Ranma 1/2 Fan Fiction ❯ Little Angel Lost ❯ Remembrances and Awakenings ( Chapter 8 )

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Little Angel Lost

A Ranma 1/2 Fanfiction by Ryo Oki

Disclaimer: All characters and places not created by me
are probably owned by someone else.

Authors Note: This story is an alternative universe / crossover story
set roughly 4 months after the wedding. Ranma and Akane are now juniors
in high school.


Chapter 8 Remembrances and Awakenings

Kasumi sat at the living room table with her hands in held in a triangle
shape under her chin, a classic 'Gendo Ikari pose'. Hild-sama had just sent her
a copy of the memories that Ranma and Hinako experienced from their
respective pasts. Kasumi was half tempted to look up some recipes for various
panda dishes when she saw how Genma treated his son when Ranma was young. That
would not be satisfactory though. For some reason Ranma still liked his worthless
father, so another punishment must be devised.

Kasumi thought about the samples of Jusenkyo water that she had brought
back from the pool filled valley. Perhaps she could use it to punish two people
'with one stone', so to speak. Kasumi giggled 'evilly' or at least mischievously
attracting the attention of her father, who was walking by.

"Is everything alright, Kasumi-dear?", Soun asked his daughter.

"Oh, everything is just fine now father. I was just thinking of a way to
solve a certain problem.", Kasumi said.

"That's nice, I am glad to hear that you are alright.", Soun said while
walking off and wondering why the expression on his daughter's face was making
him so nervous.

Ranko came into the room, took one look at Kasumi's face and left the way
that he had come from.

"Nope, I don't want to know and I will not ask. It is much safer that
way.", Ranko thought as he decided that perhaps he should spend some time out
of the house for a while. Perhaps he could find that 'pig-boy' that Kasumi had
told him about. From the way the boy had abused the trust of his friends he
deserved a little 'teasing' of his own.

Ranko explored the town for an hour, before deciding to give up looking
for Ryoga for a while. For all he knew Ryoga could in Zimbabwe at the
moment, annoying the natives there with his presence.

Smelling something quite pleasing to his sensitive nose, Ranko stopped
in front of a popular restaurant.

"The Cat Cafe... Ah yes that is where the Amazons live. I suppose I should
stop in and introduce myself. After all it is only the polite thing to do.",
Ranko thought to himself.

As he opened the door to the cafe, he was greeted by a familiar pink-
haired waitress.

"Oh dear, I forget that she was working at this establishment.",
Ranko thought to himself.


"Wai, Wai, Ranko here to see Nuku Nuku?", the hyper catgirl said.

"Actually, I was just passing by when I smelled the delicious aroma
of your cafe's fine cuisine.", Ranko said while managing to push the amorous
catgirl android off of him.

"Well it is nice to see you again dear boy.", Cologne said as she
hopped over to Ranko.

"The pleasure is mine Elder Cologne.", Ranko said with a smile on his

"My aren't you the polite one.", Cologne said as escorted Ranko to a
nearby table.

"Shampoo bring out 2 bowls of deluxe ramen for our guest.", Cologne
shouted towards the kitchen.

Ranko ate the two bowls that Shampoo had first brought out, and two
bowls after that, showing that he and Ranma shared at least one trait in
common. After all lunch was only a few hours ago and he was quite hungry.

"Thank you for the food, Elder Cologne. How much do I owe you?",
Ranko asked Cologne.

"There is no charge, after all you are friends with my latest
waitress.", Cologne cackled as Nuku Nuku smiled prettily at Ranko and
Shampoo muttered unkind things about nosy great grandmothers from her
place in the kitchen.

"Oh I insist. It would not be proper to take advantage of your
hospitality, besides, Nuku Nuku and I are just acquaintances. There is
someone else that I am close to.", Ranko said, blushing slightly.

"That would be Miss. Nabiki Tendo would it not?", Cologne asked as
she noticed Ranko's blush increasing.

"She is a wonderful girl. Very intelligent and kind, with the most
beautiful cream colored fur you have ever seen.", Ranko said.

"Did you say fur?", Cologne asked.

"Shampoo already tell great grandmother that. Shampoo already see
Nabiki at school.", Shampoo said in a huff from the kitchen.

"Well let us just say that you have a tendency to exaggerate great
granddaughter.", Cologne said to Shampoo.

"Maybe if Ranko-chan no want free food, he maybe tell us a little
about himself.", Nuku Nuku said.

"People say Shampoo no talk proper Japanese.", Shampoo grumbled.

"Well I suppose there would be no harm in that.", Ranko said.

Ranko told the Amazons and Nuku Nuku about how Kasumi had found him
in an alley, where he was hiding after being chased by the Akane of that
particular dimension.

"Just what universe need, another violent pervert girl.", Shampoo
snorted in disgust.

"So is the Akane Tendo of this world different from the Akane of your
home world?", Cologne asked.

"Well it is quite obvious that they are both quite short-tempered and
quick to judge. She was most upset when she found out that Nabiki-chan is now
a catgirl. She thought that I had taken advantage of Nabiki. Beyond that I can
not say that I know too much about the girl. I see no reason to spend time
around one such as her. She spends most of her time away from her home
lately. I believe she meets her 'friend' Akari someplace and they spend some
'quality time' together.", Ranko said in an amused tone of voice.

"That not very big surprise considering how much violent girl always say
that she hates boys.", Shampoo stated.

"Does Ranko-chan have family?", Nuku Nuku asked.

"Well I have my sister Kasumi and my mother Ukyo.", Ranko replied as
Shampoo fell over.

"Spatula girl is catboy's mother?!?! Who father?", Shampoo said in an
excited tone of voice.

"Shampoo do not be rude.", Cologne chided Shampoo.

"That is alright, Cologne-san, Nabiki and others acted the same way
when I told them.

"To answer your question though. I do not remember who my birth
parents were. I have been on my own, living in various alleys and vacant
building in my Tokyo since I was eight years old. Before that time I have no
memory of my past life.", Ranko said.

"You have never been able to recover your memories?", Cologne asked.

"No, even Kasumi-chan was not able to help. It is if the memories had
never existed at all. There should be some traces of them in my mind, even if
they were 'erased' but their isn't. It is quite strange and frustrating at
times. I try to not worry about it too much though. It is better to concentrate
on building a future for myself and others, instead of thinking about what may
or may not have happened in the past.", Ranko said.

"So what about your mother?", Nuku Nuku asked politely, not wanting to
offend her 'not yet' boyfriend.

"Well you see it all started when Kasumi-chan and I arrived in England
after leaving my home dimension...", Ranko trailed off.

(Begin wavy flashback sequence.)

Rain clouds were forming overhead for the fourth time in two days. With the
sun now almost completed hidden behind the clouds, the residents of Brinshire
once again found the countryside around their small town, turning various
shades of grey. They were quite used to it though. One did not live in
Southern England and not be familiar with the cold foggy weather that often
seeped into every crevice of ones town and home. A loud thunderclap
echoed overhead, causing many residents to seek shelter from the rapidly
approaching storm. As it began to rain, the streets became deserted, thereby
allowed two very 'strange' people to step out of a glowing portal without
anyone noticing their arrival.

One of the new visitors to the town was a young woman of about 18
years, with long brown hair and brown eyes. The appeared to be of Asian
decent, and was quite beautiful. She appeared to be dressed in a light
camisole top and a pair of jeans. Her companion was a young boy of about
12 years, with bright red hair down to his waist. He was dressed in a
pair of jeans and a t-shirt with a picture of Lina and Amelia from Slayers,
on the front of it. He appeared to be a perfectly normal young Asian boy,
well normal that is if one ignored the cat's ears on top of his head, and the
large tail that was gently swishing behind him.

Both of them did not appear to be bothered by the rain in the slightest.
If one were to look closely at them one would notice that the rain was not
even striking them, but instead appeared to be hitting some sort of
clear barrier that surround the two.

"Kasumi-chan, why are we here?", the young catboy asked.

"Why we are here so that you could attend school, of course.",
Kasumi smiled.

"School, way out here in the middle of nowhere?", Ranko said in

"You are exaggerating, Ranko-chan. We are only about 10 miles from
London.", Kasumi said innocently.

London?, as in England? Why do I have to go to school in England?",
Ranko replied.

"Kami-sama sent us here to help someone, and maybe help ourselves, a little
as well.", Kasumi stated cryptically.


As Ranko and Kasumi started to make their way towards the school, in which
Ranko was going to attend, they were startled by a scream from a nearby street.
Running around the corner, they saw a young blond girl, in a very short
'sailor' style uniform facing off against two very tall dog faced humanoids with
four arms, two of which ended in large pincers. The remains of what was left of
two other people lay between the girl and the creatures.

"Glabrezu.", Kasumi hissed in disgust as she changed to her goddess form.

"What are they?", Ranko asked.

"They are demons from the abyssal planes. Stay back, you can not fight
these creatures yet, Ranko.", Kasumi said as she leapt up into the air and landed
between the girl and the demons.

"What is this, some sort of Aasimar come to save our morsel.", one of the
demons said.

"You are not welcome on this plane, demon. Return from whence you can.",
Kasumi ordered the creature.

"We can not leave until our service to our master is complete. Allow us
to kill the young human and we will gladly leave this retched place.", the second
demon said.

"If that is the case then I will just have to send back to the abyss
myself.", Kasumi replied as a bright blue ball of energy began to form around
her hands.

"What! a holy spell, how can you....", the demon tried to say as the
ball of energy struck it in the chest, vaporizing the entire torso. What was
left quickly dissolved into ashes and blew away on the winds.

The other demon, seeing his companion vaporized so easily had little choice
but to charge the strange Aasimar?, hoping that she was vulnerable to physical

Kasumi ducked to the side, just as one of the creature's claws made a small
cut on her left arm.

"I am impressed. You are quite skilled for a lesser demon.", Kasumi said
as the cut healed over almost instantly, much to the demon's annoyance.

"You might be able to defeat me, but not the one who summoned me.", the
demon hissed.

"And who might this summoner be?", Kasumi asked as she pulled out a large
black glowing sword from out her own subspace pocket.

"I will tell you nothing. Kill me if you must. I will simply return later
for my revenge.", the demon gloated.

"Hild-sama might have something to say about that.", Kasumi said as her
bisected the creature in half.

"How do you know...", the creature actually managed to say as his torso
fell away from his legs, before he turned to dust.

"Well that wasn't so hard, now was it.", Kasumi said as she changed back to
her human form and turned to face the young girl.

"Who...What are you?", the young girl asked while collapsing into
Kasumi's arms.

"Is she going to be alright, Kasumi-chan.", Ranko asks as the girl
looks at him and begins to shiver in fear.

"No, not another one.", she whispers, as she finds herself clinging
closely to the 'angel' that just rescued her.

"Poor girl is in shock. Why don't you rest for a while?", Kasumi
said as she then began to chant a quick spell causing the girl to fall

Kasumi hands the girl to Ranko as she examines the bodies of the
two people on the ground for any clue as to what might be going on.
Finding nothing of interest Kasumi heads to the nearest pay phone to call
the local authorities to tell them about two bodies being in an alley. By
the time the local police arrive, Kasumi, Ranko, and the girl are long gone.

"So who is she Kasumi-chan and why is she dressed so strangely?", Ranko
asked as they decide to head for a small 'flat' that was prepared ahead of time
for them. The visit to the school would have to wait for a little while.

"Her name is Minako Aino, and believe it or not she is a local magical
girl who is known as, Sailor V.", Kasumi said as they neared their new home.

"You mean like in the manga?", Ranko asked.

"Exactly.", Kasumi said while noticing Ranko holding the girl close to

They entered the flat, and Ranko sat Minako down on the couch.

"Cute isn't she.", Kasumi asked Ranko who was still holding the young
girl's hand.

"I guess.", Ranko said while blushing.

A few minutes later, Sailor V woke up with a 'start', to find a young
woman with long brown hair looking at her.

"What happened, where am I?", Sailor V asked.

"You are in my home. Ranko and I carried you here after you fainted

"Fainted.... Oh my, the demons...", Sailor V said in a panic.

"Do not worry about them, they have been destroyed.", Kasumi said

"I saw an angel, then this strange cat boy came up behind me and...",
she tried to say.

"That was Ranko, and he is with me. You have nothing to fear from
either of us, Sailor V, or should I say Minako Aino.", Kasumi said to a
stunned Minako.

"You know who I am?", Minako replied nervously.

"Of course, it would be quite silly to not know the name of the person
we were sent here to help.", Kasumi said.

"Who sent you?", Minako asked.

"Why Kami-sama of course.", Kasumi replied.

"You are joking, right?", Minako stated.

"No, Ranko and I will be here for quite some time to help you when you
need it.", Kasumi stated.

"I don't have to fight alone anymore?", Minako asked with some hope in
her voice.

"No you do not.", Ranko said as he came into the room, but stayed away
from Minako for fear of upsetting the still shocked girl.

"There is not need to be frightened of Ranko. He carried you here and
helped heal your wounds.", Kasumi said to Minako.

"He did?", Minako asked as she looked at the catboy, who was blushing
for some reason.

"Oh don't mind Ranko, he is blushing because he thinks that you are
a cute young lady.", Kasumi said while noticing the confused look Minako
was giving Ranko.

"He thinks what?", Minako asked in confusion as Ranko facefaulted
into the carpet.

"Oww...Rug burn.", Ranko replied as he rolled over and stood up.

Kasumi hoped her comment would help lighten the mood temporarily, for
she had to ask Minako an important question, and she believed that it might
upset the girl some.

"Minako, I know this may be hard for you to answer, but where are your
guardians. You were supposed to have been guarded by your 'aunt' and 'uncle'.",
Kasumi said.

"They.....died. (sniffle) (whimper) It all happened so fast. They were
killed yesterday by some strange man in black robes. When I came home from
school, I found them dead, and this man standing over them. He said that I was
next. I panicked and ran away. I should have tried to fight him, but I felt
so scared for some reason.", Minako shivered.

"It's alright. If he can summon demons like the one I just fought, he
must be quite powerful. You can not blame yourself.", Kasumi said.

"I have too.....If I had fought maybe those two people today would not
have died. I was so intend on running away I did not think of what would
happen if someone got in the way of the demons as they were chasing me.",
Minako said.

Against his better judgment Ranko found himself approaching the girl
and taking her hand in his, hoping to calm her down. She was not the girl who
he had met in his dreams, but something about Minako still seemed to call to

Minako at first tried to pull away from Ranko, but when she looked in
his eyes, she could only see concern. She relaxed a little, but she had no
urge to transform back to her normal form.

"Perhaps it would be best if you do not go home for a while. This
'wizard' might still be looking for you. You can stay here for a while, if
you like.", Kasumi stated.

Minako debated what might happen if she stayed with these two strange
people, but she really didn't have much choice in the matter. If she went home
the man in the black robes might be waiting for her, and these people did not
harm her while she was unconscious.

"I suppose I can stay with you for a little while.", Minako said

"We can even change your school, if you like. A 'friend' in this world
runs a school for 'Gifted Children'. You will be safe there, as Ranko will
also being joining the student boy there.", Kasumi said.

Kasumi managed to convince Minako to change back to her normal form, as
it would be quite strange to see a local 'superhero' walking down the street
along side two 'normal' people. Well at least as normal as a catboy and a
disguised goddess could be.


As they approached the building, Ranko noticed that it resembled some sort
of large hotel, or public office building.

"Here we are.", Kasumi said in a cheerful manner.

A sign outside the building read, "Ukyo's School for Gifted Children."

"Gifted children? Why do I have the strange feeling that there is more to
it than that.", Ranko asked in a cautious tone of voice.

"Well some of the students are a little unusual.", Kasumi replied.

"How unusual, Minako asked cautiously.

"Some of them are not human. In fact their are representatives of many
different races. There is no need to be nervous though. All of the students
are basically good at heart. They are not perfect, but no one is truly evil.",
Kasumi said.

As they entered the front courtyard of the building, the front door opened
seemingly on its own. As they drew nearer to the door though, both Ranko and Kasumi
noticed that two small winged fairies?, were hovering just inside the door. Both
of the fairies were about 18 inches tall, with long brown hair and blue eyes.
They were wearing, of all things, two miniature Chinese style dresses.

"Ah good, you is here?", one fairies said.

"Yes, is quite good. Mistress Ukyo is waiting for you.", the other fairy

"I am sorry, but who are you?", Ranko asked shyly from behind Kasumi, with
Minako hiding behind him.

Ranko thought that the two fairies were kind of cute, but at the same
time they were a little strange, so he stayed close to Kasumi just in case
something might happen.

"I am Lin-Lin.", one fairy said.

"And I am Ran-Ran.", the other fairy said.

"Queen Titania tell us that you would come, and we tell Mistress
Ukyo. She is very excited to see you. We is too. Not get too many chances
to see cute cat boy.", both of the fairies said at once, causing Ranko
to lightly blush.

"Oh, he very shy.", Lin-Lin giggled.

"Can't be too shy, since he have cute girl behind him.", Ran-Ran
giggled as well.

"Maybe they want to play later?", Lin-Lin said.

"Could be, they look like fun.", Ran-Ran replied.

"Now that is enough of that you two. There is no need to embarrass
one of our future students.", a voice said from behind the doorway.

A young woman of about 30 stepped out in front of Ranko and Kasumi
and smiled kindly at them.

"My name is Ukyo Kuonji, the headmistress of this school, and I bid
you welcome.", Ukyo said as she escorted everyone into the building.

"Thank you for allowing Ranko to join the school so late in the year. I
was afraid that he would have to wait till next year to enroll.", Kasumi said.

"Nonsense, I never turn down students in need. Besides Ranko's presence
here will make this old school a lot more lively. Most of the students here are
female, and they will be thrilled that such a cute young man is now going to
be attending classes here.", Ukyo said as Ranma began to notice several girls
looking at him in a 'funny' way from the top of the stairs in the entry hall.

