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Life of Chaos
Volume 4:
Chapter 2: Reunion

By Lord Archive

Ranma 1/2 characters belong to Rumiko Takahashi and Shogakukan and are used without permission. Vision of Escaflowne belongs to Kazuki Akane, Hajime Yadate, Shoji Kawamri, and Bandai, and are also used without consent for entertainment purposes only.


A pillar of light exploded on a bright shiny day over the kingdom of Farnelia. Whether it was the sun's rays that obscured it or the people were too busy, it resulted in the same effect that only a few people saw it. But, only a handful of people were expecting the pillar to occur.

"She's back." The new general of Zaibach's silver army set down the report he was reading and then massaged his eyes. "It begins again."


Unceremoniously two girls fell out of the white beam and into some bushes and the guy into a nearby pond.

Hitomi struggled out of the shrubbery and looked around. Escaflowne stood off to the side with a large plaque under it stating that this was a statue of Van's guymelef. She knew the plaque was lying, that the statue was really Escaflowne. Looked like one of Gaddeth's tricks of hiding things in plain site.

"Ranma!" The short hair girl pried herself out of the bushes and ran to the pond.

"Ugh! Why does this always happen to me?" The girl with red hair stood up in the pond while rubbing her head.

"Are you all right?" the raven haired girl asked.

Ranma looked around. "Yeah, Akane, I'm fine. Where are we?"

"You are trespassing in the Royal Gardens of Farnelia. You are under arrest." Two Farnelian soldiers stood with weapons drawn and ready.

"Farnelia?" Hitomi blinked repeatedly. It appeared that the guy turned into a girl, but how was that possible? But that didn't matter at the moment. She rushed to the soldiers. "Take me to your king."

"You will be taken to the Brigade General," one of the guards replied.

Hitomi opened her mouth to protest, but changed her mind. "I... guess that'll be okay." The general was probably Allen and he would clear things quickly. Even if it was someone she didn't know, once someone recognized her-- everything would be cleared.

"Now hold on a second." Ranma, while flailing water around, stomped toward Hitomi and the castle guards. "Would someone please tell me what's goin' on?"

Hitomi, anxious to see Van and uncertain with how to deal with these two, pointed to the sky. "You are in the kingdom of Farnelia on the planet Gaea. Earth is over there."

"Oh, my!" Akane covered her mouth. "How?"

"No way...." Ranma stared in shock.

"I will be able to explain everything later. First, we have to get cleared of this misunderstanding. I know we just met, but please trust me. I will eventually be able to return you to Earth." Hitomi bowed to them.

The castle guards shared confused glances.

Hitomi turned to the guards. "Take us to your Brigade General."

Ranma turned to Akane. "Should we?"

"We don't have much of a choice at the moment. Come on." Akane grabbed her duffel bag out of a bush.

Ranma fished her bag out of the water and joined Akane and the strange girl as the castle guards led them away.

Hitomi looked around. The last time she was here the place was being rebuilt. Now it was almost finished. It was once again the impressive medieval city she remembered before Zaibach decimated it.

The trek to the castle's barracks was short. They entered a large room where many soldiers and knights were either lazing about or sparring. Hitomi noticed that many of the Crusader's crew were here, the ones that were lazing about.

Ranma glanced at the sparring fighters, and shrugged. If that's their best, he had absolutely nothing to worry about.

The men stopped what they were doing and looked at the three girls. They started to drool at the sight; a cute girl with short black-hair, a buxom girl with a pig-tail, and a rather plain girl with brown hair. "Lady Hitomi!" many of them called out, a few with a bit of surprised vulgarity before it. They began to rush toward her.

"Freeze, scumbags!" The finest dressed knight walked over to her. "Lady Hitomi? You've returned?"

Hitomi bowed slightly. "Hello, Gaddeth. It's been a long time."

Gaddeth clapped his hands sharply. "All right, you sacks of garbage! Straighten up! We've got a royal escort to perform!" He looked around the room and saw that his men hadn't moved. "Now, scumbags! NOW!"

