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Chapter Six: Reunion

The valley echoed with many sounds. At the bottom of the valley, an old-growth forest stretches four-hundred miles and it surrounds the proud industrialized capitol city of Fravical. The sounds of machines running, insects chirping, and people talking were heard everywhere. The leader Yyuil of the Yva people titled as Luiea and it means holy ruler.
Luiea Yyuil sat on his throne in the center of Kva, and the six members of Hivail, the council of Luiea sat in their seats on each side of the throne. One hundred fully armed guards’ stationed around the room.
“We have new reports regarding the war,” Hivail Vae said.
“Please report,” Luiea Yyuil said.
“We have pushed back the enemy forces to the town of Xxuia,” Hivail Graxial said.
“However, we have lost one million soldiers this week,” Hivail Vva said.
“What are the casualties of the Vieal?” Luiea Yyuil asked.
“The Vieal have lost one hundred thousand soldiers this week,” Hivail Tavil said.
“While we have gained back ground in the war this week, we have lost ten times as many soldiers as the enemy,” Hivail Yuilesae replied.
“When was the last time Xytar made an appearance?” Luiea Yyuil asked.
“We have not seen him in a month,” Hivail Fra replied.
“The situation does not look favorable. Any suggestions?” Luiea Yyuil asked.
“I suggest that we continue…” Hivail Tavil replied, but a soldier interrupted him when he crashed through room. He looked severely wounded; blood ran down his left ear. His right arm was broken, and left leg was severely sprained. He walked forward, and several palace guards accompanied him.
“Is there a state of emergency Soldier Iviaxil? What do you have to report?” Luiea Yyuil asked growing more alarmed with every moment that past. “Would you like to have a medical doctor look you over first?”
“No I am dying, only my will has kept me alive long enough to tell you of the treachery that has befallen our kingdom,” Soldier Iviaxil said. This bit of news instigated gasps among those in the room. “I am glad I have seen what I have seen, and although my heart is saddened with having witnessed said event at least our people can survive with my forewarning.”
“What have you seen?” Hivail Vva asked.
“During the battle to free Xxuia from the Vieal I was attacked and left for dead. We failed to take Xxuia back. I lost conscious, and when I awoke I saw Xytar, I could not move, and what I overheard was…” Soldier Iviaxil said.

The town of Xxuia lay in ruins, and the Vieal now occupy the once beautiful farming town. Soldiers from both sides and Yva citizens litter the ground like confetti. Soldier Iviaxil despite his grievous wounds regained consciousness just in time to see Xytar, and a single soldier.
“My Lord,” the Xytar soldier said. “Everything has gone as you have predicted each side has sustained large casualties in the war. The Yvas have lost twenty-two million soldiers, and the Vieals have lost sixteen million soldiers.”
“The Yva scientists have completed the device, which I now have in my possession. Now my sister Saryia and my father Kveit have no way to track my movements. Soon the dimensions will be under my control. We shall engage the last phase of my plan. My father will wipe the Yvas from existence, and I will destroy the Vieal. Soon I will control all life,” Xytar said.
“My Lord,” the Xytar soldier said. He pointed to the surviving Yva soldier. “That Yva soldier is still alive. Do you wish for me to end his life?”
“He is dying,” Xytar said. “Let him die a slow painful death. “You have your orders.”
“Yes my Lord,” the Xytar soldier said. He walked off.
“Hahahhahahaha,” Xytar laughed. “The pathetic Yvas and the Vieals shall soon be wiped from existence. Hahahhahahaha.” Xytar vanished from sight.

End Flashback
“…after Xytar, and his soldier left I collapsed,” Soldier Iviaxil said. Everyone was in shock.
“Is what you said truly accurate?” Hivail Vae asked.
“Yes the evil I felt from Xytar chilled me to my very bones,” Soldier Iviaxil said. “Luiea Yyuil, you must save our people. I fought in this war so my daughter and my son could live their lives. I believed that we were just and right in choosing to go to war. Instead, we have been Xytar’s puppets all this time. He manipulated our people into a war while building a technology for himself. He intends for the Vieal to wipe our people from existence, but they are no better than he is since they had that planned from the beginning as well. We are nothing more than garbage to them. All my hope is now on a bringing a bright future for our children and people. I am begging you please save our children and our people from these enemies who…who only wish…” His breath became ragged as he approached the end of his life. “To…to…wipe…us…from…existence.” With his final words, he collapsed on the ground.
“May you rest in peace Soldier Iviaxil,” Luiea Yyuil said. “Captain Revvuk, please arrange for his family to live in the palace of Kva, and arrange a funeral for Soldier Iviaxil in five hours’ time. I want the whole city to attend.” He paused to think. “Members of Hivail Luiea, we must now convene to decide the fate of our people in the Hivail chambers. May our people survive these dark times.”
General Caserillax entered the throne room of the Europa Castle, and approached the throne where Xytar Lexeaba sat.
“General Caserillax, I have new orders for you,” Xytar said.
“Yes my Lord,” General Caserillax said.
“Wait until the Sailor Senshi come close to defeating the next droid the Black Moon Clan send,” Xytar said. “Attack the droid, and fight the Senshi immediately afterwards, show them no mercy, and do not stop until they are dead.”
“Yes my Lord,” General Caserillax said. He turned around, and left the throne room of the Europa Castle.
“Either way I win,” Xytar said. “Either all the Sailor Senshi die, or the second dome of the Soul Barrier falls. Hahahhahahaha.”
Past Scene: Martial Artist Makoto Kino: Sailor Jupiter

Ami, Usagi, and Luna were having a daily meeting at Ami’s house while her mother was at work.
“Usagi,” Luna said. “Have you been keeping an eye on the Dark Kingdom?”
“Nothing to worry about Luna,” Usagi replied. “Ami joined us a week ago, and since then we have repelled the daily attacks made by the Dark Kingdom.” Ami walked up to the two.
“In the last week,” Ami said. “I have learned a lot about the Dark Kingdom.”
“What have you learned?” Luna asked.
“The Dark Kingdom is led by Queen Beryl,” Ami replied. “She has four Dark Generals who do her bidding for her. The four Dark Generals are Jadeite, Nephrite, Zoisite, and Kunzite. We have fought only Jadeite, and Nephrite, and latter has only made one appearance so far. The other two Dark Generals have yet to be seen.”
“So the Dark Generals control the youma that we have fought,” Usagi asked. Ami nodded.
“Have you two remembered anything more about your past life?” Luna asked.
“No I haven’t,” Usagi replied.
“Neither have I,” Ami said, “however, I have learned that in order to get to the Dark Kingdom fortress we need all the Inner Sailor Senshi present to do a Senshi Teleport.”
“The other Inner Sailor Senshi are Sailor Mars, Jupiter, and Venus,” Luna said. “Good job on gathering the information.”
