Ranma 1/2 Fan Fiction ❯ Little Angel Lost ❯ My Angel ( Chapter 14 )

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Little Angel Lost

A Ranma 1/2 Fanfiction by Ryo Oki

Disclaimer: All characters and places not created by me
are probably owned by someone else.

Authors Note: This story is an alternative universe / crossover story
set roughly 4 months after the wedding. Ranma and Akane are now juniors
in high school.

WARNING!!!! While most of this story has been pg or pg-13 rated
there is one love scene near the end of this chapter that could be
considered by some to be r rated. If such material offends you, don't
read it. It will be quite obvious where this material begins.

One last note, since some of the characters will have the same name,
when they meet, the Ukyo and Hinako that are native to the main storyline
will be called Ukyo-n and Hinako-n. 'N' standing for the native version.
The Hinako and Ukyo from the dimension where Ukyo ran her girls school
will not have a suffix following their names.


Chapter 12: My Angel

Ukyo, Rei, Asuka, the native Ukyo, and Ranko were relaxing in
U-chan's cafe as Hinako was talking to Ranko about what she and the other
girls who attended Ukyo's school, had been doing since Ranko left their
world a few years ago.

Ranko listened as Hinako talked about all the relationships that the
girls were in, especially how close Rei and Asuka seemed to be these days,
much to the two girls' embarrassment as they listened in. Hinako though was
still alone. Her parents had tried to arrange meeting with several boys, of
their own race, but Hinako didn't really care for any of them, and in fact
seemed not to want to be with any fox boy.

"Are your parents trying to find you a fiancée or just a boyfriend?",
Ranko asked Hinako.

"Both, not that I need their help though. I am not a little girl who
needs someone to her find a boy and as for marriage.....Please I am only
17 and I'm definitely not interested in those horney little fox boys. They
don't even want to be friends first. They want to go straight to the
honeymoon.", Hinako said in disgust.

"Stay away from arranged marriages sugar, they will only end up
causing you problems.", Ukyo-n said in a subdued voice.

"Is there anyone that you like Hinako-chan?", Ranko asked.

"Well.....", Hinako started to say.

"She likes several of the cat boys from the local college. I am
afraid you have spoiled her Ranko-chan.", Asuka teased.

"That's not it. They are just nice to me and they listen to me when
I speak instead of staring at my body.", Hinako said.

"It also seems to drive your parents crazy, which you do enjoy.",
Asuka said with a smug grin.

"It's their fault for being so narrow-minded. We are not back in
Titania's realm after all. I can be with who I want without having to
obey those silly rules.", Hinako said.

"Who is Titania?", Ukyo-n asked Hinako.

"She is the snotty little fairy queen who thinks she has the right
to tell us what we could do with our lives.", Hinako said.

"I don't understand.", Ukyo said.

"Titania and her husband Oberon are the rulers of a world that is
closely linked to ours. Many of the magical races in my world are from
Titania's realm and have been crossing over in the past 400 hundred
years so that they can live their own lives.", Ukyo said to her
native counterpart.

"Lin-Lin and Ran-Ran told me a little about her. It seems that in
her realm all of the races used to fight with each other constantly, so
in order to lessen the conflicts Titania decreed that the races should
remain separate from each other as much as possible. From what they said
though, this isn't working and is only making things worse as everyone is
beginning to believe any rumor about another race, since they don't get
to see each other very often.", Ranko said.

"It's getting worse. From what mom and dad have heard from their
relatives still in Titania's realm, their has been talk of openly
rebelling against the queen and king. Several of the more powerful races,
including the giants and the dragons are thinking about supporting the
rebellion. If this happens things could get messy.", Hinako said.

"But everyone gets along in your world?", Ukyo asked while wondering
how that was possible since everyone in her world didn't and they were all
the same race, more or less. Who knows, maybe her 'mother's' world was
different from her own.

"No there are problems. It seems that prejudice takes hold of the
hearts of some members of all races. Often political or religious excuses
are given to the prejudice and violence that sometimes follows it, but
the truth is that is only used to somehow give credibility to their
narrow minded views. Near our school there is a group of humans who want
to rid the entire British Isles of non-humans. They fight with the police
constantly and sometimes harass the students of nearby schools. No deaths
have ever been reported, but more than a few people have had to go the
hospital as a result of being attacked.", Ukyo sighed.

"Those cowards only attack those that they think are weak. If anyone
fights back, particularly with magic then the little 'rodents' try to run
back to their holes. Rei and I have taken care of a few of them.", Asuka
said with a wicked grin on her face.

"They have tried to 'recruit' myself on several occasions by saying
that their actions were mandated by the heavens and their cause is just.",
Rei said as her wings fluttered in annoyance.

"They think that I have corrupted her in some way since we are
close to each other.....as friends that is.", Asuka said with a slight
reddening to her cheeks.

"If you say so.", Hinako said.

Asuka was about to respond to Hinako's little remark when the
ground began to shake, then stop twice as lights flared briefly in the

"Someone is using a great deal of magic.", Rei stated.

Ukyo reached into a pocket and pulled out a large arrowhead that
began to float in midair when she released it. The point of it
swiveled in the direction that the lights had come from.

"We should checked it out. Magic is much less common in this
world, right Ranko-chan?", Ukyo asked her son.

"It could be another demon or Yuma attack.", Ranko said as
everyone began to leave the restaurant.

As they were nearing the source of the magic, Ukyo and the rest
met up with Cologne and Shampoo who had also felt the release of magic
and were going to investigate it. When everyone reached the source they
were surprised by what they saw.


Meanwhile an hour earlier at the native Hinako's home:

Before he and Hinako underwent their transformation, Ranma had
promised to help train her in martial arts and Hinako had decided that
perhaps it was best if she helped Ranma in his new abilities. Now with
the both of them picking up new abilities due to the 'interference' of
Lilith, Kasumi had decided that they had best start learning about
themselves immediately. Hinako would reach her full age of 18 in about
two and a half weeks. When this happened Kasumi was pretty sure that the
three of them would not just settle down into a quiet home life. Her
experience with the various immortal forces of Asgard and Niflheim
had taught her that much at least.

Ever though Hinako was somewhat shy around Ranma, this would
change in when she reached the subjective age of 14 Kasumi believed, then
she would act like any other 14 year old girl around a very cute boy such
as Ranma, which of course in Nerima meant that poor Ranma would face yet
another teenage girl wanting his affections, and not being shy about it.

"Ranma, since all of us have the time, we she find a large place for
you and Hinako-chan to practice your abilities in both your forms.", Kasumi
said to Ranma.

"I guess we should, but Hina-chan doesn't.... you know come near me
without blushing. How can we practice together?", Ranma asked.

"She will just have to overcome it and I will accept no excuses.",
Kasumi said with a forceful voice, that surprised Ranma, and Hinako who
was hiding around the corner of the living room listening to what Kasumi
was saying.

Seeing that she had been found out Hinako tried to sneak away, but
found herself lifted into the air by a small gesture from Kasumi. Hinako
tried to resist, but she found out that the power of a third-class angel
trainee was somewhat less than the power of a second-class goddess.

"Now I know you were not thinking of running away were you
Hinako-chan?", Kasumi said, while making the question sound like a

"No.....I was just going to get some water.", Hinako said while
putting on her most effective 'cute and innocent' look.

"Hinako-chan, you know that both you and Ranma do not need to eat
or drink anymore. I have told the both of you that much.", Kasumi said.

"Yeah, but I still like to eat. It helps a little and people would
look at me funny if Hinako and I kissed each other in public to recharge.",
Ranma said as Hinako looked at the floor, finding it interesting for some

"You don't have to kiss her.... well unless you want to.", Kasumi
teased the pair. "All you have to due is kiss someone else, and she will
receive the same energy that you will, if she is resting in you Ranma.",
Kasumi said.

"Who should I kiss though. There are so many choices.", Ranma teased
Kasumi right back, much to her satisfaction.

He was growing more confident in areas other than martial arts. It
was not too long ago that he wouldn't have even dared to say such a thing
for fear of being a 'pervert' and hit by Kasumi's 'dear' little sister.

Kasumi walked up to Ranma and started with a gentle kiss on the lips,
that quickly escalated into something more. By the time the two separated
they noticed Hinako sitting on the ground with her eyes crossed and sweating
quite a bit.

"Sorry Hinako-chan, but the both of you will need as much energy as
possible for your practice, and you have to get used to strong emotions,
even if they are distracting.", Kasumi said as she helped the young teen
onto her feet.

Hinako promptly leapt into Ranma's form, which was still a weird
feeling for Ranma to experience. Kasumi then led Ranma to a back field
at the high school. Hinako stayed in side of Ranma, refusing to come out
for about a half hour.

When she finally emerged, Hinako found herself scooped up and thrown
high into the air by Kasumi. Hinako shrieked and Ranma tried to leap after her,
but was held back by Kasumi. A second after she began to fall, Hinako
manifested her wings and she floated back down to the earth, breathing

"Did you have to do that Kasumi-chan?", Ranma asked, wondering why
Kasumi had done something that his father might have tried.

"She was in no danger Ranma, but she must learn to think and react
quickly. I promise I will do nothing to endanger your lives. Your
training might seem a little rough, but it will be nothing like what your
father put you through.", Kasumi said.

"So what is it that you want us to do?", Ranma asked Kasumi.

"Well for today, I want you to both practice your abilities while in
you human forms. Eventually though I want you to be able to do this.",
Kasumi said as she changed back to her goddess form and pointed her arm
at an old building that the school was going to tear down, but lacked the

Kasumi's hand began to glow blue, then a swirling red energy began to
mix with the red glow and a few seconds later a large energy beam streaked
towards the building. Ranma almost had to pick his mouth of the ground as
Kasumi's energy bolt engulfed the building, reducing it to a fine powder.

"Oh my!!!", Hinako said as she stared wide-eyed in disbelief.

"That was ...um.....very interesting Kasumi-chan.", Ranma said,
while feeling a little inadequate for once.

"Don't worry Ranma-chan, you won't need to use that much power on
anyone if you don't want to.", Kasumi said.

"You have used 'that' on someone? Did they live?", Ranma asked.

"Sometimes yes and sometimes no. I am not proud of it, but their
were times when Ranko and I were forced to kill our opponents, some of
which were human, more or less.", Kasumi replied as she noticed a nervous
look on both Ranma's and Hinako's faces.

"Will I have to kill someone?", Hinako said in a nervous voice.

"I hope that you never have to Hinako-chan, but I can not promise
you anything. There are some very evil beings in our world and others,
and simply defeating them in a fight is often not enough. Remember what
had to be done to Happosai, or should I say Xverfm.", Kasumi said.

Hinako and Ranma looked like they wanted to say something, but
neither of them could find the words at the moment.

"Now I want both of you to focus on your abilities to control the
natural environment. I saw the flowers that the both of you had created, now
I want to see if either of you can use your abilities to defend yourselves
as well as attack.", Kasumi said.

"What do we do again?", Ranma asked for the second time.

"Just use your imagination Ranma-chan. That goes for you as well
Hinako-chan.", Kasumi said.

Hinako paced her arm on a large oak tree. A look of concentration
passed over her face a vine suddenly shot out from the tree, wrapping
itself around Ranma's legs.

"What?", Ranma said as the vines suddenly pulled him off his feet.

Ranma ripped the vines from the tree with his arms that were free. The
vines then began to blacken and turn to dust, without harming the tree that
it used to be attached to.

Ranma then sent a strong wind gust towards Hinako, who was then knocked
off her feet and onto her butt.

"Careful my poor little rear is sensitive.", Hinako pouted as Kasumi
couldn't help but snicker at the look on Hinako's face.

"Well if you want to quit?", Ranma said with a smug look on his face.

Hinako smiled at Ranma and snapped her fingers, causing a small cloud
to form over Ranma. Said cloud soon drenched one martial artist, who at least
stayed male, which usually didn't happen before.

"I hate being wet.", Ranma grumbled.

"Well.......if you really want to quit.", Hinako said with an evil
grin on her face, matching Ranma's teasing tone that he used on her earlier.

Ranma responded with a cloud of his own, which soaked Hinako.

"Hey I just washed my hair this morning. Do you know how long that
takes.", Hinako almost growled.

"So now its been washed twice.", Ranma smirked.

"Oh you will pay for that.", Hinako said as she put her hand on the
ground and it began to rumble.

"Don't over do it Hinako-chan. You don't want to tire yourself out
so soon.", Kasumi said as she began to feel Hinako expend a large amount
of energy.

The ground continued to rumble slightly for a few moments more, then
a small red rock emerged from the ground, followed by a few others that were
attached to it.

"Is that it?", Ranma said.

Hinako was beginning breathe heavily, and the look of concentration
on her face intensified. Suddenly the ground exploded outward, knocking
everyone off their feet. As the dust settled everyone found themselves
staring up at a large red rocky creature, wearing 'rocky' boxing gloves
of all things.

"Yeah, I did it!", Hinako said.

"You must be joking.", Ranma said in a deadpan tone of voice.

"I used to like this game when I was young. Grandma and me
played it all the time.", Hinako said as she concentrated and the
creature began to move towards Ranma.

"Your turn.", Hinako said smugly.

Ranma sighed and tried to duplicate Hinako's creation. It took
a few moments longer than it did Hinako, but soon a large blue colored
'rocky' robot was facing off against Hinako's red one. Soon the two
creatures were trading blows and the echoes of the impacts were heard
all over Nerima.

As the combined grouped from U-chan's and the Cat Cafe neared the
school, Shampoo took one look at the large 'robots', snorted once, then turned
around and started to walk off while shaking her head.

"Where are you going great granddaughter?", Cologne said.

"I'm going home. There is no way that is real.", Shampoo said in
surprisingly good Japanese.

"Didn't we used to play something like that back at the school?",
Asuka asked Rei.

"Those were machines created by Mitsumi. These appear to be some
sort of magical constructs.", Rei said.

"Not elementals then?", Ukyo said.

"I don't detect any life force within them, so they must be some
sort of golem.", Rei replied.

"How can you be so calm about seeing something like that?", Ukyo-n
said while pointing at the creatures.

"Don't worry dear you will get used it. Things like this happen
all the time at the school.", Ukyo said to her somewhat dazed younger
counterpart / daughter.

"I wonder if they will let me play?", the foxgirl Hinako said.

"So I am not crazy and imagining things.", Shampoo said.

"Well they are real sugar, now for being crazy....", Ukyo-n's
voice trailed off with a smirk on her face.

"That boy seems to be taking the game quite seriously.", Rei
said as she noticed his golem backing Hinako's up and the girl having
trouble continuing to concentrate.

"Sigh, that boy takes things far too seriously at times.",
Cologne said.

"Perhaps we should help the girl then.", Ukyo. said.

"Shampoo not getting near those things.", Shampoo
grumbled, not really paying attention to how she was speaking.

"You do not have to be near the golems. They are controlled by
the will of their wielders. Simply distract them and the golem will
cease moving.", Rei said.

"A distraction is it. Hmmm.... I have an idea.", Asuka said as
she extended her wings and flew quickly over to Ranma, landing right
behind the boy.

"Well hello sexy.", Asuka said in a deep purring voice as she
put her arms around him and kissed him on the back of the neck,
distracting him quite well as well as Rei who seemed to twitch for
some reason at the sight of the demon girl kissing someone.

"Ack.", Ranma said as his golem stopped dead.

Taking advantage of the situation Hinako-n had her golem punch
the head of Ranma's golem, sending it sailing into the air, where it
began to disintegrate back into dust, now that it was no longer
attached to the rest of its body.

"I win!", Hinako-n exclaimed.

"That's not fair.", Ranma said once Asuka climbed off of him,
after taking the scenic route first, much to her satisfaction.

"You still lost.", Hinako-n smirked as Ranma pouted.

"He doesn't take losing very well does he?", Ukyo asked as Ranma
tried to ask for a rematch, but Hinako-n seemed uninterested. After all
she one once, why bother doing it again.

"Hey watch it!", Ranma shouted out as a small lightning bolt,
courtesy of Kasumi struck the ground near his feet.

"A martial artist must always be alert, right Ranma-chan. Now
change to your goddess form and we will see how your use of
invocation magic is.", Kasumi said as she was now floating several
feet off of the ground and gaining altitude.

Ranma leapt into the air, instantly changing into his goddess
form as Hinako looked at the two from below. A few moments later
the air was filled with various lightning bolts, fireballs, and other
misc. energy bolts.

"Aren't they wonderful?", Rei said with awed look on her face as little
hearts seemed to dance around her.

Asuka looked over at her friend and wondered if her friend had a split
personality or something. There were times when Rei seemed so cold, Asuka
wondered if Rei was either a robot or the half alien albino clone of some
dead scientist. Then again there were times when Rei seemed almost as
hyper as the little foxgirl Hinako was.

"We could fly up there and join them if you want.", Asuka said.

"Oh we couldn't. It wouldn't be proper, after all it is their sparing
match.", Rei said.

"Proper, (Snort), lets just go join in.", Asuka said as she grabbed
onto Rei's hand and took off, forcing the angel girl to use her wings in
order to stay level.

"Mind if we join you?", Asuka asked as she and Rei flew up next to

"That sounds like a wonderful idea. Ranma-chan needs to work on her
team skills.", Kasumi said as Ranma frowned slightly.

"All right then, Rei can team up with you and I'll team up with 'Xena
the warrior goddess' here.", Asuka said as she pointed at Ranma-chan.

Down below, Shampoo and the others were watching the four way magic
battle, some with awe and some with calm interest.

"That 'boy' Ranma needs to work more on his magical defenses, instead
of trying to dodge everything.", Ukyo said.

"He seems to be doing alright.", Ukyo-n said as a fireball from Kasumi
exploded in front of him, sending Ranma-chan into the ground.

"See, a simple globe of protection spell would have rendered that spell
useless. You can not really dodge spells with a large burst radius.", Ukyo
said as Ranma removed herself from the ground and leapt back into the air.

"Do you ever feel....like you don't belong when you are with them.",
Shampoo said to Ukyo as she began to feel somewhat inadequate at the amount
of power that the four immortals were throwing around.

"You get used to it after a while. Rei and Asuka rarely display their
powers and even in my world they are still quite rare. Most of the non-human
races are quite mortal and would not be able to do what those four are doing.",
Ukyo said as she watched Ranma's defense skills increase slightly.

"Can we learn any magic?", Ukyo-n asked her 'mother'.

"Of course dear. Why within a year I should be able to teach you a few
useful spells including being able to fly if you so choose.", Ukyo said.

"You can fly?!?", both Shampoo and Ukyo-n shouted out.

"Of course, it's only a third rank spell after all. It's not as if it
requires one to be an arch-mage, which is good, because quite frankly I have
neither the time, not the desire to devote my entire life to magic. I do
know a few tricks though.", Ukyo said.