"Yes, sir!" The men quickly filed into a double column.

Gaddeth turned back to her. "Lady Hitomi, are these people with you?"

Hitomi nodded. "Yes."

"All right. If you would step in the middle, between the two columns, I'll take you to King Van."

"We're in over our heads, again. Aren't we?" Akane was having trouble absorbing what was going on.

Ranma shrugged. "Safe bet."

They followed behind Hitomi, and hoped she would explain all of this mess soon.


Van rubbed his forehead. The new defenses on the inner walls were taking forever to build. They've been having supply problems for weeks, which most of that was blamed on the recent rash of terrible weather that had struck the region.

He looked up and glanced over his city. It had been three years since Zaibach destroyed it, and it was now near it's former glory. There was still some things missing from it, but he hoped that would be fixed soon.

Van shook his head when he noticed the soldiers walking in columns. Someone must have pissed off Gaddeth again. He blinked realizing they were actually escorting a few people. He peered closer, but was having trouble making them out. As they marched closer, he recognized the dress one of them was in. His heart skipped a beat. "Hitomi," he whispered in disbelief. She had returned to Gaea, returned to him. "Hitomi!" Van released and spread his wings, and then jumped into the air.

Hitomi rushed toward the king. "Van!" Before she knew it, she was lifted into the sky by his powerful arms. She hugged him as she began to cry. "Van."

"Oh, Hitomi. Never leave me again," Van pleaded.

Akane blinked as she looked upon the sight. The girl that had brought them here was in a romantic hug with an angel. She had seen some weird things, but this was messing with her concept of the world. Now a guy with wings was nothing new actually, but it added to everything else. That she wasn't on Earth, that she was in some medieval city, and all of that after just being on a mountain shrine mere minutes ago.

Ranma looked at the soldiers around him. Some were smiling at the flying couple, some were cheering, while others were in shock or fear. He really wished someone would explain what the hell was going on.

Van gently landed with Hitomi still held tightly. His wings disappeared in a shower of feathers. He looked over at Gaddeth. "There are a lot of things that need to be discussed, and we shall do so over a feast that will honor Hitomi's return. Make sure the appropriate council is there."

Gaddeth nodded. They would need many of the nobles and the knights to attend this.

Hitomi looked at Van strangely. "That sounded awfully... regal."

Van smiled weakly. "I've spent the past three years as king. I've got aids and advisers pestering me about how to speak."

Hitomi giggled and rested her head against his chest.

Ranma stomped toward Hitomi and the King. "Now can someone explain to me what's goin' on?"

Gaddeth stepped toward Ranma but signaled his men to not follow suit.

Hitomi reluctantly pulled away from Van. "Um, we'll explain things over dinner. There's a lot that needs to said. It'll be better that everyone gets the full story."

Ranma growled angrily.

"See that these two are treated as royal guests." Van led Hitomi away.

Gaddeth didn't relax until Ranma did. "Do you two want one or two rooms?"

Ranma kicked a pebble. "Just one."

Gaddeth nodded. "We'll have it made ready immediately. I suspect you'll want to freshen up first." He turned to his soldiers. "Rexton, Valborn, escort these fine ladies to the baths." He turned back to Ranma, who seemed more upset. "If that's all right with you?"

"Yeah. I guess so. Come on, Akane," Ranma mutted.

The two castle guards that had arrested Ranma, Akane and Hitomi shared nervous looks as they followed their General's order.

"Rex, not that I mind escorting these girls, but we've volunteered ourselves to every task possible, haven't we?" Valborn noted.

Rexton sighed. "Unfortunately, yes. We did just arrest our King's girlfriend."

"We didn't know that!" Valborn retorted.

"Val, ignorance is hardly a defense, especially with the General," Rexton returned.

"Did you know the King's part of the Dragon Clan?" Valborn questioned.

Rexton shook his head. "No, but in some things, ignorance is bliss."

Akane could only hope that Rexton's statement was not the case.



"Eep!" Hitomi found herself under a rather large cat-girl. "Merle, get off of me."

