Ranma 1/2 Fan Fiction ❯ Little Angel Lost ❯ More changes and Complications ( Chapter 6 )

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Little Angel Lost

A Ranma 1/2 Fanfiction by Ryo Oki

Disclaimer: All characters and places not created by me
are probably owned by someone else.

Authors Note: This story is an alternative universe / crossover story
set roughly 4 months after the wedding. Ranma and Akane are now juniors
in high school.


Chapter 6 More Changes and Complications

Mara was riding with Urd on her broom back towards the temple when Urd slowed down
and hovered the broom when they were a just a few miles outside of Nerima.

"So why are we stopping? Not that I mind, we are after all supposed to be
looking for that little imp.", Mara said.

"We don't have to look, I already know where he is.", Urd said while
holding up something that looked like a TV remote control.

"What is that?", Mara asked while gesturing towards the device.

"This is a tracking beacon of a sort. I 'borrowed' it when we were last at
the temple. I am sure Skuld won't miss it.", Urd said trying not to snicker
at what the expression on her sister's face would probably be when she found it
missing. After all sisters are supposed to borrow things from each other. Nothing
wrong with that.

"In other words you stole it. So if this device allows you to know
where Xverfm is, why aren't we there at the moment?", Mara asked.

"Because he is hiding underneath the dojo where Ranma lives. In order to
get the demon to come out we would have to level the building. If that panda and
the crying fool, were the only two that lived there, then there would not be a
problem, since others live there though we must wait. Besides I want to keep an
eye on the that house wife Kasumi. There is something about her that bares
watching.", Urd said.

"She seemed ordinary to me, but if you want to wait, I guess we will just
have to wait up here by ourselves together.", Mara said, sounding rather pleased
with the idea.


Shampoo left school right after lunch. With her airen gone and the little
teacher gone as well, she really wasn't in the mood to put up with all the
questions that everyone seemed to be asking, especially about Akane and Akari.
How would she know anything about them, as if she even cared to begin with.
As long as they had each other, she would have a much easier time showing her
airen who was the best girl to marry.

As Shampoo past the local marketplace she stopped when she saw a
strange woman with long silver hair talking to Kasumi. As Shampoo came closer
a star on each of the woman's cheeks seemed to flare and a large black
glowing sword appeared in her hand. The woman practically reeked of evil and
so did the sword. As Shampoo ran as fast as she could towards the pair she
watched in horror as the woman stuck her sword completely through Kasumi's
chest, with it emerging out her back. Shampoo was so shocked that she did not
even realize that no blood was coming from the wound.

The woman removed the sword and slung the obviously unconscious Kasumi
over her shoulder. She then turned toward Shampoo and gave her such a horrid
smile that that caused Shampoo to thank her ancestors that she was an Amazon or
otherwise she might have decided to wet herself then and there. The woman
disappeared along with Kasumi a second later.


A little while earlier Kasumi was slowly making her way through one
of Nerima's marketplaces trying to decide what to make the family for
dinner that night. Normally such a chore would have been done already, but
she found herself continually distracted throughout the day. She could not
take her mind off of Ranma. What he was doing was very brave, but he could
die from the experience. She felt when the spell took affect. Maybe Ranma was
right when he mentioned that Hinako's magic had linked them together in some
fashion. What did that really mean though.

Ranma's life was far from peaceful and as he grew more powerful, more
powerful enemies appeared as well. If she now possessed some sort of magic
would she receive challengers as well. It seemed to be a strange thing to
think about. Would she be challenged to some sort of martial arts cooking
or baking contest. She briefly had an image of herself facing others in some
sort of "Iron Chef" competition. She shook her head to clear of such a silly
idea. After all who would even want to do such a silly thing.

"Ah just who I have been looking for.", a commanding voice echoed
across the marketplace.

Kasumi looked in the direction that the voice had come from. A sphere
of light formed 10 feet in front of her and out stepped a most unusual 'woman'
in Kasumi's opinion. She was about 7 feet in height with long silver hair and
a star tattoo on each cheek, and most importantly, even to Kasumi's
untrained senses, she was protecting enormous amounts of power and darkness.
Maybe the idea of challengers wasn't so silly after all.

"Who..who are you?", Kasumi asked while suddenly feeling like a mouse
that was being approached by a large hunting cat.

"My name is Hild, and we have much to discuss my dear Kasumi Tendo.", the
woman stated.

"We do?", Kasumi asked, growing quite nervous.

"I have a proposition you can't refuse.", Hild said while stepping up close
to Kasumi, who tried to move away, but found herself now frozen in place.

"Umm......maybe you have confused me with my sister Akane.", Kasumi said
while chiding herself about what she had just said about her younger sister.

Hild began to laugh in a manner that sent chills through Kasumi's spine, not
to mention everyone else in a block radius.

"While you are indeed quite lovely, my tastes do not run in that direction.
I have something much more interesting and important to offer you.", Hild said as
she ran her hand across Kasumi's cheek causing the girl to shiver.

"What is it that you want?", Kasumi asked nervously.

A few minutes later Kasumi found out what the elder demoness wanted.

"So do you agree?", Hild.

"I don't know.", Kasumi said in a sad tone of voice.

"Well you best make your choice quickly girl, I am doing you a favor by
even speaking to one such as you.", Hild snapped, causing Kasumi to cringe.

Hild sighed out loud. She was not used to dealing with humans. They were
admittedly a weak and cowardly race, but they had their purposes. Perhaps she
should try to be a little more gentle with this creature.

"What I am offering you had not been done in many years, you should feel
proud. It is also the best hope you will have to be with the one that you love.
You do love the boy don't you.", Hild said a little more sharply that she had

Kasumi meekly nodded.

"Then do you accept the conditions?", Hild demanded.

Kasumi nodded again.

"Then prepare yourself, for this will not be comfortable.", Hild stated
as Kasumi felt herself able to move again.

A large lack glowing sword appeared in Hild's hand. Golden runes
seemed to move across its surface. Kasumi felt something strike her in the
chest. She had a spilt second to ponder the strange feeling before the
pain began. She tried not scream. She was of Samurai decent, and could not
embarrass herself by such an unseemly display, so she chose the best option
available to her given the current circumstances, she fainted.

"Strange I thought I heard the amazon girl Shampoo call out to me.",
Kasumi thought as everything went black.


Shampoo ran as fast as she could towards the doctor's office. She had
to tell her great grandmother what she had seen. Shampoo had very little
experience with demons. Besides, it gave her a chance to see her airen.

Shampoo reached the office in a matter of minutes. After all it was
only a short three mile sprint. Nothing too special about that. Shampoo
practically flew through the door and into the office. Unfortunately for
her at the time. The good doctor was cleaning the office since all patients
had been cancelled so they he and Cologne could watch over Ranma and Ms.
Hinako. Shampoo hit a wet spot on the floor, lost her balance and slid right
into a bucket of soapy water. The bucket flipped end over end, and landed
right on Shampoo's head, much to her embarrassment.

Cologne came out of the back room, to investigate the noise and saw
a set of Chinese clothes, next to a bucket that seemed to be moving and
hissing on its own. Cologne raised an eyebrow , walked over to the bucket
and lifted it up revealing a very wet and soapy white cat.

"I assume there is a reason that you are, since I told you early to
stay away.", Cologne said to the white cat.

"Meow, meow, me, me, meow.", said the white cat excitedly.

Cologne walked over to a heating tea kettle and dumped the hot water
over the cat, producing a now human and somewhat boiled Shampoo.

"No need to make water so hot. Great grandmother trying to boil
poor Shampoo?", the wet and naked Shampoo said.

"So why are you here. You can not see your 'airen' until the spell
runs its course.", Cologne said to Shampoo as she got dressed.

"Shampoo have to come. See demon in street attack and kidnap nice girl
Kasumi.", Shampoo said.

"What did this demon look like?", Cologne said, while thinking about the
two strange women she briefly saw earlier.

"Demon look like very pretty and tall woman. Have silver hair and dark
tan skin.", Shampoo said as Cologne gritted her teeth.

"Sounds like one of the 'women' that were chasing Happosai earlier.",
Cologne almost growled.

"Shampoo find little pervert and throw in spring of drowned carp. He
cause too many problems.", Shampoo declared.

"If Kasumi really was kidnapped by a demon, there should still be a trace
of its presence where you last saw it. I want you to stay here in this lobby.
Do not allow anyone to enter, and do not go back into the exam room to see
son-in-law.", Cologne said.

"Shampoo should probably not mention anything to crazy doctor either?",
Shampoo asked Cologne.

"That goes without saying. He needs to stay focused, in order to see that
the spell proceeds without incident.", Cologne said.

Cologne made her way to the marketplace, where Shampoo said she saw the
demon. As she got to within one mile, Cologne began to sense the leftover
energies from the demon's presence. She almost fell off her staff as she
reached the spot where the demon and Kasumi disappeared. The amount of evil
still lingering in the air was nauseating.

There appeared to be no blood or even any sign of a struggle. Perhaps
the girl was too scared to move or the demon was just trying to cover its
tracks. If that was the case then it might be next to impossible to
locate the demon unless it makes another appearance.


"You could have been a little more subtle sister dear. Your appearance
is now all over the local news on part of midgard.", a woman's voice said.

"You should be grateful that I even chose to lower myself by going
to that plane and retrieving a mortal.", another voice said sounding quite
annoyed with the owner of the first voice.

A groan nearby interrupted the two women.

"Pain...lots of pain. I haven't felt this bad since Miyuki's graduation
party.", Kasumi thought to herself as she opened her eyes and tried to sit up.
Both actions were definitely not a good idea. Kasumi began to feel quite sick.
She could tell that she was in some sort of grassy field, nothing around as
far as her blurry vision could see. She was lying on the side of a hill. A small
cloak covering her.

"Well now we can't have our guest of honor being in such a dreadful
condition.", Kasumi heard someone say.

A few moments later the pain and the dizziness were gone. Focusing her
eyes, Kasumi saw the strange silver haired woman that had brought her here,
where ever 'here' was. Next to her stood a tall red headed woman and looked
a lot like the first. Kasumi saw one more woman present. One that looked
very familiar.

"Momma???", Kasumi whispered as her eyes began to tear and her lower lip
began to quiver.

"My little Kasumi-chan.", the woman replied as she smiled.

"MOMMA!!!!", Kasumi yelled out as she almost flew towards the woman.

(Glomp) (Tackle)

"Hmmmm, good reflexes.", the red headed woman said as she snickered,
while watching the young girl and her mother rolling around on the ground.

The two women picked themselves off the ground, Kasumi hanging tightly
to her mother's arm, afraid that if she would let go this strange 'dream'
would end.

"There is no need for that Kasumi-chan. I will not disappear. In fact
we are going to be spending quite some time together for a while. Now let me
take a look at you.", the 'late' Mrs. Kimiko Tendo said to her stunned

"Am I dead?", Kasumi asked no one in particular.

"Weren't you paying attention to what I was telling you earlier girl.",
an annoyed Hild said.

"Now sister dear, you do tend to be a 'bit' forceful. The poor girl is
still in shock.", the red headed woman said.

"Fine then you deal with her Lilith. I have done my 'good deed' for the
day.", Hild said as she disappeared.

Kimiko and Kasumi looked at each other. If someone did not know better
they would think that the two women were sisters. Kimiko appeared to be in her
mid twenties with a figure and hairstyle almost exactly like Kasumi's. Kimiko
was a slightly narrower face and her eyes were bright blue instead of
Kasumi's chocolate brown eyes. Her hair appeared to be tinted red with silver
streaks. It was different, but looked very nice in Kasumi's opinion.

Kasumi tried to say something to her mother, anything, but all she could
still do was stare. Her mother looked just like she did when Kasumi last saw
her, well except for the large white wings and Greco-roman style body armor.

"Wings?, Armor? Something is not quite right here.", Kasumi's mind

"I am sure you have a lot of questions daughter. They will be answered.",
Kimiko said as Kasumi instantly found herself in what appeared to be a large
western style house, along with her mother and Lilith.

Kasumi watched her mother's form blur and change back to how she
remembered her. The white wings disappeared and Kimiko's hair went from red
with silver highlights back to a chestnut brown color. The blue jeans and tight
sweater though were definitely new. Her mother now looked like a college girl,
something Kasumi found to be strange for some reason.

"You can speak now Kasumi-chan. I realize that this may seem to be a bit
of a shock to you, but you don't have to just stand there.", Kimiko said as she
smiled warmly at Kasumi, who seemed to relax somewhat at seeing that smile.

"Where are we?", Kasumi asked.

"This is a private demi-plane I like to come with a few friends, when I
have the time. I brought you here because we talk in privacy, without anyone
disturbing us. I was surprised when Kami-sama asked me to be here and meet
Li-chan, er.. I mean Lilith and Hild here so that I could speak to a new
'recruit' so to speak. I never thought it would be one of my own daughters,
especially since, you are still quite alive.", Kimiko said.

Kimiko noticed her daughter fidgeting as if she were trying to decide
whether or not she should say something.

"So now, Kasumi-chan, now that you know where you are, is there anything
else that you want to ask?", Kimiko stated.

"You seem a little different from what I remember, not that I mind but...",
Kasumi tried to say.

"Being dead tends to do that to you dear.", Lilith said as Kasumi looked
ashamed at what had she said.

"You were expecting that I would appear to be more 'motherly', perhaps
wearing a housedress and apron.", Kimiko said with a smirk.

"Yes.", Kasumi quietly said.

"My dear child what has happened to you? Someone your age should be happy,
out experiencing life. I haven't been able to watch over you for the past few
years, but I hoped that you would want to something other than a housewife. Are
you married yet? What about Akane and Nabiki. I assume that husband of mine, has
finally stopped crying and got on with his life.", Kimiko said.

"Well, not really.", Kasumi said in an ashamed voice.

"What has been happening?", Kimiko said.

"You haven't been reading the briefings, that were prepared for you did
you?", Lilith stated the question as a statement.

"Sigh, you know that I haven't had the time. With all the deaths that the
'great freeze' caused in that Sailor Moon timeline I haven't had the opportunity
to do anything but try and comfort all the distraught spirits.", Kimiko said.

"I was so angry I stormed into Kami-sama's office and demanded he do
something about it.", Kimiko said as Lilith and Kasumi stared at her.

"You've met Kami-sama?", Kasumi said, while sitting down, looking a
little pale.

"So what did my dear brother-in-law have to say?", Lilith asked Kimiko.

"Many people across the planes were shocked by what the girl had so
foolishly done, and wanted to see that she was properly punished. In the end
thought Hild actually volunteered to do it. In fact she seemed quite insistent
about punishing the girl and her so called. 'Warriors of Love and Justice.",
Kimiko said to Lilith, who shuddered at what her sister could do when she put
her mind to it.

"So why was my dear sister so interested in helping?", Lilith asked
with some trepidation.

"It appears that the timeline in particular, was one in which your
sister had a mortal child, who was quite involved in trying to save as many
people as possible as the world began to freeze. He even fought with the
scouts, but he lacked the power to defeat them. He was finally killed by
the outer scouts, who thought he was some sort of youma."", Kimiko said.

"Oh dear, change 'punish' to a 'slow death, if they were lucky'.",
Lilith thought to herself.

"So what was the outcome?", Lilith said not really wanting to here
the answer. Sometimes her sister's 'exuberance' even made her ill.

"Kami-sama won't say, except that the 'incident' has been dealt with
properly. Now enough of this talk for now, I would like to here what my
dear Kasumi and the rest of my family have been up to for the past few
years.", Kimiko said as she sat down and put her arms around Kasumi.


For the next few hours, off and on Kasumi told her mother about all
that had been happening to her and her sisters back down on Earth. By the
end Kimiko was not a very happy woman.

"Damn that foolish man. One would have thought even he had enough
spirit to straighten himself out by now and at try to raise all of you
properly. I wish I had known he was so weak when I married him.", Kimiko
said in disgust, much to Kasumi's surprise.

"Didn't you and father love each other?", Kasumi managed to say.

"Our relationship was a complicated one Kasumi-chan. We were not
always the 'perfect couple' that everyone seemed to think that we were.",
Kimiko said to her stunned daughter.

"What do you mean mother?", Kasumi asked.

"If both of you wish to be alone, I can leave for a while.", Lilith said.

"Thank you, perhaps I should talk to my daughter alone for a while. I will
tell you what happened later on tonight.", Kimiko said to Lilith.

After Lilith had left, Kimiko sat down next to her daughter and began to
tell her what her marriage was really like, when she was alive.

