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Chapter Eight: Betrayal

Usagi’s eyes gleamed brightly at the ice cream in her bowl. Her hands descended, and with her spoon in hand, she scooped up a large chunk of vanilla-chocolate ice cream. An instant later, her taste buds savored the cold dessert in her mouth. A large smile formed on her face as she devoured her frozen treat.
“Usagi…” Ami called out, looking at her friend with worry. “Usagi, are you alright?” Usagi looked up, her eyebrows shifted upwards, and she saw the concern in her friend’s eyes. “Have you heard anything I have been saying?”
“Heh…hehe,” Usagi laughed nervously. “Sorry.”
“No worries,” Makoto said.
“Ami was just saying that we rescued our fellow students who were captured by Rubeus,” Rei said.
“I am glad that they are safe,” Minako said with a smile.
“I am glad that I am no longer a prisoner,” Mamoru said.
“Off to Makoto’s apartment?” Minako asked.
“Sounds good,” Makoto said.
“Let’s go,” Usagi chirped.
“I called grandfather to let him know that I am safe,” Rei said. She sat on an armchair in Makoto’s apartment. Darting back and forth Rei’s eyes flashed Ami a short meaningful look. “I think that we ought to consider letting people know about our Sailor Senshi identities.” Usagi’s eyes darted upwards, and she sprang up from the couch where she sat next to equally shocked Mamoru. Makoto shot Rei an odd look, and she sat in total surprise; her mouth agape. Minako’s eyebrows rose up in shock, and Artemis and Luna crashed into the floor in a twisted pile of limbs.
“You can’t seriously be suggesting,” Luna said while everyone sat back down, “such an idea.”
“I understand everyone’s concern,” Ami said. “However, we aren’t dealing with someone like Queen Beryl who is trying to steal people’s energy. Xytar alone is a dangerous threat to this planet’s safety, and that is not including the other threats. I have no doubt that if we are successful in stopping Xytar that the Vieal will invade with their army. If we remain unprepared, Earth will fall. Our Senshi powers might be able to hold them off for some time, but we don’t have the numbers to defeat an entire army.”
“So we what? Reveal who we are to everyone?” Minako asked with a short laugh while twirling her hands.
“If we reveal who we are we might compromise our safety,” Makoto added.
“What if we reveal who we are, but at a slow controlled pace,” Artemis suggested.
“Exactly,” Mamoru said in agreement. “We can tell people that we trust such as family and friends.”
“Are you suggesting we build up an Inner Circle?” Luna asked.
“That is what I was thinking off,” Ami said. “I understand that each Senshi during the Silver Millennium Empire had an apprentice in addition to family members who could take over our Sailor Senshi role in case of an emergency.”
“The only problem is that we do not know if any of the bloodlines survived,” Artemis said.
“Can’t hurt to find out,” Rei said.
“Good point,” agreed Luna. “We should start to look for apprentices, but we should be careful in how we proceed.”
“What about the Outer Senshi?” Makoto asked. Luna shot an odd look at Artemis.
“I do not even know if they were brought to the future like you all,” Artemis said.
“I think that Ami and Rei’s suggestion is a good idea,” Usagi said. “We should, however, take it slow and cautious.”
“Agreed,” Makoto said.
“It has been a long couple of weeks for me,” Mamoru said. “I would like to go home now.”
(Those damn Sailor Senshi they ruined all my plans. Now my leverage of using the Ayakashi Sisters to get Chibiusa and the Maboroshi no Ginzuisho has failed. I have to think of a new idea.) Rubeus thought while he sat on his chair in his office.
“Huh?” Rubeus asked. His head spun around, and his eyes only saw shadows. “Who is there?” He heard footsteps, and he saw a man cloaked in dark robes.
“You have failed Crimson Rubeus. I have no further use for you,” the cloaked man said while lifting his staff with his right arm.
“Who are you?” Rubeus said. He threw his arms around his neck as he felt his breath became shorter.
“You know me as Wiseman,” Wiseman said, He lowered his hood showing lifeless bones underneath the hood, and his dark eyes looked on with intense hatred. “That however is not my real name.”
“Then who are you?” Rubeus asked.
“Tsk, Tsk. Why would I even bother telling a lowly individual my name,” Wiseman replied. Rubeus breath returned to normal, and he breathed normally.
“Why are you doing this?” Rubeus asked.
“You really are a naïve and useless tool,” Wiseman said. “You didn’t really believe that I was serving Prince Dimande did you?” Rubeus looked up at him in horror and shock.
“Yes—that is right you see it now, don’t you?” Wiseman crackled evilly. “You—and your Dark Moon Clan belong to me. Too bad for you that you won’t be telling anyone.”
“You won’t get away with this betrayal,” Rubeus spat. Wiseman smirked, and lifted his staff. “Arrrgh my leg. I can’t feel my leg.”
“I already have my friend,” taunted Wiseman. “I have turned your bones, arteries, and blood in your left leg into pure darkness. Your leg’s self-defenses are now attacking the rest of your body. All you can do now is helplessly wait for your end.” Wiseman smirked. “Ahh, yes can’t you feel that pain Rubeus? So lovely and so much pain that you are enduring.”
“You won’t get what you want,” Rubeus said with conviction. Wiseman lifted his staff again.
“Feel that pain Rubeus. Your arteries are exploding inside you as your body burns from the inside out. Such pain you are feeling. Do not worry your death won’t be in vain. Your soul and energy shall serve me for eternity,” huffed Wiseman. He lifted his staff once more and Rubeus slumped to the side, and his lifeless corpse dissipated into dark energy. “Let’s see if Green Esmeraude is more competent then you are. Mwhahaha—hahaha.”