Merle grinned viciously and then stood up, she was now almost as tall as Hitomi. She looked like a deceptively sweet cat-girl of fourteen or fifteen. "You're finally back! How long are you staying?"

Hitomi gave a half-smile. "For the rest of my life."

Merle blinked. "You're not going to go home again?"

Hitomi shook her head. "Gaea is my home now. When I went to back to Earth, I felt more like a visitor."

Merle frowned and looked down. With Hitomi staying for good, the question of Van marrying the crazy-mystic girl changed from if to when. Not that it changed matters for her, she was Van's 'little sister' and a cat-girl-- two strikes against her being with the king. She forced herself to smile since at least Van would get to be with his love. "It's great to have you back. I actually missed you."

Hitomi ruffled her hair. "I missed you too. How have things been for you?"

Merle shrugged. "Good, I guess. I've been more or less helping with the reconstruction of Farnelia. Van's gotten a lot of help from my people and the wolf men by promising them equal freedom to humans. Some people don't like that, but it's helped us a lot. Even if it brought him."

"Him?" Hitomi wondered.

"Talon, he's a cat-boy who has a crush on me. He won't take no for an answer." Merle's tailed moved irritably.

Hitomi giggled.


Ranma and Akane were led into the massive, and rather plain, dining hall. There was only one giant hanging rug of a dragon, the rest of the walls were bare stone. Many of the seats were already filled. The king sat at the head of the table, with Gaddeth sitting on the right and Hitomi on the left.

Rexton and Valborn were rather confused. They had led a buxom girl to the baths, but now she was supposedly a he. Not wanting to over-react again, and since Akane was a royal guest, they did as the couple told them. So, when they arrived they announced them to the meal. "Saotome Ranma and Saotome Akane."

Most would consider it wise to show some respect, some honor, or some formality upon entering this room. Unfortunately Ranma saw the individual seated to the left of Hitomi, and his reaction was nothing that the people gathered expected. "C-c-c-cat!" He turned around and ran into and dented the meter thick stone wall.

Akane sighed looking at the cat-girl. "Oh, no. Not again." She walked over to her husband and slapped him awake.

Many voices asked if Ranma was all right. The rest stared in disbelief at the damaged wall.

Ranma pushed away from Akane. "I'm fine. Just keep the c-cats away."

"Why?" Merle's tone wasn't pleasant.

Ranma was studiously looking at the wall. "It's nothing personal. Just don't like murph...."

Akane held her hand over Ranma's mouth. "Sorry. It's not that he hates cats or, um, cat-people or whatever your race is. He's afraid of them because of something his father did to him. I don't suggest anyone try to use the fear against him, as bad things will happen to everyone around him."

Ranma scowled angrily, but didn't try to say anything.

"Don't be upset with them, Merle." Hitomi placed a hand on the cat-girl's shoulder. "It's just that they're from the Mystic Moon and haven't seen your race before. He's just afraid of an animal that you look like."

Akane bowed her head. "Perhaps it would be best if we were seated at opposite sides of the room."

"I have no problem with that." Merle turned around sharply and walked back to her seat.

Gaddeth walked over to Akane. "Excuse me, but what happened to the red haired girl with you?"

"Um, well you see..." Akane fumbled.

"She's, well, um...." Ranma wasn't any better.

Hitomi peered at Ranma closely. "You are the girl, aren't you?"

Ranma glared. "How do ya know that?"

"I saw you fall into the pond. And, well, I've seen you in a vision," Hitomi replied.

Akane blinked. "Vision?"

Hitomi nodded. "Um, yes. I'll be explaining that after dinner."

"Would someone please explain?" Gaddeth crossed his arms.

Akane sighed and turned toward her husband. "You're going to have to explain it to them."

Ranma grumbled under his breath. "Fell into a cursed spring a while back. Cold water now turns me into a girl, hot water changes me back."

Many surprised comments filled the room.

Teo had been a loyal member of the Crusader, as such he was now a ranking officer in Farnelia. That didn't mean he stuck with responsibility well. He poured cold water onto Ranma's head. He then found himself painfully attached to the wall on the other side of the room.