Listening to the older Ukyo speak, Shampoo whined to herself about how
unfair life was becoming. Ranma and Kasumi were goddesses and the little
teacher Hinako was now an angel. That sneaky girl Nabiki became a sexy catgirl
with a cute catboy for a fiancée. If that wasn't bad enough now spatula girl
would be getting magic lessons from her mother.

"I want a power-up too.", Shampoo whispered as she looked toward her
great grandmother.

"Sorry granddaughter I can not teach you to fly or hurl magic energy
as they are.", Cologne said to Shampoo, anticipating what the young Amazon
was about to ask her.

"At least that violent girl Akane is still as unskilled as ever.",
Shampoo thought to herself with a little satisfaction.

As Ranma and the others continued to practice they started to attract
a crowd, which was unusual for Nerima since most of the residents are so used
to the unusual, that if Godzilla himself stomped by there would be nothing more
than a few raised eyebrows from a few of the district's citizens.

The sight of a goddess, a daemon, an angel, and a minor demon throwing
spells back and forth at each other though was something else though. Many
residents remembered seeing Kasumi 'kidnapped' by Hild not so long ago, so
their quite a few glares being directed at Asuka, since it was she and Ranma,
whom very few recognized at the moment, who were attacking Kasumi and the
'weak' angel next to her. Kasumi Had become quite recognizable during the past
few days as she seemed to spend most of her time outside of the home in her
goddess form, causing more than a few men, young and old to develop crushes
on her. She didn't encourage this of course, but these things happened.

On the ground below, Ranko and the others noticed the crowd approaching
and began to worry. Several bolts of energy from the sparing match did
strike the ground on occasion and they could injure someone if they came much

"Hinako-chan could you make sure that no one comes any closer.", Ukyo asked
the foxgirl.

"She doesn't look like a warrior, how can she help.", Shampoo
said quietly to no one in particular.

"Watch and you will see.", Ukyo responded to Shampoo.

The air began to shimmer in front of the approaching crowd, then it seemed
to 'harden' in front of them producing a wall 40 feet long and 20 feet high,
which completely blocked the street.

"That is.... impressive.", Cologne said while finding herself
surprised, which is something that did not happen very long.

"Your magic has improved a lot since I left the school.", Ranko said
to Hinako.

"She is now the best practitioner of magic in the school, including
myself Ukyo said, as Hinako blushed at the compliment.

"When you and Kasumi-chan had to leave I wanted to go with you, but I
was still too young, so I decided to practice as much as I could in the
hopes that I could follow you. After one girl though was killed trying to
cross into another world, mistress Ukyo forbid anyone to try and leave
our world again.", Hinako said.

"Now that you are here perhaps you and I should practice together like
we used to. It would also help to train Nabiki-chan so that she is better
able to defend herself.", Ranko said to Hinako, who seemed thrilled that
Ranko wanted to be with her, but less thrilled that he wanted Nabiki to
come along as well.

"We can stay for about a week more, any more though and I hesitate
to think of the mischief Lin-Lin and Ran-Ran may get into.", Ukyo said.

As the crowd still continued to grow, Kasumi decided to end the
sparing session that she and the three others were participating in.
Perhaps they could continued in some unpopulated area outside of Tokyo
in a day or two.

The crowd did eventually disperse and everyone, including the
groups from the Cat Cafe and U-chan's went their separate ways. Cologne
had her cafe to run and Ranko wanted to get back and see Nabiki. She
no doubt knew about where everyone was now, due to the TV cameras that
had photographed Kasumi's little sparing match, or so he thought.


Back at the Tendo Dojo Nabiki was quite unaware of what Ranko was
up to, or about many current events. Normally she took pride in staying
on top of anything that might help her in some way, but lately she had
been feeling 'bottled up' for some reason. She found it hard to stay
still for long and a couple of times she found herself running as fast
as she could through the house and yard as house cats tended to do from
time to time.

She had even ignored several phone calls from her associates, who
had been running Nabiki's businesses at the high school lately.

"Maybe I should just get out for a while, then I will feel better.",
Nabiki thought to herself as she leapt out of her window and down into
the yard, bouncing off her Akane's head in the process.

"Hey watch out!", Akane exclaimed.

"Sorry little sister.", Nabiki snickered as she leapt out of the

"Stupid cats.", Akane grumbled.

Nabiki bounced from Akane's head, to the fence, to the roof of
a large black car that was slowing driving down the street in front
of her home. The started driver hit the brakes as Nabiki leapt off,
causing the girl to miss time a jump and end up in the lap of a very
startled tourist, who was sitting with his companion at a table in
an outdoor cafe.

"Sorry about that, miyahhh.", Nabiki said as she got off of
the tourist's lap and continued to leap from roof to roof.

"Damn Lupin, what was that?", a middle aged man with a dark
beard said as he came out of the cafe.

"Off hand I would say it was a neko-musumi or cat girl.", a
younger man wearing a kendo outfit said.

"Yeah right, as if something like that is real.", the man
sitting at the table said.

Inside the large limousine two people had recovered from
being thrown against their seatbelts.

"What was that about?", an elderly woman asked her companion.

"I believe that was one of my wayward granddaughters.",
Akito Tendo said to his companion Kagome Kurata.

"Well since we have arrived at your son's dojo, shall we see
what the 'boy' has been up to.", Kagome said.

Nabiki continued to leap from roof to roof until she came
Ranko and the others just leaving the Furinkan grounds. Wanting to
surprise him she leapt off the roof towards him. Unfortunately her
roof hopping skills still needed a little work as she bounced off of
a lamp post and right onto Shampoo, knocking the Amazon to the ground.

"Why do girls jump on Shampoo lately?", the young Amazon said in a
frustrated voice.

"Sounds like karma for all of the times you landed your bicycle
on my head.", Ranma said with a smirk.

"She landed on your head....Hmmm, unusual courtship behavior if
you ask me.", Ranko stated as he lifted Nabiki off of Shampoo.

"It's a long story.", Ranma replied as Shampoo pulled herself out
of the ground.

Nabiki and Ranko walked off together, before taking to the rooftops,
with Ranko showing her how to balance a little better, and if she needed
help well he would just have to pull her close to him.

As Kasumi, Ranma, and Hinako returned home, they received a phone
call from Akane saying that their grandfather had come to visit and he
wanted to see everyone. Hopefully Nabiki would not be out too long, so that
she could see her grandfather as well.

A little while earlier:

Akane hearing someone outside of the gate rushed to it and opened it
thinking that it was her sister wanting to apologize for jumping on her, she
was quite surprised with who she saw though.

"Grandpa!", she shouted in surprise.

"Akane, is someone at the gate?", Soun shouted from within the house.

"Grandpa has come to see us.", Akane said.

Silence came from the house.

"Sigh....That boy is still being stubborn.", Akito grumbled.

"Now dear, we agreed that we would try and make amends with him.", Kagome
said to Akito.

"Dear? Grandpa do you have a girlfriend now?", Akane ask with a smile
growing on her face.

"Yes, we are dating.", Kagome said before Akito could even open his

"So are your sister's here? I heard a rumor that Kasumi moved out and
that 'interesting things' had happened to both she and Nabiki.", Akito said.

"Oh the shame of it.", Soun said from inside the home.

"Boy!, if you have something to say come out here and say it. I swear,
a grown man sniveling. What would your mother think.", Akito said as Soun
came out of the house looking guilty.

"Yes father.", he replied as Akane could only stare at how her
father was acting. She couldn't even recall seeing him act so meek.

Akito introduced Kagome to Soun and the both of them exchanged
greetings and everyone started to enter the house.

As they entered the home, three loud 'pops' came from behind them
as Kasumi, Ranma, and Hinako, the native one, teleported in. This
was followed shortly by two soft 'thumps' coming from the roof, as
Ranko and Nabiki were returning from their little jog around the
neighborhood. They jumped off the roof, landing beside Kasumi.

"Grandpa, miyahhh!", Nabiki exclaimed as she glomped onto Akito.

"Grandfather, I am glad to see you.", Kasumi said as she softly hugged

"To think when I used to call the two of you 'My Little Kitten and
Angel', that you would become that literally.", Akito said as he smiled.

"You know about what happened to us?", Nabiki said.

"I have a 'friend', who keeps me informed about my family.",
Akito said to Nabiki.

"We have met.", Kasumi said with a smile.

"Now lets go inside. I am curious about the two boys who have
stolen my granddaughter's hearts.", Akito said as he looked at Ranma
and Ranko, both of whom seemed to not be bothered by the elder
Tendo's close scrutiny of them.

As everyone sat down, Akito found himself looking at Hinako, trying
to picture the young girl that he first saw many years ago.

"Is something wrong?", Hinako as she noticed Akito looking at her.

"I am just remembering how you looked when I first saw you.", Akito

"You know me?", Hinako said.

"I was at the hospital with your mother, and grandmother when
you were born.", Akito said.

"You know grandmother.?", Hinako said.

"Both Kagome and I know her.", Akito said.

"Your grandfather is my brother.", Kagome said to Hinako who was
starting to remember the stories that her grandmother used to tell
about her life many years before Hinako.

"Wait....Akito Tendo... I remember you were the one that used to
be mean to grandpa and grandma.", Hinako said while frowning.

"That was true. Things have changed though. After the death of
my sister, all of us changed.", Akito sighed.

"I'm sorry I upset you. If grandmother and 'aunty' forgave you,
then I will.", Hinako said.

"'Aunty', I like how that sounds.", Kagome said as she went
over and hugged Hinako.

"So son, I heard that you are dating both my granddaughter and
this young girl at the same time.", Akito said in mock severity as
Kasumi giggled.

"Well it's not quite like that.", Ranma said casually, quite
a change from how he used to react whenever some questions him. Of
course he wasn't a divinity then.

Ranma and Kasumi filled in many of the details that Akito
was unfamiliar with regard how Ranma came to be with both Kasumi and

"You become a goddess as well as Kasumi and Hinako is your
angel? You lives are even more interesting that ours was when we
were young.", Kagome said.

"I would like to see these new forms of yours, if you do not
mind.", Akito said.

Kasumi, Ranma, and Hinako changed to their supernatural forms
causing a raised eyebrow from both Akito and Kagome.

"So at times you are male with two girlfriends and at other
times you three girls are together. Oh my, relationships certainly
have changed since I was young.", Kagome said while trying to hold
back a giggle.

"The three of us will always be together, especially when I
become a little older.", Hinako said, while unsure of whether or
not that her aunt approved of her relationship with Ranma and Kasumi.

"Good for you young one. Do not let anyone tell you who you
be with. It is none of their business.", Akito said as Soun
stiffened slightly.

"That also goes for arranged marriages. They do not work, as
my first husband and I found it. Now my second husband on the other
hand....", Kagome's voice trailed off.

"Did you have any children?", Nabiki asked Kagome.

"I had a daughter, but she was taken from us and her family
at a young age. She barely got to know her daughters.", Kagome said as
Nabiki noticed how much Kagome's daughter's death was similar to that of
her mother.

"I'm sorry about that, but you now have us now. I am sure
father would not mind seeing you and grandpa, and I know that I
wouldn't mind seeing you.", Nabiki said as she briefly looked
at her father, who was being a lot quieter than he usually was.

"I have been meaning to talk to you, Nabiki-chan, but that can
wait for a little longer.

Turning away from Ranma, Akito now gave Ranko a visual once
over, so to speak.

"So son, I see that my 'little kitten' is actually now real
catgirl, care to explain how that happened.", Akito said to Ranko.

"Be nice to him grandpa, he has done nothing wrong. Beside,
I like being a catgirl now.", Nabiki said.

"Excellent, she stands up for you son. So how do you feel about
her.", Akito asked.

Ranko explained how Nabiki had accidentally become a catgirl and
how she had chosen to retain her current form even when Kasumi offered
to change he back.

"I suppose I could see why she would want to stay a catgirl, but
you know how hard our society can be on those who are different.", Akito

"I have always been like this and would not change who I am simply
because of the prejudice actions of some foolish man or woman. Nabiki and
I love each other, and we will pass any hurtles that life puts in our way.",
Ranko said.

"So you love her already?", Akito asked as Nabiki listened closely.

"Even since we first shared that dream together, although back then I
really didn't know what I was feeling. I just like how thinking about her
may be feel nice and warm all over.", Ranko said as Nabiki blushed.

"Oh he is so cute? Almost makes me want to adopt the boy?", Kagome said
as Ranko smiled and scratched the back of his head. He couldn't help it if he
was adorable. Not that he would say it aloud though.

"I should add that although it seems like I had just met Nabiki,
in fact I first had the dream about her, several years ago from my recollection.",
Ranko said as he explained about all the years that he had spent traveling
with Kasumi in comparison to how much time had passed in this world.

Finishing his talk with Ranko, Akito wondered if he should speak with
Kasumi about her inheritance. He did want to wait to all of his granddaughters
were over 21, but since she was living outside of the home now, and she
and her new family could probably use the help he decided to speak to her. He
was surprised what she told him, when he took her aside though.

"How could you be wealthy at such a young age?", Akito said to Kasumi
as they spoke alone in the dojo.

"Well, Ranko and I did spend several years adventuring together and it
is quite a lucrative profession.", Kasumi explained as she listed off several
of the creatures, including two dragons that she and Ranko had fought over
their time together.

"So even the catboy is well off?", Akito asked.

"Ranko is, but he prefers not to display any wealth. He may look
young, but he is 19 now and that makes him an adult in his adopted
homeland. We may travel together, but I am not really his parent
as I once was.", Kasumi said while sounding a little sad that she no
longer had a little child to take care of.

"How about your youngest sister? Is Akane well taken care of?", Akito
asked, as he had very little information on his youngest granddaughter.

"She will need the money more than either Nabiki or I. Father
considers her his heir to the school, but only if she married Ranma or
some other boy. He doesn't consider a woman worthy of running a school.",
Kasumi said as Akito frowned.

"He still clings to the foolishness that the little pervert
taught him.", Akito sighed.

"It is a little more complicated than that, you see, Akane does
have someone to be close to but.....", Kasumi said as a knock
sounded at the door to the dojo, interrupting her.

The door opened and Ranko stuck his head in, looking disgusted.

"Is something wrong Ranko-chan?", Kasumi asked.

"Akari just showed up and introduced herself to Kagome-san,
sending your father off on another one of his rants. Maybe you or
Akito-san could quiet him down, before someone knocks him through
the roof.", Ranko said.

"Who is Akari?", Akito said as they stepped out of the dojo.

"That will take some explaining.", Kasumi said, wondering how
her grandfather would react to the news that Akane was with another

Akito and Kasumi entered the house and noticed Akane arguing
with her father, with him backing up as she got closer and closer to him.
Akito also noticed a young woman, about Akane's age talking with Kagome.
She was quite petite and did not seem to be Japanese. Perhaps she was
Korean? That might be the cause of he conflict between his son and
his granddaughter. Some Japanese still had delusion of grandeur on
how superior they were to those of Korean or Chinese descent.

Akito hoped this wasn't the case though. Admittedly he shared a
similar view when he was a young man, but he tried to ensure that his
children did not suffer from such prejudice.

As Soun was backed up against a wall of the living room, Akito
approached his son and granddaughter, clearing his throat when he was
close to him. Both of them stopped arguing and turned to face Akito, who
said nothing at first, but from the look on his face it was clear that
Akito believed that his son had done something foolish.

"You can not blame me for this father. It was not I who had brought
shame upon this family with such disgraceful behavior.", Soun said as
Akane continued to look angry and across the room, Akari looked as if she
was ready to burst into tears at any moment.

"Son, I hope that you are not insulting this young lady because of her
heritage, for if you are I am deeply ashamed.", Akito said.

"That is the least of her transgressions.", Soun said while trying
to sound at least somewhat righteous.

"He is mad at me for being 'close' to Akari.", Akane said

"So you are close friends. That is no excuse.", Akito said.

"No grandfather....Akari and I.....Well you see we.... Akane
tried to say.

"Go on Akane-chan. Say what you have to say.", Akito replied.

"We are friends and have been so since junior high, but we are
also....", Akane tried to say as she looked at the ground.

"Akane dear, I promise I will not resort to hysterics as your
father has. Simply tell me why you and your father are arguing.",
Akito said.

After a few moments Akari spoke up.

"Akane-chan and I are a couple. We are lovers if you really
want to know.", Akari said as a quizzical look passed over Akito's

"Well that is something different than I expected.", Akito said
to Akane.

"See father, oh the shame of my daughter to seek comfort in the arms
of another woman. Now the houses will never be joined.", Soun whine for
the countless time.

"So you disapprove grandfather?", Akane asked.

"I learned long ago Akane-chan that trying to judge another
person's relationship only leads to trouble. Your grandmother and I arranged
for your mother to marry your father, since our families knew each other for
quite a while. This proved to be a mistake as your grandmother on your
mother's side left her family, because she did not believe in an arranged
marriage for her daughter, but could not fight against it due to family
honor. This was the second time that I made your maternal grandmother quite
angry with me.", Akito said.

"Kasumi told us that mother and father did not get along, but she
didn't tell us about her mother.", Akane said.

"When your mother died Akane-chan your father said that he would be
capable of raising you without help. He wanted the opportunity to prove
himself as it were. This did not last long and by the time we realized
how he was failing we had already promised to stay away for the most part.",
Akito said.

"So we could have spent more time with you and not been so alone if
father hadn't.....", Akane tried to say with a lot of frustration in her

"Who is out other grandmother?", Akane asked.

"I think I know.", Nabiki said as she walked up to Kagome. "You
are our grandmother.", Nabiki said.

"Yes I am.", Kagome sighed.

"I found out mother's maiden name a while ago, but it is so common, I
never thought that we were related to someone so well off.", Nabiki said
then winced about how bad that sounded.

"That was part of the agreement with your father. He wanted to take care
of you and over the years, both Akito and I became so engrossed in our
lives and businesses that we failed you. I am sorry.", Kagome said while
bowing to a shocked Nabiki.

"All those years, trying to earn money for us. Having no friends
and having everyone scared or scorning me. How could you do that to me!",
Nabiki shrieked at her father while shaking him back and forth by the neck.

"Um, Nabiki dear, you may not want to kill your father despite how much
of a lout he is.", Ranko said as he removed Nabiki's paws from Soun's neck.

"Well at least she didn't use her claws.", Ranma remarked.

"That would have been icky if she did.", Hinako said.

"So that is why you came here today father, to shame me?", Soun
stated once he regained his breath.

"No son, you do not need me to do that. I came here to end many
years of foolish behavior on my part and to spend more time in my
grandchildren's lives if they would have me.", Akito replied.