Rei opened the door to her home at the Hikawa Shrine, and walked into the living room, and to her surprise, she saw her grandfather, and Officer Takahashi.
“Rei,” Grandfather Hino said. “I am so glad that you are safe. I was so worried when I heard you were taken captive.” Walking over to her, Grandfather Hino gave her a quick hug.
“Can you tell us anything about what occurred?” Officer Takahashi asked after the two took a seat.
“Along with several students I vanished, and after I regained consciousness I found myself held in a different cell from the other students,” Rei said.
“I see,” Officer Takahashi said. “And you were rescued by whom?”
“The Sailor Senshi,” Rei replied.
“Did you interact with the Sailor Senshi at all?” Officer Takahashi asked.
“After they freed me they showed me the way out of the UFO,” Rei replied.
“Did the Black Moon Clan do anything to you?” Officer Takahashi asked.
“No,” Rei replied.
“That’ll be all,” Officer Takahashi said. “Thanks.”
“No problem,” Rei said with a smile. Officer Takahashi fell into a bow before leaving.
“I don’t know if your friends told you yet Rei,” Grandfather Hino said. “Your school was closed the last several days since your kidnapping. For the next week, your classes will be taking place at Mita High School. Here is a list of your schedule for classes.”
“Thanks,” Rei said.
I am glad that you are not hurt,” Grandfather Hino said.
“Sorry that I worried you,” Rei said.
“It is not your fault. Would you like dinner?” Grandfather Hino asked.
“Please,” Rei replied.
“Hello all I am Mrs. Itou, and I’ll be teaching you today. Your teacher Mrs. Sakurada will be here tomorrow. In light of the recent tragic events the Ministry of Education is in the process of increasing security and safety for all schools across the country,” Mrs. Itou said. “We have a lot to cover today so it is time to get started.”
“Phew,” Usagi said. “What a long week.”
“Only you would say that Usagi,” Ami said while the group walked by the park in Azabu Juban “We learned a lot this week.”
“Anyone up for shopping?” Minako asked.
“Sure,” Makoto replied.
“And afterwards some ice cream?” Rei asked.
“Yea let’s get some ice cream afterwards,” Usagi replied in agreement.
“Where the hell am I now,” Ryouga shouted. People shuffling in the streets looked in the direction Ryouga was walking.
“Um,” Minako said. “He sure knows how to grab everyone’s attention.”
“Sigh. That is one way of looking at it,” Ami said while rolling her eyes.
“He looks just like just like my old sempai,” Makoto said with hearts in her eyes.
“Um right,” Rei said. She walked over Ryouga and put her hand on his shoulder. “Ryouga?”
“Rei,” Ryouga said after he turned around. “What are you doing in Toyama?”
“You are in Azabu Juban in Tokyo,” Rei replied.
“Oh right,” Ryouga said with a nervous laugh.
“I challenge you to a match,” Rei said, her right hand rose up in a challenging gesture. “We are close to a park.”
“Sure,” Ryouga said. Walking over to the park Rei, and Ryouga found a secluded spot near a tree. Ami, Makoto, Minako, and Usagi followed the two. Ryouga tossed his bag and yellow umbrella on the ground, and got into a fighting stance. “This time I’ll win.”
“We’ll see,” Rei said with a smirk. “I haven’t lost yet.” She got into a neutral battle stance.
“Confident as always I see,” Ryouga said.
“Heh,” Rei said. A woman walked over to Usagi.
“What is going on?” The woman asked aloud. She watched Rei and Ryouga get ready for their bout.
“You’re about to see two great martial artists challenge each other,” Usagi said.
“That girl is going to get hurt,” a man said while walking up to the group.
“She’ll be fine,” Ami said. “Rei is one of the best martial artists of my generation, and Ryouga is equally skilled.”
“I have always wanted to see Rei go all out,” Makoto said.
“This will be exciting,” Minako chirped.
“You ready?” Ryouga asked.
“I always am,” Rei replied. Ryouga and Rei gave a short bow before Ryouga dashed towards his opponent and once he came in range, he unleashed a devastating punch. Moving to the right side Rei smoothly avoided the punch. Ryouga threw another punch. Quickly ducking under the attack Rei began to attack with her own punches; and her opponent dodged the strikes.
The two began to exchange attacks that illustrated off a dazzling show of martial arts combat. Rei back flipped out of the way of an attack, and a smile crept on her face.
“You done warming up?” Rei asked with smirk.
“Are you?” Ryouga taunted. “Time for the real action to begin.”
“Let’s see if you have been improving,” Rei said. Ryouga ran towards his opponent and unleashed a mean right hook. Rei flipped over the punch; ducked under a swift kick, and launched a counter strike at Ryouga.
Jumping over Rei’s low punch, Ryouga did a flip over Rei, and just as he landed, he turned around, in addition to quickly unleashing a salvo of punches and kicks.
Rei ducked under the first incoming punch from Ryouga, and rapidly moved to right to avoid an incoming a kick and a punch. Flipping over the final punch, she landed on the grass behind Ryouga.
“You tactic has not changed in the last two years,” Ryouga said as Rei turned to face him.
“Heh,” Rei said while lifting up in her arms in a neutral stance.
“This time I will defeat you,” Ryouga said getting back into a fighting stance.
“I never lose,” Rei said while sprinting towards her opponent. Rei threw a fast jab at Ryouga, who jumped over the attack. He followed up with punch, a high-speed strike, and another punch. Rei hastily sidestepped the three attacks, and an after reflection appeared due to her immense speed she threw a hard punch at Ryouga’s gut sending the bandana-clad boy into the air.
“Oof,” Ryouga said upon impact with the ground. He flicked up in the air. “It’ll take more than that to beat me.”
