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When Angels Fall
Chapter 1
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After Usagi left, silence ruled at the table, no one really certain what to do.
Nabiki was the one to break the quiet, pushing back from the table. “I...I need to go buy those photo albums.” She slowly made her way to leave the dining area, when she felt Nodoka's hand on her leg.
“Dear, we will not be helping that girl.” As the girls' expressions of shock fell on her, she continued. “She has failed to show proper respect to—”
“LET ME GO!” screamed Nabiki, yanking herself away from Nodoka. “She tells you that your son is dead, and the only thing you can do is giggle about the fact you have grandchildren?” Before Nodoka could interrupt, she continued. “No, I will help her, because this is for someone who was a friend to this family. Don't think just because you sleep here, Saotome, that you have any say in the matters of this household. In truth, the only ones that do have any say are me and my sisters. So we are having the funeral, and we are helping this woman who spent the last 300 years with your son.”
Nabiki turned away heading for the door. “Now if you excuse me, I; the breadwinner of this family since our Mother passed away and our Father couldn't be bothered with such a trivial matter as supporting his own daughters, need to get things ready. Stay or go; the matter is no concern of me. But ruin this funeral, and I guarantee you will know real disrespect!” With that, she stormed out of the house.
Akane just stood, walking to the dojo, ignoring the calls of Nodoka.
Ranma...is...gone. He...he isn't coming back. He...he l-l-l-l-loved me! The heir to the Tendo School entered the dojo; ignoring the bricks she had set up to practice before Usagi's meeting; choosing instead to head over to a beaten training dummy with a pigtail taped to it.
She slowly removed the pigtail; a bit of hair from Ranma during the Dragon's Whisker incident, and walked over to the corner, clutching the hair to her chest. When she got there, she sat in the corner, and began to cry.
Kasumi went to her room, the kitchen no longer feeling...good...to her. She sat on the bed, fidgeting with her hands. Part of her wanted to be mad; she knew that. She wanted to be mad at Nodoka for how she acted, how the Fathers acted. She wanted to be mad at all the people who had abused her Little Brother, who made his life hell for no other reason than because they felt they were deserving of such actions.
As the tears ran loose, she turned, throwing her face into her pillow as she continued to cry.
Most of all, she wanted to be mad at the universe that would let someone like Ranma end up like he did. Just like Mama!
Nodoka sat in the dining room, alone. She was confused as to why the Tendo girls had acted the way they did. Shouldn't they have rejected the girl because of honor? Wasn't her apparent disrespect apparent enough to warrant her denial of the request? He had grandchildren! But the...the girl...won't let them take the Saotome name. Why? Are we not a great and honorable clan? Hasn't my husband added to our honor? Surely, I know the girls would be upset that my manly son won't be around anymore to fulfil their womanly desires, but still... Surely his sons would do what is necessary for family honor.
And honor is everything...
Usagi sighed as she faded into view on the roof with her children. “Well?”
Tenma looked towards the Tendo home. “The Mother is still acting like a delusional fool. The middle child went to get the albums, the youngest is in the dojo crying, and the oldest is in her room crying.”
Ryoko shook her head. “They should be together. Father told us how they lost their Mother. Why are they acting separately on this?”
Usagi shook her head. “They are trying to deal with it in their own ways for now.” She turned back to face the dojo, seeing Nodoka still sitting at the table, tea in hand. “Soon, they will seek each other for comfort, for assurance that things will be okay. You all might consider making appearances to help facilitate this.”
“Yes, Mother,” came the murmured reply.
“Also, no attacking the others when we arrive, just use pressure points. Knowing them, they're certain to be...jumpy...when we arrive.”
Ranko growled. “I wish we could go get those bastards now.”
Usagi turned with sad eyes towards her youngest child with Ranma. “I know; I wish it too. But...things need to be done first. First we talk with the Senshi, then my own family. I would rather wait until after the funeral before seeking such vengeance. But...try to avoid innocents, and let us at least come up with a plan so no culpability falls on us.”
Ranko smiled. She would make certain they would pay, but she knew she didn't want such actions to fall on her family.
With that, they faded from view.
“WHAT?” screamed the Senshi when Ami told them of her energy findings.
The meeting had been slow going at first, no one really quite certain exactly what there was to talk about. They had seen Sailor Moon in her least powerful form literally punch a hole through an enemy that had been kicking their asses, the Lunar Guard finishing the horde in less time than it took to blink.
And her eyes... The eyes in battle had shown no resemblance to what they had ever expected to see in their leader.
And now, they learned she was also in possession of the energy of the Ginzuishou and the Jakokusuishou.
