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Chapter Ten: Control

Inside the throne room of the Europa Castle Xytar Lexeaba sat on his throne while he spoke to General Savaski.
“I see that the Outer Senshi are indeed awake. What an interesting turn of events,” Xytar said.
“Yes my Lord,” agreed General Savaski. “How do you propose we deal with them now?”
“The Outer Senshi?” mused Xytar. “They are an inconsequential threat to me. I am more concerned with Sailor Moon. She is the biggest threat of them all.”
“Yes my Lord,” General Savaski said.
“And how is your other project going?” Xytar asked.
“I feel a conclusion is inevitable,” replied General Savaski. “The task is almost complete my Lord.”
“I see,” Xytar said. “You may go.”
“Yes my Lord,” General Savaski said.
“How will you be able to help me? Chibiusa asked. The wind blew through the large trees and they silently swayed back and forth. Many sounds echoed throughout the forest.
“Your parents don’t really love you do they?” Wiseman said. “They have never cared for you.”
“That can’t be right,” sniffled Chibiusa. “They love me.”
“Oh do they now?” Wiseman asked with an evil smirk. “Remember the time when you all took a walk?” (Her memories are too easy to manipulate.) Wiseman thought. He lifted his staff in the air. He crackled out an evil laugh.
Altered Memory

Mommy, daddy, and I walked in the forest outside Crystal Tokyo. They were holding hands, and stared into each other’s eyes. I ran, bounced, and skipped around. I was very happy to spend time with mommy and daddy.
“Stop running around brat,” yelled Mommy. I innocently continued to run around until I tripped over a rock. I fell onto the ground, and scraped my knee. It hurt so much and I cried. Daddy and mommy laughed.
The two continued their walk. I sat on the ground and stared up at my parents. Tears filled my eyes before I stood back up. (They hate me.) I thought.

End Altered Memory
“Mommy and Daddy hate me,” Chibiusa cried out.
“I can be your friend,” Wiseman said with smirk.
“You would be my friend?” Chibiusa asked.
“Yep I can give you what you have always wished for,” Wiseman said. (I need her to be angrier. A few more fake memories will do the trick.)
Altered Memories

“It’s entirely your fault,” yelled Pluto. “You went and lost the Maboroshi no Ginzuisho. You’re a bad girl.”
“I am sorry for…” I cried.
“You’ll be in a lot of trouble once your mother finds out,” shouted Pluto.
“You never should have been born,” spat Ami. She crossed her eyes and shot me an evil look. I shrank back and tried to hide near my bed.
“Just disappear little brat,” shouted Minako.
“Everyone would be happier without you,” Rei added.
“You are nothing but a pain,” Makoto said.
“Why are you so mean to me?” I cried.
“You are a disgrace to me my daughter,” Mommy said angrily.
“Mommy?” I cried. “Please…”
“Just go to bed and stay out of our sight,” yelled Daddy.

End Altered Memories
Chibiusa fell onto her knees, tears fell down her face, and an aura of anger radiated from her. (Excellent I can feel her anger.) Wiseman thought. He smiled and lifted his staff high in the air.
“Huh?” Chibiusa asked. “What is going on?” A dark aura surrounded her. She slowly floated up into the air. “Noooo. What is happening to me?”
“Mwhahahahaha,” laughed. Wiseman. The aura continued to surround her. When it faded, it revealed a woman with long pink hair. She wore a black blouse overtop an orange shirt, and a blue skirt. She wore small red heels. An upside-down moon was on her face showing that she was a member of the Black Moon Clan.
“Like the new powers I gave you?” Wiseman asked. “You are now called Black Lady and you now work for the Black Moon Clan.”
The woman looked at herself and smiled evilly. She felt power flow through her. “You did this for me?” Black Lady asked. Wiseman nodded.
“Don’t worry you’ll get your revenge on the Sailor Senshi soon enough,” Wiseman said.
“I can’t wait,” Black Lady said.
(I should let Prince Dimande know what I did. I don’t want to blow my cover yet.) Wiseman thought.
A young woman lay on her comfortable bed. Many tears flowed down her face. “My handsome knight. How it was not to be. I loved you even if you didn’t love me. Oh, how I wish we could at least be friends, however, it was not to be. For no one shall ever trust me,” Kodachi softly spoke out.
“I wouldn’t sell yourself short,” a mysterious woman called out. Kodachi sat up and saw a woman with green hair.
“Who are you?” Kodachi asked. She wiped her tears off her face.
“I am Sailor Pluto,” Pluto replied.
“And what do you want of me?” Kodachi asked.
“I know you would like to make amends with Rei Hino,” Pluto said. “You don’t know how and you are worried that she will refuse to be friends.”
“But how?…How did you know?” faltered Kodachi.
“I am the Guardian of the Gates of Time. I know about your past, and besides I heard you talking to yourself when I teleported in,” Pluto replied. Kodachi shot her an odd look. “Rei is Sailor Mars.” Kodachi’s facial expression turned to surprise and she struck her head on her wall.
“Ouch,” stuttered Kodachi. She sat and stared at the walls. “How noble she and her friends are to risk their lives to protect others.”
“A sentiment that you lack,” Pluto said.
“Do you know something?” Kodachi asked.
“Very perceptive,” Pluto dryly commented.
“Tell me?” Kodachi asked.
“A particular person Rei cherishes has been chosen by Xytar Lexeaba to become a future general of his,” answered Pluto. She faced away from Kodachi. “You’ve heard the stories I am sure.” Pluto walked over to the window in the room and looked up at the moon. “That person upon being defeated by the Inner Sailor Senshi will lose their life.”
“And who is this person?” Kodachi asked.
“I cannot say,” Pluto replied.
“Why not?” commanded Kodachi.
“To tell you would violate the very essence of time itself,” Pluto replied.
“Then why did you even tell me anything at all?” screeched Kodachi. She stood up next to her dresser.
“You Kodachi Kunou have a chance to alter the future,” Pluto calmly replied.
“How so?” questioned Kodachi.
“You can trade places with the chosen person,” Pluto answered. She faced Kodachi.
“That would mean…” stuttered Kodachi. “I would have to give up my life?”
“In the end if you choose to take that persons place then yes you will die,” Pluto replied.
“You’re going to force me to take their place?” demanded Kodachi. Pluto shook her head.
“No Kodachi, all I can do is tell you about the choice. You must decide what you will do. No one can choose this path for you,” Pluto said. She walked to the door hands behind her back. “Do you wish to live or do you wish to give your life to save another?”
“I choose to…” Kodachi said.
“No,” interrupted Pluto, “take your time.” She faced Kodachi. “Learn about the consequences of your choice. You and your brother both have been lonely your whole lives. Take this time and make some friends. Take care.” She tossed Kodachi a small item.
“What is this?” Kodachi asked. She caught the item.
“If you decide to take the place of the other person touch the item and transmit your thoughts. If you decide to keep your life, the item can be easily destroyed,” Pluto replied. “Now I must leave.”
“Wait,” Kodachi said. “How can I even become friends with Rei and the others?”
“Look inside your heart,” Pluto said. “There you’ll find the answer. Oh and by the way, do not tell anyone what we discussed here. Do you understand?” Kodachi nodded with affirmation. “Good.”
“Thanks for your help,” Kodachi called out. In an instant Sailor Pluto vanished. Kodachi looked at the item given to her. (What do I do?) Kodachi thought. (Would anyone even miss me?) She sat on her bed. (What does she mean by looking inside my heart?)
“Now Sailor Moon,” Black Lady said. “You’ll pay the price of betraying me.”
“Come back to us Chibiusa,” Tuxedo Kamen cried out. “We care about you.”
“We promised to protect you,” Mercury called out. “And we still want to protect you.”
“We’ll find a way to unshackle you,” Venus added.
“Remember when we prayed together at the festival?” Mars enquired. “You were really happy.”
“We are friends,” Jupiter said. “Friends always help each other.”
“I love you,” Moon said. She channeled the power of their love through the Maboroshi no Ginzuisho. An aura of love surrounded Black Lady and she began to change back. (Yes.) Moon thought. (The evil aura surrounding her is dispelling.) Time went by and Chibiusa began to revert to herself.
“Arrrgh,” Chibiusa screamed out in pain. “Mommy, Daddy. Save me.”
“Come on everyone,” Moon rallied out. “Help me release her. We have almost broken her free from the spell. We can do this!”
“Yea,” Mars, Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, and Tuxedo Kamen called out. “We got this.” (Damn the Sailor Senshi.) Wiseman thought. (They have almost broken my control. I’ll have to pour more evil into her.) He raised his staff high into the air and came into sight.