“Good,” Rei said. Ryouga raced towards Rei, and he let loose several punches and kicks one after the other.
Rei jumped, ducked, dodged, and flipped out of harm’s way from each attack, and she threw her own punches and kicks each time she had an opening. The fluidic movement of the two became a wild dance in the wind as each threw strikes at each other. As seconds, and minutes, went by, the two seemed to move a little faster as if they were trying to outpace the other.
Many moments into the swift contest, Ryouga struck Rei in the stomach, and the martial artist flew towards the ground, but before she made contact, she flipped off the ground with one hand, and did a spin in the air.
“You have been practicing I see,” Rei said in midair. “You’ve gotten even better.”
“I will win this yet,” Ryouga said. Rei Dashed towards her opponent once she landed on the ground and threw a punch, which Ryouga dodged.
“Kachu Tenshin Amaguriken,” Rei yelled. (So she finally has unleashed it.) Ryouga thought. Faster than most of the people watching could see Rei threw punch after punch at Ryouga. As Rei threw each punch, Ryouga either blocked each incoming strike with his hands, used his sturdiness to absorb the incoming attack, or avoided the strikes. The swiftness of each blow created gusts of wind that whipped around the two, and the audience saw swift after-images as the two continued to clash.
“Are you ready to call it off?” Rei asked.
“Are you?” Ryouga retorted. Rei smiled, and got back into a fighting stance, and Ryouga followed suit.
“Let me see what you got,” Rei said. Ryouga rushed towards Rei and threw a strong punch that aimed for her chest. Rei flipped over the attack, and while she was in midair and upside down, she kicked Ryouga and knocked him down.
“Quite a trick you pulled there,” Ryouga said. “Very exciting.”
“You haven’t seen nothing yet,” Rei said in midair. With one hand, she flipped off the grass and then used her feet to bounce off the nearby tree and flip higher into the air.
“Wow,” a woman said. “Those two are impressive.”
“Indeed,” a man said. High in the air Rei placed herself in a skydiving position, and aimed her right fist to lead her plummet back to earth.
“Skydiving assault,” Rei called out. With her right fist aiming for Ryouga, she moved downward in the air at impressive speeds. Ryouga jumped out of the way out of the girl’s fists. Rei’s fists hit the ground, she flipped up in the air, and landed on the ground, and the force of the impact of the attack created a small shockwave that knocked Ryouga off balance.
“Impressive new move,” Ryouga said while recovering from his loss of balance. He sped towards Rei and began anew his strikes.
“Thanks,” Rei said. Like before, the two soon began to punch, kick, and elude faster than most of the audience could see. Blurry after-images began to appear more frequently.
“They seem to be attacking faster and faster,” Minako said in amazement, “and faster.”
“I can barely make out all the action,” Usagi said.
“Seeing their match makes me realize that I still have awhile to go to catch up to the two,” Ami said.
“If we keep practicing we’ll reach their level,” Makoto said with a smile.
(I wonder if Ryouga will suspect a Hiryu Shoten Ha.) Rei thought as she continued to strike and dodge punches and kicks.
(What is she up to?) Ryouga thought. The two continued their combat, and after a few moments, the air began to chill. (So that is what she is planning.)
“Back off everyone,” Ami called out. “Get to a safe location and get ready to hold onto something.”
“What is going on?” The man and woman asked.
“The Hiryu Shoten Ha,” Makoto replied. “Is one of Rei’s more powerful moves.”
“Is that the one where she leads her opponent in the spiral with the soul of ice technique?” Minako asked.
“Yes it is,” Usagi replied. “I wonder why Ryouga is letting himself get angry.”
“Come on Ryouga,” Rei taunted. “You can do better this.”
“I’ll defeat you,” Ryouga said in an agitated voice. (You’ll see what I have planned Rei.) Ryouga thought. Ranma led him in the spiral. The two moved further and further to the center of the spiral and she led Ryouga closer to the center. He quickly snatched his umbrella that was lying on the ground. He tossed it up in the air just as the two reached the center.
“Hiryu Shoten Ha,” Rei called out, and at the same time, she punched Ryouga. A large tornado quickly formed and launched Ryouga high into the air. Grabbing his umbrella in midair Ryouga let himself float in the tornado.
(So that is why he let me taunt him so easily. He has an idea.) Rei thought. (Very clever.) Several minutes passed by before the winds began to dissipate. Ryouga began to slowly lower to ground. Once the winds became even slower Ryouga threw his umbrella up in the air, and he quickly held onto the handle and used the force and the wind to launch himself higher in the air. Using his umbrella as a springboard, he began to bounce off the umbrella at faster turbulent speeds. After-images of Ryouga and his umbrella began appearing in the sky.
“Very witty,” Rei said. (I had better brace myself.) Ryouga hurtled through the air aiming a devastating kick towards her. Six after-images of Ryouga and his umbrella fell from the sky. Once Ryouga came within range Rei began to dodge, but unfortunately for her Ryouga’s attack struck true, and he knocked her into the ground.
“You are not the only one who can use midair combat,” Ryouga said.
“The match isn’t over yet,” Rei said with a smile while standing up. Once again, the audience could see blurry after-images as the two once more began to punch, kick, and evade attacks faster and faster and faster.
(This match is coming to a close.) Rei thought. (I need to think of something and soon.)
(I need to hold out a little longer.) Ryouga thought. (I can win this.)
Rei threw a punch, and Ryouga swiftly countered the strike with one of his own. Rei felt the force of the blow, and began to see darkness. (He seems to leave his stomach wide open after he kicks. If I can get a punch in, the match should become mine.) Rei thought. The two threw more punches and kicks at each other until Rei saw her opening. (Well here goes nothing.) She hastily jumped over his kick, threw a speedy jab at his face with her left hand, and she threw a punch at his stomach.
