Ranma 1/2 Fan Fiction ❯ Little Angel Lost ❯ A few surprises and Cameos ( Chapter 5 )

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Little Angel Lost

A Ranma 1/2 Fanfiction by Ryo Oki

Disclaimer: All characters and places not created by me
are probably owned by someone else.

Authors Note: This story is an alternative universe / crossover story
set roughly 4 months after the wedding. Ranma and Akane are now juniors
in high school.

Warning: Pg-13 for Mild Sexual Naughtiness in this chapter, you have been


Chapter 5 A few Surprises and Cameos Galore.

Kasumi and Ranma had just finished their second dinner of the evening.
Kasumi was somewhat shocked by how much she ate and somewhat disgusted at the
loud burp she gave off at the end of the meal. Nodoka had seemed amused, that
this had happened and Ranma-chan was presently still rolling on the floor
laughing her cute little butt off. Kasumi blushed as that last thought echoed
throughout her mind.

"So aunty, you were going to tell us how Ranma-chan and I ended up on the
floor together?", Kasumi asked.

"Where shall I start? Do either of you remember anything before you woke
up next to each other?", Nodoka asked.

"I remember watching Kasumi and her father yelling at each other. That
was somewhat of a surprise. I was going to say something, but I think I felt
something hit the back of my head. I stumbled forward, I think, but I can't
remember anything after that.", Ranma said.

"I remember a little after that. As father and I were arguing I heard a
'thump' from behind me. Turning around I noticed your father, in panda form,
standing over you with a sign in his hand. It was obvious that he had hit you as
were beginning to fall over with a glazed look in your eyes. As you collapsed
onto the floor I felt very cold and the sound of blood rushing echoed in my
ears. I remember feeling angry..... Not that's not right. I felt almost
nothing by hatred at that moment, and it was directed towards your father. I
think I said something to him, but I forget what it was. I think I blacked out
shortly after that.", Kasumi stated to a concerned looking Ranma-chan.

"Pop's didn't hit Kasumi as well did he?", Ranma-chan asked.

"He did not strike Kasumi. If he did, he would no longer be here I
assure you. What did happen next though shocked everyone present. When you
struck the floor, Ranma, Kasumi let out an almost feral growl and she began
to glow a bright yellow. The aura around here quickly condensed near her
right hand. As she held her arm outward a beam of some sort of energy
shot out and knocked Genma thought the door and the outer wall.", Nodoka
said to Kasumi and Ranma.

"Kasumi fired some sort of ki blast"?, Ranma asked in shock.

"I am not sure if it was ki or not. It felt different to everyone
who was watching.", Nodoka said.

"Felt different..... Bright yellow.......I wonder if it could be...
No that can't be it, or could it? If it is true though I might need to talk
to Kasumi a little later.", Ranma thought as Kasumi noticed Ranma-chan go
silent and stare off into space.

"After Kasumi-chan dealt with Genma she collapsed right near you
Ranma. She even reached out towards you and pulled you close just before
she completely fell asleep. I splashed you with some cold water, so that
no one got the idea of placing the both of you in a bed upstairs
together as Kasumi's foolish father suggested.", Nodoka said to Ranma.

"So where is father and Mr. Saotome now?", Kasumi asked.

"Since you ordered Genma to not return until he apologized to Ranma,
I had your father drag him back home.", Nodoka replied.

"I kicked him out of the of the dojo?", Kasumi asked.

"Not only that, but you also implied that you would no longer stand to
see Ranma treated so badly.", Nodoka said to a somewhat stunned Kasumi.

Ranma tried to get up from her place on the floor, but as she
started to stand the back of her neck began to hurt and she staggered into
Kasumi, who could barely hold the girl up.

"Ooofffff, I think that you are gaining weight Ranma-chan. Maybe we
should put you on a diet.", Kasumi teased as she guided Ranma towards the
couch and sat down next to her.

"Hey I am not getting fat!", Ranma-chan replied indignantly until she
noticed the smile on Kasumi's face.

A short time later Ranma felt well enough to stand up and walked over
to his mother, who was in the with Kasumi kitchen cleaning up.

"Mom.", Ranma said.

"Yes dear?", Nodoka replied as she turned around to face her son.

"We might have to ask pops to come back here for a short while. There
is something that happened at school today, and we should all be here to see
what we can do to prevent anything like 'that' from happening again.", Ranma
said to his mother.

"What happened dear?", Nodoka replied.

Ranma told his mother about what had happened earlier at the school and
how the little pervert showed absolutely no regard for anyone but himself. He
told Nodoka about how he had witnessed the two 'demons' chasing the
little pervert and about how he and Kasumi had later met Taro and Rouge during
their dinner together.

"Now that the little bastard has shown that he truly has no honor I
want pops and Mr. Tendo to throw him out of the Dojo before he causes harm
to anyone here. Of course I doubt that they have the courage to do so. It
wouldn't surprise me if they even try to explain away his behavior, but I
would like to give them a chance to prove that they are not total
cowards.", Ranma said.

"I am sure they will do what is right. Now is there anything else
you wanted to tell me?", Nodoka said a little hesitantly.

"Well there is one more thing, but it can wait till we here what
pops has to say.", Ranma said.

An hour later a very battered Genma and tired Soun came back to the
dojo at the 'request' of Nodoka.

"So I see you decided how foolish you have been acting?", Genma
stated to everyone present.

"Shut up and sit down pops, that is not why you were allowed back
here.", Ranma-chan said with disgust evident in her voice.

"Boy, you will respect....", Genma tried to say but was cut off
by Nodoka repeating what Ranma had just said while fingering her Katana.
Genma quickly sat down after that.

"You are here because something needs to be done now about that
so-called 'master' of yours. He has gone to far this time and needs to be
thrown out of here at once.", Ranma said to Genma and Soun.

"Boy are you crazy. We can not throw the master out. Have you
forgotten what happened the first time you crossed him?", Genma replied
with Soun nodding in the background.

"You mean that idiotic stunt of ordering all that stuff and trying to
make you pay for it? Please that was something a spoiled child would do. You
didn't even have to pay for it, since you didn't order it to begin with.",
Ranma replied in a disgusted tone of voice.

"But what if he does something worse next time?", Soun quivered.

"You don't have to worry about that, for he has already done
something far worse than that already.", Ranma said.

"What do you mean?", Genma stated as he quivered along side Soun, much
to Nodoka's disgust.

Ranma told, in no small detail, about the actions of Happosai earlier and
he wanted their help to kick the old pervert out of the dojo, since it was
still Soun's dojo.

"So you want Genma and I to help you tell the master that he is not longer
welcome here, since he acted in such a dishonorable fashion at your school
earlier, correct?", Soun asked Ranma.

"So you do understand. I'm amazed that you actually will help?", Ranma said
somewhat stunned.

"That's not exactly it.", Soun said.

"What is it then?", Ranma asked, a sick feeling developing in his stomach.

"Well you said that no one was hurt and the master seems to have some very
powerful women after him now, so there is really no reason for us to do anything
at all. Besides if anything happened to us who would carry on the glorious
anything-goes tradition.", Genma and Soun said.

"I see, so I was right you are nothing but spineless cowards. Despite what
your 'master' has done you still make excuses for him. I suppose I should thank
you for making a decision I was weighing so much easier to decide.", Ranma said.

"What decision is that?", Nodoka asked, while having a sinking feeling about
what her son was going to say.

"You all remember earlier about how I was so disgusted about what the old
pervert had done to Hinako, that I was thinking of abandoning the school. Well
I am no longing thinking about it. From this point on I am leaving the school. I
no longer wish to be part of a school that is composed of nothing but cowards and
perverts.", Ranma said to a stunned audience.

"Boy, you will fulfill your duty to this school. Oh how cursed I am to have
such a whining 'little girl' for a son.", Genma stated shortly before he found
himself flying headfirst out the back door and into one of the rocks surrounding
the koi pond, where he slowly slid into the water leaving a large wet, and of
course 'smelly panda' floating face down in the water.

"How could you do that 'son'. After all we have tried to do for you. You
have a home, a future as part of our school. Have you no honor? Why in my day...


Soun's lecture was cut short by Kasumi stepping in front of her father and
slapping him hard. He was so shocked he fell over.

"How dare you preach about honor to Ranma. He has more honor than you and
that 'thing' put together.", Kasumi said as she pointed to the unconscious
panda out by the koi pond.

"Kasumi.... Why?", Soun said in shock.

"Ever since he came here, Ranma has always tried to act honorably, despite
how horribly his father and you treated him. You never gave him a chance to know
us and you even tried to pass him off to that horrible little pervert when he
first showed up. Your actions today have disgraced this school. If I still
practiced the family school, I would leave it today as well.", Kasumi
stated as tears began to fall.

"You don't mean that?", Soun gasped.

"It hurts to say this, but for once in my life I am glad mother is
not here. She would be as ashamed of your actions now as I am. What happened
to the father I used to know. The father who fought off a man with a gun, when
he tried to rob us in the park those years ago? What happened to the man who
always used to not only speak about honor, but practice it as well. Where did
my father go?", Kasumi almost yelled before she ran out of the living room,
up the stairs and into her room, slamming the door as she entered.

"Well I hope that you are proud of yourself. You have not only disgraced this
school today, but you made the sweetest, most kind person that I have ever met,
cry today. That alone is shameful.", Ranma growled as he picked up Soun and
tossed him outside, where he flopped down on top of a certain Panda. Shortly
after that Ranma was running up the stairs, to check up on Kasumi.

The only person left in the living room was Nodoka, who was almost in
shock about what had just happened.

"Why is this happening now? What happened to the brave manly man that I
married? How could he cause so much trouble and pain to those that love
him?", Nodoka thought as she made her way outside to where her currently
'pandafied' husband was.

"I suppose I should drag you home now husband. I don't believe that
you will be welcome here much longer. Kasumi-chan made that quite clear
earlier.", Nodoka thought as she began to fish her husband out of the pond.

Back at the house, Nabiki and Akane were sitting in shock in Nabiki's
room. They had been listening to what had been taking place downstairs
through one of Nabiki's microphones.

"He was right.... He was right.... He was right.", Akane said
quietly as she rocked back and forth on the floor seemingly in shock.

"Who was right.", Nabiki asked, worried about how out of it her
sister seemed to be.

"Ranma and I had an argument shortly before we left the ice cream
parlor with Ms. Hinako that time. He said that father was just like Mr.
Saotome. He said that both of them were just lazy and were cowards. I got
mad at Ranma and was going to hit him for saying that. But it turns out
that he was right. How could father do this to us? Doesn't he realize how
having that 'creature' in the house makes up feel.", Akane said while
scooting close to Nabiki, much to Nabiki's surprise.

"I don't think that he does. He hasn't noticed anything for ten
years before Ranma showed up, why would it be anything different now.",
Nabiki said as she put her hand on Akane's shoulder.

"He doesn't have to put up with someone stealing his panties and
looking at him through the window as he gets dressed. I get so scared
sometimes that he will try to....to.... ", Akane tried to say as she
pulled Nabiki into a tight hug and began to cry. All Nabiki could do was
hug her back and try and make Akane feel better.

"Do you think he will leave now?", Akane asked Nabiki.

"Do you mean Ranma?", Nabiki asked.

Akane nodded in reply.

"I don't know, but I hope not.", Nabiki stated truthfully.

"So he has gotten to you as well. Do you love him like I do.", Akane
stated, stunning Nabiki by her admission.

"I don't know..... I don't think that I have even been in love with
anyone. You know about how my 'social life' is. But I feel good when I am
around him. When he gave me those flowers I felt better than I have in a
long time. I liked that feeling, but I don't think there would ever be
anything between us. I had my chance once and I wasted it. Besides, Kasumi
seems rather fond of him now and I wouldn't even want to do anything to ever
hurt her.", Nabiki said as Akane now tried to comfort her sister.