"The same is true for myself. I hope that my daughter forgives me
as well as you children for not spending the time I could have spent with
you over the years.", Kagome said.

Up in Asgard Kimiko Tendo watched her children meet their grandmother
and could not feel anything but happiness for all of them.

"You don't have to apologize to me mother. I forgave you long ago.",
Kimiko as Lilith approached her from behind and put her arms around her

"Kami-sama let you visit here today?", Kimiko said.

"Well I had something to talk over with my dear brother in law.",
Lilith said with a smirk.

"And you can not say what it is?", Kimiko asked, somewhat
frustrated on how her lover had to keep secrets from her at times.

"I'm sorry, will you forgive me?", Lilith asked as she turned Kimiko
around and kissed her full on the lips, and action which Kimiko returned
with equal vigor.

Back at the Tendo dojo, everyone talked well into the night, with
Ranma, having to carry Hinako home at 2 am. He really did not need to
sleep too much anymore, but it was something that he was used to. Akito
and Kagome left at the same time, wondering if they would have enough
energy to return to their offices in the morning.

Both elected to stay home for the day, which was a rarity and
caused more than a little speculation between their secretaries as to
why the two executives were absent.


The next day Nuku Nuku was very happy. That nice old lady who let
her work and run around the neighborhood had said that she could be
something called a supervisor and tell Mousse what to do if he did not
work hard enough like when he tried to chase after Shampoo-chan. The nice
old lady even offered to give Nuku Nuku more money, which almost caused
Shampoo to fall over, much to Nuku Nuku's confusion. Maybe Shampoo was
feeling sick again. She sometimes looked a little green whenever Nuku
Nuku happily greeted the customers and when they gave her larger tips
than Shampoo sometimes got.

Nuku Nuku offered to share with Shampoo like her papa always
taught her too, but Shampoo didn't want the money. Nuku Nuku felt at times
that she didn't understand people, which was quite a revelation
for the sweet, but somewhat dense catgirl cyborg.

Leaving the Cat Cafe during midmorning Nuku Nuku was running around
a corner towards her latest delivery when she stopped suddenly, hearing
someone crying. Her papa always said to help people who seemed sad, so she
approached a figure hiding just within the entrance to an alley.

The figure turned out to be a young girl, in fact it was one of those
neat panda girls that Nuku Nuku had played with earlier.

"Why are you sad?", Nuku Nuku asked the Panda girl 'Mandy'.

"You wouldn't understand since everyone likes you.", Mandy

"Maybe I can help if you talk about it.", Nuku Nuku said.

"My beloved panda-chan always runs away from me. He hates me,
no matter how much I tell him I love him and want to be with him.", Mandy
said sadly.

"Maybe he is just shy.", Nuku Nuku replied.

"I don't know, but he won't even stand still for me to even talk
to him. How can I get to know him if he won't even do that.", Mandy said.

"I know, I can help. Maybe if I catch the panda then you can talk
to each other.", Nuku Nuku said while sounding quite pleased at her plan.

"If you do that maybe I can help you talk to that catboy you seem
so interested in.", Mandy said as Nuku Nuku blushed imagining Ranko
sitting next to and talking to her. She just wanted to be friends at first
but sometimes other cats shared. Maybe she should ask her papa about it. He
seems to be quite happy when he visits mama-san sometimes.

"I will go look for panda after I deliver this food to the
customer. Maybe you can come back here after five, when Nuku Nuku gets
off work.", Nuku Nuku said.

"Ok ,I will come back here, then we can help each other and nothing
can go wrong.", Mandy said as thunder echoed overhead, which was quite
odd since there were presently no clouds in the sky.

Nuku Nuku dropped off the food and spent a few minutes looking
for the big panda, but could not find him so she returned to the cafe,
hoping that the nice old lady would had another delivery for her so that
she could continue the search.

Meanwhile at the Saotome home, Genma, in panda form was
presently chained and collared in the front yard, much to his
embarrassment. His wife had caught him sneaking out for yet another
trip to the local tavern. Now he was awaiting his punishment. He did
however manage to get some free food, from some passing schoolgirls
who could not resist feeding the 'cute' animal and Genma was never
one to let pride get in the way of a free meal.

During the afternoon at school, Ranko was beginning to notice
countless groups of girls passing by giggling at something. Now this
is not exactly an uncommon trait in school girls, but today they seemed
particularly interested in something. On two occasions he noticed that
the girls were looking at lace trimmed flyer of some sort. It took a bit
of searching ,but he finally found one of the flyers on a bulletin board
in one of the junior classrooms. The contents of the flyer brought a grin
to his face.

"Well now this is unexpected. I haven't seen this done in quite
a while.", Ranko said to himself as he took the flyer in order to show it
to Nabiki.

He found her outside of their next class, but as he was going to hand
her the flyer, he found out that she already had one.

"So you have heard?", Ranko asked her.

"Of course, one of my talent has ways of finding these things out.",
Nabiki said in a joking fashion.

"Still it is unusual, I haven't heard of a wedding of this sort in
quite sometime.", Ranko said as he once again glanced at the flyer
announcing the wedding of their teacher Hibiki Amawa and classmate

"From what my sources tell me she had just turned sixteen and that
is the legal age to marry. Hopefully their ceremony will go smoother than
Ranma's and Akane's did.", Nabiki replied.

"Would you like to go?", Ranko asked.

"Everyone in the class will be invited.", Nabiki said.

"I wouldn't mind seeing you in a formal gown for the event.",
Ranko said.

Are you going to rent a tuxedo then?", Nabiki asked.

"That isn't necessary, I already own a couple.", Ranko said.

As they walked into their class, they noticed their teacher
and groom in question looking a little green.

"Awful nervous isn't he?", Nabiki said quietly as many of the
girls in their class were looking at both Hibiki and Kuzuha and

"That's understandable. I remember when one of the girls
at mother's school married of the math professors. Both of them were
quite nervous, and the girl was already 18 at the time.", Ranko said

"So what happened to them.", Nabiki said.

"They were still married when Kasumi and I left the school, so I
assume they would still be together.", Ranko stated.

"Perhaps you could talk to him after school to see if he will be
alright.", Nabiki said.

"I could ask Kasumi to arrange for them to be alone together
someplace private after school.", Ranko said.

"Like a love hotel?", Nabiki whispered.

"My you are a naughty little kitty aren't you?", Ranko said
as Nabiki looked at him with an innocent face.

On another floor of the school Ms. Hinako had found out about
the wedding and found it hard to concentrate as she taught her class.
She had stopped twice so far, when she saw another one of those
flyers, then she found herself looking over at Ranma and smiling
shyly much to his embarrassment and his classmates amusement.

"It looks like the little teacher is getting ideas. Just think
Ran-chan in about 2 more weeks she will be 18 and might want to follow
in that teacher's footsteps.", Ukyo-n teased.

"Is so nice to see young love. Happens all the time in the village.
A young warrior falling a handsome young man.", Shampoo also teased.

"You have been borrowing some of Kasumi's romance novels haven't
you?", Ranma asked Shampoo.

"I need to have some fun. If we can not get married, then perhaps
the little teacher will tell us all of the details after your
honeymoon is over.", Shampoo said, her Japanese continuing to improve
as time went by.

"Sometimes I wonder if girls aren't the real perverts. They just
hide it better than the guys do.", Ranma said, not realizing how true this
statement actually was.

"I don't know what you are talking about?", Ukyo said.

"Me neither.", Shampoo also replied.


The news of the upcoming wedding spread quickly throughout Nerima.
One would think that such an everyday occurrence would be of little
interest to the mainly jaded members of the community, but truth be told
so little pleasant events tended to happen in Nerima that many people
were looking forward to it.

It is true that with Ranma now appearing to be staying with one,
well two women, the chaos that he caused in Nerima had dropped quite a bit.
Now while this was a relief to the citizens, who had to constantly put
up with constants fights, that damaged their property and disrupted
their lives, it only made things more tolerable. A wedding however was a
happy occasion that everyone could celebrate. Many merchants in the
district offered their services to the bride and groom, who also were
starting to receive quite a few wedding presents as the week went on, from
people that they did not even know.

Poor Hibiki was still nervous though. He knew that he loved Kuzuha
as much as anyone could love another, and she loved him, but their were
still who looked at their difference in ages and gave their opinions,
whether they were wanted or not. Opinions from strangers meant very little
to Hibiki. He was in no danger of being fired, like he would have been at
his former school. Furinkan was always desperate for teachers.

The main problem was Kuzuha's parents. They seemed to be at least
somewhat accepting at first, but as the wedding and Kuzuha's birthday
drew near, things were starting to get a little chilly. Hibiki tried to
put any fears they may have had at rest, but they still viewed him with
more than a little suspicion. They could not forbid their daughter to see
him anymore, given her age, but hey told the couple that since they were
going to be in an adult relationship, then they would be treated as
adults, which meant that they would not provide any financial support, or
even a dowelry for Kuzuha. This meant little to Hibiki, but Kuzuha could
have used the money to help pay for her education.

Hibiki's former students and landlady were behind him though, which
meant a lot to him. He was a little worried about the tenants he used to
live with, given their lecherous nature around young girls, which there
would be quite a few of at the wedding.

During the middle of the week, Hibiki was visited by that catboy,
who was in one of his classes. It seemed the boy , as well as others
probably, noticed how out of sorts Hibiki was. Talking with Ranko seemed
to relax Hibiki, and Kuzuha as well. The boy was older than the students
at the school and only came to see his girlfriend, but even though he was
younger than Hibiki, he seemed to have a lot of good advice, and both
Hibiki and Kuzuha listened.

They found out that the boy had been abandoned when he was young and
had to raise himself until he was found by Kasumi, whom Hibiki and Kuzuha
still had trouble believing that she was a goddess. He told them that they
had to depend on themselves and listen to themselves more than anyone else.
It was their lives and they were responsible for how it turned out. It
was somewhat trite advice, Ranko could admit to himself, but there was
not a lot to be said really. The could loved each other and knew the
risks and responsibilities that their relationship would bring. All
Ranko could do was try and reassure then that not everyone was like
Kuzuha's parents.

At the cat cafe, Nuku Nuku had heard about the wedding, but was a
little unsure of what it was, so she decided to ask the nice old lady
who ran the place. Cologne answered the girls questions as best she could,
having some experience in marriage, even if it was a really long time ago.

"So people get married to raise kittens?", Nuku Nuku asked.

"That is one of the things they do?", Cologne said as Shampoo looked
on in amusement.

"Silly pink-haired pest doesn't even know about such simple things.",
Shampoo thought to herself.

"Nuku Nuku always wanted to have kittens but, I can't do that yet?",
the catgirl android said.

"Yet?", Cologne asked.

"Yes, papa-san said he knew friend who can help Nuku Nuku even though
Nuku Nuku is not a really girl.", Nuku Nuku replied.

"I can not see how that could be done, but if you want to have a child
you must find someone to love first. Is there anyone you care about?",
Cologne asked Nuku Nuku.

"Nuku Nuku first want to be with Ranko-chan when she first saw him. He
seemed very nice, he is with Nabiki-chan and they don't want to share like
most cats do.", Nuku Nuku said.

"That is probably for the best. Their has already been enough chaos
around here, from one boy attracting many women to him.", Cologne said.

"It very hard for Nuku Nuku to meet boys. Most just stare at my
chest and say rude things. There is one boy who was nice, but he only
wants to be with someone else.", Nuku Nuku stated.

"Perhaps you should try and show him how you feel. If you want someone
you should go after them.", Cologne said while Shampoo sighed. Such wonderful
advice did little for Shampoo when Cologne told her to go after Ranma.

"What is the name of this boy that you like.", Cologne asked.

"Umm.....well..... I don't know if I should tell because....", Nuku
Nuku said quietly while fidgeting.

"Now remember what I said. You must go after what you want. So who is
this boy?", Cologne said sternly.

"It's ducky?", Nuku Nuku said quietly.

"Ducky?", Cologne said.

"You know, Mousse-san.", Nuku Nuku said as Cologne just stared in
shock at that revelation.


Across the cafe Mousse, having overheard what Nuku Nuku had just
stared, ran into a column. A frequent occurrence, but this time it was
not due to his bad eyesight.

Also having heard Nuku Nuku, Shampoo, with an almost manic grin
on her face, was presently doing a 'happy dance' around the cafe.

Things were getting strange around Nerima again.

The upcoming wedding was also having an effect on a couple of
other young women in the district. Ranko Noticed that Nabiki seemed
to be 'off in her own world', at times as he watched her walk around
and sigh at something that she was thinking about.

At Hinako's home, Taro and Rouge were staying there for a few
days as Rouge wanted to attend the wedding as well. The looks she was
giving her boyfriend though, said that she wanted to do more than attend
someone else's wedding

Taro really didn't see the point of them getting married. After all
they traveled and lived together. They were even fooling around. Why
bother getting married as he mentioned to Ranma, not noticing that Kasumi
was listening nearby.

The 'look' and speech that she gave the poor boy afterwards though
made him feel quite guilty, although he still really didn't think that he
was doing anything wrong. It must be some sneaky ability of the Kasumi's
that made him feel as if he did something wrong. Yes that must be it.


Hinako continued to age as the week went by. By Sunday, the day of the
wedding, she would be 14, although she already appeared to be closer to 16
and she was rapidly losing the shyness she had earlier displayed towards
Ranma. This was quite a relief to Ranma as he didn't like Hinako to be
nervous when she was around him. On the other hand, she was now starting
to act like a typical teenage girl did when she was around a boy that she

Hinako had been looking over at how Nabiki treated Ranko and was
trying to emulate her behavior, for better or worse. She would sit on
Ranma's lap, put her around him and often feed him at lunch.

Having two couples in their lunch group now acting so close was
starting to get to Shampoo and Ukyo. One could only watch so much
affectionate behavior before it started to make you somewhat ill. Not that
it had anything to do with the fact that the two girls were single. It
wasn't that at all, but people should at least try and show some

Hinako was also starting to try and get to know some of the girls
at the school, but she was not having a lot of success. She was beginning
to think of herself as a teenager, but everyone else saw her as a
teacher, and one who used to almost enjoy punishing students. By Friday,
Hinako was almost distraught by how no one wanted to be friends with her.
She liked being with Kasumi and Ranma, but she wanted other people to
like her as well.

Part of Hinako's problem was that as she aged she chose to spend more
and more time in her angel form, and she was even altering its appearance
to her liking, by changing her hair color from silver with red highlights
to silver with lavender color highlights. Her wings also now shared the
same color pattern and they were now quite large, easily supporting her
weight when she chose to fly. Her outfit also changed, from a simple toga,
to a Greek style body armor, similar to what Ranma wore in his goddess
form, except that Hinako wore a pearl and lavender breastplate to
Ranma's chain mail halter.

Her new appearance intimidated those who didn't even go to the
school. Most of the residents of Nerima were used to 'unusual'
people, but those outside tended to shy away from her, especially
if they saw that she could actually fly and was not just some sort of
cosplaying otaku.

It was Ranma who provided the solution to Hinako's problem when he
casually remarked that it was too bad that there weren't other angels
for Hinako to be with. This brought a smile to Kasumi's face as she had
an idea where she could find two angels for Hinako to be with. The trick
was to convince two goddesses to let said angels run around by
themselves. So it was with some reservation that Kasumi and Ranma took
Hinako to see her grandmother Urd and her sister Belldandy.

At the temple in which he shared with three goddesses, Keiichi
had just returned home after finishing a week of hard classes and the
other assorted problems that he usually had to put up with. At
least his 'brothers' in the motor club were all away for the weekend, so
things should be somewhat peaceful, or so he thought as he saw two
goddesses and an angel descend into the temple, landing in front of
the front porch. If this wasn't strange enough, one of the goddesses
suddenly changed into a teenage boy. So much for a quiet weekend.

As he approached the three visitors, the front door opened up and
Urd came running out and scooped up the angel into her arms and swung
her around. Come to think of it, that angel did resemble somewhat, Urd's
granddaughter that she had been telling everyone in the house about.

"Oh look at you. You are so grown up. It happens so fast these
day, (sniffle).", Keiichi heard Urd say as he walked up to the house
and was greeted by Belldandy, who was right behind Urd.

Everyone was lead into the house by Belldandy and settled into
the living room. Skuld met them there, and she seemed to find Ranma to
be particularly interesting.

"Oh!, Is my baby sister finally noticing boys?", Urd teased

"What!?! No that's not it... I mean are you really a goddess?", Skuld
asked Ranma.

"I suppose I could be both god and goddess. I'm not quite sure yet. I
don't think that I am a god when I am a boy.", Ranma said

"You don't know?", Skuld said in confusion.

"It was that red-haired demon woman who made me a goddess, and I haven't
had the chance to talk to her too much.", Ranma said.

"Sigh, that sounds like Lilith. She did the same thing to Kozue and
never really explained anything about her new form Urd told us.", Skuld
said to Ranma.

"It's not too bad, I guess.", Ranma said as he changed to his goddess
form. "I have different abilities in each form, but I'm still finding out
what they are.", Ranma replied to Skuld who was looking at what Ranma
was now wearing and blushing.

"Is something wrong?", Ranma said.

"Nice outfit, Ranma-chan.", Urd giggled and winked.

"Huh.", Ranma replied.

"Ranma-chan since you have such a short skirt, you might want to
cross your legs when you sit down.", Kasumi said as Ranma looked at the
way she was sitting and quickly sat up straight and crossed her legs.

"Stupid sailor scout outfit.", Ranma grumbled.

"So what brings you by. Not that I mind seeing my little
Hinako-chan.", Urd said as she pinched Hinako's cheek.

"Grandma I am not a child. I am almost a woman now.", Hinako
said in indignation.

Ranma, seeing the pout on Hinako's face, couldn't help but laugh.

"You shouldn't be in such a hurry to grow up.", Kasumi said.

"You forget I've spent the past twenty years as a child. The
sooner that I grow up the better.", Hinako said to a suddenly
thoughtful Kasumi.

"That is true, I guess.", Ranma said.

"Besides, when I am finally grown, Ranma, Kasumi and I can
finally all be together.", Hinako said with a coy look on her face.

"All three of you? Isn't that perverted?", Skuld said.

"Oh dear. Oh my!", Belldandy fretted while sounding a lot
like Kasumi, or was vice versa.

"Why are you so upset. After all you have a boyfriend don't
you as well as an angel. Aren't the three of you ever together?",
Hinako asked a very red Belldandy.

"The three of us.", Keiichi squeaked out before falling over.

"Must have inherited her tastes from her aunt Lilith.", Urd.

"Aunty has talked to me at school a couple times all ready.",
Hinako said.

"She has?", both Kasumi and Ranma said.

"I wanted to keep it a secret. Aunty said that you would be
surprised and happy about the things that she was telling me about.",
Hinako said.