"But who is the young lady hiding behind him. I do not recall ever
hearing anything about her.", Ukyo said.

"This is Minako, she will be staying with Ranko and I, but I was hoping
that you would not mind one more student enrolling this late in the semester.",
Kasumi asked.

As Kasumi was talking to Ukyo about Minako, Ranko and Minako began to
take a closer look at all of the girls looking at Ranko.

Ranko noticed that most of the girls seemed to be human, more or less,
but their were some that were a little different. One girl looked like an angel,
with long bluish green birds wings growing out of her back. Ranko noticed that
she seemed to freeze in place and smile in glee when she saw Kasumi. Another girl
looked like some sort of little demon. She had very tan skin with a spiked tail
curled up behind her and two large black bat wings growing out of her back. The
demon girl took one look at Kasumi and seemed to be trying to slink away quietly,
with a look of fear in her eyes. There was also a ,(shudder), dog girl of some
kind with long white hair and holding what looked like an old rusted Katana.
Most of the girls appeared to be a little older than he was. Probably about
14 or so, he guessed.

One girl in particular though, caught Ranko's attention. She stood almost
seven feet in height, with light blue skin and long golden hair. Her bright
green eyes seemed to sparkle as she noticed Ranko looking at her. The smile that
she gave Ranko, caused the boy to suddenly look at the ground by his feet, for
some reason.

"Well now aren't you an interesting sight.", a voice said from right in
front of Ranko, who upon looking up noticed that the girl with blue skin, who
he was just staring at had somehow just appeared right in front of him. The girl
was definitely older than the rest, at least 18 years old, and her closeness to him
seemed to annoy the younger girls for some reason.

"Bloody hell, the spooky girl finally speaks.", the demon girl said from
the top of the stairs.

"Asuka, watch your language! It is not proper to speak in such a course
manner, especially in front of guests.", the 'angel' girl said to the demon
girl, who was standing next to her.

"You are one to talk. It was not I who had those pictures of a certain
soccer player hidden under her mattress.", Asuka said as the angel girl
sputtered indignantly.

"Asuka, Rei, stop your arguing this instant. We are here to welcome two
new students.", Ukyo said in disgust as several of the schoolgirls giggled at
the antics of their fellow students.

"My apologies if I caused a disturbance.", the blue skinned girl said.

"It is not your fault Llewellen. Everyone is just surprised that is all.
You have not spoken to anyone except for me since you first came here.", Ukyo

"I have not had reason to speak to anyone until now.", Llewellen said in
in a casual tone of voice.

"Well excuse us.", Asuka snorted.

"Mistress, with your permission, I would like to begin your young
ward's education in the arcane arts.", Llewellen said as she bowed to
Kasumi, surprising many of the girls present.

"And the surprises continue to mount.", Asuka said.

"You want to teach me magic? Why?", Ranko said while looking up
at Llewellen.

"You have great potential, as I am sure your guardian has noticed.",
Llewellen replied to Ranko.

"Can I think about it?", Ranko asked.

"You may, but do not take to long to reach a decision. I do not know
how much longer I will choose to remain on this world and it would be a
shame to let your skills go to waste.", Llewellen said.

"You look as if all of you have had a hard day. Would you care to spend
the night?", Ukyo asked.

"Well I guess that would be alright. It will give Ranko and Minako a
chance to meet some of the students.", Kasumi said as she noticed Minako still
staying quite close to Ranko, much to her satisfaction.

"Well now that, that is settled I will show Ranko to his room. You will
be in a private room. It would not be proper for you to share a room with one of
the girls.", Ukyo stated.

"A private room will be fine.", Ranko said as he noticed the demon girl
Asuka winking at him and licking her lips.

Ukyo began to lead Ranko up to his room, with Kasumi and Minako following
when the front door to the school slammed open and a panicked looking foxgirl
ran in and stopped just short of slamming into Llewellen.

"Mistress Ukyo, come quick!", the foxgirl shouted as loud as she could.

"What is it Hinako? Why are you so excited and where is Kirinka?", Ukyo
said to the panicked foxgirl.

"We were getting the supplies like you asked us, but as we walking
back a man and some 'thing' pulled us into an alley. I managed to get free,
but Kirinka was trapped. I ran back here as quick as I could to get help.
We must hurry. I do not know what the creature was, but it and the man
reeked of black magic.", Hinako said.

"Are monster attacks common around here?", Kasumi asked Ukyo.

"Well there have been some sightings lately, but they are usually
taken care of by a young girl calling herself, Sailor V. Quite an interesting
girl, but the outfit she wears is simply scandalous.", Ukyo said as Minako
shifted on her feet back and forth nervously.

"Can you show us where you were attacked?", Ukyo asked the foxgirl
Hinako, who nodded in response.

"I will go with you. If the creatures are magic, I should be able
to defeat them.", Llewellen said.

"I will come as well.", Kasumi said as she changed to her goddess form,
causing Rei to look at her with stars in her eyes and Asuka to hide behind
Rei, much to the angel girl's amusement.

"I believe Ranko should come as well. I would like to see if he has any
latent talents that may emerge, if he is exposed to hostile magic.", Llewellen
said as Kasumi eyed her skeptically.

"As long as he is not exposed to danger. I will not let anything
harm him.", Kasumi said while pulling Ranko close to her.

"Heh, quite close aren't they.", Ran-Ran said.

"Is so.", Lin-Lin giggled.

"May I come along?", Minako asked.

"I do not think that is a good idea. You have not been feeling well
lately, remember.", Kasumi said to Minako

"I will take care of her, while all of you are away.", Rei said to

Minako saw the 'angel' girl smiling at her and felt that she could
trust Rei. She reminded her someone, from her past, but she couldn't
remember who that might be.


Hinako led Kasumi, Ranko, Ukyo, and Llewellen to the alley in which
they were attacked. No one was present when they arrived, but there was a
strong lingering presence of magic leading off deeper into the city.

The small group followed the 'trail' to an old abandoned movie
theater in the center of town. The entire block seemed deserted as an evil
presence seemed to hang over the neighborhood.

Ukyo pulled out small throwing spatula and through at the side door of
the theater. The spatula imbedded itself in the door, then exploded, blowing
the door of its hinges.

"So much for the stealthy approach.", Llewellen sighed.

"Someone has one of my students and might be doing something horrible
to her. Best way to get rid of the menace is to hurt it as fast and hard
as possible.", Ukyo said as she charged though the door.

The others reluctantly followed the impulsive school headmistress.

As everyone rushed in, Llewellen stop short, causing everyone to pile up behind her.

"What's the problem?", Hinako asked.

"There is the lingering stench of death magic in the air. Our opponent is
more than likely a necromancer, which means we will probably fighting more than
one type of undead creature.", Llewellen said as she began to weave a spell
that would make everyone present immune to the life draining abilities of
some undead creatures.

As the exited a side hallway and entered in the auditorium portion of
the theater, they were practically blown over by the horrible stench of
death and decay.

"I think I am going to be sick.", Ranko said as his very sensitive
nose almost burned in irritation from the smells emanating from the room.

Kasumi was the first to locate Ukyo, who was in the process of slicing
up several zombies with a very large, silver?, spatula. Behind the zombies
were several animated skeletons, what looked like five ghouls and a vampire
of all things, bringing up the rear.

On the stage of the auditorium, a young brunette girl was laid out on
what looked like an old French guillotine. Next to her was a man in black
robes chanting softly as a 'thing' stood next to him standing guard. The
unknown creature might have once been human, but several parts seemed
to have been added to it. The creature had two additional shell encrusted
arms, ending in lobster style claws. Two torn black bat wings hung limply
from the creatures back, and a second head, resembling some sort of
reptile, sat right next to the creature's human head.

Kasumi stepped up in front of Llewellen, pulled a large black
sword from out of nowhere, raised the sword above her head and said,
"Return to the dust from whence you came, mockeries of nature."

(Turn Undead)

As Kasumi's words rang out, the zombies and skeletons collapsed into
dust, just as one zombie was about to thrust a rusty dagger into Ukyo's
unprotected back.

With the death of the lesser undead, their more powerful 'brothers'
began to rush forward.

"Now it is my turn.", Llewellen said with a look of glee on her face.

"Chain Lightning!", Llewellen yelled out of arcs of blue electricity
appeared from nowhere and began to strike each of the ghouls present.

"Fools, you will not take me that easily.", the man in the black robes
said, as a fireball flew forward from his hands.

"Scatter!", Kasumi yelled out as everyone tried to dodge out of the way
to lesson the force of the blast.

Ranko, seeing the foxgirl Hinako, frozen in fear, tackled the girl
to the ground, just as the fireball exploded over him. He let out a loud
shriek as he was burned by the spell.

"How dare you harm a child!", Ukyo yelled out as several silver
mini spatulas flew towards the necromancer. They were stopped short when
the previously mentioned vampire stepped into their path, causing the
spatulas to strike some sort of glowing energy shield.

"A protection barrier. So that is how he wants to play it.",
Llewellen said as she began to chant.

Kasumi meanwhile had rushed over to Ranko. The boy was badly burned
and Kasumi began to chant a healing spell as Hinako looked at the burnt
catboy in shock.

"He saved me.", Hinako said as tears began to fall from her eyes.

"Spell strike!", Llewellen yelled out as a black beam of energy
flew out and struck the shield. The shield instantly collapsed as well
as 3 more magic barriers that had surrounded the vampire and the

"Hinako watch over Ranko as I deal with the wizard.", Kasumi said
as Hinako reached over and pulled, the now only slightly injured, Ranko
close to her.

Llewellen pulled out a large sword, resembling a basket hilt
claymore and was rushing the strange composite monster on the stage. She
was about to be assaulted by the vampire when a loud 'twang' was heard and
the vampire felt himself forced back slightly. On the ground was a large wooden
bolt, that would have pierce his heart if his 'master' had not provided him
with a 'coat' of mithral chain mail.

Across the auditorium, Ukyo dropped that crossbow, and looked on in shock.
It was not fair, undead are not supposed to wear armor. Oh look, why are the
vampire's hands now glowing.

A stream of bluish white missiles struck Ukyo in the chest, sending her
flying back, just missing landing on Ranko.

"Great a vampire mage. Can this become any more complicated.", Ukyo
grumbled to herself.

Llewellen leapt away from the strange monster zombie, that she was
fighting, and drew forth, several black beads that she was carrying in her
pocket. She threw the beads at the vampire before he could get off another
spell. The beads exploded into blackish energy bolts that send the vampire
rebounding off one of the overhead rafters, bouncing off the stage, and into
the auditorium seats.

With the vampire now quite close to her, Ukyo pulled out a large glowing
mace and charged the creature. The vampire pulled out what looked like an
eastern style scimitar and parried Ukyo's weapon strike, but was momentarily
stunned by the secondary effects of the mace.

"Mace of disruption? Such an item will not save you.", the vampire
hissed as he quickly threw off the effects of the stunning and began to attack
Ukyo with a series of quick thrusts, striking a glancing blow on Ukyo's left

Ukyo hissed as a green liquid from the weapon burned her skin. An acid
weapon, how Ukyo hated those things.

Ukyo ducked under the vampire's slashing attack and swung her mace into
the vampire's unarmored legs. A 'crunching' sound was heart as the holy weapon
shattered the vampire's left leg below the knee. The vampire growled in pain as
he collapsed to the ground.

Seeing the fallen vampire, Hinako pulled out a large mallet and tossed it
to Ukyo, who caught it and pulled out a large wooden stake. The mail armor
may have stopped her previous attack, but it would not stop the stake, made
from the wood of a millennium tree.

The mallet came down, causing the vampire to convulse, then start to
fall in upon itself, eventually fading into dust.

Ranko managed to sit up and looked over the carnage taking place on
stage. The strange creature was now missing its two crab-like limbs and
one of its wings was just sliced off by Llewellen.

The necromancer took one looked at the now, glowing and winged
Kasumi and began to back up in fear.

"What are you?", the necromancer hissed.

"My name is Katrina Saotome, Goddess third class unlimited of nature
and fertility.", Kasumi said as spheres of bluish white energy began to
form in her hands.

As everyone on stage was already occupied with an opponent, they failed
to notice a skeletal figure dressed in wizards robes appear next to Kirinka.
Well everyone that is except for Hinako, who was quite frankly not the best
equipped to deal with such a creature.

The figure let off a chromatic sphere spell, which Hinako managed to
avoid by leaping upwards and landing back near Ranma.

"We have to save her.", Ranko said to Hinako.

"That's a lich.", Hinako said while beginning to shake in fear.

"A what?", Ranko asked.

"A very powerful undead wizard. We can do nothing to harm it.", Hinako
said from her new hiding place behind Ranma. She wasn't a coward by a long shot,
but she was definitely not stupid either.

"We have to try, we can not just let that creature harm her.", Ranko said
as he leapt forward, covering the 50 foot distance to the stage in one leap.
Ranko tried to catch the lich by surprise, but as he tried to strike out at the
creature, its arm shot forward and grabbed Ranko by the throat.

"Ah, how quaint. A hero come to save the damsel in distress. Absolutely
pathetic.", the Lich hissed at Ranko was trying to break grip on his neck.

Seeing the zombie chimera collapse into dust and the foolish wizard, who
summoned him, backing up in fear, the lich dragged Ranko over to the guillotine
and put his skeletal hand on the release level.

"Cease your fighting or the little girl and the animal will die!", the
lich's voice boomed out.

"Let them go or I will kill you.", Kasumi said in the 'coldest'
voice that she had ever used.

"Yes you could kill me, godling, but I can always regenerate my form,
can you say the same for your little pets.", the lich said as he tightened
his grip on Ranko, and pushed the level on the guillotine slightly
forward, causing the blade to slip a little.

"Good work ,my slave, kill them and we shall be off.", the wizard
said to the lich.

"I am not your slave, foolish little necromancer, and I do not
require anything more from you.", the lich growled.

Ranko's vision began to blur and he began to feel faint from
lack of oxygen.

"Can't fail....must save girl...", he thought in a daze.

As he tried to free himself neither he, nor the lich noticed
short 'blades' of blue energy begin to form in Ranko's right hand.
As Ranko swung at the lich he was surprised to see the lich's arm
and a good section of his torso fall away from the rest of his body
causing blackish colored blood and other things to spray out.

As the body of the lich began to fall, his hand pushed forward on the
lever, causing the blade to start to fall towards Kirinka's neck. Ranko
swiped at the air causing not only the blade, but the entire top section
of the guillotine to fly apart.

The wizard, seeing that all of his minions were defeated, began
to flee towards the back door. As he stopped to turn the handle a loud
whistling sound was approaching him from behind. Foolishly taking time
to see what it was, he noticed a large metal blade approaching him. He
had 3 seconds to realize what it was, before the blade of the destroyed
guillotine removed his head from his body. Who says the universe doesn't
have a sense of irony.

Seeing the wizard die, Ranko stumbles forward once and collapses
on top on Kirinka, who chooses that moment to wake and shrieks at seeing
some sort of 'monster' obviously trying to take advantage of her.

Kirinka tries to hit the 'perverted' monster but finds her punch
intercepted by Hinako who had finally overcome her fear and was running
towards the stage as the lich finally died.

"You leave him alone Kirinka. He save not only your life, but mine as
well.", Hinako said while glaring at Kirinka.

Kasumi felt a strange sense of deja vu, while watching Kirinka and
Hinako arguing over an unconscious Ranko. It reminded her of something, but
she wasn't quite sure what.

Once all of the undead had been destroyed, Llewellen started to
strip the bodies of the necromancer and lich of any valuables, much to the
surprise of some of her companions.

"Isn't that a little crude, Llewellen dear?", Ukyo asked.

"Not particularly. It is part of the adventurers' credo that
states, 'Once you defeat thine enemy you are entitled to their worldly
goods.' So I fail to see the problem. After all they certainly do not
need any material goods anymore.", Llewellen said as she pulled a rather
nice diamond bracelet from within the robes of the lich.

"If you say so, dear.", Ukyo replied.

As everyone was leaving, Hinako offered to carry Ranko back to the school,
despite the fact that she was the smallest member of the group. She refused all
offers of help, saying that since Ranko had risked his life to save her, the
least she could do was help carry him back. The fact that she had a blush on
her face as she held him close was purely a coincidence. After all, she couldn't
have any other motive. She was a quiet and demure foxgirl after all.

Upon entering Ukyo's school, Hinako put Ranko down on a nearby loveseat and
stretched out her arms and shoulders, causing crackling and popping noises to
echo throughout the entrance hall. She was younger than some of the girls at the
school, being only 12, but she was strong for her age and didn't mind the effort
it took to carry Ranko ,(Blush), so close to her.

"Are you alright little one?", Kasumi asked Hinako as she shifted back to
her human form.

"I'll be alright. I am just a little sore.", Hinako said.

Kasumi saw Llewellen looking at her with a quizzical look on her face
as if she wanted to ask the goddess a question.

"Did you wish to asked me something, Llewellen-san?", Kasumi asked.

"I was just wondering, while you referred to yourself as Katrina
Saotome earlier. It that your real name?", Llewellen asked.

"No, I have found it best to not use my real name. I have spent five
years, before I met Ranko visiting different worlds, on some of which, a
dimensional counterpart of mine lived. If people heard me refer to myself
as Kasumi, they might start asking too many questions.", Kasumi replied.

"Phewwww, smells like burnt cat hair down here. What's going on?",
Asuka asked as she came down the stairs then considering running back up
them as she noticed everyone glaring at her.

Rei and Minako came down the stairs to see why Asuka was being so
nosy. Minako saw Ranko laying on the loveseat unconscious and practically
leapt down the stairs to see if he was alright.

