Ranma 1/2 Fan Fiction ❯ Little Angel Lost ❯ Angel and the Rose Chapter 3 ( Chapter 17 )

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Little Angel Lost

A Ranma 1/2 Fanfiction by Ryo Oki

Disclaimer: All characters and places not created by me
are probably owned by someone else.

Authors Note: This story is an alternative universe / crossover story
set roughly 4 months after the wedding. Ranma and Akane are now juniors
in high school.

This side story is set during the week before Hinako's final transformation
and will include some material that was originally shown in Chapter 12 of the
main story.


Little Angel Lost Side story #2: Angel and the Rose Part 3

Kodachi and World of Elegance approached Kimiko so that Kodachi could
give Kimiko her answer regarding her training.

"So have you reached a decision?", Kimiko Asked Kodachi.

"Yes, I will undergo any training you feel necessary Kimiko-sama,",
Kodachi said.

"Even though the missions you will be sent on could be potentially
deadly?", Kimiko asked.

"Yes.", Kodachi simply stated.

Kimiko lead Kodachi to a changing area on the north side of the field.
After all it would a shame for her to ruin her nice outfit running the
field that Kimiko was thinking about setting up.

A short while later Kodachi came out wearing a pair of black silk
shorts a sleeveless white t-shirt, both of which appeared to be 1 or 2
sizes too small for the poor girl.

"Damn the replicator messed up again.", Kimiko said as she was glad
Lilith was not here to see how the girl looked in her outfit.

Most of the male instructors and a few of the female ones, including
Echidna seemed to find nothing wrong with the outfit though.

"Damn the pervert elf is even drooling.", Kimiko thought as Echidna
seemed to just happen to wander over to where Kodachi was coming from.

An "accidentally launched" fireball from World of Elegance seemed to
stop the elf in her tracks as she was blown backwards and was now lying
on the grass with a dazed expression on her face and both eyes swirling
in opposite directions.

"Oops, I wonder how that happened?", World of Elegance said with
an "I'm so innocent" expression on her face.

"Kodachi-chan you can try changing again since the replicator
seems to have made a mistake.", Kimiko said.

"Oh no Kimiko-sama I told it to make my training outfit like so.
I always prefer my training outfits to be a little tight. They can be quite
stimulating like that.", Kodachi said with a slightly naughty expression
on her face.

"I see.....", Kimiko said to Kodachi then looked over at World of
Elegance, who for some reason, was holding her nose.

A short while later all of the valkries were leaving the training
field and Kimiko made a clear panel appear from thin air and began typing
on it.

A low rumble began to emanate from the bare grassy plain. Kodachi
blinked as parts of the field began to slide back into itself and several
large pieces of equipment including 2 large swimming pools appeared.
The overall design appeared to be some sort of obstacle course with climbing
nets and walls being present as well as several odd looking platforms that
moved back and forth and appeared that they could easily knock the person
running the course into several mats and small pools located beneath
said obstacles.

World of Elegance took one look at the course and snorted, "Been
watching a tad too much "Ninja Warrior" have we Kimiko dear."

"I am sure I do not know what you are talking about.", Kimiko said
with a smirk on her face.

"If you say so.", World of Elegance said.

"Before we start you on the course though I would like to test
your strength and endurance with some simple weapon exercises.", Kimiko
said to Kodachi.

The first exercise consisted of throwing several rather large and
heavy spears towards distant targets. Kodachi's aim and the speed at which
she through one than another were excellent but Kimiko was disappointed in
the power behind the throws. The spears ideally, were supposed to pass
completely though the targets, but Kodachi's attempts either struck the
targets then bounced off, or they only stuck a few centimeters into the

The second exercise consisted of Kodachi sparing with Kimiko using
wooden practice swords. World of Elegance noticed that Kodachi appeared
to be doing better during this exercise. She had managed to parry a few
of Kimiko's blows but her strikes were still lacking in power and she
soon found herself disarmed by Kimiko with a few red marks spread out
across her body where Kimiko had struck her.

After both exercises were finished World of Elegance could tell
that Kodachi was disappointed with her performances judging by the
expression the girl had on her face.