"What has she been telling you?", Urd asked, not really wanting
an answer.

"She has been showing me this book, the Kama Sutra, I think it
was called.", Hinako said as Urd developed a twitch.

"What's that book about?", Ranma asked.

"Um, well you see Ranma-chan...", Kasumi tried to find a way to
explain the book's contents to her sweet but somewhat naive boyfriend.

"Did someone say the Kami Sutra. A wonderful book filled with all
kinds of fascinating sexual positions.", Mara said as she came into the

"Sexual!?!, a heh heh.", Ranma stated while all kinds of naughty
thoughts ran through his or rather her head and not for the first time.

"I think I need to have a talk with 'dear aunty'", Urd growled.

"Oh don't be mad. Why did you know that.....", Hinako said as she explained
some of the neat things that were in the book that Lilith read to her as
Skuld started to take notes, an odd act for a girl who always considered
anything having to do with boys as being perverted.


This time it was Ranma's turn to fall over. At least he was only a little
shocked and not unconscious with a nosebleed like poor Keiichi presently
was. Ranma quickly sat up again but still felt a little dizzy as Hinako looked
at him with an expression he had seen Shampoo give him at times.

"So Hina-chan why did you and the others come over tonight?", Urd
said, hoping to change the subject before it became anymore explicit.

Hinako tried to explain how, now that she was growing older, she
wanted to spend more time with others like herself, to see if they had anything
in common, but most teens her 'age' could not relate to an angel, or a
teacher for that matter.

"So you want to spend more time with your grandmother?", Urd ask
sounding quite pleased.

"I like seeing you, but I came here for something else.", Hinako said
as Skuld giggled.

"What is it that you need?", Belldandy asked.

"There are no other angels in Nerima except for me. I was hoping that
maybe yours and grandmother's angel could be friends with me and we could
go out and do things together.", Hinako said nervously.

You want our angels to go out be themselves?", Urd ask with a
confused tone in her voice.

"Well, yes. I mean it must get boring just being inside of you all the
time and never getting to do what they want to do. I like being with
Ranma-chan and Kasumi-chan, but I would be bored if had to live 'inside'
of him except when he called me out.", Hinako said

"I never thought about that.", Belldandy said as she summoned Holy

"Are you bored being with me constantly? Would you like to come
out more often.", Belldandy asked in a quiet voice.

Holy Bell looked at Belldandy, seeming to be somewhat nervous.
She had no experience being by herself and until had never really
thought about it. Maybe it could be fun, but wouldn't people stare
at her. She didn't like to draw attention to herself.

Picking up on Holy Bell's thoughts, which were being broadcast
quite 'loudly' as the angel thought, Hinako said that Holy Bell should
be able to disguise part of herself, by making her wings and aura
invisible, the same way she could.

Holy Bell moved a short ways away from Belldandy and her form
began to blur. When her form solidified her wings had disappeared and
her long blond hair was in a ponytail, similar to how Belldandy
sometimes wore her hair. She was dressed in long sleeve sweater and
and almost ankle length skirt. If she had been wearing glasses, Holy
Bell could have been mistaken for a your school teacher in her
early 20's.

"See that wasn't so hard, and you look very cute like that.",
Hinako said as Holy Bell blushed.

"Well I suppose it would be ok.", Belldandy said, as she
tried to hide her nervousness. After all most angels always stayed
near their god or goddess. Hinako was somewhat of an exception
given how she was raised and how much time she spent raising herself.

"So how about your angel grandma? Would it be alright if she came
with Holy Bell and I. We won't get into any trouble after all.",
Hinako asked.


"I'd thought you never ask.", a new voice said.

Stepping out from behind Urd was her angel World of Elegance. Her
wings were not present and her long silver and black hair flowed down
behind her shoulders. She was dressed in a short black miniskirt with
a ruffled white lace top. Both she and Urd could pass for sisters if
they had ever gone out in public together.

"She seemed excited to go out.", Ranma replied.

"You got that right cutey.", World of Elegance said as Hinako
stepped unconsciously closer to Ranma.

"You want to be away from me?", Urd asked her angel, sounding
a little hurt.

"Sigh, for years you didn't want to see me or even think about
me. I thought that you hated me, and wanted to get rid of me.", Urd's
angel said.

"I'm sorry, I was scared of you. You reminded me of a side of myself
that I wanted to hide.", Urd said, sounding quite ashamed of herself.

"I know, and I am no angry with you anymore. We are still not as
close as Belldandy and her angel though or even your granddaughter and
her sexy host, so I would like to spend some time out with them.",
World of Elegance said.

"Alright.....Maybe when you return we could spend more time
together, and I promise not to keep you bottled up so often.", Urd
said as she stepped up to her angel and hugged the shocked girl.

"So where do the three of you wish to go?", Belldandy asked
the assembled angels.

"I could show them around Nerima. I know the area, and won't
stand out around there, even if one of us shows her angel form.",
Hinako said.

"How are you getting there. You shouldn't fly. Too many people
will see you.", Urd said.

"I can take them. If someone can point the way to a large tree
nearby, I can phase all of us into it and reappear in the park
near Nerima.", Ranma said.

"So you have been practicing your method of transport?", Kasumi
asked Ranma.

"Yeah, it's been necessary. Sometimes it takes longer to 'recharge'
Hinako than I thought. Usually all we have to do is hold hands as we walk
to school, but sometimes Hinako says it works better if I hold her in my
lap and she leans in close.", Ranma said as Urd and Kasumi both had coy
coy smiles on her faces.


In a park in central Nerima, the surface of an old tree began to
shimmer. Ranma, in goddess form, briefly poked her head out of the portal
that was created to see if anyone was around. Seeing no one she lead the
three angels out of the tree and into the park. Although it was the
middle of the day, the park had many secluded areas, so that they could
come and go and hopefully no one would notice them.

After warning Hinako to be careful, and Hinako telling Ranma to
relax, Ranma stepped back through the portal, leaving the three angels
alone. World of Elegance was excited at the prospect of finally being
able to roam around as she wished and Hinako was glad for the company.
Holy Bell was still a little nervous and had almost moved back through
the portal at the last instant when Hinako thought broadcast to her that
most men like a woman with a little assertiveness and that Keiichi would
be more comfortable around her if she wasn't so timid. That seemed to do
it and Holy Bell decided to stay as her feeling towards the boy mirrored

As they exited the park and began to enter one of Nerima's shopping
areas, it was Holy Bell who seemed the most excited as she bounced
from store window to store window staring at all the sights, not to mention
all of the people.

"Are you really stuck inside of your goddesses when you have not
been called by them.", Hinako asked World of Elegance.

"Yes and no. Part of us remains in the astral plane where we can
instantly arrive at our goddesses side if necessary, but he other half
of us is in Asgard where we can freely move around.", World of Elegance
replied to Hinako.

"That's at least something.", Hinako stated.

"No really. After many years of living there Asgard gets rather dull
for some of us.", World of Elegance said.

"Holy Bell didn't seem to mind.", Hinako said.

"(Snort), Holy Bell finds knitting to be exciting.", World of
Elegance said as she remembered the countless times she tried to get her
sister angel to loosen up a bit. It was quite frustrating as the angel
would not so much as enter the quietest of Adgard's pubs.

They caught up to Holy Bell who was standing in front of a store window
with both nervous and excited look on her face.

"Oh lingerie. Are you thinking of getting some for Belldandy and you to
wear some time.", World of Elegance teased Holy Bell.

"Maybe....", Holy Bell thought to the other two angels.

"You can speak to us.", Hinako said wondering why Holy Bell chose to
broadcast her thoughts instead of talking.

"I'm not used to it.", Holy Bell said in a quiet but musical voice.

"Well are we going in or not. We look a little foolish just standing
out here staring into the store.", World of Elegance said.

"Let's go in. Maybe I can find something to match my hair.", Hinako
said while pushing some of her silver and lavender hair out of her eyes.

"We should by some Kasumi and Ranma-chan especially.", World of
Elegance said with an evil grin on her face.

"That sounds like fun. How about a blue teddy to match her eyes.",
Hinako said.

"That would look good against her red hair.", World of Elegance

The three angels emerged from the store an hour later carrying
several bags each. It was somewhat of a surprise to see Holy Bell interested
in buying such 'scandalous' clothing, but you know what they say about the
quiet ones. Hinako's imagination was also running overtime imagining
herself with Ranma-chan and Kasumi wearing their outfits. At least until
they, (blush), took them off.

One thing they, and anyone else did not have to worry about anymore
was having their purchases stolen by a certain little pervert demon.

As Hinako and the others continued to walk around Nerima, Hinako
noticed a familiar girl walking around, but dressed far different from
her usual fashion. Hinako had to admit, Kodachi-san looked almost demure
in her long purple skirt and lighter lavender blouse.

"She has good taste in colors.", Hinako remarked to herself.

"Is she a friend of yours?", Holy Bell said softly to Hinako.

"She is an acquaintance of Ranma-chan's, who he is helping overcome
a few problems in her life.", Hinako replied.

"She looks lonely.", Holy Bell remarked.

"So lets asked her to join us.", World of Elegance said.

"You don't mind? This is your first time away from Belldandy and
Urd after all.", Hinako said.

"Of course not, besides I know what it is like to be by oneself.",
World of Elegance said.

"Kodachi-san!", Hinako called out as she approached the gymnast.

"Hinako-sama, nice to see you.", Kodachi said roughly, not really
used to being in near what she now knew was an angel and part of Ranma.

"You seem lost Kodachi-chan. All you alright?", Hinako asked.

"I am well, Hinako-sama. You and your companions do not need to
concern yourself with me. I was just out......looking for someone.",
Kodachi said.

"You wanted to see Ranma?", Hinako said as Kodachi blushed

"That goddess of yours seems to attract the girls to him.", World
of Elegance remarked.

"We were supposed to meet today, but I guess that he forgot.",
Kodachi said, while sounding a little sad.

"That is my fault, Kodachi-san. I was feeling lonely myself so
Ranma and Kasumi introduced me to some friends.", Hinako said while
motioning to Holy Bell and World of Elegance.

Hinako introduced Kodachi to the other two angels, who seemed a little
nervous to now be around three supernatural beings, although Holy Bell did
have a way of making people feel quite at ease around her. This was a
trait that she shared with Belldandy of course.

"If you like I can call Ranma here. I am sure he would not mind. In
fact he has spoken of you and how proud he was at how you have been
changing.", Hinako said as Kodachi couldn't resist smiling. It had been
a long time since anyone was proud or even slightly pleased at anything
that she had done.

A little while earlier at the temple, Kasumi was talking to Urd
and Belldandy about the second reason that she had come to see them
that day.

"There is a couple at Furinkan that wishes to be married, but they
are having some difficulty do to pressure from their families to remain
apart. Because of this their wedding will be quite small and Ranma and I
hope that you might be able to make it something that the both of them
will remember.", Kasumi said to Belldandy and Urd.

"Why are their families against it.", Belldandy asked.

Kasumi and Ranma explained what they knew about Hibiki and
Kuzuha, and the problems that they had faced at their last school and
how even though he is several years older than her, that they both loved
each other greatly.

"A teacher and a student getting married. I haven't seen such a
couple in many years. Reminds me of when Kenshin almost had a heart
attack while trying to propose to Ama-chan.", Urd remarked.

"She was rather surprised, but being that as it may, what do you
want us to do Kasumi-chan.", Belldandy replied.

As Kasumi was about to reply Ranma felt Hinako call to him and
excused himself from the temple. He was starting to get bored anyway.
The subject of wedding still was somewhat of a sore subject with him.

Ranma teleported away from the Temple, and appearing near Hinako,
ending up right behind Kodachi, who was quite started by his sudden

"Ranma-sama!", she exclaimed in surprised.

"Remember what I said, Dachi-chan, you have to call me Ranma.",
Ranma said with a smile.

"I'm sorry....Ranma.", Kodachi said while biting her lower lip.

"Don't worry about it. It's my fault for not seeing you earlier. I
forgot that we were supposed to meet.", Ranma said.

"I already apologized for that, Ranma-chan. If you like you and
Kodachi-san could join the three of us or the both of you could go off
on your own.", Hinako said to Ranma.

"I think that we should go our own way, I wouldn't want to
interrupt your fun.", Ranma said to the three angels while hoping that
he wouldn't be dragged along on a shopping trip. Besides he saw the
bags that the three angels were carrying and he had a bad feeling that
in some way the contents might relate to him. It would be best to be away
from those three for a while.

Ranma walked off with Kodachi holding herself close to him. She seemed
so different that her "Black Rose" persona. She was quite shy and lonely as
she had told him before. As they walked and talked together Ranma learned
that she hadn't had a real friend in quite a long time. She had said as
much before, but since she left so suddenly that night it hadn't really
sunk in yet for Ranma.

Listening to Kodachi now though, Ranma was reminded of that scared
little girl that his other self had met on that other world. Would have
Kodachi turned out like her if he or someone else had taken the time to get
to know her. How many others were out there waiting for someone to take a
chance and be friends with them.

Ranma decided that maybe he should take a look at some of the other
students at Furinkan later on. With all of the boys originally chasing after
Akane and his girl form, there must have been a lot of girls out there
without someone. Maybe Kasumi could help him come up with a plan to help
those girls. For now though it would be best if he helped Kodachi. The
others could wait for a little while.

Ranma returned home a few hours later after escorting Kodachi around
Nerima for a little while longer. When he arrived Kasumi and Hinako were
already back. As he walked into the dining room, where the two women were
talking, they whispered something to each other and began to giggle.

"Is something wrong?", Ranma asked, having a bad feeling that something
was going to happen to him.

"Everything is fine Ranma-chan. We just have a little surprise for you
later on.", Kasumi said.

"What is it?", Ranma replied.

"We can't tell you, but Kasumi and I will show you after the wedding
this weekend.", Hinako said with a smile.

"That reminds me, Ranma-chan, I asked Belldandy and Urd to join us
at the wedding. We have something planned for the ceremony, and we will
need yours and Hinako-chan's help.", Kasumi said.

Meanwhile, as Kasumi explained to Ranma what she had in mind for the
wedding, Ranko was watching Nabiki, Akane, and Akari, walk back and forth
from the living room to one of the two sister's bedrooms, carrying what
looked like formal gowns. From the bits of conversation that he heard, they
were still trying to decide what to wear for the wedding, despite it being
only two days away. This wasn't a problem for him for he already had a
rather large wardrobe, that was even fitted for his tail. Nabiki and
the others seemed excited about the upcoming wedding, perhaps planning
what their weddings might be like in the future.

Ranko, although he did love Nabiki, could not see himself getting
married until they had finished college together. He already had enough
money to support the both of them, but Nabiki didn't strike him as the
type of person, who wanted somebody to support her.

Now Akane and her girlfriend were another matter. It was obvious
that Soun did not approve of them. When they finished high school, would
he asked them to leave. He had already said as much to Nabiki if she chose
to stay with Ranko. Perhaps they could stay with....oh what was her name,
Michiru? Ranko heard something about a cousin of Akari's living nearby.

The amazons were invited to the wedding, being rather well known
in the district. Nuku Nuku had even asked Mousse to go with her, much
Mousse's confusion and Shampoo's joy. For the life of him, Mousse could not
figure out why Nuku Nuku was so interested in him. He didn't do anything
to encourage her. It was true that they did spend a lot of time together
and they hadn't ever insulted each other or fought as proper martial
artist couples and especially amazons should. Perhaps he was missing
something. Maybe things were done differently where Nuku Nuku came from.
Either that or she was just confused. She was a machine after all, a rather
cute...er that is lively machine, but she wasn't real was she? All this
thinking was giving Mousse a headache. Well it would soon be over and he
wouldn't have to worry about it.

Ranma would soon be with that Tendo girl and that strange
teacher. The 'pizza' chef Ukyo would be leaving and even that weird
rich girl Kodachi was starting to act 'normal'. Soon all of people that
used to interfere in his and Shampoo's life would no longer other them
and he could court Shampoo like a proper Amazon should.

Perhaps he should start out the courtship with something other
than his usual chains. Maybe another weapon was called for or maybe
hand to hand combat. If only he hadn't lost his Amazon book of
courtship rituals. He was sure it was just an accident that Shampoo
tossed it down the garbage disposal. Perhaps it was a test of his
faith towards Amazon rituals. He would have to figure out on his own how
things must be done, and when he was finished Mousse was sure that
Shampoo would fall into his arms and pledge her love to him.

Shampoo looked over in disgust at Mousse, who was staring off
into space with a lecherous grin forming on his face.

"Stupid Mousse, is probably thinking hentai thoughts about me
again.", Shampoo mumbled as she whacked Mousse upside the head with
her Bonborrie.

"Ah foreplay... I am on the right path to winning my
Shampoo's love.", Mousse thought as he hit the floor, quite


On Saturday, the day before the wedding, Hinako had reached the
chronological age of 14 after her treatment with Ranma. Her physical
appearance though continued to outpace her age. She now appeared to be
closer to 17 and Ranma found it harder and harder to ignore the feelings
he had towards Hinako. He wanted nothing more than to hold her close and
kiss her as he had Kasumi, but she was still too young and Ranma felt

The dreams he had been having hadn't helped either, not to mention
the one where he was with both Kasumi and Hinako, doing.....well
certain things he didn't want to think about at the moment. He needed to
recharge himself after helping Hinako, but he couldn't kiss any girl that
was just walking by, so he was using Kasumi's alternate recharge method,
name eating chocolate....lots of chocolate. Good thing he could not get a
stomachache from overeating anymore.

It wasn't entirely his fault though. For the past two days, Hinako
had 'accidentally' left the furo door partially open so Ranma had gotten
quite eye full on several occasions. It had to be done on purpose he
reasoned after all girls do not normally walk around and past someone
while half naked, nor do they pose seductively in front of mirrors, where
someone can see them. Those things only happen in certain mangas or

Hinako at times was also broadcasting her thoughts. She had been
telling Kasumi about the book that Lilith gave her. Kasumi in turn was
talking about what Lilith and her mother had taught her as she trained
in Asgard. Poor Ranma felt like beating his head against the wall. He
knew that they didn't mean to cause him so much stress, but he was so
inexperienced at expressing emotions, especially love that he often
felt like running away. Maybe if he didn't hold back his thoughts so
much they would understand.

Ranma blamed not only his pitiful excuse for a father, but his
former so-called fiancées as well. Before he came to Nerima he had not
so much as even kissed a girl before, now he had two girls interested in
him, not just as an object, like Akane and the others did, but as a person
and they wanted him in both his forms. There was no fear or loathing as
Ranma used to pick up from Akane.