Kasumi told Minako a brief recount of what had happened. Minako felt a
little guilty for not being there for the fight. After all the wizard had
killed her guardians, she should have done something, but perhaps taking
care of the person who helped end the wizard's threat would be enough. She
was a little mad at the girl who tried to hit Ranko, but it past quickly
when she realized that she did not trust him earlier either.

"Well if no one objects I will carry Ranko up to his room. Llewellen
would be so kind as to show Kasumi and Minako to one of the guest rooms.",
Ukyo said.

Kasumi was about to say that she would carry Ranko, when she noticed
a wistful look on Ukyo's face. Ukyo appeared to be carrying Ranko like
one would carry an infant across there chest.

"I do not mind Ukyo-san, just inform me what room Ranko is done
afterwards.", Kasumi replied.

"That will not be a problem.", Ukyo said.


Ukyo carried Ranko up to large bedroom covered in thick green carpeting
and dark wood paneling, in the manner of a Victorian era lounge. She pulled
back the covers of a large oak four poster bed and laid Ranko down. She
got up to leave, but stopped at the doorway. Ukyo pulled out a chair from
a desk that was in the room, and sat it next to the bed, where she watched
Ranko sleep for a few minutes. Ukyo sighed quietly and pulled out a locket
from behind her shirt. Opening it, she saw the picture of a young fanged
boy, wearing a bandanna around his head.

"Oh Ryoga, you fool. Why did you have to try and learn that martial
technique? Was being the best and defeating that idiot Taro really so
important to you. If you had just let it go, today we might have a child.",
Ukyo thought as she looked up at Ranko.

As she continued to look at Ranko, Ukyo began to feel her eyelids
'growing heavy'. She tried to get up and leave, but the fight earlier had
taken' a lot out of her. It had been more than a few years, since she had
fought a monster. Perhaps she should practice more often, she thought
as she fell asleep.

Ukyo awoke a few hours later to the sound of Ranko quietly talking
in his sleep.

"Momma, please don't leave me. I promise I will be good from now
on. I don't like being trapped in here.", Ranko whimpered in his sleep.

Ukyo got up from her chair, even more stiff that she was before
and sat down on the bed and pulled Ranko close, which cause the catboy
to jerk awake with a panicked look in his eyes.

"Momma?", he said unconsciously.

Ukyo knew that he wasn't referring to her, but to here someone
say that to her anyway, caused a warm feeling to splash across her body.

"Shhh, there is no need to be upset little one. You are safe now.",
Ukyo whispered to him.

"Where am I? What happened to that monster that tried to choke me?",
Ranko asked groggily.

"The monster is dead. You killed it and saved Kirinka's life. You
did a very brave thing little one.", Ukyo said.

"I killed the monster?", Ranko asked in confusion.

"Yes you did, but you fainted afterwards and Hinako carried you
back to the school, then I carried you up to this room so that you
could sleep.", Ukyo said.

"Was I dreaming? Is that why you are here holding me?", Ranko
asked, not really minding being held.

"You had a nightmare, I believe. You were calling out to your
mother. Do you remember the dream?", Ukyo asked.

"No, Kasumi said that I have had dreams like that before, but I can
never remember what happened, when I woke up.

"Well you seem to be alright now. I'll let you sleep. You shouldn't have
anymore dreams tonight.", Ukyo said as she started to get off the bed.

"Who is that?", Ranko asked as he noticed the open locket on Ukyo's
chest when she pulled away from him.

"That is someone who was very special to me. Maybe later I will tell
you about him.", Ukyo said to Ranko, as she opened to door to the room
and left Ranko so that he could sleep.

A couple hours later the door to Ranko's room open again and in stepped
a young girl with long brown hair, wearing a long nightgown.

"So you actually save me? I am not sure how such a scrawny little
fur ball could do something like that, but Ukyo said that you did.", Kirinka
thought as she looked at Ranko snuggling against his pillow.

Kirinka reached out began to scratch Ranko behind the ears. As he began
to purr, she had to stifle a giggle.

"I suppose I should reward you my 'prince' for saving me.", Kirinka
thought as she leaned over and kissed Ranko on the cheek.

Kirinka, shocked at what she had just done, pulled back quickly and
ran out of the room, closing the door behind her. When the door closed
Ranko opened one eye and smiled at what had just happened.

"I think I might like to stay here for a while. Everyone seems
to be so much nicer to me, then in my own world.", Ranko thought as
he snuggled tighter against his pillow and fell into a deep sleep.

Outside the door to his room, Kirinka bumped into Minako, who had also
decided to pay a visit to Ranko.

"So you were worried about him as well?", Minako asked Kirinka.

"You make it sound as if I have some sort of feelings for that little
fuzz ball.", Kirinka said.

"Well then, if that is the case, then I guess I will just watch over him
for the night to see that everything is alright. Besides he said earlier that I
was cute.", Minako said to Kirinka, who was glaring at her.

"Well then I might just decide to stay as well. After all if something
were to happen, then two people could take care of the problem twice as
easily as two people.", Kirinka said as she sat down on a chair next to the
bed. Minako, not to be outdone, actually laid down on the bed, next to Ranko
with Kirinka following shortly thereafter.

In the room next door, a pair of bright emerald green eyes, stared out
of a cracked open doorway, and observed the two girls entering Ranko's room.

"Somebody is planning to have some fun.", Asuka says as she moves
back into her room.

"What are you talking about, you annoying demon?", Rei said to her
cu..., er rather bothersome roommate.

"It appears that two of our fellow students have decided to visit a
certain catboy in his room.", Asuka said while licking her lips.

"They can not do that, it's improper, it's indecent. I must put a stop to
this disgraceful behavior.", Rei said as she got up out of bed and exited the
room, with Asuka following closely behind.

Further down the hallway, Lin-Lin and Ran-Ran were hovering and midair
and had just watched a total of four 'girls' enter the catboy's room.

"Wonder what going on?", Lin-Lin said.

"Maybe is slumber party?", Ran-Ran replied.

"Could be. Perhaps we go join then.", Lin-Lin said back.

"Sounds like good plan.", Ran-Ran said as the two fairy girls flew
quickly back to their room, and returned holding two small pillows and one
blanket each.


The next morning Kasumi came down the stairs and into the dining room,
where Ukyo was sitting with a concerned looked on her face.

"Is something wrong, Ukyo-san?", Kasumi asked.

"Several of my students are missing. Even Ran-Ran and Lin-Lin are gone,
and it is definitely not like them to skip breakfast.

"Hmm, I wonder.", Kasumi said with mischievous glint in her eye.

"You know where they are?", Ukyo asked.

"Oh, I have and idea.", Kasumi said as she led Ukyo back to the
upstairs bedrooms.

Kasumi opened the door to Ranko's room and stepped in, along with
Ukyo, who promptly fell over at the sight in front of her. In the bed, in
which Ranko was sleeping, were four girls and two fairies. Kasumi noticed
Minako and Kirinka were under the covers with him, while Rei and Asuka
were just covers by one of the blankets. Lin-Lin and Ran-Ran were curled
up in their own blankets near Ranko's pillow.

"Yes, he is definitely one of Ranma's analogs. He has been here only a
day and Ranko has already collected a 'harem'.", Kasumi thought while
accidentally snickering out loud.

"What is going on here!", Ukyo shouted at the top of her lungs,
causing Rei and Asuka to jerk awake and roll out of the bed with a thud.

Ranko was awakened by the shout and noticed that two girls were now
curled up next to him, (blush), while two there were on the floor, while
the two fairies were sleeping next to his head.

"I have the feeling that I am missing something here?", he mumbled
in confusion.

"You girls know the rules, you are not allowed to have any boys in your
room, and especially in the same bed.", Ukyo almost shrieked.

"But he is not our room, we are in his room.", Asuka said as Ukyo began
to twitch.

"Perhaps it would be best if all of you girls left for now. You can see
Ranko later.", Kasumi said calmly.

"Aren't you concerned about what might have happened?", Ukyo said from
the hallway, after all of the girls had left Ranko's room.

"Nothing happened. They just slept together.", Kasumi said.

"You are sure of this?", Ukyo asked.

"Quite sure.", Kasumi stated.

"Good, because the last thing I need to worry about is my girls fooling
around with someone.", Ukyo said.

"That is why, Ranko and I will not be living here, along with Minako.
Although I can not see why you are so upset, you did say earlier that you
hoped Ranko's presence would make your school more lively.", Kasumi said.

"I meant in the classroom, not in the bedroom.", Ukyo said.

"There is no need to worry about that. Ranko will be sleeping in his
own room from now on.", Kasumi said.

"That would be for the best, well as long as the other girls do not
find out that Minako will be living with you and Ranko.", Ukyo said.

"I do not believe that it will be a problem, but Ranko does seem to have
the same 'ability' that Ranma has in my world.", Kasumi said.

"What ability is this?", Ukyo asked.

"Well both Ranma and Ranko, for some reason, seem to constantly attract
young women to them. It might have something to do with their auras. They both
seem to bring out feelings of love and protectiveness in the girls near them.
This unfortunately, also turns to jealousy at times, when one girl is ignored
or slighted in some way. I have almost removed this 'curse' from Ranko. He might,
well..... probably will still attract some of your students, but hopefully
the violence that my...er rather Ranma has experienced in the past will not
be present.", Kasumi said.

"You were going to say, 'your Ranma', weren't you.", Ukyo smiled.

"Maybe...", Kasumi blushed.

"Looks like you may have to help out your Ranma when you return to
your own homeland.", Ukyo said.


From behind his bedroom door, Ranko heard Ukyo and Kasumi talking about
where Minako was going to live. Truth be told, he kind of liked being around
the little fox girl, Hinako, but he supposed Minako wouldn't be a bad person,
if he came to know her better. None of them seemed as nice as that girl
Nabiki, that he dreamed about, but it wouldn't be a bad thing to have a few
close friends.

Ranko went to the closet to retrieve his clothes. He found everything
there except for his shoes. Looking around he did not see them, so he decided
to look under the bed. As he bent down to look, he noticed two very large eyes
staring back at him.

"Ack!", he eloquently replied as he stumbled back and fell on his rear.

"That was funny.", a voice said from under the bed.

Ranko was going to ask who was under there, when he saw the young
foxgirl Hinako slide out from under the bed, wearing a nightgown and covered
with some of the dust that was under the bed.

"What were you doing under there?", Ranko asked.

"I came in last night to see how you were, but as I was trying to leave
the room, I saw the door begin to open and Kirinka entering. I jumped under
the bed as fast as I could. I didn't want to get into trouble with anyone
again.", Hinako said, obviously embarrassed about the whole thing.

"Weren't you cold under there?", Ranko asked?

"No, not really. The carpeting in here is very thick, and so is my fur.
Besides my nighty also keeps me warm. Are you mad that I snuck in here?",
Hinako asked as she wiped some of the dust off of her nightgown.

"I guess not. After all everyone else seemed to want to be in here
for some reason.", Ranko

"You are surprised by this?", Hinako asked.

"Back in my own world, nobody wanted me around. I was always
different from anybody else. Everyone around me was human. When I was younger
some people thought that I was cute and would make a good pet, but as I got
older, they couldn't deal with an 'intelligent animal', so I was left out
on the street, several times. I couldn't even work for food. I had to either
take what I could find from the garbage cans around the neighborhood, or
sometimes take food without asking.", Ranko said as Hinako stared at him.

"That is very strange, I thought their were various hybrids all over
the world, even since the portals opened a long time ago.

"Portals? Hybrids? Hinako I should tell you that Kasumi and I do not
come from this world, we just arrived here.", Ranko said.

"Really, then you are like Llewellen, she doesn't come from here either.",
Hinako said in an excited tone of voice.

"Where is she from?", Ranko asked.

"I forget the name, but it is some world with three moons that is
supposed to be very hard to get to.", Hinako said.

"I don't know if she likes it here, but I am glad to be some place where
I do not have to worry about someone trying to hurt me or think that I am
some sort of monster.", Ranko said.

"So you were truly alone on your world.", Hinako asked as she took Ranko's
hand in her own and squeezed to try and show that she felt sympathy for him.

"There were rumors of some sort of cat or other animal people in
China that I heard a man mention once, but I don't know if this was true
or not.", Ranko said.

"Here you will not have to worry about that. There are not a lot of
nonhumans is this town, but we have been on this world for over 400 years. Later
on I will tell you how this came to be, if you would like me to.", Hinako said.

"I would like that. Since I am going to be going to this school, we will
be able to spend some time talking together.", Ranko said.

"I should go now, so that you can get dressed, but if you want to talk, I
will listen. I maybe younger than the other girls, but they tell me that I am
good at helping people with their problems.", Hinako said as she opened the
window and jumped out, much to Ranko's shock.

He rushed to the window to see Hinako hit the ground and immediately
jump back up to the window above his, smiling as she passed by him.

"I wonder if Kasumi-chan can teach me to do that?", Ranko thought as he
closed the window.

(End Flashback Sequence)

"Well that pretty much describes my first day at Ukyo's school.
So was my story worth the price of a meal.", Ranko asked his very
attentive audience.

"That was quite a story my boy. Were all of your days, so busy?",
Cologne asked Ranko.

"No, most were quiet, well except for some of the fights the girls
tended to get into, but that's another story altogether.", Ranko said.

"Shampoo thinks that the girls were fighting over Ranko.", Shampoo
said in a teasing voice as Ranko looked down at the floor.

"I would be willing to wager that several of the girls, perhaps, tried
to pay you some late night visits at your home.", Cologne cackled.

"Maybe a few times.", Ranko said quietly.

"Those three girls; Minako, Kirinka, and Hinako seemed particularly
interested in you my boy. Did you end up with any of them.", Cologne asked.

"I was with Minako for quite a while, but it would take a long time
to explain how that came about.", Ranko said.

"Nuku Nuku no mind, if Ranko tells another story.", the catgirl
android said.

"Perhaps later, it is getting late, and I should head back to the
dojo to help Kasumi with dinner. If I do not Akane may try and 'help' her
sister again.", Ranko said as Shampoo looked disgusted.

"If violent girl try and poison family again, Ranko can come eat here,
can even bring mercenary girl.", Shampoo said as Cologne looked at her
great granddaughter with a raised eyebrow.

"Well that is very kind of you, but I would not like to abuse your
hospitality.", Ranko said as he looked at Nuku Nuku, who seemed excited
at the prospect of seeing him again.

Ranko left the cafe and started to head towards home.

"Home....., yes I guess the dojo is my home now, at least as long
and Kasumi and Nabiki wish me to stay.", Ranko thought.


As Ranko entered the courtyard to the dojo, he saw the object of his
earlier hunt. A small black pick was trying to climb into an open window
which appeared to lead to the furo on the first floor.

"Well perhaps I could have a little fun after all.", Ranko said just
as he noticed a furred hand strike the pig from the front causing it to fly
back out the window with a bloody nose of all things.

A few minutes later, a haphazardly dressed Neko-Nabiki came out of the
house, looking quite annoyed at the unconscious pig.

"What happened Nabiki-chan?", Ranko asked as he saw Nabiki about to
kick the little pig as if it were a soccer ball.

"The little pig surprised me by trying to jump into the furo. I caught
him before he could make it though, then I hit the little peeping bastard
out of the window.", Nabiki said as she drew her leg back to punt the little
pervert pig to the horizon.

"He saw you nude?", Ranko twitched.

Nabiki nodded.

"Nabiki-chan I know that the foul little beast has taken too many liberties
with yourself and your family, but I wonder if I may be so bold as to offer to
punish him properly.", Ranko stated.

"What do you have in mind?", Nabiki asked, as Ranko pulled our a very large
golf club.

"It's has been quite some time since I have had a chance to practice my
swing. Would you mind....", Ranko trailed off as Nabiki grinned evilly.



Ryoga once again woke to find himself flying through the air. He had been
doing a lot of that lately. He knew it was all somehow Ranma's fault. He
recently found out that his dear shy, quiet, and kind, Akane was now a lesbian.
Ranma, the fiend, had evidently treated her so badly that she had to find comfort
in a woman's arms. Those strange cat creatures also had to Ranma's fault some
how. Ranma knew the Neko-ken. These cats had to be related to that somehow. Now
all he had to do was find out where the coward was hiding.

Ryoga was broken out of his melancholy, by the sight of a rapidly
approaching building. Odd, it strangely smelled like pork. As Ryoga flew closer
he saw a banner on the building that said, "Welcome Third Annual Pork Lover's

"Ranma this is all your fault!", Ryoga tried to say. Of course since he
was still a pig, all that came out was, "Bwee, Bwee, Bwee".

A little girl, hearing a strange noise above her looked up and saw a small
pig falling from the sky.

"Look daddy, an appetizer.", the girl said.


Back at the dojo, Nabiki had gone up to her room, to straighten out her
clothes, and Ranko had gone into the kitchen to retrieve a certain tomboy,
that had snuck in earlier to try and cook her 'wonderful' food for her family.
Ranko had to admire the girl's persistence, but he was continually surprised
by how dense she was when it came to her cooking, especially when he saw
several blowfish sitting on the kitchen counter.

"I mean really, the girl should know better than that.", Ranko thought
as he carried the struggling girl away and tossed her on the couch.

"You stupid #^$&## cat, what the &#*$& do you think you are doing?",
Akane yelled.

"My, my, such language. Kasumi should wash her mouth out with soap
for saying that.", Ranko thought as he grinned at Akane, then stuck his
tongue out and pulled down his lower eyelid at Akane. He wasn't quite
sure what it meant, but he had seen Nabiki do it before to annoy a certain
pathetic excuse for a kendoist.

Akane, upon seeing the insult from the catboy, leapt at him. Ranko
dodged out of the way and ran into the front yard, with Akane close behind.
After several dozen high speed laps of the yard, Akane began to slow and
eventually collapsed on the ground.