Ranma made his way up the stairs and stopped in front of the door
to Kasumi's room. He wanted to see if she was alright, but he didn't have any
idea of what he should or even could say to her. He was good at fighting and
eating, as his mother pointed out, but he still wasn't sure how to deal with
a sad girl, especially one that he was developing feeling for, much to his

"Oh well, here goes...", Ranma thought as he knocked on Kasumi's door.

After a minute there was no response. Ranma knocked 3 more times before
he finally got an answer.

"Go away father, I don't want to speak to you now.", Kasumi's voice
said from behind the door.

"Kasumi it's Ranma, can I come in.", Ranma said.

He didn't receive a response.

"Fine we will do this the hard way then.", Ranma thought to himself as
he went to his room, out the window, onto the roof, finally swinging into
Kasumi's window, almost landing on the girl as he entered.

Kasumi looked over to see a familiar redhead, with a concerned look on
her face looking at her.

"I wanted to be alone.", Kasumi quietly whispered.

"I know, but sitting by yourself, doesn't help anything. I know, I've done
it enough times myself.", Ranma said as Kasumi sat on her bed and looked at a
framed picture in her hand.

Ranma moved closer to Kasumi to see what or rather who she was looking
at with such concentration. He noticed that the picture was of a woman in her
late 20's or early 30's. She had a kind appearance that reminder Ranma a lot
of the woman who he was now sitting next to.

"Is that your mother?", Ranma asked.

Kasumi sighed and nodded.

"I think that this is the first time that I have ever seen her. Is it still
hard to talk or think about her?", Ranma-chan asked as gently as she could.

"It doesn't hurt as much as it used to, but I wish I could talk to her at
times like these. I spend so much time trying to help out everyone, that I wish
that someone was there for me.", Kasumi said.

"What about me?", Ranma-chan said sounding somewhat hurt.

"I'm sorry Ranma, I am glad that you are with me, but having a mother to talk
to is somewhat different.", Kasumi replied.

"I think I understand a little. I was never really close to pops, and you
know how 'well' mom and I get along at times. So.....what was she like?", Ranma
said to Kasumi.

"Many people say that I am a lot like mother. She was very quiet and had
a 'way' with children. She seemed to be able to calm any crying child. I remember
her one time instantly calming a baby that was teething just by speaking softly to
it. Many of the other mothers around here thought the she was an angel.", Kasumi
said to Ranma.

"How about Akane and Nabiki? Do are they like your mother?", Ranma asked.

"No..... Akane take after her grandfather Akito at times I am afraid. He
was or rather still is, I guess, a very emotional man. Father takes after him. He
could be very stubborn and opinionated. Now that I think about it he almost
reminds me a bit of the Kuno boy. A coincidence I guess. Grandfather doesn't
come around hardly ever, since he and father had a fight when father
graduated high school.", Kasumi stated.

"What was the fight about?", Ranma asked.

"Father always wanted to be a martial artist, but grandfather refused
to teach father, saying that being obsessed with martial arts only led to
tragedy. He would never say exactly what he meant by this, but grandmother
once hinted that there was some tragedy that took place when grandfather
was a young man and it changed him greatly. Father didn't care and soon
ran across that..... thing Happosai. Grandfather seemed to know the little
pervert and forbid father from even talking to him. When father ignored
this advice grandfather threatened to throw him out of the family, but
could never seem to have the heart to do so.", Kasumi answered.

"What about Nabiki, who does she take after?", Ranma said.

"Nabiki takes after great grandmother Kitsune. She is quite a woman. She
saved this family from being thrown out of the family home and onto the street.",
Kasumi said to Ranma.

"You were going to end up living on the street?", Ranma said stunned.

"You may find this hard to believe, but before 'the war' our family
was quite wealthy. The dojo that we are in now was our smallest holding. My
great grandfather did not agree with many aspects of the war and he was not quiet
about sharing his opinions. This was very dangerous back then. He could have been
executed as a traitor, but due to his heritage and history for fighting earlier
for this country he was never harmed.", Kasumi said as she stopped to take a
breath before continuing.

"After the war many families gave up, willingly or not, much of their
property to the government to help pay for the restoration of the country. One
of great grandfather's detractors was on a government council that decided whose
land was to be 'given' to the government. We had also lost a lot of wealth during
the war. Much of it had been invested in companies that no longer existed after
the bombings were done. Somehow this dojo survived along with some of the wealth
that great grandmother had hidden here.", Kasumi said to Ranma.

"So everything was alright until your mother.....", Ranma trailed off.

"We were never poor, but we were not rich either. After mother died though,
father basically gave up on everything, and well.... you know the rest of the
story.", Kasumi said.

"I suppose pops and I only made things worse for everyone when we arrived,
especially considering how much we eat, as mom pointed out earlier.", Ranma

"I admit I didn't want either of you around the house in the beginning. You
did seem to bring trouble to the house quite often and you upset poor Akane often
as well.", Kasumi replied to a dejected looking Ranma.

"How about now?", Ranma asked with some hope in his voice.

"Now I am glad that you are here. I was always so wrapped up in housework
and taking care of the family day in and day out, that I did not think of anything
else. I suppose I was little more than a maid of housekeeper in that regard. I
began to enjoy watching you and your rivals fight, as strange as that may sound.
They made the day a little more exciting, and I began to notice you more as well.",
Kasumi smiled at a blushing Ranma.

"You did, why?", Ranma asked.

"In all your fights you never took advantage of everyone and you always
seemed to care about them, no matter how bad they treated you. I swear there
were times when I wanted to make pork cutlets out of a certain little black
pig for how bad he was manipulating you and Akane, but since you wanted his
curse to remain a secret I said nothing. You also seemed to care about how
the house was run. Several times I noticed you sneaking down early in the
morning to repair damage that was done or even to start some of the chores
for the day. No one else except you even did that.", Kasumi said,

"Perhaps I can do a little more for you. I don't have very many skills
except for martial arts, but I do want to help support the dojo, as long as I
living here. I could find a job at a warehouse. There are many places that could
care less about whether your school approves or not. I could even help you with
your drawings. Maybe getting them published and sold. I heard that there are
conventions that people go to sell fan made comics. Perhaps we could go to one
of those together.", Ranma stated to a smiling Kasumi.

"I'm not sure father would approve.", Kasumi said.

"That's his problem. If he complains tell him to get off his butt and do
something to earn money for the family instead of expected all of you to do it
for him.", Ranma said as Kasumi began to yawn.

"I'm sorry, I guess I am still tired from earlier.", Kasumi said.

"It's alright I should go back downstairs and make sure that mom hasn't
killed pop yet.", Ranma joked.

Ranma made his way downstairs and noticed Soun waiting for him, with a
glaring expression on his face. Ranma walked right past Soun as if he didn't
exist. Ranma exited the house and went out into the yard, From the gate he
could see his mother dragging something large and furry off in the distance.

"Stupid, lazy old man is probably faking being unconscious so he doesn't
have to deal with mom right now.", Ranma thought to himself.

Turning back around he almost ran over Soun, who had evidently followed
Ranma outside.

"Haven't you caused enough trouble for one evening?", Ranma asked in an
exasperated tone of voice.

"We have much to talk about, as long as you are living in this house, you
will show proper respect to your elders and do what we tell you to do.?", Soun

"Respect now that's a joke. Why should I show respect to someone who
treats his children like slaves. Why should I respect someone who shows no
concern for the wants and desires of his children, and why should I respect
someone who is responsible for bringing the little pervert into Nerima in
the first place.", Ranma yelled, causing Nabiki, Akane and Kasumi to peer
out their windows.

"What are you talking about?", Soun yelled back.

"You have a short memory don't you. Well allow me to 'jog' you out
of your senility. I had a long talk with Kasumi and she told me that you had
forbidden her to continue her drawing and artwork that she enjoyed so much
because it interfered with her housework. Did you know she wants to be, or
at least see what it would be like to be an artist, but you could care less.
You only want an obedient 'little girl' who caters to her lazy ass father's
every whim.", Ranma almost hissed at Soun, causing the older man to step
backwards in shock.

Soun began to reply, but was quickly cut off.

"Kasumi also told me a little story about how your father did not want
you to practice under the little pervert when you were younger. It seems he knew
how evil the little bastard was, but you ignored his advice, and because of that
the little creature is now endangering the lives of young girls here. Tell me why
should I ever listen to a person who was so foolish as to have anything to do with that little pervert to begin with.", Ranma yelled.

"If it weren't for 'the master' the school would not even exist. You might
even be a martial artist. You owe the master that much.", Soun replied.

"Are you completely insane? You actually have deluded yourself into
believing such crap? Do you realize how much he has disturbed your
daughters? You don't of course, but I can tell. They may not say anything, but
they are scared of him. Nobody should have to feel such fear in their home.
Now as for not being trained in 'the art'; if it meant giving anyone or all three
of your daughters a better life, I would gladly do so in a second. Could you say
the same.", Ranma asked to a stunned Soun and the girls listening from their

"Still think he's an insensitive pervert?", Nabiki sarcastically said to
Akane. The look on Akane's face though instantly made Nabiki regret her remark.

"I guess I deserve that a little, but he is always picking on me and
insulting my ability as a martial artist. I am just as good as he is.", Akane
said in all honesty.

"Akane he insults you because you insult him, not to mention how you
betrayed him when you two first met. He is with Kasumi now, because she treats
him kindly, like a friend. Now as for your marital arts ability, you must be
kidding, no offense Akane, but you will never be as good as he is, nobody is.
I seriously doubt even Cologne could be him if he didn't hold back all the
time. You have to face reality. If you want to become better you have to
practice, not just strike out in anger at anything that annoys you. You
will never get better that way.", Nabiki said as she walked out of
Akane's room and into the hallway, almost running over a little black
pig who was wandering around in confusion.

"Oh no you don't we have had enough trouble without you adding to
it.", Nabiki said as she picked up the little pig , took him into her room, and
tossed out the window into the next yard.

A short while later, a now male Ranma, was laying up on the roof trying
to decide how he would get a certain purple haired Amazon to stop bothering him.
He had an idea, one he believed would work. The only problem was that it would
leave a broken hearted Shampoo in its wake. Ranma wasn't sure he wanted to do that,
despite how poorly she treated him in the past. Unable to find any solution to his
problem as of yet, he flipped off the roof and into his room, falling asleep
shortly there after.


The next morning as Ranma and Shampoo were walking Ms. Hinako to school,
Ranma noticed that Shampoo seemed unusually quiet.

"Why are you so quiet today?", Ranma asked Shampoo.

"Great grandmother ask Shampoo to tell you and little teach to come to
cafe after school. She and doctor think they may cure for teacher.", Shampoo
stated as Hinako's eyes widened in excitement.

"But that's good news, why are you sad?", Ranma asked.

"Shampoo here that magic is involved in cure. Magic that maybe very
dangerous to airen. Shampoo care about Ranma, no want to see hurt.", she
replied in a sad tone of voice.

"It wouldn't be the first time I risked my life for someone, and it
probably won't be the last. I'll be fine though.", Ranma said as he reached
over and gave Shampoo's hand a squeeze, eliciting a weak smile from her.

"There is something we should talk about though Shampoo.", Ranma

"What's that airen?", Shampoo said.

"Now is not a good time. After we see the old ghoul after school,
would you to um.... you know go out somewhere with me?", Ranma stuttered
out to a surprised looking Shampoo.

"Aaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiighhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!, Shampoo so happy, airen ask Shampoo
out on date. Must go tell great grandmother right now.", Shampoo almost screamed
as she raced off.

"That's not quite it.", Ranma tried to reply as Shampoo left.

"You're going to dump her tonight aren't you?", Ms. Hinako said as Ranma
stared at her.

"How did you know?", Ranma replied.

"People tend to ignore small children when they are around. You would
be surprised at the things that I have overheard. The way you asked her out and
the way you reacted to her reply. It is obvious what you intend to do.", Ms.
Hinako said.