This made Ranma feel more than a little inadequate at times. Did
he deserve to have two perfect girls near him. Ranma sighed then looked
over at Kasumi and Hinako who were looking at him in shock. It took
Ranma a few moments to realize that he was broadcasting his thoughts for
once out in the open and Kasumi and Hinako had heard how he felt.

"Do I really make you feel uncomfortable Ranma?", Hinako asked
with a tone of voice that made Ranma want to hold her close and
apologize for upsetting her.

"It's not your fault Hina-chan. I just never had anyone really
care about me and even if someone did, I could never feel it they
way I can feel how you and Kasumi feel about me. I guess I am just a
little scared.", Ranma said which is something Kasumi and Hinako
never expected Ranma to say.

"Scared of what, Ranma.", Kasumi said.

"Scared that I'll say or do something stupid that would cause us
to break up or that something will happen and everything will go back to
the way things used to be before the three of us became close.", Ranma
said with great difficulty.

Despite the seriousness of Ranma's words Kasumi was thrilled to here
them for they showed how much Ranma was changing and how much he had begun
to care about others, instead of just spending him time obsessing about
martial arts or trying to find a cure for his curse as he used to.

"Ranma I will always be a part of you no matter what, and I will
always LOVE you, understand. You will never have to be alone again.",
Hinako said seriously as she pulled Ranma close to her kissed him on
the cheek.

"I guess Hinako and I have been moving too fast. I spent ten
years away from you and I just wanted to make up for lost time.",
Kasumi stated.

"You know that I've never really been close to anyone, besides
my grandmother. I wanted someone just to love me as I could love them,
but if Kasumi and I need to slow down to give you time to feel more
comfortable around us we will.", Hinako said.

"Perhaps we should postpone our surprise them until next week
then.", Kasumi thought towards Hinako.

"That would probably be for the best.", Hinako thought back.

Back at the temple Urd and her angel were watching Holy Bell,
who for lack of a better word, appeared to be brooding. Since she
had returned home, she had not spoken to anyone and when Belldandy
asked Holy Bell to return to her, the angel refused. For the past
couple of hours, Holy Bell had done nothing but sit on the edge of the
couch and stare outside.

Urd watched several emotions play across the angel's face, but the
two prominent emotions seemed to be nervousness and embarrassment. Whatever
Holy Bell was thinking about, it caused her to blush at least five times
so far.

Holy Bell briefly look over at Urd and her sister angel and wished that
everyone would just leave her alone for a while. She needed time to think and
having everyone stare at her was not helping matters any.

For more years than she could remember, Holy Bell had spent most of her
time in Asgard, waiting to be called forth by Belldandy. It wasn't a bad life,
if fact many mortals would love to have such a carefree existence, but having
spent even a little time with Hinako, Holy Bell found herself wanting to try
something different. She was amazed at the amount of time that Hinako had
spent by herself, without any goddess, and even when the boy / girl Ranma had
become Hinako's goddess she was still allowed to wander around free.

Holy Bell did not want to be all alone without anyone, but she wouldn't
mind spending sometime in her material form on Midgard. Even apart from
Belldandy, Holy Bell would not have to worry about things such as eating,
sleeping, or catching an illness. She could recharge her mana through her
permanent link to Belldandy, or even through the Earth's system of ley lines.

As Holy Bell rose of the couch and began to stretch out in mid air,
she found World of Elegance floating next to her.

"Whatever is bothering, you don't have to keep it to yourself. All
of here will help if we can.", World of Elegance said as she gently
caressed Holy Bell's cheek and smiled gently at her.

"There is not anything wrong. I just....", Holy Bell hesitated.

"You are thinking about what we did today with Hinako and how confused
it is making you feel.", World of Elegance said.

"How did you know?", Holy Bell asked.

"Because I have been feeling the same thing.", World of Elegance said.

"You are not acting any different though.", Holy Bell said.

"I am used to feeling conflicting emotions. You forget I reside in
Urd most of the time and you would not believe how often that girl has
mood swings.", World of Elegance said while winking at Holy Bell, causing
her to smile briefly.

"I am just so confused. I want to do something, but I do not
know what, except for one thing.", Holy Bell while turning red again.

"What is it? No one will make fun of you.", World of Elegance said.

Holy Bell leaned in close and whispered something to World of
Elegance that caused to grin and look over at Urd while transmitting
what Holy Bell had just said to her, back to her goddess.

"Oh Keiichi dear, will you and Belldandy come in here for a
minute.", Urd yelled in a sing song voice.

"What is Urd?", Belldandy said as she and Keiichi came into the

"Holy Bell has something she wants to ask Keiichi and you.", Urd
said with an evil grin on her face, which began to set off all sorts
of 'warning bells' in Keiichi's mind.

Holy Bell walked over to Keiichi, stopping quite close to him and
taking his hand in hers, much to the boy's surprise.

"Do you remember how Urd's granddaughter said earlier that she and
Ranma-chan always went out together with Kasumi-chan. Well I was wondering,
I mean I would like to....", Holy Bell tried to say.

"Do you want to go out with us when we go to Keiichi's school?",
Belldandy asked, wondering how she would explain Holy Bell's
sudden appearance there.

"Well, yes that too, but I want to ask you something else as
well.", Holy Bell said.

"Go ahead and ask.", Keiichi said while wondering while Holy
Bell was now holding his hand tighter and seemed to be perspiring.

"Hinako-chan said how close she was to Ranma and how well
affectionate she was with him and how she had even kissed him. I have
never done anything like that, so I want to ask if I could kiss you?",
Holy Bell asked a stunned Keiichi as Urd noticed a few hairs on
Belldandy's hair 'toing' out of place.

"Haven't seen that happen in a while.", Urd thought to herself as
he looked over the stunned Belldandy.

"Well can I?", Holy Bell repeated as Keiichi and Belldandy
continued to look back and forth at each other, unable to respond to
Holy Bell's surprise question.

Not receiving an answer Holy Bell quickly leaned in and kissed
Keiichi quickly on the lips, before fleeing out through the back
wall of the temple and out into the yard, where she landed near a large
sakura tree.

Breathing heavily, she said quietly, "I did it. I kissed him and
it felt really good." She then sat down against the base of the tree
and sighed contentedly as a small smile formed on her face.

Back inside the temple, Urd and World of Elegance had moved a
still immobile Belldandy and Keiichi to the couch and leaned them up against
each other.

"How sad, they really need it bad.", World of Elegance said.

"I think it's been almost two years since they met and the most I've
even seen them do is kiss. Admittedly if they ever did do more, I would
probably faint from shock.", Urd stated.

You and Skuld haven't exactly helped their relationship along at
times.", World of Elegance said as Urd raised an eyebrow at her
opinionated angel.

"At least I mean well, Skuld interferes because she is still in
her 'boys are icky' faze, well at least most of the time.", Urd replied.

"Maybe the wedding tomorrow will give them a subtle hint that
maybe it's time to move their relationship along a little.", World of
Elegance said to Urd.


The next day was Sunday, the day of the wedding, and many of
the participants and guests were scattered all over Nerima trying
to get things in order before the ceremony was due to start at
five in the afternoon.

Ranma and Hinako had been busy creating new flowers in the grounds
of the school in which the ceremony was to be held. It was a little
tiring, considering what they also had to do during the ceremony
itself, but it would save a lot of money instead of buying the plants
according to Nabiki, who was a little busy herself.

Nabiki had managed to contact a few local restaurants who could
provide food for the reception afterwards. The native Ukyo had suggested
that she could help out, but it turned out that neither Hibiki nor
Kuzuha cared much for Ukyo's cuisine. Likewise they were not exactly
interested in having the Cat Cafe provide the food, which was fine with
Cologne and especially Shampoo who would much rather just relax during
this day, which was one of her few days off during the week.

Kuzuha was spending the time before the ceremony with her
bridesmaids, who were her friends from the school she used to attend and
Hibiki was being coached about how western wedding ceremonies went, by
his best man, who turned out to be his former landlord. Her appearance
caused many to wonder if the strange little old woman was part Amazon,
given her habit of threatening to shoot of all things Hibiki's other
guests, who were tenants in the boarding house in which he used to say.
This combined with the fact that she drove up on a rather large and
loud motorcycle when she arrived in Nerima early in the morning had
people keeping their distance from the woman.

Akari and Akane had spent most of the morning trying to calm
themselves as they imagined themselves someday attending a wedding
of their own someday. Nabiki could only shake her head at the two
love struck girls. They were acting the same way she did towards Ranko
when her feline side got the better of her, and they had the nerve to
say that she and Ranko were too forward.

Soun, for his part, actually kept silent. Having found out that
trying to scold his 'wayward' children was useless, he tried a
civilized if somewhat cowardly approach. He simply stayed away from
Akane and Akari whenever they had a certain look in their eye or tried to
talk to him about 'their relationship'.

Everyone had assembled on the school grounds about an hour
before the ceremony was to start. The day had turned out to be warmer
than expected and a few people were a little uncomfortable in the heat. As
the ceremony drew closer though, the temperature began to drop and the smell
cherry and orange blossoms began to waft through the air.

As the bride appeared at the end of the aisle, Belldandy and Urd, who
were at the altar, behind the wedding party began to softly sing in a
language that few mortals had ever heard. They were joined by their angels
a moment later. The song caused a warm feeling of contentment to pass through
everyone present and a ray of sunlight now seemed to follow the bride as she
began to move down the aisle in the garden that Ranma and Hinako had created.

As Kuzuha moved through the aisle Ranma and Hinako began to glow and
full grown sakura trees began to spring up and release their pink flowers
as the bride passed by. Several people look on in amazement as they were
sure that the saw several small faeries dancing among the trees and briefly
encircling the bride before she reached the altar and took
Hibiki's hand in her own.

The goddesses' singing helped Hibiki and Kuzuha overcame their
natural shyness and both were able to say the vows that they wrote without
hesitating. The goddesses' song also seemed to help out another person who
was having trouble making a commitment to the one that he loved.

As the song wound down, Taro leaned closely into Rogue and finally
told her how much she meant to him and asked her if she would do him the
honor of being his wife. Rogue looked wide-eyed at Taro before hugging the
boy an tackling him to the ground causing those nearby to comment on how
they thought that it was usually the bride and groom who were to be going
on the honeymoon.

After the ceremony, the bride turned her back towards the assembled
unmarried women who had attended the wedding and through her bouquet. It
was caught by a very surprised Ukyo, who had purposely stayed behind
everyone else. She had no intention of wanting to catch it, but as she saw
something approaching her she instinctively reached out to grab it much to
her embarrassment.

Next it was time for the groom to remove the garter from his bride
and toss it towards a throng of mostly excited younger men. As the garter
flew through the air it seemed to change course on its own and land in
the hands of Dr. Tofu, who was as surprised as the elder Ukyo was when she
caught the bouquet.

Ranma saw Kasumi's hands glow briefly as the garter changed
direction, but must have just been a coincidence.

Ukyo and Dr. Tofu shared a dance as was the tradition and as they
moved across the floor Rei and Asuka could not help but notice a blush
on Ukyo's face that the angel and demon girl had not seen on their
former teacher's face as long as they knew her.

Ranma and Hinako sat at one of the tables, with Hinako sitting on
Ranma's lap, with her head resting on Ranma's shoulder. Both she and Ranma
had expended a lot of ki during the wedding ceremony, but while Ranma was used
to it Hinako had previously needed to drain someone before expending so much
energy. Having to rely on her own energy was still tiring. She would get
used it as Ranma trained, but for now she needed to rest. Of course the
smile now on her face easily told others that she didn't mind relying on
a certain someone for support.

As Ranma held Hinako, Kasumi spent her time talking to Urd and
Belldandy. Both goddesses talk to her about how their angels were
behaving. Kasumi could understand why they were concerned, but in her
opinion they were treating their angels like children. Just because
angels were traditionally kept close to their goddesses did not mean
that they always had to be. Hinako certainly wasn't harmed by seldom
staying 'within' Ranma like Holy Bell or World of Elegance were
often 'within' their goddesses.

Both angels were proving to be quite popular with the young
men who were attending the wedding. Holy Bell was already infatuated
with Keiichi, but World of Elegance seemed quite happy to receive a
rose from one of the boys, who attending the school that Hibiki
formerly taught at.

You would think that World of Elegance would still be
'carrying a torch' for Hiroki the same way Urd was, but at that time
Urd and her angel were still apart so she had never developed any sort
of bond with him. If he is ever found then she would have to see what
might happen, but until then World of Elegance was enjoying the

While the boys were interested in the two angels, the girls
from Hibiki's school were interested in Ranko and Nabiki. The girls
had never seen something so cute in their opinion and were quite bold in
trying to scratch the two cat people behind the ears. Some might have
considered this to be somewhat demeaning, but Ranko was used to it and
Nabiki had expected something like this to happen. At least the were
being accepted by others instead of ostracized like those who stood out
from everyone else in Japanese society sometimes were.

Nabiki was a little insecure at the amount of girls that wanted
to dance with Ranko. He accepted a few offers, as it was the polite
thing to do, but he still made sure that he spent most of his time
with Nabiki.

As the night went on, the elder Ukyo was the first to leave the
reception, saying that she was tired. About half an hour later Dr. Tofu
left, saying that he had a full load of patients the next morning. The
fact that he left in the opposite direction of where he lived was
surely just a coincidence.

Hinako had decided to phase into Ranma in order to rest. The sight
of this caused a more than a few stares from those who were not native
to Nerima. This allowed to mingle with the guests, which he couldn't
do before with Hinako resting on his lap. He didn't mind it in the
slightest, but Kasumi had said before, and he knew that he should try and
talk to more people. Ranma thought that he was doing a better job of
socializing with others. At least he put his foot in his mouth far
less often than he usually did.

Maybe it had something to do with the fact that most of the people
that he usually saw were either rivals or fiancées. It was actually quite
nice to be around people who did not know who he was. Like Ranko, he had
accepted a few offers to dance with a couple of girls, one of whom turned
out to be Shampoo.

Shampoo asked him while his back was turned and she had managed to
speak to him without her usual accent, that he accepted without knowing
who she was at first.

Even though he was presently in his male form, Ranma's goddess side
still caused him to notice how nice it was to hold Shampoo. She was nice
and warm and 'squishy'. The dance that Shampoo had chosen was a slow dance
and she had her head on his shoulder, similar to how Hinako earlier had
her head.

Ranma had noticed Kasumi a few times as he and Shampoo danced, and
he tried to hold Shampoo a little farther away, he saw Kasumi shake her

"Don't worry about it. She knows that the two of you are no longer
engaged, but she still loves you. It won't do any harm to let her enjoy
the moment.", Kasumi's voice had said in Ranma's head.

Ranma tried focusing his thoughts on Shampoo. He could not 'talk'
to her mentally as he could Kasumi and Hinako, but he could pick up on
Shampoo's emotions, and she did seem rather happy and content at the

Mousse looked a little annoyed at how he was holding Shampoo, but he
had his hands full as Nuku Nuku tried to keep his attention. Akane looked
as if she wanted to pound him as usual for 'flirting' with Shampoo, but she
was now with Akari, and as the days went by Ranma found himself, truthfully
caring less and less what Akane thought of him. She had definitely been
replaced by two others.

After his dance with Shampoo, Ranma sat back down at his table and
looked on with amusement as the demon girl Asuka convinced the band to
play a tango, which Asuka danced quite closely with her 'friend' Rei.
As others looked on in shock, Ranma was mentally taking notes on how
the dance was done. He was still learning about what girls liked, and
this dance seemed like something that would interest Kasumi and
Hinako, as long as he didn't have to do it in his goddess form too
soon. That would still be a little embarrassing.

After the reception had ended, Ukyo-n was walking back to her
restaurant alone. Tomorrow she would be leaving with her other self
and would not be back anytime soon. She had spent more time in Nerima
than she had anyplace else in the past ten years. Leaving Ranma would
hurt for a while, but staying would be a mistake. She could not move on
with her life until her past was completely behind her. Ukyo-n knew that
as long as she stayed in Nerima there would always be some temptation to
pursue a relationship with Ranma.

Moving away would allow her to meet other people, not just martial
artists. Perhaps that was the problem, come to think of it. She had teased
Ranma about his lack of social skills at times, but was she all that much
better. Most of her life involved training, and talking about it, when she
wasn't practicing it. Just about everyone else she knew seemed to have
that problem as well. Shampoo came across as a horny bimbo most of the time
and Akane as an angry lesbian. As for Kodachi, well......she wasn't
exactly normal either. It was true that they were starting to change a little,
but all of them needed to improve.

Her "mother's" friends were not exactly normal, but even in the
limited time that she had spent with Rei, Asuka and the foxgirl Hinako,
Ukyo-n noticed how little they spoke of fighting. They could defend
themselves, but they never felt the need to talk about how they practiced,
or what opponents they had fought. The stories that Ukyo had heard from them
seemed to mainly concerned with where everyone had explored or who they had
met on a particular adventure, the fighting was an after thought in their

When she left she would not have to worry about running a
restaurant for a while. Ukyo-n did not want to give up on cooking, but
her restaurant had taken up so much time, that her grades were less than
perfect. If she had a chance to study then perhaps she could graduate then
attend a cooking school. Since not everyone preferred her "pizza's", as a
few ignorant customers called her cuisine, it would be best if she could
attend a cooking school near her new home. Since it seemed to be a western
country, Ukyo-n thought the natives would prefer their own style of cooking,
so if she learned it any restaurant she opened in the future would be more
successful than if she just chose to specialize in her family's cooking

Upon reaching the door to her restaurant, Ukyo stood outside for
a few minutes while looking inside. She would no longer have to worry about
the building's faulty water heater, or he tile in the kitchen that needed
to be replaced. It would also be nice to live somewhere in which the
building was not damaged by crazed martial artists from time to time.

Ukyo-n went inside and up to her room. She only had a little
packing left to do, then she was gone. She hadn't even tried to sell the

"Let the bank have it. It's not my responsibility anymore.", Ukyo
thought with some satisfaction.

Elsewhere in Nerima, Ranma and Kasumi had arrived home, with
Hinako 'popping' out of Ranma as soon as they entered the door. Ranma
took Hinako up to her room and laid her on her bed. After he left Kasumi
helped a still sleepy Hinako changed out of the dress that she wore for
the reception. Ranma could of, and probably should have been the one
helping Hinako, who was his angel after all, but from Ranma's
experience, being around undressed women usually resulted in 'problems'
for him. He would have to deal with this issue eventually since Hinako
would be with him forever, and she wanted to be with him in all ways
when she became older.

"She has become so beautiful over the past week, but I have to.....
I guess it....... Well I should wait even if I would like nothing more than
than to lay down in the bed next to her and hold her close like a man would
normally hold a woman that he loves.", Ranma mumbled than blushed at what he
had just said. Hopefully no one heard him. The last thing he wanted was for
Hinako to think that he was some sort of pervert.