“Ugh,” Ryogua grunted as he fell unconscious.
“You’ve gotten better,” Rei said before darkness took her. She fell to the ground unconscious. Rei’s friends and the audience ran up to the two.
“See I told you that she would get hurt,” the man said.
“She’ll be fine,” Ami said.
“That was quite impressive,” the woman said. “I didn’t think the match would last as long as it did.”
“If you’ll all excuse us,” Usagi said. “We’ll take these two to a more comfortable place to rest.”
“I can carry Ryouga,” Makoto said.
“Ami and I can carry Rei,” Minako said. The group hiked off towards Makoto’s apartment.
“Where am I now?” Ryouga asked upon regaining consciousness. “How did I get here?” He sat up, and looked around the room. He finally found the door moments later. “Hello?”
“Looks like Ryouga is up,” Rei said. Rei and her friends walked over to the lost boy. “How are you feeling?”
“A little sore, but otherwise fine,” Ryouga said. “Where am I?”
“This is my apartment,” Makoto said while fluttering her eyelids sweetly.
“Gah,” Ryouga said. “Sorry for intruding.”
“He is so sweet,” Minako said with a smile.
“More like nervous,” Ami said.
“We brought you and Rei here after the two you of you fell unconscious at the end of your match,” Usagi said.
“Um thanks,” Ryouga said while scratching the back of head nervously.
“I am not sure that you have been properly introduced to my friends Ryouga,” Rei said.
“I am Usagi,” Usagi said.
“My name is Minako,” Minako chirped.
“Nice to meet you my name is Ami,” Ami said.
“Hello Ryouga-kun,” Makoto said. “My name is Makoto.”
“Can I talk to Ryouga please?” Rei asked.
“Sure,” Usagi said. Rei grabbed Ryouga’s hand and led him into the room. She let go of his arm and took a seat on the chair in the room after she shut the door.
“What did you want to talk about?” Ryouga asked.
“I know it must be hard having both your directional curse and the Jusenkyo curse,” Rei said. “I can only hope that you’ll forgive me for getting you cursed at Jusenkyo.”
“Hey that was more than two years ago,” Ryouga said. “If I hadn’t followed you and your father to China then I wouldn’t have ended up getting cursed. After the incident at the Tendou Dojo I have been doing some thinking.”
“So have I,” Rei said. “I made a promise to you that I wouldn’t reveal to anyone about your curse and I’ll keep that promise. However, I think it is time that you told Akane the truth about you and P-chan.”
“But,” Ryouga began to say.
“If you want any relationship with Akane at all, then you have to tell her the truth,” Rei said.
“She’ll hate me,” Ryouga said quietly.
“You’ll be surprised how kind and forgiving Akane is,” Rei said.
“The two of you are getting along?” Ryouga asked.
“I wouldn’t say that we are getting along, but we are not fighting,” Rei replied.
“I see,” Ryouga said. “You are right. Akane deserves to know the truth. I have spent so long avoiding telling her.”
“I’ll be leaving for Nerima in about an hour if you want to join me,” Rei said.
“Please,” Ryouga said.
“I first have to pick up a few things at the Hikawa Shrine so we should head out soon,” Rei said.
“Okay,” Ryouga said. The two walked into the living room and to the entrance to the apartment.
“Ryouga, can you wait outside the apartment?” Rei asked.
“Um sure,” Ryouga said. After Ryouga left the room, the five friends hugged each other.
“Make sure to take your Senshi Phone with you in case you and your friends get attacked,” Usagi said.
“Have fun,” Minako and Makoto said.
“See you tomorrow night,” Ami said.
“See you all later,” Rei said while drawing her friends in another hug.
“Did you make sure to pack everything you needed?” Grandfather Hino asked when the group of three arrived at the Hikawa Shrine steps.
“Yes,” Rei said.
“Be safe,” Grandfather Hino said.
“I will,” Rei said. “I’ll be back home tomorrow evening.” The two shared a hug before Ryouga and Rei walked towards Nerima.
While in the middle of cooking an early supper, Kasumi heard a knock at the door. A smile formed on her face and she walked swiftly to door.
“Rei, Ryouga,” Kasumi gushed. “It is so nice to see you two.”
“Hello Kasumi,’ Rei said. The two shared a quick hug.
“Hello,” Ryouga said.
“Come in,” Kasumi said. Rei, Kasumi, and Ryouga walked into the living room just as Nabiki and Akane walked down the stairs.
“Hello Rei,” Nabiki said. “How are things going?”
“Everything seems to be going well,” Rei said.
“Rei,” Akane said. “When I heard you were kidnapped I was worried.” She ran to Rei and embraced her in a hug. “I am glad that you are safe.”
“Thanks,” Rei said. “Where is your father?”
“Out drinking nihonshu with Akeno,” Kasumi said.
“Some things never change,” Rei said with a laugh.
“Are you going to stop by tomorrow before you head back home?” Akane asked.
“Yea,” Rei said. “I’ll see you all tomorrow.”
“Take care,” Nabiki said.
“You too,” Rei said.
“Have fun Rei-chan,” Kasumi said.
“Thanks,” Rei said. “See you later Ryouga.”
“Later Rei,” Ryouga said before Rei left.
Rei walked to the front door of Yuuka’s house, and rang the doorbell. The door opened revealing her friends Yuuka, Aya, Saki, and Mizuki.
“Good to see you Rei,” Aya, Mizuki, Saki, and Yuuka said in unison.
“Hello all,” Rei said. After sharing a hug, the friends walked to Yuuka’s room.
