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Life of Chaos

Prologue - An Insane Day

Chapter 1 - Morning of Surprises

By: Lord Archive

Characters belong to Rumiko Takahashi and Shogakukan and are used without permission. All rights reserved.

This series starts the same morning as the final page of manga volume 38.

This is manga based, while one part of this was dealt with in the anime- it didn't occur in the manga so all the effects are 'first time.'


A new school year. The promise of new discoveries, new friends and new experiences. It also promised new anxieties, new frustrations and new rivals, along with the old ones that hadn't been dealt with. Not to mention more fighting.


Ukyou overlooked that. She didn't mind the challenge. She knew she had already won the most important battle. She was going to marry her love once the jackass realized he was only delaying the inevitable. Helping him speed up that realization would be for the best and that's what she planned to do.


Ranma sighed while getting ready. He hated seeing the school break end, wishing it would continue until, say... his remains were held in a shrine. He didn't see much difference between today and any other school day, save a change in studies and class level.


Nabiki REALLY didn't look forward to her final year at Furinkan. Sure it meant she never had to go to high school after this year, but she was going to be too busy and stressed out because of the college placement exams to make the kind of money she had the year before. She wasn't about to blow off studying for the exams until the last minute. This was her future at stake. The dojo, for all intents and purposes, belonged to Akane, while Kasumi, of course, could land a husband in six months with little effort, however Nabiki had only herself to rely on to make money and if she didn't make it into a good college she didn't know what she'd do. The only skills she had developed so far would help her if she wanted to join the Yakuza, but not for much else.


Kuno didn't dress for class, but rather for war. His love had nearly married the foul sorcerer and only his timely intervention had prevented the atrocious event from happening. He had to punish the vile Saotome for not only attempting to marry Akane, but for casting some false information into his school record that he had failed to pass with the rest of his class and was to be held back for another year. He would have to call on the wrath of the heavens to strike down the villainy of his foe. There was one benefit though, he would be able to share his classroom with both his beloveds-- if his father could be believed, which might not be the case.


Akane didn't quite look forward to starting a new school year. Her last year had been hell, from Kuno's declaration 'You must defeat Akane to date with her' to nearly getting married to Ranma, and all the insanity and fights in between. Not to mention nearly getting killed a half-dozen or so times. The odd thing, though, was that Akane wasn't all that frightened of the demons, kami, or some random martial artist trying to prove himself. Ranma defeated them all, even a kami-- lord Saffron, a living god and king of Jusendo. What she truly loathed, and yet knew she had to deal with, were the other girls. Akane wanted them to accept Ranma was hers and either be friends or go away, but her wedding attempt proved how unlikely that was.


Arriving at Furinkan, Ranma and Akane found two large groups of students. They were separated by gender and were comprised mostly of freshman. Just as they set foot inside the gate someone, who sounded awfully like Nabiki, yelled, "There they are!"

Most of the boys started shouting war cries and/or declarations of love for Akane. A few stood back waiting for the 'pig-tailed girl' to arrive. The girls swarmed around Ranma asking him all sorts of questions.

Akane was NOT pleased with being attacked by a pack of freshman that Kuno had probably riled up. She was furious about Ranma being surrounded by girls, some of whom knew he wasn't available. Akane tried to control herself; her skills had improved a bit since the last time this happened and she doubted many of the students were any better than the lot from the year before.

"So if I defeat you, would I be your fiance again?"

Akane punched out one boy and looked at the speaker, trying to place the face. However it was the white headband and military duffel bag that identified him. She let out a mental curse. He was Kumon, one of the few people who ever defeated Ranma in a straight fight.

Kumon had asked the question as a joke and wasn't prepared when Akane kicked him in the side of his head. The high kick allowed him to get a brief, but good, look under her dress. He didn't think blue panties suited her before falling unconscious.

The boys waiting for the pig-tailed girl saw that this Akane girl had already knocked out most of the guys. "She's gotta be tired by now," one boy shouted, "We can beat her!"