“Remember the pain that they caused you,” Wiseman called out. “They cannot be allowed to get away with what they have done.”
“His power,” Mercury cried out. “He’s radiating out a lot of evil.”
“Don’t give up,” shouted Mars. “We can do this.” Everyone nodded.
“Chibiusa is counting on us,” Venus and Jupiter said together.
“We will protect her,” Moon and Tuxedo Kamen called out.
“Ugh,” Wiseman crackled out. “You are very strong; however I won’t lose this battle.”
“Noooo,” Chibiusa screamed out. “It hurts. Help Me!” The evil aura that radiated around her began to push back the healing effects from the Maboroshi no Ginzuisho. The malevolent aura spilled out and knocked the Sailor Senshi and Tuxedo Kamen onto the ground. Chibiusa reverted to her evil self. Wiseman crackled out an evil laugh.
“You’ve failed,” Black Lady said. Moon and her friends looked up in a daze and once they regained their composure, they stood up.
“We won’t give up,” Moon said. “We’ll break you free. Is everyone ready?” Once more, she and her friends channeled their powers through the Maboroshi no Ginzuisho. “We will free you. I love you.”
“Come back to us,” Venus, Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter said in unison.
“We’ll break you free from his twisted spell,” Tuxedo Kamen said.
“Ooh oh Ooh,” Wiseman laughed. “You are a stubborn woman Sailor Moon.” Once more, he lifted his staff in the air. “This time I won’t be so careless as before.” The aura of love surrounded Black Lady once more, but she easily deflected the power of the Senshi.
“Pathetic,” Black Lady said. “Your feeble powers are no match for me.”
“No way,” Venus said. “She deflected our powers?”
“He’s infused her with thoughts of anger, hate, and betrayal,” explained Mercury.
“We haven’t failed yet,” Mars said. “We can think of another approach.”
“We won’t ever give up,” Tuxedo Kamen said.
“Hang on Chibiusa,” Moon said.
“Moon,” Jupiter said. “Is there anything else we can do?”
“Yes,” Black Lady replied. “You all can die!”
“Halt,” a mysterious voice called out. “Wiseman, I thought I ordered you to capture them.”
“My Lord,” Wiseman said. He lowered his staff to his side. “Prince Dimande. It was all a big misunderstanding. A mistake if you will.”
“Very well,” Prince Dimande said. “Don’t make the same one again.” He glared at Wiseman and Black Lady. “Saphir?”
“Yes?” Saphir asked.
“Take them away,” Prince Dimande ordered.
“We won’t go without a fight,” Moon proclaimed.
“We’ll never surrender,” Mars added.
“Of course not,” smirked Prince Dimande. “However, you are outnumbered. This is one battle you won’t win.”
“Veneti, Aquatici secure them at once,” Saphir ordered.
“Of course,” Veneti said.
“As you wish master,” Aquatici added.
“Moon,” Mercury said quietly. “We won’t win this battle.”
“I hate to surrender,” Jupiter said, “but we have little choice.”
“I agree,” Tuxedo Kamen said. Moon nodded her consent.
“Very well,” Venus said.
“Hahahhahahaha,” laughed Wiseman. He smirked. “Seems your lucky streak didn’t last that long. Did it Sailor Moon?”
“Take the Maboroshi no Ginzuisho from Sailor Moon,” Prince Dimande ordered. The Inner Senshi and Tuxedo Kamen found themselves captured by their foes. Saphir grabbed the Maboroshi no Ginzuisho from Sailor Moon. ________________________________________
In the main room inside the palace Kva roughly five thousand civilians, soldiers, and children gathered around the very large room. Some walked around the room nervously, others talked about the war, parents comforted their children, and children played with their friends. An atmosphere of depression hung around the crowd like dust particles floating in midair.
“Has the war really gone so bad for us?” A man asked.
“Yea,” a woman replied. She nodded. “Every month that goes by we lose more and more soldiers.”
“Is there any hope of survival?” Another man asked.
“No. Even though we’ve managed to secure Xxuia and the surrounding country side including the distant town of Fva, our enemies has laid waste to the rest of our country,” another woman replied. “It’s only a matter of time before we’ll lose Fva.”
“No,” the man cried out. “All I have left is my son. My daughter enlisted and was killed a week ago.”
“I know,” a teary-eyed woman said. “All of us have lost someone special. Remember the funeral for Soldier Iviaxil a year ago. His poor wife and children have had a hard time since his passing.”
“He was a brave man, and a true hero. I only wish our people had a chance of survival,” the other man said. “Maybe our leader Luiea Yyuil has a…” A door swung open and Luiea Yyuil walked up to a podium. Each member of Hivail took a seat.
“May I have everyone’s attention?...Good. It has been a year to the day since we learned of the betrayal of Xytar Lexeaba,” Luiea Yyuil said. “I have since devoted our resources to protecting our fair people from our enemy the Vieal.” He looked at everyone, smiled, and walked to his left.” From all corners of our country have we fought tooth and nail to save as many people as possible.” He held up his hand in the air. “I know everyone in this room has lost someone dear to them. I as your leader am responsible for their deaths since I failed to see the threat Xytar brought. For that I could never apologize enough.” He put his hand down and walked to his right. “I gathered you here today to share some news. Our defeat at the hands of the Vieal is inevitable; however, our enemy will never crush our will to survive.” He walked back to the podium and looked at everyone. “In this last year, we’ve worked on finishing a secret project to leave this planet. To explore space and colonize other planets.”
“What?” A man called out.
“This is our home,” a woman yelled.
“You can’t make us leave,” another man said.
“Quiet,” Captain Revvuk yelled out. He walked into the room. “Our leader wishes to speak. Please do not disturb him.”
“I understand all of your concerns and I share them,” Luiea Yyuil said with sympathy. “If we do nothing then there will be nothing left of our race. The Yva people need to survive and in order to survive we must retreat.” He put his hand on his heart. “With this is in mind my daughter and son will each lead a different fleet. Each fleet will carry two thousand civilians, soldiers, and children, plus survival gear.” He looked at everyone. “Each fleet will find an uninhabited world and settle on it. I carry the highest confidence in you all and in my children. May the Yva people survive these dark days.” He looked at everyone and then at the members of Hivail. “Many soldiers, members of Hivail, and I shall remain here to keep our enemy occupied while the rest of you escape.” He looked at the audience again. “Good luck. Our fleets are scheduled to leave in two days.” He nodded at Captain Revvuk.
“Argh,” Usagi’s eyelids blinked a few times. The darkness in her eyes lifted and the girl slowly woke up. She looked around the room and saw a dresser next to the bed she was laying on. She sat up. In the other corner of the room was a shelf full of books and next to it was a door. She got up and walked to the bookshelf. “Um where am I?” The door to the room swung open and in walked Prince Dimande.
“Hello Neo Queen Serenity,” Prince Dimande said. “I am glad that you are finally awake.”
“What did you do to me?” Usagi demanded.
“I wouldn’t do anything to you without your consent,” Prince Dimande replied. He raised his hands in the air and smiled. “The power of Nemesis prevents you and your pesky friends from staying transformed and keeps you from powering up. I wouldn’t want you to escape now. Your de-transformation was not by my hand.”
“Just leave me alone,” Usagi said. She glared at him and turned away.
“Now, now my Queen,” Prince Dimande said. “When I first saw you I fell in love. Your looks, personality, are traits that I admire. Let’s face facts you’re stuck here for the rest of your life. We can at least have each other.”
“No,” Usagi cried out. “I intend to marry Mamoru. Please just leave me alone.” Prince Dimande backpedaled a step in the shock at her words.
“I had hoped you would agree willingly,” Prince Dimande said. “One way or another you’ll be mine.” He walked over to her. “Just give in.”
“Never,” Usagi said.
“You are a very strong willed girl,” Prince Dimande said. He held a black crystal in his hands and began to channel its powers.
*Give in to your temptation Neo Queen Serenity. You know you want me.* Prince Dimande’s thoughts invaded Usagi’s mind.
“No,” Usagi said. “I will not be controlled by evil.”
*You have no choice in the matter, girl.* Prince Dimande’s thoughts invaded Usagi’s mind again.
“Your dark magic cannot control me. The power of the Moon aids me,” Usagi said. “Let’s see you beat this.” Usagi channeled her powers against Prince Dimande’s dark thoughts.
*Now I command you to….* Prince Dimande’s thoughts invaded Usagi’s mind once more. An explosion of thoughts occurred and Prince Diamnde fell backwards and landed harshly on the floor.