"Kasumi, you probably remember your father and I always seeming to be
happy when around each other, and especially when we were around you, Akane,
and Nabiki. Well the truth was, that although we were happy around you and
loved each of our children dearly, we were not that fond of each other,
especially as you girls grew older. Towards the end, I almost hated your
father. If I had not died, I would have divorced him and took all of my girls
with me to live with my family or on our own if necessary.", Kimiko said to
a nervous looking Kasumi.

"Why did you feel that way about each other? You must have loved each other,
or you would not have gotten married, right?", Kasumi stated while trying to come
to grips with what her mother was telling her.

"We did not get married out of love for each other. We married for an
entirely different reason, and a foolish one at that.", Kimiko said.

"What reason was it?", Kasumi asked.

"Family honor.", Kimiko almost spat out.

"Family honor?", Kasumi stated.

"I was very young when I met your father. I was sixteen and had just
graduated high school. You father was eight years older than I. When we first
met I was somewhat intrigued by him. I hoped that he would be more mature
than your typical high school boy. He was introduced to me as the son of a
family friend. No mention of marriage was made at first. If it was I probably
wouldn't have even stayed to speak with him. He seemed to be quite nice at
first, but as we continued to talk to one another, I found out that he was quite
traditional. He fancied himself to be some sort of modern day samurai and that
his martial arts tutor was training him to be the best there is. He wanted a
traditional housewife. Someone to take care of the kids, cook and clean. I had
just graduated two years ahead of the rest of my classmates and I wanted to do
something with my life, but that was not to be.", Kimiko sighed as a tear fell
from her eye.

"Are you alright?", Kasumi said with concern in her voice.

"Sigh, I'm fine Kasumi-chan. Talking about what could have been, depresses
me at times though. Don't worry though. I may have regrets about my marriage, but
I do not have anything but fond memories of raising my baby girls. Well maybe
except for the time that Nabiki-chan got her hand caught in one of those 'ufo
catcher machines', but beyond that no regrets. Now lets see, where did I leave
off?", Kimiko asked.

"You were talking about why you married father.", Kasumi replied to her

"I married your father because of an arrangement both of our fathers
made for us. Both his and my family used to be very strong, but after the war
both of them were weakened greatly. It was hoped that by joining the two
families, we would grow stronger. It did not turn out that way though. There
was an 'accident' and my mother's, your grandmother's family was never the
same again.", Kimiko said.

"I don't think I have ever met her. Is she still alive?", Kasumi asked
her mother.

"Oh yes, alive and quite famous actually. She never visited because she
disapproved of the arranged marriage between your father and I, but she had
to uphold it due to family honor. She never would say what grudge she held against
the Tendo family though. Perhaps something happened in her childhood, I do not
know. If you want to know who she is though all you have to do is look at the label
on the back of the dress you are wearing. It is her company that made it.", Kimiko
said to a thoughtful then stunned Kasumi who realized who her mother was talking

"Your mother was Kagome Kurata?", Kasumi asked in shock.

"That is her maiden name yes. Mother divorced father, and forever abandoned
her married name after I married your father. We really never saw each other
after that. That was one of the reason your father and I fought. I guess I
blamed him somewhat for what I thought was my mother abandoning me. After all
after she left she went on to form the largest textile corporation in Japan. The
only time I ever really saw her was just right before my death. She found out
about how ill I was. When I first became ill, your father was too proud to ask
for help, and I was too weak, even then. When I took a turn for the worse, he
finally managed to swallow his pride and asked mother to help. By that time
though it was too late.", Kimiko said.

"I don't ever remember you and father fighting though, mother.", Kasumi

"That was the reason that we built the dojo away from the main house.",
Kimiko sighed.

"Your father's association with that little pervert Happosai, and that
low class miscreant, Genma Saotome also caused some friction between us.",
Kimiko said to Kasumi.

"All of that though is in the past. We should be talking about what you
are going to be doing with your life. Akane seems to be improving as you said,
and a friend is going to send someone to help Nabiki with her problems. You
will also be unknowing helping Nabiki.", Kimiko thought the last part to
herself as Kasumi looked at her.

Kimiko watch as her daughter thought about what she had just said for
a few minutes, before speaking to her again.

"So daughter I assume Hild told you why you are here and what is expected
of you.", Kimiko asked as Kasumi nodded in response.

"Before we begin your training though, I must ask you one question. How
do you feel about Ranma. It is obvious that you have some feelings for him,
but could you love him. If the answer is no tell me now and other plans will
have to be made.", Kimiko said.

"We like each other, but we refuse to commit to any sort of
engagement until we get to know each other better.", Kasumi said.

"I am glad to here that. After you return from your tasks, take your
time in getting to know the boy. Do not let your father or anyone else
pressure you into anything. Not that he could, if what you told me about
Ranma is correct.", Kimiko smirked.

Kimiko and Kasumi talked for another hour, before they left with Lilith
to begin Kasumi's new training.


Meanwhile down on Earth, it had only been two hours since Kasumi's
disappearance, but word was already circulating about what had happened to
the poor girl.

Sound Tendo cried at a news report on TV showing his daughter being 'killed'
then kidnapped by some strange silver haired woman.

"Now Tendo we don't know that's dead. She could have just been kidnapped,
that's all.", Genma tried to sound sympathetic.

"This is all your son's fault. Every girl around him seems to be hurt
or kidnapped by strange creatures.", Soun whined.

"Hmmm, that does seem to happen to the boy a lot. But its not as if it
happens because of some strange curse on the boy that I'm responsible for.",
Genma thought to himself.

"Don't worry Tendo we will find out what has happened to your
daughter. We don't even need that worthless son of mine's help.", Genma
declared while posing.

"Are you sure that is wise. Perhaps we should retrieve the boy. Duty to
one's family comes first after all.", Soun stated.

"I don't think that is such a good idea. That little amazon troll
called earlier and said that we were to stay away or else.", Genma said.

"Or else what old friend.", Soun said.

Genma told Soun.

Soun fainted.


At the temple where Urd and her sisters lived, Belldandy's boyfriend
Keiichi, and her sister Skuld were working on one of the motor club's latest
motorcycle designs and amazingly enough were not fighting about how the
bike should be designed. There work was quickly interrupted by a shriek from
inside the house, and sound of china breaking on the floor. Both Keiichi and
Skuld ran into the house as quick as the could. They skidded to a stop in the
living room. There stood Belldandy looking at the TV with a shocked and
horrified expression on her face.

"Belldandy what is wrong?", Keiichi asked.

"Big sister are you alright.", Skuld asked.

"Look at that.", Belldandy said as she pointed to the TV.

Keiichi and Skuld looked at what was on the TV. It appeared to be news
program. A news program that was talking about and showing pictures of a tall
silvered haired women with dark skin, who had just stuck a rather large sword
through the body of a local housewife.

"Belldandy is that Urd?", Keiichi asked, almost too shocked to speak.

"Big sister wouldn't do that would she?", Skuld asked Belldandy.

"That was not Urd.", Belldandy replied hesitantly, as Keiichi and Skuld
breathed a sigh of relief.

"That was Urd's mother Hild.", Belldandy stated causing Skuld to fall

"What would she be doing here?", Skuld said while shaking.

If only half the stories that Skuld had heard about Hild were true, then
everyone in this city could be in trouble if the elder demoness chose to go on
a rampage.

"I don't know why Hild would chose to visit the mortal plane. She doesn't
even consider mortals to even be sentient half the time. Why she would take the
time to not only come here, but to 'kill' a girl, who could not possibly be a
threat to her is a mystery to me. We must find her though and convince her to
leave. I don't think that we can fight her and win. The first thing thought is
that we should tell both Urd and Mara about what had just happened.", Belldandy
said to Skuld.

"We already know.", an annoyed voice said.

Belldandy turned around to see both Urd and Mara covered with a variety
of fruits, vegetables, squid, small hotdog forks??, and couldn't help but stare.

"What happened to you?", Belldandy asked.

"Mara and I felt a strong demonic presence nearby and went to see if it
was Xverfm. As we followed the aura of the creature, we found out that it wasn't
him at all. It was mother, I mean Hild. We saw her disappear when we were within
one mile of where she was. We landed nearby, but as we walked over to the spot
where Hild used to be, people started screaming at us and throwing all sorts of
things at us.", Urd said as she removed a rather large tomato from the front of
her outfit and threw it outside.

"Those idiots blamed us for what happened and attacked us. I wanted to
strike back, but that would have probably only have made things worse. But if I
ever see those miserable little #$*#&$ martial food vendors again, they had
better stock up on their life insurance.", Mara said as she pulled out a small
hotdog fork, that was lodged between her breasts.

"The question is what do we do now? Mara had tried to contact Lilith to
see if she knew what was going on, but Lilith refused to answer any questions,
despite the fact that she didn't seemed to be surprised at all at what had
happened.", Urd said to Belldandy.

Belldandy left the room to call Kami-sama to see why Hild was down here
and plainly showing herself to mortal. She returned a few minutes later with a
distressed expression on her face.

"So what did father say?", Skuld asked her sister.

"He said that he was aware of what Hild had done, and that we were not
to interfere with her in any manner. He said that everyone would turn out
alright in the end.", Belldandy said.

"What by the nine hells is that supposed to mean?", Mara groused as
thundered echoed outside.

"I don't know.", Belldandy stated.


Nabiki had received word that her sister was missing as she was finishing
up her classes for the day at school. Surprisingly the principal, who informed her
of her sisters disappearance, actually seemed normal for once. He actually seemed
to be concerned for someone. Nabiki really didn't have time or the will at the
moment to figure this puzzle out. All she wanted to do was return home and see
if anyone there knew what had happened.

Nabiki found a note, written by her father stating that he an Genma had gone
out to search for Kasumi since, in her father's words, "Ranma was too busy
shirking his duty to this family to care". Upon reading this Nabiki felt nothing
but anger and pity for her father. How could he expect Ranma to solve all of this
family's problems. The 'demon' that kidnapped or maybe (shudder), killed Kasumi
was probably the same one that was chasing their so called master earlier. If
anything it is Happosai's fault for this happening. But, since her father was
too much of a coward to stand up to him, he did the convenient thing and
blamed someone else for Kasumi's disappearance.

Nabiki was at a loss for what to do next. How does one track a demon?
Cologne might know, but she is helping the doctor cure Ms. Hinako. Nabiki
sat back on the couch and looked around the room. How empty the house felt,
with Kasumi missing. Nabiki admitted to herself that she was never very close
to anyone, even her sisters, after their mother died, but at least Kasumi
would listen to Nabiki when she did go to her infrequently. Now nobody was
there for her. Her father was off, who knows where, and Ranma was unable to

"How strange...... When he first came here I wanted nothing to do with
him. I was glad to give him away. So why am I thinking of him now?", Nabiki
thought to herself.

"Because he was always willing to help you and even listen to you when you
had a problem.", a voice in the back of Nabiki's mind said.

"Great now I am talking to myself.", Nabiki mumbled.

"If you want to speak to others go upstairs to your sister Akane's
room. She needs your help now.", the voice said to Nabiki.

"Oh I am definitely losing it.", Nabiki said out loud as she climbed the
stairs and stopped in front of the door to Akane's room.

Outside the house a figure in a grey cloak floated several feet off the
ground, while looking into the various rooms of the house.

"Well now that was easy. I guess poor Nabiki-chan must be distressed or
she would not normally be so open to suggestion. Since I am here, one more
suggestion won't hurt.", the figure said with a smile appearing on her face.


Nabiki put her ear to the door. She thought she heard two separate
voices coming from her sister's room, but wasn't sure. As she slowly opened
the door, she saw Akane sitting on the bed with her arms wrapped around her
Akari, who was trying to comfort the obviously distraught girl.

Akari looked up at the sound of the door opening and motioned for
Nabiki to come in. Nabiki sat down on a desk chair near the bed. She seemed
nervous as if she were intruding on something.

"There is no need to be nervous Nabiki, come sit down next to us.",
Akari said.

Nabiki sat down next to Akane, who surprised her by letting go of
Akari and hugging Nabiki instead.

"In times like these it is best for the best of you to comfort each
other.", Akari said as she watched Akane hug her sister, who seemed at a loss
on how to respond to this.

Nabiki pulled her sister closer, who responded by burying her head in
Nabiki's shoulder and weeping softly.

"I understand that Kasumi was a substitute mother for you as you were
growing up. You don't have to hold all your emotions in. You have your
sister for support, and even I will help if I can. You are not the only
person to lose their mother early in life.", Akari said.

Nabiki looked over at Akari trying to figure the strange girl out. She
vaguely remembered the girl from the few times that she came over to her
house when Akane was in junior high. She remembered how upset Akane was when
Akari moved away to America for a few couple of years, before returning and
somehow seeming more mature than she should be. Akari reminded Nabiki of Ranma
in some way, almost as if the girl had undergone some great trial and
succeeded against great odds.

After spending some time with her sister Nabiki left Akane and her friend
while she went down to the kitchen. The fathers were still not back, and would
probably be out late drinking, lamenting about how bad their lives were.


Around 2 a.m. that night Nabiki got up from her bed and started to get
dressed. She made her way downstairs and began to put on her shoes, almost
without realizing what she was doing. She grabbed a coat from the hall closet,
exited the house and walked off into the foggy night.

As she walked, Nabiki could barely make out the ground 10 feet in front of
her. She shivered as the moisture in the air clung to her. Sometimes voices
could be heard off in the distance. Something sounding like a wild animal
growfed off in the distance. She had a determined expression on her face, but
anyone looking closely at the girl would noticed a slightly glazed appearance
to her eyes.

She approached a large wrought iron gate which opened quite easily to
a gentle touch. She walked along a series of narrow paths, her footsteps
echoing lightly into the night. As she stopped before a small stone edifice
her eyes seemed to clear and she looked around in confusion as if she did
not know where she was.

Nabiki found, much to her discomfort, that she was now in a cemetery.
The same cemetery where her mother was buried. Looking around more carefully
Nabiki realized that she was standing in front of her mother's gravestone.

"This has to be a dream. I am just upset about what happened to Kasumi
that is all. None of this is real.", Nabiki thought as she began to shake.

Nabiki remembered the dreams she had as a child, just after her
mother had died. She often found herself in a similar situation, but unlike
then, the grave marker did not bare her name as well, as it often did in her

A small glow near the base of the grave attracted her attention. She
saw that the glow was caused by a rose. A green rose, almost exactly like the
one that Ranma had given her earlier. As Nabiki picked the rose up, the chill
throughout her body that she had been feeling was replaced by a warmth that
seemed to comfort her and replace the rising panic that she was feeling.

"I don't understand what is going on. Mother, did you bring me out here?
Are you trying to tell me something.", Nabiki whispered as she knelt by the

Nabiki was not sure what she should say or even do. Kasumi was the one
who visited their mother often here. Nabiki had only been to her mother's
grave once in her life, and that was when she was buried. She saw no purpose
in coming here. After all doing so would only serve as a reminder that her
mother was gone. Why put oneself through such pain?

"Mother...I ...I am scared. I am shamed to admit it, but I don't want to
lose anyone else. Kasumi is the reason all of us were able to hang on all
these years. Without her, I would now be up there with you.", Nabiki said
remembering a time not so long ago when the pressures of having to deal with
paying the bills almost became to much for her.

"Father has his 'friend' to help. Akane has now found someone. Kasumi, if
she comes back, will probably end up with Ranma, but I have no one. I don't want to
be alone anymore. I wish I had someone who was there for me. If you can here me
mother, please help.", Nabiki choked out as tears started to fall heavily from
her eyes.

Up in Asgard, Kimiko Tendo heard her daughter's plea and wanted to rush
and try and comfort her distraught Nabiki-chan, but was held back by a hand on
her shoulder.

"You know that you can not go down there. You have duties up here to
perform.", a soft voice said.

"Let me go Peorth, my daughter needs me. That is more important that my
duties here.", Kimiko said as she spun around to face the elder goddess.

"Another has been sent to watch over her. Trust me your daughter
Nabiki will be alright, especially now that she has made a heart felt wish
for the first time in her life.", Peorth said.

"A wish? Granted by who?", Kimiko asked

"Watch and see.", Peorth said as she and Kimiko looked at Nabiki
through a nearby pool.


Nabiki had managed slow down the flow of tears, when the wind began
to pick up and she began to feel a chill pass through her body, but it did
not seem to be from the cold. A brief sound from nearby caused her to look
around nervously. A cloaked figure approached her though the mist, causing
Nabiki to step back in fear. It was not that the figure seemed large or
threatening, that scared Nabiki. It was the fact the figure was floating
a couple feet off the ground that disturbed her.