Akane groaned seeing the second wave rush for her. She leapt into the middle of the group and with a quick combination knocked out four of them. She would really like to see Shampoo try that. She continued knocking out freshman.

A shout rang out across the schoolyard. "I already have a fiancee, so LEAVE ME ALONE!!"

Akane stumbled hearing that. One of the boys took advantage of it and slammed both of his fists into her back. He went flying from a mule kick.

Akane dispatched her remaining attackers in time to see Ranma jump out of the assembled girls.

"I said leave me alone." Ranma ran up to Akane. "Do you know what's with these girls?"

Akane muttered some unpleasant things, primarily focusing on Kuno, freshmen, and a clueless fiance.

"What the?!" Ranma looked towards the main doors of the school and saw someone already fighting Kuno.

Akane added some more curses knowing today had gotten worse.

"Cheenwana!" Mousse shouted, flinging both arms forward. Massive lengths of chain flew out from his sleeves engulfing Kuno completely.

Mousse stood in a triumphant pose and declared, "I will not have you interfere with Ranma and Akane's relationship." The image might have been awe-inspiring if he hadn't been saying it to a statue of Principal Kuno, not that Tatewaki could tell with chains covering his face. It might have also helped if he hadn't been wearing a Furinkan school uniform, since the male students were too busy looking at their sleeves trying to figure out how he got all of those chains into his short-sleeved shirt.

The girls were quite moved though. Well, they had been moved until Shampoo put a stop to that when she bashed him on the back of the head. "Mousse is one interfering in Ranma's relationship with me. You no stop and I find good recipe for roast duck."

Mousse looked extremely sick and frightened.

Shampoo let that thought sink in and then kicked him over the school. She smiled happily upon hearing a splash in the school pool.

Akane stormed towards the Amazon. "What the hell are you doing here?"

"Visitor visa ran out, so in order to stay in Japan must use student visa." Shampoo smirked with a gleam in her eye. "Much better this way. Get to spend more time with husband."

Akane growled. "Why don't you go back to China?"

"Ranma no ready to be husband and come home with me. So must stay with husband or Ranma do something stupid like marry kitchen destroyer," Shampoo replied in a superior tone.

Akane pulled her arm back ready to punch superior smirk off the tramp's face when she felt a hand grab her wrist. She turned and glared. "Let go, Ranma."

"Not a chance. There's no way I'm lettin' you fight her." Ranma's words came out flat, but his eyes were pleading.

"Why not?" Akane demanded.

"Pervert girl too weak. She no can compete with Shampoo," the Amazon 'answered' for Ranma.

"I am not weak," Akane hissed.

"Come on, Akane. Shampoo has a couple more years of experience in fighting than you. She's as far above you as I'm above her. Ya don't have a chance," Ranma pleaded.

Akane jerked her hand away from him and stomped into the school. She was furious but she knew Ranma wouldn't let her fight Shampoo. She knew he was afraid she'd get hurt, not that he'd admit it. But why'd he have to stop her and not Shampoo? Before Ryoga was strong enough to take Ranma on at equal footing she had always scolded Ranma because he was the better fighter and shouldn't encourage someone weaker into a fight just to boost his own ego like Shampoo had just done to her.

After Akane left, Ranma turned and glared at Shampoo. "Don't you dare insult her again, and I ain't your husband." He ran off to catch up with Akane.

Shampoo blinked several times surprised at what he had said. She then glared at the door. "Pervert girl getting too close. Must do something soon."


Akane had calmed down a little when she entered her new classroom. Apparently Ms. Hinako was her homeroom teacher again, as she expected. But one student set her on edge. Kodachi was sitting in the back corner of class in a Furinkan school dress. She prayed that Kodachi hadn't changed schools, but doubted she would be so lucky. A few other students in class looked like they really didn't belong here.

"Hey Akane, have you seen the class list yet?" Yuka asked.

Akane shook her head. "No."

"You're not going to like it." Yuka handed it to her.

Akane gulped while reading it.