"Poor girl really needs to work on her endurance.", Ranko thought as
he reluctantly picked up the heavy girl and plopped her on the couch again.

"How can such a small girl weigh so much.", Ranko thought as he
loosened the muscles in his shoulders and arms.


Ryoga managed to get away from the little girl, that wanted to cook
him. He wasn't sure what was worse, being mistaken for an appetizer, or
forced to wear those annoying collars when that crazy ice skater girl
found him.

Ryoga sighed, the whole day had been a complete mess, as far as he was
concerned. Even his poor sweet Akane did not even realize how brainwashed she
had become when he spoke to her earlier.

(Brief Flashback)

Ryoga was wandering through the Jubaan district of Tokyo when he passed
a rather large house. He stopped when he heard a familiar voice coming
from inside the house as the front door opened. Outside stepped Akane,
holding the hands of another girl?!?!, and blushing. It disgusted him what
that fiend Ranma had done to such a sweet innocent girl.

"Hi, Akane.", Ryoga said shyly.

"Oh, Ryoga, what brings you here?", Akane said as she smiled at her
'friend', who blushed in response.

"I'm just...your know... wandering by.", Ryoga said sadly.

"Lost again?, Akane asked.

Ryoga nodded in shame. At least Akane always was sympathetic to his
plight in life and didn't make fun of him like Ranma and that evil sister
of Akane's.

"Akane, I think you should know that there is a bad rumor about you
going around.", Ryoga said.

"What is it?", Akane asked.

"People are saying that you had left Ranma and were now dating a girl.",
Ryoga replied to Akane.

"That is not a rumor. I am seeing another girl.", Akane said as she put
her arm around Akari's waist, causing Ryoga to stare in surprise.

"But how? Why? You used to always call Ranma a pervert whenever he was near
you in girl form. Especially that time when he tried to hold your hand at your
school.", Ryoga said as Akane now had a shamed expression on her face.

"Ryoga, I didn't know it at the time, but the reason that I hit Ranma, was
not due to the fact that he was a girl at the time, it was due to something else
entirely.", Akane said.

"Did Ranma do something to you?", Ryoga asked, starting to get angry.

"It is sweet of you to ask, but I am afraid it was something that was
my fault.", Akane said to a shocked Ryoga.

"Your fault?", Ryoga managed to squeak out.

"A couple years before I met Ranma, I had a very good friend, but I was
confused at how I felt about her at times. I liked her....a lot. I thought that I
was strange liking a girl, the same way that the boys did. I was ashamed of
myself for thinking of her in that way, so I tried to ignore it. When Akari
left I felt numb inside for a while, but tried to get over it.", Akane said
as she looked at Akari.

"Go on Akane.", Ryoga said, not feeling very well at the moment.

"When Ranma first arrived at my home he was in girl form. He looked
so innocent and cute. I thought that perhaps I could have another chance
at getting close to someone. When I found out that he was a boy, I was
angry. I thought he had tried to trick me into doing something perverted.
He was a boy 'pretending' to be a girl. I was mad at him not for being
able to change sexes, but for being something that I thought he wasn't.",
Akane said sadly.

"Akane it is not your fault, it is Ranma's. He did something to you I
know it. Don't worry though, I will take care of him for hurting you, I
promise!", Ryoga yelled out as he charged off into the distance.

"Poor Ryoga, he doesn't need to defend me so often. It's a little
strange though. Sometimes I think that he may like me more than as a
friend, but that is just silly isn't it?", Akane asked Akari, who tried
very hard not to roll her eyes at her girlfriend's obliviousness at times.

Ryoga stopped his brief run, when he heard something falling from
above. Looking up he saw a boy in a Kendo uniform, looking somewhat
burnt, hit the ground near by.

"Oh him.", Ryoga snorted in disgust.

"Ah the vibrant pigtailed girl, her strikes of love are quite
invigorating.", the idiot kendoist said.

"Pigtailed girl? Ranma....", Ryoga growled as he noticed a flash of
her down the street. A young redheaded girl with a pigtail was walking
down the street. Even worse she was wearing a skirt.

"I shall make that pervert pay for his crimes.", Ryoga growled.

The young red haired girl stopped walking when she heard a voice
yell out, "Ranma, prepare to die.

She turned around quickly and just avoided being hit by a very
large umbrella of all things.

"Who are you, and what do you want?", the girl asked, while
pulling out a small silver sword from out of no where.

"You won't fool me this time Ranma. I can see through that silly
disguise of yours.

"What are you talking about fool?", the girl said.

"I must admit though, it is a lot better than your other ones. You
even made that oversize chest of yours look smaller.", Ryoga teased. He
knew how vain Ranma was about his girl form. "Let's see how he likes being
teased for once.", Ryoga thought.

"There is nothing wrong with my chest. I am still young.", the girl
growled out as a red fireball began to form in front of her.

(Boom) (Splat)

Ryoga was now shocked to find himself at the bottom of a crater,
somewhat more crispy than he was before.

"Hikaru, are you alright?", a tall blue haired girl, and a shorter
blond girl, said as they ran up to the red head.

"Umi, Fuu, yes I am alright, I just wished I knew why all these
weirdoes were attacking me today. First it was some weird boy in a kendo
outfit, now it is this lunatic.", Hikaru said.

"You will not get rid of me that easily!", Ryoga yelled out, as he
lunged at Hikaru with his umbrella, striking a glance blow across her

"You cut me?", Hikaru said in shock, feeling a few drops of blood
run down her face.

"You dare hurt Hikaru-chan, you will pay for that.", Umi, the tall
blue haired girl said.

"Hikaru-chan?", Fuu mouthed.

"Water-spout!", Umi yelled out as a large column of water shot towards
Ryoga and carried him high into the air and slammed him into a nearby

The three girls ran to where Ryoga was supposed to be, but all they
could find was a pile of clothes, and a small black pig, who ran off
dragging a large backpack behind him, when he saw them.

(End Flashback)

Yes Ryoga was definitely having a very bad day, but he swore, that Ranma
would pay for all that had happened to him, when they next met.


Back at the Tendo dojo, Ranko was preparing dinner, along with Nabiki,
who he had managed to persuade to help. Kasumi was up in her room filling a very
large squirt gun, or perhaps water cannon would be a better term, with water
from two wooden casks.

"Yes tomorrow morning shall be very interesting. I can not wait to see
the look on their faces, when they receive their punishments.", Kasumi
thought to herself, then put down the cannon and made her way downstairs
when she detected that the dinner being made could use a little more salt.

Once in the kitchen, Kasumi had expected to see Ranko cooking, with Nabiki
probably looking over his shoulder in order to see how the various dishes
were prepared. What she saw though, was Nabiki actually preparing something from
one of the older cookbooks in the kitchen, while Ranko looked over her shoulder
to see if everything was being prepared properly. Even more surprising, was that
she seemed to be enjoying herself.

"I am surprised to see you cooking Nabiki. Are you trying to make something
special for Ranko?", Kasumi teased.

"I just felt like cooking that is all.", Nabiki said quietly.

"Now don't let elder sister's teasing get to you Nabiki-chan. Kami-sama knows
how much I had endure during our travels together.", Ranko said Kasumi giggled.

"Either way, I am glad you are trying something new. Perhaps later, Ranko could
show you some of the magic that I had taught him. You should be a quick study. I
could even show you some of the martial arts techniques that I learned from
mother.", Kasumi said as Nabiki dropped the lid to a pot, that she was

"Could you tell me a little more about mom, later on. You told Akane and
I a little about her earlier, but I would like to here more.", Nabiki said.


Meanwhile down at U-Chan's, Ukyo had decided to close the restaurant
down early for the evening. Her heart just wasn't into cooking today. She
kept thinking of Ranma, and what he said to her a few days ago at school.
Did he really just see her as a friend? Wasn't he interested in her as a
fiancée. After all he did call her cute once. He never called either Akane
or Shampoo anything like that, as far as she knew.

Ranma seemed so happy just to have his friend back. While he was happy,
she was not. She wanted more. She always told him that she loved him, but if
that was so why did she always put her needs first above his. She began to
rub her temples. Thinking about their 'relationship', always gave her a
headache, perhaps that is why she just preferred to act on her feelings
without considering the consequences.

The wedding, all those months ago was a complete mess. Ranma had
forgiven her, much to her surprise. She wasn't so sure that she could be
as generous, if it was she who was marrying Ranma and someone had
interrupted their wedding.

Akane was now with someone else, and Ukyo knew Ranma couldn't
care less about Kodachi. That left Shampoo as the only other fiancee, but
Ranma didn't seem to be that interested in her either. Was he even interested
in anyone. Most boys his eyes tended to like girls, sometimes with a little
too much enthusiasm, like Akane's little 'fan club'.

"If he doesn't choose me, then what. Could I be happy with someone
else?", Ukyo mumbled to herself.

Ukyo finished cleaning up the restaurant and went upstairs to relax.
Perhaps a nice hot bath was just the thing to help her sort out her
feelings towards Ranma.


Everyone at the Tendo Dojo was surprised to find out that Nabiki
at actually cooked dinner, with just a little help. Soun was pleased with
his daughter for trying something new. He just wished though, that her new
fondness for it wasn't because she wanted to impress her 'pet'. Akane
wasn't very impressed with the food, but she said nothing. A few of the
dishes were too salty. She obviously didn't knew how to use spices in the
proper way like she did.

That night Ranko found himself in his room alone. On one hand he was
pleased that Nabiki was recovering from her transformation and didn't
feel the need to be so 'clingy'. On the other hand, sleeping next to
someone was very pleasant, and not just in a sexual sense. Neither of
them had do nothing more that kiss so far after all. No, what he seemed to
be missing at the moment was just the pleasant feeling he got from being
near her and being about to hold her close and feel her heart beat along
with his. It made him feel special to be next to such a young woman, who
cared about him.

"Sigh, there will be plenty of time for us to be close to each other
in the future.", Ranko sighed as he fell asleep thinking of Nabiki.

Later that night, the door to Ranko's room opened and a familiar
catgirl walked into the room. She walked softly over to his bed and smiled
at the sight of him curled up with a teddy bear. She had to cover her mouth
to prevent herself from giggling. In some ways, Ranko was quite mature. In
others though he stilled seemed to be kid, just enjoying life.

She leaned over him and kissed him lightly on the cheek, causing him
to mumble her name in his sleep much to Nabiki's embarrassment. She was
quite tempted to stay with him then, but she needed to be her own person,
not just a silly love struck schoolgirl.

"It is going to take a while to get used to these feelings. I have
spent so much time alone. I wonder if this is how Kasumi felt about Ranma
when she was 'away'?", Nabiki thought as she left the room.

As the door to the room closed, Ranko opened one eye and smiled. He
was glad that Nabiki had chosen to show more independence. It should take
only one or two more days, before her emotions returned to normal. When that
happened, then they could see about having a 'real' relationship.

The next morning, everyone was surprised to find out that Kasumi had
left a note saying that she would not be back until well after everyone had
left for school. Everyone was one their own in regards to breakfast, a fact
that did not seem to sit well with Soun, and to a lesser part Akane. Ranko
was helping Nabiki cook a small breakfast for themselves only initially.
These plans were changed though when Akane wandered into the kitchen and
started pulling out some very unusual food items for breakfast. She was quickly
chased out. There was one surprise that took place this morning. The school had
called with a message that Akane and Akari would be allowed to attend school
this day as long as they quote, "Learned to control their emotions in a manner
benefiting the school's high standards". What 'high standards' these could be
though, was anyone's guess.

Kasumi, in her goddess form, followed Kuno invisibly as he made his way
to school in search of his 'pig-tailed goddess'. Listening to the boy rant
was more than a little disturbing. He seemed to consider any girl that met
his fancy to be almost his property, since he was of 'noble' birth and
there fore superior to anyone else. He was going to have a rude awakening
this day.

Kuno took up his usual place behind a tree near the entrance to the
school, in hopes that at least one of his two 'loves' would make an
appearance at the school today. It was about a half an hour later that the
majority of the students started to arrive, including Nabiki, being escorted
by Ranko, and much to Kasumi's surprise, Akane walking in Holding Akari's

"Hmm, I wonder why her suspension was ended early.", Kasumi thought as
she then saw the principal exit the school with a disturbing smile on his face.

"Now what is that fool up to?", Kasumi mumbled quietly.

Akane saw a rose approaching her at high speed and grabbed it out of the
air, before crushing it and throwing it to the ground.

"My fierce tigress has returned, no doubt hoping that this day she might
be able to leap into my arms so that we could show our love to each other.",
Kuno said as Akane began to turn green at the thought of ever being with him.

"Leave now, or you will get hurt Kuno.", Akane growled as she stood
in front of Akari.

"I do not think so keiki. You will be a good student and be with my
boy instead of this naughty girl.", the principal said.

"You do not have any authority to tell us who we may or may not
choose to be close with.", Ranko said as he and Nabiki stepped up
close to Akane, much to the girl's surprise.

"Two more bad little keikis. If you wish to be on the school grounds
you will have to wear leashes.", the principal said as he pulled out two

"I don't think so.", Nabiki hissed as the fur on her tail stood on

"You will obey the rules or you will be punished.", the principal said
as he and his foolish son advanced on the others.

After taking only two steps though, there was a bright flash and Kuno
and his father found themselves in the bottom of a crater, somewhat crispy
with small amounts of electricity arcing around them.

"The only punishment that shall be dealt out, will be to a perverted
school administrator and his equally perverted son.", Kasumi said as she
faded into sight, above the two fried fools.

"What is this? Has the foul demon Saotome and the witch Nabiki
Tendo perverted a warrior of the heavens. Such villainy must be punished.",
Kuno said as he tried to leap out of the crater, but found himself frozen
in place along with his father.

"Tatewaki Kuno, for crimes against your fellow students and teachers,
including assault and many cases of attempted rape, both you and your father
are to be cursed.", Kasumi said as Shampoo, and Cologne, who had earlier
felt the goddess's presence at the school, arrived in the courtyard.

They along with everyone else in the school yard, saw the goddess point
a rather large barreled weapon at the frozen Kunos. A geyser of water shot out soaking the two. A split second later, everyone was treated to a very strange
sight. Where once the two 'men' stood, now were two very different beings. Both
appeared to young women, except for the fact that they were now covered with
black and white short fur, with two little black and white ears atop their heads
and a small white 'powder-puff' tail behind them. They were in fact now two
panda girl furries.

"Oh, look at all the cute boys.", both panda girls seemed to say as they
looked around lustfully, causing many of the morning 'hentai squad' to back
up in shock.

"Now girls, why waste your time with these little boys, when there is a
large male panda just down the road, waiting for you.", Kasumi said with a
rather large smile on her face.

"Really?", the two panda girls said with stars in their eyes.

"Of course.", Kasumi said as she told the 'girls' exactly where they could
find a certain panda.

The panda girls quickly thanked Kasumi and took off towards the new
Saotome home.

"This should be interesting. That fool Genma deserves to have the same
attention visited upon him, that he forced Ranma to endure, and 'aunty'
Nodoka deserves a little 'excitement' in her life for threatening Ranma with
that idiotic man among men belief of hers.", Kasumi thought as she landed in
front of a stunned Ranko, Nabiki, Akane, and Akari.

"Poetic justice I must say.", Ranko said, being the first one to overcome
his shock of seeing the two new Jusenkyo victims.

"Kasumi was that Jusenkyo water that you used on those two fools.",
Nabiki asked.

"Well a combination of water. One part spring of drowned panda and one
part spring of drowned bihoujo bride. Mix well and you have a very horny
panda girl just looking to find a mate.", Kasumi snickered.

"Remind me never to make Kasumi angry.", Akari said to Akane, who
nodded her head slowly in response.

"What have you done, Miss Tendo. It is a high crime among the amazons to use
the waters without our permission. Only the gods can...", Cologne trailed off as
Kasumi glared at her, causing the old women to back up.

"You seem to forget, 'elder' I am one of the gods now. The goddess of nature
and fertility to be exact. Jusenkyo is well within the sphere of influence. The
waters our mine to use to deal punishments to those who deserve it. You also do
not have the right to claim Jusenkyo as your own. No one owns the waters.",
Kasumi lectured Cologne, much to Shampoo's amusement.

"About time somewhat put the old witch in her place.", Shampoo thought.

"I should curse you as well, Elder Cologne. You had no right throw your
own great granddaughter into Jusenkyo, despite what your laws might say. I will
not do that though, for you have helped Ranma in the past, even though it did
benefit your tribe as well.", Kasumi said while point the barrel of the
'cannon' at Cologne, much to her discomfort.

"Honored one, you said that you could control Jusenkyo. Does that mean
that you can remove its curse.", Shampoo said in a surprisingly eloquent
tone of voice.

"Yes I can, but if I do I will not you to make a promise to me.",
Kasumi said.

"What is it?", Shampoo asked.

"I want you to give up your claim to Ranma. If you wish to pursue him
first as friend, then as a girlfriend, I will not interfere, if he agrees
as well. But you must end the kiss of marriage.", Kasumi stated.

"I can not do that, only an elder can.", Shampoo said.

"I so no reason to break the kiss.", Cologne said defiantly.

"I could force you, but Kami-sama might frown on that. What I could
do though is remind that if it were not for Ranma, your village would now
be a smoking hole in the ground, courtesy of the phoenix 'god'. You owe
Ranma for saving your lives.", Kasumi said.

"Nice girl goddess is right, great grandmother. Hero who save village
allowed to make any request of village.", Shampoo said as Cologne glared at
her in disappointment.

"So you do not wish to be with him anymore?", Cologne asked Shampoo.

"Of course, Shampoo want to be with Ranma. He very brave, no treat
Shampoo like object, like boys in village do, but he no respond to Shampoo's
affection. Maybe if Shampoo just be nice, he start to think better of me.",
Shampoo said.