“Anything interesting going on in Azabu Juban?” Aya asked once everyone took a seat.
“The last week has been really quiet. My school was closed for almost two weeks after several students and I were kidnapped by Rubeus of the Dark Moon Clan,” Rei said, her right arm went up to her shoulder.
“I am glad that you made it back safely,” Saki said.
“Yea so am I,” Rei said. “How are things here in Nerima?”
“I dated Kado Higa almost two weeks before I learned that he was dating another girl at the same time,” Mizuki replied.
“He got embarrassed after he was confronted,” Yuuka said. “Otherwise everything else has been very normal lately.”
“I see,” Rei said. “The last week has been very quiet in Azabu Juban. We had a lot of tests and homework to do this last week.”
“Hard to believe we are close to our High School graduation,” Aya said.
“Have you found anyone yet Rei?” Saki asked.
“Not yet I have been so busy that I haven’t had time to think about a boyfriend,” Rei replied.
“I know the feeling,” Yuuka said. “
“I am not sure if I am ready for another boyfriend after what Kado pulled,” Mizuki said. “Anyone up for movie?”
“Anyways after I found out that Kado was cheating on me I confronted him the next day before classes began,” Mizuki said as the friends walked to the movie theater.
“He tried to deny it of course,” Saki said.
“Unfortunately for him the other girl Hana Tadeshi walked over and demanded an explanation,” Aya said.
“When he stuttered and tried to deny Mizuki’s accusations,” Yuuka said. “It became obvious that he was trying to lie. Hana slapped him so hard he crashed into the ground with a thud.”
“I am sorry that I missed it,” Rei said. “I can’t understand…” As the group walked by the bridge, Rei saw a person sitting on a rock.
“Rei are you alright?” Yuuka asked.
“Yea I am fine,” Rei said. “I just saw Akane staring at the rushing water. I would like to speak to her.”
“Is she alright?” Aya asked.
“I think so,” Rei said. “I won’t be long.” Rei Walked over to Akane and took a seat next to her. “Hey Akane how are you?” The two stared at the water.
“Ryouga told me about his curse,” Akane said softly. “Why didn’t you tell me?”
“I made a promise to keep his curse a secret. I wasn’t expecting him to act the way he did,” Rei replied.
“And that is supposed to make me feel any better?” Akane asked.
“Unlike Pops,” Rei said while looking up at the evening sky. “I keep my promises and I am sorry that you got hurt in process.” She scratched the back of her neck.
“You betrayed my trust,” Akane said. “However, Ryouga betrayed my trust even more. I would like to be left alone for now.”
“I am sorry,” Rei said while standing up. Rei turned around and began to walk towards her friends.
“Wait,” Akane called out. Akane stood up, turned around and faced Rei. “Take care.”
“You too,” Rei said, and she walked over to her friends with thoughts of the last two years going through her mind.
“Hello Pops,” Rei softly said in front of her father’s tombstone in the graveyard in the Nerima district. “I wanted to see you before I head back home to the Hikawa Shrine. I miss you.” Tears filled her eyes, and she felt all choked up. “I know if you were here you would call me a weak girl for crying. I know, however, that tears are not a weakness, but can be a source of strength.” She smiled and began to mediate. “I know; I know I’ll make sure to keep practicing the art every day. I hope one day you’ll be proud of your daughter, and understand why I chose the path that I did.”
Akane, Kasumi, Nabiki, and Soun walked in the graveyard and saw Rei sitting at her father’s grave.
“Rei,” Akane said while she began to walk over to where Rei sat; however, she felt Kasumi grab her hands and pull her back out of sight and ear range.
“What are you doing Kasumi?” Akane asked.
“Let’s leave Rei in peace,” Kasumi replied. “I don’t think she would like to be disturbed.”
“I want to tell her that I am not mad at her anymore,” Akane said.
“I think that she knows,” Nabiki said. “She already said goodbye to us earlier this morning.”
“Remember when your mother died,” Soun said. “Whenever we visited her grave we didn’t want to be interrupted.”
“You are right,” Akane said. “I barely said goodbye this morning.”
“She understands,” Kasumi said. “Let her be alone for now.”
“You’ll have plenty of time to talk to her later,” Nabiki said.
“We can return in an hour and see your mother then,” Soun said.
Rei sat in a quiet mediation. “I hope one day I’ll be able to see you again. Take care of yourself Pops. I’ll see you soon.” Rei slowly sat up, and began to walk off.
“I trust you all have new information regarding the Sailor Senshi?” General Matsumoto asked his allies when they entered his office. Ms. Kimura nodded in affirmation. “I see. You all may take a seat.”
“I regret to report that every time I am about to make a breakthrough with discovering who the Sailor Senshi are I become blocked. I have had our workers cover every centimeter of every location at every battle the Sailor Senshi have been involved in, and I have not yet found any traces of data that I can use,” Ms. Kimura said.
“We have even dressed as civilians and watched the last few Sailor Senshi’s fights, and we have yet to procure any data of who they are and where they go,” Captain Mochizuki said.
“Interesting,” General Matsumoto said. “We know that they live somewhere in the Azabu Juban District and yet we have no leads that we can use? It seems that we have underestimated the Sailor Senshi. Hmm does anyone have an idea?”
“This may take even longer then we initially thought,” Lieutenant Captain Shimizu said. “I think if we have our spies watch over every facility in the Minato Ward and question everyone the Sailor Senshi communicate with we’ll eventually obtain some information that we can use.”
“Good idea,” General Matsumoto said. “Mrs. Kimura how is our lavaixal project coming along?”
“The lavaixal project is coming along smoothly,” Mrs. Kimura replied. “Many of the problems that we encountered during our initial test during our takeover of the seven wards seem to have been resolved. We’ll be ready in a month to run our green tests.”