Bosabosa Daisuke - - Chapatsu Hiroshi
Daimonji Sentarou - - Daimonji Satsuki
Genmizu Yume - - Gosunkugi Hikaru
Hibiki Ryoga - - Kenzan Konatsu
Konjo Mariko - - Kumon Ryu
Kurenai Tsubasa - - Kuno Kodachi
Kuno Tatewaki - - Kuonji Ukyou
Masaki Yuka - - Matsuko Hiro
Msu Si - - Sanzenin Mikado
Saotome Ranma - - Sieki Ryunami
Shan Pu - - Shiratori Azusa
Takahashi Rumiko - - Tanaki Sayuri
Tendo Akane - - Tensuke Kenshiro
Wataru Ayashi - - Unryu Akari

"What the hell is this? Half the class aren't from Furinkan! What's Kuno doing here? How did this happen?" Akane demanded.

Yuka smiled. "Don't know all the stories yet. Kuno flunked big time, and got held back. Kodachi, Shampoo and Mousse you can already guess why. Akari wanted to go to school with her friends and brought Ryoga with her. They're staying at his house." Yuka winked, winked, nudged, nudged Akane.

Akane doubted Akari or Ryoga had done anything yet. They were both too innocent and their relationship too young for them to do that stuff.

Yuka continued, "As for the golden pair, it seems they never recovered from their loss and are hot for revenge. The Daimonji twins...."

Akane interrupted. "They aren't twins, they're married."

"Married?! So that's the problem their school had with them. The principal at their old school strongly encouraged them to leave, so they switched to Furinkan. That's all so far." Yuka was almost as good as Nabiki for gossip, and fortunately much cheaper.

Akane sighed. "Well, I have a guess about Kumon, probably a rematch with Ranma soon. I don't think he'll be staying at Furinkan long. Konatsu is here because Ukyou is, the same with Tsubasa. And Mariko is after Kuno."

"She wants him? Ewww." Sayuri looked sick.

"You said it," Yuka agreed.

"It's better than what could've happened. Nabiki had a crush on him in Junior High," Akane said with a slight humorous tone.

"Really? What happened?" Yuka was wide-eyed.

Akane smirked. "He decided I was the girl of his dreams and we found out how delusional he was."


Just as Ranma passed inside the school building, a girl grabbed onto him.

"You've got to help me!" she pleaded.

"Ah, what kind of help? You're not lookin' for a boyfriend are you?" Ranma asked with a nervous twitch.

The girl raised her eyebrow. "Why did you ask that?"

"Well, it just that girls...." Ranma trailed off.

The girl looked upset. "Saotome, don't you remember me?"

Ranma blinked. "Should I?"

The girl glared at him. "It's me, Tsubasa."

"Tsubasa... Tsubasa...." Ranma's brow furrowed. "Sorry doesn't sound familiar."

Tsubasa growled. "We share the same hobby."

"You're a martial artist?" Ranma was surprised because the girl's stance didn't show any training.

"No, cross-dressing," Tsubasa replied evenly.

"Hey, mine's not a...." Ranma started to reply reflexively and then stopped. "OH, that Tsubasa. You want me to help you win Ukyou?"

"Well, that'd be nice, but what I need now is a male uniform," Tsubasa requested.

Ranma raised an eyebrow. "I coulda told you that, and I can't help with Ukyou, I'm already helpin' someone else."

Tsubasa growled. "Can you tell me where to get one?"

Ranma shrugged. "At a shop, I guess. I think they had some at the one Akane got her new dress."

"Don't you have one or know where I can find one here?" Tsubasa demanded.

Ranma shook his head. "No."

Tsubasa screamed in frustration and ran off.

Ranma continued towards class and almost made it when he heard, "Hi, Ranchan!"

"Hi, Uc...." He turned and looked at who said that. Looked again, and a third time to be sure. "Hey, Ucchan, what's with the dress?"

"Thought I'd dress more appropriately. Besides I had to wear this if I was going to get him to wear that." Ukyou pointed behind herself.

Ranma blinked. "Hi, Konatsu. Didn't recognize you without a kimono on."

Konatsu tugged at his collar. "Yeah. I don't even recognize myself. These clothes aren't very comfortable either."

