flames formed a spiral before the attack struck a soldier who General Matsumoto had thrown into the attacks path. General Matsumoto vanished. Another solider nearby pulled out two needles, and quickly stabbed his ally, and himself.
“They killed themselves rather than be taken in alive,” a solider said.
“Inform Officer Kobayashi that we have secured this ward,” Mars said.
Officer Suzuki and her two infantry divisions swept through the Shinjuku Ward.
“What are they up to?” Officer Suzuki asked. “They clearly are not interested in controlling the seven wards. General Matsumoto is up to something else. What can it be?”
“Officer Suzuki,” a soldier said. “We are close to securing the main building our enemies have taken over.”
“Cover all exists,” Officer Suzuki said. “Let no one escape.”
“Understood,” the soldier replied. The soldiers secured the building, and most of the soldiers entered.
“Hello Officer Suzuki,” Weapons Leader Kato said. “Glad you could join us this evening.”
“Kato,” Officer Suzuki said. “Surrender now.”
“I think not,” Weapons Leader Kato said. “I have no intention of leaving here alive. Our experiment was a success. Too bad for you that you will have no one to report to. This is the end for you.”
“Surrender now,” Officer Suzuki said. “You cannot escape.”
“If you want to live I would run,” Weapons Leader Kato said. “Oh wait too late.” He pressed a button, and the bomb went off. Two soldiers watched in horror as the building went up in flames.
“Our enemies seem to have no intention of being captured,” a soldier said.
“I’ll inform Officer Kobayashi that we have secured this ward,” another soldier said.
“The damage they have done to this ward is staggering,” Jupiter said. (My old neighborhood is in ruins.) Jupiter thought. “Any signs of the retreating enemy?”
“Not yet,” a soldier said. “We have almost secured this ward.”
“Keep an eye out for their leader,” Jupiter said.
“Yes ma’am,” another soldier said. Jupiter and her two infantry divisions continued to search for the remaining members of General Matsumoto’s soldiers in the Suginami Ward. After several minutes of searching, they found their enemies in a corporate building.
“Secure the building,” Jupiter said.
“You heard her,” a soldier said. “Get moving.” After a few minutes passed Jupiter’s infantry secured the outside of the building.
“Stop them with as little casualties as possible,” Jupiter said as the company made their way into the building. Jupiter and her infantry units saw Captain Mochizuki.
“Despite your interference little girly,” Captain Mochizuki said. “We have been quite successful. Too bad for you that you have already failed.”
“Surrender,” Jupiter said. “You have nowhere to run.”
“Me surrender?” Captain Mochizuki asked. “Why do you think I would surrender when I can do this?” He grabbed out a stick of dynamite, and threw it at a wall. “Cover my escape.”
“Yes sir,” a loyal General Matsumoto soldier said. Captain Mochizuki grabbed the strange sphere that was on the desk. He left, and his soldiers covered his escape.
“Surrender,” Jupiter said. “We have you all beat.”
“Deploy the needles,” a soldier said. The soldiers grabbed out a needle; and stabbed themselves.
“They took their own lives,” a soldier said. “Just whom are we dealing with?”
“I am not sure,” Jupiter said. “Inform Officer Kobayashi that we have secured this ward.”
Sailor Moon looked around the Shibuya Ward. (It is like a ghost town. No one is in sight. What is going on.) Moon thought. She signaled her infantry soldiers to continue to press forward. They came across an empty space behind a police building. They were about to move on when they heard sounds.
“Someone is inside,” Moon said. “Cover the premises.”
”Understood,” a soldier, said. Many tense moments passed by. They saw a woman exit the building. She wore a military uniform. She smiled when she saw Sailor Moon and the infantry units.
“How nice to see that I have company,” Ms. Kimura said. “Too bad I have to leave soon.”
“Surrender,” Moon said. “You can’t escape.”
“Now, now Sailor Moon,” Ms. Kimura said. “I just want to talk. Surely I am allowed that?”
“Identify yourself,” a soldier said.
“I am Ms. Kimura, the beautiful soldier of the lavaixal project. I think you have underestimated us,” Ms. Kimura said.
“How do you know who I am?” Moon asked.
“I am more informed then you could ever know,” Ms. Kimura said. “Tonight would have gone better had we truly prepared for dealing with you and your Inner Sailor Senshi.” She laughed. “Although it matters not, for we got exactly what we wanted.”
“What did you do to all the civilians?” Moon asked.