"See." Ranma waved disgustedly at her body. "Now I'd like some hot water to change back inta a guy."

Those present were not sure which to be more surprised of, the man that turned into a girl or that Teo had been punch across the room. A large commotion erupted as they started to debate what to do. Most of it was not favorable to Ranma's continued health.

"Enough!" Van slammed his fist onto the table to get their attention. "They are guests of Hitomi's and shall be treated as royalty. Is that clear?" The room became silent and then he bowed toward Ranma. "I am sorry for your mistreatment."

Gaddeth looked over at Teo. "Are you all right?"

"Talk about control." Teo dizzily walked to his seat. "Hurts like a bitch, but nothings broken." He glanced back at where he hit the wall. "'Cept the wall, that is."

Gaddeth appraised the girl before him. Punching someone like that and not killing him would take an enormous amount of control and skill; skill equivalent to the three greatest sword-fighters that ever lived. He took a step toward Ranma. "Are you a guy or a girl?"

"A guy." Ranma scowled angrily. "And Akane is my wife, so don't get any ideas."

Gaddeth nodded and walked back to his seat with a sick look on his face.

"So much for love, eh General?" Kio, another Crusader crew turned officer, snickered.

"You've got night-watch duty," Gaddeth snapped.

Kio groaned.

The feast began and the food was eaten with little or no manners. This surprised Akane, but not Hitomi as she had already learned first hand Asturia was trying to invent table manners on Gaea. Outside of a noble Asturian feast, dinner etiquette was usually non-existent.

Hitomi didn't quite feel right about asking a certain question, but she needed to know the answer. "Van, where's Allen?"

Van looked at Hitomi with an odd expression. "We don't know. No one has seen him since shortly after you left us."

"What about his sister, Celena?" Hitomi wondered.

Van shrugged weakly. "She is probably with Allen."

Hitomi nodded shallowly. "I see."

They returned to eating their diner, with them stealing glances at each other. While Hitomi's were covered with uncertainty, Van's were clouded with worry-- and yet both contained longing.

When the feast ended, it was time for everything to be explained. "Long ago this world, known as Gaea, was created by the people of Atlantis...."

A nobleman that Hitomi did not know interrupted her. "How could they possibly make Gaea?"

"I will explain that." Hitomi sighed. "The Atlantian people are better known as the Dragon Clan. They lived on the Mystic Moon, or Earth as my people prefer to call it. They developed their mind, skills, and abilities to the point that could make their every wishes reality, including creating this planet."

Another noble interrupted. "If they could do that, how were they destroyed?"

"They destroyed themselves. When every wish becomes granted, they conflicted and caused havoc until everything was destroyed and Atlantis sank beneath the waves. Remember the end of the Destiny War? How every nation was at war amongst each other? That was because Zaibach activated a device that would grant everyone's wishes. The kings wished to rule more lands, and attacked their former allies to gain that land. Warriors wished to be the best, and so fought each other to prove it. The result was pure anarchy, and if Van hadn't destroyed the device-- Gaea would've been destroyed," Hitomi explained.

"The legend of Atlantis is true?" Akane asked.

"Yes and their power still exists and affects us today. The ability to make wishes a reality is still present, but only a few have the desire and the will to do it," Hitomi added.

A noble scoffed. "You mean I could wish for peace, and all fighting would stop?"

"Only if you truly wished for that to happen, and no one with a stronger will opposed you," Hitomi corrected.

Ranma stood up. "I could wish to go back? To be cured of my curse?"

"I'm not sure. The curse is from Earth, and any cure you find might only work on Gaea. As for returning home... I'll be able to do that once I figure out how to just send you two," Hitomi informed.

Ranma blinked. "You can send us back now?"

"Um, not really." Hitomi had the ability to do so. She was sure of that. However, she didn't have the desire. The Saotome couple were going to be needed, and she couldn't send them back without risking everything.

Ranma slumped into his seat.

Akane promised herself to ask Hitomi later about this. That 'not really' sounded a bit hollow.