“My men found the perfect site outside Tokyo to run the blue tests for the lavaixal project. We’ll be ready in two days,” Lieutenant Captain Shimizu said.
“Very good all,” General Matsumoto said. “Captain Mochizuki prepare our men for phase blue.”
“Yes sir,” Captain Mochizuki said.
“Ami? Have you picked up any information or clues as to when Xytar or the Dark Moon Clan will attack again?” Usagi asked.
“Nothing yet,” Ami replied. Ami stared at the starry night. “Right now it feels like creeping shadows in an alleyway waiting for the perfect instant to strike.”
“They each must be biding their time,” Rei said while crossing her arms to her chest.
“We know from past experience that Xytar is in no hurry,” Luna said, “but what can the Black Moon Clan be up to?”
“Mamoru did warn us that a lady named Esmeraude was given orders, and she may be in the middle of preparing,” Minako said.
“She must be carefully preparing for our next encounter with them,” Makoto said.
“Then we have to make sure that we are ready for whatever they have prepared,” Artemis said.
“I’ll keep everyone informed when I make more progress,” Ami said. “I should be done with…” Every Senshi heard the sounds of multiple explosions in the distance and each saw smoke and flames near central downtown Azabu Juban.
“Sailor Moon you have exactly five minutes to deliver Maboroshi no Ginzuisho and Chibiusa to me, or I’ll set off another detonation,” Esmeraude calmly voiced over a loud intercom.
“We have to go now,” Usagi said while grabbing out her Henshen Rod. Ami, Makoto, Minako, and Rei each pulled out their Henshen Rods.
“Jupiter Power, Make Up,” Makoto called out.
“Mercury Power, Make Up,” Ami called out.
“Mars Power, Make Up,” Rei called out.
“Venus Power, Make Up,” Minako called out.
“Moon Prism Power, Make Up,” Usagi called out.
“Mercury, I need you to begin to work on a way to neutralize her weapon. Venus, I need you to keep her distracted while Jupiter, Mars and I evacuate any injured,” ordered Moon as the group ran to Esmeraude’s location.
“Gotcha,” Mercury said.
“Understood,” Mars, Venus, and Jupiter said. They each took off for their designated target.
“You got a lot of spunk Sailor Moon if you think you can stop the Dark Moon Clan,” Esmeraude snarled.
“I should be more worried about Sailor Venus if I were you,” Moon cautioned with a smile while waving her right index finger before she disappeared from sight.
“Your plan won’t work Sailor Venus,” Esmeraude said with a laugh.
“Crescent Beam Shower,” Venus called out. A light beam began to charge in her left hand before she dropped her left hand next to her right hand. Both hands released a large beam of light that aimed for Esmeraude who easily deflected the attack.
“Is that the best that you have?” Esmeraude asked with a laugh. “How pathetic.”
“I think you are the one who is pathetic,” Venus said with a giggle. “You fell right into our trap.”
“Really and what trap is that?” Esmeraude asked while raising her right arm. “I still have the ability to detonate more buildings. Maybe after another building explodes you’ll take me more seriously. Maybe then you might not be so confident you self-righteous brat.” She pulled out a remote and pressed a button, but nothing happened. “Noooooo. What have you done?”
“Venus,” Mercury said while walking up to her friend. “I have disarmed her weapon.”
“Good job,” Venus said. “Mars, Mercury, and Moon should be done evacuating soon.”
Jupiter jumped into the smoking apartment building, and began to search for survivors. (I can barely see anything in here. I hope everyone was able to escape in time.) Jupiter thought while walking along the hallways in the second floor of the building.
“Hmm I can’t seem to find any survivors,” Jupiter said aloud. “Such devastation.”
“Mommy,” a girl called out. “Don’t leave me here.”
(Someone is alive.) Jupiter thought. (She is through this door, but it somehow got wedged. I’ll need to force my way through.) Jupiter smoothly kicked down the door, entered the room, and saw a young girl.
“Who are you?” The girl asked.
“I am Sailor Jupiter, and I’ll get you out of here, and help you find your mother,” Jupiter said calmly.
“My name is Hisako Eto,” Hisako said. “Please help me.”
“Hang on tightly onto my neck,” Jupiter said while walking towards the girl. “I’ll have you out of here quickly.” Jupiter picked her up and the two began to make their way out. Once outside Jupiter jumped down to the street, and made her way to the police line.
“Mommy,” Hisako called out. Jupiter handed the girl over to her mother.
“Thank you so much for rescuing my daughter,” Mrs. Eto said.
“No problem,” Jupiter said before her Senshi Phone began to ring. Jupiter dashed out of sight before she opened her phone.
“Moon,” Mars said. “I can hear several people talking.” She walked over to a partially collapsed restaurant. “They are in here.”
“We need to get them out,” Moon said. “I need you to hold open an area that the survivors can squeeze through.”
“Gotcha,” Mars said. “Ready when you are.”
“Okay go,” Moon said. Mars held up the rubble with her hands.
“Who is there?” a man called out. Moon squeezed through, and made her way to the group of eight people crowded in a small still-standing section of the restaurant.
“My friend Sailor Mars is holding open an area you all can squeeze through. Hurry,” Moon said.
“Thanks,” a woman said. Very quickly the small group led by Sailor Moon slowly made their way out of the restaurant, and once everyone escaped Mars ducked out the way, and the building collapsed even further.
“Thank you for rescuing us,” another man said.
“No problem,” Mars said. The small grouped walked over to the nearby police line.
“Thank you Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars for rescuing the people that were trapped,” a police officer said.
“You’re welcome,” Moon and Mars said.
“Can you tell me what is going on?” The police officer asked.