"Who are you?", Nabiki asked warily.

"A friend. Someone who heard your plea and has come to help.", the figure
said while throwing back the hood of her cloak, causing Nabiki to stare in shock.

"What are you?", Nabiki said as she looked over the 'girl' next to her.

"The girl appeared to be Nabiki's age with long blond hair down to her waist.
Two emerald green eye, with flecks of gold in them looked back at Nabiki. What
caught Nabiki's attention though were the large pointed ears that the girl
possessed. As the 'girl' removed her cloak two large white wings were also now
visible. A sight which caused Nabiki to step back.

"Deelit???", Nabiki asked.

"Sigh, I wish people who stop calling me that. Stupid anime show.", the girl

"Sorry, I.....", Nabiki tried to say.

"There is no need to apologize. If anything it is I who must apologize to
you. After all I was the one who planted the suggestion in your mind that
caused you to visit this place.", the girl said.

"Why did you do that?", Nabiki asked, gradually overcoming her fear at
what was going on.

"To grant your wish of course.", the girl said.

"My wish?", Nabiki asked confused.

"You wished to have someone who was there for you. This could be interpreted
as someone who you could love and they could love you in return. A rather noble
wish actually, and the kind in which Kami-sama enjoys granting.", the girl said
as Nabiki fell over.


"Now there is no need to overreact.", the girl said.

"Why grant my wish. I have hardly been a good person at times.", Nabiki
said in all honesty, much to her shock.

"Because there is someone out there who needs you as much as you need
him. He will be that 'special someone just for you' and you will be that
'special someone just for him'. He will arrive here in a few days. Your sister
Kasumi is seeing to that.", the girl said with a growing smirk on her face as she
watched Nabiki's eye's go wide at the mention of Kasumi's name.

"Kasumi is alive?", Nabiki asked.

"Yes she is, and she is unharmed. I can not say anymore than that. It is
not my place. Besides it would spoil the surprise when she returns.", the girl

"You can not tell me your name?", Nabiki asked.

"I can not tell you my real name yet. For now, you may call me
'Ko-chan' if you wish.", the girl said to Nabiki.

Nabiki pouted.

"Now none of that, we have to get you home. Girls your age shouldn't
be out alone at this hour.", the girl said as she reached out to Nabiki
and pulled her close.

Nabiki, at first, was going to pull away, but being near the strange
girl or whatever she was, made her feel safe.

The two girls walked a short distance where a beam of moonlight broke
through the trees. Upon touching the beam both disappeared from sight.

They reappeared outside the Tendo dojo a few seconds later. The girl
that Nabiki now half suspected was some sort of angel of goddess hugged
her briefly then disappeared, leaving Nabiki with a warm feeling all over.
She wasn't sure why, but she now believed that Kasumi would return to her
family and would be bringing someone with her.

Nabiki entered the gate to her home and closed it as quietly as she
could. Approaching the house, she noticed that the lights were on and that
a few voices were speaking excitedly inside. Nabiki briefly entertained the
fantasy of jumping into her window, thereby avoiding the excitement inside,
but since she wasn't exactly a martial artist, that wasn't an option.

"I wonder if I could convince Ranma to teach me that trick one of these
days.", Nabiki thought to herself.

Nabiki entered the house and saw that her father and Akane were up and
talking to Genma and Nodoka Saotome, with Shampoo standing off to the side
talking to a girl with long pink hair. For some reason that girl reminded
Nabiki of a cat, but she wasn't sure why.

Nabiki found herself yawning, which attracted the attention of
everyone else.

"Waaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh, my daughter isn't dead!", Soun exclaimed as
he leapt toward Nabiki.

Nabiki braced herself for impact, but was surprised when her father
seemed to strike something a foot in front of her. He hit with a soft
'thump' and slid down to the floor, looking somewhat dazed. It was then, that
Nabiki noticed something glowing a soft green on her chest. Looking down she
noticed that that it was a pin in the shape of a green rose, exactly like the
one she had in her hand when she was at the cemetery.

"Nabiki where were you? Are you all right? What just happened to
daddy?", Akane asked

"I'm fine. Why is everyone here?", Nabiki asked in a shy quiet voice,
which seemed out of character for her.

"I woke up earlier and saw that your room was empty. I thought something
had happened to you. Daddy called everyone here to look for you. We were hoping
that your were not kidnapped by that demon like Kasumi was.", Akane said.

Nabiki went up to her obviously distraught sister and hugged her, while
pushing some of the hair out of her face.

"I am sorry I worried you, I just had to get out for a while.", Nabiki
said, hoping that everyone would 'buy' her story.

Shampoo was the first to notice the pin that Nabiki was wearing, and
the fact that it was glowing slightly.

"Where Nabiki get magic item?", Shampoo said as everyone looked
directly at Nabiki.

Genma, seeing the item and realizing that it might be valuable, tried
to grab it. He met the same fate as Soun, except that his hand was now badly
burned as well.

"Bad man try and take something that no belong to him, get what he
deserve.", Nabiki heard the girl in the pink hair say.

"Nabiki-chan, I realize that your sister's disappearance has been hard on
you, but you shouldn't just wander off with out telling anyone, especially at
night. Now are you going to tell us where you went.", Nodoka asked.

"Well lets see. I wandered off into a graveyard in a trace. Met some
sort of angel who told me that Kasumi was alright. Then after we finished
talking, she teleported me back her.... Hmmm... Nope definitely can't say
that.", Nabiki thought to herself.

"I went to visit someone close to me.", Nabiki said, not realizing
how that might sound to the others.

"Oh sounds, like Nabiki went to see secret lover. Shampoo impressed, not
know mercenary girl had it in her.", Shampoo said as Nabiki looked stunned.

"That's not true is it daughter?", Soun asked while getting up from the

"No it's not. Our relationship is not like that.", Nabiki said and sighed
as she realized how that sounded. "This isn't my night", Nabiki mumbled.

"Did this 'friend' give that pin?", Nodoka asked while wondering why
Nabiki was so nervous. After all any girl should be thrilled to have someone
give her such as gift. He obviously cared deeply for her.

"Yes, it was a present from 'him'. Now if you don't mind it's been a
tiring night, and I would like to go back to bed now.", Nabiki said.

"Nabiki tired after long night with friend?", Shampoo snickered.

Nabiki didn't answer. She just walked up the stairs to her room,
locking the door behind her and tried to make sense of what she had just
gone through.

Soun thanked everyone for trying to search for Nabiki. After
everyone left Akane and Soun tried to get Nabiki to open her door so
that they could speak to her, but she refused to even answer them. They gave
up after a half an hour of trying and went back to their rooms for the

Nabiki could not sleep well that night. She kept playing her experiences
at what had just happened over and over. She had halfway convinced herself that
what she had experienced was just a dream. The glowing pin, attached to her
nightshirt, disproved that theory though. She really should take the pin off, but
somehow she felt safer with it in. She felt that it was protecting her from
something. What that 'thing' was though she did not know.

When she did fall asleep Nabiki found herself drifting through the air,
while all sorts of strange images floated by. She saw two women, one slightly
older than the other. The eldest appeared to be in her mid 20s with long red
hair, with a trace of silver in it. The woman had bright blue eyes and was
wearing some sort of bright silver armor. The younger of the two had long
blond hair and green eyes. She wore a suit of armor very similar to the
first woman. Both woman also had large wings the older woman's being pure
white, while the younger woman's had black and white feathers in them.

There was a bright flash, and Nabiki now found herself in a western
style home. Two people were sitting on a couch. The two people were her
sister Kasumi and her mother!?! Nabiki tried to move towards them, but
couldn't. She yelled out to them, but they could not hear her. Nabiki's lip
began to tremble and her vision blurred. She wanted to talk to her mother, to
tell her how much she missed her and wanted to, if for only an instant, be
held close to her.

There was another flash and Nabiki now found herself back in Tokyo, but
it was a part that she did not recognize. She felt herself drawn towards a
small alley way. From inside she could here what sounded like someone crying.
Looking closer she saw someone with long red hair curled into a tight ball,
lying on the ground and shaking. Nabiki found herself walking towards the
individual and trying to lift him or her off the ground. As the figure
uncurled, Nabiki was surprised by what she saw.

Nabiki saw a boy about 12 years old with long red hair and bright blue
eyes. He was covered with a light layer of orange fur, with black stripes
around his large ears and tail!?!

"A catboy?", Nabiki whispered.

"You are not going to hurt me are you?", the catboy asked with such
a sad and fearful look on his face, that Nabiki could barely look at him.

"I won't hurt you, I promise.", Nabiki said in a calm voice, trying
to comfort the strange boy in front of her.

The boy seemed to relax and little and stretch out. Nabiki noticed how
thin the boy appeared to be and what poor condition his clothes were in.

"What is your name? Why are you hiding in this alley?", Nabiki said.

"My name is Ranko, and I have to keep hiding or 'she' will find me.",
Ranko said with fear evident in his voice.

"Who is this girl?", Nabiki asked.

"I don't know her name. All I know is that she wants to hurt me. She
thinks that I am some sort of thief and a demon.", Ranko said.

"Why would she think that?", Nabiki asked Ranko

"This morning while looking for food, I smelled something wonderful
coming from behind a large wall surrounding a house. I looked over the wall
and saw all sorts of food sitting on a table near an open door to the house. I
climbed the wall and tried to sneak into the house to get some of the food. I
know it was wrong, but I hadn't eaten anything in three days. I didn't want to
steal, but every time I tried to ask someone for food, since I came to this
city, people always ran away from me or chased me and tried to hurt me.",
Ranko said sadly.

Nabiki reached out towards Ranko and stroked him behind his ears. Ranko
froze at first, unaccustomed to anyone showing affection to him, but he began
to relax shortly there after.

"I take it someone saw you then and you fled the house?", Nabiki said
to Ranko.

"I was grabbing some of the food, when this older girl with short
black hair came down the stairs of the house. She saw me and screamed. I began
to back away, when I tripped on my tail. I fell to the ground. The next thing
I know I see a large hammer flying towards me. I tried to cover my face with
my arms but I was too slow. The hammer hit me on the head and knocked me end over
end. As I am trying to get up off the ground, the girl swings the hammer like
a golf club and I soon found myself flying in the air, heading for a drainage
ditch. I landed in the dirty water and then made my way to this alley,
hopefully where she would not look for me. I wasn't going to hurt anyone, I
was just hungry. Why did she have to hurt me?", Ranko said as he began to cry.

Nabiki pulled the boy into her lap and hugged him close, trying to ignore
how bad he smelled at the moment.

"I know that this is just a dream, but I hope someday when I am older I can
meet someone as nice as you.", Ranko said as he licked Nabiki on the nose, who
giggled at the sensation.

"I am sure you will find someone, to love. Maybe I will too.", Nabiki said
as everything seemed to grow dark.

Nabiki yawned and tried to stretch out. She felt as if she were floating.
Hearing a giggle from behind her, she opened her eyes to find herself in the
furo and she was not alone. She was leaning back against a very familiar looking
catboy, except this time he appeared to be her own age, maybe a little older. It
took a moment for Nabiki to realize the situation she was in; naked in the furo
with an equally naked catboy, and for some strange she didn't seem to mind the
invasion of her privacy.

"I must still be dreaming.", Nabiki said as she yawned.

"It must be, I am not this old yet.", the catboy said.

"Still this is very nice, so I guess I shouldn't complain.", Nabiki
said as leaned back into Ranko's chest and sighed contentedly.

Ranko began to purr, causing Nabiki to relax and quickly fall 'asleep'
and her nice fuzzy 'pillow'.


Nabiki sat up on her bed with a gasp. She looked over at the clock near
her. She had to get up in fifteen minutes so that she would not be late for
school. She tried to clear her head of that strange dream. It seemed so real

"Sigh, I really am getting to be quite pathetic. I am dreaming about
cat people now, since I can't find anyone to be with. He sure seemed like
he needed to be with someone, almost like that 'angel' said. Oh dear. Was
it a dream, and if it was, why did that catboy look so much like Ranma?",
Nabiki thought to herself as her alarm clock began to ring shortly
there after.

Nabiki made her way downstairs to see when breakfast would be ready.
She got about halfway down the stairs when she realized that Kasumi was still
not with them. Sighing, she made her way into the kitchen to see if she could
make anything using her very limited skills.

"At least Akane doesn't have school now, or she might be up trying
to cook for everyone.", Nabiki thought as she shivered slightly.


It had been three days since Kasumi's disappearance. Akane spent most
of her time away from home, visiting Akari at her aunt's house. Soun was
still alternating crying, then cursing Ranma for not protecting Kasumi from
harm. His constant whining was starting to get to Nabiki. She very tempted to
walk up to father and shake him senseless. She still had hope that her sister
would return. The pin, that she was now wearing constantly was proof that she
was not suffering from some delusion.

Overall the whole district seemed quite calm though, as if they were
expecting something to happen. There was one being who was not calm and that
was a certain little 'pervert demon' by the name of Happosai. He had spent
three days hiding under the dojo in his 'room' hoping that his pursuers had
given up on him. He needed to recharge his ki now and could not wait any longer.
He snuck out of his hiding place carefully and made his escape from the dojo
unnoticed, at least to those living there at the moment.

In her room at the temple, Urd's tracking device began to beep causing
the goddess to smile. She exited her room to look for Mara, who turns out was
engaging in one of favorite activities, namely teasing Urd's sister Skuld.

Urd found Mara outside the temple, floating about 20 feet off the ground
and laughing hysterically. Skuld was present sitting on the ground, covered
in what like about 40 yards of 'silly string' Banpei, was next to her equally
covered in the stuff.

"Do I want to know what happened?", Urd asked no one in particular.

"Its' her fault, I was upgrading Banpei's weapon systems, when she
showed up causing Banpei to activate and fire off his new weapon.", Skuld
stated while to 'ungunk' herself.

"Next time don't stand in the way of your own weapon.", Mara
snickered at Skuld.

"Well I'm sure Belldandy will help you free yourself. Mara and I
though have to leave now to capture a certain demon.", Urd said.

"It's taking you long enough. Maybe you should asked Belldandy
for help if you can't handle it.", Skuld said in a patronizing
tone of voice.

Not bothering to reply, Urd and Mara left shortly there after to
find out where the little demon Xverfm (Happosai), was heading to.

Over the past couple of days Happosai had overheard bits of
conversation from those in the house, about what Ranma was intending to
do with Ms. Hinako. Well no cure could be allowed to happen of course,
especially since it took him so long to plan out his vengeance against
Urd's family. Ranma certainly was no challenge to his plans, Happosai in all
his arrogance, thought.

Happosai made his way to Dr. Tofu's clinic and stopped outside the
back window to the clinic. Looking through the open window he saw Ranma
and Ms. Hinako laying next to each other, with some sort of energy field
moving around them.

"Hmmmm, white magic. This could disruptive to my plans.", Happosai
thought as he began to climb in the window ,but was blown back by some
force. Looking up at the window, he could now see glowing symbols, carved
into the walls.

"Demon wards? Who would put those there and why?", Happosai thought as
he picked himself off the ground.

He was going to try and force his way through the wards when he was

"What are you doing here Happy? Haven't you caused enough trouble
lately?", Happosai heard a voice say.

"Why Cologne-chan what brings you here.", Happosai in a sickenly
sweet manner.

"I am very disappointed in you Happy. Even as perverted as you are, I
had hoped that you at least had some honor left in you, but your attack on
those school girls proves otherwise. You will leave here and never return.",
Cologne ordered Happosai.

"Suppose I choose to stay.", Happosai smirked.

"Then I will have no choice but to kill you, assuming someone else
doesn't do it first.", Cologne hissed.

Happosai did not answer. Instead he pulled out a silver dagger, with
a sickly green glow emanating from it. Cologne seeing the weapon, deflected
it with her staff and leapt off to the side.

"A poisoned dagger. My opinion of you grows even less Happy.", Cologne
says as she strikes Happosai across the chest with her staff, causing him to
fall back.

"You forget Cologne-chan, I did name my school 'anything goes' after
all.", Happy said while striking out with the dagger once more.

Cologne again deflected the strike and lashed out with a kick, sending
the little pervert crashing into a roof across the street.

Happosai leapt off the roof towards Cologne, when he was blinded by
a bright light and then found himself laying in a crater in the street, limbs
spasming from the amount of electricity still flowing through them.