"So you think I am doing the wrong thing?", Ranma asked.

"No, just the opposite. It's about time you were honest with her. She
will not be happy though, she might even hate you for a while.", Ms. Hinako
said as Ranma began to sulk.

"Just like the time with the reversal jewel.", Ranma mumbled.

"She will probably eventually come around though. Despite how she acts
sometimes, she is not stupid and must have at some idea of how you really
feel about her.", Ms. Hinako said.

"Still seems like I am quitting, there must be some way to make
everyone happy and satisfy all of their honor.", Ranma sighed.

"That would be fool's errand?", Ms. Hinako stated.

"What..., what do you mean?", Ranma asked.

"Ranma let me give you some advice. It is IMPOSSIBLE to please everyone,
and it is foolish to even try. You will never be able to solve all of your
girl troubles, because in order to do that you would have to marry all of
them, and I don't think you would want that.", Ms. Hinako said as Ranma

"What can I do then?", Ranma replied.

"Find a girl that you are interested in. Date her. Show her some respect
and don't take her for granted. Don't even bother worrying about marrying
someone, for you are far to young for that anyway, despite what your
father and Tendo-san may say. Like most people you probably won't meet the
'right girl' until you are much older, maybe even after you graduate college.",
Ms. Hinako said.

"I don't plan to marry anyone until much later, but it might not take
very long to find someone who interests me.", Ranma blushed.

"Oh?!?", Ms. Hinako stated as Ranma wondered why she suddenly sounded
annoyed for some reason.

"We are just dating, and we even said we should see other people as well,
but I do like her.", Ranma said quietly, not believing he was telling his
teacher this.

"So who is she?", Ms. Hinako asked.

"I'd rather not say. I mean with all the possible fiancées coming out of
woodwork at times, I would rather not cause her any trouble, until I think that
she can take care of herself.", Ranma stated quietly.

"Sounds like you have something in mind?", Ms. Hinako said.

"I plan to teach her to defend herself. She is not exactly a fighter. I
will train her as much as she wants, but I don't think she would ever want to be
a 'martial artist'. I could help you as well.", Ranma said to Ms. Hinako.

"What?", Ms. Hinako stated.

"If this cure works out you might not be able to drain anyone anymore. If
that's the case, then you might need to defend yourself at some time. You can't
also depend on 'magic' abilities. Magic tends to be untrustworthy.", Ranma said
while thinking of all the problems, he has had, curse not withstanding.

As they past the school gate, Ms. Hinako suddenly took off and headed for
main building as fast as she could. Ranma, realizing what she might be trying to
do took off right after her. As she neared the building Ms. Hinako jumped up
trying to reach the third story window, she didn't quite make it.

"AIIGGHHHH", Ms. Hinako yelled as she began to fall back to earth.

Her scream was cut short as she suddenly found herself pressed against
something warm, while barely feeling the landing. Opening her eyes Ms. Hinako
found herself cradled in Ranma's arms. He seemed to be upset for some reason.

"Why did you do something so foolish?", Ranma scolded Ms. Hinako.

"I wanted to see if I could jump high again like I did yesterday.",
Ms. Hinako replied while sounding more like a little girl than she did a
short while ago.

"Your not used to doing things like that, you could have been hurt.",
Ranma stated in a worried tone of voice as he set Ms. Hinako back down on
the ground.

"Maybe, but you were there to save me again. My hero!", Ms. Hinako

"That's me, martial artist extraordinaire and rescuer of cute young
women.", Ranma jokingly said as he reached over and 'tweaked' Ms. Hinako's
nose as she turned red in embarrassment.

"Ahhhhhh, how cute.", several feminine voices said from nearby.

Looking around Ranma noticed that he and Ms. Hinako were almost
surrounded by a lot of schoolgirls with hearts in their eyes.

"Urk.", Ranma wisely intoned.

"He's so good with children."

"He would make a good husband."

"I would be willing to have your child, Ranma-sama. All you have to do
is ask.", A sultry voice said from quite nearby.

Turning towards the voice Ranma saw the one girl in the school, he
really did not want to see right now, one Akari Kanzaki.

"Akari-san what brings you here today.", Ranma nervously giggled
much to his mortification.

"To see you of course. Although I was hoping to run into that
delicious little red-headed girl form of yours. Your male side though it
not without its merits though.", the evidently very horney girl said as
she tried to latch onto Ranma, but was cut short by a very angry Ms.

"Your behavior is disgraceful. I will not have one of my students
acting like such a slut.", Ms. Hinako yelled.

"Such harsh words, I prefer to merely think of myself as someone who
is willing to go after what she wants no matter what it takes.", Akari said
while slowing licking her lips and looking at Ranma like a large cat would
look at its prey.

"She makes Kodachi seem like nun in comparison.", Ranma thought as he
scooped up Ms. Hinako again and leapt up to the third story window to get
away from the 'crazy girl'.

Deprived of her main prey, Akari looked around for someone to satisfy
her at the moment.

"So many girls, so little time.", Akari stated as the rest of the girls
on the school grounds all ran to their classes in record time, except for one
poor unfortunate girl, who was running late to class, due to oversleeping.

"Oh no!", the girl said as she found herself alone in the yard with a
very familiar girl.

"Now is that anyway to talk to me Akane-chan after what we experienced
together.", Akari said in a throaty growl.

"That was three years ago, and I only just curious. I'm not interested in
anything like anymore.", Akane said while trying to rush past Akari.

"Are you sure. It didn't mean anything to you. We can always have some fun
together again, if you want.", Akari said as she cupped Akane's chin with one
hand and ran her other hand down the side of Akane's torso, causing the tomboy
to shiver, and not in fear.

Akari started to walk away, and Akane followed her into the school, and into
the locker room.


Up in the classroom Ranma and the others could only stare at what just

"Alas poor Akane we knew ye well, a girl of short distemper, ye shall not
be missed.", Ukyo giggled as she crossed herself, causing several people
begin to laugh.

"Maybe I should go check on her.", Ranma said as he left the classroom.

Ukyo watched Ranma leave the classroom with a worried expression on his

"Perhaps I shouldn't have joked about that. I am supposed to be his friend,
and for whatever reason her still cares for 'her'. Why can't he thought how much
I care for him.", Ukyo thought to herself.

Ranma made his way down to the girls' locker room and stopped in front
of the door.

"Now what do I do? I just can't go barging in, unless I want to be pummeled
as usual.", Ranma thought of all the times he chased the little pervert into here
and tried to defend the girls from him, not that they ever appreciated his efforts.
No, all they ever saw was a boy that needed punishing. No wonder so many of them
complain of being single, who would want to be with a girl like that.", Ranma
thought bitterly to himself.

Ranma splashed himself with water from a nearby fountain and made his way
back to the locker room. He crept inside and was relieved to find it empty, or
so he thought. As he moved around the room he heard sounds coming from the
shower stalls. As the shower came into view, Ranma froze at what he saw. Akane
had Akari almost pinned to the wall and they were doing 'things' to each other he
didn't girls should, or even could do. He tried to move away but couldn't. His
or rather her feet, at the moment, wouldn't move. Worse Ranma began to feel her
body respond to the sites in front of her. Ranma-chan watched the girls kiss
each other passionately. Akane was now running her soapy hands around Akari's
breasts, causing the girl the moan in pleasure. At the same time Akari was
moving her hands down Akane's rear, between her legs and up towards her....

"I have to get out of here. If they catch me.....Oh shit....", Ranma thought
as he saw Akari open her eyes and look directed her with a lustful look.

"Akane-chan it appears we have a visitor.", Akari said as Akane looked to
wear her 'friend' was pointing.

"Ranma, how dare you come in here, you pervert.", Akane said.

"You are always saying that I am the pervert or that I am sleeping around
with one of my fiancée's, well guess what Akane I haven't done anything. The
closest thing I even came to showing anyone affection was when I kissed you when
I was under the influence of the neko-ken, and you remember how you responded to
that don't you. You seem rather friendly with her though.", Ranma-chan said while
pointing at Akari.

"What are you saying?", Akane said while growling.

"I am saying that if anyone here is a pervert it is you!", Ranma

"How dare you call me that. When I'm.....", Akane tried to say, but was
cut off by Ranma-chan.

"I supposed I shouldn't be surprised though, you were only kind to
me when I first arrived and you thought that I was a girl. Once you found out
about my curse, everything changed. Tell me one thing though Akane if you were
not interested in me, why all the pounding. Did you think I was your property,
your personal toy you could use however you wanted. Did you get some sort
of sick thrill beating me up all the time?", Ranma said while trying to ignore
how the sight of a naked Akane and Akari were still making her feel.

"Ranma you jerk!", Akane yelled out and advanced toward Ranma with her
mallet, but found herself held back by Akari.

"Now there is no need to be angry Akane-chan. Instead of trying to hit
the poor girl, it would far more fun for 'her' to join us.", Akari said as Ranma
tried to block the mental picture of what would be like from his mind.

"I think I should be going. Besides I'm not interested in anything
like that.", Ranma badly lied.

"Hmmmmm, I 'm not sure I believe that especially considering the
evidence in front of me.", Akari said while looking at how Ranma-chan had her
arms crossed over her chest, trying to hide her excitement.

"It's not true. I was only worried about Akane.", Ranma managed to
stutter out as she took a step backwards.

"You are very sweet, so different from any other man. Perhaps that is
why I am attracted to you.", Akari said as walked up to Ranma-chan and pulled
her close while kissing Ranma-chan lightly on the neck.

"Please...don't... I can't do this...", Ranma said.

"Are you sure?", Akari said as she moved her hands down Ranma's back and
across Ranma-chan's rear.

"NO!!", Ranma-chan yelled out and pushed Akari away, unfortunately much harder than she had intended to.

Akari bounced once and lay on the tile floor of the shower, stunned for the

"Oh Kami-sama, no.", Ranma whispered as he rushed over to the fallen girl.

Ranma-chan picked the Akari off the floor, trying her best to ignore the
fact of Akari's undressed state, and sat her down by the lockers. She appeared to
be unharmed. A few touched pressure points later and Akari woke up.

"You mustn't be so rough Ranma-chan, I'm not into that sort of thing.", the
girl joked.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you, but I couldn't let you do that.",
Ranma whispered in embarrassment.

"I understand, it serves me right for believing the rumors anyway. Too bad
though it might have, no it would have been fun.", Akari said to a confused

"What rumors?", Ranma said.

"There are a couple of rumors floating around that said that you and Akane
had broken up or were interested in a more 'open' relationship. I guess I was
wrong, for you still seem to have some feelings for her.", Akari said as Ranma
looked at her somewhat surprised, a fact that didn't go unnoticed by Akari.

"I know, you have heard the rumors about me, but I do not break up couples,
or enjoy making people jealous. I do care for Akane though and have since we met
in junior high a few years ago. If though, you two are still together I will
step aside. I want what is best for her. Too bad though, I think the three of
us could have had a lot of fun together.", Akari sighed.

"You are partially right, I do care for her, but we are no longer engaged to
each other, and I guess that is now obviously for the best.", Ranma said as Akane
began to stare at the floor.

"Akane, I am sorry that I am always making you angry. I never meant to do
that. Despite how I insulted you at times, I never hated you. I even risked
getting pummeled by coming into here today to see if you were alright. I guess
you didn't need my help after all.", Ranma-chan managed to choke out.

"Ranma I.....", Akane tried to say.

"Please Akane don't make this any harder than this is.", Ranma said as he
turned to address Akari.

"Take good care of her. She can be a handful at times, but she means well,
I suppose. I guess I should go now.", Ranma stated as he disappeared using the
umisenken technique. The only trace that she was ever there was a wet mark on the
floor, where a single tear had fallen.

Akane and Akari had returned to class shortly thereafter, refusing to
answer any questions about where they were or what they were doing. They only
thing that anyone could be sure of was that both girls seemed more subdued
than they usually were. The puffiness around Akane's eyes suggested that the
girl may have been crying for some reason, or at least that is what Ms.
Hinako thought.