“Even if we find them,” Usagi said. “There is no guarantee that the others will join the team.”
“Everything will work out,” Luna said.
“We have been victorious so far,” Ami said. “We just have to remember to keep working together.”
“Students,” Sakurada said. “We have a new student joining the class today. Her name is Makoto Kino. She recently moved from the Suginami Ward. Will you tell us a little bit about yourself Makoto.”
“Hello all,” Makoto said. “My name is Makoto Kino. I am interested in Martial Arts and cooking.”
“Thank you Makoto,” Sakurada said. “Please take a seat behind Ami.” Makoto took her seat.
Queen Beryl sat on her throne in her Dark Kingdom fortress. She waited impatiently for Jadeite. He arrived at the throne room, and approached the throne. He bowed before the Queen.
“Jadeite, why have you failed to collect energy this week?” Queen Beryl asked.
“I am sorry my Queen,” Jadeite said. “The Sailor Senshi has stopped us every time.”
“I do not want to hear excuses,” Queen Beryl said. “It seems that you can’t destroy the Sailor Senshi.” She paused. “Very well, send Harvaxil to deal with the Sailor Senshi. While they are distracted with the fight, I want you to collect energy before the Senshi destroy her.”
“Yes my Queen,” Jadeite said.
“Do not return without the energy,” Queen Beryl said.
“Yes my Queen,” Jadeite said. He left in a portal of darkness. Nephrite approached the throne.
“Yes?” Queen Beryl asked.
“The reports of strange activities on the Jupiter’s Moon Europa have been intensifying in the last week,” Nephrite replied.
“Is that so,” Queen Beryl said. “I will have to have Zoisite and Kunzite look into what is happening at Jupiter’s Moon Europa.”
“Yes my Queen,” Nephrite said.
“In the meantime I want you to watch Jadeite. He has failed me too many times. If he fails to get enough energy this time, I will personally take care of him. I want you to watch him, collect the energy if he fails, and report back to me.”
“Yes my Queen,” Nephrite said. He took off in a portal of darkness.
Usagi was taking a walk before eating her lunch until she noticed that Makoto was sitting alone: no other students were even in the vicinity. (Has anyone besides the teacher even said hi to her?) Usagi thought.
“Hello,” Usagi said. “Would you like to eat lunch together?” She smiled.
“I would like that,” Makoto said. She returned Usagi’s smile. Makoto shared the food that she had cooked.
“Thanks for sharing your food with me,” Usagi said. “It was very good. Did you make it yourself?” Makoto nodded.
“I learned to cook on my own. I live alone,” Makoto said.
“What about your parents?” Usagi asked.
“They died in an airplane accident when I was three years old,” Makoto replied.
“Sorry for bringing up a bad memory,” Usagi said. “I heard rumors from the other students that you get into fights. I don’t believe them.”
“It is alright. I got kicked out of several school districts,” Makoto said. “They are just scared of me.”
“Would you like to be friends?” Usagi asked.
“I would love that,” Makoto said.
On the way to Makoto’s apartment, Usagi and Makoto ran into Luna and Ami.
“Usagi,” Ami said. “We are needed at the Game Center Crown. There has been an accident, and Motoki needs help.”
“On my way,” Usagi said. “Ami? Have you met Makoto yet?”
“Nice to meet you Makoto,” Ami said.
“Nice to meet you Ami,” Makoto said.
“I have to go Makoto,” Usagi said. “I promise to see your apartment tomorrow.” Usagi and Ami ran off towards the Game Center Crown.
(I wonder why that black cat followed them?) Makoto thought. Out of curiosity, she followed the two. Usagi and Ami headed for the trees, and moved at the back of a building. They pulled out their Henshen Rods, and they got ready to transform into their Sailor Senshi identities.
“Do you think it was alright to leave her back there?” Luna asked. Makoto peaked around the corner in time to hear Luna talk. (The cat can talk?) Makoto thought.
“I wouldn’t have interrupted you Usagi, if it wasn’t a real emergency. The Dark Kingdom is tearing up downtown Azabu Juban. We have to stop them,” Ami said.
“I hate lying to a friend,” Usagi said. “Unfortunately you’re right Ami. We have to stop them. Let’s go.”
“Mercury Power, Make Up,” Ami called out.
“Moon Prism Power, Make Up,” Usagi called out. Makoto saw the two transform. (They are the Sailor Senshi.) Makoto thought. (I should head home, but something is telling me that they will need help.) Makoto waited until the two were out of sight.
The two Sailor Senshi arrived in downtown Azabu Juban to see the youma Harvaxil and Dark General Jadeite collecting energy from many wounded men and woman.
“Stop right their villains. I am Sailor Moon, and in the name of the Moon I shall punish you,” Moon said.
“Ah the Sailor Senshi. You are just in time. Harvaxil, keep them distracted while I collect more energy,” Jadeite ordered.
“Of course. I’d be delighted to keep Sailor Moon busy,” Harvaxil said. The youma was six feet tall. Her appearance was a female demon crossed with a gargoyle.
Meanwhile Makoto ran past a jewelry store several blocks from Game Center Crown. She found herself surrounded by four men.
“Girl, where do you think you’re going?” the leader of the group said.
“Lord Jadeite has paid us a lot of money to capture live specimens for energy draining,” one of the men said. “You are coming with us. You see?”
“I think not,” Makoto replied. “I will defend myself if need be.”
“Ooh a feisty one,” another man said. “Very well.”
“We can have some fun, before we deliver her,” the last man said.
“Get her,” the leader said. The four men charged at her. Makoto waited patiently for her enemies to make their move. When the leader threw a punch at her, she sidestepped the attack. He threw another at her, and she blocked the assault. (She is good.) The leader thought. (Too good.) He ducked in time, and avoided a punch that she threw. He wasn’t expecting her to sweep kick him into the ground.
At the same time as their ally fell two of the men attacked at her sides. She skillfully jumped in the air, and the two men smashed into each other. She landed on their heads with force, and knocked them out. She landed on the ground, and grabbed the man she kicked to the ground, and threw him into the fourth man with her strength to knock both out.
“Too easy,” Makoto said. (They called their master Jadeite.) Makoto thought. (That name seems familiar.)
“You are good Sailor Moon,” Harvaxil said. “No wonder you gave my sister Demetryx a good pasting, but even if you defeat me Lord Jadeite will be successful. Try this on for size. Dark Demon Buster.” A small dark sphere formed in her hands before flying off towards the Sailor Senshi. The attack struck Moon, and she flew, and crashed into a nearby building. Mercury dashed to Moon, and helped her up.
“Are you alright?” Mercury asked.
“I am fine,” Moon replied. “Have you found a weakness yet?”
“We require electrical energy to soften up the youma,” Mercury replied.
