Ranma 1/2 Fan Fiction ❯ Oops! - When one trained too much. ❯ The Ranma edition ( Chapter 2 )

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>When one trained too much. -The Ranma edition- <
By Hiryo

Begin: 17.02.2005
Revised: 26.02.2013 (Spelling errors courtesy of TheDevian.)

Author Notes:
You can thank Ar-Kaos for this sequel and Daniel J. Gibson for the betterment of this fic. The disclaimer you can find on my profile-site here on ff.net with other goodies like my website. :)

Chapter 2 – 2nd try to . . . .

o0o0o Tokyo, Nerima, Tendo Dojo o0o0o

Birds sing their songs of old and crickets chirp along. Kasumi is in her kitchen cooking. A koi in the pond jumps a foot out of it and dips down again to swim around some more.

Ranma sits before the pond but doesn't see and hear what is around him. Not even the koi that jumped in and out of the pond. Ranma sits there, thinking about his life 'til now. Thinking the whole day, how to get out of the mess that he is in. He also thinks of other ways to train to handle the cat-fist, which he failed to control for months. Those little trips to the pet-shops that resulted in screaming shopkeepers. Those meditations at different shrines and Dojos, to achieve a calm mind in any situation, as well as to sync with the soul of the cat-fist. I.e., like some cats popping up by the wood walk and then keeping his center. Moreover, not to forget those entire dates with his fiancées to the zoos and meeting his friends who own a cat at home. "What else can I try?" He thought so much that smoke appears out of his ear. Then he zones out, 'til a shout comes from above.


Shampoo sits on her delivery-bike that currently buries Ranma under the wheel. Crumpled like a squished Coke-can. Shampoo holds her delivery box to Ranma's face. She opens the box so that Ranma can see and smell what's inside of it.

As Ranma smells that wonderful meal prepared by Shampoo, he instantly recovers. "Thanks Shampoo! This will hit the spot after eating that 'food' prepared by Akane," says Ranma 'til he digs in with gusto into the pork-ramen. Shuddering when he thought what would have happened if he hadn't managed to dump most of Akane's food in the trashcan.

"Kitchen destroyer . . . buried . . . rats . . . jelly . . . Kodachi," grumbles Shampoo under her breath.

Ranma looks up from his ramen. "What was that?"

Shampoo grins 'til she shone like the sunshine, "Shampoo said nothing . . . only thought how Airen looks so cute." Shampoo only gets bubblier when seeing Ranma's happy-go-lucky expression. "In fact, so cute that Shampoo wants to kiss Airen right now!"

Saying and acting upon it, Shampoo glomps Ranma in a powerful hug, ignoring the warm soup that runs down her clothing soaking it 'til one can see her hardened nipples. She kisses Ranma, while he windmills with his arms.

Then out of nowhere, the both of them are hit with cold water.

"Jerk!!! What do you think you're doing with one of your hussies!?! Kissing one of them right in front of me! AaaaAAAAAARGHH!!"

The Ki-aura from Akane generates heat that transforms Shampoo and Ranma back from the cold water that Akane had thrown at them.

One must be blind to miss the humanoid volcano Akane, or frozen from fear like Ranma is. Shampoo, after being clothed again, lets go of Ranma.

"Shampoo goes delivering some more . . . . Bye Aiiiiren!"

Moreover, away she is. Ranma, still frozen, thinks currently for other solutions of how to get away from Akane. He remembers right then, the training for the cat-fist he had done all months, 'til a powerful blow from Akane's Ki-enhanced hammer of doom hits him.

"JEEEEEEERK!!! And don't think you can cheat on me any more!" Akane turns away from Ranma and goes back inside. Before she reaches the door, she feels goose bumps, as she had never before . . . . From above she only hears.

"It's Faaaaaate." And further away he flies past the old man known as Cherry.

Meanwhile, Ranma flew to the pond, he again embraces the cat, as he had done so many times to overcome the fear of cats, 'til he manages for the first time going cat by his will alone and getting the agility to avoid being splattered against the pond-stones. The short, recent memory from one minute ago, of Shampoo as a cat helped him to make himself go cat. Avoiding being splattered against the pond-stones, he managed. Preventing of hitting those by his head, he did not . . . .

Akane can only watch helplessly as Ranma hits with his head the same spot that 'was responsible' for Ranma's personality change.

Akane asks herself, "Why did Ranma go cat? The time Shampoo was a cat was too short to let him go cat."

Then she hears something break and Ranma scream 'RRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEOOOOOOOAUUUW!'

The birds stop singing the crickets stop chirping, in fact, all stands still after that meow unlike any other dying meows or other cat meowed . . . an unknown meow. That an aura flew with the sound of the soul-wrenching meow had to do something with that effect of that twisted, goose bumps-creating meow . . . no, no mere meow, more like a roaring of a predator short of catching his prey. That the sound got around the world because there coincidently was a film-crew preparing a city-animal-live-documentary. Purely coincidental.

Now, all unfroze. All the Tendo inhabitants run out to where the unearthly cat scream came from. However, the animals, especially the birds and crickets, are curiously absent. Unlike them, the fish cowers in the pond's deepest end in terror.

A discovery is thereby made . . . . Ranma Saotome of the Anything Goes school of Martial Arts is no more with the living . . . . His body lies next to the stone that cracked his head. His now vacant eyes display as does the rest of his face, an angry, mad, and vengeance filled expression.

Genma and Soun wail that the schools won't be united. Nabiki thinks that even if Ranma isn't in Hell, she would send him there, because he escaped her moneymaking schemes. Kasumi 'Oh my-ed' without end, and Akane . . . .

And Akane said sheepishly, "Oops!"

Sending the hammer she held 'til now in her hand backward over her head, to eliminate the evidence . . . . The hammer slamming into Sasuke who currently sat in the Tendo tree.

They all went on living as best as they could. Everybody coped their own way with their sudden loss of a certain Saotome Ranma.

o0o0o Earth o0o0o

All pure coincidence, that there occur mysterious deaths all over the world. All that remained of the victims were blood, meat and bones that looked like the body had gone through a meat-grinder . . . .

o0o0o Tokyo, Nerima, Shiratory's Residence o0o0o

In the house of Azusa Shiratory, where one of the group responsible for the many, mysterious deaths resides.

Its only thoughts, "Death, revenge, and leave me all alone . . . . Die, die DIE!!!" In the meantime, it followed Azusa's movements with its eyes, until the right moment.

Azusa is very confused, "Leon, Azusa very confused why you have so big red eyes and so many glowing claws?"

The only thing Azusa heard at her end was, "RRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEOOOOOOOAUUUW!" The same unearthly meow, that Ranma gave out when he died . . . .

o0o0o Earth o0o0o

All over the Earth, the same unearthly meow was heard as it echoed through the night. Each of the cats that heard that meow that day when Ranma died, including each cat that heard it from the city-animal-live-documentary had undergone a little metamorphose in their brains, and got a piece of Ranma's soul through his dead-scream, while he was filled with rage at his constant tormentors. Therefore, those cats inherited the cat-fist's soul of Ranma . . . The BERSERKER!!! Then they carried out his fury on his tormentors.

Why Genma's death was prolonged for days, and his remains put in the same trashcan where Akane's food ended up. Is for you to guess . . . .