Inside Hinako's bedroom, both she and Kasumi had heard Ranma and
even half asleep Hinako practically vibrated in excitement as she
imagined what would happen if Ranma had done what he just said he wanted
to do. Kasumi smiled briefly then looked thoughtful.

Ranma was unused to affection from others and had been treated
poorly by Akane especially when he had tried to be nice. The 'urges'
that his goddess form had been giving him, when he was low on energy
had not helped matters any. Still he was becoming more open in how
he thought towards Hinako and herself at least. If Ranma could be made
to act on his thoughts, then they could take over and show the new goddess
that being affectionate did have its rewards and definitely does not
usually involved heavy blunt instruments.


The next morning Ranma was up early. He, Kasumi, and Hinako, along
with several others were going to meet at the hotel where the older Ukyo
was staying so that they could say goodbye to their own Ukyo.

Ranma had managed to convince himself that it was not his fault that
Ukyo was leaving, but part of him still wanted her to stay, so that they
could try and work out some sort of friendship. For the most part, though
he thought that it was best that Ukyo went to live with her other self
slash mother.

As they arrived at the hotel, Ranma and the others saw the rest
of their friends already in the hotel's main lounge talking to the two
Ukyo's and the girls that had accompanied Ukyo to this world.

Ranko was talking to Ukyo-n and Cologne was talking to the elder

"I know that you are nervous, but you will not find a better
woman to help guide you. I was in horrible shape when Kasumi-chan
first brought me to her school, and I like to think that I turned out
alright.", Ranko said to Ukyo-n.

"She seems nice and I heard the foxgirl say that their are a lot
girls my age at the school.", Ukyo-n said.

"Hinako is about your age. She can show you around, just be careful
about any advice you get from Asuka.", Ranko said with a wink.

"Isn't she a teacher there?", Ukyo-n asked.

"Well, yes....but she tends to give advice before thinking though
all of the consequences first. When I was there she suggested that I
date both Hinako and Minako at the same time, since she normally dated
several people at once back then.", Ranko replied.

"Her advice blew up in your face didn't it.", Ukyo-n said.

"Yes, it didn't quite work out. I was living with Kasumi and
Minako at the time, and Hinako lived at Ukyo's school, so whenever
I left to see Hinako, Minako and Kasumi knew. Hinako was never jealous,
but Minako was at times, and she often fought with Hinako, with me
ending up in the middle usually.", Ranko said.

"You still ended up with the jealous one though, didn't you?",
Ukyo-n replied.

"You can't help with who you fall in love with. I guess it was due
to the fact that I spent more time with Minako. I really liked Hinako
more at first, but I guess I just stared to think of her more as a little
sister as time went by. The biggest attraction to Minako though was when
we were 13 and I bit her, turning into a catgirl. Our hormones just
attracted us to each other after that. It didn't bother me that Hinako
wasn't a catgirl, but somehow I began to feel closer to Minako.", Ranko

"So it was just because she was a catgirl? That doesn't sound fair
to Hinako.", Ukyo-n said.

"It was more than that. What really did it, were the times that I would
wake up in the middle of the night, shaking from nightmares that I could
never remember. As I awoke I would see Minako sitting next to me with my
head in her lap. She was singing a lullaby that her mother used to sing
with her. She had a beautiful voice and I remember thinking how much
she reminded me of an angel.", Ranko said.

"That's' some story sugar, maybe I'll find an angel of my own.",
Ukyo-n said.

"Given the students of the nearby boy's school you could find
yourself with an angel quite literally.", Ranko said to Ukyo-n.

As Ukyo went back to stand near her 'mother' Ranko noticed Dr.
Tofu enter the hotel and walk up to Ukyo. To Ranko's surprise his
mother pulled out a 'tube' similar to the one that he used to communicate
with her across the dimensions.

"That's interesting. Maybe if things work out between them, mother
will finally no longer be alone and Ukyo will not only have a mother,
but a possible father as well. At the very least, Kasumi-chan will no
longer have to worry about the doctor acting strangely towards her.

Ranma spent a lot time with Ukyo-n that morning talking to her
about their lives and how he still wanted to here from her if it was
possible. Maybe he could even learn to visit her new world when he became
more skilled in his abilities. After all if Ukyo-n did find a new boyfriend
Ranma would have to make sure that the guy was good enough for her.

Standing off to the side of everyone, the foxgirl Hinako looked
around, frustration evident on her face. She had not spent enough time
with Ranko. She wanted them to play together as they did when they were
younger. She wanted to go on adventures and have him rescue her when
she 'accidentally' needed help.

Then again, perhaps that was part of the problem. Kitsunes aged
slower than many races. She was physically a young woman, but she still
had the personality of a young girl of 12 or 13. She like being held by
boys and even thought of kissing them, but she knew she wasn't ready for
an adult relationship of the kind she often heard some of the girls in
her school talking about.

Ranko had not gotten around yet to saying goodbye to her, so
Hinako decided to spend some time doing something that she enjoyed,
namely going places that she wasn't supposed to go. She spied a door
near her mark, 'No admittance' and quietly snuck in. Looking around,
she wasn't impressed. It was just some old store room, without even
and old computer to play with.

Turning around to leave, she about jumped through the ceiling
when someone put their hand on her shoulder. Turning around she saw
Ranko smiling at her.

"You still have to explore places you aren't supposed to go,
don't you.", Ranko said to Hinako

"I was bored and no one was paying any attention to me, especially
you. Why haven't you spent any time with me. I haven't seen you in
years.", the foxgirl said with a sad expression on her face.

"Hinako-chan, we have spent some time together.", Ranko said.

"Not alone though. Every time we saw each other, Ukyo, or one
of the other girls was always with us.", Hinako pouted.

"We just can't go off together for a couple of days like we used
to. People would be worried if I just disappeared.", Ranko replied.

"People would be worried? Don't you mean Nabiki would be worried.",
Hinako said while crossing her arms in front of her.

"Hina-chan, don't be like that. Nabiki likes to be with me, but you
are making it sound like I have to speak to her before I do anything.",
Ranko said.

"That's what you had to do with Minako. Remember how bossy she
became before she finally left.", Hinako said.

"It was more complicated than that. She knew she had to leave for
Japan and she knew that I could not go with her when she left. We
were both a little frustrated then. I do admit that some of her behavior
was inappropriate, but we were only 13 and neither of us had even been
in a 'real' relationship.", Ranko explained to Hinako.

"So Nabiki hasn't tried to act all possessive?", Hinako asked.

"Well..... when she first changed she was a little confused
for a while, but that has faded. She simply wants to be with me. She
has had a difficult life. Her father is useless to say the least, and
it was up to her to support the family. Think about it Hina-chan, she
was only about seven or so, when she had to start acting like an adult.
It could not have been easy on her.", Ranko replied.

"I suppose so, but I still wish we could have spent more time
together. I don't want to wait another four or five years to see you
again.", Hinako said as she stepped up to Ranko and hugged him tightly
before stepping back still holding one of his hands with her own.

"It won't be that long. With Kasumi and I now settled in one
place I am sure that something can be worked out. Maybe she can
establish a portal to allow us and others to visit each other
from time to time, and if Kasumi can't maybe she could ask one of
those other goddesses to help her.", Ranko said.

"You promise to come and see me if you can then?", Hinako

"I promise, now we should leave before someone finds us here.",
Ranko said.

"Do you think that everyone will think that we are doing
something naughty.", Hinako giggled.

"As long as Asuka doesn't find out and start spreading
rumors, like she used to.", Ranko said.

"If she does I'll give her a 'kapowie' like she's never had.",
Hinako said.

Ranko and Hinako made their way back towards everyone without
anyone spotting them, coming out of the closet so to speak.

A little while later, Kasumi lead everyone to an empty area of a
nearby park, where she could create a temporary portal for Ukyo and the
others to leave without anyone spotting them. As she was leaving Hinako
quickly reminded Ranko of his promise to her that he wouldn't let
Nabiki or anyone else tell him how he should live his life.


As the next week went by, Hinako continued her attempts to
attract Ranma's attention, going so far as to greet him after class
with a kiss that caused several girls in the class to sigh longingly.
At first Ranma was too shocked to respond to any of Hinako's
overtures, but over time it was obvious that he was starting to be
affected by her emotions.

It started out small, with Ranma opening the door to their home
for Kasumi and Hinako as well as complimenting them on what they were
wearing. On Thursday morning though, Ranma surprised both Kasumi and
Hinako by hugging them closely and kissing them on the lips.

This might seem tame to most people, considering Ranma was living
with two very beautiful women, who would be more than receptive to
more overt forms of affection, but considering that it was not to long
ago that Ranma could not even hold hands with a girl without being nervous
and looking around as if someone was going to spring out at him and attack
him for doing so.

On Sunday, Ranma surprised himself by sleeping in late. It was
almost 9 when he awoke. The night before Hinako had finally reached the
age of 16 and the three of them had given Hinako a 'sweet 16' party. Ranma
was going to invite more people over, but both Hinako and Kasumi wanted it
to be just the three of them. Ranma was a little embarrassed what Hinako
wanted for a present that night. Both she and Kasumi spent quite some time
kissing and holding Ranma close in both his forms.

Both of them were so energetic, (blush), that Ranma was a little
disappointed that all the did was kiss. Hinako now resembled a young
woman of Kasumi's age, about 20. Not that Ranma minded, as he felt a
little more comfortable being with 'older' women.

Shaking his head to rid himself of those thoughts for the moment,
he walked into the kitchen to see Hinako and Kasumi still in their
bathrobes, leaning against the counter drinking tea.

"I see I wasn't the only one who woke up late.", Ranma said.

"Oh we woke up a while ago Ranma-chan, we were just waiting for
you.", Kasumi said with a seductive smile.

"Waiting for me?", Ranma asked.

"We have a surprise for you.", Hinako replied with a smile that
went past seductive into downright lecherous.

"What is it?", Ranma said nervously as the two young women
began to approach him.

Standing in front of him, Hinako and Kasumi let their robes fall
to the floor, revealing the outfits that Hinako had bought on her little
shopping trip with the Holy Bell and the others the week before.

Ranma stood stiffly in shock, if you pardon the pun. Hinako was wearing
an almost transparent lavender negligee that matched her hair color. Kasumi
was wearing a similar outfit except that it was pure white, which happened to be
the same color of Ranma's skin at the moment.

"Ranma, are you alright?", Hinako said as she waved her hand in front on
the immobile boy.

"Oh dear, I think he's in shock.", Kasumi said.

"He's not getting away that easily.", Hinako said as she walk up to
him, took his hands in hers than placed his hands on top of her breasts,
causing his eyes to open wide.

"Eh heh...", Ranma replied intelligently.

"Ranma their is no need to be scared. I want you to touch me. I want
you to hold me close and do all the things that a man should do to a woman
that loves him deeply. Both Kasumi and I feel that way.", Hinako said.

"But....But.... were not married and if we....you know couldn't someone
get pregnant.", Ranma managed to say.

"You don't have to worry about that Ranma-chan. You forget all of us are
not quite human any more. We will not have any children until we decide to,
but if you are still nervous there is an alternative.", Kasumi said.

"What is it?", Ranma said as he unconsciously move his hand across
Hinako's breasts and down her hips, much to the girl's pleasure.

"Well, no one said that you have to be in your male form when
we are together.", Kasumi said as she pulled out a blue negligee that
appeared to be just the right size for Ranma's girl form.

"You want me to be a girl when we....", Ranma tried to say as he
had a mental picture of what that would be like. Strangely enough it
was very similar to a recurring and quite pleasant dream that he had been
having recently. Not that he would mention it to anyone.

"It doesn't matter to us what for you are in Ranma, but if you
are nervous being in your male form right now, there is an alternative
as I said. Besides I think Hinako is a little curious about what it would
be like to be with her 'goddess'.", Kasumi said.

"When aunty Lilith gave me 'that book' she also told me about some
of the thing that she and her lover did and well I was a little curious.",
Hinako said as Kasumi now looked a little off center.

Kasumi knew that her mother and Lilith were quite 'close', but she
really didn't want to know the details. Children, even if they are
goddesses, just do not want to know about their parent's sex lives.

After a minutes hesitation, Ranma took the blue negligee from
Kasumi and walked into his room, shutting the door behind him. After
15 minute he, or rather she, had still not emerged.

"Do you think we over did it Kasumi-chan?", Hinako asked.

"Maybe, but you know the dreams he had been having. He was
broadcasting them quite 'loudly' at night. I thought that he would
enjoy this.", Kasumi said.

"I guess we should just tell him that we can wait. We don't
want to force him after all, no matter how much I would like to jump
on him and go at it until we are both too sore to move.", Hinako
said to a bemused Kasumi.

As the two women were gathering up their robes, the door to
Ranma's room opened and a very nervous Ranma-chan exited wearing
the blue negligee that Hinako had bought her.

"Do I look ok.", Ranma-chan said nervously.

Kasumi and Hinako stared at Ranma-chan with their eyes wide
open. Ranma was in her goddess form, with her wings retracted and her
aura glowing pink in either excitement or embarrassment, they weren't
sure which it was, but it took all their willpower to not just carry
Ranma-chan off to the bedroom then and their.

"Oh my, oh dear...", Kasumi said as she managed to twist her
robe in knots.

Hinako was unable to say anything, she just approached
Ranma slowing while thinking, "Mine, mine mine, MINE!!!"

Hinako walked up to Ranma-chan and began to move her fingers
through Ranma's hair.

"You are more beautiful than anyone I have ever seen.", Hinako
said quietly as Ranma blushed.

Kasumi walked behind Ranma-chan while putting her arms around her
and kissing her on the back of her neck.

"Remember Ranma-chan we want you to feel good. If anything we do
makes you feel uncomfortable, just tell us.", Kasumi said as Ranma
nodded dumbly.

Ranma-chan was slowly coming out of her daze. She wasn't quite sure
what was going on yet, but she did know that she felt REALLY good and that it
would only be fair if everyone else felt the same.

Hinako was pleasantly shocked when Ranma-chan began to respond to her
caresses. Ranma began to move her hands through Hinako's hair, then across
her cheeks and down her neck while smiling shyly. Hinako was about to lean
in for a kiss when she jolted at the feel of her negligee sliding down to
the floor, leaving her left wearing only her lavender panties. Ranma began
to move her hands across Hinako's breasts, then she slowing traced the
circumference or Hinako's nipples, causing the angel to shudder in delight.

Hinako reached over and pushed the straps of Ranma-chan's negligee
off her shoulder, causing it to pool on the floor in front of the
busty redheaded goddess.

"Yummy!", Hinako thought as she moved her hands slowly around
Ranma's breasts and stiffening nipples.

"Perhaps we should go to my bedroom, before things go to much farther.",
Kasumi said as she lead the other two women into her room, and dropping the
top of her negligee just outside the door, before closing and locking it.

The three young women were so occupied with their 'activities', that
they didn't feel the energies of the portal that was now opening in their
living room. Well, either that or they just didn't care at the moment.

"Honestly my dear, don't you believe that you should have at least
called first, before we barge in on them.", Lilith said as she exited
the portal.

"I don't see why. Do think we will come upon some orgy between the
three of them.", Urd snickered as she exited the portal behind Lilith.

"You can see Hinako, as well, but remember Holy Bell and I want to
see her as well. She hasn't seen us in a week and we want to go out with
her and that nice Kodachi girl again.", World of Elegance said as she
and Holy Bell exited the portal.

"Where is everyone?", Urd asked as she looked around the front of
house, finding no one."

"Maybe they went out?", Holy Bell said quietly.


(Thump) (Thump)

"Did you here that?", World of Elegance said to no one in

"It appears to be coming from down the hallway. Hmm, now what it
this?", Lilith said as she picked up a blue negligee top and a red one
that was sitting right next to it."

"Those are the outfits that Hinako-chan bought for herself and
Ranma-chan when we went shopping with her.", World of Elegance said
with a Cheshire cat grin on her face.

"Bought for herself and Ranma-chan.......(Sniff) (Sniff), Wahhh,
my granddaughter is all grown up now!", Urd wailed before being smacked
on the back of the head by Lilith.

"We should leave the three of them to their fun.", Lilith said as
she pointed to a white negligee sitting outside a door from which the
unknown thumping noises were coming from.

"Maybe we should check to see if they are alright. We could be
wrong about what we think is going on couldn't we?", Holy Bell said with
an innocent look on her face.

"I don't think that will be necessary.", World of Elegance said
as she dragged Holy Bell back through the portal, while wondering if her
friend could be that dense or she was just a closet voyeur. Well either
that or she is just feeling the frustration that Belldandy obviously
feels about not being able to do anything with Keiichi.

Urd was the next through the portal.

"Ah Kasumi you did remember the lessons your mother and I tried
so hard to instill in you.", Lilith said quietly as she stepped through
the portal, closing it behind her.

"Oh, everyone is back so soon. Was no one home?", Belldandy asked as
she saw Urd and the others reappear back in the living room at the temple.
Standing next to Belldandy, Keiichi seemed equally surprised that everyone
had returned early, not that he had anything planned of course.

"They were a little too busy to see us.", World of Elegance said with
a smirk on her face as Lilith held back a giggle.

"Well none of us saw them, but from what we overheard coming from
Kasumi-chan's bedroom, I believe the three of them were quite involved in
expressing their love for each other.", Lilith replied casually

"The three of them?!?", Keiichi said in shock.

"Yes, the three of them you weenie!", Holy Bell forcefully, much to
everyone's surprise.

"Shame on you Holy Bell. You shouldn't say such things to Keiichi.
Why are you acting like this?", Belldandy asked in confusion as Holy Bell
refused to answer.

"She probably picked up on their emotions as we were leaving. Kasumi
and the others were 'broadcasting' their feelings through the ether. Anyone
with even the slightest magical ability could feel what they were feeling.",
Urd said to Belldandy.

"It was wonderful. I have never felt anything like it before. You
could sense the love they had for each other and how much they liked being
together emotionally and physically. I want Belldandy to feel that way as
well. She deserves more than a shy smile every day and a kiss on the cheek.
Why do you know at her age she is still....mumphhhh!!", Holy Bell tried to
say but found her mouth block by a blushing Belldandy's hand.

"No there is no need to go into that. Just because they choose to be
so expressive so soon into their relationship doesn't mean that everyone
should do the same.", Belldandy said.

"We might have more time to spend together if everyone would stop
trying to interfere in our relationship. It's bad enough that Urd is always
trying to force us to do things we aren't ready for. We certainly don't need
any more pressure from anyone one else.", Keiichi said then stepped back
slightly as he saw both Holy Bell and Urd glaring at him.

"Interfering, is that what you think I have been doing? Haven't you
been paying any attention to the stories that I have been telling you about
Hiroki and I?", Urd asked.