Hitomi returned her attention to everyone at the table. "Most of you know that I am able to glimpse the future. I recently had a vision of Zaibach beginning a new war against Farnelia. I can't give much specifics, but I do know that Ranma and Akane are crucial to victory."

Ranma glared at Hitomi. "Why should we help you? You're the one who dragged us here."

"I don't know how to convince you to help us. I'll be able to send you back eventually, but there are probably other means for you to return home. I had to bring you here, your presence may be what's needed for us to win. Please consider helping us," Hitomi pleaded.

"You're asking me and my wife to fight in a war? To risk our lives?" Ranma shot back.

"I can guarantee that you'll live through this." Though Hitomi wasn't sure that they would want to live through it.

"How are we supposed to even believe you can see the future?" Ranma asked seriously.

"I've never met you before, but I know you're a high ranking martial artist and have some magical abilities. In my vision I saw you stand against a Zaibach guymelef. It used its flame-thrower, and you somehow managed to get the flames to spiral around you. You then punched into the air and a tornado erupted." Hitomi's hands imitated the path of the flames.

Ranma blinked. "That's Hiryu Shuten Ha.... You're saying I did that while standing in place?"

Hitomi nodded. "I can't be sure if that is literal or imagery."

Ranma rubbed his chin. He had a few ideas of how to make that work. "Okay, so maybe you can see inta the future. I'm not entirely convinced. Besides, that's just martial arts, not magic."

Gaddeth folded his hands. "Hitomi, what specifics about Zaibach can you give us?"

"Well, the first full scale battle on Farnelia, itself, will occur during a celebration of some sort," Hitomi informed.

"Celebration?" Van raised an eyebrow. The closest festival planned was in six months. "Can you describe it?"

Hitomi nodded. "There were white and gold streamers lining the streets."

Van blinked, dazed.

Merle grimaced.

Gaddeth grinned. "Were you standing near an altar?"

Hitomi shrugged. "I think so, but I'm not entirely sure."

Teo leaned back while smirking. "So, Zaibach is going to repeat history and attack your wedding this time."

Hitomi blushed and blinked. "My wedding?"

"Gold and white streamers are used for Farnelia royal weddings." Van's voice sounded emotionless. "I'm the only surviving member of the royal family."

Hitomi laughed nervously while looking a bit pale. An altar shattered and two who were once inseparable would be forever apart.

Van looked at Hitomi and shock was replaced with worry. "Are you all right?"

"I'll explain later," Hitomi promised weakly.

Gaddeth looked serious again. "Anything else that may be of some help?"

Hitomi sagged. "Zaibach will get a hold of an Ispano Guymelef."

The room was filled with surprised sounds of shock.

"Are you sure?" Gaddeth pressed.

Hitomi nodded. "Yes, I saw Van piloting Escaflowne against another Ispano."

Van looked grim.

Gaddeth shook his head. "Anything else."

Hitomi shook her head. "Nothing besides Ranma knocking out eight or so Zaibach soldiers in less time than you killing three, and at another time, while in female form, he will defeat two guymelefs. The locations were not in the city, but I think they weren't too far away-- maybe a few days travel or so by foot."

Van looked over at Gaddeth. "Any word from the spies we sent to Zaibach?"

Gaddeth nodded. "Two have reported nothing out of the ordinary. The Mole-man seems to have disappeared, but that's not very surprising. If Zaibach is going to do anything soon, they're keeping it a tight secret."

Van nodded. With Hitomi's vision, they certainly seemed to have the upper hand if Zaibach was going to start a war. They had plenty of time to prepare. Why did this seem too good to be true?

Gaddeth stood up. "Well, if the first assault doesn't occur until the King's wedding, we've got at least a month or two of preparations to go through. We have some time to prepare for them, so I suggest we all get a good night's sleep and will convene a war council tomorrow. If that's all right with you, your majesty?"

Van nodded. "We will need to prepare to deal with Zaibach's technological advantage, particularly the stealth mantels. Try to think of anything that will help our defense." He stood up and turned to Hitomi. "We need to talk."