“They are being held elsewhere. We only kept ten of them here. I didn’t expect the sphere to work the way it did. The ten civilians vanished into ash. They could not handle the power of the sphere. They were too weak. We need someone stronger,” Ms. Kimura said. A loud helicopter flew in the distance. “Oh my, it looks like my ride is here already. Nice chatting with you Sailor Moon. Ta. Ta.”
“You are not going anywhere,” Moon said.
“Really,” Ms. Kimura said, “and you think you can stop me? Take this.” She threw a smoke bomb that blinded Sailor Moon and her soldiers. By the time the smoke cleared, the helicopter was out of range.
“Inform Officer Kobayashi that we have secured this ward,” Sailor Moon said.
Inside a prison in the Toshima Ward Kho Lon Xian Pu, Akane, Nabiki, Kasumi, Ryouga, Doctor Tofu, Ukyou, Soun, Grandmaster Happosai, and Reina, remained chained along with countless civilians.
“We have to find some way out of this,” Akane said.
“What do you suggest?” Reina asked.
“Find a way to break free,” Ryouga replied.
“If I am interpreting our captor’s expressions,” Kho Lon said. “The battle to control the seven wards is not faring well.”
“We’ll be out of here soon,” Ukyou said.
“I hope so,” Nabiki said. “I don’t intend to be used in experiments.”
“Quiet,” Doctor Tofu said. “They are receiving a message.”
“Retreat now,” General Matsumoto said over a radio. “We have what we wanted. Leave the prisoners.”
“Yes sir,” a soldier said over his radio. “You heard him. Prepare to leave.” The soldiers left and all they heard was dripping water.
“Officer Kobayashi,” a soldier said. “We found them.”
“Good work,” Officer Kobayashi said. “Inform Sailor Moon that we found the last of General Matsumoto’s prisoners.”
“Yes sir,” another soldier said.
“What about Chief Arai? Have you captured her yet?” Officer Kobayashi asked.
“No sir,” a soldier said. “She injected her body with poison. Chief Arai is dead.”
“Just like with all the other wards,” Officer Kobayashi said. “Inform the Senshi to regroup. We have liberated all the wards.”
“Yes sir,” a soldier said.
After the meeting at the Nerima’s Twelfth District Hall, the Senshi traveled to an alleyway to power down. When they were back, in there civilian identities Ami glanced at her watch.
“It is eleven thirty-five,” Ami said. “We won’t make it back to Azabu Juban for several hours.”
“The Tendou Dojo is not that far,” Rei said. “We could stay there for the night.”
“That is probably the best idea,’ Usagi said.
“We should get going then,” Makoto said.
“I agree,” Minako said. “That was exhausting.”
The five girls walked to the Tendou Dojo. They arrived at the Tendou Dojo eleven minutes later. Rei knocked on the door, and Kasumi who was cooking a very late supper opened the door. She smiled.
“Rei,” Kasumi said. “What a nice surprise.” Kasumi gave Rei and the others a hug.
“Hello Kasumi,” Rei said. Akane and Nabiki who were both upstairs heard the commotion, and came down. Akane ran, and gave Rei a hug.
“Hello Rei,” Akane said.
“Hey Akane,” Rei said.
“Since you girls are here,” Nabiki said. “Did you help free the seven wards from General Matsumoto?”
“You don’t miss a beat do you, Nabiki,” Ami said. Nabiki just smiled.
“Did you girls come to spend the night?” Kasumi asked. Usagi nodded.
“We have had a long day, and are tired,” Usagi said.
“How are the others?” Makoto asked.
“They are fine,” Kasumi said. “They went home. Supper will be ready in fifteen minutes.”
“Have you told Yuuka, Aya, Mizuki, and Saki yet?” Minako asked.
“We just got back ourselves,” Soun said. He walked into the room. “Reina probably called Yuuka, and the others.”
“I see,” Rei said. “Kasumi, we would like to use the phone to call our parents.”
“Okay,” Kasumi said. “Akane, Nabiki can you prepare the guest room?”
“Sure,” Akane said. Everyone ate after they finished calling their families. After the extremely late supper, everyone turned in. Usagi and the other girls awoke the next morning.
The girls headed downstairs to catch the last report of last night’s attack by General Matsumoto.
“The government reports that General Matsumoto’s hostile takeover of the seven wards in Tokyo yesterday has been resolved. While authorities have refused to release details regarding the incident we do know that with help from the Sailor Senshi and martial artists from Nerima and the Minato Wards our military was able to regain control of the situation,” Benjiro said.