“Did Momma turn evil?” asked Usa, her own memories of what Wiseman had done to her with the Jakokusuishou still fresh in her head.
“I don't know, Usa,” said Ami, still going over the data. “Neither form of energy was dominant in either way on the other. They seemed...balanced.”
Setsuna shook her head. “She must be under some spell. The Gates of Time cannot even get a lock on her, and this Lunar Guard was never in the past.”
Haruka cracked her knuckles. “Well, let's go find whatever knocked her loose and fix it.”
“Oh really,” said a disembodied voice, causing the two Outers; Haruka and Setsuna, to jump from their seats and across the room.
Slowly fading into view, Usagi could be both heard and later seen giggling. “You have no idea how long I've waited to do that.”
The others could only stare blankly at her with surprise and shock, as she took the seat vacated by Setsuna. “Okay, guys, you can drop the Umisenken now.”
Slowly, five figured faded into view behind her, once again wearing the cloaks.
Usagi, not even looking, shook her head, pouring herself a cup of tea. “Drop the Jedi stuff, you five. Not like you have anything to fear from them.”
Sighing, the five removed the hoods of their cloaks.
Usagi smiled. “In order from your left and starting with the redhead, we have Ranko, Tenma, Raiden, Ryoko, and Keitaro. They are the Lunar Guard, no they weren't reincarnated, and yes, they are that powerful. I just haven't activated a star seed for them to transform. Does anyone have any suggestions other than Sol and Nemesis? Because I really don't feel right taking a moon from you; that is your territory.”
The others slowly came to their senses. “Mama, why are you using the Jakokusuishou?” asked Usa, her pleading evident.
Usagi smiled. “Calm down, Usa. The Jakokusuishou—well, the real one anyway—has always been connected to the Ginzuishou. You see, negative energy is not evil. Like all things it is neutral until an intention and action are added to it. That is what determines its basis for either good or evil.”
Seeing the faces blank again, she continued. “It was always used by the House of Serenity, but political pressure forced Serenity VIII to hide it, as the people were still afraid that negative meant evil. The one used by Wiseman was a bad copy made by early coup participants, and lead up to that decision and fear. Remember, you cannot have positive without negative, good without evil, life without death. It is the nature of the universe to seek balance, to walk the middle.” She raised her tea to her lips. “Maybe that's why we were so easily defeated by Wiseman in the future: we were without balance.”
Rei shook her head. “What the hell's the personality change about, Meatball-head?”
Two of the Lunar Guard chuckled a little, despite the disapproving glances of their fellow Guard.
Usagi smiled. “You change a lot with the education learned from the knowledge stored within the Ginzuishou and the Jakokusuishou. Besides, I would like to see how you change, Rei, when you're 300 years older, a mother, and a widower.”
“WHAT?” screamed the Senshi, including Mamoru.
Usagi nodded. “While a day passed for you, a century passed for me. Let me explain.” She gave them the details about the Null Point Prison, her 300 years there, as well as that the Lunar Guard were actually her children with Ranma.
“Then,” asked Minako, “where were you for those four days after you returned?”
Usagi lowered her gaze. “I was grieving with my children. We had just escaped a place with no exits, and lost the man who had helped us all survive. If not for him, I'd have died of starvation from lack of survival skills.” She drank some of the tea, never raising her gaze. “I wouldn't have come back for a while yet, but King Dim made that necessary.”
“It's okay, Mom,” said Keitaro as he laid his hand on her shoulder, soon to be followed by the other children.
Usa looked almost in tears, her sniffling attracting Usagi's attention.
“Don't cry, Usa. I used the combined Crystals' power to anchor you. You won't fade, and I won't abandon you. You're still my little girl, still destined to become Neo Sailor Moon. The only thing that's changed is what will become of Crystal Tokyo.”
“Princess?” asked Setsuna.
Usagi turned to her, after motioning Usa to her, and setting the emotional fragile girl in her lap. “I refuse to let paradise be built on the bones of the innocent. By the end of the year, I should be able to restore the biospheres of at least two of the worlds; probably the Inner worlds, as it would be less of a strain to begin teleporting humans to them should the Great Freeze arrive early.”
Usa sniffled again. “But...but what about me?”
Usagi smiled at her first daughter. “Well, you will still be you. You can still be Neo Sailor Moon if you want, but the circumstances that are shifting made me decide to ensure as soon as I could that you didn't fade from existence. You have done too much for this world to deserve such a fate, and I would miss you...spore.”
“Hey!” Usa screamed, before settling down, embracing her Mother.
