Read Or Die Fan Fiction / X-Men Fan Fiction ❯ Read or Die: Shadowcat! ❯ Chapter 9

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Shadowcat: Read or Die!

Part Nine

"Kitty-san," Yomiko looked up from her book for a moment, the black hair flowing down her back, "stop pacing."

"Sorry," Kitty flopped down onto the couch beside Yomiko, pushing her short brown hair back. "I just hate waiting," she added.

"Perfectly understandable," Joker noted, the tall blonde haired man striding into the waiting room. He looked elegant in his suit, a slight smile on his face. Before Kitty could ask he held up a hand, "No results yet."

"I'm sorry we didn't wait for backup," Kitty quietly admitted, "we might have captured him before he burned himself."

"Maybe," Joker shrugged slightly, "maybe not. I talked to Mr. Anderson," he said, "he was quite impressed with you skills."

"Held my own, anyway," Kitty said with a frown.

"What's wrong?" Yomiko asked quietly.

"It was almost... too easy," Kitty said thoughtfully. "If that was 'Ogun he was good, but not as dangerous as I remember."

"Tea?" a woman's voice called out as the door opened again, a blonde haired young lady holding a tray in her hands.

"Thank you, Wendy," Joker cleared some books from the coffee table.

Wendy set out the tray, moving the snacks to one side, the coffee pot, cream and sugar. "Mr. Gentleman has been looking into 'Ogun," she said as she worked, "but nothing yet."

"Most unusual," Joker took a sip of his tea, smiling as he found it just the way he liked it, "if Mr. Gentleman is having difficulty, it must be quite the puzzle."

Kitty yawned suddenly, and Yomiko looked over at her in alarm. "I'm sorry, Kitty-san," she said, "it's been a long day for you...."

"It's okay," Kitty bent forward to make herself some tea, "I just need some fuel, I guess." She stacked some treats on a little plate and sat back, munching on the cookies.

The door to the room thumped open, startling Wendy, and the burly Drake Anderson strode in. "What is this, a tea party?" he asked.

"More like a group refueling session," Yomiko smiled at Kitty fondly.

"No news on identifying the body," Drake said as he filched some cookies, "but they have confirmed there's no trace of artificial accelerants in the remains."

Joker frowned, "Not a pleasant thought." He looked up to where Drake stood, "Were there enough organic remains to test for DNA?"

"Bone shards, there might be some marrow remaining," Drake shrugged, "but I think the tech boys are whistling in the dark."

"At least we know that he burst into flames under his own power," Kitty mused.

"Maybe not," Yomiko spoke up, "we have run into pyrokinetics before."

Drake nodded in confirmation, "That was not fun."

"Lovely," Kitty sighed, her words cut off by another yawn.

"Time to go," Yomiko said firmly, getting to her feet and tugging Kitty up gently. "Kitty can use my couch again tonight," she said to Joker, "we'll check in tomorrow morning."

"Good enough," Joker nodded, "we'll call if anything vital comes up."

"Thank you sir," Yomiko beamed. Keeping a firm grip on Kitty's arm she dragged the mildly protesting American through the library complex and up to the surface.

"I'm not that tired," Kitty complained.

"You've had a long day, Kitty-san," Yomiko said firmly, flagging down a taxi for them, "let someone take care of you, all right?"

Kitty flashed Yomiko a smile, "Thanks."

They drove through traffic, the little taxi navigating through Tokyo to Yomiko's building. Kitty climbed out first, stopping to help Yomiko get her suitcase cart out of the tight back seat. They bounced up the book lined halls to Yomiko's rooms, going inside together.

"I kept the couch clear for you," Yomiko beamed cheerfully. She unloaded more books from her suitcase, the dining table teetering slightly under the weight, then headed towards the kitchen. "I wonder if Nenene left me something again," she murmured.

Kitty sighed softly, her thoughts once again turning to 'Ogun and Sinister. 'What are they doing here?' she wondered, 'Is it really just because of 'Ogun's search for a body, or is there something greater involved?'

Outside the apartment, several buildings away, a brown haired woman stood atop a rooftop. She lowered her binoculars, hair blowing into her face as she raised a communication's device to her lips, "This is Amelia. It looks like the Cat and Paper are settling in for the night."

"Return to base," the voice commanded, "with your poor night vision you won't be any further use there. We'll send out another to handle the night shift."

"Understood," Amelia disconnected.

The woman slid the device into a pouch in her vest, lined with many such pouches, then slid a simple set of aviator's goggles over her eyes. Amelia tilted her head back, a rustling noise heard as something slid from the concealment of her clothes. The great wings stretched out on either side of her, then with a single sweep she was in the air.

"It's a beautiful city," Amelia murmured, then shook her head firmly. She had other, more important things to think about. She swept across the darkening skies, finally descending into a series of modern office buildings.

"Welcome," the tall catgirl nodded as Amelia touched down beside her. She was elegantly beautiful, but oddly dangerous too.

"Yukio," Amelia said as they went in the roof entrance and down the stairs into an advanced facility. The halls were lined with conduits carrying power and chemicals, modules spaced out for security purposes all along the way.

"Have you had any luck tracing them back to their headquarters?" Yukio asked softly, her black fur blending her into the shadows.

"No luck," Amelia shook her head grimly, "the two of them are far too good at using evasion tactics to protect themselves."

"I'm looking forward to facing Pryde in battle," Yukio said, "my template failed against her, but my enhancements will allow me to win."

"Don't get too full of yourself," Amelia cautioned as they stood at the doorway to the master's chambers, "Pryde and her allies are dangerous."

"So am I," Yukio smiled, stalking away with her black tail swishing.

The door slid open soundlessly and Amelia entered, taking in the figures around her. The samurai nodded to her, electricity arching, and she smiled, "Gennai."

Gennai Hiraga smiled slightly, "The Master is tinkering with Fabre, I believe, but he should be done soon."

Around them chemical filled tubes lined the walls, within them the incomplete forms of humanoid beings. Clones of some of the greatest historical beings, each one augmented and empowered in their own special way. Amelia frowned as she noticed a damaged body, the dark purple hair flowing around her face.

"Is that Mukahari?" Amelia turned back to ask.

"The Master seems to think there's potential there," Gennai shrugged.

"Indeed," the smooth voice of their master cur across the conversation. Mr. Sinister's bone pale skin was shocking in the near dark, his sharpened teeth gleaming dangerously. Behind him another person followed, wearing a stylized red demon mask.

She pulled off the red mask, her brown eyes flashing, the replica of Kitty Pryde looking furious. "How dare you place me in this shell?" she growled.

"There was little choice 'Ogun," Sinister answered, "after you so foolishly expended the last form I gave you."

If looks could kill, Sinister would have died then, 'Ogun fighting for self control. "How soon will the next body be ready?" she demanded.

"Soon," Mr. Sinister said softly.

To be continued....