"What are you trying to say Urd?, Belldandy asked to a frustrated
looking Urd.

"The happiest times that I spent in my life were when I was with
Hiroki. He and I complimented each other so well it was as if we were
part of the same soul, just as you and Keiichi seem to be my sweet but
dense sister.", Urd.

"The same soul?", Keiichi asked.

"We always seemed to be happy together no matter what we were
doing. Even when times were tough for us during the war or when
Hiroki was just starting his career I knew that as long as we were
together nothing could go wrong. We loved each other, and not just
physically, although that was rather nice as well. I can't even describe
to you how wonderful it was to raise our child together before Hiroki
disappeared and everything went so wrong.", Urd said while clenching
her fists.

"What about all the pills, the love potions and other things. You
know that those seldom work.", Belldandy said, starting to feel
ashamed at how sad she was making her sister, even if she didn't mean to.

"Those were a mistake. I was just getting so frustrated. When I first
saw Keiichi and found out that the both of you had done absolutely nothing
,even kiss when you had been together for over six months, I overreacted.
You have to realize though that with Keiichi being a mortal his life is so
much more fragile than yours is Bell-chan. He could be taken away from you
before you know it.", Urd replied as her angel stepped up behind her and held
her shoulder for support, much to Urd's comfort.

"We are still not ready for some things though.", Belldandy repeated
as Urd and Lilith rolled their eyes.

"No one is asking you to sleep with him tonight, but you should try
and move your relationship a little more forward. Go out on a date together,
and try and show a little more affection. You won't hurt the both of you to
kiss each other a little more often.", Lilith said.

"Even if you do someday get married, remember that after Keiichi
passes on there is no guarantee that you will see each other immediately.
Father may have something planned for him. Make the most of the time you
do have together and I promise that I will try my best to help the both of
you live a long and happy life together.", Urd replied.

"You two are so right for each other and I can feel the love you have
for him, my goddess as I feel the same. Please listen to your sister and
the others. We are not lying to you.", Holy Bell said before briefly
hugging Belldandy and Keiichi, then phasing out through the read wall
and walking out into the rear courtyard of the temple.

Later that night Urd was laying back on the roof of the temple when
World of Elegance flew up onto the roof and laid down next to her.

"That was quite a speech you gave to your sister?.", World of
Elegance said.

"It had to be done. I don't like preaching to others, because I know
how irritating it is when others do it to me, but I had no choice in the
matter.", Urd said.

"I'm not judging you. I am no position to give love advice to anyone. We
were not together when you and your husband were together. I am not sure if
that is a good or bad thing, but I cold feel the love you have for him as you
spoke to your sister and I want you to know that if... no when he is found I
would like to get to know him. I can't promise that I will ever love him
like you do, but I would like to see if we could be friends.", World of
Elegance said to Urd.

"I would like that.", Urd said as she reach over and hugged her angel.
"Perhaps it will help bring us closer together as well."

"Perhaps it will.", World of Elegance said.


The next morning, Ranma awoke feeling very sore and confused. She
realized that not only was she not in her own bed but, she was also sharing
this bed with a girl with log lavender hair. Ranma sat up and winced as
several joints in her body popped loudly.

"What happened?", Ranma said a little too loudly as the girl next
to him began to stir.

"Can't you be a little more quiet. It's not nice to wake the dead.",
Hinako said as she too tried to sit up and winced as several of her joints
popped as well.

"Are you alright?", Ranma asked, as he started to remember all that
happened the night before.

"I've been better.", Hinako said.

"Where does it hurt?", Ranma asked.

"Everywhere, I think even my hair hurts.", Hinako said.

Ranma reached over and began to massage Hinako's shoulders and
her back.

"Oh that's nice.", Hinako said as she rolled over onto her
stomach and stretched out allowing Ranma to massage her legs.

"Hmmmm, how did you rear get so red?", Ranma asked.

"Kasumi-chan spanked me.", Hinako said with a giggle.

"When did this happen?", Ranma asked.

"After you fell asleep. Kasumi told me about how she accidentally
came up her mother and Lilith 'playing a game' together and well I....
was a little curious.", Hinako said as she rolled over onto her side.

"Oh, so my little angel is a pervert now?", Ranma said.

"Be nice or I'll get Kasumi-chan to spank you as well.", Hinako
said to a blushing Ranma who then began to giggle, then laugh out loud.

"Are you making fun of me?", Hinako pouted.

"No Hina-chan, it just hit me that if someone had said to me
a couple of months ago that I would be in bed, with a beautiful angel
talking about getting spanked I would have thought that they were
crazier than the Kuno's.", Ranma said.

"You are very beautiful as well Ranma-chan.", Hinako said as she
stretched out, giving Ranma a full view of her herself.

Ranma pulled Hinako close and kissed her passionately on the lips
while moving one on her hand down Hinako's back and onto her lightly
red rear end while Ranma's other hand began to move lower.

"As good as this feels we have to get up.", Hinako said while
fighting back a moan.

"We could skip school for the day.", Ranma said.

"Very tempting, but we have to set a good example for everyone.
After all how would it look for a goddess and an angel to fail to show
up when everyone else has too.", Hinako tried to say in an upbeat voice.

"Hinako, Ranma-chan are you up yet?", Kasumi's voice practically
sang from the hallway.

"Doesn't sound very tired does she?", Ranma said.

"Sigh.... Not only is she a morning person, but she never seems to run
out of energy.", Hinako said.

"Maybe her demon half is part succubus, like in that Dark Stalker's
manga.", Ranma joked.

"Wouldn't surprise me.", Hinako snickered as she remembered how creative,
not to mention flexible Kasumi was the previous night.

"I heard that.", Kasumi said as she came into the room and saw her
two housemates still in bed and wrapped around each other.

"Alright were going.", Ranma and Hinako said as they left Kasumi's
room and walked into the furo together.

A short while later, Kasumi heard the shower turn on, then the
sounds of giggled echoed out into her room.

"At least they are little more lively now.", Kasumi said while
sounding a little disappointed, after all Ranma had only lasted for six
hours and Hinako, a little longer than that.

"I will have to work on their endurance and it will be a lot more
fun than the training that Ranma is used to enduring.", Kasumi thought
to herself.

Ranma decided to walk to school that day in his male form,
since it wasn't tired as his female form was and it gave him the opportunity
to walk closely next to Hinako with his arms around the now 'older' girl.
He also enjoyed, although he would never admit, the jealous looks he got from
some of the salary men and other workers as he walked by with Hinako.

Halfway to school, Hinako leaned her head against Ranma's shoulder
and sighed contentedly, mainly because she did feel quite content at the
moment, but also because she and Ranma had just walked past a few of the
Furinkan boys that used to tease her by calling her 'Hina-chan'. Hinako
bet that they were regretting ever calling her that.

There was one middle-age woman shopkeeper who seemed to think that
it was improper for someone 'Hinako's age' to be with a student and she
told the pair what she thought was they walked by. Hinako surprised the
woman and Ranma by telling the woman what she thought of her opinion and
where she could stick it. The old spinster was so stunned she couldn't
even form a coherent reply.

Much to their surprise Ranma and Hinako did arrive late to the school
as they found all of the students in their classroom waiting for them as
they walked into the classroom together, no longer leaning against each
other as their was enough gossip about them going on.

Ranma sat down at his seat and Hinako began to teach the class but
both were a little distracted. Every time Hinako and Ranma saw each other
both Hinako paused her lesson for a second before continuing. Now it
should be known that the students at Furinkan aren't exactly the
brightest that Japan has to offer, but by the fourth pause and blush by
Hinako even they could tell that something was going on.

Shampoo thought that Ranma had finally kissed the little teacher
like he did to her right after he took her for a short flight. That kiss
and well.... grope was enough to distract Shampoo, so seeing Hinako
look somewhat out of it was to be expected. Shampoo briefly thought that
maybe they had done something more, but she discarded that idea. After
all if they had fooled around they wouldn't be here today, at least that
is what Shampoo would have done. She would have kept Ranma occupied for
the whole morning and then some.

Come lunch time Hinako wanted to speak with Ranma in the class
before they went down and sat under 'their' tree.

"I think that everyone suspects that we did 'something'
together.", Hinako said.

"Don't worry about it, they just think we kissed or something.
A couple of the little perverts think that we had sex, but most
everyone is ignoring them.", Ranma replied.

"That's good. The principal is gone, but I don't think that I
would like to deal with everyone knowing that you in your girl form,
Kasumi and I spent the night fooling around in her bed for several
hours.", Hinako said quietly.

Lunch went quietly except for Nabiki making a comment about
Hinako and Ranma having their scent on each other. Ranma didn't
think that this was possible, since he and Hinako did take a shower
together that morning, so no doubt Nabiki was just teasing them,
besides they were in no position to tease about having their
scents on each other considering how much time Nabiki spent rubbing
her head against Ranko.

That night Ranma was a little nervous about what might happen
again. It wasn't that he didn't enjoy what happened the night before,
he REALLY did, but he still considered himself to be somewhat old
fashioned and he wanted to be with someone as a man. The question was
could he work up enough nerve to be with Kasumi and Hinako. They had
said that they could not get pregnant unless they chose to, but it was
still a big step, despite the 'lesbian orgy' that happened earlier.

Ranma crawled into his bed, wearing just his boxer shorts. As he began
to fall asleep, the door to his room opened and Hinako walked in, wearing
quite conservative long sleeve pajamas. Ranma started to get up to see what
Hinako wanted.

"Shoot, they aren't even see through.", Ranma thought, unaware of
how perverted he would of once found that line of thinking.

"My such naughty thoughts.", Hinako said as she pushed him back onto
the bed and pulled the covers over the both of them.

"Hina-chan, I don't think....", Ranma babbled.

"Don't worry Ranma-chan. All we are going to do tonight is lay
next to each other.", Hinako said.

"That's it?", Ranma said while somehow managing to sound both
relieved and disappointed at the same time.

"Kasumi and I decided that perhaps we were a little too
aggressive with you last night. Although the little 'squeaky' noises
that you made were just too cute.", Hinako said to a bright red Ranma.

"A heh heh...", Ranma said.

Hinako pulled Ranma partially on top of her, with his head resting
on Hinako's chest. Ranma in male was now a couple inches shorter than
Hinako, but that could be changed once Kasumi taught him how to alter
his appearance.

Ranma was surprised by this position for a few moments before he
relaxed and realized that he was now quite comfortable where he was.
Hinako was almost as busty as his girl form and the beating of her
heart was very soothing to him. It didn't take him long to fall asleep.

"My that was quick.", Kasumi's voice said in Hinako's head.

"Tomorrow, the three of us will be together like this.", Hinako
thought back to Kasumi.

"Then we will see where is goes from there.", Kasumi replied
mentally to Hinako.

As the week progressed, Ranma did become more and more receptive
to his two roommates affections, and come Friday the three of them had
a repeat performance of their activities the previous Monday. As Ranma
laid there in bed with Kasumi and Hinako snuggled up to him he still
fond it amazing how lucky he was to be with the both of them. He used
to think of Kasumi as an older sister almost. He thought of her somewhat
differently now to say the least.

When he first met Hinako he wasn't sure what to think of the
strange little teacher. He didn't even like her at first. That too had
changed. Going from dislike to making love to her, even if it was in his
girl form was a joy to him. Now if only he could figure out why she purred
when he rubbed a certain spot on her neck. Maybe some of his old cat fist
curse had rubbed off on her, or perhaps he was just missing something. Oh
well, in any case, he thought that it was cute, so why should he worry
about it.


As Ranma spent the week, getting closer to Hinako and Kasumi, another
resident of Nerima was starting to come out of her shell and was beginning
to make friends with a rather unusual girl.

World of Elegance was growing quite bored staying at the temple and
participating in some of the adventures that Urd had. She wanted to spend
more time out in the world, seeing how, 'real' people had fun. Normally
she would try and contact Hinako, but the little angel was busy with
her goddess.

"Hmmmm, perhaps she would be interesting in a little trip around
town.", World of Elegance thought as she flew out of the temple and
towards the home of a girl that she felt somewhat of a kinship too.
After all the two of them had both been rejected at times by those
close to them and they both had little contact with others.

It was decided then, World of Elegance would head off towards the
home of her new friend even if said friend was unaware of any
relationship between the two of them yet. So it came to pass that one
bored and lonely angel landed in the front court of the Kuno home,
looking for the Kodachi, but unfortunately finding an idiot kendoist
who starting spouting some nonsense about the heaven rewarding him with
an angel for his pure and just soul.

World of Elegance was about to leave the idiot to his rambling
when she was shocked by the feeling of someone grabbing her from behind
and groping her chest. She was so stunned she didn't even move. This
didn't last long.

"How dare this little boy touch me like that.", World of
Elegance thought as she began to glow red.

Now World of Elegance was an angel attuned to fire, and knew how
to use her element quite well. A fiery aura sprung upon around the angel
and a few moments later a loud scream could be heard throughout Nerima.

Kodachi came out of her mansion to see what trouble her idiot
brother had gotten himself into. Maybe she should just splash the fool
again. At least his other form didn't bother her so. The only problem
was Kodachi's dear pet alligator seemed to like the smell of panda and
often chased the confused panda girl around the estate before she
managed to escape.

As Kodachi entered the front yard she saw that her idiot brother had
somehow managed to set himself on fire and was now heading towards her
dear pet's pond. Kodachi sighed as he leapt in with predictable results.


"Roar.", went a certain alligator.

"Aighhhh!!!!!!!!!! Help, help, help!!!", went a certain panda
girl as she ran around the yard with her arms flailing widely.

"Sigh, how pathetic.", Kodachi said.

"Isn't he though.", another voice said, attracting Kodachi's

Kodachi looked towards the sound of the voice and saw World of
Elegance who she remembered from the time that they had both went out
on the town with Hinako.

"I take it my dear brother's fiery fate was your doing.", Kodachi
said, while sounding quite amused.

"He was being punished for rudely grabbing onto me.", World of
Elegance said as she smoothed over her top, that Kuno had wrinkled.

"Not that I am complaining, but what brings you here, megami-san?",
Kodachi stated humbly.

"Please I am an angel not a goddess, and for why I am here, well I
came to see you.", World of Elegance said to a confused looking Kodachi.

"To see me....Why?", Kodachi asked.

"I wanted to spend some time with you. We never really had the
chance to get to know one another, but I sensed that we both have
something in common.", World of Elegance said.

"You want to spend time with me.....How unusual.", Kodachi said.

"You act as if it is strange that someone wants to be around you.
Don't you have friends that you go out with?", World of Elegance said, to
a now downcast Kodachi.

"Besides Ranma-chan, no one has wanted to be my friend in quite a
long time.", Kodachi replied sadly.

"But why, you seemed to be quite nice to me and far more normal
than some of the cursed individuals around here.", World of Elegance

"There are many in Nerima who would disagree with you.", Kodachi

"Well that is their problem. I don't see anything wrong with you
and I would like to be your friend if you will accept me.", World of
Elegance said to a shocked Kodachi.

"I would like that.", Kodachi managed to say after a minute or
two of stunned silence.

"Good, then shall we go?", World of Elegance said as manifested
her wings once more and scooped Kodachi up into her arms.

"Where are we going?", Kodachi asked, as she hugged the angel
close and tried to forget about how high up they were now.

"I don't know yet, but I'm sure that something will come up.",
World of Elegance said with a grin on her face.

Something did in fact come up and Kodachi and World of Elegance
had quite an interesting week together, but that is a story, or rather
a side story for another time.

For two days after the wedding, Ranko kept finding bridal magazines
around the house, with certain pages marks with notes about what outfit
would go best with Nabiki's fur color, or what suit what go best with
Ranko's fur.

Weddings did tend to have an affect on certain girls this way. There
were more than a few girls at Furinkan who attending the wedding, that were
now fantasizing what it would be like to be married. Most of course did
not have a clue about what it took to actually live with another person
and the compromises that everyone had to make with their lifestyle on a
daily basis. Ranko and Kasumi had stayed with married couples at times
as they traveled around the multiverse and from what Ranko observed the
couples that had the happiest marriages were the ones in which both
partners realized that neither of them knew everything and that they
could and should learn from each other.

In order to distract Nabiki from her thoughts about a wedding, Ranko
had continued to teach her how to improve her cooking skills, since he did
most of the cooking in the home and quite frankly wanted a break from it.

Ranko also continued to teach Nabiki some of the magic that he knew.
Nabiki was more than intelligent enough to learn and had the patience
that her younger sister lacked. He started out teaching Nabiki how to
concentrate on focus on causing simple changes to objects around her,
such as changing he color of an object.

As Nabiki was about to recite the last word of the spell, the
front gate to the dojo banged open and in stomped Akane, mad about
something. The noise caused Nabiki to spin around to see what was going
on and in the process the energy from the spell flew out from Nabiki
and struck Akane, causing the girl's skin to change to a dark blue and her
hair to a light green. It did wear off in two days, but until it did
poor Akane had to deal with Kuno and a few others chasing after her,
while proclaiming their love the new 'nymph' that had shown up at their


Everyone was to meet at the temple that Urd and her sisters
lived at just before Ranma, Kasumi and Hinako arrived. Hinako had
wanted to undergo her final change at her own home, but lately there
had been to many disturbances. It seemed that ever since Ranma
and Rouge had punished the Sailor Scouts for almost injuring Taro
one or two of them would often be seen lurking in the neighborhood.
They finally stopped spying on Ranma and the others after Kasumi
became angry at Sailor Moon when the girl peeked over the fence
and surprised Kasumi and Hinako who were sunbathing alone with
Ranma-chan. For this transgression Kasumi briefly turned Usagi into
her namesake. Said girl quickly decided that she did not like being
a small green rabbit and vowed never to bother them again after
she was turned back to her human form.

Hours before Hinako was to arrive at her grandmother's home, the
girl was a nervous wreck. She knew that it was best that she no longer
would have to depend on Ranma in order to have enough energy to get
through the day, but she wondered if they would be as close. Ranma
and she would normally just sit together and hold each other close as
he gave her some of his energy. They seldom spoke during this time, as
it was unnecessary for they seemed to almost blend into one heart and soul
during that time. Hinako wondered if she would ever get to feel like that
again once it was no longer necessary for Ranma to 'recharge' her.
Kasumi had said that they would always feel as close as they wanted to,
either closing off or opening themselves up to each others' emotions as
they saw fit.

Once the ceremony of her ascension was over, Hinako would always
be able to draw energy on her from the same source that Ranma drew his,
such as chocolate or by being affectionate to someone. Since her father
was a nature spirit, she would also be able to draw energy from the Earth
itself through any of the ley lines that encircled the planet. Nerima
and Jubaan had several that ran through them, which might explain the vast
amounts of weirdness that seemed to happen in both districts.