Ranma-chan 'blindly' roof hopped around Nerima trying to come to terms with
all the confusing feelings that were running through her mind. It had taken all
her willpower to turn down Akari's offer. What kind of 'man' was she when the
thought of being with two other girls, when she was in girl form, attracted her
so. She needed to talk to someone, but who. Ranma, tired out from her excursion
around Nerima, found herself an hour later in front of the Tendo dojo. He saw
Kasumi out in the front yard, and really wanted to talk to her about what had
happened, but how would she react when she found out that her 'boyfriend' wanted
to be with two other women at the same time even. Maybe he really was a pervert
as Akane always called him.

Mustering his, or rather her courage, at the moment Ranma landed in front
of Kasumi, briefly startling the girl.

Kasumi noticed two things about Ranma; one he was presently a she and
two, she was quite distressed about something.

"Kasumi, we have to talk.", Ranma said in a tone of voice that confirmed
the older girl's suspicions about Ranma's present emotional state.

"Ranma, what's wrong?", Kasumi asked as she led Ranma inside.

"No one else is home right now are they?", Ranma asked.

"No they aren't Is there something you wanted to tell me privately
or did you just miss me.", Kasumi teased.

Ranma briefly smiled at Kasumi, but her smile fell and she began to
look quite sad.

"Ranma if something is wrong, you can tell me.", Kasumi said as she
tilted up Ranma-chans head.

"Something happened at school today, between Akane and another girl.",
Ranma-chan replied.

"Akane didn't get into a fight with this girl did she?", Kasumi asked.

"No, it was a little different than that.", Ranma-chan mumbled as she
fidgeted in place.

"So what happened?", Kasumi said.

"Well Akane and this girl Akari disappeared before the start of the first
class, so I went to find out what happened to them and....um....", Ranma-chan
tried to say.

"So did you find them?", Kasumi stated wile wondering why Ranma seemed so
nervous right now.

"Someone saw them entering the girls' locker room, so I had to sneak in
, in my girl form, to see if they were all right. When I was looking for them, I
found them in the shower....naked together.....touching each other.", Ranma said
to Kasumi who looked liked she wanted to faint.

"So what happened next, did they see you?", Kasumi asked, looking over
Ranma-chan for signed of bruises.

"They did. Akane was about to pound me, when the other girl Akari
stopped her and asked me if I wanted to join them. When she stepped up to
me and wrapped her arms around me I couldn't move. I didn't want to be there
but my body started to respond and I couldn't handle it, I pushed the girl
down. I rushed over to help her, and even after that she still wanted
the three of us to be together. I couldn't do that though. I wanted to,
believe me. The feeling were so..... I didn't love either of them like that
though. I stupidly said I didn't mind them being together and withed them
the best of luck. I probably sounded pathetic. After all what kind of man
loses his.... well former fiancee to another woman.", Ranma-chan said.

Kasumi was shocked to say the least, especially when Ranma admitted
that he had considered that girl Akari's offer. Looking at how Ranma-chan
was now shaking, there was no way that she could be mad at her. Despite all
of the fiancée's in Ranma's life Kasumi didn't believe he was ever close to
anyone. Of course It couldn't hurt to ask.

Ranma-chan expected Kasumi to yell at her, hit her, do something that
would hurt. She was surprised when Kasumi hugged her close and told her that
she understood and wasn't mad at her, at least.

"Kasumi....I don't understand...", Ranma tried to say.

"Ranma, you have never..umm... had a sexual relationship with anyone
have you?", Kasumi asked in embarrassment.

"You know the most I have ever done was kiss someone.", Ranma said.

"Then it is only natural for you to be so confused. Ranma most people
find puberty to a time of confusing feelings, and they only have to worry
about being one sex. You switch back and forth with water. I am amazed that you
are mature as you are considering what you have to deal with. Many men dream
about being with more than one woman. At least that is what I have read. You
had the opportunity and were also a girl at the time, thus tying in to another
of mans' fantasy's.", Kasumi said.

"How do you know this?", Ranma stated.

"I have been borrowing many of doctor Tofu's books for a while. I have always
found the ones dealing with sexual relationships to be quite interesting.", Kasumi
blushed as she realized what she had just admitted.

"I guess, we are both perverts then.", Ranma teased, feeling a little bit
better than before.

"You are not a pervert, especially compared with most boys your age. I am
concerned about Akane though. Even if she is finding out that she may prefer the
company of other women, to engage in such activity on school grounds and in such
as obvious fashion is not right. I shall have to have a talk with her and this
Akari girl later on.", Kasumi said in a tone of voice that made Ranma feel more
than a little nervous.

"Now why don't you get back to school, I am sure everyone is wondering where
you are, besides you have a duty to watch out for your teacher do you not.", Kasumi
asked Ranma.

"Your right Kasumi. I'll leave just as soon as I get some hot water, but
before I do I must do one thing.", Ranma-chan said with a devious smile on her

"What is that Ranma?", Kasumi asked.

"This...", Ranma-chan said as she leaned over and kissed Kasumi on the
lips, who surprised Ranma by deepening the kiss.

"Now enough of that, after all we have only been out once so far.", Kasumi
teased as Ranma-chan, who just stood there with a silly smile on her face before
rushing off to change back into her male form.


A now male Ranma returned to the classroom just as the lunch bell began
to ring. He was about to turn around and leave when a familiar high pitched
voice 'asked' Akane, Akari, and him to stay for a while. Ranma looked at
Ms. Hinako, who for the first time in days it seemed, was angry with him.

"Now no one in this room is leaving until I get some answers. First
both of you girls disappear, then after sending Ranma out to find you, both
of you show up for class one period late, looking as if you were crying and
without Ranma anywhere to be found. Finally Ranma shows up not looking much
better. I am disappointed in all of you. Cutting class is not acceptable. I am
especially disappointed in you Ranma, I thought you were improving as a student
and that the time we spent together was having a positive influence on you. Was
I wrong.", Ms. Hinako said to an ashamed looking Ranma.

"It's not his fault.", Akari said while stepping in front of Ms. Hinako.

"Then explain what is going on.", Ms. Hinako demanded.

"Can we speak alone then.", Akari asked her teacher.

"Fine then. Ranma, Akane wait outside the classroom, but do not go
anywhere.", Ms. Hinako said as both Ranma and Akane nodded in affirmative.


As Akari told Ms. Hinako about the events of that morning Ranma and
Akane were talking outside.

"So you were crying after I left.", Ranma asked

"Yes...", Akane whispered.

"Why, its not like we are together anymore. I know we were happy
sometimes together, but it seems we fought more than anything. You seemed
quite.....content.....being with Akari though. You did seem to be a little
too friendly with someone you just met. I take it you knew each other before
now.", Ranma asked Akane.

Akane sighed while trying to decide how to explain her feeling and of
her past relationship, however brief, with Akari, She would rather say
nothing, but she supposed that since Ranma did save her life once, she should
at least be honest about her feelings with him this one time.

"All I could do was cry. It seems lately that I am either sad or angry
whenever I think about you. I don't want to hurt you, but I can't help it
sometimes, I don't know why.", Akane said to a distraught looking Ranma.

"I made you feel that bad?", Ranma choked out.

"It's not just your fault. After the engagement was cancelled I was
happy for moment. I could do what I wanted with my life, but at the same
time something was missing. You were always there for me, I suppose I did
treat you like some sort of toy or possession. I wanted the security of having
you around, but I wanted it to be on my terms, and I didn't want to share you
with anyone.", Akane said.

"What about Akari?", Ranma said.

"I met her when I was in the seventh grade. Everyone thought I was this
chubby little tomboy, quite a contrast to Kasumi, who had all the boys in love
with her, not that she ever noticed. I used to be teased quite often by the
girls in my class. Despite what you may think about girls, Ranma, they are
not always kind or sweet. They can be cruel at times, far more cruel than boys,
they are just better at hiding it that's all. I met Akari during a particularly bad
day. She came upon me as some girls with harassing me. She told them to leave
me alone, and when they didn't, she made them.", Akane said

"How did she do that?", Ranma asked.

"She may not look it, but Akari is really strong, almost as strong as
Ryoga. You must have realized that as she glomped onto you in the shower.",
Akane replied to a blushing Ranma.

"So how did you two end up together?", Ranma said.

"After she defended me I sort of began to idolize her. I followed
her everywhere she went. I was kind of pathetic in a way. Here was this chubby
friendless little girl following around one of the most popular girl's in school
like some sort of pet. At least it was like that for a year or so.", Akane said.

"What happened after that?", Ranma stated.

"About a year after we first met, we both turned 14 and I began to lose
weight and act a little more outgoing. I even had a couple boys interested in
me. Akari though was becoming very beautiful, she was though starting to be
ostracized by others though. There were rumors that she did not prefer to date
boys, but preferred girls instead. I was not really sure what this meant. Our
junior high did not have a sex education program, and, Kasumi was always so
shy when trying to explains anything like that. The one time I tried to
ask daddy about sex, he quickly lost his temper and said that he would kill
any boy who tried to take advantage of his daughter, so that ended any desire
to speak to him anymore.", Akane sighed.

"So how did you find out that this rumor about Akari was true?", Ranma
asked Akane as a smile suddenly appeared on her face.

"It was about halfway through the school year when Akari invited to
spend the weekend at her home. Her parents were going away and she didn't
want to be in the house by herself. We spent most of the time , talking, eating
going out. Saturday night, though Akari seemed nervous for some reason. We were
talking about if we had ever dated or kissed anyone. Neither of us had, as it
turned out. I asked Akari what type of boy she would like to be with, when she
said that she didn't like boys in that way. I was shocked. I began to feel
nervous, but she smiled at me at told she understood. She simply wanted a
friend at that time, not a girlfriend. I didn't realize how our friendship
would look to others on the outside though.", Akane said.

"They thought you and her were a couple right?", Ranma stated.

"Yes, they teased us both horribly. I was used to it. I had been
teased before, but Akari, who was always the popular girl, was not used to
it. There were many times I came over to her house after school and found
her crying. I spent a lot of time just holding her and telling her everything
was alright. I guess that may have been the catalyst that started our
friendship becoming something else. One night she said that I was her best
friend and that she loved me like no other. I told her that I loved her too,
while not realizing that she was not talking about a love between two
friends. I was surprised when she leaned over and kissed me on the lips. I
was shocked at first, but them I began to respond back. I wasn't sure why
at the time. I guess that in some ways I wanted to comfort my best friend, but
another part of me wanted more. It felt......good, being with her, but I
didn't know if that is what I wanted. Akari seemed to realize this. We
only kissed one other time, when she had to move away because of her father
being transferred to work on some project in America.", Akane said.

"So you were never really 'a couple' back then?", Ranma asked.

"We never got the chance. We might have been eventually. After she
moved away we wrote each other often, but it wasn't the same. Three months
after she left I received a letter from Akari, she was seeing this girl,
Ichino, I think was her name. They seemed to be hitting it off, so I told
Akari that I hoped that they would be happy together. We wrote less after
that and by the time high school started, I had other things to think
about.", Akane said while starting to get a little angry.

"You mean Kuno and the rest of the idiots.", Ranma said.

"I never used to hate boys until then. All girls know that boys are
a little perverted at that age, but have it forced on you day after day, I
just couldn't take it anymore.", Akane sighed.

"When I showed up everything became worse didn't it?", Ranma asked.

"When I saw this cute and innocent looking red headed girl at the
time, I thought maybe I could now have another close friend, maybe even
something else. When you turned out to be a boy, I felt betrayed. You
were not a girl, but a boy pretending to be one. I thought you were
the same as all others, and would use your girl side to take advantage
of me and others. Now that Akari is back, I find my old feelings for
her returning. Even though we didn't really ever date, the few months
that she has been her at the school after moving back to this country
have been very confusing. I thought I was just going through a phase back
then, but now I realize that it is her that I want to be with, or at
least try and see what happens. I think it was this stress that caused me
to be so mean to you these past few months after the wedding.", Akane said.

