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By:me! n_n.. the Haru glory freak!

What if Sieg becomes cursed?(Same curse like Ranma) What if he falls in love with Julius?What if Elie becomes cursed?What if....REad on to find out!

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Chapter 1:Doused

At the Oracion seis headquarters….

Haja: I must cast a curse at Sieghart for leaving Demon Card!

Lucia: Hara heta! Este ...well whatever...What kind of curse?

Reina: I suggest you make him horny.

Julius: DAME! Sieg's beauty will fade! No! No!

Lucia: In what way will Sieg's beauty will fade? Hmm..?

Julius: I want Sieg to use member only on me!

Haja: Bakero! Anyway, I want to make him ugly.

Lucia: Ero kappa! Baka! He's a sorcerer too! How can you cast a curse on him?

Haja: A curse can be cast on a sorcerer too, if he doesn't know.

Belial: I suggest you make Sieg a woman. When he gets doused with cold water, he becomes a girl physically. And also if he gets doused with hot water, he becomes a man again. And also give him a heart of a woman!

Haja: Like in Ranma1/2? And turn him into a gay?

Lucia: Eew, you watch that? I like Gensomaden saiyuki better. I LIKE Son Goku.

Julius:Pls. Stop the unbeautiful talk. Haja, make him female version ugly! No one should surpass my beauty!

Lucia: All right. Now do it you old hag!

Haja: (chants)

Lucia: Hayaku!

<Natatae na kasi si Lucia!hehe.>

Haja: It's done.

Lucia: Ok.dismissed.

<Lucia rushes out of the room and farts silently>

Reina: (standing) what a horrible smell!

Julius: Someone farted! Very unbeautiful! Tasukete!

Belial: Let's get out of here. We'll suffocate!

<Everyone rushes out of the room>

Jegan: Who the heck farted anyway!

Reina: I thought I was going to die!

< Suddenly, they heard a flush from the toilet>

<Hehe.Di nila alam si Lucia yun!>

Sieghart…(flying using the element of wind)

"Lately, I feel like I wanna…wanna…wanna….wanna…hug a man.I wanna express my feelings to a certain man. Yes,that man is Julius. I feel that my feminine side is ruling over me. What's this? Am I turning into a gay? Oh well, I can't fight against my feelings. Huh? A river! Good! I haven't taken a bath for months!" Sieg goes down. He took off ALL his clothes and put it on the grass. He took a dip in the river with cold water. He closed his eyes and relaxed. Then he opened his eyes, took a look at his body and was surprised at what he saw. <I wonder what happened? Drum roll please!> Sieg exclaimed, "Whaat! My gosh! I have bosoms! And their big! My hair, it's longer and its color is indigo, not blue! I'm thinner! I have a curvaceous figure! I also have a girl's sexual organ! I'm a girl! YESS! <Sieg looks like CERES from Ayashi no Ceres > Sieg was very happy. He looked at his reflection in the water and said, " I have golden eyes! I have a sexy voice! I have pretty lips! YESS!" Then `he' realized that is was getting cold already so `he' decided to transfer at a hot spring he saw which was 20 meters away.sieg picked up his clothes and walked naked to the spring.(Still in his girl form) when he reached the spring, he got in and realized that the water was freezing! It was smoking because the water was cold and not hot! "Dooo-shishi-TeEE! The water is fu-rii-ZING!Well, I think I'll just heat the water" Sieg exclaimed! Sieg used the fire element to heat the water.He closed his eyes while heating. When the water was already hot, he dipped his head into the water and rose up, opened his eyes and was surprised at what he saw. " I'm a man again. I have this low, manly voice back. Darn!!" He looked at his groin and sighed. " Ahh, I get it. When i get wet with cold water, I become a girl, if I get wet with hot water, I become a girl. Someone cursed me. I bet it's Haja. Ooh, it's getting dark already, I better go now. Sieg got his clothes and put them on. He flied again, using the element of wind.

Sieg used his element of wind to fly and it brought him to the new Oracion Seis headquarters."So this is where the wind is taking me,"Sieg said in a low voice.He went down and saw the doors were open.He went in and saw the 5 Oracion Seis eating with their new master, Lucia."Konnichiwa!"Sieg said in a feminine way. "Long time no see traitor!"Haja screamed."Are you weak already so you came back?"Reina added."sieghart, my rival in beauty!Welcome back!I missed you so much!Did you miss me too?"Julius exclaimed and hugged Sieg.Sieg hugged him too."The curse is working,"Haja whispered to Lucia.Reina got a glass of cold water and threw the water at Sieghart.Sieg become a girl.Julius was shocked to see that he was a hugging a gal."Where did Sieg go?You bastard!You took him away!And are you challenging me to a beauty contest?"Julius screamed.Then Julius slapped Sieg."Julius doesn't realize that ,that gal is Sieg.Reina said, "Baka!That girl is Sieg.""Really?Sorry Sieg!"Julius said as he hugged Sieg.Jegan got a glass of hot water and threw the water at Sieg.He become a man again."Hey?!Why did you throw hot water at us?"Julius asked.Everyone ignored him."Souka,why did you go here Sieg?"Lucia asked. "I came here to get Julius.I want to live happily with him.vI wanna be with him,"Sieg replied."You finally understood my feelings for you,"Julius exclaimed as he rested his head on Sieg's chest. "Are you gay?" Haja shouted."You'll have to take him away using force,"Belial exclaimed."Fine!"sieg replied."Sieg my love,let's live happily,"Julius murmured.Then Sieg tried to trap Lucia and The Oracion seis in Altealice and flew with Julius using the element of wind.Haja was able to counter the attack."Damn it.he got away,"Belial exclaimed."He got Julius too,"Reina added."Don't worry he will come back,'Lucia exclaimed.

<Do you like it?More yaoi coming up!Anyway,sieg reminds me of Ayashino ceres>