Ranma 1/2 Fan Fiction ❯ Second Chances ❯ Here Comes P-Chan ( Chapter 10 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]
10 - Here Comes P-Chan

Akane glanced at the clock. It read three in the morning. It was raining outside. She wondered what was wrong. She got out of bed for the third time in the past hour and checked on Ranma. He was sleeping peacefully without a care in the world.
Akane noticed a noise from downstairs. She then went back to her room and waited.
It was almost four when Akane heard the shout of, "Wake up, DAMMIT!!!" She went to her bed and waited for Kasumi to 'wake her up.'
Ryoga and Ranma were flung out of the room by a disgruntled panda. The lost boy landed to the side of the koi pond, carefully watching Ranma as he landed in it.
"Wha? Wha?" a red-head stammered, trying to stand up in the pond.
Ryoga blinked at the girl in the pond. He saw Ranma fall into it, but a girl came out. Could it be... "R-Ranma?"
"Ryoga!? It's the middle of the night! What the hell are you doing?!"
"So, you turn into a girl now." Ryoga smirked. "Anyway, I'm here for my revenge!"
"Ugh. Ryoga. Would you stop this? What's with all this 'revenge' stuff?"
"Before I send you to hell, I'll tell you this: When you ran away from our duel, I followed you all the way to China!!!" Ryoga shouted angrily.
"Don't tell me you went to Jusenkyo, and now you transform!"
"SILENCE! It is time for you to die!!!"
"Akane, are you awake? There are noises outside. Do you think it's a burglar?" Kasumi asked.
Akane said nothing. She walked out of her room and down stairs. Kasumi shadowed her.
"It is a burglar! He has a pack of stolen goods!" Kasumi said in fright.
Akane's face took a malevolent grin. "I'll beat the crap out of him."
"NO!! It's too dangerous!"
"Here." Kasumi handed Akane a small stone statue.
"Huh?" Akane shrugged and pitched it at the head of the 'unknown man' fighting Ranma.
Ryoga's eyes widened in pain as the statue broke on his thick skull. He dropped his umbrella and ran.
"Ryoga!" Ranma shouted watching his opponent disappear.
"Ryoga? He should find a better time to start a duel," Akane commented dryly.
"Oh. It's only Ranma's friend." Kasumi sighed in relief.
Akane ignored her sister and watched as Ranma ran after Ryoga. "I'll stay up and make sure there's a hot bath for Ranma. You can go back to bed."
"Are you sure?" Kasumi asked.
Akane nodded. She went to put a teakettle on the stove and then went to the bath to fill it. That done, she went to her room for something.
Akane sighed. She opened the door, and sensed another presence. "Whoever you are, come on out!"
A black blur charged her and Akane slammed it to the floor, HARD. The piglet landed and then scooted away from her.
Akane called as sweetly as she could, "Here, piggy."
The piglet backed away more.
Akane held out her hand to the pig. "Come on. I won't hurt you!"
"Oh, your drenched. Must've been in the rain." She smiled. "Is that a bump on your head?"
Akane walked downstairs and was surprised Ranma wasn't there. She started to dry Ryoga while waiting.
Several minutes later Ranma walked in alone. He then saw Akane. "Yo. What's with the pig?"
The pig in question tried to jump out of Akane's arms and attack, but was held in place.
"What wrong with you?" Akane asked the pig. "Hush now. I'll fix that bump now." She could not hide her grimace when she pressed the pig to her chest.
Ranma noticed Akane's reactions. "Is he groping ya? Hey, it's blushing!"
"Pigs don't blush."
Ranma snatched the pig from Akane's hands. "Hentai pig. I knew it. It's a guy."
"So it is." Akane grinned slightly at the pig's obvious discomfort.
Ranma gave the pig back after it attacked. "I'm going to take a bath."
"Could you warm up the piglet while you're at it?" Akane asked sweetly.
"Quee?" the pig questioned.
Ranma took the pig in disgust. A couple minutes later Akane noticed Genma walking to the bath.
Akane thought. She watched as Genma walked back down the hall.
"Get back here, you disgusting pig!!" onna-Ranma shouted, chasing after her porcine enemy.
After being hit in the back of the head by a wash bucket thrown by Ranma, the pig dashed behind Akane.
"What are you doing?!" Akane shouted.
"Coward! Hiding behind Akane!"
The piglet took offense and attacked.
"Stupid pig! I wanted to talk this out!" Ranma snarled, slamming the pig into the ground.
Akane stopped further action on Ranma's part by grabbing the red- head's bare right breast.
"Gwah!" Ranma emitted.
"Are you okay?" Akane asked the crying piglet. "Oh, he's scared. Let's go."
"What are you doing with that pig?" Ranma asked.
"Taking him to bed with me," Akane said, flatly.
"Wait! That pig is a..."
"Be a good boy, and don't cry." Akane rubbed her nose against P-Chan's snout.
"Ghaa!!!" Ranma shook in frustration.
"Go ahead! Sleep with that pig!" Ranma ran off.
Akane grinned.
Akane tried to remain awake, but failed with the final thought,
A little while later Akane awoke to sight that had shocked and scared her the first time she saw it, Ranma on top of her.
"Ah, ah... Akane it's not what it, ah..." Ranma stammered nervously.
"Just what are you doing in my room?" Akane asked him, trying to be angry to continue the act. It came out a little hollow.
Ranma backed away from her. "Er... ah... well..."