"Surrender Xverfm and your death will be a quick one.", a menacing voice
spoke out.

Happosai, looked up in terror to see Urd and that demoness that he had
fled from earlier now hovering over him.

Urd pulled out a large black sword and swung it towards Happosai, who
managed to roll out of the way, almost. A shriek echoed throughout the air as
Happosai's left arm, was removed from the rest of his body. The amount of pain
and blood loss, green by the way, cause Happosai to drop his human form, and
return to that of an imp.

Cologne looked on in shock as she saw the change take place. Happosai
admittedly almost acted like a demon at time, but to find out that he
actually was one was definitely a surprise.

Happosai managed to stagger to his feet and leapt into the air, wings
unfolding in an attempt to get away. He made it as far as the Tendo dojo, when
a portal opened in front of him and two beings stepped through, both of which
looked at his demon form in anger.

One of the beings was a young woman, no older than 18, with long red
hair, with silver streaks in it. On her back her two large white and black
wings. The glowing marks on her cheeks and forehead clearly identified what
she was. A glowing black sword, identical to the one Urd was holding, was
held in her right hand.

"A daemon?", Happosai said in shock.

Next to the woman a young man of about 19 stood. He had long red hair
down to his waist and he was covered in light yellow fur with two blacked
striped cats ears on the top of his head. A long black and yellow striped
tail was swishing behind him.

"Ranko you know what to do.", the woman said as Happosai tried to bank
away from them.

Four blue glowing claws appeared on Ranko's right hand. A quick swiping
motion from that hand removed one of Xverfm's wings, causing him to spiral
into the ground.

"Hild sends her regards.", the woman said as several bluish white
energy bolts shot forth from her hands, blowing the demon backwards, and
causing him to end up at the feet of a very annoyed Urd.

Urd and Mara looked briefly at the unknown daemon, before Urd rams
her sword right through the center of Xverfm's chest causing a scream that
shatters several of the windows on the street around them.

The front gate to the dojo slams open and out rushes Soun and Genma,
who then stop dead in their tracks at the seen in front of them.

"Rot in hell Happosai.", Urd growls as she yanks the sword from the now
smoking form of the little demon.

As the smoke continues to rise, Mara pulls out an amulet and the smoke
is drawn into it.

"You are not getting away that easily, little demon.", Mara smirks.

"Elder sister Katrina, are we finally home now.", the catboy asks the
woman next to her in a formal English accent.

"Yes, Ranko, we are home now. Xverfm's presence proves that.", Katrina
said as she scratches the catboy behind the ears, who purrs loudly in return.

"That.....that was the master?", Soun squeaked out.

"That was the demon Xverfm, also knows as Happosai.", Katrina said.

In an instant Genma and Soun were on the ground next to Mara and Urd
bowing and thanking the two women for what they had just done. Urd seemed
disgusted by how the two men were acting, Mara simply seemed amused.

"So I take it you knew the little demon?", Mara asked the two men.

"He was horrible. I can't even begin to describe what Genma and I have
been put through all these years, by him. All in the guise of 'martial-arts
training.", Soun said, while crying tears of joy.

"You should have been more careful in your choice of 'masters' Choosing
one whose style is based on the seven deadly sins is asking for trouble, Soun
Tendo.", Urd said to Soun.

"How do you know who I am and of the master's style.", Soun asked.

"Now that is a long story. To be brief, lets just say, that I knew one
of your ancestors, and the problems both he and those near him suffered
because of that demon, including several people whom I was quite close to.",
Urd said with a sigh.

Genma and Soun seemed satisfied with that answer and moved away as Mara
and Urd went over to see who the Daemon, that help them, was.

As they approached, Katrina bowed to them and said, "Greetings
Urd-san, Mara-san, it is a pleasure to finally meet you. Hild-sama and
Lilith-sama have told me so much about you.

"Um, thank you for the compliment, but who are you.", Mara said, quite
unused to having anyone pleased to see her.

"Oh my! I haven't given you my name yet, how terribly rude. My name is
Katrina Saotome, Daemon second class unlimited, of nature and fertility.",
Katrina said to Mara and Urd.

"Saotome? Is she related to you old friend?", Soun whispered to Genma.

"Not that I am aware of.", Genma whispered back.

"And who is that?", Urd said as she pointed to Ranko, still unsure of
what to make of the Daemon and her 'pet'?

Katrina was about to answer that question but was interrupted by Nabiki
as she walked out of the gate past the two fathers.

"Ranko.... It's you. It wasn't a dream.", Nabiki said nervously.

"It's been a while Nabiki-chan. Well for me at least. I am glad to
finally meet you.", Ranko said while smiling warmly at Nabiki

"My special someone?", Nabiki whispers.

Ranko nods.

"I thought I was going crazy, that my loneliness had finally gotten to me,
when I 'dreamed' about you.", Nabiki said as she reached out held Ranko's hand.

"You are not crazy Nabiki-chan. Many people, up in Asgard, including your
mother, felt your loneliness and heard your plea. That is why we are together
now. I realize that we hardly know each other, and I am probably a 'little'
different from most of the boys that you know, but I would like to get to know
you better, and even stay here with you if that is alright. What do you say
Nabiki-chan?", Ranko asks Nabiki, who gives her response in a surprisingly
amazon fashion.


Everyone stares as Nabiki has her arms wrapped tightly about the catboy
and plants a deep kiss right on his lips.

"I take it you want me to stay then.", Ranko snickers.

"Damn, the girl works fast. Have to admire that.", Mara snickers.

Nabiki reluctantly ends the kiss and looks at Katrina.

"If he is Ranko then you are.....", Nabiki tries to say.

"Yes, Nabiki-chan its me.", Katrina says.


"Hmmm, she goes both ways, got to admire that as well.", Mara again
snickers as everyone watches Nabiki kiss the daemon lightly on the cheek
and hug her tightly.

"You know you are starting to sound like your mother.", Urd teased Mara.

"How can you say something so cruel.", Mara gasped with a horrified
expression on her face.

Urd noticed Mara begin to pout and couldn't help but giggle. Teasing
each other was so much more fun than fighting all the time Urd thought.


Soun, seeing these two strange beings obviously taking advantage of his
little girl, goes into outraged father mode.

"How dare you try and molest my little girl.", Soun yells as he uses
his demon head attack. Too bad the only one who seemed to be affected
by it was Genma.

"Ranma was right, that is a rather pathetic attack.", Katrina says as
she 'pops' the demon head with a small chi bolt.

"How do you know Ranma, who are you?", Soun says.

"As I said my name is Katrina Saotome, at least that is what most people
know me by.", Katrina giggles.

"What do you mean. If that isn't your really name, what is it.", Soun
said, showing some courage for once.

"Why father don't you recognize your eldest daughter.", Katrina said
as everyone now stares at her.

"Wha...wha...What did you say?", Soun says in shock.

Katrina's form begins to blur and shrink in on itself. Everyone is shocked
to now see a young woman of 18 with chestnut brown hair, large chocolate brown
eyes and a mischievous smile in front of them.

"Kasumi?!?", several people say at once.

"Hello everyone I am home.", Kasumi says then giggles at the sight of
so many people face faulting in front of her.

"I bet there is an interesting story behind this.", Urd whispers
to Mara.

"There probably is. Do me a favor and find out what it is. You can tell
me when I come back after delivering 'this' to Hild.", Mara said to Urd as she
held up the amulet containing Xverfm's spirit before teleporting away.


Kasumi led everyone inside, since an audience was beginning to form
outside the dojo wall, curious as to what was going on this time with the
'strange' people that lived there. Urd joined them at Soun's insistence,
especially when he offered free rice wine to the goddess.

Nodoka and Akane were waiting inside for everyone, having been told
earlier to wait there by Soun and Genma when the explosions were going off
outside the dojo. They were somewhat surprised to see Soun and Genma walk in
with a young woman, who looked like a cover model, (Urd), and very surprised to
see Nabiki walking in holding the hands of well.....something. When Kasumi
finally entered they almost tripped over each other, rushing to see how she

Ranko took one look at Akane and began to grow and hiss.

"Oh dear I almost forgot about that. Now Ranko remember what we talked
about, she is not the same Akane, who hurt you.", Kasumi said hoping the
catboy would make it necessary for her to resurrect her sister.

Ranko still eyed Akane warily, but relaxed somewhat as Nabiki began to
scratch him behind the ears.

"What do you mean I hurt him. I have never seem him before.", Akane
asked in confusion.

"That will take some time to explain. I will tell everyone later about
how I met Ranko alright", Kasumi said.

Looking away from Ranko Akane realized that Urd looked familiar and
almost shivered when she realized where she had seen Urd before.

"She looks like one of the demons that attacked the school.", Akane said
while pointing to Urd.

"Don't be silly Akane, Urd is a goddess, not a demon.", Kasumi said as if
that revelation didn't mean a thing in the world.

"A what?!?", Akane exclaimed.

"A goddess silly.", Kasumi giggled.

"And she helped finally kill the master.", Soun and Genma said in glee
while serving Urd more rice wine.

"Well I didn't do it alone, Katri..., I mean Kasumi helped as well.", Urd
said in all modesty as Akane and Nodoka stared at Kasumi.

"Now that is impressive and quite surprise as well.", Cologne said,
finally making her way to the dojo, after making sure Ranma was safe in Dr.
Tofu's hands.

As she approached Kasumi, she was practically blown over by Kasumi's

"You have changed Miss Tendo.", Cologne said as she next noticed
Ranko next to Nabiki.

"Who do we have here. I would be tempted to almost mistake you for
Ranma if I had not just left the boy.

"This is Ranko, he and I met halfway through my 'journeys'. Kasumi
said cryptically.

"But, Kasumi-chan, you have only been gone three days. How could you
have changed so quickly.", Nodoka said while trying to make some sense of
what was going on

"To all of you I have only been gone a few days, but I have actually
been gone for over ten years, half of which I have traveling with and raising
Ranko the best that I could. Now before I answer any of your questions, could
someone tell me how Ranma is doing. He and Ms. Hinako should still be
undergoing their treatment if I remember correctly.", Kasumi said.

"He and Ms. Hinako are doing quite fine, and are still unconscious. They
will probably not awaken for another few days.", Cologne said.

"Good I would not have wanted to alarmed Ranma-chan with my
disappearance.", Kasumi sighed in relief, causing Cologne to arch an eyebrow.

"It seems son-in-law is picking up yet another admirer, something may have
to be done about that.", Cologne thought to herself.

"Don't even think about trying to harm her old woman.", Cologne heard a
voice in her head say. The source of the voice, much to her shock was a
goddess who briefly let her aura show as a means of backing up her statement.

"So daughter, where have you been. Everyone saw a woman, who looks just
like your friend here, kidnap you just three days ago. Someone had even filmed
it and it was broadcast on the news nation wide.", Soun said.

"I was not kidnapped father, I volunteered to go with Hild-sama.", Kasumi
said to Soun.

"Who is she, this Hild-sama.", Soun asked.

"She is the daughter of H-sama, the ruler of Niflheim, and a very nice
demoness once you get passed her rough exterior.", Kasumi said as everyone gaped
at that revelation.

"Mother, nice.... Heh, that's a good one.", Urd thought to herself.

"Why would you go with some old demon woman.", Akane said as Urd

"She said that I was needed. That I could help many people who needed if
I chose to go with her and well....", Kasumi trailed off.

"Was there something else Kasumi-chan. Helping people out is quite
honorable, but why would you let yourself be taken away, for ten years
as you said, when you could have helped people close by.", Nodoka asked.

"I can not answer that just yet, but I can say that the training I
underwent was necessary, and it did give me the chance to train under
my mother.", Kasumi said.

"So that part wasn't a dream either.", Nabiki thought to herself.

"You saw mommy?", Akane said as her lip began to tremble.

"Oh how my dear wife must miss me.", Soun said.

"Not exactly.", Kasumi snorted, much to everyone's surprise.

"What do you mean?", Soun asks, confused by what Kasumi had just

"Everyone I would like to speak to my sisters and father for a while.
Would you mind waiting out in the dojo until we are done.", Kasumi.

They all left the house quietly, except for Genma, who had to be
dragged out by Nodoka, and Ranko who seemed reluctant to leave Nabiki's
side. He had to be carried out by Urd, who was surprised how little the
catboy weighed.

When Kasumi was alone with her family she turned and glared at her
father, who shank back under her scrutiny.

"You have much to answer for father. How could you have lied to us all
these years.", Kasumi said.

"What do you mean Kasumi?", Soun asked.

"You said that you and mother were always happy together, that she liked
always staying home, you lied. Mother told me that she wasn't happy and that
you and she fought often.", Kasumi told her father.

"Daddy is that true?", Akane asked Soun.

Soun tried to answer but all that came out were incoherent sobs.

"I'd say that answers that question.", Nabiki said sarcastically.

Kasumi told her father and sisters the highlights of what Kimiko had
told Kasumi. After about an hour it was safe to say that none of his daughters
were very happy with Soun.

"So mother married for family honor?", Akane asked.

"Yes, she did Akane-chan, and although she was happy to have had all of us,
she wanted more out of life than just to be a housewife. I didn't even realize how
much my life was like hers until, I went away with Hild. Marrying just for honor,
turned out to be big mistake, you are lucky Akane-chan that Ranma and you were
not married. I don't think that you would have been happy with each other.", Kasumi
said as Akane looked down at the floor with a thoughtful expression on her face.

"Kasumi how can you say that.", Soun said almost in shock.

"I can say that father because mother, and the others that I have trained
under have told me that while honor is important at times, there are things that
are much more important.", Kasumi said as Soun fell over.

"Akane, I do not know how serious you are with Akari, or who you will end
up with in the future, but if you do marry, do so because you love and respect
your mate, not because of family honor. You will be much happier if you do.",
Kasumi said to Akane.

"You talk about not arranging for two people to be together, but you
have done the same thing to Nabiki, and worse, you expect her to be with some
sort of animal.", Soun accused Kasumi, who was considering some of her mother's
suggestions on how her father should be disciplined if he misbehaved.

"You will not call Ranko an animal.", her eyes flashing as she picked
her father off the ground with one arm.

Soun for his part began to shake in fear.

"I brought Ranko here because, somehow they met in their dreams. Now
maybe someone arranged that, I do not know, but I do not ever intend to force
them together. If they chose to become a couple, that would be great, but
if they chose not to, then that will be their decision. Ranko and Nabiki
would have no trouble finding someone else to love. Any boy would be
lucky to have such a sweet and intelligent girl as his wife.", Kasumi
said as Nabiki blushed, unused to such compliments.

"Now as for Ranko, Kami-sama, you would not believe the amount of girls
that, that boy attracted.", Kasumi said as Nabiki frowned, which Kasumi noticed.

"Now there in no need to pout Nabiki-chan, while he did date a few of
them, he never consummated a relationship. He wanted his first time to be
with you, if your relationship proceeds to that point.", Kasumi stated as
Nabiki's blush went from red to dark crimson.

"Nabiki and that animal, I forbid it. I will not have some half
human little monsters for grandchildren.", Soun said as Nabiki began
to sniffle.

Kasumi dropped her father back down to the ground in disgust.

"Well father you have made another one of your children cry. You
seem to be quite good at doing that, no wonder mother wants nothing more
to do with you. You abandon us for almost ten years, causing us to have
to raise ourselves, and you still have the audacity to try and run our
lives. YOU ARE A DISGRACE TO THIS FAMILY!", Kasumi yelled out causing
the house and dojo to shake as her aura flared out.

"Kasumi please calm down you are scaring us.", Akane said, while
hiding behind Nabiki.

Kasumi realizing that she perhaps overreacting a little pulled in
her aura and tried to relax.

"I am sorry Akane, Nabiki, I guess I must have inherited some of mother's
temper. She could be quite scary at times when we were training. I am sure
father remembers what mother was like when she was displeased.", Kasumi said
as Soun paled.


Out in the dojo everyone was surprised as the ground briefly shook that

"Hmmmm, elder sister Kasumi is becoming quite angry. Whoever is responsible
had better watch themselves.", Ranko said as he felt Kasumi's aura expand, then
quickly collapse back into itself.

"How could that girl have become so powerful?", Cologne thought
out loud, while also feeling the strength of Kasumi's aura.

"Her aura seems about the right strength for a daemon of her class.", Urd
smirked as Cologne and Nodoka turned to look at her.

"Could you please explain what you mean, honored one.", Cologne asked as
nicely as she could.