“The government does report that four hundred and thirty-seven civilians were killed. They have yet to release the death toll regarding military personal,” Kana said. “No new government reports have been released since the last statement six hours ago.”
Akane sat on her bed when she heard a knock.
“Who is it?” Akane asked.
“It is me,” Rei said. “Can we talk?”
“Sure,” Akane said. “Come in.” Rei entered the room, and sat down on the chair. She laughed nervously.
“I am sorry that you had to go to jail,” Rei said. Akane grew angry, and she wanted to pull out her mallet, but she controlled herself. Rei saw that Akane was still visibly upset.
“You are not the one at fault,” Akane said. “Elder Kho Lon filled me in.”
“I see,” Rei said. “I’ll see you later.” Akane nodded.
An hour and a half later at Ukyou’s Okonomiyaki Restaurant: Ukyou was in the middle of cooking, and when she saw Rei, she was excited, and walked over to her friend.
“Hello sugar. How are you?” Ukyou asked.
“I am fine,” Rei said.
“Please sit,” Ukyou said. “Let me make you an okonomiyaki.” After preparing the food, she had Konatsu serve her other customers. “I have known you for a long time Rei. Something is wrong. Is it Akane?”
“No,” Rei said.
“What is it?” Ukyou asked.
“The other day I found out that pops murdered my mother,” Rei said.
“I am so sorry,” Ukyou said. She gave Rei a hug. “Do you want to talk about it?”
“I am not sure,” Rei said.
“You can’t keep your feelings bottled up. You have a lot of people who care about you,” Ukyou said.
“Thanks,” Rei said. “I guess I should start with how it happened…”
Later that evening at the Hikawa Shrine Rei was lying on her back looking up at the stars. Usagi approached her.
“Rei,” Usagi said.
“Usagi,” Rei said. Usagi joined Rei.
“Are you okay?” Usagi asked. Rei kept silent.
“I have remembered that Pops murdered my mother, his wife, because he wanted to take me on the martial arts training trip,” Rei said. “I know that you all knew.”
“I am sorry,” Usagi said.
“Not your fault,” Rei said. “Tephra was right; I wouldn’t have been able to handle the truth. I am not sure I can handle the truth now, but the unlocking of my abilities as Sailor Mars unblocked my memories.”
“Do you regret locking your curse and becoming Sailor Mars?” Usagi asked.
“No I…” Rei began. “Look, I could never regret my decision to become Sailor Mars back during the Silver Millennium Empire and certainly not now.”
“What is wrong?” Usagi asked. “You look like you’re about to cry.”
“I still am coming to terms with my sister’s death. I realized that all this time I have been running away, and that my promise to remain friends with you all forever is a part of that,” Rei said. She sat up. Tears filled her eyes. “I miss Tephra a lot. I wanted to believe that if I worked hard, and kept busy I would not have to dwell on her death. I was scared. When my memories came back to me from the Silver Millennium Empire I made myself believe that by becoming Sailor Mars again I could keep my promise to you. That was part of the reason I made the choice, but the main reason was so that I wouldn’t dwell on Tephra. Some friend I am.” Usagi sat up and looked into her friend’s eyes.
“You are my friend. Ami, Minako and Makoto would say the same. Missing your sister is natural. Tephra still worries about you,” Usagi said. “Do you want to talk about why you miss her?”
“When I was four years old during the Silver Millennium Empire I can remember…” Rei said.
Past Scene: Rei’s Memories

Rei put on her red dress in her room in the Mars Palace. Tephra walked into the room.
“Rei,” Tephra said. The little girl turned around to see her older sister. She smiled.
“Tephra,” Rei said. “Do we get to play now?”
“Of course,” Tephra said. “I love to spend time with my little sister.”
“Yay,” Rei said. “Where are we going?”
“I was thinking of going to the park on Mars,” Tephra said.
“Let’s go,” Rei said. She beamed. An hour passed before the two could land on the planet. Another hour passed before they arrived at the park. Rei and Tephra enjoyed a variety of activities that ranged from the swing set, slide, sandbox, and even ice cream. After eating the ice cream, the two played a game of tag. During the game Rei ran past a rock, and tripped. She cried and looked at her bloody leg. Tephra grabbed bandages from the first aid kit in the park, and cleaned up the wound.
“Rei,” Tephra said. “Do you feel better?”
“I feel a lot better,” Rei said.