"You did quite well for your first sparing session Kodachi-chan
but we will have to work on your strength rigorously I see. Although
you are quite agile there are times when you will not be able to
simply dodge out of the way of your opponent's attacks.", Kimiko
said to Kodachi

Kodachi was about to suggest they try the two exercises again
when she noticed several different weapons nearby including several
chain-like weapons as well as two types of whips.

The whips reminded Kodachi of her ribbons, so they should not
be too difficult handle. The chains were definitely heavier than
her ribbons but perhaps they could be of some use.

"Since you are having trouble with your sword and spear practice
I would suggest ignoring the whips for now, they are much more difficult
to handle properly.", Kimiko said.

Not really paying attention to Kimiko at the moment, Kodachi
picked up one of the whips and noticed a slight sparkle at the far
end of it.

Noticing a few vases set up as targets Kodachi flicked the whip
out at them and was surprised when the whip released some sort of bluish
white energy bolt when it struck the vase. Kodachi continued striking
the remainder of the vases destroying all ten in under 4 seconds.

"You were saying something about whips being difficult to handle.",
World of Elegance said with a smirk on her face to Kimiko.

"Well I could be wrong I suppose.", Kimiko said quietly.

The other whip appeared to be normal but Kodachi surprised Kimiko
by flinging the whip out and causing it to grab onto a small dagger that
was laying on the ground. With a flick on her right wrist she sent the
dagger back towards her and caught it with her left hand.

"Ok that is impressive I Suppose.", Kimiko said with a sweat drop
formed on her head.

The chains appeared to be normal but each one had a very sharp
"head" at the end of them. Kodachi sent the head at a nearby straw dummy
and yanked hard when the chain wrapped around. The head shredded the
dummy in the process.

"A little too crude and messy for my liking.", Kodachi said
as she put the chain weapon back down.

"Where did you learn to use whip Kodachi-chan? I was told that
you were a gymnast but I do not remember ever seeing such a thing
used when I competed in gymnastics many years ago when I was in
high school.", Kimiko said.

"Kodachi is in rhythmic gymnastics. It's a little different
than the type you are thinking of.", World of Elegance said.

"It is very similar to the ribbons we use when we are competing.
I have become quite skilled in using my ribbon to retrieve things, like my dear
brother once, as well as being able to tie someone up quite easily using it.",
Kodachi said with confidence.

"Tie up...Oh my...", Echidna mumbled to herself as she managed to
wake up and over hear what Kodachi had said. She did show some rare
common sense by not approaching Kodachi as the little angel seemed to
be protective of her. Besides fireballs, even weak ones tended to sting
"a bit" and she not no urge to be fried again any time soon.

Kodachi went back over to the weapon rack and retrieved the glowing
whip and returned to Kimiko.

"Would it be possible to keep this with me? It might come in handy
on these "adventures" you mentioned that you intend to send myself and
angel-sama on.", Kodachi asked Kimiko.

"I suppose that could be allowed. The ion bolt charge in it isn't
too powerful so you should be able to handle it with ease giving your
obvious skill with whips.", Kimiko said as Kodachi blushed at being
praised by her tutor.

Kimiko lead Kodachi over to the course and explained that the
objective was to complete the course without being knocked over by the
myriad of moving parts that the course had on it. If she was hit she would
fall into various pools of water or nets that were set up next to the
course. She would then have to start over from the beginning until she
completed the course without any accidents.

As Kodachi began to move through the course extremely fast, Kimiko
and World of Elegance could only stare in shock. Instead of moving
through the obstacles Kodachi would jump over them, often with jumps
exceeding 12 feet in height. When she had no choice but to move through
the obstacles Kodachi removed the whip from here where it sat coiled at
her waist and used to destroy the obstacles in question.

"I knew she was skilled but not that skilled. With a little more
practice she would be able to defeat that purple-headed Amazon girl back
in Nerima.", World of Elegance said.

"She is moving though the course faster than most elves could, not
to mention those leaps. Yes, she will make a fine adventurer by the time
she is finished here.", Kimiko said.