"Well elder, what is your decision?", Kasumi asked Cologne.

"You will remove Shampoo's curse?", Cologne asked.

"Yes I will.", Kasumi replied.

"Sigh......Very well the kiss of marriage and death is abolished.",
Cologne said in a defeated tone of voice.

"No need to be sad elder, after all do you not want your great
granddaughter to marry for love, like you did years ago.", Kasumi said.

"How do you know about that?", Cologne said.

"For part of my training I visiting many different eras, both
in the past and in many of the possible futures. One time in the past I
came upon a young girl, desperately in love with a young man, but because
he was not a warrior, he could not defeat you in combat. Also at that time,
I saw a wise elder by the name of Soap, bend some of the rules so that her
great granddaughter could marry the one that she loved. Do you wish for your
great granddaughter to have the same opportunity.", Kasumi said as Cologne
looked down at the ground.

"Brush......It has been so long since we were together. Ten years was
far too short a time, but that accursed plague took him from me and none
of the healers in the village could cure it. I never remarried after that.
Both of us knew that we were meant to be together. As he lay dying we made
a promise to each other. If our time in this world was to be so short, then
we would see each other in the next world. There we would spend the rest of
our immortal lives together.", Cologne said sadly.

"Would you like to speak with him?", Kasumi asked as Cologne almost
fell off her staff in shock.

"What did you say?", Cologne said quietly.

A young man in his late twenties seemed to step out a sunbeam near a
cheery blossom tree. Shampoo was surprised to see her great grandmother almost
teleport over to the boy's side. She didn't think even Ranma could move that
fast. She was even more surprised that her great grandmother's glomp, didn't
knock the boy over. Instead he swung around in place pulling Cologne close
to him.

"My dear Cologne.", the boy said as he move away from Cologne to
get a better look at her.

"I should not have held you so close. I am an old woman now, what
would people think.", Cologne teased.

"They would think that, they were seeing two people who loved each
other deeply. Besides I still see the same young, beautiful woman that I
married all those years ago.", Brush said as tears began to fall from
Cologne's eyes much to Shampoo's surprise.

"Lets leave them alone to talk.", Kasumi said as she led everyone well
away from the long separated couple.

"I am very proud of you Cologne. I have been watching you for many years
and I was starting to wonder if you had forgotten what it meant to be in love.
But, by letting that boy free of the kiss of marriage, you have allowed our
great granddaughter to eventually find her own true love.", Brush said.

"Who will that be?", Cologne asked.

"I can not tell you that. It is different in each future that I have
seen. I can tell you though, that it will not be that annoying boy Mousse.",
Brush said.

"Shampoo will be glad to hear that. Can you stay long, there is so much
I want to say.", Cologne said.

"I can only stay for an hour, but that will give us some time to catch
up on our lives.", Brush said.


Meanwhile across the courtyard:

"That was a very nice thing for you to do for the old woman. I am
surprised, after from how you told me that she had treated Ranma, that you
would allow her to see her husband.", Ranko said.

"She is not an evil woman. She simply has made the same mistakes that
all of us do from time to time. The mistake being that the way our culture
does things is the only correct way to do something. I was the same way before
Hild-sama took me to Asgard. I suppose in some ways I still cling to some old
traditions, but I try and maintain a broader outlook on life.", Kasumi said.

"Now if you could only convince your father to be a little more open
minded. It would be nice someday to be accepted as a member of the family. It
isn't necessary, but if Nabiki-chan and I ever get married it would make it
far easier on our children if we visit him.", Ranko stated, somehow forgetting
that Nabiki was standing right next to him.

"Married....children...", Nabiki thought as she blushed.

"I bet your children would simply be adorable.", Akari said as Akane
looked at her in surprise.

"Shampoo are you ready for your curse to be removed?", Kasumi asked.

"Shampoo ready, but this no hurt right?", Shampoo asked.

Kasumi only smiled and reached towards Shampoo, who was quite
shocked when Kasumi's hand seemed to pass right through her. Kasumi removed
her hand a few seconds later, holding a small white and purple ghostly
kitten in it. The kitten then seemed to phase into reality. It shuddered
briefly, opened its eyes and 'mewed' softly.

"What is that?", Shampoo asked.

"This is the kitten whose spirit, once inhabited the pool, that you
were dunked in. She is now free to live out the rest of her life, but she
requires one more thing to do so.", Kasumi said.

"What kitten need?", Shampoo asked.

"She needs a good home, perhaps with someone experience with cats.",
Kasumi said.

"Shampoo could take care of kitten. Might be nice to have pet. Maybe
Shampoo teach kitten to chase annoying duck.", Shampoo snickered.

"As long as she doesn't get hurt.", Kasumi said.

"Don't worry, Shampoo turn Mousse into lunch special if he hurt little
Snowball.", Shampoo said as Kasumi handed the kitten to her.

"That's good, now if you will excuse me, I should check up and see how a
pair of panda girls are doing in the hunt for their 'airen'.", Kasumi laughed
as she took off into the air.

"I sure hope she has a camera. I would love to see the expression on that
fool panda's face as those two glomp onto him.", Nabiki said as the others
nodded in agreement.


Genma had spent the better part of the morning listening to his wife
berate him for not doing the things she wanted him to do. What was he, her slave.

"Wash the dishes, rake the leaves, clean the house. What am I a maid. That
woman should be happy she has such a fine martial like myself for a husband.
Kami-sama knows she is far from perfect.", Genma thought as he snuck out of the
house in panda form.

It was much safer this way, rather than complaining to his wife. He
wasn't scared of her. Not at all, but sometimes it is just better to avoid a
confrontation, that is all.

Genma was just outside the gate to his home when he heard two loud
voices yell out, "Panda-chan!"

(Glomp) (Tackle)

"!?!?!?", read the panda sign as Genma now found himself laying on the
ground with two female.....somethings on top of him.

"Genma, don't you dare try sneak off again, you lazy......", Nodoka's
voice trailed off as she came out of the house and saw her husband on the
group with two very furry girls?, on top of him.

"Oh #*(@(#&!!", a panda sign said as Genma saw his 'loving' wife
approaching him, looking somewhat annoyed.

"What is the meaning of this, husband?", Nodoka growled.

"I have not idea, really.", the sign said as Genma managed to roll
out from under the girls.

"Panda-chan, who is this nasty old woman?", the younger of the panda
girls asked as Nodoka began to twitch, and Genma started looking for a quick
escape route.

"And who might I ask, are you?", Nodoka managed to growl out.

"I am Mandy.", the younger of the panda girls said.

"And I am Candy.", the older of the panda girls replied.

"Why are you here?", Nodoka asked, trying to remain civil.

"A very nice girl at the high school, told us that there was a
positively hunky panda bear here that would love to meet us.", Mandy said
as she glomped onto Genma-panda's arm.

"Do you know who this girl was?", Nodoka asked.

"She never said her name, but she was very pretty and very tall.",
Mandy said.

"She had long red hair and large black and white wings.", Candy said.

"Wings?, Red Hair?, Uh oh!!", Genma panda thought.

"Well wasn't that sweet of her, but unfortunately you will be unable to
be with your 'panda-chan'.", Nodoka said.

"Why not?", both of the panda girls said at once.

"Because, for better or worse, he is already married to me.", Nodoka
stated in resignation.

"Ewww!, but your a human. You can't be with him.", Mandy said,
somewhat disgusted at the idea of this old woman being with 'her' panda.

"Believe it or not he is human to, as you will observe.",
Nodoka said while pulling a kettle from out of nowhere.

Hot water not only hit Genma, but the two 'girls' as well, changing
them back to their original forms.

"What sorcery is this. Unhand me sir, I am not interested in that sort
of relationship.", Kuno said indignantly.

"It was you, who was hanging on to me boy!", Genma yelled as he knocked
Kuno into the air and into a dumpster in a nearby construction yard.

"Bad Juju going on here. Last thing big Kahuna remember is trying to
punish delinquent students for being improper and bad cat people for not
wearing leashes.", the demented principal said.

"Well it appears you angered a certain goddess, who needs a good
talking too.", Nodoka growled as Genma hoped his 'loving' wife was not
planning to do anything stupid.

"Goddess?!?!, definitely bad juju. Perhaps long vacation in islands
in order.", the principal said as she remembered what happed last time
he angered one of the local Tiki gods in Fiji. Damn palm tree still
couldn't be removed from his head.

"Before you leave for your vacation, it might be best to retrieve
your wayward son.", Nodoka said as she pointed to the large dumpster
which Kuno landed in.

"The boy has to be taught that is not proper to grab onto strange
men.", the principal said.

"And, Genma is definitely strange.", Nodoka mumbled as the principal
left to go retrieve his son.

"See, no-chan it wasn't my fault at all.", Genma said, perhaps
forgetting all of the reasons why a certain goddess might be mad at him.


Kasumi watched the events at the Saotome home unfold. She expected
the two 'girls' to cause a little more chaos than they did. She thought it
odd that she was enjoying causing a little trouble for some people. After
all, it wasn't really a 'nice' thing to do, but after being exposed to her
mother's teachings, and especially her 'aunt' Lilith and Hild, it was not
unexpected that her outlook on life to be a little different than before.

Maybe once Ranma woke up, she would be less anxious all the time. She
had too much energy now, and nothing to use it on.

"Perhaps Ranma would like to spar each day, like he used to do with
that annoying pig boy, Ryoga. Why I could even 'accidentally' fall or trip
during the sparring. Ranma would of course try and help me up, and I could
take it from there.", Kasumi blushed.

Back at the high school, Akari and Akane were the subject of many
whispered conversations in the class. From what little she could hear, Akane
was not very thrilled to here some of the things her fellow students said
about her. Not that she really cared of course. She had Akari and her
friends Yuka and Sayuri, while somewhat shocked by Akane's new girlfriend,
were not hostile or even cold towards her.

One of the boys in the class leaned over and whispered something into
Akari's ear, causing her to first blush in embarrassment, then frown in
anger at the boy.

"Pervert!", her voice rang out as she flattened the boy into the floor
with a rather large mallet.

"What is wrong Akari-chan?", Akane whispered to Akari who in turn told
her what the boy asked her.

Akane growled, got up from her desk, pull the boy out of the floor, and
into the air, shaking him violently.

"It is none of your business, you little hentai, what Akari does with her
tongue.", Akane said angrily, then slamming her hands over her mouth,
dropping the boy in the process, in shock of she had just said.

The whole class went silent and stared at Akane, except for Ukyo, who
wasn't even in the class at the moment, and Shampoo, who was too busy
playing with her new kitten, to pay any attention at what Akane was
babbling about.

Downstairs in their classroom, Nabiki and Ranko watched a lot of plaster
fall from the ceiling as a pair of legs were now sticking through a hole. They
heard some muffled yelling, before the legs were suddenly jerked upwards and
everyone below heard Akane's 'tongue' comment. Nabiki tried to stop herself
from laughing, but she was the only one. Everyone in the class, including
Ranko as laughing. As for the teachers of each class respectively, well they
decided to follow the fine Furinkan high tradition, of ignoring and incident
that could be considered strange or unusual.


Kasumi grew tired of listening to Genma begging his wife to forgive him
so she flew home and change back into her human form. She had a feeling that
Mrs. Saotome might be paying her a visit later and it would, of course, be
quite rude not to have tea prepared to say the least.

Almost two hours after she had returned home, Kasumi heard someone
knocking on the door. It wasn't much of a surprise to find Nodoka standing
there, looking quite frustrated and more than a little angry.

"Why Nodoka-san, what brings you here this morning?", Kasumi asked in her,
'I am so sweet and innocent, chocolate wouldn't melt in my mouth', tone of voice.

"I am here to talk about what you did to my husband, Kasumi-chan.", Nodoka

"I have not even seen your husband, recently. What are you referring to?",
Kasumi asked with a straight face.

"You know what I am talking about. It was you who sent those two 'girls'
over to my home to harass my husband.", Nodoka said.

"True I did send the two girls to your home, but it was only to 'reward'
your husband for all that he has done to Ranma.", Kasumi said.

"What are you saying?", Nodoka replied, not entirely sure what Kasumi was
talking about.

"Well since Genma was so 'kind' as to provide Ranma with so many fiancee's
to choose from, I decided to return the favor. After all you had mentioned before
how manly it was from Ranma to not only be married but to take a mistress as well.
I simply decided that your husband should have the 'pleasure' of having those
two girls interested in him as well.", Kasumi said while smiling.

"That might, and I repeat, might be true if those girls were even human.
They are nothing but cursed men, and not very desirable ones at that. Since
you cursed them to begin with, you must be able to remove the curses as well.
If you remove the curse from Genma, then those girls will lose interest in my
husband, and I might decide to forgive you for how you have been acting
lately.", Nodoka lectured.

"You are too kind aunty, but I am afraid I will not be removing your
husband's or the Kunos' curse anytime soon. Besides they do not even need my
assistance to remove their curses. They can do it themselves.", Kasumi said in
a voice with just a trace of sarcasm in it.

"How can they do that?", Nodoka half asked and half ordered.

"Why it is quite simple actually. They are cursed because of all the
bad karma, that they had built up in their lives. If they make amends for
all the wrongs that they had done the curses will simply fade away.
Certainly a man of your husband's 'character' should be able to accomplish
such a task.", Kasumi said.

Nodoka sighed out loud at that statement. Her husband was many things,
but having the ability or even want to atone for his past actions was not
part of his character. Maybe in the future he could change, but not yet.

"What about my son, certainly he has made amends for any past deeds.
After all he save is fiancee from death and is even helping to save his
teacher at this moment.", Nodoka said.

"Ranma was originally cursed with his girl form, because of his
outdated attitudes towards women. Admittedly he was taught by Genma, that
this was how women should be treated and thought of, but he was still
responsible for how his words and actions had hurt several girls. This
was in the past though. He is improving and his curse should have been
fading by now, but.....", Kasumi's voice trailed off.

"What are you trying to say?", Nodoka asked.

"When Ranma awakens I could offer him the chance to remove his curse, but
it might be needed in the future, if Ranma chooses to accept someone into his
life. Beside aunty there is nothing wrong with Ranma being both female and
male. Despite what 'you' may believe it doesn't affect his 'manliness' in
the slightest. You really must overcome these outdated ideas of yours.
Besides what I told you earlier still holds true. If you threaten to hurt
him in any way, especially with that ridiculous suicide pledge, I will take
him to Asgard with me and you will never see him again.

Nodoka left shortly there after, still annoyed at how Kasumi had
treated he husband, and by how vague she was regarding her son. She could
not see any reason why Ranma needed his girl form. It was simply not manly.
She half suspected that maybe her son even liked his girl form. Perhaps
that was it. If this were so, it would simply not do. Of course there was one
other reason Nodoka thought of, which she did not approve of, and that being
that Kasumi liked both of her son's forms in a sexual sense. That definitely
is not proper in her mind. No a man and woman had very separate roles in life
according to Nodoka. There was no need for those roles to blend together. It
was not part of 'tradition' therefore it would not be done.


A couple of miles away from the Tendo Dojo, a both burnt, and soggy pig
found itself wandering down the alley next to doctor Tofu's office. The pig
noticed a strange glowing blue and yellow light coming from an open window.
Hopping up on a crate to see what it was, the little pig growled, when he
saw his enemy laying still on a table, with a young girl cuddled up to him.

"The fiend, how dare he seduce such a young girl. He deserved to die
for being such a pervert.", the pig thought to itself.

As P-chan was about to leap through the window, to punish his
evil rival, the doctor came into the room and the pig was forced to hop
down back into the alley, to avoid being seen. When he tried to jump back
up he noticed that not only were the crates gone, but the building was as
well. Wait a minute why was he in a forest and what is that heavy breathing
sound, the pig wondered.

Turning around the little big noticed a large black wolf staring at him
and licking its chops. P-chan knew what wolves did to little pigs, so he took
off running, with the wolf in pursuit.

"Damn you Ranma, you shall pay for this.", P-chan squealed as he
managed to run up a tree to avoid the wolf.

Unfortunately this particular tree was inhabited by a rather large and
somewhat hungry puma. Ryoga was off once again trying to avoid being turned
into a snack.


During lunch that day at school, Akane and Akari were sitting next to
each other under a tree, with a somewhat nervous Yuka and Sayuri sitting
nearby. Both girls still seemed to be somewhat uncomfortable with Akane's new
lifestyle, but they did not want to abandon their friend as a few
acquaintances of Akane's did.

"So Akane what did you do during your time away from school?", Yuka

"Well I did a little studying, some shopping, but I suppose Akari and
I spent most of the time getting to know each other.", Akane said,
while blushing a little.

"So, both of you are a couple now?", Sayuri asked.

"Yes, we are quite close now.", Akari said before Akane could answer.

"Have you kissed each other yet?", Yuka asked as Sayuri looked at her
friend in disbelief for asking such a personal question.

"Yes we have.", Akane said shyly.

"So what was it like?", Yuka said.

"Why are you thinking of crossing over?", Akari said.

"No, it's just that neither Sayuri nor I have ever had a serious
relationship and I was wondering what it was like.", Yuka said while
looking at the ground.

"Well, first off we had to friends with each other. We couldn't just
concentrate on being intimate, that would not be a good basis for a
relationship. Akane and I trust and respect each other. We also have
several things in common. Our relationship starts from there.", Akari
said, somewhat uncomfortable at trying to describe her feelings.

"Intimate?", Sayuri thought as she turned bright red.

"Oh, someone is thinking naughty thoughts.", Akari teased Sayuri.

"Akari stop that.", Akane said.

"It's ok, I well..... never mind, it's not important.", Sayuri
tried to say to Akane.

"So now that you are seeing Akari, is Ranma now going to be dating
someone else?", Yuka asked Akane.

"That's hard to say. He said that he wanted nothing to do with any
more fiancee's, but he did go out with Kasumi, and I think that they may
like each other.", Akane said to a disappointed Yuka.