“We don’t have access to any electrical attacks,” Moon said. Luna who was watching nearby walked up to Sailor Moon.
“We do,” Luna said. Makoto listened to the conversation and remained hidden. “Makoto is Sailor Jupiter.” (I am Sailor Jupiter?) Makoto thought. (I can help them.) She was about to reveal her presence when Moon spoke up.
“Then we do have access to electrical attacks,” Moon said, “but we can’t force her to help us, and besides she is at is home now. We don’t have enough time to explain to her what is going on.”
“There is another way,” Mercury said. “Those broken power lines over there are sparking with plenty of energy! I could channel my Sabão Spray attack to absorb the electrical energy and discharge it at the youma. That should immobilize Harvaxil long enough for you to finish her off.”
“All right,” Luna said. “Be careful.” (I might have to wait to get my powers.) Makoto thought.
“Hey Dark Kingdom scum! Over here,” Moon called out.
“Sabão Spray,” Mercury called out. Instead of the usual frost, fog that would cover an area three separate bubbles headed towards the open conduit. The water and electricity combined on impact. Mercury directed the attack towards Harvaxil.
“Your plan was good Sailor Mercury,” Harvaxil said. “Too bad for you the attack was not strong enough. “Time to say good night Sailor Moon. Final Arch…”
“Luna,” Makoto said. “I can help Sailor Moon and Mercury.”
“What are you doing here?” Luna said from the alleyway where she was watching the battle.
“I followed you guys here. I know that I am Sailor Jupiter. I can help,” Makoto said.
“Are you sure about this?” Luna said.
“Yes,” Makoto said.
“I see you have made your choice,” Luna said. She did a flip, and the Jupiter Henshen Rod appeared. She tossed the rod to Makoto. “You know what to do.”
“Jupiter Power, Make Up,” Makoto called out. She felt magic fill her body, and she felt power from the planet Jupiter flow through her. The clothes she wore vanished. A white body suit with a green neck covered her chest and her lower body. A light pink bow with a green jewel in the center covered her breasts and a light pink bow appeared on the back of her outfit. Two white gloves covered her hands, and short green heels covered her feet. A green skirt appeared. Half a moon upside-down appeared on her face and a golden tiara fitted with a light green gem concealed it.
“…Attack. Goodnight Sailor Moon,” Harvaxil said her attack flew off her hands. “Time to die… noooo argh… argh … ugh.” A voice spoke from the alleyway before the youma attacked. Harvaxil’s Final Arch attack exploded in her face.
“Supreme Thunder,” Jupiter called out. Electrical energy began to appear around her. Soon a lightning rod appeared on her tiara, it collected the electrical energy, and she discharged the electrical energy at Harvaxil. Sailor Jupiter walked out of the alleyway.
“Sailor Jupiter,” Moon said in awe.
“I am Sailor Jupiter, and in the name of Jupiter we shall punish you,” Jupiter said, “Moon finish her off.”
“Moon Tiara Action,” Moon called out. She grabbed her tiara on her head, and threw it at high speeds. It spun towards the youma and turned her to dust upon impact. Moon’s weapon returned to her.
“Congratulations on your meaningless victory Sailor Moon,” Jadeite said. “Harvaxil served her purpose, keeping you distracted while I collected energy for Queen Beryl.”
“We won’t let you get away,” Jupiter said.
“We will stop you,” Mercury said.
“Get ready to be punished in the name of the Moon villain,” Moon said.
“I am afraid you won’t be fighting Jadeite today,” Nephrite said. He threw a smoke bomb at the Sailor Senshi.
“Perhaps next time Sailor brats,” Jadeite said. The two walked into a portal of darkness.
“They got away,” Moon said after the smoke cleared.
“We’ll get them next time,” Jupiter said.
“Right,” Mercury said in agreement.
“Welcome to the team,” Ami said.
“Welcome to the team Makoto,” Usagi said. “I am sorry for deceiving you earlier.”
“Thanks,” Makoto said. “No worries. I followed you all out of curiosity, and found out that I am Sailor Jupiter. I understand why you couldn’t tell me.”
“Welcome to the team,” Luna said.

End Past Scene
“It is going well sisters,” Cooan said to her sisters in their room.
“How can you say it is going well? We have fought the Sailor Senshi six times now, and so far we lost every battle, have failed to secure the Maboroshi no Ginzuisho from Chibiusa, and we have yet to stop Crystal Tokyo from being formed in the future,” Beruche said.
“No need to worry yet,” Petz said. “We have someone the Sailor Senshi love.”
“Indeed,” Calaveras said. “Sailor Moon looked like she was going to cry. I wish I had brought my camera when I took Tuxedo Kamen prisoner.”
“Not exactly what I wanted,” Rubeus said, “but it is a start. The Sailor Senshi are obviously protecting Chibiusa, but since we have Tuxedo Kamen, we can force them to bargain with us. We return Tuxedo Kamen in exchange for Chibiusa. Then when we have the young princess we’ll kill the Sailor Senshi, and their masked friend.”
“I will fight the Sailor Senshi next time,” Petz said.
“Very well Petz,” Rubeus said. “I want the rest of you to find Chibiusa.”
“Oh, and I was hoping to keep Tuxedo Kamen company,” Calaveras said.
“You had plenty of time to torture him,” Beruche said.
“I missed all the fun,” Cooan said.
“Enough,” Rubeus said. “Secure the Maboroshi no Ginzuisho at once.”
“Usagi,” Ami said to her friend four days after General Matsumoto’s hostile takeover of the seven wards of Tokyo. “Might I suggest that we use the Senshi Teleport to investigate the remains of Queen Beryl’s Dark Kingdom fortress. We may learn something that might save the victims that been forced into generals by Xytar.” (Are they the Sailor Senshi?) Chibiusa thought from her hiding place behind the sofa in Makoto’s apartment.
“Oh,” Usagi said. “I am sorry, Ami. I didn’t mean to forget checking out the Dark Kingdom fortress. I just forgot.”
“A lot has happened,” Makoto said.
“Good idea Ami,” Minako said. “We can check for ourselves to see if Queen Beryl was really eliminated.”
“And if she is not?” Artemis asked.
“Then we take her down,” Rei said.
“Exactly,” Luna said in agreement. “When can you go?”
“We could go now,” Ami suggested.”
“Then let’s go,” Usagi said. “Time to power up everyone.” They grabbed out their Henshen Rods. “Moon Prism Power, Make Up,”
“Jupiter Power, Make Up,” Makoto called out.
“Mercury Power, Make Up,” Ami called out.
“Mars Power, Make Up,” Rei called out.
“Venus Power, Make Up,” Minako called out. (They are the Sailor Senshi. I have finally found them.) Chibiusa thought, while standing up to see the transformations better. After the Senshi powered up Moon saw her.
“Guess we have been found out,” Moon said.