By the time Kodachi was done the timer showed that she now had the
second fastest time amongst all of the new recruits and Kodachi was not
even an immortal like all of the valkries were.

When she arrived back at the start of the course Kodachi was
literally bouncing up and down in excitement, having enjoyed running
through the course enormously.

"So was my time through the course satisfactory?", Kodachi asked

"Much more than that dear, even if part of your success was due to
the unorthodox methods you used to pass the course.", Kimiko said.

"Did I do something wrong?", Kodachi said sadly, looking like a
hurt puppy.

World of Elegance bravely resisted the urge to hug the poor girl.

"No, you really didn't do anything wrong but perhaps in the future
you could avoid using any weapons on the course.", Kimiko said while
looking at parts of the course that will need to be repaired.

Kodachi blushed and hid the whip behind her while rocking back and
forth on her feet before saying, "If you like I could go through the
course again.

Before Kimiko could reply a nuisance made itself known.

"Ahhhhhh, help help help help....", a blue and white blur said
as it exited a portal and was followed by a few dozen black.... well
somethings Kodachi observed.

"Oh great the idiot angel is back and she brought company.",
World of Elegance said.

The "idiot" in question was a young girl about 17 with short light
blue hair and wearing a very short white dress. On her back were 2 white
wings with one being smaller than the other. Following her were roughly
six dozen faceless, pure black humanoids with large black wings and large
claws on each of there hands.

"Oh nightgaunts!!! Target practice time.", Kimiko almost squealed
in glee much to World of Elegance's amusement.

"What is going on?", Kodachi asked.

"The angel you saw is somewhat "special". She is actually from
another world and does freelance work for us, or at least she tries.",
Kimiko said.

"Special.... That's one way of putting it. Idiot Nanael, always
causing trouble.", World of Elegance said.

"As for the other creatures they are nightgaunts. You could say
are the typical low level minion monsters heroes have to fight.",
Kimiko said to blank air as Kodachi had already briefly disappeared
from sight and was now in the midst of the nightgaunts decimating them
with her whip in order to get to Nanael who was surrounded by a few of

The majority of the nightgaunts had chosen to surround Echidna
since she was presently unarmed and appeared defenseless. Not a smart
move on their account.

"Any last words elf?", the lead nightgaunt said with a whisper.

"Odd, I was just about to say something similar to you. You really
did not paying any attention to where the portal you jumped through led
did you.", Echidna said with a smirk.

On of the nightgaunts in the back quickly looked around then held
up a panda sign that said, "Were screwed aren't we?"

It was then that all the others noticed that they were literally
surrounded by thousands of Valkries who were looking at them with hunger
in their eyes.

It should be noted that the valkries spent most of their time
sparing and training without fighting a real enemy. This caused more
than a few of them to have "some" pent up aggression, so when they finally
found an enemy to fight, they were more than a little twitchy.

"We'll be going now,", the lead nightgaunt said as he and the others
began to back up towards the portal, which "unfortunately" closed just before
they could reach it.

(Cue Benny Hill Music)

Soon the nightgaunts scattered in all directions, followed by
untold numbers of Valkries, who seemed to want to take their time killing
off the nightgaunts.

Back near the idi....I mean Nanael, Kodachi had just finished off the
last of the nightgaunts that had surrounded the angel and seemed rather
disappointed that they had not lasted longer.

"You saved me!!", Nanael said as she glomped onto Kodachi, who seemed
rather confused about what to do in this situation.

"Sigh... Nanael get off of her.", Kimiko said to the angel, who was in
the process of snuggling into a very confused and embarrassed Kodachi.

"No, I like it here.", Nanael said as she stuck out her tongue
at Kimiko.

"I know what will get her loose.", World of Elegance with another
fireball forming in her hand.

"You'll just hit Kodachi with that, allow me.", Kimiko said as she
pulled a few.. ahem... adult magazines from out of no where then tossed
them on the ground near Kodachi and Nanael.

"oh look someone left some naughty magazines on the ground.", Kimiko
said out loud.

"Oh porn!!!", Nanael exclaimed then moved away from Kodachi and sat
down next to the magazines.