“What incredible powers you process,” Prince Dimande said. Usagi dashed towards him and threw a hard punch to his face. The blow knocked him into the wall.
“You are a creep,” huffed Usagi. She fled the room and was quickly out of sight.
“I must have her,” Prince Dimande said and unconsciousness overtook him.
“I wonder if Usagi is alright,” Makoto said.
“This place seems to prevent us from powering up,” observed Ami. “However, Usagi can take care of herself.”
“Yea,” Rei said. “Either way we need to find a way out of here, find her and get out of this place. We need to help Chibiusa.”
“I agree,” Minako said. “The question is how to break out of this cell? The material is really strong.”
“Quiet,” Mamoru said. “I can hear someone coming.” It felt like an eternity to the group when they finally saw blond hair come into view. They each saw Usagi stride into sight. She looked extremely focused and smiled when she saw her friends.
“I am so glad that everyone is alright,” Usagi half choked out. “Give me a sec and I’ll set you all free.”
“Usagi are you alright?” Makoto asked. Usagi wiped a tear off her face and gave a small smile.
“I’ll be alright. Let’s just concentrate on getting out of here,” Usagi said.
“Did Prince Dimande try anything?” Minako asked. Usagi nodded.
“He did, but I knocked him out,” Usagi replied. “Alright here we go.” She pulled a lever, the cage door swung open, and her friends walked out.
“What an ass,” Rei said, “Well he got what he deserved. Let’s go find a way to free Chibiusa and make our way home.”
“We’ll return her back to herself,” Mamoru said.
“Let’s go,” Usagi said.
Usagi and her friends ran on until they came across a large circular room. There the group saw Saphir and his two droids. Saphir gave Usagi an annoyed look.
“Tsk. Tsk. Oh? Look who is here Sailor Moon and her band of magical freaks,” Saphir said. “Long ago we had other objectives until my brother saw your future self and became obsessed with you.” He glared at Moon. “He’s deluded himself to the point that he doesn’t even see Wiseman’s betrayal. If I remove you and your friends from the picture my brother will start seeing clearly again. Now Sailor Moon you and your friends can die.”
“We won’t go down without a fight this time,” Rei said.
“We’ll stop you and your brother’s foolish plans,” Ami said.
“You could have walked away at any time,” Makoto said. Her right arm lifted in the air. “But you chose to stick by your brother as he slipped into madness. How is that Usagi’s fault?”
“How dare you,” Saphir said. “I’ll make you all pay.”
“You are part of an organization dedicated to harming innocents. We won’t walk away. And we will stop you,” Minako said. She pointed a finger at him.
“You claim that Wiseman has corrupted your brother?” asked Mamoru. “Wiseman has also corrupted Chibiusa and taken her away from us. Please just back down and let us go.”
“How touching,” Saphir said. He flicked his hair with his hand. “But no, you need to die. There is nothing natural about Crystal Tokyo.” Usagi closed her eyes and then looked at Saphir.
“I have no wish to battle, but I will protect my friends from harm,” Usagi said with conviction. Her blue eyes shimmered. He arms flicked up and down in full motion. “Please just let us through.”
“Veneti, Aquatici, kill them,” Saphir said.
“As you wish,” Veneti said.
“I shall enjoy this,” Aquatici said. The two dashed towards their enemies. Usagi took a step forward and then felt her Henshen Rod shake.
“Hey,” Usagi said. “Our powers…We can transform here. Moon Prism Power, Make Up.”
“Jupiter Power, Make Up,” Makoto called out.
“Mercury Power, Make Up,” Ami called out.
“Mars Power, Make Up,” Rei called out.
“Venus Power, Make Up,” Minako called out.
“Doesn’t matter,” Saphir said. “Kill them all.” Veneti, Aquatici continued their charge and came in attack range.
“Very well,” Moon quietly said. “I have no wish to see my friends harmed. You leave me little choice.” Moon began to glow a soft yellow. A look of determination appeared on her face. “I call upon the powers of the Moon to aid me.” Everything faded around Sailor Moon and the moon sat behind her in the distance glowing brightly. Moon did a pose. “Ancient Moon Blade.” A scabbard appeared at Moon’s waist. She unsheathed a large sword with four moon symbols on its hilt. The blade shimmered. The moon behind Sailor Moon vanished and everything reappeared around her.
“Um,” Aquatici said nervously.
“This is not looking well,” Veneti added.
“This ancient blade shall be your undoing. I am Sailor Moon, and in the name of the Moon you are to be punished,” proclaimed Moon. She stopped glowing, jumped high in the air. She landed and she swung her weapon at Veneti and he turned to sand. At the same instant, a small moon appeared and it homed in on Aquatici. The moon exploded when it struck the droid, he flew in the air, and turned into sand. Moon sheathed her sword and it vanished.
“I’ll make you pay for this Sailor Moon,” Saphir said. He vanished.
“Wow,” Mars and Venus said.
“That was incredible,” exclaimed Jupiter.
“Awesome job,” added Tuxedo Kamen.
“Where did you learn to do that?” Mercury asked. Her mouth remained agape.
“I do not know,” I wanted to protect everyone and the words came to me,” Moon replied.
“I see,” Mercury said, “looks like we have powers that we are not even aware of yet.”
“Indeed,” Mars said. “After you all went down during the fight with General Savaski I called an Ancient Volcano in the battle. I don’t remember ever…”
“That’s all well and good,” interrupted Tuxedo Kamen. “But we should get out of here first. We can pick this up later.”
“Right,” agreed Venus.
“Okay,” Moon said. We should be able to teleport away from here. Is everyone ready?” Everyone nodded. “Good.”
“Senshi Teleport,” Moon, Venus, Jupiter, Mars, Mercury called out in unison. The five Sailor Senshi held hands and along with Tuxedo Kamen vanished. They all appeared in a forest outside of the palace in Crystal Tokyo.
“Phew,” Jupiter said. “We should be safe. Now time to find a way to bring back Chibiusa.”
“The question is how do we get back to our time without the Maboroshi no Ginzuisho?” Moon asked. Everyone looked around and began to ponder the question. Moon walked towards a small tree and she tripped on something and landed on her butt. “Ow.”
“Moon?” Jupiter, Mars, Venus, and Mercury asked. They ran over to their friend. Tuxedo Kamen walked over and offered her a hand.
“You okay?” Tuxedo Kamen asked.
“Yea,” Usagi replied. She felt around the grass looking for the object that had tripped her. Her hand grasped it and she smiled.
“Moon,” Venus called out while moving in front of her friends face. She waved her hand. “Hey are you alright?” She looked down at Moon.
“Oh Sorry,” Moon said sheepishly. “Look what I found.” She handed it to Venus.
“The Maboroshi no Ginzuisho? You found it?” Mars asked.
“It’s the one that Chibiusa had lost,” exclaimed Mercury.
“Still,” Jupiter said. “What luck. Maybe now we can make our way home, and come up with a rescue plan.”
“Awesome,” Venus said. “Maybe now we can begin to turn our situation around.”
“Great job, Meatball head,” Tuxedo Kamen added.
“Hey,” complained Moon.
“Sorry. Just brings back some fond memories,” Tuxedo Kamen said with a smile. Sailor Pluto appeared before them.
“Welcome back Princess Serenity,” Pluto said. Moon accepted her friend’s hands and stood up. “I was worried when the Dark Moon Clan took you all prisoner.” Venus handed Moon the Maboroshi no Ginzuisho.
“Thanks,” Moon said. “We managed to escape and with some luck found the lost Maboroshi no Ginzuisho.”
“And Chibiusa? Did you manage to rescue her?” Pluto asked. Moon shook her head sadly.
“No,” Moon cried out.
“I see,” Pluto said. “I have no doubt you’ll rescue her. For now let’s get you back to your own time.” Pluto turned around and began to walk off. “Follow me.” The group walked off, each lost in thought.
The group of seven entered the portal and arrived at the Hikawa Shrine.
“Take care of yourselves,” Pluto said. “See ya.”
“Thanks,” Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, and Venus said. “Bye.”
“Later,” Tuxedo Kamen said. Pluto vanished. They all powered down. Usagi walked forward in a stumble, tears flowed down her face.
“Usagi,” Minako said. Rei walked over to Mamoru and whispered in his ear.
“Can you please leave,” Rei said quietly. “We’ll help Usagi.” Mamoru nodded.
“See you all later,” Mamoru said.
“Bye Mamo-chan,” Usagi said. She turned around and smiled sadly.