Ukyou was disappointed when Ranma shrugged and went into their classroom. She had hoped he'd say something more about the way she was dressed. 'Gee, Ukyou, you look cute,' would've been nice.

Akane greeted Ranma at the door. She held up a list of names. He moaned seeing that it was the classroom list and that there were too many annoyances for his liking. Two of 'his' girls in his class he could deal with, four was insane. Not to mention Kuno, Mousse, AND Ryoga. Mikado wouldn't be so bad, he'd just make the lech's life hell for the next year.

Akane was a more than a bit surprised at Ukyou and Konatsu's choice of clothes. While more appropriate, it made Akane uneasy to see Ukyou dressing more like a girl. The okonomiyaki chef was probably upping her pursuit of Ranma, considering how close he had come to getting married.

Akari led Ryoga into class wearing proper school attire. They were about to greet Ranma and Akane when they heard a squeaky, cute voice call out, "You!"

A girl who seemed to make even the Furinkan uniform look cute grabbed Ryoga.

"A-Azusa?!" Ryoga screeched.

"That's Azusa?" Akari asked.

Ryoga nodded.

Akari glared at the girl, pulled out a mallet, and whacked the overly cute girl across the room. "Ryoga is mine!"

Azusa looked even more ditzy than normal. "What cute stars. Angelean. Pierre. Come to mommy Azusa." She slumped to the floor.

"Let's see, it's eight-fifteen, and thirty-seven guys, one girl and a small animal unconscious. Damn, I'm out. Should've counted at least the duck," Hiroshi said.

Daisuke grinned. "I thought of that. I need eight more guys, fifteen girls and two small animals and I win."

"You only have fifteen minutes left. I don't see how that's going to happen."

"Hey oinker," someone called from the hall. An arm reached into the room and pulled Ryoga from the doorway. "Tell me where room 3-D is."

"Why do you want to know that?" Ryoga asked, pulling away.

The Chinese man smirked. "That's my classroom and I haven't been to this school before so I don't know where everything is yet."

Ranma tried not to laugh. "Hey, Pantyhose, you're askin' the wrong person. If his girlfriend didn't lead him here it'd be a week before he'd make it ta class."

"Shut up, Ranma," Ryoga snarled.

Taro tossed Ryoga out the window. "Fine, fem-boy, you tell me where that class is."

"Ryoga!" Akari screeched and ran to help him.

"Why are you here?" Ranma asked with a slight edge.

"Happosai lives here, so I'll live here too until that freak changes my name," Taro retorted.

"Whatever." Ranma sighed. "Next floor up, right above this one."

"Oh?" Taro climbed out the window and hopped up to the window ledge of the next level. He opened the window and entered. Only after stepping into it did he realize someone had left a bucket of water in the hall.

Hiroshi and Daisuke rushed towards the windows after Taro jumped up.

"You got another small animal," Hiroshi said seeing P-Chan floating in the school pool.

Several loud shrieks of "Monster!" were followed by a large number of thuds.

"Think I got the fifteen girls?" Daisuke asked.

Some more shouts were heard from above. "Kill it!" "Protect the girls!"

"Maybe, I think you got a couple guys too."

Akane slumped down into a seat. "Just great, my class is filled with martial artists who either want to kill or marry either me or Ranma... or Ukyou. To top it off Taro is in Nabiki's class." She shook her head. "This is going to be a bad year."

"Perhaps I can cheer you up?"

Akane felt a hand under her chin, lifting her face to see Mikado.

Mikado was given a flying lesson courtesy of Ranma's fist. "Threat still stands, lech," Ranma sneered.

Ms. Hinako looked up, shrugged, and went back to her coloring book.

Ayashi fell to the ground in surprise, noticing Ms. Hinako's reaction. She NEVER let that go before, she'd always try to punish Ranma.

Azusa, who had just awakened from Akari's mallet, made her way to the teacher's desk, planning to ask the girl if she knew when the teacher was going to be there so she could complain about that girl who hit her. That wasn't a cute thing to do, and she hated things that weren't cute. But when she saw the pictures she had to have that coloring book. "Madeline!" she called out grabbing the book.