When it was time for them to leave, Hinako met Kasumi and Ranma in the
living room of their home. The three of them were in their goddess forms,
with Kasumi looking thrilled with what was about to happen and Ranma
looking a little less nervous than Hinako, but considering how much more
experience he had with hiding his feelings who could tell what Ranma was
feeling at the moment.

The three of them teleported from their home and arrived in the
front courtyard of the temple, where they were surprised by the sheer
number of people and other..... well 'things' in attendance. Besides
many of their friends and family from Nerima, not to mention the
goddesses and demons that they had met before, several other spirits and
beings who knew Hinako's mother and father had shown up in order
to pay respects to the new goddess and her angel. The only two people
who Ranma could not find were Soun and his father. At the time Ranma
did not know that the two fathers were present earlier, but after
Genma tried to 'borrow' a few items from the temple and Soun tried to
arrange marriages for Nabiki and Akane, because he disapproved of their
current partners, they were both thrown out of the temple, much to
Kasumi's embarrassment.

After the ceremony was over, Hinako intended to ask as many of
the guests as possible what they knew of her mother and father. At the
moment though both Hinako and Ranma found themselves dragged along by
either Lilith or Urd so that they could meet many of the gods that they
would soon be seeing at times.

Mara was there, looking nervous and staying very close to Urd,
especially when a few of the more warlike deities threatened her. One
went so far as to draw a sword on her, but soon found himself, much to
his surprise, hogtied and hung from a nearby tree by a very annoyed
Kasumi, who wasn't about to let anyone ruin this day for 'her' Ranma-chan
and Hinako-chan. Alas poor Ares, it would be years before the teasing
about this incident subsided.

Ranma had lost track of people's names after he was introduced to
what must have been the 20th nature spirit who complimented him on landing
Hinako, who many thought was even sexier than her mother. Ranma wasn't
sure if this was a compliment or insult to Hinako. Most of the spirits
seemed to be rather tactless, even more so than Ranma realized he was when
he first came to Nerima. Still if they really didn't mean any harm it was
pointless to get mad at them. Who knew what damage a fight would cause if
several spirits and gods decided to go at it that day.

Another portal opened up, probably bringing another well wisher
to the celebration. Who stepped out though surprised many of the
attendees. Hild stepped out of the portal dressed in a formal gown that
appeared to be covered in diamonds that caused many different hues of
light to spread out in all directions when the sunlight struck them.

Urd was in shock about how her mother looked and Lilith looked as
if someone had slapped across the face with a squid and called her Shirley.
Hild seldom cared about what others thought of her appearance, but when she
chose to, she could be as beautiful as any being in the multiverse.

Hild moved away from the portal with a neutral expression on her face.
She moved across the yard and stopped in front of Ranma with a small frown
on her face that caused the new goddess to smile nervously and several nearby
beings to run for higher ground.

Hild then smiled and pulled Ranma into a hug before kissing her on the
cheek, a feat which caused Lilith to fall over and Kasumi's hair to toing
out of place. Hinako wondered why her great grandmother was being so friendly
with her goddess.

"You have done something that few mortal or immortals have even done.",
Hild said to Ranma.

"What is that?", Ranma asked nervously.

"You have impressed me. Not only have you won the love of my
great granddaughter, but you have also won the love and respect of my
best student.", Hild said while motioning to Kasumi, who seemed both
surprised and quite pleased with the praise.

"Thank you, but I really didn't do nothing. I just wanted to help
Hina-chan, you know.", Ranma replied.

"You are more honorable than most gods tend to be. Don't lose
that trait.", Hild said while looking over in contempt at several gods
and goddesses who did not look pleased to see her there.

"So you do approve of their joining. I was wondering how you
truly felt.", Lilith said as she overcame her earlier surprise.

"I approve of that and of the fact that they shall provide me with
great, great grandchildren in the future.", Hild said.

"That's not possible. Gods or goddesses and their angels can not
have children together.", Urd said, having overheard what her mother
had just said.

"That is where you are wrong daughter. Both Hinako and Ranma are
a little different from most bonded goddesses and their angels. She
can have children with his male form and both my dear husband and I are
looking forward to this in the future. Besides they will make perfect
playmates for the children that Kasumi-chan and Ranma will no doubt also
have.", Hild said with an evil grin as Ranma, Hinako and Kasumi blushed.

"Kami-sama knows about this.. Never mind that was a stupid question.
He approves of this?", Urd asked

"Of course, just because it has only been done twice before
does not mean that it would not be allowed. After all, my dear
daughter, it is no stranger than when he and I, the daughter of H-sama
became married, now is it?", Hild replied.

"Good thing we have not been together yet in my male form, or they
would have us married already.", Ranma thought to Hinako.

"It's better that grandmother didn't know or she might try to
give us one of her fertility potions.", Hinako thought back.

As the time for the ceremony drew close, everyone filed into the
main temple building and took their seats. In front of everyone stood
Belldandy and Peorth, representing Asgard, and Lilith and Hild
representing Niflheim. Facing towards them and away from the audience
stood Ranma and Hinako. Kasumi stood off to the side, her daemon
heritage signifying that she represented both Asgard and Niflheim.

The lights in the temple began to dim and soft music began to
echo throughout the hall.

"Many years ago, it was decided that certain members of humanity
would be helped by the gods to improve their lives and the lives of those
around them. This was done by the granting of wishes or more often by
helping a culture to grow and evolve from by granting of advice from a
god or goddess disguised as a member of that society. This would sometimes
require a god to spend many years away from those that he loved.",
Belldandy spoke from the front altar.

"To help alleviate the loneliness of those who were selflessly helping
humanity Kami-sama decided that each god and goddess would be bonded
to an angel, who would be a there as a friend, to grant advice, and in a few
cases, a lover as well.", Peorth said.

"Today we are here to witness the joining of a goddess and her angel,
but in this case the goddess will now be granted the lifespan and immunities
of a goddess when "HE" is in his male form.", Lilith said as Ranma looked at
Lilith, then Kasumi in surprise.

"His angel, my great granddaughter, Hinako carries both the blood of
the gods and demons in her veins, setting her apart from her peers. It is
hoped that this will give her and Ranma a better understanding of the forces
of good and evil and how a balance must be maintained between the two.",
Hild spoke to everyone.

Belldandy asked Ranma and Hinako to step forward and they both now
kneeled at the base of the altar.

"Ranma, Hinako, After today they both of you will be joined body and
soul for as long as the both of you shall live. You shall feel each others'
emotions, and at times thoughts as well. I want you think very carefully
before you chose to join together.", Belldandy said.

"I have thought a lot about this the last few weeks, and I was nervous
when I found out that I would be Hinako's 'goddess', but I know now that I
love her and always will. It was a little strange feeling her feelings and
finding out what she thought of me. I didn't think that I deserved her at
first, that maybe she would be better off with someone better than me.
It's hard to say how I felt when I could sense that she loved me as well. I
don't know if it was luck or something that caused us to meet, but I am
glad that we did.", Ranma said nervously, as Hinako was literally glowing
pink with emotions and several of the more sensitive mortal and goddesses
were wiping tears from their eyes.

"While you will soon have each other, it is far more common for a
god or goddess to take another immortal as a partner. Hinako, will you be
comfortable if your 'goddess' chooses to be with someone besides yourself.",
Peorth said.

"There is someone that both Ranma-chan and I do love and have been
spending our lives with. Whether or not this become permanent and Ranma
decides to marry her I can not say, but if we do chose to be with this
person in the future Ranma and I will both be quite happy.", Hinako said
as she and Ranma looked at Kasumi as Nabiki and Ranko could be heard
yelling encouragements from the audience.

"Well I am sure that the both of you and this other young woman
will be quite happy in the future.", Lilith said trying to hold back a
grin at how Kasumi was starting to fidget.

"So have you both made your final decisions? Will you consent to
be together from now on?", Hild asked.

"We do.", Ranma and Hinako said at the same time as they held hands
and smiled at each other.

As Ranma and Hinako spoke, beams of light emanated from Hild, Lilith,
Belldandy and Peorth, striking Ranma and Hinako. A second later, a bright
yellow beam shined down from the sky, and everyone present knew that
Kami-sama now also approved this union.

A few seconds after that cheers arose from everyone present and
Ranma and Hinako were soon swarmed with well wishers.

As Ranma and Hinako were being congratulated looked at the pair
with a sad expression on her face.

"Now is not the time to be pouting Urd.", Peorth said as she
walked up to Urd.

"I know, I just wanted to be the one to bless Hinako, not you.",
Urd said.

"You know the rules Urd. The blessing of a new goddess and
her angel must be done by at least one goddess first class. If you
managed to straighten yourself out, maybe you will be able to bless
that births of your great grandchildren in the future.", Peorth
replied to Urd.

With the ceremony over everyone scattered all over the temple
complex to talk with those that they hadn't seen in a while. It was
quite a rare event for so many immortals and spirits to gather in one
place in Midgard.

Nabiki found herself being escorted by Ranko as he led her towards
a group of 'people' who were dressed in outfits similar to those that she
had seen in an Egyptian exhibit in one of Tokyo's museums. She and Ranko
stopped near a young woman who was wearing more gold jewelry than Nabiki
had even seen. What really attracted Nabiki's attention though, was the
small cat's ears on the woman's hear and the long stripe tail that looked
like it came off of a cheetah.

"Ahem.... Aunty there is someone I would like you to meet.", Ranko said
from behind the woman.

"Ranko-chan, is that you?", the 'woman' said as she turned around then
smiled as she saw Nabiki standing next to Ranko.

"You found a catgirl to be with, and a very beautiful one at that. I
am so happy for you.", the woman gushed as she reached and picked up a very
shocked Nabiki.

"Too tight...", Nabiki gasped.

"Oh dear, I'm terribly sorry about that.", the woman said.

"That's ok, miss.... I'm sorry I don't know your name.", Nabiki

"Nabiki, this is my 'aunt' Bast.", Ranko said.

"As in the goddess of cats and women?", Nabiki said.

"You have heard of me. It's so nice to see young people
taking an interest in history. But enough of that, so how did you
meet Ranko-chan.", Bast asked.

As Nabiki and Ranko told Bast how they had finally met each other,
Hinako and Ranma came across Urd after she had finished talking to Peorth.
Both Ranma and Hinako knew how lonely Urd was, especially when the goddess
mentioned how she wished that is was she who could have blessed them at
the ceremony.

"That doesn't matter grandma. I am just glad to see you again.",
Hinako said.

"Yeah, I mean from what I have seen of Hinako's life and a little
bit of your daughter's you always seemed to do your best for them and I
was kinda hoping that you could be there for us. I don't know anything
about be a god or goddess, not to mention living with someone. We'll
both need help at times well anytime you want to see us just come over.",
Ranma said somewhat clumsily. He still needed to practice speaking to others
and not just martial artists at times.

"Just be sure to knock first, in case you might be interrupting
something.", Ranma said with an evil grin as Urd looked stunned.

"You sensed me and the others the other day when we.....", Urd

"Yeah, Kasumi noticed you first. Hinako and I were a little
busy, but we noticed you afterwards.", Ranma said to a surprised Urd.

"Don't let it bother you though, as Ranma said, just let us know
ahead of time.", Hinako said.

The party lasted well into the night and into the morning. Many of the
guests were immortal and did not need to sleep but by 4 am more than a few
guests were curled up in various parts of the temple complex, sound asleep.
Nabiki and Ranko were curled up on a couch in a living room, covered by a
blanket that Belldandy placed over them.

Everyone managed to either stumble or teleport home by about noon the
next day. As Ranko and Nabiki were walking home they noticed her father
and Genma running down the street as fast as they could and covered from
head to toe in writing. It looked as if someone had taken a large rubber
stamp and stamped the word 'baka' all over them.

"That's different.", Nabiki said.

"They probably tried to sneak into the party again and annoyed
someone there.", Ranko said.

Ranma and Hinako were far too excited to get any sleep that day,
not that they needed it at the moment. The blessing that they received
at the ceremony would keep them 'charged' for a week or more, unless they
found some way to work off their excess energy.

"So how did you like the ceremony?", Kasumi asked Ranma and
Hinako after they had been home for a few hours.

"It reminded me of a wedding almost.", Ranma said.

"That's true, we even said, "I do", like couples do during
a marriage ceremony.

"In a sense the both of you are married now. You pledged to spend
the rest of your lives together, helping and supporting each other, no
matter what may happen. In the eyes of Kami-sama and the others that blessed
you, you are now man and wife, so to speak.", Kasumi said.

"You know if we are married then.....", Ranma started to say.

"Then we don't have to feel nervous about doing anything that
other couples do...", Hinako said as both she and Ranma looked at each
other, then to Kasumi.

"The both of you should be alone at first considering this is your
first time as 'man and wife'.", Kasumi said with a grin.

"You don't want to be with us now. We can wait until later if
you are busy.", Ranma said.

"I think you will have your hands full for now.", Kasumi said as
Hinako led Ranma to her room, where there would be no need for Ranma to
assume his female form this time.

As Hinako and Ranma were 'busy', Kasumi couldn't help but think about
what might be in store for them in the future. Like herself Ranma and
Hinako might have to travel together as she did with Ranko in order to
earn the abilities that were given to them. Kasumi hoped that this would
not happen immediately though. She wanted, perhaps somewhat selfishly, a
chance for the three of them to grow closer.

An hour later Hinako came out of her room, looking a little

"My that was quick.", Kasumi said.

"I think I broke him.", Hinako said while blushing.

Looking into Hinako's room, Kasumi saw a passed out
male Ranma with a silly grin on his face.

"Don't worry about it Hinako-chan, he will be alright we just
need to work on his endurance in this form, like we did in his goddess
form.", Kasumi said with a giggle.

"That may take a while, but it is a sacrifice that we will have
to make.", Hinako also said with a giggle as she and Kasumi entered
Hinako's room and closed the door behind themselves.

Out in front of Hinako's home, a large do not disturb sign
appeared on the front gate and would remain there for the rest of the



Ukyo yawned and stretched out as her alarm clock went off. She
had now been living with her 'mother' and the others at the school
for three months now, and she was surprised by how quickly she seemed
to fit in with everyone.

Back in her birth world Ukyo always knew that her dedication to
her family's martial art set her apart from others. Only other martial
artists knew what it was that set them apart from 'normal people'. In
this world though nobody was 'normal'.

Ukyo had met members of at least 20 different intelligent races,
and seen more fantastic creatures than anywhere else outside of a
fantasy movie or AD&D game. In short she didn't stand out at all. She
could almost be considered to be boringly normal and she wouldn't
have it any other way. She found it nice to be able to blend into the
background and instead of always 'being he nail that needed to be
pounded down', as the old saying went.

Now if only Rei and Asuka would stop trying to fix her up with
every boy that came around. Those two were so obsessed with finding
partners for everyone. It wasn't that she didn't appreciate their
efforts, but Ukyo preferred to find someone on her own. Besides there
was one boy who she did have her eyes on.

Ukyo could feel herself becoming all 'tingly' when she thought
about his log snow white hair, deep blue eyes, and jet black skin, with
the cutest little pointed ears. He told her that he was half elven and
that his father was considered to be a hero by many, on the world in
which Ukyo's beloved Shendere was born. Ukyo wasn't sure if she
believed all of the stories that he told her. From what she was told
the boy's father Drizzt had all but destroyed a city of evil elves
and hunted down a notorious assassin all on his own.

In the long run in didn't matter. Ukyo would keep their relationship
a secret for now, until they became more serious about each other, that
way they boy would be less likely to be scared off by any Rei's or
Asuka's antics. For now only the two faeries Lin-Lin and Ran-ran knew
of her relationship with the boy and Ukyo had bribed them to be silent.

As she rolled out of bed, Ukyo a low 'humming' sound began to
reverberate through the school and she saw a bright glow
from beyond her closed bedroom door. Grabbing her spatula and hoping
that no one had opened yet another gate to somewhere unpleasant, she
ran out of her room, across the hallway and down the stairs.

Reaching the bottom floor she saw her mother, Rei, Asuka, and
several students positioned around a glowing portal. A blurred object
was approaching from the other side of the portal.

The portal flared brightly, and two figures stumbled out and fell
to the floor in front of it before the portal collapsed in upon itself.

As he spots before her eyes, from the glare faded, Ukyo cold see
that one of the people on the ground had large white wings, golden hair
and piercing green eyes. The other figure managed to stand up shakily and
was over seven feet tall with blue skin and long golden hair. She looked
like some kind of weird elf. Both figures looked like the had gone ten
rounds with Godzilla.

"My god, Llewellen is that you. What happened?", the elder Ukyo
asked her old friend.

"Kozue and I will live, but we have important news for you.",
Llewellen gasped out.

"We have found the boy that all of us had been searching for.",
Llewellen said.

"You mean....", the elder Ukyo's voice trailed off.

"Yes, we have found Hiroki Kurata, and he is still quite alive.",
Llewellen said to her friend.

"Where is he, is his daughter with him?", the elder Ukyo asked.

"I do not know about her, but he is on my home world of.....Krynn.",
Llewellen said as she collapsed back down to the ground, now quite

"Rei, see if you can heal them. Asuka get the school doctor, I will
have to contact Ranko and the others. They must know about this news
immediately. Ukyo said as she grabbed her daughter and they both ran off
towards the elder Ukyo's study.

Author's Note:

Yeah I know I am probably going to annoy more than a few people by
ending the first book of this story in a cliffhanger of sorts, but consider
it an incentive to read the second book when I start it.

For those who don't know Krynn, in which the second book will
be partly set in, is one of the AD&D worlds created by TSR. It is a world
in which the gods abandoned it and clerical magic disappeared leaving only
a band of fanatical cultists, called the seekers as the only 'religion' in
the world. Now I don't have the space to describe the world of Krynn here.
Simply look it up on the internet or browse a book at your local bookstore.
The novels of the world by Weis and Hickman are a good source of information
on Krynn.

For those familiar with Krynn the second book of this story will take
place during the first war of the lance and I am sorry, but the characters
from the novels will not be included in my story. I might not have them
even exist in this version of Krynn.

Now as for the story itself. This does end the first book of Little
Angel Lost and I thank all of those who have written me on how they enjoyed
the story that has been taken over a year and a half of my life to write
so far. I can not say when the first chapter of the second book will be
out, or even what the title of the new story will be. I have a lot of other
things in my life, including other story ideas that I might chose to work on
on first.

One thing I do know though, is that I will still be writing side
stories about for Little Angel Lost. The main story is finished, but
there are still many tales of Ranko's and Kasumi's travels together
that I wish to tell.

Once again I thank all of you for your compliments and even
criticisms of my story. I hope to hear from all of you in the future.

Ryo Oki