"What do you think you are doing jumping on someone else, er... I mean
that girl?", Echidna asked as she walked up to and glared at Nanael.

"But you said you didn't like it when I did that to you.", Nanael
said in confusion.

"I didn't say that exactly.. I just meant that you should ask first
if you wanted to do that.", Echidna said as everyone else around her was
now staring at her.

"So you like me then?", a now happy Nanael asked a rapidly
reddening Echidna.

"Now I've seen everything.", Kimiko said.

"Why were you being chased by them anyway? You were supposed to
be a helping out that Nyarko-san girl?", Echidna said hoping to avoid
answering any questions by Nanael.

"But, but, that city we were supposed to go to was filled with all
sorts of icky creatures with tentacles, and they were slimy. It's not a
place any sweet and innocent angel should go.", Nanael said.

"What does that have to do with you then?", Echidna snorted.

Moving away from the arguing "couple" Kodachi made her way back
towards Kimiko and World of Elegance.

"Are you alright Kodachi-chan?", Kimiko asked.

"I am fine those creatures were not much of a challenge. It did
though feel rather distasteful to be glomped onto by that angel. No
offense to anyone, but there is something not quite right about her.
She looks like an angel, but there is some sort of darker presence
around her.", Kodachi said.

"It's probably just an after affect of being so close to all the
nightgaunts that were chasing her.", Kimiko said to Kodachi.

"Don't worry about it, Nanael is many things, but she is hardly
a dark presence.", World of Elegance said as she moved close to Kodachi
and put her arm around the disgusted girl's shoulders, who responded
by leaning her head against World of Elegance.

Further down the practice field all of the nightgaunts were now
destroyed except for one, who had managed to avoid any harm due to the
sheer speed in which it could run and fly.

As it weaved in and out of the various obstacle course challenges
it failed to noticed a new presence that had just arrived on the field.
As the nightgaunt dodged around a large obstacle it ran right into an
outstretched arm belonging to a certain god of war. The nightgaunt
struck Ares's arm with such force that it discorporated.

"I see that there was some excitement in my absence.", Ares
said as others turned toward him and noticed that he was leading a
large green alligator, of all things, on a leash behind him.

"Mr. Turtle is that you?", Kodachi said as she ran up to her pet
in such haste that she didn't seem to noticed the faint glowing runes
that it now had on its back.

"Mother I've missed you today.", the alligator said, causing
everyone except for Ares to stare at it.

"Mr. Turtle you spoke.", said a stunned Kodachi.

"And in a Cajun accent no less.", said an equally stunned World
of Elegance.

"Ok spill it. What did you do?", Kimiko said as she glared at

"My, my such a fierce expression on such a lovely face.", Ares said
at Kimiko who continued to glare at him.

"Don't be mad at him, he saved me after all.", Mr. Turtle said.

"What do you mean he saved you?", Kodachi asked.

"Allow me to explain.", Ares said as he led everyone back over
to the seating area where they were earlier.

"Well go on.", Kimiko said sounding impatient.

"When I met this charming young lady earlier I found myself
simply fascinated by her and I decided that I must find out more about
her.", Ares said as Kodachi looked at him and blushed.

"Someone get a shovel it's getting deep in here.", World of
Elegance snorted.

"I am quite serious my dear. I decided to visit her place of
residence, but when I arrived I witnessed a most curious scene. I noticed
two men, her brother and father I later found out, firing 2 rather old
rifles into a large pool of water. Judging from the amount of blood
rising to the surface of the water I surmised that their prey was down
below.", Ares said as Kodachi now looked horrified at the thought of someone
trying to kill her pet.

"They were afraid of me. They thought I would eat them when they
changed into those silly forms that the nice goddess cursed them into. As
if I would ever do such a thing. I would probably get sick if I even
nibbled them slightly.", Mr. Turtle said.

"I was unsure what lay under the water but I could sense its fear
and sadness. I could feel it fading quickly and caught a glimmer of its
thoughts. It was thinking of you my dear young lady as it was dying.",
Ares said to Kodachi, who was now openly weeping and hugging her pet.

"What happened next?", World of Elegance asked asked.