“Esmeraude of the Black Moon Clan set off the detonation in order to kidnap Chibiusa, who we have been protecting. By now Sailor Jupiter should have the other building that came under attack cleared of any survivors, and Sailor Mercury, and Sailor Venus should have all her weapons disabled.”
“You and your friends move surprisingly fast,” another police officer said.
“Thanks,” Mars said.
“You’ll pay for your interference,” Esmeraude yelled. She ran at Venus and threw a devastating punch that caught her enemy by surprise. Venus flew off in the distance. “Now it time to die, Sailor Mercury.”
“Sabão Spray Freezing,” Mercury called out. The attack covered the area in a thick frost fog, and while her enemy was momentary, blinded Mercury dashed off to find Venus.
“All of you Senshi shall pay,” Esmeraude yelled in a rage.
“Yes?” Jupiter asked after she flipped opened her Senshi Phone.
“Jupiter,” Moon said. “Once you have completed you objective I need you to rendezvous with us.”
“On my way,” Jupiter said.
Moon put away her Senshi phone, and nodded at Mars. “Now we can confront Esmeraude,” Moon said.
“Right,” Mars said. “We won’t let her get away with the destruction that she…” While Mars was speaking Venus came in eyesight, and she soared by, and crashed into the street. Mars and Moon ran over to her.
“Venus, are you alright?” Moon asked.
“I am fine,” Venus said. “She just caught me by surprise is all.” At the same time as Venus was, speaking Mercury ran up to the group.
“Glad to see you are alright,” Mercury said. “Esmeraude can’t be far behind. We’ll need to be ready.”
“I hope you are ready now Sailor Moon,” Esmeraude said. “I have a special treat for you and your friends.”
“We’ll be ready for anything you have planned,” Mars said. At the same time, Tuxedo Kamen and Sailor Jupiter came in view and joined their friends.
“You are outnumbered,” Jupiter said confidently, while pointing a finger at her enemy.
“We won’t let you get away with your criminal behavior any longer,” Tuxedo Kamen said.
I am Sailor Moon, and in the name of the Moon I shall punish you,” Moon said.
“Punish me?” Esmeraude asked. “You think you have me outnumbered. Well you see that is where you are wrong. Chiral and Achiral the time has come to begin our plan.” Two men jumped down and landed gracefully next to Esmeraude. “Sailor Moon may I introduce you to the Boule Brothers Chiral and Achiral. We have a special gift to show you.
“Time to dance,” Achiral said.
“Ooh the crystal dance is my favorite,” Chiral said.
“Summon Ryfa,” Esmeraude ordered.
“With pleasure,” Chiral and Achiral said. The two began to dance, and the Senshi began to see Tokyo disappear, and swirling darkness take its place. The swirling darkness faded, and the Senshi saw crystal formations all around them.
“Where all we?” Mars asked.
“Where is Moon?” Venus asked.
“She just vanished,” Jupiter said. “We have to find her.”
“You won’t believe this,” Mercury said. “We are in Tokyo but we are in the future.”
“We can worry about that after we find Moon,” Venus said.
“Right,” Mars said. She took a step to find her way blocked by a red droid that looked like a demon. Standing in front of Mercury was a blue droid, Jupiter saw a green droid in her path, and Venus came face to face with a yellow droid.
“I guess first we’ll have to clean up some droids,” Jupiter said.
“We need to be careful,” Mercury said. “I am getting some strange readings.”
“Where is everyone,” Moon said while looking around, and she saw a palace that appeared to be in the formation of crystals. “This palace seems to bring back a feeling of nostalgia for some reason.”
“I should think that it does,” Chiral said. “After all doesn’t this remind you of the Moon Palace on the Moon?”
“While you feel a great sense of passion and freedom from this city the Dark Moon Clan intends to bring down this relic and destroy everything unnatural that the Crystal Tokyo brings,” Achiral said.
“And I shall stop you,” Moon said with confidence.
“What makes you think you can even beat us?” Achiral asked while raising his left hand.
“Moon Princess Halation,” Moon called out, but nothing happened. “What? Why aren’t my powers working?”
“Hahahaha,” laughed Chiral. “That crystal at your feet is preventing your powers, and it is also restricting your movement. You are helpless, and your friends are too busy to save you.” (This is not good.) Moon thought.
“Let’s bring these droids down,” Mars said.
“Right,” Jupiter said.
“You really think you can beat me?” Ryfa asked. “I am one and I am four. Your powers are insignificant compared to my own,” she threw up her hands in the air while she smiled before the red, blue, and green variations of her faded from view.
“Her current color matches her weakness,” Mercury called out.
“Venus Love-Me Chain,” Venus called out. An energy of light began to surround her, and she formed a chain with hearts. She released the heart chain at the yellow colored Ryfa but the color turned blue and the attack harmlessly bounced off her. After the attack struck all four images of Ryfa appeared, and a dark energy appeared underneath each Senshi. In an instant, the energy blasted outwards and sent each of them into the ground.
“At the last second her color changed,” Mercury said.
“We need to find a way to match her color,” Jupiter said.
“We’ll get her next time,” Venus said.
“Your own powers will destroy you. Hahahaha,” laughed Ryfa while her color turned red. “You have no chance.”
““Fire Soul Bird,” Mars called out. A large fireball appeared on her hands, and she fired the attack off towards the droid. The flames formed a large firebird that flew off towards Ryfa.
“Sabão Spray Freezing,” Mercury called out. The attack covered the area in a thick frost fog, and froze the Fire Soul Bird just before Ryfa’s color turned green.