“Luna, Artemis?” Mercury asked. “Can you watch her? We’ll be back shortly.”
“I want to go with you,” Chibiusa said.
“We would love to take you,” Jupiter said, “if it wasn’t so dangerous. We are not even sure what we will find.”
“We promise to be back quickly,” Venus said. “After all we have promised to protect you.”
“The Black Moon Clan is after you,” Mars said. “We don’t want to put you in any unnecessary danger.”
“The Black Moon Clan has attacked six times now, and five of those times Chibiusa has been the target,” Artemis said. Moon kneeled down before Chibiusa.
“I promise sprout that we’ll be back,” Moon said. “We promised to protect you.”
“Thank you,” Chibiusa said.
“We’ll watch over her,” Luna said. “Be careful everyone.”
“Now we need to hold hands to combine our powers. At the same time call out Senshi Teleport and think of our destination,” Ami said. The five Sailor Senshi grasped hands.
“Senshi Teleport,” Moon, Venus, Jupiter, Mars, Mercury called out in unison. Instantly the Sailor Senshi vanished from the room.
The Sailor Senshi appeared in the throne room inside Queen Beryl’s Dark Kingdom fortress. Large chunks of rocks sealed off the passages leading to the throne room. The smell of rotting bodies filled the Sailor Senshi’s nostrils. They saw dried blood all over the room. Each Dark General died in a different horrifying way. Many body parts painted the room. The attacker decapitated Queen Beryl and placed her head on her staff. The Sailor Senshi looked around the room.
“Xytar,” Mars said while she walked slowly, “struck the Dark Kingdom like thunder.” She paused. “He left nothing alive.”
“He has to be stopped,” Moon said as she walked next to Mars. “Queen Beryl and her Dark Generals were our enemies, but even they didn’t deserve to end up like this.”
“I thought seeing the video showing the destruction of Gao Talah’s world was horrifying,” Jupiter said. She looked around. “Nothing has ever prepared me for this kind of destruction.”
“Queen Beryl’s attack against the Moon Palace seems almost minor in comparison to this,” Venus said. “Mercury, I don’t want to rush you but…”
“I know,” Mercury said. “I just need more time. I think I got something.” Mercury stood near the throne. “Everyone come here. I have found something. The strongest traces of Qervaxa are in this spot. Qervaxa is a very potent substance.”
“Qervaxa?” Venus asked.
“The Yva’s used this substance to cure many of their illnesses,” Mercury said. She explained some of her theories of Qervaxa. “I know you all have more questions, but I think we should involve some more people in the discussions. Moon, we promised Akahana that we would save her father. She should be told.”
“I agree,” Moon said. “Let’s go now.”
Rei, Usagi, Makoto, Ami, Minako, and Asami walked to Akahana’s house after they took Chibiusa back home. Ami rang the doorbell, and Akahana opened the door.
“Hello,” Akahana said. Her long blond hair fell to her back.
“Hello Akahana,” “Usagi said. “I am Usagi nice to meet you.”
“Do I know you?” Akahana asked. Her green eyes reflected brightly in the sunlight, and her eyebrows rose up.
“We met once before,” Makoto said. “You asked us to help you six days ago after we fought the Black Moon Clan.” Everyone sat down, and introduced themselves.
“I thought we agreed that you wouldn’t reveal who you are,” Akahana said. “Come in, and sit down.”
“That decision was wrong,” Rei said. “You asked for help to save your father. We have found something out that you should know.” She pointed to Asami. “This concerns her as well.”
“What have you found out?” Akahana asked.
“We have discovered that your father is forced to be General Caserillax, and we may have found a way to free him from Xytar’s clutches, and we may be able to bring back Asami’s mother,” Minako said.
“While exploring the ruins of Queen Beryl’s Dark Kingdom fortress I found a potent substance called Qervaxa, which the Yva people used,” Ami said. “In a natural state Qervaxa is useless, but used in various medicines Qervaxa can heal major injuries, cure diseases, and even bring back the dead in some cases. Unfortunately I have very little Qervaxa. The substance is not native to this planet.”
“Do you understand this material?” Asami asked.
“I am still learning about the substance,” Ami said, “but I do know this: About a trillion years ago prior to the Vieal invasion; the Yvas had technology equivalent to the wheel.”
“The Vieal?” Minako asked.
“That is what Saryia’s people are called,” Ami replied. “Vieal means Guardians of the Dimensions; however, as we already know they are corrupt.” She paused. “The technology in Yva society drastically increased when Xytar informed them about the Vieal. In seven hundred years Yva technology became equivalent to twentieth century C.E. Xytar had complete control of the Yva scientists, and his presence corrupted many others.”
“Was the government aware of his corruption?” Rei asked.
“No he was subtle.” Ami replied. “The Vieal attacked the Yvas upon discovering their existence. Naturally, the Yvas declared war, and for two years, the war was a stalemate. When the science department completed the device, Xytar vanished. Without help from Xytar the Yvas were wiped out.”
“Did the device have Qervaxa in it?” Usagi asked.
“Yes the device was infused with massive amounts of Qervaxa, other Yva technology, and most importantly the device comprised a large amount of Xytar’s personal strength,” Ami replied
“That explains how Xytar gained some of his extraordinary powers,” Makoto said.
“Indeed,” Ami said.
“How will you be able to save my mother and Akahana’s father?” Asami asked.
“When we defeat General Caserillax the pillar of light will cover his body. We’ll use the healing energy of Qervaxa combined with our Senshi Teleport skill to direct our energy into the pillar. Our souls will connect with the souls of Ayano Hayashi and Mr. Nakamura so we can bring them back into the world of the living. Unfortunately the plan may not work,” Ami said. “Xytar is aware of the potency of Qervaxa. He may already be ready for this.”
“Thanks for keeping me informed,” Akahana said. “I hope this works.”
“I hope so to,” Ami replied “Asami, Akahana, I can’t make any promises that my plan will work, but I do promise that no matter what we will stop Xytar’s evil. I just hope we can remove the domes on his Soul Barrier imprisonment without any more death.”
“I understand,” Asami said.
The following day Rei and Makoto were walking to Nodoka’s house after classes let out. The sky was bright orange following a thunderstorm that had passed through earlier. The two walked in silence.
“How are you today?” Makoto asked.
“I am nervous,” Rei said. “I am about to meet my mother’s best friend. I don’t even know what to say to her.”
“Just be yourself,” Makoto said. “Besides I’ll be there as well.”
“Thanks,” Rei said. The two arrived at Nodoka’s house. Rei rang the doorbell, and a woman with brown hair opened the door. She wore a blue kimono and carried a katana on her back.
“Hello young ladies. May I help you?” Nodoka asked.
“Nodoka Yoshida?” Rei asked.