"I froze the two fools in place and raised your pet to the
surface of the water and out onto the ground next to the pond. I was
surprised that it was an alligator. From its thoughts and feelings I was sure
it had to be human or some other sentient species. You pet is curiously
intelligent for a member of its species.", Ares said.

"Go on.", Kimiko said, curious as to what happened next.

"After I finished healing the poor creature I decided to make a few
enhancements to it. After all it would be shame if it were to be injured
again when I was not around.", Ares said with a smirk on his face.

It was then that the three women present noticed the glowing runes
on the alligator's back for the first time.

"What did you do to Mr. Turtle?", Kodachi asked Ares.

"Well besides his obvious speaking ability, I decided to increase
his strength, speed, and toughness. After all I had heard that young
female adventurers from your land often had guardian beasts and it would
be a shame if he were to be injured in the future adventures that you
will be taking part in.", Ares said.

"I can not thank you enough for what you have done. I do not know
what I would do if I returned home and found Mr. Turtle to be dead. Please
except my deepest thanks.", Kodachi said as she bowed to Ares then to
everyone's' surprise hugged him and kissed him on the cheek.

"Ahem..... Well that's quite alright. I am glad to have been of
assistance.", Ares said while blushing much as Kimiko's surprise.

"Would you excuse us for a moment.", Kimiko said as she led Ares
a little bit away from Kodachi and World of Elegance.

"I take it your curious as to why I am actually paying attention
to a mortal?", Ares said.

"Yes I am curious, you tend to ignore most mortals unless you want
something from them or you are looking for another conquest.", Kimiko

"You have been paying too much attention to old rumors my young
little valkrie. I have not acted in such a fashion in may years.", Ares

"Then what is it. She is just a young child so I find it hard to
believe that she "interests" you in a romantic way, shall we say.",
Kimiko said to Ares.

"She is young. In fact she is the same age as the first mortal I
ever felt myself falling for. Kodachi reminds me so much of her. I can
sense they both have the same will and lust for life, even though they
both came from difficult childhoods.", Ares said.

"So Kodachi is a replacement for an old girlfriend. That sounds
rather pathetic.", Kimiko said than gulped as Ares glared at her then
looked at her with a pitying look.

"She is not a replacement. I cared deeply for my first love Xena,
but that doesn't not mean that I have to give up on finding someone else
to be with. You have only been a valkrie for a few short years. I on the
other hand am several millennium old. Trust me young one living that long
can be curse unless you have someone to spend it with from time to time.",
Ares said.

"So you are not going to force yourself on her?", Kimiko asked.

"Of course not. Like my dear sister I am looking for a friend and
companion to spend time with. If it turns out to be something more, well
I certainly will not complain.", Ares said.

"Is everything alright. It was starting to look a little tense
between the both of you.", World of Elegance said as she walked up
to Ares and Kimiko.

"We had some differences to work out, but everything is alright
for now.", Kimiko said to World of Elegance.

"Yes, now let us return to the young lady lest we begin to worry
her.", Ares said as the three went back over to Kodachi, who was in the
process of rubbing her alligator's tummy, as if he were a large dog or cat.

"I take it your pet is now in good spirits?", Ares asked as he
approached Kodachi.

"Yes he seems happier than he has been for a long time, but I am
worried what will happen when I return with him to my home. Are my foolish
father and brother still frozen where you left them.", Kodachi asked.

"Ah no.... They were quite loud and insulting when I froze them and
began to tend to your pet. Growing tired of their mindless babbling I sent
them away.", Ares said.

"Away to where?", Kodachi asked.

"I am not really sure to be truthful. I was in a hurry and simply
dismissed them from my presence. They are unharmed and will show up
eventually I suppose.", Ares said while not sounding particularly
concerned about the two.

Meanwhile in the swamps in Louisiana, a father and son team of
alligator hunters were just starting off in the morning when they heard
a strange humming noise. Going to investigate they saw a large glowing
blue disk suddenly appear about 40 feet in the air about 30 yards ahead
of them. Out of the disk popped two men, both Asian. One appeared to be a
teenager and the other middle aged wearing some sort of tree hat they

The two hung in mid air for several seconds before looking down
then falling into the waters below with a scream. Upon hitting the
water the two men seemed to change. As they came back up to the surface
now looked like two young girls wearing some sort of weird costume that
made them looks like some sort of bear girls.