"Oh, that is right you had not yet arrived when Kasumi announced herself.
Now mind you I have not met her before today, but she announced herself as
being Katrina Saotome daemon second class unlimited of nature and fertility.
A daemon of course being one who is half goddess and half demon. How she became
a daemon, and why she chose that particular name I do not know though.",
Urd said.

Cologne almost fell off her staff at this revelation and Nodoka was now
off in her own little fantasy world, imagining what have a goddess for a
daughter-in-law would be like, not to mention how manly and womanly her
grandchildren would be.

Genma began to back away from his wife as she got 'that look' in her
eyes. He was not sure what his wife was planning, but whatever it was, it
would be far safer to view from a distance.

A few minutes after the shaking stopped, the door to the dojo opened
and Kasumi invited everyone back into the house. Ranko bounced into the house
and sat down next to Nabiki, constantly 'stealing' glances every few seconds
much to everyone's amusement and Nabiki's embarrassment.

Genma noticed that Soun was more of a blubbering wreck than usual and
went over to see what was wrong.

"Oh Saotome it is horrible...Just horrible.... My own daughter thinks
that is a mistake for our families to marry because of honor... She even....
She even said.......that there are more important things in life than honor.",
Soun wailed.

"And the problem with that is.....", Urd trailed off wondering what the
whining little man's problem was with his daemonic daughter saying something
so obvious.

Cologne was tempted to argue the point with the goddess, but doing
things such as that tended to shorten one's lifespan if the old legends
were true. This goddess seemed to be rather polite, but it pays not to
take chances when in the presence of a being who flatten your whole
village without much effort. Beside Cologne didn't get be over
300 years old by taking foolish chances.

Genma was about to say something, but he remembered what happened
last time he did something that Kasumi did not approve of, and she wasn't
even one of the daemon things yet.

Kasumi looked over everyone who seemed to either shocked or annoyed
at what her father had just said about her, and quite frankly she did not
even care. She had spent ten long years taking care of her family, being
the good little girl and substitute mother, but that ended when she was
blessed, yes that was it, blessed by Hild for talking her away and allowing
Kasumi to meet her mother and travel through the multiverse. Those ten years
had really opened her eyes about many things, including how honor could be
used against someone. Ranma was living proof of that. She only wished that she
could have realized that sooner.

"Aunty was there something that you wanted to say?", Kasumi asked her
'dumb blond' voice, as she noticed the woman fighting the urge to say

"I am very disappointed in you Kasumi. Out of all of Soun's daughters I
thought you best knew what your place in life was. What your responsibilities
to your family are, and to follow the path of honor laid out by your elders.",
Nodoka said.

"Hmmm, somebody get out a shovel its getting deep in her.", Urd mumbled,
actually causing Cologne to snicker.

"My place in life!?! I am not some servant or slave to order around. I
have spent ten years of my life trying to support my family in the best way
that I could, but did anyone appreciate it? Of course not. It was expected of
me to be a 'good little girl', no matter what I wanted. Now as for honor, you
have no right to judge me, considering just how twisted your sense of honor.",
Kasumi growled, causing Genma to pray that the nice new goddess wouldn't
deep fry his wife.

"What are you saying?", Nodoka asked, while unconsciously pulling her
sword closer, much to Kasumi's amusement.

"Why what else would you call a woman who chases her husband away for
ten years, and threatens to kill her only child because he doesn't meet
her warped beliefs about being a man amongst men.", Kasumi said angrily.

"She must be joking about that.", Urd accidentally says out loud.

"I wish that were so. It seems that 'aunty' wanted her son to be almost
as big of a pervert as Happosai was. She considers that to be manly.", Kasumi
said to Urd.

"She sounds worse than Hiroki-chan's mother was.", Urd thought to herself.

"So you are saying that Ranma is an abused child?", Urd asked Kasumi.

"Yes he is.", Kasumi sighed sadly.

"I never abused Ranma!", Nodoka shouted.

"You abandoned him to Genma's care, who treated him in such a fashion that
I seriously doubt a word exists that explains on how he treated Ranma. He should
be put in prison for the rest of him life, just for the neko-ken training
alone. The saddest thing about that though, is Ranma would have gone through
any torture or abuse if knew that it would please you. For whatever reason
he loves both you and Genma. It's a shame that you do not know how to return
that love to him.", Kasumi said to Nodoka.

"He used that demonic torture on his own son.", Urd said in shock.

"It was a martial arts technique not torture. It's not my fault the boy
was too weak to learn it properly.", Genma said foolishly as he found himself
thrown head first into the pond by Kasumi.

"It was a torture technique develop by a now, thankfully dead, demon
lord. He used it to torture humans for his own amusement, several thousand
years ago, when demons were allowed to freely roam this world.", Urd said.

"I'm very tempted to take Ranma-chan up to Asgard, when he is done
healing Ms. Hinako, for training and his own protection. At the very least
he will be treated far more kindly there, than he has here. But I will
leave such a decision up to him. After all it is about time he starts to
live his own life and not let others live it for him.", Kasumi said.

"You would take my own son away from me.", Nodoka said in shock.

"If that is what is takes to ensure him living a happy life, then I
would certainly do so.", Kasumi said as Nodoka seemed to grow more upset.

"Perhaps we should talk about this later, when everyone has had time
to calm down. I'm sure it has been quite a shock for many here to suddenly
have Kasumi and I show up, not to mention the appearance of Urd-san and the
death of that disgusting little demon.", Ranko said.

"I must agree with the catboy. Everyone's emotions are running too high at
the moment for us to discuss Ranma's life rationally, besides it would be rude
of us to stay any longer and deny Kasumi the chance to get reacquainted with
her family.", Cologne said both impressed and confused by how mature the
catboy was acting. From what little experience she had with the Musk, most
cat-human hybrids tended to be rather impulsive and immature. She did find
the English accent rather amusing though. It actually seemed to fit considering
who the catboy seemed rather fond of at the moment.

On the other hand, considering how he was now rolling on his back, with
Nabiki rubbing his stomach, proved that he still had some cat like impulses
in him, Cologne thought as she left the house.

"Well Mrs. Saotome I guess that you and your husband will be leaving now.
Thank you for stopping by. We will speak again some time.", Kasumi said in a
polite but strained fashion.

Nodoka realizing that she was being dismissed walked out in a dignified
fashion, while fuming about how she had just been dismissed. Genma left a little
more quickly, glad that he was still in one piece and wondering if his wife
really understood what was going on.

"Well kids I'll be going as well. No doubt Kami-sama will want a report
on what had just happened.", Urd said while turning on the television and
stepping through, a feat which seemed to surprise Soun, Akane and Nabiki.

Having seem similar things before, Ranko just yawned, rolled over and put
his head down on Nabiki's lap for a short nap, much to the girl's embarrassment.

Akane went back up to her room. She needed to talk to Akari and tell her
about all the strange things that had just happened. She only hoped that her
girlfriend didn't think that she was crazy.

An hour later Nabiki was still on the floor, and wishing that her
boyfriend would at least roll over, her leg was falling asleep. Perhaps if she
could just twist her leg a little and give him a little push.

As Nabiki was trying to move Ranko he chose that moment to rollover on
his own and yawn widely. Nabiki's hand slipped and went right into Ranko's
mouth, who bit down on reflex.



Meanwhile Kasumi was examining the present condition of the kitchen.
While it was hardly up to her cleanliness standards at the moment, at least
it was obvious that Akane had not tried to cook while Kasumi was away.
Kasumi heard what she thought was a large cat meowing.

"How odd Ranko doesn't meow anymore.", Kasumi.

"Oh dear!", Kasumi heard Ranko say from the living room

"Yummy!!!", a female voice said from living room as well.

"Kasumi could please come here for a moment, a situation seems to have
arisen.", Ranko said, sounding a little panicked to Kasumi.

"You got that right big boy.", the female voice said.

"Now Nabiki, we shouldn't be doing this, especially in front of your
father.", Ranko said as Kasumi walked into the room and was treated to an
interesting sight.

Kasumi noticed that her darling young sister was now covered in light
cream color fur, with two little cream colored ears on the top of her head
and a large cream colored tail waving out excitedly behind her.

"Sigh I supposed I should have blocked that ability of his earlier,
oh well, no harm really done.", Kasumi thought to herself.


"Oh my!!", exclaimed Ranko

Kasumi reached down and pulled her half naked sister off of Ranko, who's
clothes were quite frankly in not much better shape.

"At least she kept her panties on.", Kasumi snickered.

A quite flustered Ranko got up off the floor, and looked at Kasumi with
a terribly guilty expression.

"Please accept my deepest apologies elder sister, I have no idea as how this
could have happened.", Ranko said.

"It's alright no harm was really done. Besides Nabiki-chan looks quite
cute like this don't you think?", Kasumi asked while grinning.

"Well she does look very beautiful.", Ranko said as he got a good view of
Nabiki. He did wish she had some clothes on at the moment though. He was having
quite a time suppressing the more feline side of his personality given
Nabiki's current state of undress.

Hearing Ranko's compliment gave Nabiki the sudden urge of motivation to
break free of Kasumi's grasp and leap towards Ranko. Ranko dodged, the attempted
glomp and took off out the back door with Nabiki right behind him.

"Tsk tsk, sister, you really shouldn't go out in public like that, but
then again Nabiki-chan always was a bit of an exhibitionist.", Kasumi
giggled out loud, before stepping outside, changing into her goddess form,
and flying off after the amorous Nabiki.

The only person left in the living room was Soun Tendo, who had somehow
taken on the appearance of a statue, complete with grey color, cracks and all.


Shampoo sighed as she rolled her bike back to the cafe. What a rotten
time to get a flat tire. Of course the whole day was not going to Shampoo's
liking. She wanted to get out of the cafe and make the deliveries. If she
was away, she wouldn't have to listen to that annoyingly perky new
waitress. Pink haired pest was even getting better tips than Shampoo. The only
saving grace about her working there was that Mousse actually seemed to be
taking an interest in the girl. Now if only her airen would wake up and take
her on their promised date everything would be alright.

"Now Nabiki-chan you really should try and control yourself.", Shampoo
heard as she looked at what she thought was a red haired cat boy.

"Come back here and let me glomp onto that beautiful body of yours.",
Shampoo also heard as she looks at an almost naked catgirl running by, who
looked a lot like Nabiki Tendo.

"Shampoo see cat people!", the confused amazon exclaimed as she began
to bang her head against a nearby light pole in an effort to get rid of
the strange hallucination.

"Now Nabiki-chan,(Snicker), you really shouldn't be doing that,
(Giggle), at least wait to you get back home, (Giggle).", Shampoo
heard someone say from above her!?!

Looking up she saw tall and very beautiful red haired woman fly
by with 2 large white and black wings on back.

"Shampoo going back to bed. Having to put with annoying perky
girl and stupid Mousse make Shampoo see things.", Shampoo said in
frustration as stormed back to the Cat Cafe.

Kasumi managed to swoop down and pick up her presently excited
sister and carry her off.

"Maybe if I squirted her off with hose she would behave.", Kasumi
thought as she flew off, unable to carry both Ranko and Nabiki in her

"Well at least I am safe now.", Ranko said as he slowed down and
leaned against a nearby wall for support.

Ranko was walking back to the dojo when he noticed a girl with long
pink hair come out of the rear entrance to a small cafe. She took one look at
Ranko and stopped in her traks and stared with a strange grin on her face. She
also appeared to be blushing for some reason.

"The poor girl might be ill. I should go and see if I can assist the
young lady.", Ranko thought to himself.

"Are you already miss? Is there anything I can do to help.", Ranko said
as he stepped up to the girl.

"You look like a cat.", the girl said quietly almost in awe.

"You noticed.", Ranko said as he grinned, causing the girl to blush
even more.

"I'm sorry I didn't mean to tease you. My name is Ranko.", the catboy
said to the pink haired girl.

"I'm Nuku Nuku.", the girl said as Ranko begin to wonder where all the
soft pink lighting and sakura pedals were coming form.

"Do you go to the school here.", Ranko asked.

"Nuku Nuku no go to school anymore. Poppa-san program all data that
Nuku Nuku need.", Nuku Nuku said.

"Program? I am sorry I do not understand what you talking about.",
Ranko said.

"Nuku Nuku is cyborg. Nuku Nuku used to be cat. Was almost killed but
poppa-san save Nuku Nuku. Now I work at cat cafe. Neat coincidence isn't it.",
the catgirl cyborg smiled.

"Hmm. catgirl cyborg.. Why not... I've seen stranger things.", Ranko
thought to himself.

"Perhaps I shall come dine their some night. Elder sister has told me of
some interesting stories about the amazon proprietors. For now I must get back
home. Good day Miss Nuku.", Ranko said as he began to roof hop back room
unaware of the stars now in Nuku Nuku's eyes.

"Elder sister, I have returned.", Ranko called out.

(Glomp) (Snuggle) (Purr)

"Oh good, I have been waiting for you.", Kasumi said as she smiled
noticing Nabiki holding on tightly to her new friend while playing with
his long hair.

Ranko scooped Nabiki off her feet and sat down on the couch with her
on his lap much to Nabiki's pleasure.

"Oh now don't look so put upon. She will regain her senses in just a few
hours. For now though let her enjoy her new form until her hormones
stabilize. Besides you two look so cute together like that.", Kasumi said as she
pulled a camera out of nowhere.

"As long as she doesn't try and rip my clothes off.", Ranko said
while trying to hold together his ripped shirt.

"Don't worry Ranko-chan. Remember, it did not take Minako long to come
to her senses when you bit her.", Kasumi said.

"Ah yes, Sailor Cheetah.", Ranko said with a pleasant sigh.

Nabiki looked a little annoyed at the mention of Minako.

"She was also the first girl you even kissed, if I remember right.",
Kasumi teased Ranko.

Nabiki made a low growling sound.

"Now, now Nabiki-chan no need to be jealous. Minako-chan is not even in
this dimension. Besides you do not want to treat Ranko like Akane used to
treat Ranma now do you?", Kasumi said as Nabiki looked ashamed and apologized
to Ranko by licking him on the face.

"Ranko not mad at Nabiki-chan?", Nabiki said somewhat shocked by how
much she sounded like Shampoo."

"I am not mad at you Nabiki-chan and don't worry about how you are
speaking. The same thing happened to Minako, it will wear off in about a
day or two. Admittedly though, you do sound rather cute like that.", Ranko
said as scratched Nabiki's ears, producing a purr that echoed around the

"Now I'll leave the two of you alone, but before I go I'll take care
of that transformation bite the both of you now have.", Kasumi said as a
purplish glow surrounds Nabiki and Ranko.

"There you go, now neither of you will be able to create any more
catboys or catgirls. Unless of course you both decide to have kittens
one day.", Kasumi snickered.

"Having kittens.", Nabiki says in a lusty voice.

"You have such a cruel sense of humor elder sister. I believe you spent
far too much time around your mother.", Ranko melodramatically said as
Kasumi walked off laughing.

"Ummm.....Could you tell Nabiki....I mean me about who Minako is?",
Nabiki said.

"Minako lived in the first world Kasumi and I visited after she rescued
me from my own world. I was twelve at the time and was basically a scared
child. Kasumi, and you, through our dream, were the first two humans to ever
treat me kindly. Minako would become the third.", Ranko said.

"Go on , miyyaaa", Nabiki said.

"We arrived in a large town, which we later found out to be
London, England, and were shocked to see a young girl, of about 12 or 13
fighting with some sort of weird female monsters. The girl was wearing
a torn schoolgirl uniform, at least that it what I guessed it was. Kasumi
stepped in front of the girl, and destroyed the creatures without any effort.
She then collapsed into Kasumi's arms and began to cry. It turns out that she
used to fight these monsters with two other people, but they had just been
killed the day before. The girl started to panic again when she saw me, but
Kasumi put the girl to sleep, picked her up and took her with us. Kami-sama
had arranged for us to have a small 'flat' in the area until our mission was
complete.", Ranko said as Nabiki looked at him in confusion.

"You sound like some sort of secret agents.", Nabiki said while
wondering if she now would be going on adventures with her hunky, (blush),

"More like divine troubleshooters of a sort.", Ranko said.

"Anyway we found out that we were there to help out Minako, in her
guise of Sailor V, until she met her fellow Sailors.", Ranko said.

"Sailor V? Miyaahhh, you mean like in the manga?", Nabiki replied.

"She was quite real in that world. You, and your sisters, and my analog
in this world, Ranma, were characters in a manga and in a TV series. Besides I
do believe that a few of the scouts might exist in this world, although I can
find no trace of Pluto-chan or the outer scouts though.", Ranko said as Nabiki
mouthed the words 'Pluto-chan' in annoyance.