"Are you here because you wanted to 'try me out' before the wedding?"
Ranma waved his hands in protest. "That's not it!!! It's Ryoga. He's the..."
"He's what?" Akane glanced over at the teakettle. She grabbed it and shook it threateningly. "What's with the teakettle? Thought you'd get wet on the way here?"
"No! I was, ah..."
Akane shock the teakettle enough that the lid slid off. Some of the hot water in it splashed the startled piglet.
"I, ah, can explain..." Ryoga stammered, desperately trying to cover himself.
Akane eyes first widen 'in shock' and slowly her face took on a deadly vision of anger. "Oh, yes. Explain to me why you did NOT resist being held to my chest. Explain to me why you made NO effort to clue me in that you're not a pig. Explain to me why you did NOT leave my bed as soon as I fell asleep."
"Er, I know this, ah, looks bad, but it's not my fault! It wouldn't have happened if Ranma hadn't cursed me!!"
"Oh, he dragged you all the way to China and dunked you in?" Akane asked sarcastically.
Ranma was grinning, and it was obvious to Akane that he loved watching Ryoga squirm.
"Not exactly. I followed him after he ran out on our duel..."
"Which would NOT have happened if you accepted your loss for not showing up on time," Akane added.
Ryoga scowled at her. "When I arrived at Jusenkyo, he knocked me in."
"Did you?" Akane asked.
"It was an accident. I didn't now he was there. I was trying to kill Pop at the time," Ranma answered.
"And how would you know that if you didn't know he was there?" Akane asked.
"He said the girl was chasing after a panda all over Jusenkyo, which only happened once."
"Oh." Akane then moved over to Ryoga. "So. It appears to me everything you're blaming Ranma for is your fault." She grabbed the lost boy's bandannas and forced him to stand. "If you want to challenge Ranma later for a fight, fine. But you will NEVER attack him in the middle of the night again!!" She then punched him out the window, and heard the satisfying splash of the koi pond.
"Ah, well, I better get back to bed," Ranma said, moving towards the door.
"Okay." Akane slipped back into her bed.
Ranma left her room. He wasn't sure why he couldn't entirely believe that thought.
Akane smiled. She sighed.
"Now Akane, why are you so tired and what was Ranma doing in your room last night?" Nabiki asked smugly, while eating breakfast with her family.
Ranma missed the question entirely as he inhaled breakfast.
Kasumi looked worried.
Soun and Genma decided to listen in.
Akane scowled at her sister. "I'm tired because Ryoga's attacks on Ranma kept me up. And Ranma went into my room because he saw that Ryoga had snuck in."
"So, Ranma was protecting you." Soun grinned, and then turned towards Ranma. "But if you want to sneak into her room, go ahead."
"Dad!!" Akane screeched, blushing.
"They shouldn't. They're too young," Kasumi gasped.
"I'd never sneak in. Why would I want to do that with her?" Ranma protested.
Akane glared at Ranma.
Author's notes:
Comment on some of the changes that occurred: Some of the changes can be seen as directly being affected by Akane's future knowledge - Ryoga being late. Other changes, may or may not be affected: The stone statue will be left as a mystery for now: Chaos Theory or does Kasumi know?
Thanks to the numerous pre-readers and those who sent C&C on this series.
Happosai's death scene in the second version was more graphic, but less believable. If you want to see Happy die a horrible death, here is the altenate version:
Happosai? Well, Happosai wasn't there. When he had arrived at the scene of Ranma's death to see what his monster had done, he meet several angry martial artist. He held his own against them. Actually he was winning, despite fighting Genma, Soun, Ukyou, Ryoga, and Shampoo all at the same time.
Ryoga and Genma laid into Happosai using chi attacks. Genma was even using his forbidden moves to attack Happosai. Ukyou and Shampoo were upset that their presence was only helping the lech.
It wasn't until Happosai touched Akane to regain his strength that the battle ended. Akane looked at Happosai with such anger and rage she glowed with a chi aura greater than Happosai even produced. "You- you killed him!" she shouted, her voice like gravel. "DIE!" Her chi aura shot into him.
Happosai felt her chi wrapping around bones and internal organs. He screamed in pain and horror as his manhood was ripped apart from him. He was in shock. He could not move.
"You have taken away from me the man I love, and I will see you dead for it," Akane said darkly. "I will see that you die painfully."
Several bones in Happosai's left hand were ripped out of his skin. Then his right fore arm was crushed. He struggled, trying to free himself from Akane's chi grasp. He still couldn't move.
The others assembled stared at Akane and Happosai in shock and fear. Those who could think, didn't dare interfere in fear of Akane's possible reprisal.
Happosai's right leg turned to powder. His kidneys flattened into pancakes. His left leg shot into his body like spear, ripping intestines and crushing lungs. The fact he was still alive was a testament to the master of Anything Goes Martial Arts tenacity and struggle to live.
Akane's chi wrapped firmly around Happosai's body and head. With a disgusting sound of flesh ripping and bones coming apart, Happosai was decapitated.
Those gathered could no longer hold their lunch at the gruesome sight of Happosai's death.
Akane stared at the corpse, only realizing then she wasn't dreaming about what she'd do to Happosai. She had really killed him. Her mind failed her looking at the sight. She collapsed. She would never be able to remember what she just did.
Now, the only people who thought of Happosai, did so angrily. No one mourned his passing.
(Just a note- this version Akane didn't remembet killing Happy. In the perfect anger blast version- she does remember.)