“You must be Rei Hino,” Nodoka said. Her brown eyes showed a lot of excitement at seeing Rei. “You just look like Risa when she was your age.” Nodoka gave Rei a hug, and gave Makoto a hug.
“Hello,” Makoto said. “My name is Makoto.”
“Hello Makoto,” Nodoka said.
“How did you know I was coming?” Rei asked.
“Please, come in,” Nodoka said. Makoto and Rei sat on a couch and Nodoka sat in a chair. “Your grandfather was here the other day, and told me about it. I was truly shocked to hear it. Risa and I were the best of friends.”
“Mrs. Yoshida,” Makoto said. “Do you miss her?”
“Please call me Nodoka,” Nodoka said. I miss Risa a lot. Do you think of your mother often?” Rei nodded.
“I awoke in the middle of night after I heard her scream,” Rei said. She hesitated with her words, and she felt choked up. Tears fell down her face. “I ran into the bedroom, and saw her lying on the ground in a pool of blood,” She put her hand over her heart. “A wakizashi was embedded in her heart.” She paused. “I screamed, but before anyone could hear me Pops knocked me out. I awoke the next day believing that she had died of natural causes. Later that day Pops and I started our training trip. I didn’t remember the truth until about a week ago.”
“When the police found her body,” Nodoka said. “They had no evidence that she had been stabbed by a wakizashi. They classified her death as a natural cause.”
“I can remember when my parents died in the plane accident,” Makoto said. “My distant family members took care of me for a couple of years, but they eventually grew tired of me. My uncle set me up with an apartment, and paid the rent until I turned sixteen. Thankfully my parents set me up with funds before they died.”
“I am sorry,” Rei said. “I didn’t know.” The two shared a hug.
“Your mother was strong, beautiful, and kind,” Nodoka said. “She would be very proud of you, Rei. Genma married her because she was a skilled martial artist in a recognizable family name. He would never admit this, but she was better than he was. She loved him, but they had their disagreements. The big one was she wanted you to be trained in many Martial Arts styles by diverse teachers while having a home life.”
“He didn’t agree with her,” Rei said.
“Your father trained you extremely well in many different Martial Arts styles Rei,” Makoto said, “but I just don’t understand why he did everything he did.”
“He was good martial artist,” Rei said, “but he had a narrow vision. He didn’t believe in doing anything other than the art. He believed that girls are weak. He also had a problem in upholding honor. I still miss him.”
“That sounds like him.” The three laughed. “Rei,” Nodoka said. “I have an extra picture of your mother that I would like you to have. I’ll be back.” Nodoka went to look for the picture. She came back, and showed them the picture. They saw a young Risa Hino. She had long black hair that went to her back. She had blue eyes, and she wore a red kimono. Nodoka handed Rei the picture of her mother.
“Thanks for having us over,” Makoto said.
“Thank you,” Rei said.
“Thank you for stopping by,” Nodoka said. “Please don’t be a stranger.”
“I’ll make sure to visit as often as I can,” Rei said. The two shared a hug.
“Ms. Kimura? Do we have we anything solid about the Sailor Senshi?” General Matsumoto asked in his conference room in his underground lair.
“We have confirmed that the Sailor Senshi are based in the Azabu Juban District in the Minato Ward,” Ms. Kimura said.
“They are currently engaged in battles against the Black Moon Clan, our military organization, and the entity named Xytar Lexeaba.” Lieutenant Captain Shimizu said.
“Any other established facts about the Sailor Senshi?” General Matsumoto asked.
“We cannot identify who they are. The best way to describe the lack of identity is that the facial and voice identification keep changing every couple of seconds. Their combat abilities are beyond our capabilities. The attacks are elemental, and very destructive,” Captain Mochizuki said.
“We do know that they can die that gives us something,” Ms. Kimura said. “Knowing that they are based in Azabu Juban gives us a small area to work with.”
“Are you saying that we could eventually identify who they are?” General Matsumoto asked. Ms. Kimura nodded.
“We can then catch them unprepared,” Captain Mochizuki said.
“Once we capture them, we can then engage your plans General Matsumoto,” Lieutenant Captain Shimizu said.
“Indeed. Good work everyone,” General Matsumoto said. “Keep me posted on your progress.”
“Are you enjoying the latest manga?” Rei asked. She sat on Makoto’s bed. Usagi looked up from her manga.
“Yes I am,” Usagi said. “The one I am reading now is called Inuyasha written by Rumiko Takahashi.”
“Ooh, Ooh,” Minako said. “Can I read the manga after you?”
“The three of you should be studying,” scolded Ami. “We have another exam coming up.” Makoto started laughing. Soon the whole room was echoing with laughter.
“I think I needed that,” Makoto said. “Ever since Xytar started attacking I have felt squished down with this dreadful weight hanging over me.”
“I know,” Ami said. She paused. “We have a lot on our plates right now.”
“We sure do,” Rei said, “but we have to keep going despite the difficulties.”
“Xytar,” Minako said,” has to be stopped.”
“We have each other,” Usagi said. “We also have our families. We have to stop him for our world, our families, and ourselves.” Ami put her book down.
“Let’s take a break,” Minako said. “We should relax tonight.” They were about to leave when the room chilled. A ghostly figure appeared, and she looked like Risa Hino. Rei looked at her.
“Mom?” Rei asked.
“Hello everyone,” Risa replied. “Rei.” She looked at her daughter. “You look so beautiful.”
“Ami, Minako, Makoto,” Usagi said. “Let’s leave the two alone.” They left the room. Tears filled Rei’s eyes.
“I never thought I would see you again,” Rei said. She drew her mother in a hug. “I have missed you so much.”
“I have missed you so much,” Risa said. “I love you.”
“Even if I am your daughter now?” Rei asked. Risa nodded.
“I am not as superficial as your father is. He always believed that each gender has very specific roles. You can do anything you set your mind to. You have grown into a fine young woman.”
“Thanks mom,” Rei said. “So you know that I am a Sailor Mars?”
“I was so proud when you made that choice,” Risa said.
“Even if the choice was partly made so I wouldn’t dwell on Tephra’s death?” Rei asked.
“My child,” Risa said. “Almost everyone avoids trying to confront hard feelings. Your sister loves you. Your friends love you, and your parents love you. In your heart you know this.”
“Thanks mom,” Rei said.
“Always remain true to yourself,” Risa said.
“Ever since I gained my Senshi powers I have been able to talk to Tephra and my mother from the Silver Millennium Empire. Why haven’t I been able to see you until now?”
“Deep down you never forgot what I looked liked after I died. After my death Genma made you forget the truth about the incident. He may have changed your memories but you have never forgotten me. Now your true memories have resurfaced. The Maboroshi no Ginzuisho calls our souls to take on a ghostly solid form. We cannot be brought back to life, but we can see loved ones from time to time.”
“I am glad,” Rei said. She gave her mom another hug. Usagi came into the room.