"So how did she become a catgirl?", Nabiki asked.

"Kasumi and I were there for almost a year. In that time Minako and I
started to grow close. Neither of us had ever really had any close friends
and we were quite lonely. As we turned 13, we started to do the things most
13 year old couples do.", Ranko said as he blushed.

Nabiki's tail twitched.

"One night I let my emotions get the best of me and I bit her on the
neck, a very feline show of affection. I was surprised when I saw her change
for the first time. Kasumi had to pull her off of me. Fortunately we were
still both young and inexperienced, so even if Kasumi wasn't there, I don't
think that we would have consummated out relationship.", Ranko said.

"You eventually had to leave each other though?", Nabiki asked.

"Yes we did, towards the end of the year Minako had to leave for Japan.
Its turns out that her fellow Sailor's were there. I wish I knew how it all
turned out in the end. I wonder what the rest of the Sailor Scouts thought
of their furry fellow scout. Kasumi said that everything would be fine, but
I would have liked to have seen it for myself.", Ranko said with a sigh.

"I did make many other friends as Kasumi and I traveled, but she was my
first close friend, and first kiss. I guess I will always remember her for that.",
Ranko said wistfully.

"Now we are together though.", Nabiki said.

"Yes we are and that makes me quite joyful.", Ranko said as he and
Nabiki snuggled close to each other and purred.

The doorbell rang a few minutes later and running was heard from
upstairs. Akane leapt down the stairs in such a hurry that she did not even
notice her catlike sister snuggling with Ranko.

Akane yanked the door opened and smiled when Akari walked in.

"I'm glad you could come over.", Akane said.

"You sound so nervous over the phone Akane-chan. What's wrong?",
Akari said as she walked into the living room, but froze when she saw
Ranko and Neko Nabiki

"Um... Akane-chan who are they.", Akari said as she stared at the
two cat people in front of her.

Akane also stared, especially when she noticed that one of the cats
looked like her sister.

"What did you do to my sister, you pervert?", Akane's voice rang out
attracting Kasumi's attention as she laid on the roof, wondering when
a certain pig-tailed boy would be returning home.

Kasumi jump off the roof, flipping in midair to face the door to the
room and entered to see what all the noise was about.

Kasumi entered the room, saw Akane yelling at Ranko and looking at
Nabiki in shock.

"Akane I thought I told you to not insult Ranko.", Kasumi said.

"But he turned Nabiki into a monster like he is.", Akane yelled as
Ranko's ears went flat.

"Neither of them are monsters. If anything Nabiki-chan looks quite
lovely in her feline form and I know Ranko's form was quite popular with the
girls as we traveled.", Kasumi giggled as Nabiki looked at Ranko with an
eyebrow raised.

"If she wishes to changed back to her previous form I can do that for
her, if not then I do not see the problem.", Kasumi said in frustration.

"After all from the way that you are acting you would think that she
turns into a Chimera, like that Taro person, or maybe a little black pig.",
Kasumi said with an evil grin.

"You've changed. The Kasumi that I know would never think that something
like turning into an animal is normal. How can think that of something so
perverted.", Akane yelled in frustration.

"As you said Akane, I have changed. It has been over ten years since
I have seen you and in that time I have grown up. I am no longer the quiet
little repressed housewife I used to be, and I have no intention of ever
being like that again. Besides you have no right to call Ranko a pervert,
for it was not he who had sex with his girlfriend in the showers of the
girls locker room.", Kasumi yelled back as Akane recoiled from Kasumi's

"You made love to your girlfriend while you at your school? I say you
are a wee bit of a naughty lass aren't ye.", Ranko said, deliberately
overdoing his accent.

"Fine take their side for all I care, no one ever listens to me
anyway.", Akane said as she ran upstairs.

"Excuse me I should go see if Akane-chan is alright.", Akari said as
she ran after Akane.

"One of these days that girl is going to have to learn that the world
does not revolve around her wishes.", Kasumi said.

"Maybe you can send her to her mother for training?", Ranko said.

"No she is not ready for anything like that yet. Perhaps when Ranma
recovers I can convince him to gently start training Akane. Perhaps if he
begins to treat her more seriously in a sparing match, she will not be so
insecure about herself.", Kasumi said.

"You will also have to keep daddy from interfering.", Nabiki said
as she points over the still 'frozen' Soun.

"He will learn to accept you for who are as time goes by. For now
thought we have to find a room for Ranko to stay in. Any suggestions
Nabiki-chan?". Kasumi asked Nabiki.

"If you have a guest room, that would be adequate. After all I do not
believe that it would be proper for us to sleep together anymore, since we
now back at your ancestral home.", Ranko said.

"You slept together? I thought You said all you had done was kiss a
girl.", Nabiki sniffed.

"Perhaps I should have worded that better. What I meant to say was that
Kasumi and I had slept in the same bed together, all we did in the bed was
sleep. Kasumi and I traveled to many different places, many of which were
quite inhospitable to say the least. We slept together for mutual warmth, and
in case we were attacked, so that we could better defend ourselves. Both of
us were lonely at times, and being next to each other did help to alleviate
that loneliness, but there was never anything sexual about us sleeping
together. After I am saving myself for the woman I will eventually marry
one day.", Ranko said.

"Well You do not have to wait that long, as long as you love the
person that you want to be with I see nothing wrong with it.", Kasumi said
to Ranko As Nabiki stared at her.

"Miyyaaa, now that is something I would have never expected you to say
Kasumi.", Nabiki said, while growing a little frustrated at her feline
speech habits.

"I suppose I could blame mother for that. She is quite free spirited and
was constantly trying to get me to go out with various boys as I was training
with her. She said I needed the practice for when I finally would come home.",
Kasumi said as Nabiki tried to imagine her mother being so open with her
emotions, something most 'proper' Japanese women did not do.

"So does that mean it would be alright for Ranko to sleep in my room?",
Nabiki asked Kasumi with a blush on her face.

Kasumi was tempted to allow this, but with Nabiki's emotions and hormones
still out of balance perhaps it would be wiser to wait a few days.

"That will be fine eventually Nabiki-chan, but for now how about if
Ranko stays in that pervert's former room, since he will obviously not be
needing it anymore. The room will need to washed, if not completely
sterilized first, but it should be quite comfortable for Ranko to sleep
there after the room is cleaned.", Kasumi said to a somewhat disappointed

Soun came back to his sense a few hours later and tried to berate
and attack Ranko for what he had done to Nabiki. He was quite surprised
when Nabiki growled at him and threatened to bury him in a hole in the
backyard is he harmed her Ranko-chan.

Ranko could only shake his head and hope that Nabiki's feline
instincts would lesson over the next couple days like Minako-chan's did.

After Soun had quieted down both Ranko and Kasumi went into the
kitchen to prepare dinner. This surprised Nabiki somewhat. Her boyfriend
knew how to cook. This was a definite plus in her book. Nabiki wandered
into the kitchen a few minutes later.

"Kasumi-chan would it be acceptable for me to bathe before
supper. My fur tends to take quite a while to clean, and I would not
want to take up too much time if anyone wishes to use bathe later on.",
Ranko said.

"Need any help?", Nabiki asked while licking her lips.

"Now Nabiki, you are far too busy now to 'help' Ranko while he will be
in the furo.", Kasumi stated.

"Busy doing what?", Nabiki asked.

"Why helping me prepare dinner of course. If Ranko and you chose to live
together it is only fair that you share the daily chores equally, that includes
cooking the meals. Ranko is already quite a skilled chef, so it is only far
that learn to prepare meals as well.", Kasumi said to Nabiki.

"My skill at the culinary arts has only been achieved because of my
tutelage under a true artist.", Ranko said as he walked out of the kitchen,
leaving a smiling Kasumi behind him.

Ranko returned to the kitchen 45 minutes later, quite damp, and wearing
only a towel much to Nabiki's delight.

"Oh, I know what I am having for dinner.", Nabiki said as she tried to
glomp onto Ranko, but was held back by Kasumi.

"Elder sister I can not seem to find any of my clothes. Are they still
in storage.", Ranko said as he held the towel closed.

"Sorry about that Ranko-chan, I unpacked my things earlier, but forgot
to pull yours out of storage.", Kasumi said as she reached behind herself and
pulled a large suitcase out of nowhere.

"This should do for now. I'll retrieve the rest of your clothes and
equipment later on.", Kasumi said to Ranko, who then hurried out of the kitchen
before Nabiki started to chase after him again.

Dinner was a somewhat strained affair, with Soun refusing to even
acknowledge Ranko's or Akari's presence. Akane was doing her best to ignore
her now catlike sister and the 'perverted demon' that made her that way.

"Ranko I hoping that would accompany Nabiki to school tomorrow.", Kasumi

"Are you sure that is wise? It might be best to wait another day, until
she is more control of herself, otherwise I might have to spend most of the day
trying to stop her for chasing any butterfly or bird that she happens across.",
Ranko said.

"Oh butterflies!", Nabiki said in glee, before blushing at the way she was

"When did my family get so weird? Stupid cats.", Akane snorted as Nabiki
pulled down one eyelid and stuck her tongue at her.

"Now Akane that is not a very nice thing to say. Ranko has not caused one
problem since he arrived. That can not be said for most of the guests that
come here from time to time.", Kasumi said.

"He may not be a problem yet, but what happens when Ranma returns home and
finds two cat people living here?", Akane smirked.

"Yes, he does still have that silly fear of cats. I suppose I will have to
do something about that.", Kasumi said as she briefly thought about the ways that
Ranma could be helped to overcome his fear.

After dinner Akane took Akari out to the dojo. Now that they were together
her friend would more than likely encounter the crazy's that seemed to be
constantly annoying her family. Akari was very strong, stronger than she was, but
she was hopelessly clumsy whenever she tried to fight. Akane sighed as she watched
Akari attempt a high kick, and fall on her rear end as a result.

"Poor girl is so clumsy at times.", Akane thought, oblivious to how ironic
the thought was.

A little earlier Ranko noticed Soun glaring at Akari as she and Akane
left for the dojo. Although he was quite familiar with prejudice directed
towards him at times, he was having trouble understanding why one human
would be prejudiced against another. They were after all part of the same

"You really shouldn't be so hostile towards that young lady. Your daughter
seems quite taken with her. Treating Akari so poorly will only strain the
relationship between your daughter and yourself. It would not be the first time
I would witness a family breaking apart because of a romance.", Ranko said as
he noticed Soun's expression darken.

"I would hardly expect something like you to understand by daughter's
dishonorable behavior. She should not be acting so towards another woman.",
Soun said.

In my experience honor is a funny thing. Unlike laws, what honor
is happens to vary from one person's opinion to another. Just because you
believe or do not believe that something is honorable, does not make it
so necessarily so. As for what Akane or Nabiki should be doing, well that is
mainly up to them. In my experience being raised by Kasumi all a parent
or older sister, in her case, can do is try to raise another the best that
they can do. You should not be surprised that your children have different
outlooks on life than you do. They are not machines after all. You can not
simply program to do what you want, well at least not on this world anyway.",
Ranko said to Soun.

"They should still be willing to follow tradition.", Soun said,
wondering why he was even bothering to talk to the impertinent catboy.

"Traditions can provide some structure to a society, but too much
structure can cause a society to never reach its full potential, just as
a society with too little can. The problem is finding out how to balance
the two in order to create a stable equilibrium between the two
extremes wouldn't you say.", Ranko replied to Soun.

Soun was growing quite tired arguing with the boy. It was bad
enough that the boy was quite smart and well educated, but that
aristocratic haughtiness that the boy showed reminded Soun far too much
of his grandfather for his liking.

Ranko had to end his discussion prematurely to retrieve Nabiki, who
was in the process of trying to swipe at the koi in pond in the backyard.

"I wasn't going to hurt them. I was just playing.", Nabiki pouted as
she followed Ranko back into the house.

"I know Nabiki-chan, but your sister thinks the koi are traumatized
enough as it is when Ranma and his father fall in the pond.", Ranko said.

"Are you mad at me?", Nabiki asked.

"How could I stay mad at the young woman who causes my own heart
to skip a beat whenever I lay eyes on her.", Ranko said as Nabiki smiled
and glomped onto his right arm.

"Ah don't you look so cute together.", Kasumi giggled as she
saw her sister and Ranko enter the house.

"Ranko the rest of your things are now in your room. Why don't you take
Nabiki with you so that you can both unpack. The bed is already set up so
you can rest there if you get tired.", Kasumi said with an evil grin on her

"Sounds like a plan.", Nabiki said the giggled as she noticed Ranko's
shocked expression.

"I'm not sure that would be quite proper yet.", Ranko said.

"Ranko-chan I am just teasing. You know I said earlier that you
shouldn't sleep together yet. Poor boy, I really need to help you develop a
sense of humor.", Kasumi teased.

That night, after everyone had gone to bed, Ranko was up typing at one
of the computers that he had set up in the room. It had been a while since he
had last sent a letter to his 'mother'. She would be quite interested to know
that he and Kasumi had finally arrived in her home dimension.

"Dear Mother,", the note began.

"Kasumi and I have finally arrived in her home dimension. It is a lot
more pedestrian that I believed it would be. So far there have been no sign
of alien fleets, cthulian monsters in the sewer system, or even a magical
girl team. I did have the opportunity to meet with one of the local deity's
and her demonic friend, but that is nothing out of the ordinary.

I was finally able to meet Nabiki. She was everything that I could have
imagined She is a very sweet and intelligent girl. She was very beautiful
even before she changed forms. Yes, I know what you must be thinking, I did
it again. Nabiki is now a catgirl. Kasumi though finally remembered to lock
away the transformative bite in the both of us. How this will affect our
children I do not know.

Oh dear did I say children? I guess I am quite taken with her. Do not
worry though, I intend to follow your advice and take out relationship
quite slow. We both know how I tend to follow my heart too often. It is very
difficult at times to resist though. She has the most adorable cream
colored fur, and I feel sometimes that I could drown in those beautiful
blue-green eyes of hers. I haven't felt this way since I left Minako-chan.
I wonder if this means that I am in love. I can't see how, since we have
only just met recently. Perhaps this is what elder sister meant, when she
said that Nabiki-chan was that 'special someone just for me'.

I will write you again soon mother, but for now I should be
preparing for bed. I have to escort Nabiki to school tomorrow morning.
She is still 'suffering' some affects of the bite, but hopefully it will
lesson soon, besides we are merely going to a school, what unusual things
could possibly happen there.

Please come to visit soon if you can.


Ranko.", the letter ended.

Ranko printed the letter out and rolled it up before sticking it into
a small tube. He gestured and I small black hole opened in mid air. He tossed
the tube into the hole, which immediately closed, just as Nabiki entered the
room, holding her pillow and a blanket.

"Nabiki what are you doing here.", Ranko asked.

"I couldn't sleep. For some reason it seemed strange to be in my room
all alone. Can I please stay her for tonight. I will even sleep on top of
the covers of the bed, just under my blanket.", Nabiki asked.

Ranko was quite frankly torn between asking her to leave or stay. On one
hand she did seem distressed and he never could stand to see a girl feeling
sad. On the other hand seeing her standing there wearing only a lavender and
somewhat see through 'teddy' was quite distracting to say the least. If she
were to lay next to him wearing that, it would be difficult to sleep.

The decision was taken away from him when Nabiki walked passed him and
laid down on the foot of the bed, curled up under her blanket and fell
asleep purring.

"Sometimes I wish I was not quite so noble.", Ranko thought as he turned
off the lights and crawled under the covers, careful not to disturb Nabiki.

Ranko awoke two hours later to feel the bed shaking.

"Odd doesn't seem like an earthquake.", Ranko thought as he then noticed
Nabiki asleep on the foot of the bed shivering. She had apparently rolled out
of her blanket, which was now on the floor.

"I really should not be doing this, but I can not allow her to catch a
cold because of me.", Ranko said as he rolled back the covers and placed
Nabiki under them.

Getting back into bed Ranko noticed that it took Nabiki about five
seconds to cuddle close to him as soon as he laid down. He has having
great difficulty keeping certain thoughts out of his head, particularly
one thought concerning tying Nabiki spread eagled to the bed, covering
her with whip cream and chocolate sauce, then slowly licking it off.

"Sigh my imagination is coming quite perverted. I believe that elder
sister Kasumi is starting to rub off on me.", Ranko thought as he gave a
long suffering sigh.