“Bye,” the four other Senshi said.
“Take care!” Mamoru said. He walked off in the distance and Rei walked over to Usagi and put her hand on her friend’s shoulders.
“Let’s go to the living room,” Rei said. Usagi nodded and the group went inside.
They sat down and tears flowed down Usagi’s face. Rei and Ami sat next to her on the couch, and Makoto and Minako each took a seat nearby.
“He tried to force himself on me,” Usagi bawled out. “I was so scared. He wanted to take my Mamoru away from me. I…I was so upset that he tried to take something so precious away from me.” Rei looked down and then at her friend.
“I have an idea about how you feel,” Rei said quietly.
“You were almost,” Ami asked. Rei shook her head.
“No Saki almost was,” Rei said. “She told me the story some time ago. I am glad that you made it back safely Usagi.”
“So am I,” Ami, Minako, Makoto voiced out.
“Thanks so much,” Usagi said in between tears. “I am so lucky to have friends like you all. If I wasn’t such a lousy leader we would never have been taken captive and Chibiusa still might be safe.”
“Don’t even think that,” Ami said. “You are an amazing leader. “What happened was not your fault.” Usagi slightly smiled as tears fell down her face.
“Besides,” Minako said. “We’ll free her. We came so close. We won’t let Wiseman keep her from us.” Makoto handed Usagi a napkin and she blew her nose.
“You also saved us from the two droids,” Ami pointed out. “That was incredibly amazing. We’ll save her. I know we will.”
“Thanks,” Usagi said. “You know we’ve done this before but I want to say it again.” She smiled and looked at her friends. “I love you all as my friends. Friends forever?”
“Friends forever,” Ami, Rei, Makoto, Minako, and Usagi called out in unison. They all shared a hug.
Inside General Matsumoto’s office in his underground lair, the four renegade leaders met once more to discuss their plans.
“We’ve run all the data on the blue tests and they were a complete success,” Mrs. Kimura said. “We’ll be ready for phase green. If all goes smoothly the lavaixal project will be ready and online in two months.”
“We are almost there,” Captain Mochizuki said. “All these years of preparation will finally bring our plan to fruition.”
“That’s right, General Matsumoto said. “To think I searched the globe for fifteen years for the perfect individual. To even think that she was born male is an irony in its own right. Rei Hino.” He looked at a picture of Rei on his computer and he and his allies cracked out an evil smile. “Soon you’ll be a tool to be used. Mwhahaha.”
“I would enjoy the freedom you have left little girl,” Lieutenant Captain Shimizu said with a smirk. “Soon your mind and martial arts skills will be ours to control.” They all looked at the picture of Rei once more and then at each other. Once again they all laughed.
“Now how is the progress with finding the Sailor Senshi?” General Matsumoto asked. “We can’t very well kidnap Rei if the local heroes are around.”
“To be honest our methods have brought us no real luck,” Mrs. Kimura said. “However, Captain Mochizuki may have an idea that will eventually lead us to our targets.”
“What’s that?” Lieutenant Captain Shimizu asked.
“Well as you know,” Captain Mochizuki said. “We have developed stealth units. While they are not one hundred percent effective, we should be able to place cameras in every part of the city. We won’t catch the Senshi when they are powered up but if we see who transforms and de-transforms we’ll gain a tremendous lead. Eventfully we’ll catch them.”
“Good idea,” General Matsumoto said. “Get started right away.” His three allies bowed and left the room. “Soon Rei, very soon you will be mine. When I first saw you all those years ago I knew that you would be a perfect….”
Sailor Pluto approached the old throne room and saw her old friend Queen Serenity. The old queen sat on her throne. Her transparent appearance didn’t shock the Guardian of Time. Pluto bowed before her queen.
“Hello my old friend,” Queen Serenity said. “It has been awhile hasn’t it?”
“Indeed it has,” Pluto said.
“It is amazing that many of us from the Silver Millennium Empire still have our consciousness despite being dead.”
“I am glad that I can still talk to you my queen,” Pluto said. She smiled.
“Thanks,” Queen Serenity said. “It is even a miracle that I was able to talk to my daughter and her guardians.”
“I know the Inner Sailor Senshi were happy to reunite with their loved ones even if it was for a moment,” Pluto said.
“If only I had foreseen the disaster that engulfed our kingdom,” Queen Serenity said.
“It is not all your fault my queen,” Pluto said. She looked at her queen. “After all I am the guardian of time but I know you didn’t call me here to talk about the old days. What can I do for you my old friend?”
“You still get straight to the point,” Queen Serenity said with a laugh. “After all this time I see you haven’t changed one bit. I have been concerned of late with how you are informing others of events and secrets regarding the Inner Sailor Senshi.”
“My queen,” Pluto began. “Unlike the old days the readings from the Gates of Time have now become scrambled to the point that the future remains completely unclear. I am lucky now if I can see events half a year into the future. Many years ago, I was able to guard time with clarity and to prevent interference. Xytar’s appearance in this Solar System has not only altered the present but the future as well.”
“Are you implying that Xytar recently arrived in our Solar System?” Queen Serenity asked.
“Yes my queen,” Pluto said. “In the original timeline Queen Metalia and the Dark Moon Kingdom whom you sealed all those years ago were confronted and defeated by your daughter and her guardians in an eventual final showdown. Instead, Xytar attacked and destroyed them. I do not know how but somehow Xytar has absorbed all of their powers and added all of their powers as his own.”
“Then are you suggesting that he is even stronger then Sailor Mercury predicted?” Queen Serenity asked.
“Sadly yes,” Pluto said. When the Inner Senshi fought General Savaski a few days ago, they lost. Xytar’s powers are significantly expanding. And now with an unclear and uncertain future the chances of their survival are extremely slim.”
“I understand and that is why you have been intervening,” Queen Serenity. Pluto nodded.
“While my duty is to guard the Gates of Time, my first and foremost duty is to protect Princess Serenity. If that means very careful interfering with the new timeline then so be it.” Queen Serenity sat in silence. She looked at her friend.
“You’ll just have to be extremely careful Pluto,” warned Queen Serenity. “Meddling with time can be very dangerous.”
“I know my queen,” Pluto said. “If I make one mistake the results could be extremely disastrous.” She sighed and paced the room. “I just can’t sit back and hope for the best.”
“Very well,” sighed Queen Serenity. “I’ve always had faith in your judgments. I trust that you’ll make the right choices. I just hope that everything will work out.”
“They will,” Pluto said. She looked at her friend and smiled. “I just know it.” Queen Serenity smiled.
“Well so long my friend,” Queen Serenity said. “Until next time.” Pluto nodded.
“Take care Queen Serenity,” Pluto said. She turned around and vanished.
After classes, ended Usagi and her friends were walking to Makoto’s apartment when they saw Kodachi. She looked somewhat sad and yet determined all at the same time.
“Hey isn’t that Kodachi Kunou?” Minako asked. Rei nodded.
“She doesn’t look too happy right now,” observed Ami.

After classes, ended Ranma found himself alone with his thoughts as he walked home to the Tendou Dojo. He passed through downtown Nermia when it began to rain. (Why does Pop think that he can treat me like this?) Ranma thought. (First, he throws me into a pit of starving cats to teach me the Nekoken. Then he takes me to Jusenkyo when he doesn’t even know how to speak or read Chinese.) Ranma continued to walk in silence. (Then I find out that he has engaged me to a girl I don’t even know.) Ranma looked down at a puddle and saw her reflection. (If Pops saw me like this, he’d only call me a weak girl.)
“Ranma? Want an ice-cream with us?” Ranma looked into Yuuka’s green eyes.
“Sure,” Ranma replied. Inside the ice cream restaurant Ranma took a seat between Yuuka and Mizuki. She almost sat on Mizuki’s long blond hair. Saki and Aya took a seat across from the others.

End Flashback
Ami touched Rei on the shoulder and shook her of her memories. “Rei?” Called out Ami
“Oh sorry I was just thinking,” Rei said. “Sorry.”
“Is everything alright?” Makoto nodded.
“When I first moved into Nerima I was depressed like Kodachi is now and I had help. I think we should invite Kodachi over for ice-cream. Maybe we can help her out,” Rei said.
“Sounds like a good idea to me,” chirped Usagi. “I hate seeing people unhappy.”
The five girls walked over to Kodachi. They each smiled.
“Hello Kodachi,” Rei said. “Would you like to get some ice-cream?” Kodachi looked at her and gave her half a smile.