"I suppose it would be safer not to ask him then, I don't want to make
Kasumi angry at me and turn me into something.", Yuka replied.

"She would never do that to you, at least I don't think so? She only
did it to Kuno and his idiot father for all the times that they had harassed
the students here, but she would not do anything to you out of jealousy.",
Akane stated.

Across the courtyard Nabiki was sitting on Ranko's lap and trying to
feed him, much to the catboy's surprise. He was wondering why she was still
being so affectionate, not that it bothered him in the slightest, but
it was still a little strange. Looking over his shoulder though, he found the
reason for Nabiki's territorial behavior. A couple girls holding pink
envelopes sat nearby and were looking quite disappointed. With his keen
eyesight he could see his name written on the outside of the envelopes.

"I seem to recall something similar happening when Minako and I started
seeing each other exclusively, when I was attending Ukyo's school.", Ranko
thought to himself, as Nabiki feed him a couple of grapes.

"Ok Nabiki-chan I think they get the message now, besides it is my turn
to feed you.", Ranko said to Nabiki, who blushed only half-way realizing how
she was acting.

"Sorry, I guess I overreacted a little.", Nabiki replied.

"It's alright. You didn't hiss at them, like you did that one girl
the other day, so you are calming down. Still, I should go over and at least
talk to them. I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings after all.", Ranko said.

"That sounds like something Ranma would do. Just make sure that you don't
end up with a few fiancee's.", Nabiki teased.

"Heaven forbid, that would happen. I will simply thank them for their
notes, but explain to them that I am already with you and I have not
intension of seeing someone else.", Ranko said.

"Alright, I guess that is ok.", Nabiki said as she got off of Ranko's
Lap and sat down on the grass next to him.

The three school girls, freshmen by the looks of them, were surprised
to see Ranko walking towards them

"Are those for me?", Ranko asked while pointing at the envelopes
that the girls held in their hands.

The girls nodded shyly and looked at the ground as they handed him
their notes.

"I am flattered that you are interested in me, but it is only fair
to warn you that I am seeing someone else, and it would not be proper to
see other girls as well.", Ranko said to the three freshman after he looked
over their notes.

"I guess we were just hoping that you were not in a serious
relationship.", one of the girls said.

"There are other boys in this school that are single. I was told that
most of them used to chase after Akane Tendo, but the freshmen boys this year
probably do not even know her. You could find someone in your own class to
date. Perhaps even those three boys over there.", Ranko said as he pointed
to a groups of boys watching him talk to the three freshman girls.

"Do you think that they would be interested.", the girls seemed to
say at once.

"Of course they would. The three of you are quite cute, and not every
boy in this school, as I said before, is an "Akaneopath". Now just go over to
them and start up a conversation. It's really not a hard thing to do.", Ranko
said to the girls.

Ranko watched as the girls went over to the boys and started to talk
to them.

"They should be alright now. I remember what is was like to be too
shy to talk to a girl. Not that I had much choice.", Ranko snickered as he
remembered how forward some of the girls at Ukyo's school were.

Ranko made his way back to Nabiki and sat down beside her. Nabiki
quickly resumed her past position of sitting on Ranko's Lap.

"There we go all finished, and you don't have to worry about me seeing
someone else.", Ranko teased Nabiki, as he began to scratch her behind her
ears, calming her down.

"So what do you think of what Kasumi did to Kuno and the principal.",
Nabiki said, hoping to change the subject.

"Well it was a little bit more elaborate than her usual punishments.
When we were traveling together and someone threatened either Minako and I
she usually just hit them with a lightening bolt or something similar. She
must have a special dislike for that Kuno boy in order to curse him so.",
Ranko said.

"I think she did it partly to get back at Mr. Saotome mainly. His
treatment of Ranma over the years was pretty bad, and Kasumi probably
wanted to show him what it was like to be hounded by a bunch of girls
he did not anything to do with.", Nabiki stated.

"That is probably it. A lot of the times, when Kasumi and I were
alone together at night, she would talk about Ranma with hearts in her
eye, like a schoolgirl.", Ranko said.

"Alone together.", Nabiki sighed.

"Now I already explained that, besides if you are a 'good girl' today
I could let you sleep at the foot of my bed, like you did the first night.",
Ranko teased Nabiki.

"So what happens, if I decide to be a 'bad girl'?", Nabiki teased
Ranko back as she leaned over and bit Ranko lightly on the ear, causing
his eyes to cross and several of the nearby girls to gasp.

"We'll have to see about that later on.", Ranko said nervously,
while playing with his ponytail in a Ranma like fashion, much to Nabiki's

Walking back to class, Nabiki heard Ranko humming a tune, that she
did not recognize. It sounded as if it could be part of some opera or
other stage play.

"What song are you humming?", Nabiki asked.

"What?...Oh it's, "Music of the Night", from the Phantom of the
Opera musical.", Ranko said.

"Can you sing the song as well?", Nabiki asked.

"I can, and actually played the character of the Phantom, during
one of the plays that was held at Ukyo's school. Does that surprise you
Nabiki-chan?", Ranko asked.

"Well a little I guess. You said that you are a version of Ranma, and
I just can't picture our Ranma singing.", Nabiki said.

"We have let different lives. He knows far more about martial arts ,ki,
chi, and things of that nature. I learned to fight to defend myself, but
Kasumi, and Minako thought I should have a more well rounded education.",
Ranko said.

"Could Minako sing.", Nabiki said.

"Yes she had a very beautiful voice, like an angel.", Ranko said
with a definite fondness in his voice for the girl.

"Oh.. I see..", Nabiki said quietly.

"I used to have nightmares when I was younger. The first couple
of months just after Kasumi found me were the worst, but I also had them
when Minako and I started to 'officially' date each other. I had spent so
much time alone, that I convinced myself that my good luck would run out
and I would be on my own again. Many times I questioned whether or not I
even deserved to be with anyone at all. When I would wake from these horrid
dreams I would often find Kasumi, Minako, or sometimes both sitting by my
bed singing softly to me. I believe that Kasumi was teaching Minako to use
her voice as a form of magic. On more than one occasion I saw her heal
minor wounds and even calm down Rei and Asuka, when their 'debates' with
each other got a little too heated.", Ranko said.

"You are not alone anymore.", Nabiki said.

"No I am not, and I don't have to worry about the nightmares coming
back, I hope. If they do though, you could also sing to me. I bet you
would have a beautiful voice if you practiced.", Ranko said.

"I don't know about that, but I might consider it if I had the
right teacher.", Nabiki said, trying to imagine herself singing on stage
in front of a lot of people.

"It is something to consider, after all, I wouldn't be a proper
English Gentleman, if I did not show some interest in the theater, Milady
Nabiki.", Ranko said melodramatically as he winked at Nabiki, much to her

"You know Akane is the actress in the family. Last year she and Ranma
were in Romeo and Juliet together. Maybe this year, you and she could play
the title roles.", Nabiki teased as Ranko turned somewhat green.

"I'll pass on that experience thank you very much.", Ranko replied.

Later that day, after everyone had returned from school, Kasumi showed
Nabiki the alterations that she had made to Nabiki's school uniform. The
typical Furinkan uniform was a horrible bluish gray, almost ankle length
jumper with a white shirt underneath it, Kasumi's design was a little
different. The skirt was a bluish green with a white petticoat underneath it,
both of which came down to mid-thigh. The upper part of the uniform was also
bluish green, but it also had a white 'vest like' section held in place by a
red ribbon. The white vest covered the upper arms and formed a v-neck collar.
Kasumi said that she had gotten the idea when she noticed a new student named
Kuzuha wearing something like it earlier.

The only modifications that she had to make for the outfit was hole for
Nabiki's tail to fit through. Kasumi told Nabiki to go upstairs and try it on.
She wanted to see the finished work on someone, and Kasumi was more than a
little interested on what Ranko would think of the outfit.

"So what do you think?", Nabiki asked Kasumi and Ranko when she
returned from her room, wearing the new uniform.

"You look very pretty Nabiki-chan.", Kasumi said.

Ranko just stared for a moment before singing softly a line he once
heard from an American pop song.

"Hold on tight, you know she's a little bit dangerous.", Ranko sung

"I like the sound of that.", Nabiki said as she twirled in place,
showing off her outfit, that was worn a little tighter than most of the other
girls at school wore theirs. This fact, though, did not seem to bother Ranko
that much. Of course if anyone tried to take advantage of Nabiki, because
of the short skirt that she was wearing, well they would be in for a nasty
surprise. Anyone who tried to fondle that particular catgirl would be in for
a lot of pain, and probably a lawsuit as well.


That night a tall redheaded, demon princess appeared in Dr. Tofu's
office and looked at Ranma and Ranko sleeping next to each other. She had
come to deliver Hild's present for Ranma. She pulled out a small vial
containing a silvery liquid. She was about to pour the liquid on the barrier
surrounding the 'couple' when she stopped and frowned.

"This will never do. I have a much better idea.", Lilith thought as she
spoke a few words, in the language of demons, causing the liquid to turn
blood red. She tossed the liquid onto the barrier and watched as the magic
in the liquid caused a small arc of magic to strike Ranma.

A casual observer, would not notice anything new about Ranma, but if
one were to look closer, they would see a few dark red streaks had now
appeared in Ranma's hair.

"There, now that should make things far more interesting than what they
had already planned for the dear boy and girl. They will thank me for this.",
Lilith smiled, excited at the change she had made, before disappearing from
the room and reappearing back in her home in Niflheim.

In the dream world, in which Ranma and Hinako were playing, Ranma briefly
shifted from that of a little boy, to that of a familiar little red-headed
girl, before returning to his male form.

"What happened?", Hinako asked, while looking Ranma over to see if
he was hurt.

"I don't know, I just changed for some reason.", Ranma said.

"Well if you're ok then we can go flying again.", Hinako smiled.

"Alright.", Ranma said as the two 'children' took off into the air.

Back at the dojo, Kasumi felt a strange tingling sensation coming
from her link with Ranma and Hinako.

"Oh dear, aunty Lilith is being naughty again. Hopefully she will
show more restraint this time, then she did with me.", Kasumi thought as
she blushed, remembering some of the things her 'aunt' had taught her.

Meanwhile a small black pig had finally made his way back to Japan,
from his brief vacation in the American wilderness. It might take him a
couple more days to find his foe, but he would destroy his happiness
when next they met.


A day later a familiar battle cry was heard outside of the Tendo
Dojo. Ranko was sitting alone in the living room when he heard the sound
of glass and wood breaking. Turning around he saw a teenage boy, with a
large umbrella charging him.

Yawning, Ranko casually swiped at the umbrella, causing it to fall
into small pieces. The sudden shift in weight caused the intruder, one
Ryoga Hibiki, to stumble and fall flat on his face. Ryoga was surprised to
see a red headed catboy staring at him, as he picked himself off the floor.

"What is going on here?", Kasumi said, while coming down the stairs.

"I am afraid another one of Ranma's 'friends', mistook me for him and
to attack me from surprise and with a weapon. Quite a cowardly if you ask
me.", Ranko said to Kasumi.

"You were warned never to return here. Perhaps it is time for
someone to find out who you are.", Kasumi said to a very surprised Ryoga,
who was now being held off the floor, with one hand, by Kasumi.

Kasumi, what is all the noise. Is that stupid cat misbehaving
himself again?", Akane said as she came into the room and saw her sister
holding a struggling Ryoga up in the air.

"I am glad you are here Akane. This 'boy' has something to tell you.",
Kasumi said to a rapidly paling, Ryoga.

"Kasumi why are you hurting Ryoga?", Akane said as Ryoga began to turn
blue, just before she dropped him on the ground.

"Well speak up, or she will find out the quick way.", Kasumi ordered
Ryoga as she pulled a full water bucket from out of nowhere.

Ryoga seeing the bucket began to run for it, but he wasn't quite fast

"So you choose the coward's way out then. Very well....", Kasumi trailed
off as she through the bucket at him.


"Bweee, Bweee!", when the little black pig.

"P-chan... How did you get here?", Akane asked.

"Come now Akane, you can not be that dense. I refuse to believe that a
sister of mine could be like that.", Kasumi said.

"Look closely. Your little P-Chan is now wearing Ryoga's clothes, who was
just hit with cold water. Do you understand what I am saying?", Kasumi said.

"Ryoga is P-Chan?", Akane replied.

"Well, by George, I think she finally gets it.", Ranko said.

"You... You..... How could you?", Akane yelled at the trembling
black little pig.

"He was using you to get back at Ranma. Remember all of the times
Ranma would call Ryoga P-chan, and all the times he tried to remove the pig
from your bedroom, but you wouldn't listen.", Kasumi said as Akane began
to glow very brightly.

"Ryoga no hentai!", Akane yelled out as a large mallet squashed the
little porker into the floor.


"Hmm... Frisbee anyone?", Ranko asked as he peeled Ryoga off the
floor and threw his back out the door, from whence he came.

A particularly strong gust of wind, caught the little porcine
Frisbee, causing him to sail off into the distance.

Meanwhile back inside the house, Akane had run back up to her room with
tears in her eyes. She slammed the door to her room shut, and curled up on the
floor, near the foot of her bed and began to think about what Kasumi had just
said about Ryoga taking advantage of her to get back at Ranma, and how she
believed him over her own....ex-fiancee.

"I am surprised that he is still alive after that hit.", Ranko said
to Kasumi.

"He underwent a type of training from the Amazons that makes one very
resistant to physical blows.", Kasumi said.

"Oh yes, the breaking point training. We saw some examples of that
during our travels.", Ranko said.

"That's right, we did. I almost forgot. We have been to so many
places that they tend to blur after a while.", Kasumi replied.

"If he ever shows up here again, then what will you do, kill him?",
Ranko said to Kasumi.

"No, that will not be necessary. Ryoga's eventual fate will be
his own fault.", Kasumi said.

"How do you know?", Ranko asked.

"I've spent some time with Setsuna, a few dimensions over, remember?",
Kasumi replied to Ranko.

"Oh yes, I remember. I wonder how she and her new husband are doing?",
Ranko asked out loud.

"Well if what I last heard from her is right, she is quite fine, her
husband though is really going to need to stock up on his vitamins. She
has been quite affectionate and is wearing the poor boy out.", Kasumi said
while giggling.

Up in her room, Akane was rapidly switching between her two most
dominant emotions, anger and sadness. On one hand she was angry with Ryoga
for pretending to be her friend for so long. Why did he keep sneaking into
her room? Was he as big of pervert as Ranma was. Not that she was any better
at times though. Some of her most recent dreams were quite confusing and
played into her sad, melancholy moods, that she was going through recently.

In her dreams she imagined herself with both Akari and Ranma's female
form, much to her shock. It was quite perverted. But if that was so, why did she
get a very pleasant tingle throughout her body, every time she thought of it?

She couldn't go back to Ranma now though, even if she did want to
'experiment' a little. Maybe they could be friends, but Akane believed that
Ranma now liked Kasumi, despite the fact that he hasn't admitted it to
anyone yet.


It had been two days since Ryoga had last been seen. Inside Dr. Tofu's
office, Hinako now looked like a ten year old, both in the dreamscape she
was sharing with Ranma, and in reality.

"I don't think that we will be here much longer.", Ranma said to Hinako
as they continued to play together in the dreamscape.

"I look older now, don't I?", Hinako asked.

"Yes you do. Older and cuter now.", Ranma teased as Hinako blushed.

Ranma took a look at the blushing girl and couldn't help begin to
blush himself.

"It must be this ten year old body I now have. Why else would I think
that she is so cute?", Ranma thought to himself.

"You know once we get out, I won't be this young forever.", Hinako
said while looking at Ranma with a nervous expression on her face.

"You should be getting a little older each week, at least that is
what the old ghoul and the 'doc' said.", Ranma replied, not quite getting what
Hinako was hinting at.

"Ranma, what I mean is that when I am finally grown up again, I will be
able to do the things that adults do, including dating. I... well... when that
happens.....there is someone I would like to spend some time with. Do you
know who I am talking about?", Hinako asked Ranma.

"True, but Kasumi and I, well.....", Ranma trailed off.

Hinako frowned a little and said, "I'm sorry Ranma, you are right, I
shouldn't be saying such things. I just...well, I have enjoyed the time
we have spent in here. I hope we will at least see each other when we
wake up.", Hinako stated.

"Of course we will. We can still train together. I promised both
you and Kasumi that I would, but as for dating.... I am still nervous
about the one time I went out with Kasumi. I do like her, but I am not
sure where to go from there. She said that we could and should see other
people, but I think she may like me more that she says she does.", Ranma
said to a surprised Hinako.

"Kami-sama, he actually is showing some intuition for once.", Hinako
thought, then reprimanded herself for making fun or Ranma.

"I wonder what Kasumi is doing now? Probably the same old thing, but I
just have the weirdest feeling that something may have happened to her.",
Ranma stated.

"I am sure that she is fine. After all what could have happened?
We have only been here for five days.", Hinako replied.

"Yeah, I guess so.", Ranma said.

Hinako and Ranma were about to continue playing when they both felt
a chill pass through them.

"Something is wrong.", Hinako said.

"You can feel it too?", Ranma asked.

"Yes and it scares me.", Hinako said as she moved up to Ranma and took
him by the arm.

They both began to notice that their normally bright and sunny
dreamscape had begun to grow quite dark. Clouds were forming overhead and
strong wind began to blow. A few seconds later a dark funnel cloud began
to form above them. The landscape itself began to grow black and faded away.
Soon, despite their best efforts, Ranma and Hinako were sucked up into the
cloud. The force of its winds, caused them to be pulled apart, as they
screamed each other's names.