Nabiki awoke the next morning thrilled to find out that she was
sleeping next to Ranko. Her thrill lessoned somewhat on finding out that
she was still dressed.

"I'll have to be more direct next time. The boy can't take a hint.",
Nabiki thought to herself as she sat up and stretched.

Nabiki almost fell out of bed when she noticed a small hole open in
mid air and a small tube drop out of it. Nabiki carefully made her way to
the tube. She batted it a few times to see if it was dangerous, then she
picked it up to read the small amount of lettering that she noticed
written on the tube.

"To my dear son, from your mother Ukyo.", the message said.

"Ukyo!?!? What the #$#@@#?", Nabiki said out loud awaking Ranko in
the process.


"Is something wrong Nabiki-chan?", Ranko asked while wiping the
'sleep' from his eyes.

"Oh mother sent her response already.", Ranko said as he saw the
small tube that Nabiki was holding. He was somewhat surprised when she
Nabiki seemed reluctant to hand the tube over to him.

"Exactly how is Ukyo your mother. You are not Ranma's and her child
are you?", Nabiki asked Ranko.

"No Nabiki-chan, Ranma is not my father and Ukyo is not my mother. I was
was the native Ranma in my own world. As to who my parents were I really
can not say who they are.", Ranko replied to Nabiki.

"What about Ukyo?", Nabiki asked.

"Ukyo was the nice of a rather nice middle age woman that Kasumi and I
met in England while we were there helping out Minako-chan.", Ranko said as he
watched Nabiki's tail twitch somewhat at Minako's name.

"Was she Japanese?", Nabiki asked.

"Yes she was, which was somewhat unusual for that country. She is a very
sweet woman who happened to wander into that country in search of her fiancee
that she said abandoned her when she was child. I think his name was Ryoga, or
something like that.", Ranko stated.

"Ryoga engaged to Ukyo, now there is an interesting combination. So I
take it that she never found her missing fiancee?", Nabiki asked.

"She did find him eventually ,and according to mother they were happy
together for a while, at least until he foolishly tried to learn a forbidden
martial arts technique.", Ranko sighed.

"A forbidden technique? What was the name of it?", Nabiki asked, while
having a good idea on what it might be.

"Mother refused to ever tell either I or Kasumi-chan its name, but I
know that it had something to do with being depressed. Supposedly the more
you used this technique the more depressed you became. This sounded too
strange to be true, until mother showed me an old newspaper clipping that
spoke about a young man, who for some unknown reason, leapt to his death
at the cliffs on the Dover shoreline. I felt guilty about not initially
believing her, especially as she began to cry as I looked over the old
newspaper article.", Ranko replied quietly.

"So how did you meet Ukyo?", Nabiki asked.

"She ran small private school, that Kasumi enrolled myself into when it
turned out that we would be staying in England for a while. Ukyo never had the
chance to have any children with her fiancee and after his death she never did
seem to want to start a new relationship with someone. The school allowed her to
be around children. Being alone in that country and being somewhat different
looking Ukyo sort of adopted me. Not knowing who my real mother was I
'adopted' her in a way as well.", Ranko said to Nabiki.

"When it came time for Kasumi-chan and I to leave that world, Kasumi
came up with a way for us to always be able to communicate with each
other. I am not an expert in magic as Kasumi is, so I can not explain exactly how
it works, but whenever mother and I want to communicate all we have to do is
open one of those portals that you just saw. I really do not even have to
concentrate in order for it to happen.", Ranko stated.

Ranko was curious as to how Nabiki seemed to know of Ukyo, and was
pleased to here that not only did Ukyo exist in this world, but Ryoga did as

"Do they know of each other here?", Ranko asked.

"They do, but Ukyo is obsessed with Ranma, and Ryoga is obsessed with
my younger sister Akane.", Nabiki said.

"Both of whom are unavailable, from what you told me. Still there is
nothing like a new romance to help one lesson the memories of another. Since
you have said that they are both quite young, perhaps someone could arrange
for both of them to meet someplace romantic, by 'accident'.", Ranko said
to Nabiki.

"I am not sure that we should, the more I think about it. This Ryoga
might be different from the one that your Ukyo talked about. The Ryoga here
has slept in Akane's bed hiding behind his curse. He has attacked Ranma
constantly from behind, and even while he slept. We might all be better off
having him neutered and sent to a pig farm somewhere.", Nabiki said.

"Perhaps you are right. The Ryoga that you described sounds like far to
much of a cad. I believe that elder sister knows a few 'young' gods that might
be interested. It seems to be quite common in Asgard for gods to end up in a
relationship with a mortal.

"Do they like catgirls as well?", Nabiki teased.

(Sniff) (Sniff) (Whimper)

"Does that mean that you would leave me for someone else.", Ranko
whimpered with tears flowing down his eyes.

Nabiki, unused to seeing someone crying because of what she did, was
presently doing a rather good imitation of Ranma by hopping around the room,
waving her arms in the air, and rapidly apologizing.

"Good I forgive you then.", Ranko said, tears instantly drying up.

"You tricked me?!?", Nabiki said stunned at how well she was just

Ranko snickered.

"I will have to punish you for that.", Nabiki said as she leapt
towards Ranko, who dodged Nabiki's first pounce.

Soon the two were chasing each other around Ranko's room and making
quite a bit of noise as well.

"Stop being so noisy you stupid cat. Do you know what time it....",
Akane said as she came into the room yelling, but was shocked by her
lingerie clad sister breathing heavily while standing near a pajama clad
catboy who was also breathing quite heavily.

"What are you doing to my sister you perverted monster.", Akane yelled.

"Why I am trying to catch her so that I could toss her onto my bed and do
horribly naughty things to her of course.", Ranko said as Akane's mouth dropped
open in shock.

"By the way there wouldn't happen to be any whip cream or chocolate syrup
in the refrigerator at the moment would there.", Ranko asked Akane as her mouth
practically hit the floor.

"Oh that sounds like fun!", Nabiki exclaimed as Akane stepped back in
shock upon hearing what her sister had said.

"There is one way could make our play time even more enjoyable.",
Ranko said to Nabiki.

"How is that?", Nabiki asked.

"We could ask your sister and her friend to join us.", Ranko said with
a lusty gleam in his eye.", as Akane gasped and began to back out of the room.

"That could be fun.", Nabiki said as she turned towards Akane.

Akane deciding that she really wasn't into that much of an alternative
lifestyle, was presently running out the bedroom door and down the stairs as
fast as she could while Ranko and Nabiki collapsed to the floor, laughing at
the expression that Akane had on her face as she left.

"I wonder if we were too rough on the poor lass. She does seem to be
a rather high strung girl.", Ranko said.

"She will get over it. Besides she has no right calling you a monster.",
Nabiki said.

"My gallant protector.", Ranko said as he bowed dramatically to
Nabiki, who responded by stepping close and hugging him tightly.

"We should be getting ready for our little jaunt to your school this
day and I don't believe that what you are presently wearing is an
acceptable uniform.", Ranko said while trying not to think how beautiful
Nabiki looked at the moment.

"We could share the furo?", Nabiki asked hopefully.

"In time Nabiki, but not just yet. I want us to have a strong
relationship, not one that is just sexual in nature.", Ranko said as he
escorted Nabiki out of his bedroom and back to her room.

"I will use the furo after you are finished, then I will meet you
downstairs for breakfast.", Ranko said to Nabiki.

Nabiki was the last person to come to the breakfast table and she
did not look happy.

"Is something wrong Nabiki-chan.", Kasumi asked.

"It's my school uniform. I can not move my tail without causing my
skirt to flare up. I don't want to keep flashing my panties in front of
everyone all day.", Nabiki complained, causing Ranko to snicker and Soun
to choke on his tea.

"Although I wouldn't mind looking at your lovely posterior throughout
the day, it wouldn't be right to give everyone a free show.", Ranko said.

"She could always charge for it. Kami knows how many perverted shots
she took and me and Ranma over the past year.", Akane grumbled.

"Well I suppose I could come up with something.", Kasumi said as she
snapped her fingers.


Nabiki was now wearing a formal Kimono.

"Too formal.", Ranko said.


Nabiki was now wearing a cowgirl outfit.

"I don't think so.", Ranko said.

"Oh I know Kasumi said with a silly grin on her face.


"Lovely you look just Ichigo from Tokyo Mew Mew now.", Kasumi said
as everyone was looking at the hideous pink 'lolita goth' outfit that
Nabiki was wearing.

Nabiki took one look at her self and ripped off the outfit before
anyone could blink. Of course this now left her standing in front of
everyone in just her underwear.

"Now Nabiki you are going to have to wear more than that to school.",
Kasumi teased and Nabiki hid behind Ranko. Soun was presently now 'out for
he count' again.

"I believe I have the perfect outfit for Nabiki-chan now.", Kasumi said.


Nabiki now found herself wearing a pair of short jean shorts, with a
hole for her tail cut in them. Over the shorts she was wearing a loose knee
length dark blue skirt with a slit up the left side. She was wearing dark black
modified sports bra and a white sleeveless v-neck blouse over that. She was also
wearing a pair of short blue boots.

"Very nice. That outfits reminds me of the one Yuna was wearing when we
first met her on Spira.", Ranko said.

"I'm not sure I like it.", Nabiki said sounding finicky.

"I think you very preety Nabiki-chan. I might have to fight off all
the boys in the school for you though.", Ranko said as he wondered why
Akane was twitching for some reason.

"Well if you think I look pretty, I'll wear it. But only for you.",
Nabiki said as she kissed Ranko, then sat down next to him at the table
while purring.

Akane was disgusted at her sister's behavior. It was bad enough when
she was just a 'heartless mercenary', but suddenly changed from that to
acting like someone's boy toy was irritating. Of course Akane often acted the
same way around Akari, but that was different of course. She was nobody's toy
after all. She just enjoyed showing affection to her little Akari-chan.


"Now Ranko remember to look out for Nabiki today.", Kasumi said as she
handed both Nabiki and Ranko a bento.

"I really think you are overreacting elder sister. It is just a high
school that we are going to. What could be so strange about it.", Ranko
said as Nabiki began to laugh.

Meanwhile at the cafe, Cologne was growing disgusted at Shampoo's
behavior. The girl was claiming to be to stressed to work or go to school.
Perhaps living in this city was making Shampoo 'soft'. Amazons do not suffer
from stress.

"Shampoo if you do not come down here this instant I will give Mousse my
permission marry you.", Cologne yelled as aloud bang was heard from upstairs
as Shampoo raced out of her room and down the stairs in her Inu Yasha nightshirt.

"Now why are you being so obstinent lately?", Cologne asked Shampoo.

"Shampoo not feel good. Great grandmother work Shampoo to hard. Make
Shampoo see things.", Shampoo replied.

"What have you seen?", Cologne asked.

"Shampoo see two cat people and one angel yesterday.", Shampoo said
in an ashamed tone of voice.

"I have seen the angel and one cat person that you mentioned. Was one
of these cat people male with long red hair and a long black and yellow
striped tail.", Cologne asked Shampoo.

"Yes, does great grandmother know who they are.", Shampoo asked.

Cologne explained who the catboy was and who the angel probably
was the Shampoo saw. Cologne did not know who the catgirl was that
Shampoo saw though.

Shampoo was more than a little shocked by this information. Shampoo
was glad that Kasumi was safe, but was a little jealous of the girl's power.
She hoped that Kasumi would approve of her liking Ranma, since it was becoming
common of how protective Kasumi was of Ranma lately. Still it could be worse, if
nice girl....er goddess Kasumi became interested in her airen, Shampoo doubted
that even her great grandmother would be able to do anything about it. Shampoo
banished that thought from her head. She should be optimistic, after all
her airen no long had to marry violent girl, and spatula was only a friend
to her airen. Shampoo was sure she could claim her airen after he woke up.

"What did the girl look like?", Cologne asked Shampoo

"Catgirl look like mercenary girl. Wait you say catboy now
mercenary girl's boyfriend. Maybe he were creature and bite Nabiki.",
Shampoo said.

"That could be true. Was Nabiki acting quiet and servile towards the
male when you saw them.", Cologne.

"No, catgirl was chasing catboy and yelling out all sorts of naughty
things that she wanted to do to him, before angel catch up to catgirl
and fly off with her..", Shampoo said.

"I see. I will have to see what is going on after seeing son-in-law
today. Meanwhile you will get dressed and go to school. I am not going
to raise an ignorant granddaughter.", Cologne said as Shampoo then went
upstairs to change.

Cologne watched her granddaughter move up the stairs far too slow for
her liking. She was about to discipline the stubborn girl, when back door to
the cafe opened an in walked her new waitress, looking for more somber than

"Is something wrong child?", Cologne asked Nuku Nuku.

"Nuku Nuku feel strange, after seeing catboy yesterday.", Nuku Nuku said.

"Why do you mean by strange?", Cologne asked.

"Nuku Nuku can't concentrate on anything, feel warm all over, and can't
help but smile when I think of him.", Nuku Nuku said with a sigh.

"It sounds like you are infatuated with the boy. You should know though, that
he is already seeing someone else. A new 'catgirl' if from what I here is true.",
Cologne said to a confused looking Nuku Nuku.

"Nuku Nuku not real girl anyway. Probably best catboy be with real catgirl?",
Nuku Nuku said with a sigh.

"Now there is no need to get depressed. There is more than enough angst
around here at it is. You could still be friends with the boy. How about if I
send you to the school at lunch with several bowls of ramen. He will probably
be there since that is where his 'fiancee?' goes to school.", Cologne said.

"Being friends would make Nuku Nuku happy. Thank you for helping me.",
Nuku Nuku said as she hugged Cologne and bounced off into the kitchen.

"At least someone around here is appreciative of my efforts.", Cologne
grumbled as Shampoo came back down the stairs.

"What Shampoo do wrong now?", Shampoo said as she noticed Cologne
frowning at her.

"What makes you say that granddaughter?", Cologne said with a smirk as
Shampoo grumbled something under her breath.

"Now none of that. Off to school with you.", Cologne stated.

"Where Shampoo's lunch.", the not perky at the moment, amazon said.

"Do not worry about that. I am send Nuku Nuku to the school with enough
ramen for you and all of your friends. Nuku Nuku can eat with you as well. I
sure that you will enjoy having her there.", Cologne cackled.

"Oh joy, Shampoo's life now complete.", Shampoo mumbled, but still loud
enough for Nuku Nuku hear.

"Waaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiii, Nuku very happy Shampoo want me in Shampoo's life.
We will be good friends.", Nuku Nuku said as she spun Shampoo around several
times before hoping back into the kitchen, leaving a very dizzy Shampoo
standing there.

"Well at least life is still interesting even though son-in-law is
presently incapacitated.", Cologne thought with a grin on her face.

"Shampoo's life really suck wind lately.", Shampoo thought as she left
the cafe at a much slower pace than usual.


"Hi Shampoo, bye Shampoo.", a cream colored blur said as it shot by

"Nabiki-chan wait up, you aren't used to exerting yourself in that form
yet.", Ranko stated as he also shot by Shampoo.

"Shampoo repeat, life really suck wind lately.", the frustrated amazon
said to herself.

Ranko caught with Nabiki, just outside the entrance to the school. He
reached out and took her so that she could not race off again. The poor girl
had already been distracted by 4 squirrels, a half a dozen birds, and one
very curious walking jukebox, which produced a very tackily dressed young
'woman' from inside once Nabiki batted it around a few times.

"Now Nabiki-chan remember what elder sister Kasumi said before we
left. You are to try and remain calm today. You new form is still quite
emotional. Do you understand?", Ranko said as Nabiki smiled, cutely nodded,
and glomped on tighter to his arm.

As they entered the school, Nabiki began to feel nervous. Everyone
was staring at her and Ranko. Not that this was unexpected, but Nabiki had
spent most of her life 'in the shadows', if you will. To suddenly be the focus
of everyone's attention was a little unnerving to say the least.

"There is no need to feel nervous Nabiki-chan. Everyone is just a
surprised by your appearance that is all. Of course they will stare a little.
It a perfectly natural behavior when a woman of your beauty passes by.",
Ranko said as Nabiki smiled and leaned her head against Ranko's shoulder.

"Ah how cute!", a girl's voice exclaimed.

"They are adorable.", another girl said.

"Oh my goodness, that catgirl looks just like Nabiki.", someone

Nabiki and Ranko tried to ignore the comments the best that they
could. Surprisingly no one seemed to be afraid or angry at them for some
reason. Ranko was well acquainted with how some people reacted to those
that are different from them.