“Supreme Thunder Dragon,” Jupiter called out at the same time that Mercury launched her attack. Electrical energy began to appear around her. Soon a lightning rod appeared on her tiara, it collected the electrical energy, she discharged the electrical energy in the form of a dragon at Ryfa who was unable to change her color, and the attack struck true.
“Very clever to beat me at my own game,” Ryfa said with a laugh. “Let’s see if you can handle this. She split back into her four colored forms and began to spin around the Senshi as if she was taunting them. As she spun around them sheets of ice, lighting striking in an arch, fireballs hurtling towards the Senshi, or rocks spearing out of the ground attacked the Senshi at periodic intervals. “You won’t figure out a way to take me down. Hahahhahahaha.”
“Time for you to die Sailor Moon,” Achiral said. “A fitting place for your death.”
“I won’t go down as easily as you think,” Moon said bravely.
“Without your powers there is nothing you can do,” Chiral said. “Your end has come.”
“Goodbye Sailor Moon,” Esmeraude said from a nearby pillar she was standing on. “Don’t worry your friends shall be joining you in the afterlife. Kill her.” The two brothers began to dance, daggers appeared all around them, and each began aiming for Moon.
“I won’t let you harm Sailor Moon,” Tuxedo Kamen said. “Tuxedo La Smoking Bomber.” Strong pulses of energy fired off his hands, and struck the crystal at Sailor Moon’s foot, and the resulting explosion destroyed all the daggers, and turned Achiral and Chiral to sand.
“Thanks,” Moon said. “We should find the others.”
“You’ll pay for this Sailor Moon,” threatened Esmeraude. “I’ll make sure that the Black Moon Clan is successful.”
“Any suggestions Mercury?” Jupiter asked while dodging fireballs that were being shot at her.
“This should blind her. Sabão Spray Freezing,” Mercury called out. The attack aimed for the blue Ryfa and covered her in a thick frost fog, but the green Ryfa changed colors with the yellow Ryfa and the droid struck the Senshi with dark energy.
“We can’t make another mistake in this fight,” Venus said in pain as she stood up.
“She changes her colors faster than we can react,” Mars said.
“I figured out her weakness,” Mercury said while dashing out the way from the cracking earth. “She has to be struck correctly at the same time for all four of her colors.”
“How do we manage that?” Venus asked. Mercury smiled.
“Her color changes have a particular pattern,” Mercury said.
“Oh I see,” Jupiter said while flexing her muscles.
“This’ll be fun,” Mars said.
“Time for your deaths now,” Ryfa said.
“Venus Love-Me Chain,” Venus called out. An energy of light began to surround her, and she formed a chain with hearts. She released the heart chain at the red Ryfa.
“Shine Snow Illusion,” Mercury called out. Large drops of water began to form around her, and her hands collected the water. She aimed her attack, and unleashed a torrent of water at the green Ryfa.
“Fire Soul Bird,” Mars called out. A large fireball appeared on her hands, and she fired the attack off towards the yellow Ryfa. The flames formed a large firebird that flew off towards its intended target.
“Flower Hurricane,” Jupiter called out. Petals swirled around her, and she blasted the attack at the blue Ryfa.
Just as Mercury had anticipated Ryfa, changed colors before each attack struck. Venus Love-Me Chain struck the yellow Ryfa, at the same time Shine Snow Illusion flew off into the blue Ryfa, while Fire Soul Bird turned the red Ryfa into flames, and finally Flower Hurricane’s petals struck the green Ryfa.
“No,” Ryfa screamed while her four forms merged into one. “How did you see through my attack pattern? I am flawless.” The droid turned into sand.
“Is everyone alright,” Moon asked once she came into sight.
“Yea,” Jupiter said.
“We out thought the droid Ryfa despite her overwhelming power,” Mars said.
“Now maybe we can learn more about this future Tokyo,” Mercury said.
“I wonder how we’ll be able to get back,” Venus said.
“So we really are in the future?” Tuxedo Kamen asked. The crystal city vanished before their eyes, and dark swirling energy surrounded them. Each of them found themselves back in Azabu Juban.
“You have failed me,” Wiseman said. “I had high hopes for you Green Esmeraude of the Dark Moon Clan.”
“How do you know who I am?” Esmeraude asked.
“Oh you know me as the advisor Wiseman,” Wiseman said. “However, like Crimson Rubeus found out you are my tool just like Prince Dimande and the rest of the Black Moon Clan.”
“You won’t get away with this,” spat Esmeraude.
“Oh but I will,” Wiseman huffed. “You disappoint me. You exposed the Sailor Senshi to Crystal Tokyo and now they may begin to figure out what is really going on. I shall punish you. I know just what to do with you.” He lifted his staff and let out a cackle.
“I’ll kill you before you can get away with whatever it is you have planned,” Esmeraude shouted in rage. She attempted to lunge at him but found her feet unresponsive.
“You won’t be moving anymore,” Wiseman said with a twisted smile. “Your body is turning into the same crystal substance that makes up Crystal Tokyo. Your life has ended. Soon you shall be a life size statue.” Esmeraude watched with horror as her body began to crystallize. She could no longer move her hands.
“You’ll fail,” Esmeraude said with a smile. “If Prince Dimande doesn’t kill you, you’ll fall to…” Her mouth remained open in a smile, her left arm slightly raised, as the rest of her body crystallized.
“You look so much better as a statue,” Wiseman said. “I know just where to place you.”
“Kei?” Masa Saitou asked her husband while walking up to a statue of a woman with a raise left arm.
“Yes,” Kei replied. He walked up to his wife.
“Wasn’t there another statue here?” Masa asked.
“This statue has been here for more than twenty years,” Kei replied while putting his hand on his wife’s shoulder.
“You are right,” Masa said. She smiled and grabbed his hand as the two left the park in Azabu Juban.