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Sorry it took so long but it's hard to think of anything new. But I'm now ready with the next part of Dragons and Perfect Harmony.

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2 months has past since Ranma and his new daugther has came under Belton's guidance. Both had learned a great amount of magic
and the fighting techniques Belton had seen from his crystal ball. Ranma also mastered the scroll his mother gave him. He
was on his way back to the camp with packages he picked up for the wise old sage when he heard sounds of a battle along with
a big explodion.

"That's a big magical aura, what's going on?" Ranma asked himself as he set his gear down and went to have a look.

"That'll teach those bandits who's the best around here!" a red headed sorcerss said holding up bags of gold.

"Pardon me miss. Was it you that did this?" asked Ranma when he appeared. The girl turned at him and was stunned by his looks.

"Uh yeah. My name is Lina Inverse." she said.

"Name's Ranma Saotome. Looks like bandits from the outfits. How can a little girl like you can beat them like that?" asked Ranma

"Listen punk. I'm 17 years old and I've beaten monsters tougher then that!" said Lina, her trademark temper starting to blow.

"Oh really? Must be luck and a birth defect to turn out small and flat chested like that." said Ranma.

"YOU'LL PAY FOR THAT! FIREBALL!" With a great leap, Ranma dodged Lina's spell.

"Jeez! You don't have to be touchy!" he shot back. Lina then started to chant the incantation for the Dragon Slave
so he thew a small scroll at her.

"DRAGON SLAVE!" instead, Lina knocked herself out.

"This girl has got an ego as big as mine, if not bigger. Well can't let her stay there. Might as well take her with me."
said Ranma as he picked Lina up and walked back to the house.

"Ah welcome back my young student. Have you got the items I asked for?" asked Belton as Ranma came inside.

"Yes sensei. As well as a egomanic of a girl." said Ranma as he set Lina of a sofa. Belton walked over to look at her.

"Lina Inverse? Here? Oh my, my, my, my, my. I've seen her journeys in my crystal ball. She has made quite a name for herself."
said Belton.

"She did say she beat a lot of monsters." said Ranma as Lina started to stir.

"What hit me?" she asked in a daze.

"Unless I miss my guess, it must be a knock-out scroll that activates when a high level Dark Magic Spell is about to be cast."
said Belton as Ranma nodded.

"HEY YOU CHEATED!" screamed Lina as she drew her sword at Ranma who drew his reversed blade sword to counter it.

"Oh dear. Good thing this house has a spell in it to repair itself in case something like this happens." mused Belton as he made
some tea appear.

"Listen Lady! You don't want to keep this up. Cause if you do, you'll lose you Uncute Tomboy!" said Ranma.

"YOU'LL PAY FOR THAT!" screamed Lina as she prepared to slash him till Belton swiped her sword with a spell.

"I am ever so sorry for my student's use of his voice. His father did not teach him any manner at all Miss Inverse." said Belton
wacking Ranma's head with his staff.

"YOU GIVE ME MY SWORD OLD TIMER OUR I'LL--" Belton Wacked Lina before she could finish that statement.

"I will not have that tone in my house young lady. I am Belton, Master Sage of the 7 Winds!" he said. Lina cooled off right there.

"You mean you're? And he is? And this is? And you? And he? UHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" With those words Lina fainted.

"Was it something I said?" asked Belton making Ranma face fault.

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