Ms. Hinako glared at her. "That's mine, delinquent. Happo Go En Shatsu!"

"Azusa tired again." She lay down on the floor and took another nap.

Ms. Hinako's shirt had gotten caught on part of her chair, leaving little slack for her body to grow into. It ripped along the seam causing Kenshiro, Gosunkugi, Hiroshi and Daisuke along with two newly arrived students, Kumon and Kuno, to see more of their teacher's chest than they should. Their noses erupted with blood and the boys fell into wet slumber-land.

A couple girls shrieked at the sight of blood squirting and fainted, and oddly, so did Konatsu.

"Geez, Konatsu, it's only a little blood. I thought you were a ninja," Ukyou scolded her unconscious friend. She knew it wasn't Hinako's cleavage that did it, since Konatsu had accidentally walked in on her while she was preparing to take a shower and saw more of her than the teacher had just showed. At least she thought it was an accident, but for some reason Ranma had been there and seemed to know something.

"Did you just see that?" Akane asked Ranma.

Ranma was studiously looking at the back of the room. "Nope, saw nothing. Absolutely nothing."

"You're lying," Akane deadpanned.

Ranma gulped trying to figure a way out of the pounding he was expecting. He thought back to what happened about a month or so ago. "Um, I don't want to see her chest, I'd rather see...."

Shampoo interrupted with a vicious hug. "Aiya! Husband no need see psycho-teacher's chest. If Ranma want see bare chest, just ask."

Akane growled in outrage. She grabbed a desk and knocked them both out the open window to the hall and the now over used window.

Nabiki cursed seeing Shampoo and Ranma fly out the window to the pool. She should've made that something to bet on as well.

Just after they struck, the final school bell rang, and Nabiki cursed some more. Forty-five guys, sixteen girls and three animals had been rendered unconscious on the school grounds before class started. That wasn't counting Azusa's second nap. Her only hope was that someone in a... less active class than her little sister's had fallen unconscious or Daisuke had just come into a good amount of money for guessing the exact number, rather than a smaller sum for being the closests. She'd have to think of some way to get the money back; she couldn't stand to lose that much. She frowned looking at her sheet. If two more girls and a big animal had been knocked out as well, Yuka would get the bonus money. It'd be harder to get the money back from her. Well there weren't any big animals around save Taro, who was quite conscious, and Akari's sumo-pig that she hoped had been left home.

"Hey, Nabiki, you won't believe this!" A girl called out, rushing towards the Tendo girl.

Nabiki raised an eyebrown. "Oh?"

"Two girls got into a fight with this HUGE pig." The girl spread her arms wide.

Nabiki shook her head. "Don't tell me. They knocked each other silly."

The girl's face fell. "You already knew?"

Nabiki shook her head. "Nope. But the weirdness scale just went off the chart. Crap like that is going to happen, daily."

The girl's eyes went wide. "Daily? How will we study for our college exams? I had enough trouble with the insanity from last year."

Nabiki gave a slow, hollow chuckle. "I'm willing to bet last year will be a picnic compared to this year." If she was wrong then she would get to study, if she was right she may end up rich enough to not need school.

The girl pouted. "Shit."


Author's Notes:

Thanks to Freemage, Michael Chase, John Go and to the rest of my pre-readers. And thanks to you as well for reading this.

I am well aware that 'Kenzan' is probably not Konatsu's clan name. That when it was used in the manga it was 'Meet Konatsu.' However, I did need a name for this, and left it with the fan misconception.

Cheenwana - cheen means chain and wana is snare.

Why does Ranma remember Mikado and not Tsubasa? Because while Tsubasa got Ranma to do some stupid things, nothing really different save the cross-dressing occurred, which Konatsu helps to diminish that difference. Mikado, however, took one thing Ranma can never get back- that his first kiss on the lips was to a guy. Ranma will not forgive nor forget Mikado for stealing what Ranma had hoped belonged to Akane, or at least a girl.