“Never forget,” Tephra said. “You are a Princess of Mars and the power of Mars flows through your veins, but never forget that you are one individual. You must never forget to help others.”
“I won’t,” Rei said.
“Good,” Tephra said. “Are you ready to continue our game of tag?”
“Yes,” Rei said.

End Past Scene
“Tephra was always there for me,” Rei said. “I couldn’t help her when she needed my help, and it is my fault that she died.” Tears fell down’s Rei’s face.
“That is not true,” Usagi, said. She embraced her in a hug. “Tephra doesn’t blame you for her death and neither does Ami. We all believe in you.” Usagi waited until Rei calmed down before she disengaged the hug.
“Thank you,” Rei said.
“You are welcome,” Usagi said. “Do you want to talk about your mother Risa?”
“I miss her,” Rei said. “Why did Pops kill her? I hate him. I should feel better, but I don’t.”
“You love them both,” Usagi said. “Genma made a lot of mistakes, but he is still your father.” Rei nodded. “Want to talk some more?”
“Thanks,” Rei said, “but I need some time to think. Ami looked busy earlier. I want to see if she found out anything.” The two stood up.
“Okay,” Usagi said. “If you ever want to talk don’t hesitate.” The two shared a hug before going to the Hikawa Shrine living room.
“Rei, Usagi,” Ami said. “You are just in time. I found out something interesting.”
“What is it?” Luna asked.
“I looked into the information Saryia and Kveit told us about the collapse of all the dimensions. The collapse is impossible. They were lying.”
“What about the Yva Wars?” Makoto asked.
“The information my supercomputer obtained from Saryia and Kveit’s base and my own research conclude that the Yva Wars occurred as they indicated,” Ami said.
“Can you explain what is going on?” Artemis asked. They filled the two Moon Cats in about what Saryia and Kveit told them.
“They told us to keep it a secret,” Minako said.
“I have developed better defenses to prevent our enemies from spying on us. Our disguise field is now more effective than ever,” Ami said.
“Good because we can’t trust Saryia and Kveit,” Makoto said.
“I have no doubt that Xytar betrayed them,” Ami said, “and like Makoto said trusting them would be a mistake since they lied to us.”
“My bet is that they wish to remove Xytar from power for their own selfish reasons,” Rei said.
“Seems likely,” Usagi said.
“If they lied to us about the collapse of the dimensions then it makes me wonder if they lied about the number of survivors following the Yva Wars,” Makoto said.
“Regardless everyone,” Ami said. “We have to be cautious now since we appear to have four different enemies at this time.”
“I want to do a fire reading,” Rei said. Everyone moved to the fire room. Rei sat down in front of the fire. She began to mediate, and soon she began to see a vision. In the vision, she saw a young girl holding the Maboroshi no Ginzuisho and several woman chased after her. The girl and the four women vanished.
“Did you make out anything?” Makoto asked.
“This time the four shadowed woman were clearer: I recognized two of them from our earlier encounters with their droids,” Rei said. “They were chasing after a young girl holding the Maboroshi no Ginzuisho in her hands. The vision faded after they passed.” Usagi remembered her encounter with the girl at the park.
“I remember now,” Usagi said. “After we ate at the park the other day I ran into a little girl with pink hair. She tried to take Maboroshi no Ginzuisho from me. I never got time to think about it. The same night she arrived at my house.”
“Are you saying that she might be the little girl in Rei’s vision?” Luna asked.
“The thought did cross my mind,” Usagi said.
“We can’t rule out anything right now,” Artemis said. “If she is the little girl then she is in danger. We’ll need to keep an eye on her.”
“I remember now. Yesterday I saw her at the park,” Minako said. “When the droid and the youma attacked. We arrived in time to prevent them from kidnapping her. I didn’t think about it until now.”
“We’ll have to keep an eye out for more attacks from the Black Moon Clan,” Ami said. At the mention of the Black Moon Clan Usagi burst into tears when she remembered that Mamoru was still a captive.
“Usagi?” Luna asked.
“Mamoru was kidnapped yesterday,” Rei said.
“We couldn’t do anything to free him,” Minako said.
“I am sorry,” Ami said.
“We’ll save him,” Makoto said.
“I know we will,” Usagi said.
“Any chance that the Black Moon Clan might team up with Xytar again?” Artemis asked.
“General Caserillax’s attitude during the fight makes me believe that the pairing was a one shot event,” Minako said.
“Either way we can’t take chances,” Ami said. “We’ll have to keep an eye out for any attack from our multiple adversaries.”