“Um sure. That would be lovely,” Kodachi said. The group of girls walked on in silence until they reached the Fruits Parlor Crown. They each took a seat. Unazuki walked over to them.
“Hello everyone,” Unazuki said. She noticed Kodachi and smiled. “Another new friend? Hi nice to meet you. My name is Unazuki Furuhata.”
“Hello,” Kodachi said with a smile. “I am Kodachi Kunou. Nice to meet you.”
“Is everyone ready to order?” Unazuki asked. After everyone ordered, she left.
“Um thanks for inviting me,” Kodachi said.
“No problem,” Usagi said.
“Is everything alright?” Rei asked. “You don’t seem as happy as you usually are.”
“Well to be honest the last few months have been rough,” Kodachi said. “My entire world crashed and fell apart after I found out about your curse. Then my brother and father’s trial and finally I realized that I had deluded myself into believing you loved me. I’ve spent a lot of time alone and I’ve looked really hard at who I was and I didn’t like what I saw. I don’t think my brother and I ever really recovered after our mother died.”
“I know how that is,” Makoto said. “I lost both of my parents in an airplane accident.” Kodachi gasped. “It is real easy to get involved into something to distract yourself. For me it was martial arts and cooking.”
“Neither of my parents have died,” Ami added. “But my parents divorced when I was younger. I only hear from my dad once a year. He sends a postcard on my birthday.”
“I know how it is to get lost in distraction,” Rei said. “For the longest time I didn’t know that my mother was murdered but I did know that she died. I put all my effort into martial arts in order to distract myself. It’s very easy to get lost into something. About two years ago some friends helped me realize that there was more to life than just martial arts.”
“Hey I have an idea,” Minako said. “We can go to the arcade and play some games after the ice-cream. Maybe a couple games of Sailor V will cheer Kodachi up.” Everyone smiled.
“No one has yet to beat Ami’s score,” Usagi said. “She scored really high many months ago.”
“Really,” Makoto said. “Just how high did she score?”
“That’s a secret,” Ami said. They all laughed.
“What was the score?” Minako asked. “I really want to know.”
“I guess we’ll just have to wait and see,” Rei said with a smile. “You know Kodachi, I never told you how much I admired your skills in Rhythmic Martial Arts. The matches that we had were lots of fun.” Kodachi blushed.
“Thanks,” Kodachi said. Unazuki came over with their ice cream and they all dug in.
(Damn Sailor Moon.) Saphir thought in his room inside Dark Moon Clan Castle. (I almost had her. I was so close to removing her from the picture. I’ll just have to make sure next time is more successful.) He heard what sounded like footsteps moving closer towards him.
“Who’s there?” Saphir called out. “Show yourself.” He looked around his room and to his relief he found evidence of no one in his room. “Huh. The noise must have been my imagination.” He took a seat back at his desk and began to ponder the situation he was in.
(After Sailor Moon is out of the picture, I’ll have to find a way to deal with Wiseman before he destroys everything we worked on.) Saphir thought. He whipped his head around when the noise in his room resumed.
“Show yourself,” demanded Saphir. “I know you are here.” He stood up and walked to his door. He saw nothing and turned around. He instantly froze in place at what he saw. “How can…can…this be?”
“Nothing that needs to be explained to you my friend,” the mysterious voice replied. “All I need you to do is…” Saphir looked out in horror as…
“Ami,” Minako said as they walked to the Hikawa Shrine. “How did you score so high? What is your secret?”
“I don’t know,” Ami replied. “I’ve only played the game twice.”
“Well,” Makoto said. “She’s a natural.” Everyone laughed. The grouped walked. “Rei?” Makoto and her friends looked over at their friend. “Hey Rei? Are you alright?”
“Oh sorry,” Rei said sheepishly. “I was thinking.”
“What about?” Usagi asked.
“It was nice to become friends with Kodachi. It just reminded me how strained my relationship with Akane is. We hardly talk to each other,” Rei said.
“Maybe it has something to do with the fact that she fell in love with you,” pointed out Minako. “And since you weren’t interested in that kind of relationship you didn’t want to see it.”
“Or maybe I chose not to see it,” admitted Rei. “At the time I just wanted some friends. Now it makes more sense why our relationship is strained.” She looked at the sky and walked in silence. “I’ll need time to think about it. Thanks Minako.”
“No problem,” Minako said. “I just wish I had a boyfriend.” She sighed.
“I have Mamo-chan,” Usagi said.
“Shouldn’t we be more worried about school and our enemies?” Ami asked.
“Oh come on Ami,” Makoto said. “Don’t you wish you had a boyfriend? Someone you could spend time with.” Ami and Rei blushed while Usagi thought of Mamoru and Minako and Makoto dreamed of going on a date with the ideal man. “You too Rei?”
“I have been too busy to even really think about it,” admitted Rei.
“To be honest,” Ami said, blushing. “I am too shy.”
“I am sure that you’ll all find that important someone,” Usagi confidently said.
“I hope so,” Minako said.
At the Hikawa Shrine, everyone ate a couple of snacks and relaxed while Rei went about her duties. Once she finished Rei joined her friends and the two Moon Cats.
“How is everyone?” Artemis asked. “It has been a couple of days since we last saw you.”
“I hear that the Dark Moon Clan has taken Chibiusa hostage,” Luna said. Moon sniffled and a fresh set of tears fell down each of the Senshi’s faces. Artemis raised his paw and looked like he was about to say something. “Sorry.”
“Not your fault,” sniffled Rei and after everyone began to calm down she spoke up once more. “We tried really hard to save her but Wiseman poured an incredible amount of evil into her. I could hardly recognize her.”
“I’ve been thinking about it and I think that turning her evil had been Wiseman’s plan all along,” Ami said. Everyone in the room looked at her. “If you think about it we barely left the safety of the Crystal Tokyo Palace when we ran into them.”
“The forest around the palace is dense and has a lot of places to hide. And that is the direction Chibiusa went when she ran away,” Makoto said.
“The question is how do we free her?” Minako asked. “He obviously made her believe that we had betrayed her.”
“Memories,” Rei said.
“Rei?” Luna asked.
“When I was sick I had a lot of memories that helped me sort out who I was. I betcha Wiseman altered her memories,” replied Rei.
“I gotcha,” Ami quickly said. “He used her memories against her. Then the only way to bring her back is to return her real memories to her.”
“Once her real memories return then the power of love should be strong enough to dispel Wiseman’s evil aura,” Usagi said.
“Sounds like you all have a plan,” Artemis said.
“Yep,” chirped Minako. “Thanks Arty.”
“It’s Artemis,” Artemis said.
“Whatever,” giggled Minako. Artemis groaned and looked like he was about to say something when…
“Ami,” Luna said. “How has your project going to build up our Inner Circle?”
“It is going slow,” Ami said. “I still have a couple of mechanics to work out. I am almost ready though.”
“Good,” Luna said.
“And then there’s the new powers that Rei and Usagi demonstrated during our last set of encounters,” Ami said.
“What powers,” Artemis asked. The two Moon Cats listened to both Rei and Usagi describe the new moves. “Most interesting. I can’t recall those two moves ever being used during the Silver Millennium Empire.”
“Then again Artemis and I can look into it,” Luna said. “There is still a lot that we don’t know.”
“Well I better get home,” Usagi said. She yawned. “After all we have been through I could use some extra sleep.”
“No kidding,” agreed Makoto.
“Night all,” Minako said.
“See you tomorrow,” Ami said.
“Bye,” Rei said. The five friends hugged and then each took off towards home with the two Moon Cats following behind.
“How do you think you all did on the test?” Ami asked as she and her friends made their way over to her house.
“Alright,” Minako said. “The essay question was difficult and don’t even get me started on the math questions.”
“Really,” Ami said. “I found the math to be easy.”
“Of course you would,” Usagi said. “I don’t even know how well I did on that part. I hope that I…” In the distance, the ground shook and rumbled. “Whoa what was that?”
“Usagi,” Ami said. “I detect the Dark Moon’s presence. They are invading Earth.”
“We must hurry,” Rei said.
“Right,” Makoto said. “Come on everybody. Let’s hurry.”
“Right,” Usagi said. They all quickly found a place to power up. “Moon Prism Power, Make Up.”
“Jupiter Power, Make Up,” Makoto called out.
“Mercury Power, Make Up,” Ami called out.
“Mars Power, Make Up,” Rei called out.
“Venus Power, Make Up,” Minako called out.
“Wow,” murmured Mercury. “Moon you are not going to believe this. The entire force of the Planet Nemesis is nearby…”
“But that..that…that should be…” stuttered Jupiter.