Ranma was trying to sort out how he felt about this and respond to
what Akane had just told him when the door to the classroom opened and out
walked an annoyed Ms. Hinako and very subdued Akari.

"Miss Tendo, until further notice you and Miss. Kanzaki are suspended
for engaging in inappropriate activities on school grounds. Report to the
vice principal's office immediately. He will inform your parents as to the
specifics behind your suspension.", Ms. Hinako stated.

Akane began to walk off, dreading how this little bit of news would
be received when her father found out. She didn't even want to think of what
Kasumi might say. Akari didn't seem as affected, and Akane wasn't sure why, but
she wished that she could be as calm as her friend was right now.

"Ranma I wish to speak to you for a moment now. After that you may go to
lunch or even back home if that is what you wish. ", Ms. Hinako said to a
stunned Ranma.

"Things must be bad if she is willing to let me leave.", Ranma thought
to himself in dread as he walked into the classroom and the door shut
behind him.

Ranma sat down and waited for a few minutes for Ms. Hinako to say
something. All she appeared to be doing was looking at him with a curious
expression on her face. Different emotions seemed to flash on her face before
quickly being replaced with a more neutral expression.

"So am I to be suspended as well?", Ranma asked, needing to say
something to take his mind off of the looks he was receiving.

"You will not be suspended, despite the fact that you were naughty
for entering the girls' locker room. I can not say that I understand how
one person can have so many relationship problems. I am not exactly an
expert on dating, but I do know that when people are under a lot of stress
they tend to do foolish things, especially if they do not have someone to
talk to. Ms. Kanzaki told me a little of what went on. She said that she
tried to take advantage of you, but you resisted. I am proud of you for doing
that. Many boys were have been thrilled to be in your place. I know that you are
quite naive when it comes to women. You have shown that to be true on many
occasions, but if you wish to deal with a woman in a relationship, I suggest
you find someone to talk to, like that nice Kasumi girl where you are staying.",
Ms. Hinako said as Ranma coughed a little at the mention of Kasumi's name.

"I suppose I could talk to Kasumi-chan.", Ranma said, trying to sound like
he had never thought of the idea.

"Oh so it's Kasumi-chan now is it?", Ms. Hinako thought to herself.

"If you feel comfortable with her fine, but if you continue to have
'issues' with your fiancée's I would suggest seeking professional help.",
Ms. Hinako stated to Ranma.

While Ms. Hinako and Ranma continued to talk inside the classroom,
Shampoo, Ukyo, even Nabiki, much to the other girls' surprise were sitting
under the large tree that Ranma and Ms. Hinako.

"So sugar, have any idea why Ran-chan is talking to the teacher?",
Ukyo asked Nabiki.

"I would assume it has to do with my sister and her new 'friend's',
disappearance earlier this morning. Perhaps he saw something that upset
him.", Nabiki said in a joking tone of voice while not realizing how close
to the truth she was.

The three girls continued to discuss there ideas on what was going
on when Shampoo noticed Akane and Akari exit the main school building. They
did not appear to be happy at all. The three were surprised to see that the
two other girls exit the school grounds and keep on going.

"Now where do you suppose they are headed off to?", Ukyo asked
nobody in particular.

"Umm.....Love hotel.", Shampoo said while giggling at her own joke.

"I don't thinks that's quite it. At least I hope not.", Nabiki stated
while not quite sounding so sure of herself.

Ranma never did show up for lunch that day. Everyone was surprised to
find out that he spend all of lunch eating with Ms. Hinako up on the roof.
This was particularly frustrating for Nabiki. There were of course several
new rumors circulating about her dear younger sister, but Nabiki dealed in
the truth. There was little money to be made in rumors. The only question
was how would Ranma's other fiancées react to Akane seemingly leaving Ranma
for another girl. To her knowledge Ranma had still not told anyone about his
mother canceling all the engagements. Normally she could care less about this,
but if Ranma continued to date Kasumi and.......maybe.....someone else, they
could be put in danger by not telling everyone what was going on.

Ranma did not enjoy the rest of the school day. Throughout the rest of
his classes he could here the students whisper about his new 'relationship'
with Akane and Akari. He was half tempted to try and correct them, but knowing
everyone at this school, any denial he made would probably only be used as
proof of this 'relationship'.

As if this was not bad enough, Shampoo continued to look at him with
'hearts in her eyes', for the rest of the school day. As this in itself was
nothing new, nobody seemed to pay much attention to it though. Ranma began
to wonder how Shampoo would be looking at him tomorrow, he guessed that it
would be with a different expression. That is, if she chose to come in
tomorrow at all.

The most curious event of the day though, occurred as Ranma was getting
his shoes from his locker. As he opened the locker he noticed a note and a
single blue and red color rose. One of the many weird flowers that were now
springing up all over the school now. Ranma's first thought was just to toss
both of them away, for they were probably from that idiot Kuno again, convinced
that Ranma would deliver them to 'his' pigtailed girl, but since the Blue Blunder
was currently MIA, it had to be from someone else.

The note was written in a fancy English script, like the ones you see in
wedding invitations. Not many people knew Ranma could speak, much less read
English so he was curious who could have written it.

The note said, "I know that you are having a hard time as of late ,and
your trials for the day are not yet done. You do have a friend that will
listen if you need to talk. I probably won't even charge you for it. So except
this rose as a token of my affection. It reminded me of a certain redhead we
both know and care about.
Love, 'N'"

Ranma closed the note and smiled. He was glad that 'N' was becoming
more open with him and less a presence always lurking in the shadows, but he
hoped that she was not getting the wrong impression. He could and did love her
in a way, but it was more of protective friend of brotherly sort of way. He
wasn't quite sure. This week had been quite confusing so far. He folded the
note carefully and put it in his pocket, where it would not be damaged. He
held onto the rose, smelling once, surprised at how relaxing the scent made
him feel, the same way he felt when he was exposed to Ms. Hinako's magic
the first time in the park. Shaking his head to clear, he then proceeded to
leave the building and exit the school.

He made his way to the front gate of the school where he knew Shampoo
would be waiting with Ms. Hinako. As Ranma approached them he noticed Shampoo
staring at what he was holding in his hand and frowning.

"Figures, jealous as usual. Well that's one thing she always had in common
with Akane. Perhaps it was best for all the engagements to be broken.", Ranma
thought to himself as he walked up to the two girls. Ranma took one of Ms.
Hinako's hands, and began to walk off toward the cat cafe for their meeting
with Cologne. Shampoo was silent for a few minutes before speaking out.

"What Ranma holding?", Shampoo asked.

"A flower.", Ranma said

Ms. Hinako resisted the urge to snicker at Ranma's almost flippant
answer to Shampoo's question.

"Where Ranma get flower?", Shampoo stated, starting to sound a little
annoyed at 'her' airen.

"It was left in my locker.", Ranma replied.

"Oh a secret admirer, how romantic.", Ms. Hinako said.

"So airen not sure who give flower?", Shampoo 'asked'.

"Oh I have an idea.", Ranma said seemingly lost in thought.

"So you tell Shampoo who admirer is?", Shampoo almost demanded.

"No.", Ranma simply stated as Ms. Hinako giggled.

Shampoo was starting to get a little frustrated. So far things had
not gone according to plan. Ranma was not saying that he did anything wrong.
It almost seemed like he didn't care what Shampoo thought of him. Hmmmm, that
must be it. Ranma trying to be typical male now. Always trying to be coy and
not say what he really thinking. Trying to be mysterious instead of direct
and upfront like proper woman warriors should. Males.... Let them have their
silly little games. After all it was the females who had the power in the
tribes, males didn't have any influence over them did they?

Finally, arriving at the cafe, Ranma and Ms. Hinako noticed that it
was closed and inside both Cologne and Dr. Tofu were waiting for them. Both
had serious expressions on their faces.

Doctor Tofu motioned for everyone to sit down. Ms. Hinako was feeling
a little nervous. She wanted to be cured. Since she was dying anyway, how
bad could the cure be. Shampoo mentioned that it is dangerous, but it does
beat the alternative.

"So doc, Shampoo said you and the old ghoul have found a cure. What
is it?", Ranma asked.

"Ahem.... Recently I came across what appeared to be an ancient healing
scroll as Cologne-san and I were searching my modest collection for a cure to
Ms. Hinako's condition. The scroll originally looked like it might have been
spell, but someone had rewritten it in the form of a chi technique. Parts of
it are quite vague, but I believe that it might be the cure that we were
looking for.", Dr. Tofu said.

"So what's the problem then?", Ranma asked.

"The problem son-in-law is that the technique could possibly be fatal to
one or both of you. You will both have to be watched quite closely and if the
slightest mistake is made and the technique is interrupted before it is complete
then you could die.", Cologne said.

"So Ranma could die if he helps me?", Ms. Hinako asked Cologne.

"That is correct. Although both of you will be in danger, Ranma will be
the one who's ki is being used to stabilize another person's ki.", Cologne
stated to Ms. Hinako.

"I see..... Perhaps then we shouldn't go through with it. I don't want to
hurt anyone, just so I can be cured. I'm not worth it.", Ms. Hinako said, shocking
everyone present.

"I thought we had this discussion before. You are worth it, and I am not
going to sit by and let you die, when I could do something to help.", Ranma
said to Ms. Hinako as he picked up the distraught little teacher and sat her
on his lap in an effort to calm her down.

Cologne and Dr. Tofu were surprised at how caring the boy seemed to be.
This was a side to him they never saw. Shampoo had witnessed Ranma acting like
this before, so she was less surprised. She did, more than ever, though wish
that he could be with her. If he could show the same compassion to her and
their future children, she would never let him go.

"So exactly how does this procedure work.", Ranma asked Dr. Tofu.

"The process is similar to the way you are presently feeding some
of your ki to Ms. Hinako, but it is also more involved and dangerous.
Both of you will lay next to each other and you will take Ms. Hinako's
hand in yours. Elder Cologne will then begin to read the scroll, and
according to what we understand both of you will fall into a deep sleep,
almost a coma. During this time both of you will be sharing your
collective ki, but you Ranma will lose some of your own permanently
in the process.", Dr. Tofu said.

"That doesn't sound too bad.", Ranma stated.

"It gets more complicated than that son-in-law. As both of you
are unconscious no one must disturb your rest. To do so could be fatal to
them or to you and Ms. Hinako. If all goes well, then at the end of the
week both of you will awaken, somewhat drained but alive, and Ms. Hinako
will begin to age at an accelerated rate. By the end of one month or
so she should reach the age of 18, then she will begin to age normally.",
Cologne said to Ranma.

"I will finally be normal?", Ms. Hinako whispered in awe.

If there were any doubts as to whether or not Ranma would chose
to not go through the procedure, they quickly evaporated when he noticed
the expression of hope on Ms. Hinako's face. He imagined that it was
probably similar to the one he had when he first found out that he had
saved Akane from Saffron.

Ranma sighed. That event happened less than a year ago, but with what
he had been going through lately, it seemed so far away. He went on a date
with Kasumi, Ukyo agreed to just be friends, he thought. Nabiki seemed to be
nicer, almost like another.... No, probably not a fiancée, just grateful for
someone finally treating her like a person, not a mercenary, or so he thought.
The only problem left was Shampoo. She could at times be quite nice, and only
a fool wouldn't think her attractive, but he had to let her down easy. He
did not see himself becoming a house husband in an out of the way village.

Cologne, noticed Ranma staring out into space and wondered what the
boy was thinking about now. Since he seemed reluctant to pay attention on his
own perhaps some form of persuasion was necessary.


"Oww, what did you do that for you old ghoul?", Ranma asked as he rubbed
a new bump on his head.