"Hold foul demons!", a familiar and quite annoying voice rang out.

"Sigh, figures that he would show up just now.", Nabiki grumbled.

Ranko looked towards the source of the voice and saw a young man
wearing a kendo uniform and waving a bokken around as he approached them.

"I wonder if he escaped from the local hospital.", Ranko said out loud
as Nabiki grinned.

"Miyyaaa, go away Kuno baby, I far better things to do today than
listen to you babble.", Nabiki stated.

"What strange illusion doth cloud mine mind. Is that you Nabiki
Tendo?", the deluded Kendoist spoke as he stared at the strangely
familiar catgirl in front of him.

"What's the matter Kuno-baby? Do you like what you see?", Nabiki
asked as she inhaled deeply and posed with her arms behind her head,
causing several of the usual hentais to collapse with nosebleeds.

"At last mine eyes see the truth of what hast been transpiring these
many days.", Kuno said with a gleam in his eyes.

"The poor lad was obviously struck on his head as a child.", Ranko
said to Nabiki who smiled in response.

"Silence foul familiar, I shall deal with you after your infernal
master has been dealt with.", Kuno spoke arrogantly to Ranko

"Infernal master? Heh, sorry Kuno the demon left yesterday, there
is just cute little catgirl me left.", Nabiki said mischievously.

"Ah so you admit consorting with demons. I should have realized that the
peasant Saotome lack the skill to keep one such as I from courting the
fierce tigress Akane and the quiet and demure pigtailed girl. Yes it was you
who cursed your sister to seek solace in the arms of another woman and the
pigtailed girl to claim to be of the male persuasion.", Kuno exclaimed.

"You really are becoming quite the boor old boy. Perhaps if you
returned to your handlers I bet they could make all of your childish
delusions disappear. Besides there is nothing quite so irritating as poorly
spoken Shakespearean accent. So off with you, you are interrupting the time I
spend with my precious Nabiki-chan.", Ranko stated as he hugged Nabiki
close then leaned in for a kiss.

"Foul beast how dare you perform such an obscene act on this
institutions hallowed grounds.", Kuno said as he struck at Ranko, who
deflected the blow with his arm, but hissed as the blow left a large
bruise on said arm.

"Mrroowww, hiss..... You hurt my Ranko-chan.", Nabiki growled, as her
fur now stood on end and she bared her fangs.

"If I were you old boy, I would start running with haste, before
Nabiki-chan expresses her displeasure at your unprovoked attack.", Ranko
said while scratching Nabiki's ears in the hopes of calming the agitated
catgirl down. He wasn't successful unfortunately for Kuno's sake.

"Rrrooowww!", Nabiki growled out as the leapt at the shocked
kendoist and showed him how much damage a five and half foot tall pissed
off catgirl, could do to a human body.

Ranko was quite impressed by how much damage Nabiki was doing, even
without being able to use the neko-ken. On hind sight this was probably a good
thing, for if the catgirl did know that technique, one Tatewaki Kuno would
probably be sliced into sashimi by now.

Nabiki left the now very unconscious kendoist buried in a shallow hole,
arms and legs, bent in ways, they really should not be bent.

"I believe you over did it a tad, Nabiki-chan.", Ranko said.

"He tried to hurt you, he will live. He is too stupid to know when
he is hurt.", Nabiki said as she began to check Ranko over for any more
bruises, much to his embarrassment.

Shampoo entered the school grounds a few minutes later and noticed
Kuno half buried in the dirt.

"Hello stick boy, why you kissing dirt?", Shampoo laughed, as Kuno
removed his head from the ground. Many considered to Kuno to have his head
stuck someplace else most of the time, but there is no need to state
the obvious after all.

"Oh it is you, the Chinese peasant girl. Leave me be girl. I must
contemplate how to defeat the foul witch and her demon familiar.",
Kuno said as Shampoo shook her head in pity.

"Poor stick boy hit head one too many times.", Shampoo stated.

"Nay the foul cat demons are quite real and I shall smite them when
next we meet.", Kuno declared.

"Ah so stick boy get butt kicked by mercenary girl's new boyfriend.
To bad Shampoo not here to see fight.", Shampoo grinned evilly at Kuno.

"Bah such a creature is no match for the great Blue Thunder. It was
the witch Nabiki Tendo who used foul magic to trick one such as I.", Kuno
declared while raising his bokken aloft.

(Snicker) (Snort) (Laugh)

"Mercenary girl beat up stick boy, now that to to funny.", Shampoo
continued to laugh.

"You may laugh now peasant, but the great Blue Thunder will have
his revenge against the forces of darkness.", Kuno babbled as he ran off
in search of the 'evil cat demons'.

Inside the school Nabiki and Ranko had accumulated a rather large
following. It seemed that half the girl's freshman class was following
them with hearts in their eyes. Neither of the two cat people were sure
quite who the girls were more interested in. Nabiki did like the blue
ribbon tied to her tail. The bell attached to it made such a pretty
sound as she wiggled her tail.

"Sigh, must resist annoying cat instincts.", Nabiki told herself
half-heartedly as she continued to jiggle the bell.

When Nabiki and Ranko entered the classroom itself, they of course
found themselves to be the center of attention. Several of the boys even
looked at Nabiki as if they desired her. That was a new experience to Nabiki.
Not that she cared about them of course, but it was a nice boost to her ego.

Ranko began to accumulate notes on the desk that he was sitting at.
Most were from rather shy girls, a few though, well.....lets just say that
contrary to what a certain uncute tomboy may think, girls can be just as
perverted as boys, if not more so.

The teacher soon entered and began to take roll when he noticed Nabiki's
unusual appearance.

"Ms. Tendo costumes are not to be worm in class. Take off that silly
make-up and outfit immediately.", The teacher scolded.

"What make-up miyyaahhh.", Nabiki said.

"I do not have time for such games. Other instructors may tolerate
such foolishness but I do not.", the teacher as he walked over to
Nabiki and tried to pull off the 'fake' cats ears.

Nabiki gave out a loud cry as her sensitive ears were pulled, causing
the instructor to stop in shock. His surprise did not last long as he
soon found himself flying backwards and bouncing off the chalkboard thanks to
a punch from Ranko.

"Attacking a student is an intolerable action for an instructor to
take. I would 'suggest' that you do not do such a thing again, or the
school board will here of your actions.", Ranko said as he picked the
teacher up off the ground, glared at him, then dropped the teacher, who
proceeded to run out of the classroom, at top speed.

The class was stunned by this behavior. Standing up to a teacher, was
almost unheard of, but to fight back was something that no one in the
school, well except for Ranma, had ever done. To do such a thing in defense
of one's girlfriend, well lets just say that Ranko would soon be the
recipient of a lot more notes as the day went on.

Since it looked like the teacher would not be returning anytime soon,
and substitutes seemed to be reluctant to be assigned to Furinkan, Ranko
decided that could be the temporary class instructor. After all he did
have to stay near Nabiki, and the education that he received from Kasumi
amongst other beings, probably gave him better credentials that half the
teaching staff at this school.


Lunch time rolled around far to slowly for Ranko's liking. He was
impressed by how well the students, well female ones anyway, were paying attention
as he taught, but some of the questions that they tended to ask out of the
blue were quite inappropriate. He was thankful that Nabiki seemed to be calming
down. Female cats tended to be quite protective of their mates, so Ranko was
glad that all Nabiki did was glare at a girl if she asked a personal, usually
sexual, question of Ranko.

Nabiki and Ranko approached the tree where Ranma and the others usually
ate. Since Ranma and Akane were not there at the moment, that left Ukyo and
Shampoo eating there. Well Ukyo was eating, Shampoo just looked hungry and
looking towards the gate.

"Afternoon ladies, miyyaahhh.", Nabiki said to Shampoo who seemed to
twitch a little and poor Ukyo was so stunned by Nabiki's appearance that she
dropped the food that she was making and in an effort to grab it touch her
hand to the top of the grill she was using causing her to scream out loud.

"That look painful, spatula girl should be more careful and watch
what you are doing.", Shampoo said as Ukyo almost whimpered.

"That looks like a bad burn, let me take a look at it.", Ranko said
as he held up Ukyo's before she could protest.

"Yes almost third degree burns, but don't worry, Kasumi-chan taught
me a small spell to take care of it.", Ranko said to Ukyo.

Ranko's hand began to glow in a soft yellow light, which spread
into Ukyo causing her to relax and stare at her hand as the skin seemed
to repair itself in seconds.

"It doesn't hurt anymore.", Ukyo said, somewhat stunned.

"I am I could be of assistance dear girl.", Ranko said as he smiled.

"So your Nabiki's boyfriend, that the whole school seems to be talking
about. Can't say that I've ever met a catboy before. So where did you come
from and why is Nabiki now furry, if you don't mind my asking, sugar.",
Ukyo asked.

"Well that is a rather long story, for now I can say that I was the
first person Kasumi had to help out in order to earn her goddess license.",
Ranko said as Ukyo and Shampoo stared at him.

"I'm sorry did you just say that Kasumi, who I would guess that you
are referring to Kasumi Tendo is now a goddess?", Ukyo asked.

"That's right.", Ranko said casually as he began to open the lunch
that Kasumi had made for him.

"Spatula girl not know this, but very strange things happened
around her yesterday. Great grandmother tell Shampoo that nice girl
Kasumi just appear out of thin air the other day with catboy
standing next to her. They help other goddess and strange demon kill the
old pervert, who turned out to be demon as well.", Shampoo said as Ukyo
tried to process all this information at once.

"So the old pervert is dead. Can't say I am sorry to hear that.",
Ukyo said.

"No woman is all of Japan be sorry to hear that.", Shampoo said
as watched Nabiki lean into Ranko and begin to feed him is a disgusting
display of affection.

"Heh heh, aren't they cute. So Nabiki how did you become a cat
like your little "Ranko-chan", Ukyo snickered.

"He bit me.", Nabiki said as she blushed.

"Oh tell Shampoo details. It sound very naughty.", Shampoo grinned.

"Now it is nothing like that. I accidentally bit Nabiki-chan's hand as
was waking up from a nap.", Ranko said.

"Waking up? So does that mean you were sleeping with Nabiki.", Ukyo
asked with an evil grin.

"We were not sleeping together. All we have done is make out so far.
Now why did I just say that?", Nabiki said in frustration as Ukyo and
Shampoo began to laugh.

"Shampoo impressed, not know mercenary girl could be so naughty.",
Shampoo snickered.

"Well she could be in heat, being a cat you know.", Ukyo teased as
both Ranko and Nabiki blushed. Shampoo was too busy trying to stop
laughing to notice the blush though.

"So are planning to 'bite' anyone else?", Ukyo teased Ranko

"You have no need to worry about that Ukyo-san, both Nabiki and I can
no longer use are transformative bite. Kasumi thought it would be best that
way. I do not see the problem myself, but she tells me that the people of
this country tend to be rather distant to those that they consider different
from themselves. So there will be no other cat people besides ourselves
living in this city.", Ranko said.

"Unless, like Kasumi said, we decide to have kittens.", Nabiki said
in a sultry tone of voice, causing Ranko to blush and Ukyo to join
Shampoo on the ground laughing their rear ends off.

Shampoo calmed down and was about to asked more about Nabiki and
Ranko's personal life, when her stomach chose that moment to growl, much
to her annoyance.

"What's the matter sugar, no lunch today?", Ukyo asked Shampoo.

"Stupid perky pink haired pest of a waitress great grandmother hire
supposed to bring lunches for everyone. Stupid girl is late though.",
Shampoo replied.

"I think I met her earlier. Strange girl, reminds me a bit of a cat.
Far to cheerful to be around for any length of time though.", Ranko said.

A small bell rang out and everyone noticed a certain pink haired girl
entering the school grounds on a bike quite quickly, then stopping just as
sudden in front of Shampoo.

"Hiiiiieeeee Shampoo-chan. Nuku Nuku bring food like she promised.",
the girl said to Shampoo.

"Is she an amazon?", Ukyo asked Shampoo.

"No perky girl isn't amazon, and Shampoo thank ancestors for that.",
Shampoo replied to Ukyo.

"Nuku Nuku bring lunches for everyone. Also have special lunch for
Ranko.", Nuku said as she smiled and handed Ranko a very large boxed

"Looks like a five course meal. Would you like some Nabiki-chan?",
Ranko asked Nabiki.

"I'd love too.", Nabiki said as she glared at Nuku Nuku, who seemed
to either not understand the glare or she totally ignored.

"So you like lunch?", Nuku Nuku asked Ranko.

"Yes it is quite good.", Ranko replied.

"Nuku Nuku happy. Nice obasan help Nuku Nuku make lunch. She say
perfect to give to one you like.", Nuku Nuku said as Ranko started to
choke and Shampoo sighed while starting to rub her temples.

"Stupid old woman, always making life difficult. No wonder Shampoo get
so many headaches.", Shampoo thought to herself.

"Well a couple is sharing it now, so you can run along back to the
cafe now.", Nabiki said.

"Nuku Nuku understand. Ranko already with girl. Nuku Nuku just wanted
to know what it like to with boy. I will go now.", Nuku Nuku said as she
hopped back on her bike and rode off looking quite sad.

"That was rather harsh wasn't it sugar?", Ukyo said to Nabiki.

"I'm afraid I must agree with Ukyo-san, you did overreact to Nuku
Nuku Nabiki-chan.", Ranko said.

"So you want to go our with her?", Nabiki said a little irritated.

"You are letting your feline instincts get the best of you right now.
Nuku Nuku is like a child, even if she does appear older. I seriously
doubt she even knows the first thing about relationships. Besides even if I
was single at the moment, I still could not have a relationship with her,
because she is not even human. She is a cyborg with the brain of a cat
inside her.", Ranko said as everyone stared at him.

"You must be joking.", Nabiki said.

"No she told me herself and showed me one of her access panels. She
is definitely at least partially a robot, which is admittedly not so
unusually. Kasumi and I saw far strangers beings in our travels together.",
Ranko said to Nabiki.

"I see perhaps I did seem possessive. Kami-sama, I hope I am not
turning into my little sister.", Nabiki said.

"You will be fine. I admit I probably would be a little jealous if
another catboy showed up and was interested in you. After spending five
years with Kasumi and listening to her talk about you, I would be quite sad
if you were to chose someone else.", Ranko said as Nabiki meowed, much to
her chagrin, and snuggled close to Ranko.


A few hours later across town an inventor and scientist, by the name
of Dr. Natsumi was working on a particularly delicate experiment when the
door to his home opened with a loud bang causing him to drop the device
he was working on. The device hit the floor and shattered.

"Sigh oh well, maybe the world isn't ready for a foot tall self
aware maid android anyway.", the doctor thought as he picked up the
pieces to the shattered android.

"Poppa-san are you home! Nuku Nuku need to ask question.", the
catgirl android yelled as she raced around the house, before screeching to
a halt in front of her 'father'.

"What is it Nuku Nuku?", Dr. Natsumi said.

"Nuku Nuku meet nice boy today that Nuku Nuku wanted to be close friends
with, but he was already with another catgirl. Real one, not robot like Nuku
Nuku is.", she said to her father.

"A real catgirl, now that is interesting.", the doctor said.

"Boy is also real catboy. Very cute too.", Nuku Nuku said shyly.

"So what do you need my help for. If you are trying to become close
to this boy, I am not sure how I can help you.", Dr. Natsumi said.

"Can Nuku Nuku be made into real catgirl, instead of robot. Nuku
Nuku see old cartoon about puppet who become real, can same thing happen to
Nuku Nuku?", Nuku Nuku said.

"That is just an old fairy tale, nothing like that can happen....
Hmmm.....", the doctor trailed off.

"Did poppa-san think of something?", Nuku Nuku asked.

"Well I just remembered a fascinating conversation I had with a young
woman at the last Tokyo science and engineering fair. What was her name.
OH, yes, that's it was Washu... I think....", Dr. Natsumi said.

"Can she help, poppa-san?", Nuku Nuku said.

"Well I do not know. She was talking about a new cybernetic
organism called a 'third', but it was only just a theory. I suppose I could
try and call her. I should have her number here around somewhere.", Dr.
Natsumi said.

"Yeah, Nuku Nuku get to be real then.", Nuku Nuku said as she bounced
out of her fathers lab, before he could reply.

"Oh well what harm could it do.", the doctor said.

Across town Ranko felt a cold shiver run down his back. He wasn't sure
what it meant, but when things like that happened in the past, he
usually found his life becoming more complicated than he liked it to.

Author's Note:

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