A few loud roars rang out near them and the two "bear girls" were
now running across the surface of the water being chased by several
large alligators. The two hunters could only stare dumbfounded at what
they had just seen.

"Shoot what a time for the film crew to be late. Nobody is going
to believe what we just saw.", The older man said.

"Maybe we should just forget about it. If we say anything, people
are just going to think we are crazy.", the young man said.

With that solved the two "swamp people" went back to doing the job
they their family had been doing for generations.

The bear girls were seen by several others that day and eventually
became part of a new legend in the swamp about a strange curse that
changes men with wicked hearts into feminine beasts.

Back in Asgard Kodachi was curious to what Ares had done to her
pet Mr. Turtle. Besides the creatures ability to speak Areas showed that
alligator could now move extremely quickly. Her pet ran to the far end of
the field and back again at speeds of over 90 miles per hour. His jaws
could now bite through several inches of the strongest metals, and his
hide was now tough enough to withstand most non-magical and energy
weapons. It would take a physical weapon the size of a tank cannon to
damage her pet now.

Kodachi was thrilled beyond belief but World of Elegance and Kimiko
were worried. How much damage could such a creature do if it ever
decided to go on a rampage.

Before he left them once again Ares informed Kodachi and World of
Elegance that Hephaestus wanted to see them. He had heard about their
little misadventure and recruitment and had an offer to make Kodachi
if she was interested.

"I am not sure quite what "Heph" is working on, but he did say
that it would be ready in two weeks time and he would deeply appreciate
it if you were to visit his workshop when it is finished.", Ares said
to Kodachi.

"How odd, Hephaestus usually does not welcome visitors to his
workshop.", World of Elegance said.

"Not only does he wish to see her, but he is almost giddy like
a young school girl. I have not seen him like this in over a thousand
years. It has me so curious I would not mind seeing what he has in mind
if the young lady does not mind myself visiting as well.", Areas said
as he smiled at Kodachi, causing the girl to blush again.

"In the mean time Kodachi-chan we have a lot of training to work
on. I heard that you are still going to school , but it would be best
if you either took two weeks off from your school or at the very least
come see me for a few hours a day after it is over.", Kimiko said to

"Now if you young ladies will excuse I must go attend to my sister
to see what punishment if any Kami-sama had assigned to her for her
earlier transgressions.", Areas said as he teleported away.

After Ares had left Kodachi told Kimiko that it would probably be
best if she came to Asgard after her schooling was done for the day. She
had already been absent for so many times that she could really not afford
to miss any more, besides she was trying to now change her image and not
just depend on her family's wealth and connections to get her out of

With that Kodachi and World of Elegance returned to Nerima to see
what the next day would bring.

To be continued:

Author's Note:

This particular chapter is a little more light hearted than I
originally intended it to be due to my need to write something amusing
to counteract the trouble that occurred when I first started to write
this chapter.

The house that I live in is quite old and often needs some work
to be done so as I sat down to start this chapter I heard an odd cracking
and whooshing noise from the basement. I ignored it at first but as it
grew louder I decided to investigate it. Imagine my "joy" when I went
down stairs and saw that a large water pipe under the house had broken
and was in process of turning my basement into a swimming pool.

I was even more "overjoyed" when I found out how much it would
cost to repair the damages. So to make my self feel better and not cause
me to repeatedly slam my head into the kitchen table, this chapter became
a little more humorous.

The main change was the introduction of Kodachi's pet, which I had
not planned on but on thinking about it I believe that he will make a
good character in this side story.

Now as for the angel Nanael, I did not really exaggerate her
personality at all. She is to put it bluntly one of the more greedy
and messed up characters in the Queen's blade series, especially in the
OAV's that haven't made it to the US yet.

Anyway I hope you will enjoy this chapter and will want to see more
in the future as the next chapters will begin to show the adventures
that I have in mind for Kodachi and World of Elegance to Experience.

Ryo Oki