Ranma watched Hinako fly up higher than himself, then disappear in a flash
of light. As he began to rise higher, he could only hope that Hinako was safe,
because unlike her, he appeared to be nearing the end of the vortex, which
appeared to be a large black hole, with several long limbs ending with claws
protruding from it. He wasn't sure what that 'hole' was, but he had a feeling
that it was something he would rather avoid.


A little earlier in the real world, Ryoga once again found himself
outside the window to Dr. Tofu's office. He saw his enemy still holding a
young girl close to him and vowed to destroy Ranma.

The back wall exploded, just as Cologne came though the door to see
whose presence she had felt.

"Don't you fool!", Cologne ordered just as Ryoga's new umbrella
slammed into the barrier surrounding Ranma and Hinako.

There was a bright flash and Ryoga was thrown across the room, slamming
head first into a large metal cabinet. Ranma and Hinako began to convulse
and Cologne could feel their chi growing weaker.

"I will not let this happen.", she said.

At then Tendo Dojo, Kasumi began to feel a cold chill pass through her.
She felt something approaching through the link she shared with Ranma. It
was the 'scent' of death. Something was very wrong. She jolted sharply,
dropping the serving tray she was carrying. She cried out Ranma's name, and
changed to her goddess form. The rest of the dojo's residents came racing
into the kitchen just in time to see Kasumi disappear with a horrified
expression on her face.

At Belldandy's and Keiichi's home, Urd suddenly felt her
granddaughter's life began to slip away.

"There is something wrong with Hinako, I have to leave now.",
Urd said to her sisters as she disappeared leaving them and a
confused Mara sitting there wondering what is happening.

One other person, felt Hinako and Ranma's life force slipping
away, and it was a being no sane creature would ever make angry. Hild
let out a growl that even had H-sama himself briefly shivering, before
she teleported to Midgard.

Cologne was more than a little shocked to find three very
powerful beings suddenly 'pop' into the doctor's office. Hild and Urd
immediately rushed over to Hinako and Ranma. Kasumi found herself
briefly delayed though.

"Why Kasumi what brings you here?", a twitching Dr. Tofu said.

"I don't have time for this. Get out of my way fool!", Kasumi
ordered as she stormed passed the doctor, pushing him aside, in the

"No question now... She really does feel something for the boy.
Sorry great granddaughter, but if you wish to have him, I can no longer
help you.", Cologne thought as she watched the two goddesses and one
demon princess trying frantically to heal the two patients.

"I have managed to pull back Hinako's soul, but Ranma's is too
close to the void now. We need another source of soul energy to
stabilize him.", Urd said while trying to remain calm.

"I know where we can find a 'volunteer'.", Hild growled as she
picked up the unconscious Ryoga and dragged him over to where Hinako
and Ranma were.

Hild told Kasumi to hold onto the boy, while she 'prepared' him
for the 'operation'.

"Oh dear, you aren't...", Kasumi tried to say as she saw Hild pull
out her rune sword. The sword shrunk down to the size of a dagger and
was immediately plunged into Ryoga's chest.

Cologne and Kasumi watched in shock as a ghostly form of Ryoga
seemed to enter the dagger. At the same time Ryoga's body suddenly
shifted to his cursed form. The unconscious pig was quickly thrown to the
side by Hild.

Hild raised her dagger, causing its normal blackish glow to change
to a yellow one. She then plunged the dagger into Ranma's chest, almost
giving everyone else a heart attack in the process. A short while later
both Ranma's and Hinako's body's were no longer convulsing, but their life
signs were still very low.

"Kasumi, my daughter and I have stabilized both of their physical
forms, but it up to you to re-awaken their souls from the dreamscape. Do
you understand what I am asking of you?", Hild said to Kasumi.

"Yes, Hild-sama, I believe that I do.", Kasumi said as she held
onto both Ranma's and Hinako's hand, before fading from sight.

"It should take her the remaining two days to reawaken them. Both of
us will have to remain here in order to guard their bodies. Are you up to
the task Urd.", Hild asked a stunned Urd.

"Many will feel your presence here other, including more than a
few demon-hunters.", Urd.

"Let them try and disturb me.", Hild said in a voice that almost
caused Cologne to run in fear for the first time in centuries.

"I am sorry I let this happen, elder ones. I falsely assumed that with
the death of Happosai, that Ranma and Hinako would be safe. I let myself
grow lax in my duties.", Cologne said humbly.

"They will live, but the boy came very close to entering the void.
If it were not for that 'pig' taking his place, Ranma's soul would have been
destroyed.", Hild said.

"So the boy, Ryoga, his soul is destroyed?", Cologne asked.

"No, that would have been the usual way to satisfy the void's hunger,
but since he boy had such strong life energy, his body only had to be
sacrificed. His soul is still their in the pig's body, but he will remain
that way forever. Not even the pools of Jusenkyo will be able to alter his
form anymore.", Hild said.

"The bastard still got off far too easy. I thought I had lost Hinako
the same way that I lost Nanase so many years ago. I am not sure that I
would want to go through that again.", Urd said while starting to shake
and looked at her mother with tears in her eyes.

Hild was unsure of what to do. She could deal with annoyed demons,
violent archangels, but how do you deal with a crying daughter. It had been
so long since they had any prolonged contact with each other. She moved
closer to Urd and pulled her close as Urd hugged her back and began to cry
into the elder demon's shoulder.

"Sigh, sister dear said I should take the time to get to know my
child again. I suppose this is a start.", Hild thought as she began to rock
her daughter back and forth.

Cologne was frozen in place. She wanted to leave the two in order
for them to have some privacy, but the sight of a goddess needing to be
comforted by her mother, a demoness of all things, was almost just too
much to handle.


Kasumi left 'reality' and found herself in a large white expanse, that
was neither here nor there, past or future. Ranma and Hinako's souls would be
here until she could revive them. Looking around she saw two small forms off in
the distance. As she approached them she saw that they were the child forms of
Ranma and Hinako. They were about 100 feet apart, but they seemed to be
unconsciously drifting towards each other.

"They look so cute like that.", Kasumi said while looking at Chibi Ranma
and Hinako.


Ranma saw someone fly past him and strike the end of the vortex.
There was a horrible scream, as those hands seemed to rip the person's
body apart. He closed his eyes and waited for the end to come. Ranma
felt himself strike something, but instead of feeling pain, he felt
warm and comforted. Opening his eyes, he found out that he was being
held in someone's arms. Looking up, he almost fainted to find out that it
was Kasumi that was holding him. She lowered him down the ground. They
were in a grassy field that extended for miles. He was about to ask what
was going on when he heard a groan next to him. Ms. Hinako, who he
thought might have been killed, sat up, looked at him in shock, and hugged
him for all she was worth.

"The two of them are so close already. Lilith was right, this will
work out alright in the end, unless someone interferes of course.",
Kasumi thought.

"We aren't dead?", Hinako asked.

"I don't think so.", Ranma replied while looking at Kasumi.

"No, you came very close to dying, but thankfully you will live.",
Kasumi said to Ranma and Hinako.

"What happened? Was there something wrong with the spell?", Ranma

"The spell was interfered with. That little bastard Ryoga attacked both
you and Hinako as you slept. His attack disrupted the energy field
surrounding you, filling it with the hatred he possessed for you. This
hatred perverted the spell's energies, causing it to drain you, instead
of supporting you.", Kasumi said.

"He hated us?", Hinako and Ranma said at the same time.

"Yes he did. Ranma, I know you thought of him as your friend, but
his behavior towards you and others grew worse over the past few days.
A lot happened in the outside world, to me and to others.", Kasumi said.

"What happened?", Ranma asked with more than a little concern in his

"Well for one thing, I am no longer the same Kasumi, you knew when
you and Hinako first 'fell asleep'.", Kasumi replied.

"I don't understand. You are not the same Kasumi?", Ranma said.

Kasumi began to glow and assumed her goddess form. Both Ranma and
Hinako were looking at her with wide eyes, then smiles as they both
glomped onto her, much to Kasumi's surprise.

"You are not upset or angry at me?", Kasumi stated.

"No, when Hinako's grandmother was here, she said that both Hinako and
I were changing. That we were no longer like anyone else. She said that we
were not even really human anymore. We both thought that no one would want
to have us around, and I thought, that you and I could.....not longer see
each other.", Ranma said.

"Ranma, even if you and I turned out to be totally different, that
does not mean that I would abandon you or anyone else for that matter. Both
you and Hinako's friendship mean a lot to me. Remember we are linked
together. Urd told you that much, I would guess.", Kasumi stated.

"Um... Kasumi-san...if you don't mind could you tell us what you are
right now.", Hinako said shyly.

"Your grandmother and I are now somewhat similar Hinako-chan. She
and I are now both half goddess and half demon, but where as she chose
to embrace her goddess side, I chose to embrace both, so now I am what is
called a daemon. More specifically, my title is Daemon Second Class,
unlimited of nature and fertility. I also go by the name of Katrina
Saotome, when I am in this form.", Kasumi said.

"Saotome?", Ranma said in confusion.

"I chose that name to honor and remember someone I care deeply about
when I was training all those years.", Kasumi said kissing Ranma on the

"But Kasumi-san we just saw you five days ago.", Hinako said.

"We have two days to spend together in here. I will try and tell you
as much as I can about where I have been and what I have been seen. How
does that sound.", Kasumi said to Ranma and Hinako.

"It sounds like, we have a lot of catching up to do.", Ranma said
as he and Hinako snuggled up to Kasumi, waiting for her to start her tales.


Back in reality, Hild had actually managed to comfort her daughter, much
to the surprise of the elder demon.

"Do you feel better now?", Hild asked Urd.

"I do. You have not held me in ages. I missed it.", Urd said.

"Perhaps we can change that in the future.", Hild said.

"Ahem, please pardon the interruption, but what is do be done about
him?", Cologne asked Hild, while pointing to P-Chan's unconscious form.

"I have a suggestion.", Urd said while grinning evilly and holding
up a collar, with a name tag on it saying, "Charlotte".

"Won't the boy just escape.", Cologne said.

"That will not happen. His form no longer has access to the chi
enhanced speed and strength it once had. He only has the physical abilities
a pig of his size had. The only difference is that he still has his human
memories and intelligence, such as that is.", Hild said.

"Then that only leaves us with just one problem left.", Urd said as she
gestured towards the large hole Ryoga left in the wall.

Hild gestured towards the wall, and the concrete and metal seemed to
reform and restore the wall instantly. A bright red light then seemed to
skim across the entire building before fading.

"That should solve that problem. Not only has the building been
repaired, but the surface has been molecularly bonded. You would need one
of your nuclear weapons to damage the walls now.", Hild said.

Urd pulled out a cell phone and called Belldandy back at the temple
to inform her what had just happened, and that she would be staying at the
doctor's office until Hinako woke up.

Cologne reached down to pick the pig off the floor. She slapped it
sharply causing P-Chan to awaken, who was not exactly happy to see so many
people staring at him, like they wanted to kill him.

"You are fortunate that Ranma and the girl Hinako are still alive,
foolish boy. If they had died, not only would your physical body have
been killed, but I would hazard a guess that your spirit would also be
tortured for quite a long time.", Cologne said to P-Chan.

P-Chan looked over at Ranma and growled.

"Curse you Ranma just wait till next time.", P-Chan thought.

"There will not be a next time, foolish pig!", a voice yelled in
P-Chan's mind.

P-Chan looked around and saw two very scary looking silver haired
women looking at him, the tallest had eyes that glowed with an inner fire.

"You will now forever more be nothing but a pig. A pathetic little
pet for someone, or perhaps an appetizer at a nearby restaurant. You will
never be able to return to human form.", Hild growled at Ryoga who now
seemed frozen in shock.

P-Chan saw the other 'demon' holding a collar with a very familiar
name on it and began to shake.

"Yes you will now be given to a certain young girl that seemed
quite interested in you earlier.", Urd said as both P-Chan and his new
collar disappeared from the doctor's office and reappeared in the
bedroom of a certain hyperactive, kleptomaniac, ice skater.

Cologne grabbed the doctor and dragged him into the front office
when she felt several people approaching the building. Entering through
the front door, were Genma, Nodoka, Soun, Nabiki, Ranko, Akane, and Akari.

"I heard that something had happened to my son. How is he?",
Nodoka asked Cologne.

"He is fine at the moment, but both he and the girl Hinako, came
very close to dying.", Cologne said.

"What happened?", several people asked at once.

"Ryoga broke in through the back wall and disrupted the spell
surrounding Ranma and Hinako. This caused the spell to feed on the
energies of the two patients. If it were not for Kasumi and Hinako's
family, both she and Ranma would be lost forever.", Cologne stated.

"Where is that pig now?", Akane growled.

"He has been taken care of, permanently.", Cologne stated.

"So he is dead.", Nodoka said, sounding disappointed for some
reason or another.

"There are far worse things than death. Poor Ryoga is now no doubt
experiencing one of them.", Cologne cackled as several of the people
present let their imaginations cause them to think of several very nasty
things that might have happened to the boy.

"So the boy is going to be alright, and should wake up soon.", Genma
asked, trying to not sound too concerned. It wouldn't be proper for a man
to do so after all.

"He shall awaken in two days, after Kasumi-san finishes retrieving
Ranma's and Hinako's souls from the 'dreamscape'.", Cologne said to a stunned

"So Kasumi-chan entered the dreamscape physically to retrieve them?",
Ranko asked as several people looked at him.

"You know of the place?", Cologne asked.

"I learned a lot about magic and of other realms while traveling
with Kasumi.", Ranko stated casually.

"Impressive. I do not suppose you would be interested in marrying an
Amazon.", Cologne half-joked as Nabiki growled.

"I will pass on that 'honor'. I already have someone that I care
deeply about.", Ranko said while holding Nabiki's hand.

"Now that you know that Ranma and Hinako are going to live, it would
be best if all of you left for the time being.", Cologne.

"Can I not see my son?", Nodoka asked.

"That would not be a good idea.", Urd said as she came through the door
from the back room.

"You are the one who killed that horrible little troll Happosai.",
Nodoka said.

"Yes I did, and I am now staying here to ensure that no further harm
befalls Ranma and my granddaughter.", Urd said.

"Your granddaughter?", Nodoka asked.

"Why my little Hinako-chan, of course.", Urd said.


Several people proceeded to remove themselves from the floor after
face faulting at hearing that little piece of information.

Closing his eyes, Ranko extended his senses and tried to 'feel' where
Kasumi was. He was surprised by what he felt.

"Interesting, Kasumi-chan is soul bonded to both Ranma and the young
immortal girl.", Ranko thought to himself before shaking himself awake.

"Is something wrong Ranko-san?", Akari asked the catboy.

"Everything is fine Akari-san. In fact things couldn't be better at
the moment.", Ranko said as he turned and looked at Urd with a knowing glace.

"You are correct on that assumption.", Urd's voice spoke in Ranko's

Nodoka still seemed reluctant to leave until Dr. Tofu promised her
that she would be one of the first ones called to the office, when Ranma
woke up. The doctor's words seemed to carry more authority in Nodoka's
mind, after all he was considered quite manly by her for some reason
or another.


Meanwhile back in the dream world, Kasumi had just finished telling
Ranma and Hinako about the first time she met her mother after leaving
Midgard with Hild.

"Your mother sounds like she is very nice, Kasumi-san.", Ms. Hinako

"Yes, she does, but I guess I imagined her to be a little different,
no offense, Kasumi-chan.", Ranma said.

"You thought she would be more traditional?", Kasumi said.

"Yes, but I am glad she isn't.", Ranma said as Kasumi noticed a hint
of sadness in his voice.

"What's wrong Ranma?", Kasumi asked.

"This may sound strange, but I wish my mother was a little more like
yours seems to be.", Ranma said.

"What do you mean?", Kasumi asked.

"I try my best to please mom, but she never seems to be happy. She
still wants me to uphold her weird sense of 'manliness'. I can not even go
near her in girl form without her reaching, or at least looking at that damn
katana of hers. Sometimes I just want to grab on to that thing and smash it
to pieces in front of her.", Ranma replied.

"She does love you.", Kasumi said.

"Maybe, but she still doesn't respect me or even trust me to make my own
decisions in life. Her and Akane share that in common. I am trying to become
a better person. I have you and Hinako-chan to thank for that.", Ranma stated
as Ms. Hinako smiled.

"If you want to make your own decisions, simply tell your parents that,
in the same way that I told my father and your mother. I know that it will be
hard for you to do so, but part of growing up is working your way through
conflicts, and not just those that can be solved with your fists.", Kasumi
replied to Ranma.

"I guess so, but what if she refuses to accept me for who I am. You know
how stubborn she is. I don't think that she will back down so easily like your
father did.", Ranma said.

"If she doesn't accept you then she is a fool. You have much to be proud of
in your life. You have always fought for what you believed is right, you have
risked your life on many occasions, including your fight with Saffron. As far as
I am concerned you are a better person than she will ever be.", Kasumi said.

"If your mother doesn't accept, I will still be your friend.", Chibi-
Hinako said to Chibi-Ranma as took one of his hands and held it in hers.

"What about honor though? Is it honorable to still into a girl, because
of the pledge I signed? What about my responsibility to my family that mom
and pops are always talking about?", Ranma asked.

"Ranma, as hard as this might be for you to believe, part of my goddess
training was to wander from world to world, trying to help people. I did this
for over ten years, even though only a few days past in our home world. I have
seen many examples of what people say is honorable behavior, and more often than
not, there actions were mainly self-serving. They simply used honor as an excuse
to justify their actions. What is honorable, varies, from person to person and
culture to culture.", Kasumi said.

"That's true Ranma, besides do you think that your father is so honorable,
considering the way he acts?", Hinako asked Ranma.

"No, but still...", Ranma's voice trailed off.