Hitomi nodded. "Yes, we do."

"A month or two?" Ranma clenched his fist. "They expect us to sit around here for the next couple months?"

Akane shook her head. "At least this way no one will be able to find us."

"Bet Ryoga could," Ranma grumbled.

Akane scowled. "How is he supposed to do that? He can get lost, but not lost enough to end up on another planet."

"Why not? We just did," Ranma retorted.

Akane blinked and tried to fire back a retort, but failed. "Whatever. It's getting late. Let's go to bed."


Author's Notes:

Thanks to HPackrat, Michael Chase, and JJang for going over the original version of this.

Chapter 3: Thieves in the Night

Van gets Hitomi to promise him that she is never going to leave again. He then proposes marriage and seduces her.

Merle overhears them and slinks off upset. She also hears the Saotome couple being 'occupied.' She then goes to the garden, upset, bored and unable to sleep. She then watches as two Zaibach Guymelef become visible and steal Escaflowne, which many had believed was a statue.

Gaddeth immediately orders an attack, finding out that the anti-air weaponry they ordered was supposed to have arrived last week and they still don't have it. He then goes to Van's quarters and does not stop when Hitomi's guards try to get in his way. Gaddeth raises an eyebrow as the king is in the middle of having sex with Hitomi. Gaddeth then calls attention to himself and both King and 'princess' freeze. Hitomi crawls out from under Van and falls off to the side of the bed. Gaddeth informs them that Escaflowne has been stolen. Van orders the Crusader made ready to fly and quickly dresses and leaves with Gaddeth and forgets to shut the door in his haste. Merle peeks in and sees Hitomi wrapping the sheets around herself. Hitomi asks Merle to get her clothes, but Merle screeches about not being Hitomi's maid and slams the door. Hitomi quickly dresses and goes to the Saotome's room and gets them to come with her to join the Crusader as it launches. She is delayed from barging in as Merle 'warns' Hitomi about 'deja vu.'

Chapter 5-10: The Chase
Hitomi questions herself about sleeping with Van while everyone attempts to reclaim the missing Escaflowne. Ranma repeatedly tries to get Hitomi to want to return home but ends up making her more resolved in staying with Van. At one point Ranma uses Hiryu Shuten Ha while in female form against a pair of Guymelefs, slamming them into a cliff. The stealth mantel proves to not work against Ranma as he can see a distortion where they stand. Ranma questions Van about killing soldiers. They recover Escaflowne. Duke Cid hears about Hitomi's return and, as yet, unofficial engagement. An unnamed general of Zaibach checks on the progress of Escaflowne from time to time and is also concerned in regards to Dilandalu/Celena (Allen's sister). He is not overly upset when Van regains Escaflowne. Emperor Aldofous questions the general's loyalty, but his adviser, Histel, believes they can as he is bound by love and hate.

Chapter 11: Proclamation.
Van announces to his people that Hitomi will become his queen and warns them that Zaibach is beginning to march again and that they must remain resilient in the coming future. Duke Cid is present and offers support against Zaibach and gives an engagement/wedding present, a pair of crowns made of gold, rubies and sapphires with a single small dragon energist on both.

Chapter 12: Preparations.
Farnelia prepares for war and a wedding.

Chapter 13: Denouncement.
Meanwhile, the King of Asturia is quite upset at his grandson for openly supporting Farnelia and the wedding between a man of the dragon clan and a woman from the mystic moon. The King imposes sanctions on Freid that make it impossible for Cid's people to survive. Refusing to bow to his cowardly grandfather, Cid begins a mass exodus of his people to Farnelia. The now crowned prince Dryden and princess Melerna denounces the king's actions and decide to pull the merchant's guild out of Asturia in retaliation and moves to support Farnelia and Cid's people.

Chapter 14: Allies
The lines are drawn and finalized: Zaibach and Asturia verses Farnelia, the people of Freid, and the merchant's guild. The build up of arms continues on both sides. The final preparations are made for Hitomi's wedding to Van.