Mamoru stayed silent, not really certain what he could...or even should say. Usagi had fallen in love with another guy that was not him. He wanted to be angry, but...
Had he really been any better? How many times did he break up with her just because he needed to figure things out? Hell, he had dated one of her best friends, and they had even had a new break-up before she had disappeared.
It hurt. Even though he knew this guy wasn't likely to come back, it still hurt, still felt like he had forever lost her. In 300 years, this Ranma had done more for Usagi than he had ever done in a thousand. What did that say about him? What did it say for his connection to Usagi? Was he even worth it? Hell, was Ranma perhaps the real Endymion? Was he just some cosmic joke, a runner-up prize for the future Queen?
He needed time to think this out, but felt fear that if he left again, then there would be no more chances with Usagi.
As he looked at her, he could see that she had finished growing up; so to speak. No more was she the bony little girl he had first met four years ago. As she was dressed, you couldn't help but notice how defined her muscles were. They weren't bulging like a body-builder, but showed that she was in excellent shape. But the biggest difference was that she didn't look like a teenager anymore. “Usagi...you look all grown up.”
It was true. As with her children, Usagi was the same in appearance as she had been when they had seen Neo-Queen Serenity. All six of them looked to be twenty-five at best. They weren't children by any shot of the imagination. They were adults.
She turned to him, her eyes cold for a bit, nearly chilling his soul, before she closed them, taking a deep breath. “That amount of time lets you grow up, Mamoru.” She opened her eyes. They were no longer frozen, but did show less compassion than he had come to expect. “But I did learn to slow down my aging. I might even outlive Setsuna.”
That comment brought the Guardian of Time out of her stupor. “Usagi, this...I mean...but you are Mamoru are destined to rule Crystal Tokyo.”
Usagi shook her head. “Simply because you liked the possibility—one which I remind you lead to our future selves having their asses handed to them and you calling me an enemy—does not make a future anymore set in stone than the past, or need I remind you that of the Outers, you were the only one around. So, Setsuna, what happened to Haruka, to Michiru, or even little Hotaru? Where were they?”
Setsuna stayed quiet.
Usagi didn't. After waiting for a few seconds for Setsuna to come up with an answer, she continued. “If humanity chooses me as its Queen, then I shall accept, but I shall not force that decision upon them, or I would be no better than the evils we have fought. As for my marriage to Endymion, I...I still won't discount the possibility. But it will be a while before I feel comfortable with another man. I would rather rebuild the Moon Kingdom as well as the other worlds, than be a Queen of a dying people.”
The other girls could only nod, despite the feelings of Setsuna. They swore to speak more on this, but decided to hold off for a bit, to celebrate the return of their leader.
Mamoru, however, was waiting more for a chance to speak with Usagi, to see where they stood, but found his courage floundering when faced with the thought that she had barely lost her love a week ago.
Did he really have the right to call her on it now? Did he have a right to even ask her that question?
Sighing, he stared into his soda. Now was not the time. For now, he would support her in her time of need, and hope that maybe, she would need him again.
The Tsukino family made their way to the home of the parents of their Mother: Kenji and Ikuko, as well as the brother Shingo. Usagi had little doubt that their arrival would cause some...chaos. After all, their eighteen year old daughter had disappeared for a week, only to return looking close to twenty-five, and with five children. Lucky they still haven't figured out that Usa is also my daughter.
Said little girl was being held by her Mother, finding a comfort she had thought she had lost once.
“You sure this'll be okay, Mom?” asked Raiden. “We've got enough cash to cover an apartment for a few months.”
Usagi shook her head as best she could with Usa's sleeping head on her shoulder. “No. They need to know. After all, it's not like I can count on a disguise field, and I fail to see why I should hide my intelligence. Besides, it's better than Daddy deciding that you guys might be a bad influence on me.”
Ryoko chuckled. “Man, why can't we have sane grandparents?”
Ranko shook her head. “That...is not within our scope to procure.”
Keitaro chuckled. “Look who we come from, and tell me a normal life exists for us without chaos?”
The group stopped, a look of sadness came over them.
“Enough of this shit,” said Raiden. “Look, Dad wouldn't have wanted us acting like this.”
“Still hurts,” said Ranko, still desiring to share her pain with a certain pair of perverts.
Usagi shook her head again, altering her holding of Usa to get a better grip on her child. “Let's just go home. We've all had a rough day, and a good night's sleep would be helpful.” Besides, I need to see Luna. Wonder why she wasn't at the meeting?
And like that, the Tsukino family began to finish their trek, and with no idea what lay in store for them. For them, this day was far from finished.