“Rei,” Usagi said. “I hate to interrupt you but the Black Moon Clan is trying to kidnap Chibiusa. Makoto, Minako, and Ami are down at the lake holding off the latest droid.”
“Rei, Usagi,” Risa said. “Good luck. You will always be in my heart my darling daughter. You make your mother happy.”
“You will always be in my heart mother,” Rei said.
“Glad I could meet you,” Usagi said. Risa nodded. The ghostly form of Risa vanished.
“Let’s go Usagi,” Rei said. “Our friends are depending on us.” They grabbed out their Henshen Rods.
“Right. Moon Prism Power, Make Up,” Usagi called out.
“Mars Power, Make Up,” Rei called out.
Meanwhile at the lake Ami, Makoto, Minako, and Chibiusa talked. Ami looked up at the sky. The sky began to grow darker as a storm rapidly approached from the west.
“Is something wrong Ami?” Minako asked.
“Look up at the sky,” Ami replied. Chibiusa, Makoto, Minako looked up at the sky. The sky turned even darker. They saw thunder in the distance.
“A storm is on its way,” Makoto said.
“I hate thunder,” Chibiusa said.
“Look at the pattern in the sky,” Ami said. “The pattern looks very familiar to what we have seen before.”
“The Black Moon Clan,” Makoto said. “They are on their way.” Minako grabbed her Senshi Phone.
“Hello,” Usagi said after she opened up her Senshi Phone. “Is something wrong?”
“The Black Moon Clan is on their way,” Minako said. “We are going to need help.”
“Rei and I are on our way,” Usagi said.
“I want to go home,” Chibiusa said. “I hate thunder.” The three Senshi members nodded at each other. They grabbed out their Henshen Rods.
“Mercury Power, Make Up,” Ami called out.
“Jupiter Power, Make Up,” Makoto called out.
“Venus Power, Make Up,” Minako called out. Petz and a droid came into view moments later.
“What a coincidence,” Petz said. “I find the little princess and the Sailor Senshi here. I have an offer for you. One that you will find most interesting.” She laughed. “My droid Tvacaxail show them your prisoner.” Tvacaxail moved towards the Sailor Senshi, and she revealed a bound and gagged Tuxedo Kamen.
“If you give us Chibiusa, I’ll return Tuxedo Kamen back to you,” Petz said.
“I think not,” Venus said. “We’ll keep Chibiusa safe, and we’ll free Tuxedo Kamen from your vile clutches.”
“We don’t break our agreements,” Jupiter said.
“We will stop you,” Mercury said. “Sabão Spray.” The attack covered the area in a thick frost fog. Tvacaxail and Petz lost her line of vision on the Senshi. “Go now.” Chibiusa and the three Senshi dashed off, and when they were out of earshot, they stopped.
“Mercury, take Chibiusa back to Jupiter’s apartment,” Venus said. “We’ll go back, and lead the enemies in the opposite direction to keep them distracted.” Mercury nodded. She took hold of Chibiusa’s arm, and the two walked to Jupiter’s apartment.
“We’ll keep them busy,” Jupiter said. They went back in the direction they came from, and when they arrived, the frost fog vanished.
“Tvacaxail,” Petz said. “Keep these fools busy.” She grabbed Tuxedo Kamen, and disappeared in a portal.
“Yes my mistress,” Tvacaxail said. “You ready to have some fun?”
Meanwhile Sailor Moon and Mars arrived at the park’s entrance, and saw Sailor Mercury and Chibiusa.
“Are you two okay?” Moon asked.
“We are fine,” Mercury said. “Meet the others down at the lake. I’ll meet up with you shortly.”
“Gotcha,” Mars said. Moon and Mars dashed off towards the lake while Mercury and Chibiusa walked to Makoto’s apartment.
“Jupiter,” Venus said. “Can you hold the droid off?”
“Yep,” Jupiter replied. “Supreme Thunder Dragon.” Electrical energy began to appear around her. Soon a lightning rod appeared on her tiara, it collected the electrical energy, and she discharged the electrical energy in the form of a dragon at the droid.
“Is that all you have?” Tvacaxail asked. A large beacon tower on the droid’s head absorbed the electrical energy. “That attacked charged me up.”
Venus called Moon. “Moon,” Venus said. “We are drawing the enemy away from the lake. Meet us at the Game Center Crown.”
“I’ll let Mercury know,” Moon said. “Mars and I are on our way.”
“Supreme Dark Thunder Dragon,” Tvacaxail called out. Dark electrical energy began to appear around her. Soon her beacon tower collected a large amount of electrical energy, and she discharged the electrical energy in the form of a dark dragon at Jupiter.
“Ow,” Jupiter yelped out. She fainted.
“What happened?” Mars called out.
“She’s hurt,” Venus said, “but she’ll be fine.” She quickly put her Senshi Phone away before attacking. “Venus Love-Me Chain.” An energy of light began to surround her, and she formed a chain with hearts. She then released the heart chain at the droid. The chain grabbed her, and threw her into a tree. Venus grabbed the unconscious Jupiter, and ran off towards the Game Center Crown. Tvacaxail pursued them.
Venus got there still carrying Jupiter. Tvacaxail was close behind.
“Did you think I would let you get away?” Tvacaxail said. “I know that you’re hiding the little princess and the Maboroshi no Ginzuisho here. Hand her, and the Maboroshi no Ginzuisho over, and I’ll make your deaths painless.”
“Never,” Venus said. “We promised to protect her from the likes of you.”
“You are bold,” Tvacaxail said to Venus. “Very well time to die.” She paused. “Supreme Dark Thunder Dragon.”
Moon and Mars were close to catching up to their friends who were at the Game Center Crown. Venus was carrying the injured Jupiter, and the droid was about to attack.
“They are just ahead of us,” Moon said. “We won’t reach them in time.”
“Not to worry,” Mars said. “I got this.” Moon nodded. “Everyone move away from the streets,” Mars yelled. The streets quickly became cleared. “Fire Soul Bird.” A large fireball appeared on her hands, and she fired the attack off towards the droid. The flames formed a large firebird, and the attack struck Tvacaxail. She flew in the air. The two Senshi ran to their allies. Mercury rendezvoused with her friends at the same.
“Moon,” Mercury said. “Time to finish the droid off.”
“Moon Princess Halation,” Moon called out. The Cutie Moon Rod appeared in her hand, and she began to spin the weapon around to charge her attack. She then aimed her rod at Tvacaxail and unleashed a wave of energy. General Caserillax jumped down, and threw the axe at the droid, and Tvacaxail turned to sand.
“Now that the droid has been dealt with,” General Caserillax said. “We can begin round two of the show.” He grabbed his small axe. When he grabbed the axe the axe seemed to grow, then the axe split into two, and each became encased in ice. General Caserillax wielded the two large frozen axes in his hands. At the same time, Jupiter regained consciousness.