Chapter 15: War of the Flowers.
The royal wedding begins; however, they know this is a perfect time for the enemy to attack and had set up an ambush in that case. When the wedding starts the general orders the attack.

Chapter 16: Shattered Altar
The damage from the battle is extensive and it will be some time before Farnelia will be able to hold her wedding. Hitomi is upset and Akane helps as she knows what it is like. Van also helps saying that Hitomi is already his queen and ceremony truly means nothing. He makes a proclamation to that point and holds a private ceremony to marry and crown Hitomi.
The merger process used to combine Dilandalu and Allen's sister is reversed. They are once again separate individuals. Their health is not stable mentally or physically. General Allen, commander of Zaibach's Silver Army, hugs his sister.

Chapter 17: Rebuilding.
Farnelia makes repairs and prepare for the next attack, it doesn't come. Zaibach cuts off all trade routes instead.
What has happened to Allen begins to be explained as he helps nurse his sister back to health. Some evidence of Histel manipulating Allen is shown as he talks to Allen about King Van and Queen Hitomi.

Chapter 18: Blockade.
Farnelia commits a good part of it's fighting force to push a supply run through.

Chapter 19-24: War events.
A merchant sells information to Dryden concerning an Ispano legend in Freid and that Zaibach has been searching for Ispano guymelefs, especially a black dragon Guymelef- Escaflowne's sister unit. Zaibach knows of the Freid one, but Allen writes off its use as the legend seems to indicate the pilot would be of the Mahad's bloodline which he knows Cid isn't and that even if he was, he wouldn't fight for Zaibach.

Crusader is destroyed in a battle with Zaibach. The survivors begin their trek back to Farnelia.
Van and his men are encamped and are in trouble as a Guymelef squad attacks. Van is too far a way from Escaflowne to reach before one Guymelef would kill him. Hitomi uses her powers to override Escaflowne's lock and uses it to attack the Guymelef.

Melerna diagnoses Hitomi's recent illness as pregnancy.

Chapter 25: Shadows of Past
Dilandalu rapes Allen's sister and escapes in Sharazaad. Allen swears complete loyalty to Zaibach for permission to hunt down and kill Dilandalu.
Van spots Sharazaad escaping Zaibach troops and moves to help. He knows Allen is not the pilot, and is shocked to find that it is Dilandalu. Dilandalu is quite free with information as it will piss off Dragon-boy to know that Allen is his enemy and was piloting the red Guymelef Van had just defeated. Van places Dilandalu under armed guard.

Chapter 26: Death of a Prince.
The crew of the Crusade finally returns to Farnelia when Allen leads an attack to get Dilandalu, which prince Dryden and duke/prince Cid move to help Van. Hitomi gets hurt as the result of something Allen does. Melerna is able to save Hitomi, but she miscarries.

Chapter 27:
Cid sets off on a personal mission with only his personal guards.
Allen is informed that Zaibach has found information on an Ispano that does not appear to have a lock mechanism based on bloodline. Allen, bitter about his second defeat at the hands of Van, breaks off his personal mission to obtain the Ispano.
Akane worries about Hitomi as the queen begins to recover from her injuries.

Chapter 28: Family of War
Zaibach has learned of another Ispano Guymelef and set a mission to retrieve it led by Allen. Allen becomes the accepted pilot of the Ispano, Betral, and it can become a griffin.
Duke Cid has learned of the Ispano legend of his homeland and seeks to complete it. He goes to the ceremony hall of Atlantis and finds the Ispano Guymelef, Ascoriden, that can turn into a hawk and Cid is the accepted pilot, the lock mechanism is based on the Duke's ring.
Hitomi confides to Akane that Allen is her uncle as her grandfather is Allen's father. She also states that despite their relationship, Allen has sided with the enemy and if it is necessary, she will kill him. Akane is left thinking that Hitomi wants revenge for her unborn child.

This is as far as the writing and planning had gone for Life of Chaos. I have been tempted to strip the Ranma elements out of part four in order to make it a pure Escaflowne series.