"What we are talking about is very important, you can daydream about my
granddaughter later.", Cologne cackled as Shampoo seemed to perk up.

"Hey its not like that.", Ranma stated indignantly.

"What about your date tonight then?", Cologne asked as Dr. Tofu raised
an eyebrow upon hearing that piece of information.

"You live to torment me don't you?", Ranma asked.

"Now that is not correct. Tormenting you is only a side benefit. But be
that as it may, I believe that you should instead spend the rest of the day
talking to your family about what is going to happen. We could begin the
procedure as soon as tomorrow morning if you wish, or we could wait a while.
You still have a few more days before your present treatments of your
teacher become ineffective.", Cologne said as Shampoo frowned about having
her date with her airen cancelled.

"I have been waiting so long to be normal, I would not mind starting
tomorrow, if it is alright with Ranma.", Ms. Hinako stated.

"I don't mind, but I will have to tell my family tonight. I am sorry
Shampoo, we will have to talk later.", Ranma said to a now depressed Shampoo.


"Shampoo, as I will be busy with son-in-law tomorrow and probably for
a few days after, both you and Mousse will have to run the cafe in my
absence.", Cologne said as Shampoo cringed with the idea of having to be alone
with 'him' for a couple of days.

"Can't I watch over airen for a while?", Shampoo pleaded.
"No you can not. This is going to be very dangerous for your 'airen'. If
anything goes wrong he could die.", Cologne said as Mousse got a certain look
in his eye which was noticed by Cologne.

"Do not get any ideas about harming Ranma when he is disabled. If you
attack him when he is helpless, not only will I kill you, but I will toss what
is left into Tokyo Harbor for the sharks to feed on. Do you understand that.",
Cologne hissed a few inches from Mousse's face.

Mousse dumbly nodded before fainting.

As Ranma and Ms. Hinako were walking back to Ms. Hinako's house Ranma
noticed how nervous she appeared to be and decided that maybe she shouldn't
stay alone.

"Um...., if you like you can spend the night at the dojo. It would
probably best. I mean... we could go to the doc's that much quicker, and
you might not be as lonely, as you set you sometimes get, of you stayed
over.", Ranma said to a smiling Hinako, who surprised the boy by hugging
him tightly around the waist.

"If I ever start to think of you as a callous delinquent again, I will
do my best to remember how you treated me this day.", Ms. Hinako said while
ending the hug.

They picked up a few of Ms. Hinako's things, before returning to the
Tendo Dojo. As they approached the dojo a sense of foreboding swept over the
both of them.

"Whoa....Deja Vu.", Ranma stated as they entered the gate to the dojo.

As they walked closer Ranma could see Akane arguing with her father.
Kasumi and his mother had worried expressions on their faces, and his father
appeared to be asleep. Whether this was natural or 'induced' had yet to be

"Daughter how could you do such a shameful thing, and at your school
no less.", Soun's girlish voice echoed across the front yard.

"I wonder how he found out about that?", Ranma said quietly.

"The school probably called. I would have preferred that the news was
presented in a more delicate fashion, but that new vice principal of ours
is sadly lacking in tact.", Ms. Hinako said.

"There is nothing wrong with it daddy. Akari and I want to be together
and see if can have a relationship.", Akane yelled back at her father.

"Such things are not permitted at school. They suspended you because
of it.", Soun yelled back to Akane.

"Actually, that is not why we were suspended.", Akane spoke in a
nervous tone of voice.

"Then why were you suspended daughter?", Soun demanded.

"Well you see Akari and I....Well we...that is.... were caught
making love to each other in the showers at the girls' locker room.",
Akane said as quick as she could.

Soun briefly processed this revelation before falling over
backwards with his eyes rolling up into the back of his head.

Kasumi didn't seem to be surprised and Nodoka had a few hairs suddenly
'toing' out of place. Judging from the choking sounds coming from upstairs,
Nabiki also heard as well.

"Well this is going to be 'fun'.", Ranma said to Ms. Hinako as they
opened the front door and Ranma announced himself.

As soon as Ranma spoke, Soun seemed to 'pop' right up in front of him.

"Now see what you have done boy. Because of you my little girl wants to be
with another girl.", Soun started to bawl at Ranma.

"Somehow I am not surprised to here you say that. Well I hate to break
it to you, but Akane and her friend have liked each other long before I ever
came around her.", Ranma tried to say calmly.

"You don't seem very upset by this Ranma-baby.", Nabiki said as she came
down the stairs.

"Of course not, who do you think found them together in the girls'
locker room in the first place.", Ranma said as Ms. Hinako shook her head in

"You were in the girls' locker room?!?", Nodoka said, with her voice filled
with awe and joy.

"I swear I must have been adopted.", Ranma thought to himself.

Ranma told everyone what he saw and what had almost happened between the
three of them in the locker room. Nodoka seemed pleased for some reason and it
was Nabiki who seemed stunned for some reason.

"Now why didn't I know about this. I must be slipping if news of this type
did not reach my ears first.", Nabiki thought to herself as she mentally went
over all of the rumors she had heard since Akane was seen to walk off with
Akari during the morning.

"That Akari girl tried to molest your girl form?", Nodoka asked Ranma,
joy still present in her voice, much to everyone's shock.

"Poor Ranma, no wonder he gets so confused. Akane tells him he is a
pervert and his mother expects him to act like one.", Kasumi thought to

"It's no big deal. It's not like she was the first to ever to that.
Heck I would rather have her do it than that old pervert.", Ranma said, while
briefly realizing if he could have worded that better.

"As if I'm sharing, you pervert.", Akane said while glaring at Ranma.

"So there was no mass lesbian love affair between the three of you
in the locker room?", Nabiki asked Ranma.

"No there wasn't!", Ranma almost yelled in indignation.

"Darn, I could have made a lot of money with pictures of that.", Nabiki
teased Ranma, who blushed while obviously thinking about what could have
happened in the locker room.

As people started to calm down, everyone noticed, Ms. Hinako, who
was standing behind Ranma, quiet until this time.

"So what brings you here today dear.", Nodoka asked Ms. Hinako, while
noticing the small overnight bag that the girl was carrying.

"Ranma invited me over so that we can both go to that nice Dr. Tofu's
office tomorrow to see about getting me cured.", Ms. Hinako said to Nodoka.

"So the doctor finally is able to help?", Nodoka asked Ms. Hinako.

"Well its like this...."Ranma started to say.


"So you are saying that if something goes wrong both of you could die?",
Nodoka said with a shaky voice.

"Yes, but without this 'treatment' Ms. Hinako WILL die.", Ranma

"I would be lying if I didn't that I have reservations about this
treatment you spoke of. Something doesn't seem 'quite right' about it. Still it
is your decision. I will not stop you if that is what you wish to do, and neither
will anyone else.", Nodoka said, while looking at Soun who seemed ready to

Genma, still being unconscious, had nothing to say on the matter.

"I didn't want him to do it, but he insisted that it was not only his
duty to help, but that he didn't want to see a friend die. I haven't had
anyone want to be my friend in quite a while, so I was almost tempted to
just run out of the doctor's office and hide rather that risk him being
hurt. Besides I know how much his mother cares about him from the talks we
have had together and I wouldn't want to see her sad as well.", Ms. Hinako
said to those present.

"Kasumi, before Hinako and I undergo this 'treatment' tomorrow there
is something the three of us have to talk about. Ranma said as he asked
Ms. Hinako and Kasumi to meet him in the dojo.

As they entered the dojo Ranma briefly looked around to for any of
Nabiki's usual devices. Seeing that the ones he found earlier had not been
replaced after he removed them, he began to speak to the two girls present.

"Kasumi, since there is a chance that Hinako and I might not survive
there is something that you must know. I ask though that you do not tell
anyone else about what you are going to here alright.", Ranma asked Kasumi,
who nodded her acceptance.

"When mom told me about how you knocked pops out through the wall all
the dojo and how you were surrounded by a yellow glow, it reminded me of
something that had happened to me earlier.", Ranma said as Ms. Hinako
gasp realizing what he was referring to.

"You think that she can do things like me?", Ms. Hinako asked Ranma,
while Kasumi looked confused about what Ranma was talking about.

"Yes, and I think we should tell her, for Kasumi will have to learn
about her abilities if we do not make it.", Ranma said to Ms. Hinako.

"Kasumi, after I first saved Ms. Hinako I noticed that my attitude
towards her was changing. I even began to feel her presence at times, and
I think that she felt mine. I later learned that she has certain 'magic'
abilities if you will and that because of this link between us I was
starting to acquire some of her abilities and she mine. I care for her a lot
now, maybe as a sister of even a daughter, as strange at that may sound.",
Ranma said to a stunned Kasumi and blushing Ms. Hinako.

"Does that mean that you think of me as a sister Ranma?", Kasumi said
sounding almost heartbroken.

"No Kasumi, I.....well... I like you and I could develop stronger
feelings for you in time. I guess after we kissed that morning you
started to acquire a piece of the abilities that Ms. Hinako gave to me.
After this is all over we will really have to figure out how we will
have to handle this. I want to train you and Ms. Hinako in 'the art', and
she will be able to help you with your new abilities. If we can't though
you will have to get help from the old ghoul. Just don't let her try and
trick you into becoming an Amazon.", Ranma joked.

Ranma and Ms. Hinako spent the next two hours explaining to Kasumi
about some of the things that they had been able to learn from each other,
and how Kasumi could learn them as well. They were only interrupted
twice, once by a nosy Nabiki, who was quickly 'shooed' out by Kasumi, and
the second time by a now awake Genma who tried to forbid Ranma to do
something so foolish risk his life for another. He lost that argument in a
rather painful fashion.

Later that night Kasumi had brought out pillows and a blanket for Ms.
Hinako to sleep on the couch. Ranma had offered to let her sleep in his
room with him on the couch. Since the 'panda' was no longer staying there
she would have the room to herself, but she refused not wanting to
inconvenience anyone.

Ms. Hinako didn't refuse when Nabiki let her and Ranma play her video
game system, free of charge no less, in an effort to take her mind off of the
next day's events. They played for over an hour before Ms. Hinako started to
yawn. Ranma soon found himself with an asleep Ms. Hinako curled up next to him,
with no way to escape. Not wanting to awaken her, he simply sat there, hoping
she would move in a little while. It didn't take him long to fall asleep after
that, his arms falling around the little teacher instinctively protecting her.


Kasumi yawned and moved off her bed. She liked to read for a couple
hours before falling asleep. She was about to turn in when she heard a faint
noise from down below.

"That sweet little girl, probably fell asleep with the TV on.", Kasumi
thought as she made her way downstairs.

Entering the living room she saw Ranma slumped over on the couch, holding
Ms. Hinako. She couldn't help but smile, but she noticed that Ranma would be
horribly sore in the morning if he stay in that position. Turning off the
TV first, she then tried to push Ranma into another position. She managed to
finally move the boy over with some effort. Sitting down for a moment next to
Ranma she was surprised when he suddenly fell back over and Kasumi had to put
her arms around him to prevent him and Ms. Hinako from falling off the couch.

"This really isn't proper. I should at least try at awaken Ranma.....
Well maybe in a few moments. After all it won't make much of a difference if
we stay like this for a short...........'zzzzzzzzzzzz'.", Kasumi tried to think
as she began to fall asleep, unaware that a slight blue and yellow glow
briefly surrounded the three before fading from sight.

A couple hours later Akane came down for her usual late night snack, but
stopped short when she saw that the light from the kitchen was already on and
from its glow she could see what looked like two people on the couch leaning
against each other. As she got closer she noticed that Kasumi had Ranma in her
arms, who was leaning against her and Ranma had Ms. Hinako in his arms, who
seemed quite content to be there.

Her first reaction was to pound the 'pervert', but seeing how they all
seemed content with each other there, Akane's expressions seemed to shift from
anger to confusion, then to sadness, and finally to a small smile.