"The first day I returned home, Ranma, I told Akane that if she chooses to
be with Akari, or anyone else, she should do so, because she loves them, not
because of some 'honor' promise between families. The same thing applies to you.
Feel free to date, or get engaged to someone, because you love them, regardless
of what your father or mother might say. Besides, you know that your mother has
abolished the promise between our families. I believe in time that she could
be convinced to alter her views about your two forms.", Kasumi said.

"That would be like breaking a promise. I did 'sign' that contract,
even though I really didn't know what I was doing. Ignoring everything, seems
like something pop would do.", Ranma said.

"Ranma, even though you are nothing like your father, you still follow
the path that he and your mother consider honorable. They are wrong, Ranma,
especially that 'pledge' you made when you were six. That is not honorable,
that is simply sick and disgusting. The final path you chose to follow is
your own though. I will not ever force you to do something that you feel
wrong or are uncomfortable with. Please, though, think very carefully
at what I have just said, especially the 'manliness' of your girl form.
Besides I will miss 'her' if she goes away forever.", Kasumi said, than
slapped her hand over her mouth, not meaning to say the last part out loud.

"Kasumi?", Ranma asked with large eyes shining at her.

"I shouldn't have said that...yet... When this is over and you are
your normal age again, we can talk about it further.", Kasumi said in

Ranma was trying to think of something to say about what Kasumi
had just said, but he began to feel tired and yawned widely.

"You are still tired from your experience in the void. Why don't
you sleep for a while.", Kasumi said as both Ranma and Hinako laid down,
with their heads in Kasumi's lap.

After Ranma and Hinako had been asleep for a while, Kasumi phased her
hand through Ranma's body and pulled out a small black kitten. The kitten
began to hiss and yowl as it remembered what it had been through. It
calmed down quite quickly, when Kasumi began to pet it.

"Well now, we couldn't have left you in there after all. If I did, how
would Ranma react to Ranko and Nabiki-chan's new form.", Kasumi giggled as the
kitten began to 'bat' at some of the feathers on Kasumi's wings.

A short while later, Kasumi noticed Ranma, begin to twitch in his

"A dream within the dreamscape. He must be tired, or he is still
thinking about his honor.", Kasumi thought to herself.


Ranma looked around and was surprised to find himself in the Tendo
Dojo. He was back to his proper age, but somehow he felt a little 'empty'
for some reason. The house appeared to empty, and very cold. As he made his way
downstairs, Ranma began to cough. An almost indescribable smell permeated the
house. Drops of blood littered the floor, becoming more plentiful as he neared
the kitchen. Carefully moving aside the curtain, he came across a sight that
caused him to freeze in his tracks. On the kitchen counter, near a large stew
pot sat his father's head, or rather a large panda's head. Blood was still
pouring from the neck, pooling on the floor.

"Foolish boy now look what you have done. Because of your lack of honor,
your mother decided to carry out her pledge.", the panda head spoke to Ranma,
much to his horror and disgust.

"It wasn't my fault, you made the promise. I had nothing to do with it.
I never wanted anything to do with the pledges, the fiancées, or any of the
crap that you put me through.", Ranma said.

"It doesn't matter what you want, because you failed to follow the path
that was laid out for you, you shall soon die, just as I had to.", the
panda head said as it turned on its own to look at a disturbing scene now
occurring outside the back door.

Ranma exited the house and found himself in a thick fog. The smell of
rotted meat and decay filled the air. Ranma could barely make out the dojo
next to the house. It looked abandoned, boards falling off, and tiles
missing from the roof. A large form appeared in the fog surprising Ranma.
It was the body of his father's panda form, and it was moving on its own.
Ranma shrieked and fired off a large ki blast a the monster. As the dust
from the explosion settled, a new scene seemed to unfold in front of him.

He was now standing on a large chopping block, like the one in those
old horror movies. A black cloaked and hooded figure stood over a young
girl with bright red hair and a yellow sun dress. Ranma realized that the
young girl, was an exact duplicate of his girl form.

"So my dishonorable son has come to meet his fate.", the black cloaked
figure said to Ranma as it turned to face him.

"Who are you? What are you talking about?", Ranma demanded of the
cloaked figure.

In response to Ranma's question, the figure removed its cloak and hood,
revealing the form of Ranma's mother, Nodoka.

"Mother?!?", Ranma asked in shock.

"You no longer have to the right the call me that. My son is dead to me.
All that is left is a dishonorable little girl, who will soon face her father's
well deserved fate. Maybe in death you will find some honor.", the form of
Nodoka said to Ranma as the figure of his girl form sighed and turned around
to face him.

Ranma gasped when she turned around and looked at him with a desperate
forlorn expression on her face. It reminded him of how he must have looked
when he thought that Akane had been killed by Saffron so many months ago.
As his girl form turned back around she tilted her head downward, as
Nodoka seemed to pull her Katana out of nowhere. Before he could move the
sword came down. Ranma wanted to scream but couldn't. The head was severed
completely from 'his' girl form's body. He just about ran in terror as the
head rolled back towards him and its eyes opened, staring at him with an
expression of disgust and sadness.

"Are you happy now. Because of you I have been destroyed, despite
the many times that I have helped you.", the disembodied head said much
to Ranma's horror.

"But I had an honor pledge to fulfill. I couldn't be a girl.", Ranma
said in shock.

"You were never a girl. What you were was an individual who was lucky
to experience was it was to be fully human. You had the opportunity to be
both male and female, but the twisted sense of honor your father and mother
instilled in you, didn't allow you to realize this until it was too late.",
the girl's head said to him.

"It is the only honor I know. What choice do I have but to follow it",
Ranma said.

"Would you like to see where this 'honor' will lead you.", she said
as the landscape began to blur and Ranma now found himself standing in a
cemetery with his girl form, now in one piece, standing next to him.

"Come with me, there is something that you must see.", onna-Ranma
said to her 'brother' with anger and disgust still in her voice.

Ranma followed his girl form through a series of twisting pathways,
ending up in front of a large grave marker. The marker bore his name and
a small inscription that said, "Here rests a man of honor, may he find the
peace in death, that he could not find in life."

Ranma watched as several people approached the grave and kneeled in
front of it. He recognize Kasumi, and Ms. Hinako in he adult form
immediately, but it took a few moments to identify the others. He saw Akane
and Akari, but they looked so much older. He also saw two, (shiver), cat
people, one of which looked like an older Nabiki.

"Hello love, I am sorry I can not be with you yet, but Kami-sama
still has so much more work for me to accomplish. Ranko and Nabiki have
been a great help as always, and their deeds, might enable them to become
immortals now. No one could take your place though. I just wish....that...
you would have listened to what I told you.....so many years ago.",
Kasumi said as she began to cry, first lightly, then she collapsed in
wracking sobs into Ms. Hinako's arms.

"It's alright Kasumi-chan, let it all out.", Hinako said quietly.

"You would think that after 20 years, it wouldn't hurt as much,
but it still does.", Kasumi sniffled.

"I never got the chance to know you lad, but from Nabiki-chan told me you
were a good man.", Ranko said while laying several orchids on Ranma's grave.

"Yes he was, to prideful and arrogant at times, but he had a good heart.",
Nabiki said sadly.

"Baka, see what you have done. You broke Kasumi's heart.", Akane said
as she looked at Ranma's grave with tears in her eyes as well.

Akari stood silent at Akane's side, holding her hand, and trying to be
supportive of her wife.

This proved to be too much for Ranma to take. It was hard enough
to watch how sad Hinako was when he saw her past life. To see Kasumi
like this, was far more horrible. She was one of the few people who ever
treated him with respect and compassion. He collapsed to the ground and
began to sob along with the image of Kasumi.

"It doesn't have to end like this.", Ranma's girl form said as he
looked up at her standing over him.

"What do I have to do?", he asked with a look of despair in his eyes.

"Chose to live your life, not surrender it because of the twisted
sense of honor, that others expect you to follow.", she said as Ranma
now found himself back in the Tendo Dojo yard, viewing his mother
once again standing over his girl form, with her katana about to strike.

Ranma shot forward as the katana came down. He knocked it out of
his mother's hand and snapped the sword in two, throwing the pieces to
the four winds.

"What do you think that you are doing?", the image of his mother
hissed at him.

"Saving something that I was too foolish to see how precious it
was to me.", Ranma said as his girl form looked up at him in shock.

"So are you a girl? You are supposed to be a man amongst men.",
Nodoka said

"What I am is for me to choose, no one else. For better or worse,
'Ranko' is part of who I am. I may not like being a girl at times, but
'she' has helped me improve myself, from the horrible job that you and
pops tried to raise me.", Ranma growled at the image of his mother, who
seemed to step back in fear.

"So you are abandoning the honor pledge that you had made to me?", the
image of Nodoka said to Ranma.

"No for once, I am doing the honorable thing, by taking responsibility
for my own life instead of letting others do it for me. That is what being a
man is about, nor whether or not I change sexes when splashed with water.",
Ranma replied.

Ranma picked his girl form off of the ground and stood her on her
feet. He then surprised her by bowing deeply in apology.

"Would you please forgive me, for how I have treated you in the
past.", Ranma said.

"I will forgive you if you promise never to give up on living. Life
is too short and too precious to consider killing yourself. Besides there
are those that love you. You have just seen that for yourself.", 'Ranko'
said to Ranma.

"I promise I will be there for others, and for myself as long as
I am needed or wanted.", Ranma said.

"That's close enough for now I suppose.", Ranko said while moving
close to Ranma and phasing into his, disappearing from sight.

"You will regret this choice boy.", his father's voice rang out
though the air.

"No, for once I will regret nothing, except having you as a father!",
Ranma shouted out, as everything seemed to fade into blackness.


Holding Ranma's sleeping form, Kasumi was surprised to see him
briefly change to his girl form, then back again to a ten year old boy.
Ranma came awake with a quiet whimper shortly after that.

"Are you alright, Ranma-chan?", Kasumi asked.

Ranma responded by glomping on tight to Kasumi, while shivering

"Ranma?", Kasumi stated nervously.

"I'll be ok Kasumi-chan, as long as you are here with me.", Ranma
said as Kasumi smiled and hugged the boy close to her.

"Did you have a bad dream?", Kasumi asked.

"The worst, but I don't think I will ever have that dream again as
long as you are near me.", Ranma said.

"What's going on?", Hinako said as she sat up yawning, then staring
wide eyed at Ranma hugged her.

Hinako looked at Kasumi with a confused expression on her face. Kasumi
just smiled and shrugged her shoulders in response.

Ranma gently moved away from Hinako, somewhat embarrassed by how he
was clinging to her. In his experience suddenly touching a woman or even
a girl, tended to end in the girl inflicting vast amounts of pain on him.

"Ranma if this dream bothered you, perhaps you should tell us what it
was about.", Kasumi said, while noticing how jumpy Ranma seemed to be.

"It's kind of personal.", Ranma said as Kasumi and Hinako felt
Ranma's emotions through the link that they shared.

"We won't embarrass you, or say anything to belittle you. If you have a
problem you can share it with us.", Kasumi said.

"Mew, mew.", the little kitten that was next to Kasumi meowed.

"Cat!!!!", Ranma screeched as he jumped backwards.

"There is no need to be afraid anymore Ranma. I removed the neko-ken
spirit from you, and this is she.", Kasumi said holding up the kitten to
Ranma, who while still nervous, did not feel the terror that he usually
felt when seeing a cat.

"That was the neko-ken?", Ranma said, moving a little closer to the
kitten in order to get a closer look at it.

"Yes it is, and now that it's spirit is free, you will no longer be
subject to 'going cat' if you will.", Kasumi replied.

"That's a relief, it was bad enough seeing those large cats in my dream,
even if one did look like Nabiki for some reason.", Ranma stated as Kasumi
raised an eyebrow.

"Can you please tell us of this dream.", Kasumi asked again.

Ranma told Kasumi and Hinako as much of the dream as he could remember,
including him seeing the two cat people standing over his grave.

"Ranma, that sound more a prophetic dream of a possible future. That
might actually come to pass if you were to commit suicide.", Kasumi said.

"You wouldn't really kill yourself would you Ranma-chan.", Hinako said
while looking at Ranma with her lower lip trembling and her eyes starting
to water.

"No, not anymore. I wouldn't like to make you and Kasumi sad.",
Ranma said to Hinako.

"Good, because I would miss you a lot, and if your stupid father or
anyone else tries to hurt you I will give them a "Kapowie", they will never
forget.", Hinako said while trying to sound fierce.

"One thing though, if I did see the future, why were there cat people
in it?", Ranma asked in confusion.

"The cat people that you saw Ranma, was Nabiki and her almost
fiancee, Ranko. They are both living at the dojo now, so I had to remove
your curse now, or it would be quite difficult for everyone to live
together to say the least.

"Where did 'Ranko' come from and what happened to Nabiki?", Ranma
asked Kasumi.

"That will take a while to explain. For now let me say that, while
I was traveling all those years, one of the first people that I was
assigned to help was Ranko. He lived in a world much like ours, but
in that world, he was your analog. The Ranma that was native to that
world. Some how he and out Nabiki shared a dream that spanned the
dimensions separating them. Kami-sama himself sent me to help and train
the boy, as well as introduce him to Nabiki eventually.", Kasumi said.

"So he came back here to live with everyone. I got it, but how did
Nabiki get turned into a catgirl.", Ranma said, while finding the idea
of a Neko-Nabiki to be not that unusual for some reason.

"That was my fault. Ranko used to have the ability to turn someone into
a catboy or catgirl, by biting them. I 'fixed' that problem, if you pardon
the pun, after he accidentally bit Nabiki. Now neither of them can turn
others into cat people.", Kasumi said as the little kitten spirit went over
to Ranma and began to purr against his legs.

Ranma, remarkably though, while nervous, didn't seemed to be freaking
out anymore.

"I think that she likes you.", Kasumi said, as Hinako reached down to
pet the kitten.

"She does?", Ranma asked.

"Of course why else would she have been looking out for you for all
these years.", Kasumi said.

"She did?", Ranma looked at Kasumi in confusion.

"Ranma the neko-ken is a form of ki and adrenalin based insanity. If
this little kitten's spirit did not enter you, you would have most likely
become permanently insane.

"So now what happens to her?", Ranma ask while starting to wonder what
happened to all the other cats that died when he first learned the neko-ken.

"She is now free to join her brothers and sisters, or I can bring her
back to life, if someone would be willing to give her a home.", Kasumi
replied as Ranma bent over and picked up the kitten spirit.

"See, now that isn't so bad, right?", Kasumi said as the kitten licked
Ranma on the face.

"I guess not.", Ranma said.

"Good, then when the time comes, for you to awaken, both she and I
will be waiting for you on the other side.

"You are not leaving now are you?", Hinako asked Kasumi.

"No I will be here with you, until the night before you are to
awaken.", Kasumi replied.


Back in Dr. Tofu's office, Hild noticed marks briefly appearing
on both Ranma's and Hinako's cheeks and forehead, before fading from sight.

"Very interesting.", Hild said.

"What is?", Urd asked.

"It appears your dear aunt has been meddling again.", Hild said
critically as she pointed at the two patients.

"Sigh, you think she would learn to leave well enough alone as it
is.", Urd said.


While Ranma and Hinako were dreaming, a certain panda was wishing
that he was dreaming. Somehow Genma had gotten splashed on the way to
perform yet another menial task, in his opinion, for his wife when he
was accosted by a certain panda girl.

At least it's only one this time.", Genma-panda grumbled as he
tried to run away.

"Come back to your little Mandy, panda-chan.", the panda girl
said as she hopped and skipped after Genma, somehow managing to keep up
despite the fact that he was running as fast as he could.

"Go away, I already have a wife.", a panda sign said.

"But I could do so much more for you.", Mandy said as she then further
stated quite explicitly what she could and would do to Genma when she caught

People were shocked to here someone saying such things in public and
at the sight of a panda blushing a deep crimson, through its thick,
normally black and white fur.

Genma, not paying attention to where he was going, was surprised when
he slammed into a strangely cat like pink-haired girl. The girl quickly swung
herself out of Genma-panda's arms and onto his back.

"Wai... Wai....Giddy-up panda.", Nuku Nuku said in excitement.

"Get off my panda-chan you hussy.", Mandy yelled out.

"What a revolting development this is!", a panda sign said as
Genma-panda continued to run through Nerima.

Back at the cat cafe, Shampoo was growing increasingly impatient,
with the annoying catgirl waitress that she was forced to work with. The
girl had been gone for far too long for such a simple delivery. She was
probably goofing off, chasing butterflies or something, while Shampoo was
stuck watching the cafe with that idiot 'duck boy'.

"Shampoo getting bored. Wish something interesting would happen.",
Shampoo said as she heard a loud noise approaching the cafe.

Looking outside the window, Shampoo saw the catgirl riding on the back
of Ranma's stupid father in panda form, while they were being chased by a
panda girl. Following behind them was Ranma's mother, Katana drawn, swearing
at her husband as explosions seemed to rain down on all of them from a small,
but very heavily armed helicopter that was either trying to kill the stupid
panda or Nuku Nuku.

"Hmmm, perhaps Shampoo stay inside where it boring instead. Too much
excitement not good for growing Amazons.", Shampoo said.

Author's Note:

Well another chapter done in a story that seems to continually get
large and more complex than I originally intended it too. Next Chapter
Ranma and Hinako will be waking up and moving on with their lives as
they get used to all of the changes that happened to the Nerima
residents when they were asleep. Ms. Hinako will continue to grow until
she reaches her proper age. How that will affect her relationship with
Ranma and Kasumi remains to be seen. Although I hesitate to mention this
I might actually now find to time to talk more about Urd's past, but we
will have to wait and see what develops.

On another note, I decided after focusing so much on Ranma and Hinako
last chapter, that I would cover a little bit of everything including Kunos'
rather unique punishment, and a little of Ranko's and Kasumi's adventures
together, which by the way are going to fill up a lot of side stories, that I
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