“Are you alright, Jupiter?” Mars asked.
“I am doing fine. Just a little shaky is all,” Jupiter replied.
“That’s good,” Venus said.
“Looks like we will have a heck of fight coming,” Mercury said.
“We’ll be fine,” Moon said, “as long as we work together.”
“Hahahhahahaha,” General Caserillax said. “Give me your best shot. Let the show commence.”
General Caserillax scurried towards the Sailor Senshi. He tossed both axes in the air. Mercury soon found herself defending herself against his deadly attacks, and was unable to counter his strikes.
One of the axes flew off towards Mars. The axe attacked her, and left traces of ice in the air. Soon she found herself surrounded by cold ice. Unable to evade any more attacks the axe slashed her, and instantly froze her in place.
At the same time, the other axe flew off towards Moon. She dodged the first attack. She avoided another attack and she did an upper kick, and sent it skyward. The incoming storm now loomed over downtown Azabu Juban. Heavy cold rain covered the area. Lightning fell from the sky.
“Crescent Beam Shower,” Venus called out. A light beam began to charge in her left hand before she dropped her left hand next to her right hand. Both hands released a large beam of light that pierced through the axe. The axe struck into the ground, and it rose once more and aimed for Jupiter.
Jupiter kicked the axe away that was about to finish Mars off. The axe spiraled into the other axe, and the two collided into General Caserillax. The Sailor Senshi ran to the still frozen Sailor Mars.
“Mars,” Moon cried in a panicked voice. “Mars, Mars, can you hear me?” Jupiter tapped the frozen ice.
“She is completely frozen solid,” Jupiter said.
“We have to get her out of there quickly,” Venus said.
“Jupiter,” Mercury said. “Your Sparkling Wide Pressure attack should be able to create enough heat to melt the ice.”
“I think not,” General Caserillax said. “Twenty more seconds, and she will die. Frozen Epilogue.” He began to channel intense cold through the axes in his hands.
“Venus Love-Me Chain,” Venus called out. An energy of light began to surround her, and she formed a chain with hearts. She released the heart chain at one of the axes in the General’s hands.
“Moon Tiara Action,” Moon called out. She grabbed her tiara on her head, and threw it at high speeds. The attack struck the other axe. Moon’s weapon returned to her.
“Sparkling Wide Pressure,” Jupiter called out. Electrical energy began to appear around her. Soon a lightning rod appeared on her tiara, it collected the electrical energy, and she released the electricity from her tiara. Bolts of lightning began to rain around the frozen Mars.
General Caserillax unleashed his attack. Ice appeared all over the ground. The thick ice froze every Senshi solid.
“Your end has arrived Sailor Moon,” General Caserillax said. He began to laugh. “Did you really think you could defeat General Caserillax, the second General to Lord Xytar?”
The area around the still frozen Mars began to thaw from the heat that Sparkling Wide Pressure created. Sailor Mars saw her allies frozen in thick sheets of ice.
“What is this?” General Caserillax asked. “How?”
“Fire Soul Bird,” Mars called out. A large fireball appeared on her hands, and she fired the attack off towards General Caserillax. The flames formed a large firebird, this time it combined with the heat created by the Sparkling Wide Pressure, immense heat filled the air, and all the ice melted. The residual effects of the attack struck the evil general, and sent him flying. The flames engulfed him. The Sailor Senshi thawed.
“Sabão Spray Freezing,” Mercury called out. The attack covered the area in a thick frost fog, and in an instant the intense cold emerged with the heat; the flames that engulfed General Caserillax grew hotter. The flames, however, did not last long due to the downpour of rain. General Caserillax stood up.
“Very impressive,” General Caserillax said. “Time to take the show up a notch.” The two axes combined into a very large frozen axe. He smiled as rain poured down on his face. “Soon you’ll see that my powers are beyond yours. Time for your deaths now Sailor Senshi Team of the Silver Millennium Empire.”
On a rooftop Sailor Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto are watching the fight. The three hidden from view.
“The Inners have come a long way,” Neptune said.
“They seem to be doing well on their own,” Uranus said.
“We might not even have to interfere,” Pluto said.
“We have another threat to deal with anyways,” Uranus said.
“Indeed,” Neptune said.
“Still,” Pluto said. “They may need help. Xytar’s seven Generals are extremely powerful. If we have to interfere, we must keep out of sight at all costs. We can’t afford to be seen yet.”
“We’ll see,” Moon said.
“You’ve been a challenge,” Mars said. She smiled. “I like that.”
“Let’s see how well you can dance,” Jupiter said.
“Strength is measured by friends,” Venus said.
“Indeed,” Mercury said. “We have come a long way. We will save you.”
“Why would I wish to be saved?” General Caserillax asked. “Time for the finale of the show. Goodbye.” He charged at the Sailor Senshi with his humongous frozen axe.
General Caserillax aimed for Venus. She managed to evade a few attacks, but eventually the axe struck her, and she flew in the air. She crashed into the ground unconscious. Each time he swung the axe ice flew from it, and covered the ground in thick layers of frost. When the axe struck Venus large sheets of ice smacked into Moon. She flew into a building, and lost consciousness.
“Venus, Moon,” Mercury said.
“This is not looking good,” Mars said. “We have to think of something.”
“Mars,” Jupiter said. “Engage him. Keep him busy maybe Mercury can think of something.”
Mars ran to her opponent. For half a minute, she managed to dodge his attacks. Eventually he socked her, and sent her flying. The blow from his weapon instantly knocked her out.
Meanwhile Jupiter and Mercury were finding it harder and harder to maintain balance on the sheets of ice that covered the ground. Mercury was trying to regain her footing when General Caserillax struck her with his axe, knocked the breath out of her, and propelled her in the air. On impact with the ground, Mercury felt herself passing out. (Jupiter be careful.) Mercury thought just before she lost consciousness.
Jupiter managed to regain her footing, and she moved to an area not covered in sheets of ice while General Caserillax knocked out Mercury.
“Are you ready to join your friends?” General Caserillax asked. He walked up to her.
“My friends,” Jupiter said. “Please grant me strength.”
“Time for your death,” General Caserillax said. He swung his axe high into the air preparing to deliver a killing blow. At the last possible instant Jupiter grabbed a hold of the axe’s handle. She pushed him far back. She felt great warmth enter her body. She could feel the energy of her friends within her.
“Final Thunder Dragon,” Jupiter called out. Electrical energy began to appear around her. Soon a lightning rod appeared on her tiara, it collected massive amounts of electrical energy, and she discharged the immense amount of electrical energy in the form of a large green dragon at General Caserillax. Electrical energy pulsed around him. The four Senshi regained consciousness during the attack. The enemy stood up.