"I guess I should be happy for them. Kasumi and that baka seemed to like
being with each other. He even took her out on a date. He never did that with
me.", Akane thought with some annoyance.

"They do look like a family though. I wonder if we ever.......No I
already made my decision. Trying to go back would only harm everyone. I want to
be with Akari now. Hopefully nobody will interfere with that relationship.",
Akane thought to herself.

Ms. Hinako began to shiver and Akane noticed that she tried to move herself
closer to Ranma. Sighing, Akane went to the hall closet and pulled out a large
blanket. She placed it over the three sleeping forms.

"Baka, you say you are just dating Kasumi, but you had better take good care
of her if it become something more.", Akane thinks to herself before walking back
upstairs, her snack long forgotten.

When Akane reached her room she found a familiar porcine visitor wandering
around in confusion.

"P-chan how did you get in here?", Akane stated.

"Bwee, bewww, oiki (Akane what are you doing in Tibet?)", P-chan oinked.

"It doesn't matter, so much has happened I'm glad you're here.", Akane
said to the blushing pig who noticed that Akane seemed somewhat sad.

"Curse you Ranma what have you done this time?", P-chan thought,
while blaming Ranma for everything in life as usual.

"Ranma and I have finally broken up for good.", Akane said as P-chan
fell over.

"Really!!!!! He's finally gone. Now's my chance to show Akane who the
better man is.", P-chan thought.

"We are better off apart now, besides I shouldn't be too sad, an old
friend is back and we have gotten together.", Akane said to the now
depressed little porker.

"Bwee, Bwee grrrr snort (He's not good enough for you).", P-chan
snorted, sounding very annoyed.

"Now don't be that way, Akari is a very nice girl.".", Akane said.

"Girl!?!?!?", P-chan thought as he fainted.

"You poor baby you must be tired.", Akane said as she scooped up the
little slab of bacon and laid him on her bed.

P-chan was awakened by what sounded like giggling early in the
morning. Opening his eyes he noticed Akane still sleeping, but with a smile on
her face.

"Is she dreaming about me?", Ryoga thought to himself.

"Oh, Akari that feels so good. Do it again. No of course not silly, I
like cherries, just don't leave them there after you lick off the chocolate
syrup.", Akane mumbled as P-chan stared as he finally realized what Akane
was dreaming about.

"Curse you Ranma, your unfaithfulness is making Akane dream about
other girls. You will pay for that.", P-chan thought as he jumped off the
bed in search of hot water. A few moments later he found himself in a
large city outside some sort of store, with an elderly Chinese woman
motioning him to come closer. Poor P-chan just barely got away when he realized
that he was in front of a meat market.




(Click buzz)

Kasumi was awoken by some odd sounds nearby. Opening her eyes she found
Nabiki grinning at her, camera in hand.

"Nabiki what are you doing in my room?", Kasumi asked drowsily.

"You had best look around you sister dear, we are not in your room and
'that' is definitely not your teddy bear snuggled against your chest.", Nabiki
teased Kasumi.

Kasumi looked down and saw a certain pig-tailed martial artist snuggled
against her. She was shocked at first, until she started to remember what had
happened last night.

Nabiki seemed amused to watch the emotions play across her sister's face,
but after a few more photos she decided to show mercy to her poor confused
sister and helped Kasumi extricate herself from the couch.

Kasumi explained what had happened, but she didn't know where the blanket
had come from.

"Did you think father put it there?", Kasumi asked.

"No if he found you, he would be bouncing around the house talking about
'his baby growing up' or some such drivel.", Nabiki snorted.

"You don't suppose Akane did it do you?", Kasumi asked.

"I am not sure have you checked Ranma for bruises?", Nabiki half way
joked as Kasumi almost frowned at that statement.

"I suppose we could just ask Akane.", Kasumi stated.

"That might be true if she were home, but when I was walking past her
room on my way down her, her door was open and her bed was already made,
a surprising feat in itself. I guess she decided to leave early this morning.
Maybe she needed to visit someone.", Nabiki smirked.

A loud yawn was heard from the couch, followed by a somewhat quieter one.
Ranma began to sit up, careful not to hurt his teacher who was holding on to
him much to his surprise.

"I must have fallen asleep while holding her last night.", Ranma thought
to himself as a bright flash went off nearby.

"I usually don't do 'cute' pictures, but your mother might want one of
those.", Nabiki smirked at a confused Ranma.

"No noise, I'm trying to sleep here.", a small voice said.

"We can't sleep any longer. We have to be at Dr. Tofu's in a couple
hours. Why don't you go get cleaned up. I am sure Kasumi or Nabiki could
help wash your hair or something.", Ranma said to Ms. Hinako.

"So you coming to see us off at the doctor's today.", Ms. Hinako asked
Kasumi as she was washing her hair.

"I....can't...... Every time I see him he goes into a fit. I would only
cause problems if I went along. Perhaps some day he will stop acting that
way, but for now I would be best if I remained here.", Kasumi said sadly.

As Kasumi and Hinako were talking a small black pig, looking quite
worse for ware, wandering into the washroom. Somehow not seeing the two naked
girls nearby the pig jumped into the furo with a splash and out again in
human form now. Unfortunately for him he was not alone. Two loud shrieks
soon echoed throughout the house.

"Ahhh, it s pervert!", the younger of the two voices yelled out.

A few seconds later, Ranma and Nabiki ran into the room, slipped on
the wet floor and ended up in a tangled heap on the floor. Ryoga, still
awake much to his surprise, tried to run out of the washroom, but was grabbed by
ankles by Ranma. Ryoga face planted hard into the floor.

"Your do you think you are going little piggy. It's bad enough you slept
with Akane, but I will NOT let your shame Kasumi-chan and Hinako-chan with
your presence.", Ranma said as he began to beat on the Ryoga.

"Hinako-chan?!?", Ms. Hinako thought in embarrassment.

Ranma quickly dragged the now very bruised Ryoga out of the furo, while
trying not to focus on the very naked Kasumi he saw a few moments ago. Ryoga
was dragged downstairs by his feet, head hitting each step on the way down.
Ranma carried him out into the yard, then drop kicked him off into the

Ryoga awoke just as he was starting to decent towards what looked
like an elaborate bathhouse. A large sign on the roof proclaimed, "Welcome
JWLA Members".

Ryoga briefly wondered what that meant, before he impacted the roof,
went though, and ended up crashing head first into a large heated pool. The
members of the JWLA (Japanese Women's' Lesbian Alliance), were noticeably
upset about being disturbed by an obvious naked MALE pervert. Poor Ryoga
was soon going to be for a world of hurt. Being unconscious at the moment
though he did not realize this.

Ranma came back into the house and noticed a towel-wrapped Kasumi
peeking around the corner into the room.

"Is he gone?", Kasumi asked Ranma.

"Don't worry, I have a feeling the little porcine pervert will not be
showing up here for a while.

Later on as everyone was finishing breakfast Ranma tried not to blush
every time he saw Kasumi, who seemed to be blushing just as much.

"So did you enjoy the show Ranma.", Nabiki teased.

"Huh?", Ranma replied.

"That little pig, he saw me naked. He will be punished for that.", Ms.
Hinako stated in a voice that seemed to carry both anger and embarrassment.

"Don't worry, he probably didn't even notice that you were there. He
took one look at Kasumi and didn't seem to move after that.", Ranma said as
he noticed Ms. Hinako seemed annoyed by that comment.

"I thought she would be happy that he didn't notice her. Why is she
angry then. Girls are so weird sometimes.", Ranma thought to himself.

Meanwhile at the Cat Cafe:

"Shampoo, while I am away you will be in charge. You may go to school
today, but you must return after.", Cologne said.

"You let Mousse run restaurant by self when Shampoo gone?", Shampoo
asked Cologne.

"Do not worry about that, I temporarily hired someone to work here for a
while. She is supposed to be quite skilled.", Cologne said as a loud 'whoosh'
noise of displaced air echoed from outside, stopping as a pink-haired girl
in a short pink waitress outfit, stopped outside of the cafe on a bicycle.

"Now there is no reason to frown great granddaughter, you should be happy.
Nuku Nuku will handle all bicycle orders when I am away, freeing you to run
the restaurant. Besides you two have so much in common, I am sure that you
will get along.", Cologne said as Shampoo frowned at the perky pink-haired
girl entering the cafe.

"Hiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeee oba-san Nuku Nuku here to work.", the pink
haired girl said in a REALLY cheerful voice.

"Ah such a polite girl, you could learn something from this girl, Shampoo.",
Cologne grinned at the now fuming Shampoo.

Shampoo stepped up and looked closely at the girl as if looking for

"Something wrong with Nuku Nuku?", the girl asked Shampoo.

"You is Amazon?", Shampoo asked Nuku Nuku

"Nuku Nuku is Nuku Nuku, not Amazon.", Nuku Nuku cheerfully answered
Shampoo's question.

"See you have one thing in common already. You both speak alike.",
Cologne cackled as Shampoo thought of several nasty things to do to her
great grandmother.

"Ah Shampoo at last we will be alone together.", Mousse said.


"Odd Shampoo why did you dye your hair. Hmmmm Your chest seems smaller
as well.", Mousse said while hugging a now shocked catgirl android.

Nuku Nuku looked down at the strange boy rubbing himself against her
chest and remembered what papa-san said to do to boys who touch her without

"Eeekkkk, a pervert!!!"

(Wam) (Bash) (Crush)

Poor Mousse found himself not only knocked through the wall of the
restaurant, but imbedded in a stone wall 100 feet down the street.

"Maybe Shampoo get along with 'perky girl' after all.", Shampoo
smirked as she watched Mousse fall out of the wall and land face down
on the sidewalk, little ducks circling his head.

"Wai Wai... Nuku Nuku make new friend.", Nuku Nuku yelled as she picked
up Shampoo and spun her around fast several times. By the time she was done
Shampoo was definitely glad that she had not eaten yet.

Cologne set Nuku Nuku to retrieve the near-sighted idiot Amazon that was
presently 'sleeping' on the sidewalk while she gathered the materials needed
for the spell to cure Ms. Hinako. Shampoo decided to attend school today. She
would probably be asked why Ranma and the little teacher were absent, but that
was definitely preferable to being with Mousse.

"Maybe stupid duck-boy fall for 'perky girl' instead of Shampoo. That
solve lot of Shampoo's problems.", Shampoo mumbled to herself.


An hour later Ranma and Ms. Hinako were almost knocked off their feet
by a concussion wave, as pink-haired girl pedaled by them faster than any bike
should be capable of going, as they were walking to Dr. Tofu's.

"Who was that? She looked like an Amazon?", Ms. Hinako asked.

"I hope not. One Amazon fiancée is enough.", Ranma stated as he

"You are assuming that she is here for you?", Ms. Hinako said while
chiding Ranma for letting his ego get away from him.

They quickly arrived at Dr. Tofu's but stood outside the door for a
while before entering.

"Are you ready?", Ranma asked Ms. Hinako who seemed to be trying to
stop from shaking.

"I guess I am.", Ms. Hinako said nervously.

"Don't worry I will be there and I promised that I would not let
anything happen to you.", Ranma said as he took Ms. Hinako by the hand and
let her into the doctor's office.

Shampoo entered the school grounds to see a hoard of foolish boys
with Kuno cheering them on waiting for Akane. From what she overheard they
were to fight her in the hopes of curing her 'unnatural' attraction to the
fairer sex. At least that is what the fool with the bokken said.

Shampoo parked her bike and began to enter the building only to find it
blocked by a smaller group of boys, evidently trying to defeat her.

"Stupid boys not learn lesson the first time. Shampoo have to now be
'not nice' to boys.", Shampoo grinned evilly as a few of the local perverts
began to back up in realization that maybe this was not such a good idea.

"Breaking point.", Shampoo said as the ground exploded in front of her
blowing the boys in all direction. When the dust settled the little hentais
were definitely not going anywhere for a while.

"That was so mean. How could you hurt them so.", a girl said from
behind Shampoo.

