Read Or Die Fan Fiction / X-Men Fan Fiction ❯ Read or Die: Shadowcat! ❯ Chapter 19

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Shadowcat: Read or Die!
Part Nineteen
Amelia and Yukio ran down the hall together, reaching the elevator in moments. "What do you want to do?" Amelia asked as they entered.
"We may have been created by Sinister," Yukio said as the catgirl followed her in, "but he obviously regards us as disposable." She grimaced, thinking of how he had allowed 'Ogun to slaughter their fellow Ijin, "We don't owe him anything."
"But are Pryde and her friends any better?" Amelia asked worriedly.
"They can't be much worse," Yukio said dryly. They came to a stop, not on the floor they planned and without a word she leapt up to the ceiling, ready to ambush any possible foe.
As the doors slid open they revealed several figures standing there in the hallway. Drake Anderson towered over Kitty and Yomiko, all three of the Library agents looking almost as surprised as Amelia felt.
"I'll cover you," Drake brought his gun up, "try to drop her...."
"Stop," Amelia held up her hands in the universal gesture of surrender as she quietly said, "we want to talk."
"We?" Yomiko looked around in confusion.
"Yukio," Kitty looked up instinctively to where the catgirl clung to the ceiling by her claws.
Gracefully Yukio disengaged, dropping down beside Amelia then standing casually. "Yes," she said simply, "we want to talk."
"So talk," Drake kept his gun on them both.
Amelia nodded slightly in respect. "Sinister has proven he's no friend of ours," she said calmly, "in fact I'm sure he intends to dispose of us when our usefulness is done."
"Wouldn't surprise me," Kitty conceded that, "he probably figures he can clone you again if needed." Still there was a dangerous twinkle to her eyes as she said that, as if she was amused by a private joke.
"We want to help you stop Sinister and 'Ogun," Yukio said simply, "in exchange for asylum with the British Library."
"Drake-san?" Yomiko looked up at him curiously.
"How can we trust you?" Drake asked bluntly.
"We haven't tried to attack you," Amelia said mildly, "or sounded an alarm that you're in here." She tilted her head, listening to sirens wail off in the distance, "Though it sounds like you did that all on your own."
"Where's Sinister?" Kitty asked them softly.
"Top floor penthouse," Yukio said promptly, "with 'Ogun. They were planning how to assault the Library buildings, once Amelia and I tailed you and found out where it is."
"I think I believe them," Yomiko murmured softly after a moment.
"Kitty?" Drake asked.
"We could use the help," Kitty conceded as she studied the two women thoughtfully, "and they're taking a hell of a risk just approaching us, really. I say trust them for now."
Drake put his gun away, nodding, "All right, let's go." The group quickly squeezed back into the elevator and headed up, "Tight fit."
"We'll manage," Yomiko blushed, pressed close to Kitty.
Amelia looked sheepish, knowing that her unfurled wings were taking up most of the room in the cube, "Sorry."
"Nice muscles," Yukio purred as she ran a hand over Drake's chest, "are you doing to be busy after we're done?"
"Yes," Drake firmly removed her hand, "besides which, I'm married."
"Aww," Yukio pouted.
Kitty concentrated very hard on not noticing how pleasant it felt as her chest rubbed against Yomiko's. "Anyone got a plan?" she asked.
"I thought you guys did," Amelia sighed.
"Drake-san?" Yomiko asked optimistically.
"Nope," Drake admitted. A pause, "Watch the hands."
Yukio removed her hand with a sigh, "You're no fun."
"Then I guess we do this the X-men way," Kitty said, "and make it up as we go along." She smiled grimly, "Let me take the first shot at Sinister, the rest of you follow up."
"I'll go for 'Ogun," Yukio offered with a dangerous smile, "he'll be a challenge."
The elevator doors opened and the five burst into the room, spreading out instinctively. The drawing room looked like something from a century ago, decorated in wood and fine cloth, beautiful in a very archaic way. Standing by a table Mr. Sinister was a striking figure in ebony, white and red, like some marble statue come to life while 'Ogun looked deceptively harmless, a near twin of Kitty Pryde dressed all in blood red.
"You captured them..." Sinister started then his eyes narrowed slightly as he realized what was going on. "You dare betray me?" he purred.
Yukio moved as fast as a cat, leaping at 'Ogun as her claws raked across her face. But 'Ogun was faster, dodging gracefully as they went to it, nearly dancing as they fought around the room.
Kitty ignored them, trusting that Yukio could hold her own as she ran right at Mr. Sinister, the others close behind. Without a word she leapt, phasing herself right through Sinister's body and bringing forth a painfully surprised cry.
Drake fired his pistol, bullets digging into the surprised villains flesh, then he reloaded and opened up again. "I thought the file you gave us said he was invulnerable?" Drake grinned.
"Damn you," Sinister howled in pain, "let me go, Pryde!"
Kitty kept her phased hand through his chest, shifting vibration rates as she did. "His body is artificial," she grit her teeth at the strain of keeping up with his body's advanced technology, "my phasing power can disrupt it!"
Yomiko tossed razor sharp, steel hard sheets of paper, slicing deep into writhing artificial flesh and disrupting his system even more. "Kitty," she cried worriedly as she threw another strike in, "are you going to be all right?"
"Worry about her later," Amelia yelled as she raced in, swiping claw like hands across Sinister's face, blinding him then hammering at him with her wings.
Drake raced forward, pulling the pin from a small device them shoving it right into the wildly morphing flesh of Sinister's chest. "Get clear," Drake ordered them before running as far away from him as he could get.
Kitty phased free, restoring the pain wracked Sinister to solidness once more as the group ran to the far side of the room. Sinister clawed at his chest, trying to get at the device buried in his chest, then his face went utterly still as he whispered "Oh no."
Bits of Sinister went flying around the room as the explosive charge Drake planted inside of him went off, leaving only a smoking hole in the floor and carpet where he had been standing. "Do you think we killed him?" Drake asked quietly.
"He can jump his mind into new bodies," Kitty said as they got up from behind a couch they had used for cover, "but with his lab bellow destroyed I doubt he has another body near enough to cause us any more problems."
"Ahh!" Yukio howled in pain as she was hammered into a wall, slumping unconscious as they whirled, readying for the next fight.
"Well done," 'Ogun smiled at them dangerously, her teeth like fangs, "I had planed to eliminate him soon anyway."
"Are you going to try to kill Gentleman now?" Drake asked as he leveled his gun on the ninja, watching her warily.
"No, I don't think so," 'Ogun shook her head, "that was more Sinister's wish." She smiled, "I'm more interested in avenging myself on Logan... and sweet Kitty Pryde here."
"No way," Yomiko said firmly, her paper blades ready to throw as she stood in front of Kitty protectively.
Drake took the safety off his pistol again as he stood beside her, "Seconded."
Kitty put her hands on both of their shoulders, smiling slightly. "Thanks guys, but this is personal between me and him," she said, moving forward to take up a fighting stance.
"I can do anything you can do Pryde," 'Ogun purred, then silvery blades extended from her fingers, "and I've been enhanced by Sinister."
Kitty smiled back, "And I've had a few years to train since we last fought for real." She gestured 'Ogun towards her, "Let's go."
To be continued....