“…Impossible. I know. However, it is not. One of our enemies has done a good job concealing his powers,” Mercury said.
“We need to investigate and stop them,” Mars said. “No matter what.”
“Indeed,” Venus said. “Let’s go.”
“Right,” Moon said. When they came upon the members of the Black Moon Clan they were shocked at what they saw. Saphir and Prince Dimande were staring at each other as if they were enemies. Black Lady and Wiseman were off to the side.
“You will obey,” Wiseman said. “Do as I command and kill the Sailor Senshi.”
“No,” refused Prince Dimande. “You do not control me. My actions are my own and I refuse to be controlled by you.”
“You can’t resist. You have no choice,” claimed Wiseman. He lifted up his staff and an evil aura surrounded Prince Dimande. “Now who do you obey?”
“You, my Lord,” Prince Dimande said.
“Now Blue Saphir, Prince Dimande, kill the Sailor Senshi,” ordered Wiseman. The two turned towards Moon and the others. Saphir launched his arms towards Mars and Mercury. They jumped over the attack but next attack got them and quickly immobilized the two.
Meanwhile a third eye on Prince Dimande’s head shot a laser at Jupiter and she ducked under it. Venus dashed towards him and threw a punch, which he dodged. He didn’t expect the backhanded kick to his head, which sent him flying.
“Is everyone alright?” asked Tuxedo Kamen. He quickly ran towards the immobilized Mars and Mercury but Wiseman moved and blocked his path.
“You aren’t going anywhere,” Wiseman said. “I have plans for you my mask-wearing friend.” He lifted his staff high in the air and channeled his dark powers and he fell under his control. “Wait here until I tell you.” Tuxedo Kamen nodded.
Meanwhile Moon dashed towards Black Lady. She stood in front of her.
“Chibiusa,” pleaded Moon. “I will help you if you let me. You are being manipulated.”
“No more lies,” shouted Black Lady. “I see through your deception.”
“It’s not a deception,” Moon said. “Sailor Mercury, Jupiter, Mars, Venus, Tuxedo Kamen, and I love you. I love you so much and it hurts to see you like this. You are my daughter and I will always love you.”
“I am not your daughter,” Black Lady said. “You are my enemy and you will die.” She summoned a black crystal and threw it at Moon, who evaded the attack. Black Lady kept summoning more and more crystals and very soon, Moon was busy dodging them.
“Very good Venus,” Prince Dimande yelled out. “However, you failed to anticipate his.” He shot another laser that struck her and sent her to the ground.
“Venus,” Jupiter cried out. “Are you alright?” She ran over to her friend.
Saphir in the meantime grabbed a bystander with his arms while Mars and Mercury were both briefly distracted.
“I am fine,” Venus said. Prince Dimande shot out another laser. “Watch out.” Prince Dimande’s laser struck Jupiter; she flew into the air and crashed into the ground.
“Ow,” Jupiter said.
“Mercury,” Mars said. “Are you alright?”
“Yea,” Mercury said. “I am fine.” The two stood up and were about to move when Saphir’s long arm blocked them. “Don’t try anything heroic unless you want this woman to die.” In his left hand, he held a woman hostage. (Damn.) Mars thought. (We have to rescue her. The question is how without putting her in any more danger.) She nodded at Mercury who nodded back.
“Time for you to die,” Prince Dimande said. “Sailor Moon.” He aimed at her and shot his laser.
“Now,” ordered Mars. She rolled under Saphir and kicked him and at the same time, Mercury broke the grip he had on the woman. Mercury quickly grabbed her and carried her to safety. In the meantime, Mars struck Saphir in the gut and then threw a hard punch into him that tossed him up in the air. She then dashed off towards Moon and pushed her leader out of harm’s way. She herself rolled out of the laser’s attack. “Moon you alright?”
“Yep,” chirped Moon. “Thanks.”
“You pesky brats just don’t give in do you?” Wiseman asked. “I think it is time we turned this battle up a notch.” He smirked. “Black Lady? Kill them.”
“With pleasure,” replied Black Lady. She channeled her powers into a large black crystal and huge crystals struck out towards all the Senshi. Every couple of seconds she launched another attack. Saphir and Prince Dimande began to attack them once more.
“Black Lady,” Wiseman said. “It is now time.” He handed the Maboroshi no Ginzuisho to her. “Use the power of the Maboroshi no Ginzuisho. Channel all of your powers into it. It is time to put an end to this foul world.”
“Very well,” Black Lady said. She began to channel her powers and the earth began to shake.
“Noooo,” Prince Dimande yelled. “I won’t let you. It’s my world to rule over.”
“What?” Wiseman asked. “How did you break free?”
“Saphir,” Black Lady said. “Kill him. He must not interfere.”
“As you wish,” Saphir replied. He launched his arms at his brother.
“You would betray your own brother?” Prince Dimande asked. “Very well.” He shot his laser, it struck, and Saphir was on the ground. Jupiter ran up to him and checked his pulse.
“He’s dead.” Jupiter said.
In the meantime, Mars dashed towards Chibiusa. (Forgive me everyone.) Mars thought. She did a light jab at her opponent and the attack momentarily knocked Black Lady off balance. Mars grabbed the Maboroshi no Ginzuisho from her hand.
“Mars,” yelled Moon.
“She’s not hurt,” Mars replied. “I just distracted her long enough to take the crystal.”
“Oh good,” Mercury said.
“Good job,” Venus said.
“Thanks I…” Mars said. “She looked to her left and ducked just in time to avoid the staff attack swung by Wiseman. “…am sorry.”
“You’ll pay for that,” Wiseman said. “You won’t stop me.” He viciously swung his staff, which Mars easily dodged but then a large black crystal hurled towards her. Once more, the Sailor Senshi found themselves hammered by attacks from multiple foes. Prince Dimande kept firing lasers at Wiseman.
“Now my new pet,” Wiseman said as he kept dodging the laser attacks. “Take the Maboroshi no Ginzuisho from Sailor Moon.”
“Yes,” Tuxedo Kamen replied. He dashed towards an already occupied Moon and she found herself busy dodging attacks from her former ally. Ultimately, he grabbed the Maboroshi no Ginzuisho from her and leapt backwards. He landed near Black Lady and handed her it.
Wiseman continually swung his weapon at Mars, who evaded his attacks. Eventually however, he struck Mars in the side of her stomach. She went down and her enemy took advantage of her falling and grabbed the Maboroshi no Ginzuisho from her hand. He swung once more but Venus struck him and sent him skyward. He managed to keep a hold of the crystal however, and he tossed it to Black Lady.
“Mars?” Jupiter asked. “You alright?”
“Yea,” Mars replied. “He just nicked me.”
“Good,” Moon said.
Prince Dimande took advantage of Wiseman’s opening and fired his laser. The attack struck true and the cloak burned to reveal a pile of bones underneath. Each Senshi and Prince Dimande looked over in his direction.
“What?” Prince Dimande said.
“Is that what our enemy looks like?” asked Venus.
“Looks like all his hatred has taken a toll on him,” observed Mercury.
“You are a fool Prince Dimande,” Wiseman said. “How do you think I convinced you and your band of miscreants to work for me? Once you arrived at Nemesis, you began to fall under my control. My will has very much survived and I am one with the Planet Nemesis. I am known as Death Phantom and my revenge is at hand.” The cloak vanished and the bones dissipated. In its place, a malevolent spirit rose up. Dark Energy rose up from him and the areas around him shook under his power.
“Hahahaha,” laughed Prince Dimande. He snuck up behind Black Lady and grabbed the two Maboroshi no Ginzuisho’s from her hand. “If I am to be denied Earth then no one shall have it.” He slowly moved the past Maboroshi no Ginzuisho towards the future one.
“Moon,” Mercury yelled. “If the two Maboroshi no Ginzuisho’s touch everything well be destroyed.”
“Noo,” Venus yelled. She dashed and Black Lady stood in her way.
“We must stop him,” Mars, Jupiter, and Mercury said. The three began to run over and found their paths blocked by Death Phantom.
“I won’t let you destroy this precious world,” Moon yelled. She ran towards the deranged prince only to find her path blocked by Tuxedo Kamen.
“There is nothing you can do,” Death Phantom said. “Your world is now doomed.” Sailor Pluto teleported next to Sailor Moon and she turned and faced her. She smiled at Moon.
“Princess Serenity,” Pluto said. “I trust you’ll take care of Chibiusa when I am gone?”
“Huh?” All the Senshi ask. Moon nodded.
