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The Seat

disclaimer: All the characters in this story belong to Takahashi Rumiko, and I have no right to use them.

Warning: Bathroom humor ahead! If that will offend you, please do not read.

Ear ly morning at the Tendo household.

Shifting from one foot to the next, Akane stands, staring at the bathroom door. The occupied/unoccupied sign is flipped so that the unoccupied side is showing.

'What is taking that Idiot so long! First his father, then him . . . I've got to remember to set the alarm earlier. Hurry!' She thinks.

Ranma opens the door and Akane pushes him aside and closes the door behind her.

'And she calls me rude,' he thinks. He shrugs and goes to have breakfast. As he walks away, he does not notice a small wisp of steam curling up from under the bathroom door.


Everybody in the household, including Nodoka, is at the breakfast table. "Good morning, Akane," Kasumi begins, but she stops when she looks at her sister.

Akane's fiery battle-aura is brightly glowing as she walks up to the table. She bends down and picks up the hard oak table and uses it to bat Ranma into the Koi pond.

"What was that for?" Ranma asks as she stands up in the pond.

"You moron, next time RAISE THE SEAT!" She yells at him.

Ranma looks puzzled and asks a very stupid question. "Why?" A skillet, an abacus, and a katana sheath come flying out of the house to hit him. Also a spatula, a bon-bori and a razor hop coming flying in to hit him, from where the girls were spying on him. He falls unconscious, face up, back into the pond.

'One would think, since he can turn into a girl, he would have known to lift the toilet seat up before he uses it . . . ' Akane thinks.

Genma, taking Ranma's food away from Nodoka, makes his solemn judgement. "That he had coming." Akane looks at Genma and nods her head, then stops and gives him a hard stare.

She walks over the Genma and says, "You know, Mr. Saotome, Ranma doesn't pay attention to some things. And you were in there first."

"What? I promise you, I always raise the seat, always have and always will." Genma states as he places Ranma's food over his heart.

Genma collapses to his knees as Nodoka hits the back of his legs with the flat of her katana. "Really? Since when?" she asks in a very flat voice.

Genma flies out to the Koi pond propelled by Akane's kick.

He stands up on top of Ranma and pulls out a sign. "I am not too lazy to lift the seat." He picks up the unconscious Ranma and pulls out another sign, shoving it in Ranma's face. "Tell them, boy. I am not lazy! Tell them."


Ranma and Akane are walking to school. "I'm sorry, Ranma. I should have known it was your father's fault."

'I still don't understand why she hit me.'

The end

I don't remember if the Tendo's have western or Japanese toilets. For the purposes of this story, assume that the last time they remodeled the bathroom. (Ie. After the last fight that damaged it) they installed western toilets . . .

I hope you got a chuckle or two out of this.

I do have a story titled "when the boys are away" it is a story about Akane from Ranma and Kagome from Inu-yasha. One of the them gets kidnaped . . .

Thank you
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