Shampoo turned around to see a little Japanese girl no more than four
and half feet tall.

"Shampoo warn them earlier, they no listen. Now they never attack
Shampoo again if they want to live.", Shampoo said.

"Ranma would not hurt them so.", the short girl said.

"Shampoo not Ranma. He too too nice to enemies at times. Shampoo no
that way. Enemies is for killing. But Shampoo know that not always good thing
to do here so Shampoo let boys off with 'warning'.", Shampoo said as she walked
away from the girl who stood there trying to comprehend how Shampoo could feel
that way.

"Are you alright Kuzuha?", a voice said from behind the girl as she felt
someone put their hand on her shoulder.

"Amawa-sensei....I am fine. I was just a little shocked at what just
happened.", the girl said as she began to blush at a young man with long
brown hair in his twenties in front of her.

"We can talk about it on the way to class if you like.", the man said
as Kuzuha boldly took his hand and they began to enter the school building


Akane had left her home earlier than usual for her daily run. She
really didn't feel like having to deal with her father's annoying antics. Come
to think of it she was finding a lot of people annoying lately, not just Ranma.
Perhaps her suspension from school was a good thing in disguise. Maybe if she
had a chance to deal with 'normal' people for a while she wouldn't be so angry
all the time.

Coming to a stop in front of a rather large house Akane realized that she
had no idea where she was. Her mind was wandering as she was running. Akane
wondered if she was even still in the same district.

"Akane-chan is that you?", a voice said.

Startled from her thought Akane looked to see her 'friend' Akari exiting
the house she was standing near. Next to Akari were two older women. One had
short blond hair and long legs which Akane couldn't help but notices. The other
had aquamarine colored hair and a beautiful face that caused Akane to smile.

"Ah so this is your friend, you spend so much time talking about.", the
blond woman said.

"Akari talks about me?", Akane thought as she blushed.

"Oh, she's shy too. Look at her blush.", the girl with the aquamarine
hair said.

"Aunty Michiru stop that you are embarrassing her!", Akari scolded.

"So....um... you live here?", Akane said to Akari, finally finding her

"No, aunty lets me stay here when, I sometimes get in trouble. She tends
to be a little more understanding than my parents. Oh but where are my
manners. Akane-chan this is my aunt Michiru and her friend Haruka.", Akari said
as she pointed to the two women respectively.

"Nice to meet you Haruka-san, Michiru-san..", Akane said as she bowed.

"No need to be so formal, especially if you and my niece are 'friends'",
Michiru said in a slightly teasing tone.

Ignoring her aunt Akari said, "So Akane-chan what brings you way out here
to Jubaan."

"Oh is that where I am. I must really be out of it today.", Akane sighed.

"Why don't the both of you go into the house to talk, Michiru and I have
to leave or we will be late for classes.", Haruka said.

Akari led Akane into the house as the other women left for the nearby

"So what's wrong Akane-chan? Was your family upset about what happened
at school?", Akari asked.

"Father said I was a disgrace and that I should be ashamed of myself
among other things. It hurt to here him say that, but.....", Akane's voice
trailed off.

"But what? Did something else happen?", Akari asked.

"Yes.... I don't know why this bothers me. I should be happy for them, but
it still hurt a little....", Akari stated.

"What are you talking about Akane-chan?", Akari queried.

Akane told Akari about how she had found Kasumi and Ranma asleep on the
couch together last night and how content they seemed to be.

"It bothered you to see them together?", Akari asked.

Akane nodded, while looking a little ashamed.

"I think I understand. You and Ranma were together for quite sometime.
Even though you did not always get along, you still obviously cared for each
other. It's normal to feel some regrets.", Akari said.

"You're not upset?", Akane asked Akari.

"No besides I felt something similar when I broke up with Kris.", Akari

"You were together for quite some time, over a year. Everyone at school
talked about it, even Ranma and he usually doesn't notice anything thing.", Akane
half-way joked.

"Well Kris and I used to flirt with him, so he had no choice but to
pay attention. I suppose we were a little too forward towards his girl form,
but he looks so cute like that.", Akari stated.

"Everyone thinks he cute like that.", Akane snorted.

"I suppose, but there is one person cuter than Ranma-chan?", Akari

"Who is that?", Akane asked in confusion.

"You, silly.", Akari said as she kissed Akane on the cheek, who was
beginning to feel better.

"Since we are going to be away from school for a while we should find
something to occupy ourselves. Have any ideas?", Akane said with a lecherous
grin on her face.

"I'm not sure, why don't we go up to my room and 'discuss' it.", Akari
replied with an equally lecherous grin.


Shampoo waited by one of the windows in the classroom. With Ms. Hinako
and Ranma gone it would probably her responsibility to inform the poor
substitute teacher what was going on.

"This sucks, Why can't I be with my airen. If anything goes wrong I
can protect him. That old little troll just doesn't trust me. Sigh...
Maybe I should work on my Japanese. I think even great grandmother is
starting to think that I am some sort of brainless little bimbo.", Shampoo
thought to herself.

The door to the classroom opened and a young man with long brown hair tied
into a pony tail. Next to him, staying unusually close was a young girl about 15 or
16. The class began to whisper and giggle at seeing to the two together.

"Sigh, I should be used to this already. But it doesn't matter. In two more
months Kuzuha-chan will be 16, then we can finally be together. I wonder if an
eastern or western wedding would be more appropriate.", the man thought to

"I'll sit over there sensei.", Kuzuha said as she pointed to a nearby

The man cleared his throat and turned to address the class.

"Good morning students, my name is Hibiki Amawa and I will be your
instructor while your teacher is out sick. Now I was told that a student
in this class will also be out, one Ranma Saotome, is that correct.", Amawa
sensei said to the class.

"That is true. Ranma-airen help little teacher get cure, after old
pervert cause her to have to ki drain others so that she can be older.", Shampoo
said to the now very confused Hibiki Amawa.

"I am sorry who are you, and what did you just say?", Hibiki said.

"My name Shampoo, I was here to help protect little teacher since she can
no longer protect herself, but since Ranma-airen only needed now to cure here
I stuck at school alone.", Shampoo said

"So you are a student in this class?", Hibiki asked, trying to understand
what the strange girl in the way too tight uniform was saying.

"Yes, Shampoo student."", Shampoo said.

"Alright then please have a seat with the rest of the students.", Hibiki

Shampoo sat down in Ranma's usual seat.

"Now lets see, according to the seating chart we are still missing two
students. Has anyone seen Akane Tendo or Akari Kanzaki.", Hibiki asked as the
class began to laugh.

"Pervert girl one and two were suspended for being too too friendly with
each other. They probably off being 'kissy-face' with each other somewhere.",
Shampoo said as the laughter continued.

"I see....", Hibiki said as he wondered if this school could get any
stranger. Poor guy, he obviously didn't know what he was getting himself into.


After standing outside the entrance to the clinic, Ranma and Ms. Hinako
walked into the clinic hand in hand, both seeming a little nervous.

"Good, you are finally here, we can start the procedure immediately if you
like.", Cologne said as she came out of the back room, followed closely by Dr.

Ranma and Ms. Hinako were led into the back room. Two exam tables had been
pushed together so that the two patients could lay side by side, holding hands
as the procedure required. Both were lead off to separate changing rooms, to
put on their hospital gowns.

"I really hate these things.", Ranma said as he tried to keep the back
from coming open.

"No need to worry son-in-law, although if Shampoo saw you in such an
outfit she might be able to control herself.", Cologne laughed as Ranma
kept holding the back of the gown closed.

Ranma and Ms. Hinako laid down on their respective tables, then Dr. Tofu
began to attached EKG and EEG electrodes to the two, much to the others'

"I really can't say if the 'spell' will be measurable, but this does
present a good opportunity to see how magic, or whatever this is, will affect
the both of them.", Dr. Tofu said to Cologne.

"I suppose it couldn't do any harm.", Cologne replied.

"Are the both of you ready. Once this procedure is started it can not
be stopped. Make sure that the both of you are prepared.", Cologne said to
Ranma and Ms. Hinako.

"Lets get this started.", Ranma said while only managing to sound a
little nervous, much to his satisfaction.

"It will only make it worse if we wait any longer. Lets get started,
then I will not have to think about this anymore.", Ms. Hinako sighed.

A short while later, Cologne began to read the scroll. Both Ranma
and Ms. Hinako briefly stiffened then began to relax. Two minutes later both
had fallen into a deep sleep.

As Cologne continued to read the scroll, the air in the room seemed to
grow heavier, almost what one feels when a thunder approaches as one is
outside. A faint glow began to form around the two, a blue one around Ranma
and a yellow one around Ms. Hinako. The auras began to grow larger and when
they came into contact with each other they began to mix. Yellow streams
of energy began to flow around Ranma from Ms. Hinako and blue steams began
to flow around Ms. Hinako. A crackling sound began to be heard. A bright
flash soon followed, causing Cologne and Dr. Tofu to shut their eyes and
look away to avoid the light.

As the light faded both Cologne and the doctor, noticed that a
sphere of some sort of energy now encompassed the two sleeping patients.
It was mainly transparent, but there were streaks of yellow and blue light
flowing over the surface in seemingly random patterns.


Watching from outside the clinic and actually seeing though the walls,
were Urd and Mara. Both were masking their presence from anyone who might be

"So it finally begins.", Mara said to Urd.

"Yes, lets hope everything goes well.", Urd replied.

"You don't sound very confident. You did copy the spell down
correctly didn't you.", Mara asked.

"The spell is fine, but.....", Urd trailed off.

"But what?", Mara asked.

"I guess I am just nervous. I want this to be successful so much. I....
don't want to lose anyone else like I did.....", Urd tried to say but stopped
and closed her eyes trying to block out certain memories of the past.

Urd opened her eyes when she felt someone brush the hair out of her eyes
and pull her into a hug.

Mara saw Urd's expression and couldn't help but giggle.

"What's so funny?", Urd asked, sounding a little miffed.

"You are. Is it so strange that I would care about a friend?", Mara
said, sounding amused.

"After being apart, almost 'enemies' for years, I guess it does seem
a little strange.", Urd stated.

"It doesn't have to be. We can be friends again, as close as we use to
be if you like.", Mara said.

"I hope so.", Urd said as she hugged and demoness back and kissed her
lightly on the cheek.

Mara for her part turned bright red, and started to look down at the
sidewalk, finding it very interesting for some reason.

"My aren't we shy. You would think that no one had even been nice or
cared about you before.", Urd said, then noticed the almost hurt look on
Mara's face.

"I don't have any friends, except for you. Even when I almost hated you
for 'abandoning' me for that 'mission' of yours, I still hated to be away
from you for long, even if it was to just cause trouble for you and everyone
else near you.", Mara replied, sounding ashamed.

"You don't have to apologize again. I accepted it earlier.", Urd said
as she smiled at Mara.

"I know I am just not used to being friends with anyone. It's been a
while. I guess I am just nervous.", Mara almost whispered.

"You don't have to worry about that anymore. Now let's get back to the
temple. There is nothing that we can do until they awaken.", Urd said as
she pulled her broom out of nowhere and motioned Mara to join her on it.
Soon both were a spot on the horizon flying home, waiting to see what will
happen when the spell runs its course.

Author's Note:

Well another chapter done. This story is turning out to far longer than
I had anticipated. If I were to hazard a guess I would say that it is about
halfway done now, but I won't know for sure until it is done of course. I hope
no one minds reading a long story?

Now I am sure I will get email about my choice of making Akane fall for
another girl, especially how fast it happened. Well considering how Akari and
Akane knew each other in the past it was not unexpected. I suppose I could
have written about them in this chapter, but their story is more appropriate
for a side story, which I might?? decide to write later. Overall though I am
quite satisfied with how this story is turning out and what is going to
happen in future chapters. The only thing that remains is whether or not
others' will be satisfied as well.

Ryo Oki