“Good,” Pluto said. “Time Stop.” Everyone except the Sailor Senshi became frozen in time. “Moon hurry. Grab both the Maboroshi no Ginzuisho’s from Prince Dimande. There isn’t much time.”
“Right,” Moon said. She ran and grabbed the two Maboroshi no Ginzuisho’s and time resumed and Pluto fell to the ground. “Sailor Pluto.” Moon said with tears in her eyes.
“Take care Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, and Venus,” Pluto said quietly. “I hope you find happiness. Goodbye Princess Serenity.”
“Sailor Pluto,” Moon cried out. “You can’t die.”
“I broke the rule,” Pluto said. “No stopping time. The cost is my life.” Each Senshi had tears in her eyes. Black Lady looked over at Pluto. She fell on her knees.
“Puu?” Black Lady asked.
Chibiusa’s Memory

Mommy, daddy and I walked in the forest outside Crystal Tokyo. They were holding hands, and stared into each other’s eyes. I ran, bounced, and skipped around. I was very happy to spend time with mommy and daddy.
“Slow down,” Mommy said. I, however, continued to run around until I tripped over a rock. I fell onto the ground, and scraped my knee. It hurt so much and I cried. Daddy moved over but then Mother walked over to him.
“She’s going to have to learn to take care of herself,” Mommy said. “She’s a big girl.” Mommy looked at me. “I know it is painful honey but you’ll feel good about yourself when you can learn to take care of yourself.”
The two continued their walk. I sat on the ground staring up at my parents. Tears filled my eyes before I stood back up. (They really do love me.)

End Chibiusa’s Memory
(Mommy and Daddy don’t hate me.) Black Lady thought.
(No my control over her is weakening.) Death Phantom thought.
Chibiusa’s Memories

“Puu,” I said. “Where is mommy?”
“Your mother and her guardians are keeping the Dark Moon Clan occupied. We may not be able to stop them without the Maboroshi no Ginzuisho to aid us. Your mother has ordered me to send you back into the past to keep you safe.”
“I’m scared,” I said. Tears filled my eyes.
“Are you ready to play a game?” asked Ami. She smiled. I stood up near my bed and smiled.
“We could play hide and go seek,” Minako said.
“We can have ice cream afterwards,” Rei added.
“I can’t wait for the ice cream,” Makoto said.
“Can I have two scoops today?” I asked.
“Time for bed my daughter,” Mommy said.
“Can’t I stay up longer Mommy?” I asked. “Please…”
“Now honey you know it is bedtime however,” Daddy said. “We can read you a bed time story. How’s that?”
“Alright,” I sighed.
“I love you,” Mommy said.
“I love you Mommy, Daddy,” I said.
“I love you my darling daughter,” Daddy said. The three hugged each other.

End Chibiusa’s Memories
The black crystal around Black Lady shattered and the dark aura surrounding her faded and revealed Chibiusa. A Henshen Rod appeared in her hands. She ran over to Sailor Pluto. The control that Wiseman had over Tuxedo Kamen faded and he fell to his knees.
“Oh Puu,” sniffled Chibiusa. “I am so sorry.”
“Hello Chibiusa,” Pluto said. “I am glad to see you’ve returned.” She smiled. “Take care.” With her last words, Sailor Pluto vanished and the Senshi cried.
“I can’t believe my control over you has faded,” Death Phantom said. “Well it matters not. You still can’t stop me.”
“So all my plans,” Prince Dimande said, “have failed. He laughed. “At the very least I’ll kill you Sailor Moon.” Tuxedo Kamen ran up towards Sailor Moon.
“I won’t let you harm her,” Tuxedo Kamen said. “Stand down.”
“No,” Prince Dimande said. “Die!”
“Tuxedo La Smoking Bomber,” Tuxedo Kamen called out. Strong pulses of energy fired off his hands and flew towards Prince Dimande.
“Moon Princess Halation,” Moon called out. The Cutie Moon Rod appeared in her hand, and she began to spin the weapon around to charge her attack. She aimed her rod at Prince Dimande, and unleashed a wave of energy at him. The two attacks combined and struck him. He struck the ground and began to fade.
“Heh Heh Heh,” Prince Dimande said. “And for all I worked for. To imagine it would all end like this.” He faded.
“I wouldn’t celebrate yet,” Death Phantom said. “You still have to deal with me.”
“I won’t let you harm my friends,” Chibiusa said. She quickly ran to an alleyway to hide from the civilians watching the fight. She held the Henshen Rod in her hand. “Moon Prism Power, Make Up.” She felt magic fill her body, and she felt power from the Moon flow through her. The clothes she wore vanished. A white body suit with a pink neck covered her chest and her lower body. A red bow with a pink jewel in the center covered her chest and a red bow appeared on the back of her outfit. Two white gloves covered her hands, and large pink heels covered her feet. A small pink skirt appeared. Half a moon upside-own appeared on her face and a golden tiara fitted with a pink gem concealed it. She left the alleyway and appeared before her allies and enemy.
“I am Sailor Chibi Moon,” Chibi Moon said. Sailor Moon walked up her. She smiled and the two of them did a pose.
“And I am Sailor Moon,” Moon said.
“And in the name of the Moon you are to be punished,” Sailor Chibi Moon and Moon said in unison. The Inner Senshi each did a pose behind their leader.
“How amusing,” laughed Death Phantom. “Not even all of your combined power will be enough to stop me.”
“Their powers are not needed,” a mysterious voice said. Everyone looked and saw the corpse of Saphir stand up. “Your end is already here Death Phantom.”
“How can this be?” Death Phantom asked. “You’re…”
“Dead,” the mysterious voice said. “I am not dead but Saphir is.” He put his hand on his hair. “Oh forgive me that’s not quite what I meant. Actually, Saphir has been dead for some time. I killed him a while ago. This corpse is just a puppet. I am very much alive. Unfortunately puppets have limited use.” The audience grew in numbers as they watched the new spectacle.
“Then who or what are you?” Jupiter asked.
“We’ve met before,” the mysterious voice replied.
“We have?” Mars asked.
“Oh yes indeed,” the mysterious voice said. “And I haven’t forgotten you Sailor Mars. You fought brilliantly but if it wasn’t for the Outer Senshi you Inner Senshi would be dead.”
“No it can’t be,” Venus said.
“There can be no doubt,” Mercury said. “The mysterious person talking through Saphir’s corpse is General Savaski.” The corpse of Saphir faded and in its place appeared General Savaski. Death Phantom began to grow impatient and turned his attention to Sailor Moon.
“Come along Sailor Moon,” Death Phantom said. “We have a score to settle.”
“Now,” General Savaski said. “Death Phantom I gave you no permission to move. I am afraid our objectives no longer match. It is time for our temporary alliance to end.” He swung his scythe and dark swirls launched towards Death Phantom.
“What alliance?” Death Phantom asked. General Savaski’s attack surrounded and began to paralyze him. “I don’t remember any…I can’t move or do anything. What is going on?”
“My master will deal with you soon,” General Savaski said. “Very good Senshi team. I applaud you for figuring out the truth. I did make it easy however.”
“What are you after?” Moon asked.
“Where would the fun be if I told you,” replied General Savaski.
“We will stop you,” Tuxedo Kamen said.
“You won’t get away,” Chibi Moon said.
“General Savaski,” a mysterious voice said. “It is about time. It is time to begin.”
“Yes my Lord,” General Savaski said. “This won’t hurt Sailor Moon. I wouldn’t want you and your allies or anyone on this infernal planet meddling.”
“What do you mean?” Moon asked.
“You’ll see,” General Savaski replied. “Yajula Xaguerila Una Ba Nau Saoa. (My divine powers unleash thy fury and imprison my enemies.) In a flash each Sailor Senshi and Tuxedo Kamen were held to the ground by incredibly strong vines. No matter how hard they tried, they could not break free. A large barrier formed around the battle area to prevent any help from anyone else.
“Not this again,” Mercury said.
“Now we can continue unimpeded,” General Savaski said. “I call upon my Lord Xytar to control my mind. My Lord my will is yours.” After his words, the ground started to shake. A black light formed around General Savaski’s body. Soon three feet of pure light covered the area. The light formed a pillar that rose high into the sky. The sky turned pitch dark across the planet, lightning, and ice, dispersed from the sky. The ground also constantly shook all across the planet.
“What is going one?” A woman asked.
“I don’t know,” a man replied. “The quakes seem to be happening more frequently.”