“Very impressive,” General Caserillax said, “but you’ll need more than skill, friendship, and power to beat me. Time to unleash my ultimate power.” He laughed. “Yajula Xaguerila Una Ba Sau Sao Vai. (My divine powers unleash thy fury and freeze my enemies solid.)
An extremely thick frost covered the area, the cold blurred the Senshi’s vision for a short moment, and they became frozen in thick sheets of deep ice.
“Time to die now,” General Caserillax said. “You girls have been pests from the start. Soon you shall be nothing more than a bad memory.” He raised his axe to destroy them, but before his weapon could connect, Venus grabbed it from his hand. She tossed the axe to Mercury. He backed off. (What?) General Caserillax thought. (How did they break free?)
“Good luck, Sailor Moon,” Pluto said from the building she stood on. Sailor Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto disappeared from sight.
“Venus,” Moon said. “Keep him busy.”
“My pleasure,” Venus said. She dashed towards General Caserillax. Soon the two were busy dodging blows from each other.
“Now Jupiter,” Mercury said. She tossed the axe into the air.
“Sparkling Wide Pressure,” Jupiter called out. Electrical energy began to appear around her. Soon a lightning rod appeared on her tiara, and it collected the electrical energy. She then released the electricity from her tiara. Bolts of lightning began to rain down on the axe, and the ice melted and axe became charged with electrical energy. Mars caught the axe. She threw the axe when she spotted an opening.
“Venus,” Mars said. “Move.” Venus disengaged just as the axe flew into General Caserillax’s gut. The electrical energy jolted throughout his body. “Moon.”
“Moon Princess Halation,” Moon called out. The Cutie Moon Rod appeared in her hand, and she began to spin the weapon around to charge her attack. She then aimed her rod at General Caserillax, and unleashed a wave of energy. He fell to the ground. He saw blood flowing freely from his wounds. Life began to fade from him.
“My Lord,” General Caserillax said. “I have lost.” General Caserillax’s eyes closed.
“Everyone gather,” Mercury said. “I am now infusing us with Qervaxa. When the pillar arrives, we need to do a Senshi Teleport. This time instead of teleporting, think about Ayano Hayashi and Mr. Nakamura. We will realign their souls into the world of the living.”
A black light formed around General Caserillax’s body. Soon three feet of pure light covered the area. The light formed a pillar that rose high into the sky.
“Senshi Teleport,” Moon, Venus, Jupiter, Mars, Mercury called out in unison. They began thinking about saving the two victims. A few moments passed, and then the Senshi Team saw Ayano Hayashi and Mr. Nakamura enter the world of living. The sky turned pitch dark across the planet; lightning and snow began to fall. The forming bodies of Ayano Hayashi and Mr. Nakamura went back into the pillar, and they faded completely from view.
“Did you really think,” Xytar said. His voice echoed across the planet. “That I would allow you to save them from death?”
“You let us believe that we had saved them?” Mercury asked. The world was able to hear the Sailor Senshi due to the strange pillar.
“Indeed,” Xytar said. Once again, his voice echoed across the planet. “I studied your beliefs for some time Sailor Moon. Even if you defeat me, the five remaining Generals that I have already picked out shall die. Their deaths shall be on your hands, and the people of Earth shall hate you for that.”
“I understand now; you gain fulfillment when people are in pain,” Moon said. Tears filled her eyes, and the other Senshi’s eyes. “You need to be stopped. We will stop you from destroying our world.”
“We will defeat you,” Mars said, “and we will save everyone. We were close today. We won’t fail next time.”
“You must believe that you’re so high and mighty,” Venus said. “Destroying civilizations makes you feel so big.”
“That may be true,” Xytar said, “but do you really think your powers outmatch mine?”
“Love, justice, friendship, goodness, and kindness,” Jupiter said, “will always destroy evil.”
“We shall see. Soon you girls shall know the meaning of pain, fear, doubt, anger, loss, hopelessness, and desolation,” Xytar said.
The pillar of light began to fade and sunlight became visible again. The worldwide communications ceased when the pillar faded from view, and a man began to fall from the sky. Sailor Jupiter caught him, and held him. He had black hair and green eyes. He wore a white shirt and black pants.
“Mercury,” Venus said. “Any chance that we can save him?”
“I am not sure if this will work, but it is worth a try. I have infused Moon with Qervaxa. Moon try your Moon Healing Escalation,” Mercury said. “I need everyone else to channel their energy into Moon. This might be enough.” The four Inner Senshi clasped hands, and extended their energy into Moon.
“Moon Healing Escalation,” Moon called out. “The Moonstick appeared in her hand, and she began to channel her energy with the other Senshi. The light energy filled the body and soul of Mr. Nakamura.
“Did it work?” Jupiter asked. Mercury looked at her supercomputer. She shook her head.
“I can feel him dying,” Mars said. She fell on her knees. “We failed.”
“You tried,” Akahana said as she walked up them. “You promised you would save him from Xytar’s clutches, and you did.” She held her father’s hand. Mr. Nakamura awoke.
“I don’t blame you,” Asami said to the group after she walked up to them. “You did everything you could. Xytar is responsible.”
“How can you not blame us,” Moon said. “We did deliver the killing blows.”
“Do not let that villain make you believe that you have done anything wrong,” Mr. Nakamura said. “When I was controlled I could do nothing but what I was commanded to do. Everything felt dark while under his control. Negative emotions filled me. You freed me from his control, and for that, I thank you. My soul broke the second dome from the Soul Barrier. The cost is my life.”
“I am so glad father,” Akahana said, “that I could see you again. You always have acted hasty, but that is because you love your family. I love you so much.”
“You know what I did?” Mr. Nakamura asked. Akahana nodded. “What I did was wrong. I know that now. I have to pay for my crimes.” He began to cough.
“Father,” Akahana said. “Don’t punish yourself. Everything is going to be okay.” She smiled at him as tears fell down her face. “I will miss you.”
“Are these your friends?” Mr. Nakamura asked.
“They are my friends,” Akahana said.
“Good,” Mr. Nakamura said. “I hope you’ll be happy my darling daughter. I am sorry that I can’t see you grow up.” His eyes closed as the last of his energy finally faded.
“I am sorry,” Mercury said. “He is dead.” Everyone in the area hung their heads in a low bow. No one said anything. Akahana continued to hold her father’s hand.
An hour later Rei sat in her room, and thought about all that happened. She looked at the picture of her mother and several minutes passed by. Grandfather Hino stepped into the room.
“You look sad,” Grandfather Hino said. He noticed the picture in his granddaughter’s hands. “Do you miss your mother?”
“I miss her a lot,” Rei replied. “Even after seeing her best friend I miss…”
“You miss her even more.” Grandfather Hino said. “I miss her too.” The two shared in a hug. Grandfather Hino went to his room. Rei dressed in her pajamas, and fell asleep.