“Look up at the sky,” the woman said. The man looked up and saw…
All the Inner Sailor Senshi and their allies appeared in a picture across the sky. The pillar faded and a light shadow figure began to emerge. The figure grew in height and size. His hair turned dark black and fell to his back. A large black cape outfit covered his entire body. His eyes opened up and his black eyes looked out towards Sailor Moon. A smile formed on his lips. Short boots appeared on his feet and he stood up. He stood up at an impressive height of more than nine feet and he looked incredibly built. A staff appeared in his right hand. The Senshi shuddered at the amount of power and evil that radiated from him.
“Did my sudden appearance frighten you Sailor Moon?” The man asked. The entire world saw the events play before their eyes.
“Who are you?” Moon asked. He smiled and laughed.
“You know me as Xytar Lexeaba,” Xytar said.
“How can that be?” Mars asked in complete shock. “I thought you were sealed.”
“Oh?” Xytar asked. “But I am. My body is still sealed, however I am projecting my physical body and powers onto General Savaski.”
“Moon,” Mercury said. “I can’t give you full readings but he is way more powerful then we can handle at this time.” (No this can’t be.) Moon thought. (This isn’t the end is it?)
“I could kill you all and everyone on this planet,” Xytar said, “with ease but where would the fun be in that?” Xytar walked over to Moon and put his hand on her face and Moon moved her head away from his hand. “I am here for a purpose and I decided to invite you along for the fun.”
“Like hell. We would never have fun with you,” Mars spat. “You are a killer.”
“Mars,” Jupiter said. Xytar walked away from the Senshi.
“You are right of course,” Xytar said nonchalantly. “You wouldn’t have fun but I will.” He smirked at Mars. “It infuriates you doesn’t it that I enjoy taking away lives.”
“We will stop you,” Venus said. “We won’t let you get away with turning Earth into that planet you decimated one hundred billion years ago.” Xytar smirked.
“Oh?” Xytar asked. “You saw that? How amusing.” Sailor Neptune and Uranus teleported in and walked a step towards Sailor Moon and her allies. “Hmm. What’s this?” He looked at the new arrivals. “Ah. The Outer Senshi. How nice. I guess I can afford some time to play with you.”
“You won’t get away,” Uranus said. “We will release Princess Serenity and her allies.”
“We have no qualms,” Neptune said, “with ending your life.”
“You are no match for me,” Xytar said. He dashed incredibly fast towards Uranus.
“Be careful,” Tuxedo Kamen said. “He’s strong.”
“Deep Submerge.” Neptune called out. She lifted her arms above her head for an instant before bringing them down. Blue energy shaped as the planet Neptune flew off towards Xytar. He jumped over the attack and landed on the ground.
Uranus threw a punch at Xytar, which he easily dodged. He threw a punch at her stomach and her body jolted upwards from the force of the blow. The attack was faster than most people were even able to register. Uranus doubled over in pain and coughed up blood. He struck her shoulder and to everyone’s horror they heard Uranus’s bones break. Uranus remained staggered unable to move or do anything. Just as fast, he smashed her left arm. Uranus fell to the ground in a bloody heap.
Neptune ran smoothly towards him and attempted an attack. He kicked her in the chest and sent her flying in the air. She struck a phone pole and upon impact fell unconscious.
“That’s your best?” Xytar asked. He looked down at Uranus who was barely conscious. “I could kill you easily. That would be boring. So I’ll let you live with the memory of the pain you experienced. Mwhahaha hahaha. Yajula Xaguerila Una Ba Nau Saoa.” (My divine powers unleash thy fury and imprison my enemies.) In a flash Sailor Neptune and Uranus were imprisoned, and like their allies unable to move. Sailor Neptune also regained consciousness. Xytar at this time faced away from the Inner Sailor Senshi. He focused on the imprisoned Death Phantom.
“Uranus, Neptune,” Moon said shakily. Are you alright?”
“I hurt in multiple spots,” Uranus said. “But I’ll be fine.”
“I’ll be alright,” Neptune said.
“Moon,” Mars whispered. “He’s fast. I was barely able to make out how fast he attacked.”
“Ah now that,” Xytar said, “little demonstration is finished I can begin the main entertainment.” He smirked at Death Phantom. “You hold an incredible amount of power Death Phantom. Now it’s all going be mine.” He raised his hand and pointed it at Death Phantom. In an instant Death Phantom and all of his power were absorbed. “Well Sailor Moon.” Xytar turned and faced her. “Congratulations. Another one of your foes has now been vanquished.”
“No way,” Moon said.
“He absorbed all of Death Phantom’s power?” Mars asked.
“I think we may have more trouble on our hands,” Venus said.
“Than we initially suspected,” Jupiter said.
“Most definitely,” agreed Tuxedo Kamen.
“Everyone,” Mercury said. “I can’t tell for sure how much power he has gained but it’s an incredible amount.”
“He whupped us good,” Uranus said. “The next time we fight I’ll be ready.”
“I don’t care to know how much stronger he’s gotten,” Neptune said. “No matter what we have to stop him.” Chibi Moon looked at Moon and whispered.
“I’m scared,” Chibi Moon said quietly.
“We all agreed,” Moon said. She gave Chibi Moon a reassuring smile. “We’d stop you Xytar. We won’t let you get away with your crimes.”
“Mwhahahahaha,” Xytar said. “Even if you happen to defeat me you and this accursed planet shall pay the ultimate price.” He looked over at Moon and saw three armed officers pointing their guns at him. The three attempted to walk through the barrier. He smiled. “Well this shall be fun.”
“Halt,” the first officer said. He was shaking and obviously scared but he held his ground. “You are under arrest!”
“Run,” Venus yelled.
“And you’re going to try to stop me?” Xytar asked. He had a bored look on his face.
“Put your hands up in the air slowly and…,” the officer said. “Urgh.” He looked down and saw Xytar’s staff impale his heart and the staff now was crossing the barrier. The weapon went up through his heart and out his back. Blood poured out. “Let me…”
“Let you what?” interrupted Xytar. He lifted the staff higher in the air with the man still dangled on it. He pulled the man through the barrier and he walked away from the Senshi and laughed.
“Let him go,” ordered Jupiter.
“No,” refused Xytar. “This shall be a useful lesson to you all. A taste if you will of my powers, cruelty, malice, and menace.” He lifted his staff higher in the air and violently pulled the weapon back. He then thrust his weapon up in the man’s body. The sounds of bones breaking cracked out. Each of the Senshi cringed. He then repeated the steps over and over and each time he broke more bones and each time many people cringed.
“Noooo,” Moon cried out several moments later and then she yelled. “Stop it. Just stop it.” Tears fell down her face, and each the Inners’ faces and now more than ever they struggled to break free. Chibi Moon closed her eyes. Xytar turned around and faced them.
“Ah yes,” Xytar said with glee. “It’s hurts so much doesn’t it Sailor Moon? To watch an innocent suffer before your eyes as you are unable to do anything.” He moved his weapon cruelly in the man again and more bones broke, blood poured out, and the Senshi cringed once more. “Pain. Yes the misery is more than you can bear.” He lowered the weapon down. “It’s more anguish for you and your guardians to watch this man suffer in agonizing pain than if it was one of you. Now watch Sailor Moon as I inflict the utmost torture on this innocent.” He lifted up his staff and electricity filled the weapon and struck the man.
“Argh,” the man cried out. “Stop. Please. Noooooo. Someone Help me!”
“Oh?” Xytar asked. “He’s almost dead? Time to finish this.” Xytar swung his staff and man flung off it and flew towards a building. A large frozen axe appeared in Xytar’s hand and he threw it. The axe struck the man’s ribcage, his body impacted into the wall with a sickening thud, and he collapsed to the ground in a bloody heap. Xytar walked over to Moon.
“You are a monster,” Venus cried out.
“You’ll put an end to you no matter what,” Jupiter added.
“We won’t stand by,” raged Mars. “And let you cruelly destroy our world without a fight.”
“Yes,” gleamed Xytar. “Squirm and fight me.” He smiled. “Your efforts shall prove very entertaining. Soon you girls shall know the meaning of pain, fear, doubt, anger, loss, hopelessness, and desolation.” His grin on his face widened and he pointed his hand at Moon. “Well it was fun Sailor Moon until next we meet.” The pillar of light began to fade, sunlight became visible again, and Xytar’s appearance quickly faded. The worldwide communications ceased when the pillar faded from view and at once General Savaski came into view.
“Sailor Moon,” rasped General Savaski. “When we meet next I shall enjoy our battle. For now I bid you adieu.” He turned around vanished from sight. Once he vanished, the restraints around the Sailor Senshi vanished and the large barrier disappeared.